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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 8

The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 8

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:

PAGE EIGHT SAN BERNARDINO DAILY SUN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1922 SCO ID ii Store Closes At 5:30 Saturday Included ei sin ii mi Mrs. Tyau Is in Washington From Havana "mmminimmumw.vitmHmnffMwiiftimimmmiM II 111 LAKE And Here's the Fifth Great Day of Alienists Say That Hindu Brown Actors to Row Canoes to Big Picture Snow Scenes Who Lived Here Is Not Mentally Whole Harris 04 Matt Moore, prominent moving picture star, and a party of film actors who are to he filmed In a number of winter scenes, arrived in San Bernardino yesterday en route to Big Bear Valley. With them are two full-blooded Indians. The Indians are to row a oanoe fe ft i'SS: Pi SEMI-ANNUAL (By Associated Frees Leased 'Wire) SACRAMENTO. Jan. 5. As a result of additional reports mads to Gov. Stephens by alienista concerning the mental condition of Gaudet Singh, Hindu, sentenced to be hanged at Pan Quentin prison Jan. 13 for the murder of his wife in Imperial county, there Is little likelihood that Singh will be executed. In their latest report to the gov 61 0 Jfeaffl ill! -riWu 1 across the lake in a number or scenes nee: if the water is too rough for the i actors to handle the light canoe on the lake. The picture, a story of the northern wilds, includes several scenes of a I csnoe on the lake. The Indians will also advise the actors in the art of I raddling the canoe in rough water. For the past few weeks, the weather in Big Bear Valley has been stormy, the waves on the lakes nin-i nlng high. The death of Rolland Roemeli. a Los Angeles duck hunter. B3 Bd B3 ernor, the alienists. Dr. John Reilly snd Dr. Fred E. Clark, declare that Is Insane, his mental condition having been brought about through feigning and the effects of a hullet resting on his brain. The bullet In his head n-as discovered by use of the X-ray. According to the governor's office. Warden J. A. Johnston of Ssn Quentin prison, il! file an insanity chars-e cgainst Singh in the superior court Marin county, end if found by Each day of this great store-wide disposal demon-' strates that the interest is both intense and widespread in this "Sale with a Purpose," for its scope, and character, are results of steady growth and development from the time of the very first of these semi-annual occurrances 'way back in July of 1905. in Baldwin ljake several cuys ago. has warned the inexperienced men to be careful on th elake. 63 'Man Held for Murder of i 3 3 'Ciinisimii Couple in Albuquerque court to be insane, he "111 be committed in a state institution. Singh's has attracted considerable attention due to the fact that the British consul in San Francisco appealed to Governor Stephens in 'lis behalf. A number of reprieves "lave been granted to Singh by the governor to permit the alienists to "study him. iiiiiiiiiittinttniiiiiniiiiuiMi Mrs. Philip K. C. Tyau. HiiiHiHiiittiimmiimitiiiitii (By Associated Press leased Wire) ALBL yUKRQL'K, N. Jan. B. Mrs. Philip K. C. Tyau. wife of I tho Phinpaa minictai trt Piihi jo nnt i Olin Clark Walker, who was arrested or the most charm wonipn the 1 JMine. Quarter Bleached Pequot Sheeting yesterday at Los Angeles, is wanted armament conference has brought to Washington. Dr. Tyau recently resigned from his post secretary st Gallup, X. in connection with the murder of J. W. Blackwell. jnnd his wife, presumably on th6 Clergyman Upholds Use as Automobiles on Sundays! 1,7 aTthe re IS 'EC 63 3 63 S3 63 22 63 sults achieved by China in the night of Nov. 25. Their bodies, each bearing a bullet. wound, were found on the front porch of their home on the moinng of Nov. 16. Walker is alleged to have been seen Clearance Offerings From Here and There at Harris' who have charged the au-omobile was the cause of small congregations were invited today by the Aev. E. J. Prescott, Unitarian pastor, desist their attacks and turn the on the devil. FIND FIFTY BODIES with a large sum of money the night ATHENS. Jan. 5. Fifty bodies previous to the finding of the bodies have been recovered from the Greek i of the Blackwelis. W. T. Christian. Women's Summer Weight Fine Knit Vests, 3 for Ji It's a new feature offering for the clearance and surely an item of this character should command the attention of eager buyers everywhere, for the saving on genuine Pequot Sheeting is decidedly worth while at 79c for the 9-4 width. 42x36 Fruit of the Loom Pillow Cases 39c And the demand will be great for pillow cases of the Fruit of the Loom quality for hundreds of housewives in this vicinity know of its splendidness, and excellent value of the cases at S9o, 42-In. Dwight Anchor Pillow Tubing 44c The 45-Inch Width is 49c a Yard Real quality sheeting, is "Dwight Anchor" a well known brand for generations. Excellent in Odd lots, in sizes 5 and 6 only. Some are pink, others wlke, but you should be here early to buy these Vests at 3 for $1.00. -To gasoline, Prescoft said, he at-, torpedo boat destroyer Leon, an-jmanager of the brick plant where ributed of the success of in the harbor of Piraeus, I l-'rs. Blackwell worked, said he had Sunday school. Seated at which was wrecked yesterday by an'piven her to deposit in a bank she wheel of a big truck and fol- (explosion of a torpedo. The cxplo-cn the day she was killed. She did owed by a fleet of touring cars, hejsion damaged nearby warships and not deposit the money and none was )beys the Biblical injunction by caused houses on shore to collapse. I found on the hody of either Mrs. wing out into the highways and by- killing a number of the inhabitants. Blackwell or her husband. 89c I Knitted Corset Covers Out for Clearance i run 'ays every Sunday and bringing to school children within a radius jf seven miles. High neck, long sleeves or Dutch neck and elbow sleeves. All sizes from 26 to 44. I 1 59c Children's Low Neck Unionsuits, now weight and finish worthy of a considerably higher price than 44c yard for the 42-inch width, and 49c yard for the 45-inch. New Bakery At Redlands The Bake-Rite Bakers open one if their chain bakery stores in Red-ends, Saturday, January 7. This hain bakery corporation specializes 'ii highest graJe bread and pasties. Adv. In sizes 2, 6 and 8 only. And because the size range is incomplete, a very much lower price has been put on these splendid Unionsuits. 27c 31-inch Plisse Underwear Crepe, yard. Towne-Allison Drug Company IS 163 68x82 AH-Wool Hudson Plaid Just think of being able to buy an all-wool plaid Blanket for such a small price. It's clearance time for manufacturer, wholesaler and for Harris' that's the reason for such values. 69c I In white, pink, flesh, maize, blue, and lavender. Splendid quality underwear crepe, at a strikingly low price. Women's Dainty Silk Boudoir Caps, now Dainty bits of femininity frilled and tucked in any number of pleasing styles. 69c is worthy ot special mention. toaiWjksttS Third jjSeMW laced, and The lot at 1 MmmtitiHtiirii 25c 36-inch Genuine Quadriga Percale, 72x84 North Star All-Wool Blankets. $13.50 69c I Children's Knitted Sleeping Garments The 'ANNEX JOINS THIS Perhaps the very best quality obtainable and in a splendid selection of desirable colors and patterns. For the clearance 25c yard. The best quality Blankets produced by the 0 famous North Star Mills. Absolutely all wool. Pretty plaids in blue, pink, or yellow. ft 111 53 Cozy, warm, hygienic Sleeping Garments, In these sizes only: 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8 years. They go out in this clearance at 69c 17c Odd Lots of Children's Knitted Pants, reduced to 36-Inch Indian Head, Yard, 25c The 44-Inch Width is 25c Yd. It's a splendid time to buy Indian Head, for close comparison of values will indicate' that here at Harris' are, scores of worth while opportunities to save. Serai-Annual Clearance With Values of the Most Unusual Sort 1 Here 'Area Few of Them Light or heavy weight. Not all sizes in every style, but practically all sizes represented among them. Very much reduced in price to 17c. jmimtiuiihamHnmHmiuiimmnnHWMUMmimnHHtiHiiiiimiiiHiiiniitiiiiiiiiiimninmimiiititniMnmniniiinMi I A SALE OF LEATHER BAGS, I PURSES AND VANITY CASES I I 20 PER CENT REDUCTION I 42x56 Beacon Single Crib Blankets, $1.69 Children's All-Wool Flannel Middies, at. $3.95 63 3 63 3 63 3 63 3 63 3 63 63 3 63 63 3 63 3 63 63 7 3 63 33 :.3 u3 Hand Painted Plates White Blankets with blue or pink striped border. Soft, warm, cozy little Blankets easily laundered. Special at $1.69. 63 63 3 63 2a 03 03 63 63 03 63 3 63 63 3 63 3 03 3 03 03 3 03 50' Clearance now of leather goods for the tre- mendous Christmas selling has depleted lines 'til i a straight, horizontal discount of 20 per cent is made in order to clear all remaining stocks. 36x50 Infants' Comforters i i Sizes 8 to 14 years. Splendid, regulation style Middies In all-wool flannel, red or blue. Note the special price for clearance. Children's Wool Jersey Jumper Dresses or AO Qr Jackets r. The Tuxedo Jackets come in cardinal, blue, brown, green, heather. The Jumper Dresses in Copen only. Sizes 8 to 14. 36x50 Infants' Blankets $1.98 I But let no one presume that the stocks are so i low as to prevent splendid selections. Indeed no! There are scores of splendid, desirable bags and purses, and cases, at 20 per cent less now. i tniiitMiiHilliMnmimiiitiiiiiiinniliminiiftwiiimMMinNtiininmiiMiMnmrHiTrftiiiiiiiimiiinriiitniirniitiiiiMMiiir Cut Glass Salt and Peppers $100 J- Pair Made with glass tops, which prevents corroding, and poisoning. Pretty Very specially priced. Cut Glass Flower Baskets $J00 Attractively decorated with tiigh handles. feature offering of Dainty comforters, nicely finished, with extra selected cotton filling. The blankets are with hound edges, and come in an assortment of designs for kiddies. Very attractive plates in pretty hand painted effects. Worthy of special mention at 50c. Irridescent Drinking Glasses or Punch Clips miHitnnmtiuiitmuni thniwiwmmiwmwiHnmimiMniimnmiimimiHiHiiitiiiHmiiiMiHiHinfiiiniriiimiii 50 63 3 3 3633633633033633633033633633 WE GIVE GREEN STAMPS Very effective glassware that is priced attractively low now. wmimtiiHiiiniiiHiimHnmmtmtnnfTt A Sale of Ocean Blue Enamelware Utensils at Old? mill ml 3 03 3 03 3 San Bernardino SUN 35 Overwork, worry, anxiety or sorrow undermine! itrength and health. These ctuiei contribute to kidney trouble, and weak or ditetied kidneys make one feel old in middle age. New Universities cousra in sevpral sizes. Durable enamel- I The lot includes wash basin, handled kettles, and stew pans, I Made of good, double coated enamel on a base of excellent weight. ware, underpriced at 35c. Dictionary WganeypfflS Roasted Ground Packed Fresh Every Day AT ALL It For the Merg) Nominal Cost Manufacture and Dietribatioa 33 3 03 63 E3 63 63 63 3 03 3 63 03 CJ D3 63 D3 03 S3 ri ra D3 3 03 3 03 3 C.J iQ 3 D3 C3 CI urn 14 Jelly or Drinking Glasses Coupons and 3 03! 3 03 3 03 03 3 03 3 03 3 03 3 03 98c No. 1 Aluminum Boilers $J00 Made of pood weight, rare aluminum-Housewives can save, on every purchase at the Annex. 5 help weak, overworked or diseased kidneys and bladder so that the system is free from waste and poisonous matter that causes one to feel old, tired, languid. They banish backache, rheumatic pains, sore muscles, stiff joints. Mrs. J. D. Milltr. Syncuw. N. writat: "For many yesrs I suffered with kidney troubl end rheumetiioi. 1 bad savers backache and felt miserable and all played eut, I cot to place where I bad to do something. After taking: two bottles of Foley Kidney Pills 1 can say my backache is gone, and where I used to lay wake at night with rheumatic paina I can now fioep is comiork and aoioy good night's roat" Sold tverywutre each secures this NEW, authentic Dictionary bound in black teal grain, illustrated with full page in color and duotona. Present of mail to this paper three Coupons with ninety-eight cents to cover coitof clerk hire. elc.t NAU-MURRAY CO. Wholesale, Grocers, Packer and Importers San Bernardino Colton Phon. 1248 phona Colonial style glasses that should be the means of attracting much attention when offered at only 5c each. Mop and Polish Outfits, Complete $J00 They are composed of mop, handle, and bottle of polish for floor or I pint Aluminum Percolators $J00 i. Up to 160 3i 63 i 03 lies .07 Look Over the Shoes ORDERSi Up FARMERS EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK Wllrwrt T. Smith, President EstabOarwd 18S1 mmmmB WILL BE For nam diatume, err rn aik Port.vssttt tato rae I srf Just think of being able to buy a food percolator lor such a low price aa this! Jt-! 3 I i -TV- dim i 3 03 3 3 03 22 DICTIONARIES IN ONE AH Dictionaries pnbCshad prsm'oaa lU on ar.Mt.f 77ns uadn contains but a hint of the scores of splendid savings opportunities that await you at the Annex. STEPHENS SON 8aa Banukrdteo'a Old wit UNDERTAKERS in strswt Ptovoe Rgej. Pttone CI 4 have repaired and It will be difficult for you to hrllere thy are not re or nearly no. Yet thofe fame shoes probably came here In mich a condition as to cause the owner to believe nothing: could be done to them. Suppose instead of buying; new shoes you test our skill in repairing your old ones first Keller Shoe Hospital 03 3: 03 am 03 la all It taloagj $1.00 9 apan an Auuaswii Ladie' and Children's Footwear Bushnell's Boot Shop 518 Third St S. U. Stewart Reliance Fire Insurance Incorporated 1141 Call Phon JIM Corner Third and Streets tha r- San Bernardino County Savings, BasSi 3. 530 Third Street

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