The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1950
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1«, 1950 PAGEOTB Red Army Grows Despite Casualties Explanations Include Russian Help By ELTON C. FAY AP MiliUrr Affairs Keporter WASHINGTON, Aug. 16. (ff) — How can the.. Korean Red Army have casualties estimated at more than 40,000—yet continue to strike hard and have far more men than when It started? There are several explanations, some obvious and sonje assumptions, among them these: 1. Conscription of men In both Jfcfth and South Korea, a practice 1^! widely In Asiatic wars, has replaced battlefield losses and swelled (he over-all strength. 2. Manpower may be filtering Sown from Manchuria and from Communist China, fed into Red army units In 'small but steady numbers to augment the North Korean force. 3. Estimates of Red casualties may be too high. Perhaps the original estimate of 90.000 to 100.000 •nen In the Red army at the start of the war was too low. There maj have been many troops in reservi that are lust now being sent inii action. Last week the Far East commam sent the Pentagon an estimate i about 37500 tit nl casiwlies for th Communist forces. Comnumloue since then contain figures tbtalln about 3 loo more. 5« Days of For 50 days of fi-'htlng by an orig inal force of 100 030 men that wou! be a hiah rate. But It is not at all Impossible that the Communists would have been able to replace them from tbe manpower pool in and outeide of Korea, ii-smr* the conscription method and providing 1 little or no training of such • "recruits: 1 Although the casualty estimate comes from headquarters and field commands. It Is, at best, only an estimate. An accurate count of ene- Bt dead and wounded* Is difficult ^Bn when the forces making the estimate are moving forward in former enemy territory where nose's can be counted. It Is even more difficult when the force is in retreat or standing at a fixed position, as Is the case of. 'the United States and South Korean defenders. It- Is much easier to estimate the strength of the enemy's troops and units In action. They can be seen across the firing line. Captured prisoners give information on iden- , ttty of units. Estimates of the present strength of the Red army, therefore, is Interesting. 15 Communist Divisions A dispatch from Tokyo yesterday Bald 15 Communist divisions, with a total strength of possibly 150.000 men, have been identified In and around the Korean front. That would indicate that the enemy not oniy-hns made a net increase of about 50.000 In his manpower strength, but has doubled the number of h! E combat units. His original force was reported to have LUXORA NEWS By Mr*. G. C. Drliw HOW TIME -There's al leasl one In every outHt the guy who lugs hi? banjo, guitar or uke along with his comhal pack Such are Pvt Raymond Williams of Moberly. Mo., left, and Pvl. Rob Clin'on ol Bismark, Mo., right, shown entertaining their buddies on their way to the front. Wound May Be Factor in Polio Infection, Physician Claims By FRANK. CAREY , It feeds, as a parasite, but remains Associated Press Science Writer passive. It is only when nerve fibers WASHINGTON, Aug. 16. (AP)—'become sufficiently disrupted to en- A Washington doctor advanced Che able virus invasion of the nervous theory today that you have to have some kind of a wound in order to get infantile paralysis. And, says Dr. James G. dimming, the tendency of children toward a higher injury rate during summertime—when they have full freedom—may account for the fact been composed of and five brigades. seven divisions He could have system that disease can occur, Gumming suggests. He further theorizes that there would have to be sufficient concentration o[ virus invading the nervous system to cause disease. Dr. Cumming, now retired, was formerly director of the Bureau of Preventable Disease, District of Columbia Health Department. He set forth his theory In "The Military that polio is more prevalent during the summer months. Direct Damage Necessary He believes that direct damage to Surgeon," official publication of nerve fibers is necessary to allow the Association of Military Sui- ihe polio virus to invade the ner- j geons of the United States. vous system and produce disease.' Dr. Cumming said natural wounds IN THE PROBATE CO'JUT FOR like the cavities of lost baby teeth I THE CHICKASAWBA Jay Kochenderfer left last week for a visit of several weeks with his family in Lewlstow'n, Pennsylvania. Joe McDaniel has recently centered Memphis Methodist Hospital as a patient. Mr. and Mis. H. Kurtz" returned Friday from a business trip in St. Louis. Mr .and Mrs, E. E. Bogan returned Friday from a three week motor vacation trip through the Northwest states. Mrs 1. M. Castllo is visiting relatives in Texas this week. Miss Eunice Shinn of Russellville is a liouseguest this week of Miss Edith McDaniel and family. The Rev. J. M. Majors is visiting in Pascagoula, Miss., as the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Ancel Montgomery, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Williams and family of Memphis were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Lindsey. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bryant were hi Water Valley, Miss., the past weekend attending funeral services for Dr. Spearman there. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corkran had as their weekend guests their son, Lexic, and family of Rector, and their sister, Mrs. John Corkran, and daughter of Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowen returned home Saturday after an extended visit with relatives in Ben- lonville. Luxorans returning home last weekend after attending summer school sessions Included Mrs. T. D. Wilkins from Arkansas Slate Teachers College, Conway; Pernian Rogers from Arkansas State, Jonesboro; and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Haj'3 from the University of Kentucky at Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. James permenter and family arid Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frnzler and family left Sunday for a week's vacation in Hot Springs. Mr. Permenter and Mr Frpzier also attended a-s delegates the annual convention of the Young Farmers of Arkansas held at the Marlon Hotel in Little Rock. ienator Expects O'Dwyer Approval WASHINGTON* fMg. It. W>) — Senator Connally (D-Tex) predicted odsy the Senate will approve Presl- ent Truman's nomination of Dem- jcrnflo Mayor William O'Dwyer of New York City as ambassador to Mexico. While there was no outward Re- lUbllcan opposition, one OOP sen- tor told a reporter he thinks hl« mHy will want to wait and see what a Brooklyn grand Jury has said—If nything—nboul O'Dwyer and his jollce force before Inking a stand ill the nomination. The While House announced yes- erclay that the New York mayor will resign to accept appointment about September 1 to the Mexico City post now held by Walter Thurs- 'on, i career diplomat. f»i payment and trustee, and may have the right to convert the bonds to a lower rate of Interest., substantially according lo the Universal Bond Values Tables, and subject to the approval ot (he Commission- By Sue Burnett visions. Buch 'an Increase in troop and unit strength must mean that the *- | ~ J army has found ways, along formed some of these brigades into IT unll Red with expanding manpower, to arm the enlarged force. North Korea 1ms some ammunition factories, but he- yonrl that her munitions production is limited. She must get her arms from outside the country. Captured Mortar "shell The Russian spokesman at the United Nations claimed recently that material in North Korea could be only that sold by Russia when her occupation forces withdrew two years ago from the area north of the 38th Parallel. His explanation stood only until the Pentagon received from the front a picture of a captured Russian mortar shell, bearing the manufacture date of 1950. The picture apparently confirmed what had been suspected since the early weeks of the war, that Russia continues to be an arsenal for the Korean Red army Some questions have been raised about the means by which the Reds continue to get ample sup- JjLis of ammunition and food to the IWnl line troops when American ait attacks constantly cut up highways and rail routes from North Korean depots. The explanation tiven at the Pentagon and at Par Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Miilinecs Sat. & Sun. I'h 58 could provide such damage. He also said tonsillectomies and other surgical operations, as well as accidental wounds could disrupt these nerve libers and lay the nerve system open to attack—provided sufficient virus got into the wound. (Many doctors advise against tonsillectomias and other surgery during the polio season—if they can be avoided—on the theory that such patients might be made more vulnerable to polio. , : No Theory , Before (But ho one has previously ad- anccd the theory that an open ound of some kind is a requisite of olio invasion.) It is Dr. Cumming's theory that le virus of polio is transmitted rom person to person by direct or ndirect contact—and then develops n the linings of the mouth, throat .nd intestinal canal. But in this stage, he theorizes tie virus does not produce disease. Wednesday X- Thursday "ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING" DISTRICT OF !HU..1SSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Arnold A. Phillips and Urell Phillips, Pltfs. vs . No. 1980 Joe Phillips and Sadie Phillips and all whom it may. concern, Dfts. WARNING ORDER The defendants, Joe Phillips and adie Phillips, are hereby ' warned lo appear in the Probate Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi : County, Arkansas within thrty days and answer the petition of Arnold A. Phillips and Urell Phillips. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court and seal .thereof on this 8 day of. August, 1950. ELIZABETH BLYTHE, Clerk By Elizabeth Ely the Oscar Fendler, atty. for plaintiffs William S. Rader, atty. ad litem. Aug. .9-1G-23-30 Arkansas Man Dies at Home ENGLAND, Ark., Aug. 16. OT—A J. Walls. SB, planter, ginner and former public official, died at hi: home at Coy, Ark., yesterday. A brother-in-law of the late U. S Sen. Joe T. Robinson, Walls was United-Stales Marshal of the Eastern Arkansas District from 1014 to 1922. Formerly he had served si\ years as Lonoke Cunty sheriff ant 10 as lonoke County judge. He was a former chairman of the Arkansas State Democratic Com mittee. Walls studied medicine and prac As neat as can be and so pleasing to wear—a well mannered froc.k in women's sizes that you can put together easily'and quickly with our clearly illustrated sew chart. Pattern No. 8631 Is a sew-rlle erforated pattern in sizes 34, 36, . W. 42, 44, 46 and 48. Slv.e 36, ort sleeve, 4Si yards of 39-inch. For tills pattern, send 25 cents, COINS, your name, address size esirert and the PATTERN NUMER to Sue Burnett, Courier News 30 South wells Street, Chicago 7, 1. Don't miss the latest Issue ol ^ASH ION—Just off the pressl This Fall and Winter catalog Is planned ' ) guide you smoothly hi sewing mart, wearable (all clothes. Free attcrn printed iiiside the book. 25 ents. WHEK WEAK. BOTHERSOME STOMACH MAKES TO Resteri pf b r KucUif ft. TIBEJI i | |||CI ' to uork where Buch n u,, ,,,TV, ( CUCM b«s"i»; ,;Li, m ,lairs flaw lllf FBI of vital 6tnm.-i.-h dljtotivel ••FBI iuic-ca KI Cho vrenVencd Mood'*•*•••• gela renl help foorl. Ask nt nny drug store tor S.S.S. T, RUNDOWN S.S.S. TM ftwfo Fttirr n««tf rnlc F* 71 t«*n !nst headquarters seems simple nough: the enemy's supply prob- em is quite, different from ours Te lives off the land, requisitioning ood as he needs'It. Conscripted labor carries his ammunition, bach- mcking it along trails when high ways and rail lines and bridges are >ombed out. Even his gasoline requirements are modest compared with ours. He has lost a quantity of nnks and vehicles, reducing the amount of fuel needed. His aviation negligible, so he doesn't worry about aviation gas. with Milton Berle RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday A Thursday 'TRIPLE TROUBLE" wtth Lev G«ncr * The Nrwi * Corned? I can save you money on your tires Don't Throw Away Slick Tires A good quality recap will add thousands of miles ol service to your slick tires. Drive in and ask (he men who know how. All work unconditionally guaranteed. Auto, Truck & Tractor Tires BtYTHEVILLE Used Parts Co. Ovned A Operated By Blythevllle Motor Co. 314 No. Broadway Ph. 231 SKYLINE NOTICE OF SALK OK SCHOOL BONDS Leachvllle School District No. *0 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, hereby gives notice that It will sell to Ihe highest bidder for cash Its propo'ed Issue ot $48.600 In 3.10% school bonds daied September 1, 1950, interest payable seml-annual- ly, and maturing serially on iTtin- uaiy 1 of each year as follows. $1600 In 1952 2000 in 1953 lo 1051, Inclusive 2500 in 1968 to 1903, inclu.ilvo • 3000 in 1904 to 1908, Inclusive 3500 in 1969 lind 1970 These bonds will be payable In the first Instance from the surplus revenue derived each year from tile twelve mill building fund tax previously voted (or the payment of the Dl-.trlct's bond Lwuc dated October i, 1910, maturing serially on Jan- uai-y 1 ot the years 1951 to 1910, inclusive. The District agrees that in the event It calls any of the bonds of the October 1, 1949 issue for payment prior to maturity, It will at the same time call for payment a proportionate amount (to the nearest whole lx>mll of the proved bond issue. In addition, the District will pledge for the payment of these bonds all other revenue that may now or thereafter legally be pledged. The buyer may name the place er of Education. The buyer will be expected to pay the exuciuc.s of the Issue, including the printing and trusteeing of the bonds and the fee of Townsend and Towmcnd, Attorneys, Little Rock, upon whose approving opinion the bonds will oe issued. The bonds will bo callable for payment prior lo maturity in inverse numerical order at par and accrued interest, as follows: From surplus revenue from Ihe twelve mill building fund tax, on any Interest paying date; from funds from any source, on any Inteirst paying dale on anil after January 1, 1958. The sale will be held upon auction bids at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 1st day of September, 1950. in the office of the superintendent Ijeachvllle. Arkansas. Each bidder will be required to file a cerliltciJ bonds and falls to complete th« purchase. Check of unsuccessful bidders will be returned promptly. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. For further information address the undersigned. GIVEN this 7 day of September, 950. LEACHVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS By J. !«e Bcardcn, President and Gerald B. Roy, Secretory 819-16-2J check In the sum of $972.00 on a bank that is a member of the PDIC. payable to the District, to be kept as liquidated damages If thi bidder Is awarded the sale of the WOMEN who foel caused by functional "middle-age! 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SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. 2 CARTOONS TONITE HEY KIDS FREE BALOONS B LY I HEV ILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATPF Open Week Days 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 11:00 Last Times Today DOUBLE FEATURE MaaG Statdi. -TIBUU of A qjjTl IfiV I / THURSDAY & FRIDAY DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM Given® Regards fo Broadway -PLUS OWIYDON PENNY EDWARDS ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON TUCSON Short Subjects Thursday & Friday noum.K FKATIJHE —PLUS— Leslie 8. Ladd, Jr., ol 34 Cleveland Avenue, Nashville, Tcim., sure knows his HADACOL. He, his mother and his grandfather get precious fltamln Bl, B2, Nlacln and Iron "rom this family product. "Mamma, we haven't taken our JIADACOL," says Leslie when his :nolhfir forgets sometimes. Mrs. Ladd :xplalns, however, that hers will •.Iways be a HADACOL family be- •ause It has helped relieve rieflclen- les of Vitamin Bl, B2, Niacin and 'ron for herself, 11U!« Leslie and ?er father. TAKES 10 BOTTLES Read Mrs. Ladd's own statement f their experiences once they earned that they were suffering 'rom such deficiencies and began '.aking HADACOL: "I have taken 10 bottles of Hadncol. I have been run down since my oldest son was born. I am 23 years old. T have had very little appetite and I had weak spells every morning. I would almost faint but, after taking HADA- COL, they are gone and I stay hungry all the time. "My four-year-old son had little appetite and hli cheeks were pale, He now takes HADACOL and his checks are rosy and he has a wonderful appetite. I also hid gastric disturbances, but they are gone now My father took HADACOL for the »?onizlng aches and pains ot neuritis. Fie Is much belter now." 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