The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 10
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.11 PAGE TEN (ARIU COURIER NEWS District Scout Leaders Named N, Missco Chairman Selccfs Committees; Barbecue Is Planned J. Cecil Lowe, district chairman for the North Missis ip pi County District of the lltty Scouts of .America, today announced iho nujKJint- inenl of district roniniHtroiutMK Mr. Lowe said thai Hie duties of -the new Scout officers brrsime effective January 1. but that the year's plans would not b<> outlined before January 12 whc-n a bai tx-fjue for, the new commit lee rhairmrti and other sconters would he heUi at the Jaycee 1 . ' Vv lt is planned thai Eric Hod^r.s of • Jonesborp, chairman of the KasU>rn : Arkansas AY«i t Council, and Oral , Smith, council fifUd ex<-eufive, voll be the -speaker. 1 ; for lh?- dinner meeting. Appointments announced' include: Percy Wright. advancement Viiair- . man: L. L. Ward, cnnnriui; and activities chairman; Dr. B. F. ScoU; health and -safety ohairnmu; J. M. Cleveland, loatler.sMip and training •chairman; G. G. Hubb:irri, Jr., organization and extension diainnjm; and R. A. Porter, finunrc chairman. Mr. Ward and -Mr. Cle\ - elniu( were : re-appomtcd io chairmanship jjosts "held during li!49. Officers named previously to serve with Mr. ixnvo are: Monroe Grain, vlce-chaluunn; and John ' Caiidill, commissioner. South Mississippi County Scout com mitt ecu len wore announced by District Chairman Herbert Shtjijien recently, A dinner meeting is being planned for the Scout officers there to outline the program of nclJvities, hut a date has not been dctemiin- ' ed. THURSDAY, JANUARY 5, 1D50 "YOU MAY FIRE WHEN READY, HANK 1 '—The queer-looking gadget, above, is ;i pneumatic- "hay nun," ik-sUnied to .save lime and muscle now used in piling bailed iiay high in the barn. Us builder, '• F. W. MolYeU, Jr., above, a dairy fnrmer of Rocheslcr, N. Y., showed the gun «t a can von I ion of the American Society of Agri* cultural Engineers m Chicago. Revenue Chief Favors Liquor Control Board Ancient Sailing Ship Gives Way to Time LONG BEACH, Calif. —{>!'/— The 49-year-old windjammer Kiunar, once one of the largest and proudest of the Pacific merchant, fleet, will soon be out of a job again. The trim .schooners come down lie- gan with the passing sail. Its towering masts and bow.sprit Inrjpeci off, it served for a while as an off- short sport fishing barge. In recent 1 years it has been tied to a dock, headquarters for a towboat and salvage company. Now the firm Is giving her the boot nnd replacing her with a $1,000,000 former Navy tug. The Samar's ultimate fate Is still undecided.'But her .sister ship, the Mindanao, her useful days over, was towed to sea mid burned a.s a derelict. Pipe Dream of Sailor More Than Materializes SALT LAKE CITY (AD—A patient sailor dreamed white aboard ship during the war of owning n pipe orgnn. The ex-Navy man knew nothing of organ construction and never studied nui.sic. But in Salt Lake City and Ogtlen he found two pipe organs that hart been discarded by theaters. They looked like heaps of torn junk. For two years he repaired and assembled 2.000 pipes, thousands of electrieal wires, 87 stops, 1 fV4 keys and other parts. Now he has an instrument valued at many thousands of dollars—and he's stilt improving it nnd adding effects. LITTLE ROCK, Jn n. 5—MV— Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Demi R. Morley today recommended that control of alcoholic beverage per j nits be transferred to an alcoholic beverage control hoard. In his annual report to (I nor McMath, Morley said tho lc^- Islntivc Council, in cotuM-ration with ids depai linen I, is drafting proposed It'gi.slatitm to efiei't Mich a transfer, for .submission lo the 1!)M legislature. He stud that 7113 liquor, wine and f^r permits were revoked, not renewed oi 1 denied during the year, and that $:i8,(!51 wnrth of lilk'^al ltf|uor iuid beer was seized by the depart tnent. CY HIGHWAYS Continued from Page 1 Highway 5D from Summers to Siloam Kpriim.-:; Ifit-lr.vay G'< from Ra\'- cnden io Imlxuh'n; Jlinlnvay 90 north of Lnvaca. becitu-e liritlgc lill.s had Ijceu washed away, Over the iiation, cold, floods, rain, .sleet and MLOW rlriilt, damaging blii',\ - .s to wide; amis today from - Sontlu-it) Citlifomiii into Dixiehnitl. Fmv.ini: wt-alher dnmaE>u t^j tiie itmHi-miHion ihiilar citrus nnd vegetable crops of Southern California despite nil night, orchard iiriti". Futther damage i.s feared, aKltminh pre-ditwn temper- ature.s tod^y were, a little above yesterday's lows. Early Southern California t^in-. pcraitire.s Uitiay included Ulytlu: 27. Tndio 23, Rivrr~idc '27. (imvntowti IA>S Anju'lo.s ;t7, Paltnchile on the Firm Cancels Bid for Labor Hauling Rights f A Memphis bus line ha.s nskwl the In'cdtiite Commerce Commission to withdraw I he company's application to transport farm t''b- orer.s from Memphis to nearby farming areas, it 'Aa.s diisdo.srcJ today, The move on the part of the Cotton States BUS Line* tn obtain n, permit for hauling workers within a !00 mile radius of Memphis met with stern opjxjsitmn (rorn farmers of Mississippi County, es- preta!ly ID Die Sun thorn section. The application, which wns due for a public hearinp on Jiin. 10, was the Hrc on (I submitted. The first WHS much the same II. diUerod mainly In that it, asked jH'rmisMon to trini.spoit the workers to any spot within ISO miles of Memphis. H was dismissed by ICC on request of .seeking (tie permit. Opposition in Die permit held it would gUe the bus line s virtual monopiy on farm lalx>r located in Memphis. T, p- Aaron, head of the company, had Indicated the orfiani tion lifis IKI plans 'or JCMibmilting the implication. McCEelian Critical In Comment on Truman's Address WASHINGTON 1 . Jan. 5. (API — Senator Fulbrlght (D-Ai-k) think* President Triunan made a a;ood .speech wht-n he gave lawmakers his nnniinl State of the Union m wi- "LET'S SEE YOU DO THIS"- Frit/., the dnrh>humi of the Roy Miller family of Chicago, tries doggedly to nmko friends with the new china bulldog bank belonging to one of the Miller children. The hard-hcnded bulldog just sits. ll was a s?ood message said Ftil- bri^ht but "I don't agree with everything he srud." Other comments from various Arkansas con^ies,smcn: Sen. John \ t . Mcdel'an: ". . his recommendations are carried ' lini "-I out it will mean jnrr^i.sing rut her K0 ! uc jlhnn decreasing the co = t of government ;r;<; rat tier thnn !ow- J cring taxc.s; larger rather than .smaller deficit spending " Rr-p W. F. Norrcll: "Much of his program may be tjood. although I don't fierce with all of it. . . . The main tbin« i.s he didn't tell us how we arc going to finance all The cominLsMmier reported tliat [ desert 16. Nuy.s 20 antl linrbank cost of collcctiiiy the SB2,-lfi;i.'2rjO I 31. Tho fore-casi wns for continued in tuxes by the department in ! cold. 1949 wn.s $l.:t7:{,:Ul. "This vciiresents ' collection cost of l.fiti pot 1 cent, the collection cost yearly basis in the department's history," he said. Truman Wants Public Power for MI of U.S. WASHINGTON, Jan. 5-- i^t'i- President Truman .said today lie is working on a pr<>;;i;un to provide the whole country with public power wliorevdr it i.s fcasihle/. The President told n urw confer- once that he is rtnxious to dcv<'lfip the St. Ijnvrence Seawny and Power project Hut lie will utver a^i'co t<i develop the po\vrr project as a st'parait. 1 program, he eniphnsi/ed. He .said he wants Ihr wholr. conn try to yet the benefit, of The St. Lnv.n'iicc project. Scores of families were made homekvy> by floods in parts of Illinois and ImUiiim. Several rcmds were blocked by ri.sins creeks ami river.* hi Western Kentucky. Hitter cold continued in mtvst of lhi» midwest. The Arctic bdt extruded from Mmitami into town and >omp pails of iho Rocky Moun- Imns. Siiencer, In., had 12 below xfro todiiv, » new lowj low lor the win tor .season, H \vns 11 below at Mu.wn City. la. A told front, along with rain. .sleet 1 and some snow sproud fruni 1 he, cn.stward to the Ap- ])alaciiiai)R, Tompet'atinc.s tumbled i abjiormal marVs tn below President Supports Missouri Candidate WASHINGTON 1 . Jan. 5--OP)- ----President TriiniKti threw his support today to Emory Allison as a Democratic candidate for the United Sliues Senate from his home state of Missouri. The president io!d a news con- Terence he ihouKht Allison, ranking Democrat of the Missouri Stale Senate, would make an excellent senator. He snid be proposes to vote for Allison in the August primary. The President declined to discuss the Democratic; primary in Ohio. [ asserting he does not propose to j dabble in primary politics except in his home state. Rop. Wilbur D. Mills: "I wa^ im- ]irc.s.sed must by his sincoiny and the cheerfulness of liis approach to the major problems and the possibility of finding a .solution to them. 1 ' Hep. Brooks Hays: "Congress will want lo take a second look at it." Rep. Oren Harris: "The first part of hts speech reviewing the economic situation and foreign affiirs was fine. But mast of the rest can be summarized as 'political insurance.' Negro Deaths NEW LINES FOR TODAY'S CHURCH-Complctcly morlnn 11 ' ; :' ls l!le "<••« Chrisl Clnnvh in Winnrniiolis. •SR-did rcclangulDr tower topped by a 15-foot s (he rlmrch's boiae brink cxtcrini. The builriiti): \v:is LIJ the Hilled Finnish srchilcct. Klid Saanilen, who lives in tlie United Siaies. For Immediate Delivery CYANAMID $ Per While Our Limited Ton Supply Lasts Siyfheville Fertilizer Corp. Soillll llhva.V (il • I',- Phnne U7f Funeral services for Johnnie Island, 4fl. who died at his home iti Amioiei Saliirtiny morning, will be conducted in St. Luke'.s Baptist Church Friday at 1 o'clock by Rev- O. D. Dodson. Burial \vill be in Parr Cemetery. ;iuji'-uvcr most of ihc Oliio al- j A veteran of World War I, he uicl .souIh"ward lo hr-ltnv Mem- [ is survived by his Tuife, six sons in the Mississippi Vallrv. and fmu* daughters. looked like the mil nl tin- tin- Cast on Funeral Home is In charge m:0)le mild wenMicr tor the ^ arrrngcments. lie itncl North Atlantic .states. | no .severe weaiher Hp]ic;nvd in j Nonhcrn Alabama, Mitttesippl and twr-r for the Gulf stales. Fiorida Louisiana. Maryland fighting New Adoption Rackets There BALTIMOHK —til*)— Maryland is moving to Lighten its adoption 1 a w 5 after invcstlRators reportcit they uncovered a flourishing baby racket here. Ansel m Sodaro. assistant state's attorney for Baltimore, told an interim f act-fi tiding council of the legislature that- the city i.s "a hotbed of black market activities in babies." Hsiphaznrri placements, he said, often resulted hi children being put into homes of persons mentally and physically unfit to care lor them. Altogether, the volume of irregular adoptions here is "tremendous. 1 * the prosecutor declared. Colorado Pioneer Says He Avoided Bullets by Not Carrying a Pistol DENVER—f.'I'r—The \vny to krep ont of trouble in an oldtime Colorado mining camp was to leave your gun at home, Frank Stewart says. Stewart avoided "lead pouianu .so nimbly lhat tJiis yesir he will ce!e- In rite hi.s 9:'nd birthday. Stewart lived in Tineup. a C7nnnison Coun- iv itoUl cam]), at ihe time it was noieci for the: hiyli mortality i-atc of its lau enfjucement, officeis. "Tlu'ie V.TIC rough young boys fnun all over tlse coinitry. but they weren't really ^tinmen," the pioneer minim; man said. "If they knew you had a fcim. though, they oUen shot just to uct in the first one. U you riidn'i carry a gun, nobody started .shooting." West Europe Gets Notice Of Fund Slash WASHINGTON, Jan 5. (AP) — Western European countries have been warned to expect a '25 per cent cut in Marshall plan aid next year. And they may get even less if they do not follow American recov- ! cry recommendations. | Richard M. liLssell, assistant deputy ndinlni.-itrauu- of ECA, said yes-1 terday that the 16 nations receiving Marshall plan aid have hen notIIled of tile impending cut. I He die! not say how much money j Congress will be asked to provide I for European recovery for the year] starting July 1 but lie told reporter.? "it will bo a big reduction" over last year. The appropriation for the current year was $3,778.900,000. A 25 per cent cut would reduce that amount to $2,800,000,000. Comet Heads Frozen CAMBRIDGE, .Mass. — (IPi— Dr Fred Wlilpplc, . Harvard Observatory, has a new theory of the stuff that Conns the hciuis of comets. This is a c-ornbiniuion of various U'l-s and of meteoric particles. The ices ite frozen water, dry ice ifjfi/c- cn i i bun riioxiilci and 'an unusual , tiry ice whiirh is poisonous tiuljon \ monoxide, frozen molhane or mnisli MS. ammonia and cyanogen Frown 1 methane anil ammonia .ti\ purt ol the surface of tlie planet Jupiter. The meteoric particles would be stones ant! bits of nickel-iron. Dr. Whipplp thinks that the ices melt when the cornet gets close to the sun. They fieeze again when far a'.vny. SHOWMAN DIKS — Robert Edward Rlngllng (above), 52. chairman of the board of the Ringling Brothers and Bamum and Bailey circus, died of a stroke in Sarasota. Flu. (AP Wircpholo). To Vote on Meters BATESVILLE, Ark., Jan. 5 W'| Tile Batesville City Council has called a siiecial election Jan. '.'4 for a vote on an ordinance authorizing the city to buy, iu-statl and operate parking meters. Wor/ctttne Schools Show Better Results LONDON —I/Pi— A government committee urged British employers to give their employes a chance where possible to go to .school during working hours when studying for special Qualifications. 1 "When employes are enabled to ' nm-stie at least part at least of i their study in working hours the i result is fnr better than that ob- • mined by evening study .after the day's work," the committee said. Concrete Culvert Tiie Hi/es up to 3U in, Corrugated Metal Culverts Siycs mi io 81 in. Autnimitlr Flood (lairs CniuTole Scplic Tniiks Alctal Scplic Tiiuks Sewer Tile llest I'riees U'e llelivcr A.H.WEBB Highway 61 si Stale Line Phone 711 rivers Ask for either while or colured i driver. Nine cabs at your service 2100 CAB CO. FOR SALE ; I'omTt'le culverts, M inch (o IS inch, plain nr rof-nftitrfil. Also C'nucrcte H nil dine Blocks cheaper lh:m lumber for barns, chicken tin uses, pump bouses, tenant houses, (noI sht'ils. We deliver. Call us Tor free estimate. OSCEOLA- TILE & CULVERT CO. Thonc r.'Jl. tnd the -Soutli Atlantic. cold, with ruiti r-.nd ?lr-rt nnd ?no\v, extruded from AT A an- OPENING SOON BIytheYille MART Wedding & Corsiige Flowers Our Specially SHEET METAL WORK— OF ALL KINDS Custom work for yins. alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cnslom ShciU'inif up lo 1/-1 inch (hickncsa. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hro;i(hv;iy I'honc 2H51 DESIGNED FOR YOUR HOME The simple (tipniiy nf ihis unusually line Corner Clnn,i (,".i^c wi:b its clean ait liiu-s v.ill ap[> to home owners of tiii- CfidiinAting tasie. Appealing, to<>, is [lie .ittr.uiivf prue which brings qu.ility widiin die tc^ih of ilic modest new home oi remodeling buit^tt — -ui injis(,iml- ing Morc-for-die-Mojicy Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc \V. H. "Hill" .). \\'i)son Henry Highway 61 South From COMES YOUR GENUINE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN WHITE SWEET CORN THE CREAM STYLE SWEET CORN ALL AMERICA LOVES KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES !All Types r:\i-cpl Cancer) e .'.II Main, llh llie.ville. Ark-. I'himc 2!lil PRI DEI ILLINOIS FAVORITE IN DIXIELAND FOR 72 YEARS _ so very young — so very tender V _ and so swee) oint. fIND COUNTRY GENTLEMAN SVftT CORN . . . ull in flavor . . . templing in ustc ... a dcltght 10 your family. 's so easy to scr\e . . . it'i alrcAtly cooked. Jusl heal, then cai. Hii;h in fooJ energy, too. \V holcsomc ant! nourisliing. \\"ondtri"ul for corn friticrs, corn pmlitings, chowders. Gc< Pride of Illinois . . . Cream Style \\ liiie Sweet Coin ai your grocer's today. 1 'HE ILLINOIS CANNING CO., HOOPE?TON, ILLINOIS (Ptxlttrt of lamovt Joan cl Arc Kidnty StansJ In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In BtytheYille It's lEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service _., 'tEVELING PRIVATfe ROADS ANY EXeAVAJION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BLVTHEVILLE ARK. • Mate 30M 0*42525

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