The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 3, 1954 · 18
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 18

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1954
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WHEEL OF BIKE FORTUNE SPINS WRONG WAY FOR COURAGEOUS AUSSIE RIDER Rugged Australian rider Bill Johnson from Melbourne is shown leading Jim Davies of Vancouver and Freddy Marcus of Toronto in the third heat of their one-third mile event at Empire Oval. Whirring bike action FOLLOW WE SUN With ERWIN SWANGARD " .... I bet you guys haven't got the g ... s, (courage to you, gentle reader) to expose the rotten deal the B.C. Lions are giving us," roared the irate 'subscriber for many years' before slamming the telephone back on the hook and further puncturing our already overtaxed ear drums. The gentleman of the violent temper and colorful oration was but one of scores of Canadian football fans who belabored our 'beef section this past week to air their unhappy views about what they considered a deep, dark plot by B.C. Lions to exact further toll from their ever-shrinking pocket book. The beefs concerned announcement that Lions' season ticket holders were required to fork over 15rf amusement tax in addition to the set $28 or $20 ticket prices. Just why grid fans should get excited about this doesn't make sense unless they can't read bold or fine print. Oh, That Fine Print! Collection of this tax at this time shouldn't surprise those who filled out applications for their season tickets. I have before me a standard application form issued ' by the Vancouver Football Club since last November when applications were initially accepted. It says: ! "Season Tickets 1954 "Eight home games $20 plus Tax "I hereby apply to purchase .... season tickets for the 1954 season at the price of $20 each plus tax. "Cheque herewith for $ for payment in full (except for tax)." "Tickets will be distributed by July 13, 1954, and tax will be collected at that time." ' Gosh, fellows, we do appreciate that you don't feel like paying another $3 on a $20 or $4.20 on a $28 season ticket, but don't blame the football club, Just blame yourselves because you simply didn't read the application. You may ask why the tax wasn't added in the first place. That's easy to explain. ! Some of our bright souls at 549A Howe Street, that is B.C. Lions' den, thought they could save you some money on i amusement tax. They went to our provincial government and asked ' special consideration. Obviously, they didn't have a leg to stand on because ' if there ever was a professional sport on a real big business ' basis it's Canadian football. A Good Ruling! All the pleas of "community enterprise" can't erase the stark fact that the roaring (we hope) Lions will have fellows out there who'll draw a cool $12,000 to $15,000 in UoMIa tnv stArai- alma matr an'rl that crpnpral manager, coach and promoter de luxe Annis Stukus changed his domicile from Toronto to Vancouver for the negligible consideration of around $35,000 for a three-year term. Actually, the tax on professional sport has been lowered from 17 ",3 percent to 15. Formerly the government determined what was pro-, fesslonal and what was amateur sport because the amateurs get off with a five percent levy. However, our Social Crediters aren't so dumb. ! They simply put the shoe on the other foot. Now they collect 15 percent from all sports except those which can prove they're not professional. And how many can do that? For example the government collected a neat $3876 from the recent two games played at Callister Park by Glasgow Rangers. In former years, the soccer boys were five percenters. This meant the B.C. soccer commission which handled a gross revenue of $29,658 was left with a mere profit of , around $2000 or the lowest in the history of soccer touring games here. The method also affects so-called amateur hockey because the clubs can't prove that they're not professional. The ruling, definitely sane and sensible, did away with much inequality and discrimination. Eventually it may result in an overall lowering of sport tax. Then everybody should be happy, Even B.C. Lions' season ticket holders, took place last night to open Canadian bicycle championships before 1900 fans. Finals wind up tonight, Canadian BEG trials will be held at China Creek Monday and Tuesday nights. In this blazing heat, Davies Boxla Bailie Prelly Sad At Forum Rocks Without Stars; Still Scalp Indians Victoria 9; Indians 4 They may not have killed lacrosse at Exhibition Forum Friday night. But Indians and Victoria especially the former certainly did it a mortal injury. Victoria's league-leading Shamrocks showed up at the Forum minus coach Red McMillan, goalie Geordie Johnston, Len Scott, Tommy Druce, Jack Northup and Archie Browning who .missed the piane. iney also snowed up Indians. Jake Proctor, fiery Indian' ccach. was almost speechless : for once as he saw his team absorb a 9-4 lacing in a listless affair that had the 700 fans ready for bed early. "They had an off night," he murmured weakly as he reeled away from the scene of carnage, an under-statement of well nigh classic proportions. Sparked by import Jack Sib-bald, with three goals and an assist and the fine substitution of Jim Hetherington in goal, Shamrocks rocketed to a 4-1 lead and then waltzed gracefully through a scoreless third period with the inept Tribe and wrapped it up by holding passed the Aussie to win in 42.5 seconds. Johnson later was hurt in three-bike spill on north side straightaway when Lome Atkinson's wheel touched another tire. Rugged Aussie continued in 64-lap grind won by Ontario's Pat Murphy. After race, Johnson figured in rhubarb when Montrealer rider Guy Morin protested Aussie's eligibility in Canadian championship. Graham Welsh photo. iof SfiGig ERWIN SWANGARD, Sports Editor 18 THE VANCOUVER SUN: Sat., July 3, 1954 BEG SWIM TRIALS GET AWAY MONDAY The combined British Empire Games swimming trials and Canadian National Championships get underway at 2 p.m. Monday at Empire Pool at UBC. The meet will run for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with heats scheduled for the afternoon and the finals beginning each evening at 7 o'clock. on Upsets ic yc Title Meet Words Fly Over Aussies' Appearance in Meeting By STKWART McNEII.L You couldn't find the grass for rhubarb sprouling on the infield of Empire Cycling Bowl at China Creek Friday night as the opening of Ihe Canadian Bicycle champion ships came within a handlebar of ending in an international brannigan. i ' For a time it appeared! "I protest that the Australian French Canada and Australia jrjder who beat me in the 10-were headed for a glorious ,, .,. . .... . nine jaLc na nut qildlilieu lu TITLE TO CAPS eter Tames Those Bears n. By SKIP Rt'SK Vancouver 1, 1; Yakima 2 When Caps' Pete Hernandez quits baseball, hp will probably start taming Bears. The fastballing right-hander finished his preliminary training Friday night, taming Yakima's second-place Bears 1-0 as more than 3000 fans cheered hair-pull with cycling officials and badgers choosing sides. Unfortunately, the 1900 patrons who saw some first class racing dominated by Canadians, went home right after the finish of the 10-mile race They should have stayed to see and hear the fun as officials and riders huddled Uiere in two armed camps in the gathering gloom. Some sang Alouette. Others sang Waltzing Matilda. It came to a head when little ride in the Canadian championships according to the Canadian Wheelman's Association regulations." Morin was protesting against Peter Hanslow, late of Australia and now of Vancouver. Despite being sick, Hanslow rode a tremendous race to iinish second ahead of Morin and behind 1he winner, Pat Murphy of Delhi, Ont. Murphy put on a tremendous hurst of speed to tour the 64 BOX SCORES Flnt Vlkmi 2 ab h po a Vancouver on to the first-half j Lewis n 3 1 io Western International Baseball '"i jj J League championship. J Mead tr 3040 --i. ............. : Stringer !b I l ! VAM'OIVKK St 31 .5t j 5l!m"C J r! I S V"ima 37- 30 .S52 514:15X2; Mmonton 30 1!7 ..vjh 7!si Toas 23 3 21 9 Lewiston 31 32 .W2 9'-i i Trl-Clly 32 35 .478 10 '-j ! zran i, in, i.i in ,1.-, it Wcnatchee 3d 3H .441 13 lima Game Vancouver 1 ab h po a 1 1 1 (I 3 II 4 1 3 0 11 2 15 1 3 II (I 3 3 0 II II 3 1 1 :i II S II 1011 II II II II J 3 21 tl Montreal rider Guv Morin sub- laps around the $125,000 bow mitted a written protest ,n 21 minutes, 57.2 seconds and against the Aussies in bnthrshatler the old Canadian record French and English. It said: I of 23:12.4. Guy Was Told to Protest for Clark in .lake's inkprs tn a 5.S tio in th " " Pitcher After Caps' lead was cut to Nicholas games when1 Lft ol fourth. Indian. 4 Victoria 9 s R a n sgap Joseph n n o n Sihbald 4 3 10 Trotzuk 2 0 H II Boolh 1 1 n 2 Hannula 0 n (l n Thompson 2 0 0 (1 Cervy Dunn Ramford 3 1 1 (l Nickle 10 12 Severson 2 1 1 (I Harris S t li I) Irwin 1 n 0 fl Brenner , 2 0 n 4 Bionda 4 2 0 0 (1 n n fl Ferguson n 0 .1 4 Bradford 4 1 n n Mnnarhan till Durante 3 n ft 4 Raker 3 0 12 M Crema 4 t 0 0 Hthrngtn n 0 0 0 L Crema 2 110 !( 9 I I j Radnnich 1000 i Fox 0 0 0 2 I Jones' 1000 I '.'5 4 2 12 1 Shots Slopped: 1st 2nd 3rd 4lh Ttl : By Joseph 1 b 1 ' 4,7 By Hetherinaton ..4 j s s"i Score by periods: Indians n 1 n n j Victoria j j '. , man: 1:30. Split Yacht Honors Speed Count Flies TORONTO tCP) Cana- eaul.e (AP) Speed ... 1 1 luisy a nr- wimi mr JCrtlulPU mile run at Longacres track, little Mo' Wins Title, 3rd in Row WIMBLEDON, England, July 3 (BUP) Maureen (Litt'e Mol Connolly, 19-year-old U.S. tennis queen from San Diego, Cal., won the Wimbledon women's singles championship today for the third straight year by defeating Louise Brough of Beverly Hills, Cal., 6-2, 7-5. By winning, Miss Connolly tame within range of Helen Wills Moody's record of four straight all-England titles. Mrs. Moody won the championship from 1927 to 1930 and later won it four more times. Rex Hart wig and Morvyii Rose of Australia defeated Vic Solxas of Philadelphia and Tony Trabert of Cincinnati 64, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 to win the men's doubles. IP AB Caps' four and a - half uiey lost tne soven-inmne i batted in: Lewis opener 2-1, Hernandez shattered I "h&unNi, laKima s hopes with a sparkling three-hitter that provided man ager Bill Brenner with the first half win. PKI'K WAS PERFECT Pete was perfect, twice stymieing Bear, rallies single-handedly. In the seventh, after two glaring errors left men on first and third with nobody out, Hernandez struck out Yakima manager Lou Stringer, a veteran with six years experience in the Majors. Pete walked catcher Lnn Summers to fill the bases, then struck out Dick Briskey and Danny (The Lion) Rios, a pitcher with a .392 average Holden If Choriln if Willms 2b Wllmon lb Richsn ,'lb Halcren rf Clark ss Durelto c Nicholas p zMurphv Totals : 7th. 200 1100 0 2 iiio lion o l H RS ER SO BB bases: Yakima 1, Vancouver funs: Lewis, Wellman. Huns , Wellman. Runs; Wellman. Double ren: Chotlton-Wcll- StriiiKer-Noren-Briskey. Time: Umpires: Loring and Fisher. tiamc Vane, Holden If Choriln If Willms 2b Wellmn lb Richsn 3h Halgren rf Clark ss Pout c Herndz p zMrphv cf liver 1 ab h po a 1 1 4 0 4 0 3 o 3 r, 10 8 0 2 0 0 1 3 10 0 3 113 3 0 7 0 3 112 10 2 0 Totals 20 4 27 11 .Second Yakima 0 ab h po a Ch rolls cf 4 10 n Lewis if 3 0 3 0 Albinl :;b 4 111 Norm lb 4 0 8 0 iMead If 4 12 0 IStrinser 2b 3 0 3 1 Summers c 3 0 4 1 Briskey as 3 0 3 3 ; Crmrhl p 2 n 0 3 xRids 1 0 0 0 Edmunds p 0 0 0 0 Totals 31 3 24 1 7 ran for Holden .'n fith. j Yakima mm ooo oooo Vancouver "ml mil mix- 1 i Pitcher IP AB H RS ER SO BR , Carmirhael 20 4 1 1 3 2 Edmunds 2 6 0 0 0 1 (l Hernandez 0 7 4 Hit by pitcher: Wellman by Car-michael. Passed baits: Summers, Left nn bases: Yakima S. Vancouver 5. Errors:. Williams f2i. Clark. Runs halted in: Wellman, Runs: Murphy. V- Hps winning run came 111 tlie: Albini. Double plays: Briskey.Strlncei Guy Morin's protest came af- fact Graves, a Montreal cop, ter his coach, George Graves looked the part. Wearing a who is national chairman of "high-yaller" cowboy hat, the Dominion Racing Board, George Graves was mistaken told The Sun: by many as a displaced Cal- "I have no alternative but to garian. rule the Australian's ineligible Queried on his. action by The if any of the riders protest; Sun, Guy Morin confided: their entry in the champion- "f do not like to protest ships." j against the Australian. It is He ciled a not too clear sec- not sportsmanship. That guy, tion of the rule book stalitis he beat me fair and square. But I jj J I competitors must reside in' the coach he told me to Canada six months prior to a ; protest.'- championship race. The chanting of Waltzing! Aussie riders like Hanslow i Matilda grew louder and- fiercer and Bill Johnson are eight days as Aussie Bill Johnson, late of shy of qualifying as Canadians ! Melbourne, strode up to the for the British Empire Games, j fleur des lis standard bearer West coast cycling officials 'and bellowed in Down Under: like Dave Mathews, Jim Davies and George Mortimer, B.C. dis- "Wolinell's gowing on eyre? Johnson commanded a lot of .j itiij ctoln. o,,,u l , UMl wnen 'i eouniea l mil firm wnnru mon .-r . " j frpllt the honors Friday in the first, two of (tlx International! finishing well dhead of Cree rates during I he Lake Sailinjf Hill, second, and fashion News Skiffs Association regatta here, third. KITCHENER, Ont. (CP Mike Garlish of Hamilton won the Canadian featherweight' boxing title Friday night, with 12-rntind split rlfelslprt nvr Don Grinton of Brintiord, Ont sixth and it was Hernandez who started it with a clean single. Danny Holden singled afler him but K Chorlton forced Hernandez at third. Marv Williams walked and Bob Wellman flied out. Eddie Murphy, who ran for Holden, scored easy from third. GEORGE THE I.OSKB Yakima handed George Nicholas his fifth defeat against 10 wins in the first inning of the opener. Afler Des Charou-has singled, lanky Herman Li wis homered over the right field wall for both Bear runs. LINE DRIVES:Sandy Robert, son (0-1) and Brenner ( 10-4 1 pilch for Caps tonight with the first game starting at 7 p.m. . . . Yakima will probably pilch IHck Young and Don darter . . . Caps go on the road Sunday and return home next Saturday for a doubleheade'r against: Vitrlorla Type , , . Marv Williams is leading WTL hitter with .304 iversge while Cborllnn has itolen 17 haws, alio topi ,,, Noren: Clark -Williams-Wei I man. nandez-Williams-Wellman. Time: Umpires: Fisher and Loring. Hcr-2:10, trict chairman of Canadian ! respect. He's 6-ft. 2-in., and used Wheelman's Association, insist-. to wrestle wallabies hack home, ed it referred to professionals Furthermore be'd just finished and not: amateurs. i 1 lie rugged 10-mile race after The B.C. men eyed Graves as i being hurt in a three-bike spill a Hopalong Cassiriy fan would 'with Lome Atkinson and Gor-view a horse opera villain. In don Richardson of Winnipeg, Everybody Pals Once Again An internaiinnal incident was Anyway, Guy Morin was so averted when Bert Sharpe of rovoiipci by the whole thing he Toronto rhubarb emerged from t: h e patch and announced withdrew his protest while the brass haggled. Morin and Johnson shook that the Montreal protest was nands anfj departed friends, thrown out. I (Results on Page 20) Our Stan Rated Golfer To Lift kartell's Title By PAT SLATTERY One of the greatest fields in Canadian professional golf history will shoot for the 1954 national closed championship plus $5000 in prize money at Edmonton's May-fair course, July 9 and 10, A successful Canadian Professional Golfers' Association tourney was assured this year when a nationally-known distillery donated $.'!000 in prize money. Officials of the CPGA believe another $2000 will be obtained from sale of tickets for this 51-hole pvpnt. Edmonton' popular ex-policeman, Henry MarteH will' be defending his title won last year at Quebec City. Marlell, who is the pro at Highlands, will have the advantage of campaigning on May-fair, a course he knows from A to Z. Expected to give Martell his most serious competition will be 1952 champion Pat Fletcher of Saskatoon and Vancouver's Stan Leonard. In addition to Leonard and Goldsworthy, Vancouver will also send Shaughnessy's Fred Wood, Fraserview's Roy Hels-ler, Langara's Benny Colk, Rurnultlam's Ernie Tale and CaplJann'j Jock Mck'innon, ont ol the itronjest coait ag gregations to play in a CPGA championship. From Calgary will come Buddy Loft us and Bob Wiley.' Banff's Malcolm Tapp has entered while Edmonton will see such home pros as Frank Willey, Pete Olynk and Tommy Molneaux performing, A powerful group will plane out from Eastern Canada. In the party will be Bill Kerr and Jules Hunt of Montreal, Toronto's Gorriy Bryd-son, Bob Gray and Al Balding plus Bob Dean, Dick Botlhwick, Murray and Lloyd Tucker, SPORT EVENTS TONIGHT International Iaaii ; 7:00 Vancouver vs. Yakima., Sts- dlum (double-header). I InriiiKlritrl league j 6:15 Nisei vs. C.Y.O., Powell Street j Grounds. 1 Senior "A" J,eAjrif j 6:30 West Vancouver vg. North i Stars. Ambleside Park. 8:00 Lucky Royals vs. Leckiel, Queens Park. BOX I.ACROSSR Intercity league . 9:00 Nanaimo Native Son v. Westminster Roy all, at Nanaimo. SOFTBATX Women' Jeagu Senior "B" T:00 Cnlltngwood Legion w. Ka-tionals, Kerrisdale Park. AITO RACING 8:00 stock car races at Disney Speedway. SVNDAT BASEBALL Weotern international League Vancouver Taps at Salem, double-header. Senior "A" league 2:00 Whalley vs. ColltngwoorJ. Rnlivar Stadium. 6:30 West Vancouver vs. Leckies, Ambleside Park. Northnesl Semi-Pro League 2:30 ..South Burnabv Athletics vi. Oak Harbor, Central Park.. SOFTBALL Smith Hill League, 6:45 Chinese Athletics- vs. Sim. mers, Memorial Park South, "omen's International League Seattle Air Flyers vs. Kerries, Whit rmie ram, aeaitie. Sun Dodo Contest Now Closes July 11 The early bird may get the worm but the last minute golfers are the ones who've been winning the cash prizes at The Sun's Hole-in-One Golf Tournament at Ceperley Meadows near Second Beach in Stanley Park. Friday night, the big little golfing bee, in aid of the Burrard Lions charities was just about ready to call it quits when Gordon Oram lobbed one through the dusk and into the hole to win th $25 cash prize donated by Fred Welsh. Because of the bad weather which rained out several night's play the popular contest will be continued for, another week with the grand championships be'ing sched; tiled for Sunday, July H whefi all who qualify by putting Iheir shots within the magic 15-foot circle will be eligible to shoot for the $100 in cash and other valuable prizes. Friday night's qualifiers in addition to the prize winneri were: John Lewis, Cltft Panler, Pat McCee, J. Edwards, M. Morrison; Cenrge D. Wong, (5. McLean, Denis Donvan, Ben Murray, Boh Rowley, l. S. Newell, .lack Hammond, R. A. Mahoney, ,1. Gllmore, H. Simpson, R. Davies, ,1. n, Jlallen, C. Lister, .lames Stlnsnn, ,T. ,7. Crossman, Ken Spoors, C Oheihriltzger, CeorRe Ingham, Mrs. Midge Ashdnwn, Dick Han-ley, Norecn Spaner, Paul Stanton, Hun Crawford, H. Kouldes, W. H. McU'ocI, A Van Biyde, Bub Porter. Wins $2 G's FOKT ERIE, Ont, fCP) Kaseo Knight, a sprinter from the Toronto stables of Mrs. Gordon McMacken, won the $2(100. Expression Purse, feature of Ihe opening program of lh new Fort Erie Jockey - Club' 37-day lummer meeting.

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