The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 5
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THtmSDAY, JAmJARY B, 1050 BI/lfTHEVILL'B (ARK.)' COtJRIBR Jessup Launches Far East Survey American Diplomat Arrives in Tokyo to Meet With MacArthur By The Assoi-iulcil Press The United States' diplomatic trouble-shooter, vovlnit Ambassador Phillip C. Jessup. arrived In Tokyo today on nn Asian survey that will take Him to Formosa, chiel trouble spot in American foreign policv. Jessup will talk over Far Bislcrn affairs with Gen. Douglas MacAr- Ihur. He will be followed by US. Joint chiefs of staff who will arrive In Japan in February. ft There is increaslnc Republican 'pressure in the United States for America!] action—armed or otherwise—to keep Formosa from 'ailing jo Hit Chinese communists. Tim big island off the China coast !s the last remaining; .stronghold of Chlanj; Kai-Shek. Formosa was In Japanese hands during (he war. Under the Cairo agreement of 1QI3 Formosa was to be handed back io China. The niuncnient was signed by President KM "I'vc-lt, Prime Minister Churchill n' !!iit;i:n and Clilnng Kai-Shek. The Chinese Communists have announced their intention of seiz- ins all Chincf.e territory I he Nationalists report, an amphibious tutaok on Formosa is immiiirnt. Republican senators have assa.'ed >.dininislratinn handling of Tar Eastern affairs as "blunderng." ifhey have reinforcerl their criticism with demand; of military force to help Chiang Viold cut. No ineniion of Formosa w:is made by President Tnimmi in his slate of the Nation address yestertfav al- thni'<jh it is a boiling topic ui Waah- Inetnn. British and western European newspapers today expressed pleasure at President "IVuman's pumiise. of continued U.S. aid bill, some papers asked: What is America going to do about China? Britain is expected to recT^nizc communist China this weekend. Already Pakistan, tnriia ami Burma have officially recognized the rc- JKJne of Mao Tzc-Tung. jreek Coalition Government Falls GLAMOR-CO-ROUND—This "merry-go-round" number is one of the features of a spectacular new review titled "Middle of the Century" at the Paris nightclub, the Bal Tabarin. Riding mechanized stage props, the chorines go through their routines as the merry-go- round rises from the door. (Photo by NEA-Acme stuff correspondent Rene Henry.) PACK FlVg Premier Delivers Cabinet Resignation To King Paul in Athens ATHENS, Jan. 5. <AI')— Greece's WILSON NEWS By Mrs. ]}. K. I-ocal* Mr. nnrt Mrs. Phillip J. Deer and daughter. Polly, and son, Jim, returned home last Wednesday after spending the holadys In Leoln and Malvern, Ark. In L/cola, they - ...were the gitesls In the home of coalition government, which yrcsW-j her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe erf over the rout, of the Communist I Dial mid In Malvern,' I guerrilla rebellion, collapsed today 'i a pre-election dispute between ' (Royalist) and Liberal cabinet ministers. Premier Alexander Oiomcdes sent .% cabinet's resignation to Kmg Paul. they-visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. n. Deer. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wndsworlh entertained Wednesday night at their home on Washington Street, with tin- a for employees of Compress. Guests included Mr. At the same time Uionicdes an- • and Mrs. J. J. Husscy, Mr. and nounccd to reporters that Alrxan-: Mrs. Charles Leftwich, Mr. and tier Papauos. Greece's Drearest liv-Mrs. Alvin Fuller. Mr. and Mrs military hero, has rcsigm-il as W- L- Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Joe commander of the nation's anneci llriRanre. Dickie Wcstbrookc ami forces. There have been reports that GMICJ ali-sshno Papagos, leader ol 'he linal succe.«ftd drive aguimt tiie Communists, \va.s about to enter the political arena and perhaps .seek the premiership. The 67-year old £eiieralis.simo is the top favorite of Greeks xvho arc looking for K ".strong man " Dir:mede.s sent in the rf.sisinaUmis alter .st'c-ond Deputy Premier Su- phocle.s Venlzcltti led 10 other Liberal Parly ministers out of the government. Venixelas said in resiyninp he had m-<;ed the general elections, now schi'duleil for April Woodrow Stoffle. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Two New Strawberry Varieties Deve/oped DAVIS, Calif. M>|—TWO new varieties of strawberry have been developed by tlie Univ'ersitv of California College of Agriculture here. Called the Campbell and the Cupertino, they are expected to mature nl different times and thus spread the growing season farther. Both arc describee! as fresh ;nar- ket types, not particularly suits to cunning or freezing. YOUNG UKKR KSCIAI'KS—Un- Ider sentence torch-slaying ot 68- I year-old man, Bernie Martin. 18. cnei fled fr m jul null fellow' I Prisoners Edward Cravens at Hvml- llnslon, W. Va., who got fun from I two visitors representing themselves I to be postal inspectors. IAP Wirc- I Photor Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toombs Phone 220 C'arlrr Home Economics Clnh Tlie Carter Home Economic.'! Club met fur its first meeting of the year in the home of Mrs. Stanley Edwards Monday with Mrs. .John Far- rie.s and Mrs. Clyde White co-hostesses. Mrs. Dave Downing introduced (he president-elect. Mrs. Dick Wilson, who opened the program with H prayer. In Die business session plans were made for tlie meetings of the new year. Members voted to collect toys for the American Legion which is sending them to children overseas. Names of -secret friends were drawn and the president asked her officers to attend a breakfast in her home on Friday. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Wilson with Mrs. Raymond Tootnbs Social N'olps Audrey Burgess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Burgess entertained 20 of her friends with a New •Year's party at her home Saturday night at Haywjtrd. Mo. The evening was spent in panics and con- te.s'.s. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Sam Avery entertained her bridge club Tuesday at her home in Mtiston. Special guest was Mrs. Roy Moore, Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Leeds Butler. Prizes went to Mrs. Claud Foster. Mrs. Margeret We Lisle ami G. J- Faherty entertained New Year's eve with a dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Charley Fisher and Mr. and Mrs T C. Pinkley. Miss Stella DC Lisle was hostess to her bridge club Wednesday aft- 1 crnoon. Prizes went to Mrs, Grover i Mentte. Mrs. c. A. Dacus and Mrs. T. A. Lee. Mrs. John Ellington and Mrs. Donald Rone entertained in the home of their parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. John L. Girvin. with a buffet supper Saturday for 50 of their friends. The house was decorated throughout for the holiday occasion. The tab e was laid with a hand made imported cloth on which rested a floral centerpiece. Dr. D. B. Elrod of Cape Girarrtcall. Mo has written an article for the January issue of "Outdoor Lile." J. D. Stafford surprised his wife during the holidays with an amii- Mi-ary pariy. Guest-s were Dr. and Mrs. L. n. Painter. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Woods. Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Mydlami and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Suhse Mr. and Mrs. Harold Young en- He saiti voting should be held snnn- er to prevent the ''terrible rjucnces the country would he exposed to from an unduly long pie- elcctroral campaign period." VcneW-'los also criticized first Vii e Premier Coustantin T.salbaris. head of the Populist Party, for a i»liti- cal speaking tour he ts now making in Southern Greece. The tour, VelirLelos charged, violated an a»rre- meiu io postpone opening oi the Reginold •And Eric Waddcll svere in New Orleans for the Sugar Howl i;nme Monday. Mrs. J. K. Neely and Mrs. Frank McDonald accompanied Mrs. Necly's daughter. Miss Claudia Campbell to Jone.sboro Monday. Miss Campbell Is a freshman sit Arknn.Mis Htate College. Charles Harndcn, son of Mrs. Alma Ilnrnden, left Friday for the University of Missouri at Columbia to resume his studies. Miss Nouna Reeves and George Reeves were the guests of friends , here last week, while 'here they speeded up. ; IvU( , mU , (! t ,,,. cram-Adams-White of his sister Mrs. Everett minis »«d family. Mr. nnd Mrs. John U, Mitchell of Clay, Ky., were the guests or her sister, Mrs. c.' 13. Price, and family during the holidays. 'Mrs. Mitchell Is the former Miss Martha Tomp- kiiis oi o.sceola nnd Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. T. if. Armstrong spent the holidays with relatives in Pinsoti and Jackson, Tcnn, In Pinson they visited the J. J. Patterson family and in Juekson they »ere the guests of the M. J. Jam- ersons. •Mi', and Mrs. Glen Graves atul family have returned to their home ill Tiilsa, Okla., after speiulint; the holidays with her parents Mr. ,nul Mrs. II. M. Woodyard Hr., ami borne by Mr. and Mrs Woodyurd family. They were accompanied who will stay with them severul week 5. ' Miss noris Ann had ns her guest last week, her citshi, Miss Frances Ann Brooks of Martin, Tenn. Miss Le\vcll McAffee returned ionic Monday Irom San Antonio, Texas, where she has been the guest in the home of her srm, Johnnie Corkran. and family the past five weeks. Miss Doris Anin had ns her guest last week, her cousin, Miss l*r»nc»s Ann Brooks of Martin, Tenn, Mtss Lcwell McAfee returned Home Wednesday from Arkadclphla where she was the guest of Miss Manila Money, student at Oua- chlta CollcKC, Miss Muncy returned to school Saturday and Miss McAfee accompanied her. Mr. nnd Mrs, W. M. Ajim's daughter, IJorLs, and Mrs. Arim's mollier, Mrs. Cora French, attended the funeral of J. B. Hall In Martin, Ti'iin,, Saturday. Mr. Hall was Mrs. Arnn's brother-in-law. Mr. ami Mrs. E. French of St. Louis were MID guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ainu Sunday. They also attended the Hall funeral. Wilson college student* who have returned to their respective school are. Lester Hule. Jr., nnd Charles Cowrancu [11, Vandcrbllt University; John Branch Ellis, University nf Tcnn.; John Ellis islslandcr, un- ii'rrsity of Arkansas; Harold T'ray- lor. University ot clmllanooga; [•'oiitii Jerome. Memphis State; Charles flnndifi.T, Arkansas Stale; Leon liny. Arkansas State. Prep-school stunenis to return to school me Mnry Ann and Nintcy Cr»l«, Wiird Belmonl; Cloole Low- r»nce, Webb School; Mary Melody, Uzcllc, Stratford Hall, Danville, V». All Saint's Junior College; Nincy Misses Mary Ryals f r.d Bonn!* will resume their studios at th» Methodist hospital School of Nurs- ng In Memphis thli w«ek. tcrtaincd their Pinochle C'.ub Manday Ht tlicir home, Miss Helen King ........ „.„.,.. ..... . ..... . and J. B. McCord were i pi-e-clcctonil cutnpaipn Pri'les went to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Drerup, Francis Tcroy and Mrs. Vincent Recker. Mrs. iMarKeret DC Lisle was hostess to .her bridge club Tiiiwrtay. entertaining in the home of Mrs. Jane Easterly. Mrs. Edith was .special sncst. Prizes went to Mrs. Easterly and Mrs. T. A. Lee. Mrs. P. M. Mayficld entertained State News Briefs 5. LITTLE ROCK, J;ui. T'.ver.iv paroles, the yinallr ber granted in n. yeisr. \veic 01'. — num- I out. Arkn li with a dinner Sunday for Mr. pnd [ ''"'' Mrs. Miller Mayficld of Peru, Nclir.; sc " ' by the oi Piuilons and parole 1 -. Five 'tis anil om- communlalloil of ce aiso were approved, Mrs. Mary Shannon of Campaign 111.; Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Miller Mr "TTl.F, ROCK. Jan. 5. l!f) - A and Mrs. R. D. Ellington and ft D' rrp0 ' 1 "' Ui IllKl; "8s on the man- Ellington. Jr. ' j ner in uhu'li the Smithwrsicm i Bell Telephone Co.. charges ceilam Mr. and Mrs. Sam La Font entertained with an open house Sunday • afternoon. The home was decorated L for the holiday season and refresh- ! mcnts were served from the dining room table. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brenner and ' sou of Kcnncu. Mo., Mr. ami Mrs. Harry Lee La Font and daughter. Mr. and Mr.s. Gene La Font and son. and Mr. and Mr.s. Bub La f'jnl and sou were guests at a family reunion and dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Sum La Font Sunday. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom- rales lias been passed to a later date by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. The commission looked in[*> the fjiK-.-tion whv so-ne .v b- .scrlhers are assessed a mile^c charge. MEMPHIS Raymond >J here .Jim. 11" a \vateh h. year-old foi from FHj'iim, Jan. 5. .'il'i - - Harold uchins is Io be iried in a rlxirie of ng February. The 23- ner medical s'.udent Aik.. v.a? Rrl'esUxl party given in (he Mirror lioom at Hotel i.'oble In Blythevlllc lust Thursday. Olhers from Wilson who attended include Patricia Ciiinp- bell. Charles mid Helen Hariidcn. Jimmy McAfee. Grace Ann Hran- Jimnly Garrett. and Baker .SprinR- rion, Joanne Cullom. Jimmy Munuy, field. Miss Mary Faith Puckctt teH Wednesday for El Ccntro, Calif., where she will resume her studies at. El Centro Junior College. She was accompanied as far as Little Hork by her mother, Mrs. Flora PuekeM Mrs. Puckctt returned to Wilson Sunday. Mr.s. Eva Kerlin hnd as her gur last week her grandson. Joe Earl Cross of West Memphis, and her sister, Mrs. Joe Lcpplch, and i phew. Joe Leppfeh, Jr., and family. The Leppiches. who formerly lived in St. Louis, were ell route to Los Angeles. Calif, where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown Gwyn ;md small dauchter, J"nny Belinda, were the we"kend guests of Mr and Mrs. A. A. Banks and son in - Tyronza. I Mr. mid Mrs. Evi?enc Woodyard have returned home after spending the holiday vacation with relatives in Hclcnn. j Mrs- \"ora Lindqiiist of O.sceola has accepted a position in the office c>{ the Lee Wilson Store. Mr. and Mr.s. Charles Gilbert of (iicencifstle. lud., have relumed to their home after spending the past two weeks as guests in the home PRESCRIPTIONS I'lcsh (iiiitraiilved lit'.sl Trices Klrby Drug Stores RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last lime Today "ANGELS IN DISGUISE' with (he Bowery Royf Newft and Comedj Friday & Saturday 'SON OF A OF Mltll BADMAN' I.ame ('arloon & Serial here recpifMy a fur hi 1 - conv H'tiDti in Little Rock on a chnrpc of imir- n h,-n v d. ppnc : fn? f* IS-vcar «-ft;- '.imo. The my Lee was the meeting nlacc for 1 tier. He was ftrr the annual politick supper of thej !!n appeal from Thursday Night bridge club w ith; lence in Arkansas ai -.he. members' husbands a.s guests Sat- appeal was not pc-rfmrd. urday evening. Mr. and Mrs. June nansburg were guests. Guests at a dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tanner Thursday were Mrs. ,\lad<ic Klovall and Mrs. Daisy Kelley of I!"K-na Ark., Mrs. L. L. Ellis. Mrs. Neva' I Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Douglass ; Reddick. Mr. and Mr.. Henry Fay I Tanner. Billy and Herbert Lee Tan- I ner. Edwin Zohncr and Buddy Go- ' wans. NEW Prv. Aik.. I MEMPHIS. JM. 5 i'V.—T Chester R. Parker. M'Cnir has atvcplcrl a cai! to becc lor of the Nalintial Minnie "^intist Church liere. He siiC'JC"ds ttic.Rev. ^Vllli5^m E. Lyles, wtio went to Tur- rcll. Ark., last yrar. ln\ OJIHIS \\rck Days 7:01) p.m. Matinee S.ilurday A; Sundays lias- j .Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. font. Showing Manila, Ark. PTNE BLUFF. Alfc . .Ion. 5. '(!•— Former Grant Comity JurK'c John L. West. 82. dierl in ?.!;tl here yesterday. He had redded at Wat- sop Chapel since Ifllfi. Shipwrecks Cost Japan Large Toll of Vessels TOKi'O — (,r,_ Shipwrecks cost 0.410 vessels—mostly iishins boats ! —in Japanese waters last year—-mi average or almost 15 craft a day. The marine safety board bhiinrd • typhoons and other "irresistible forces of nature" for 40 per cent of the losses. Careless nnvisation • was listed as the cause oi 25 per cent, faulty dc.sign or obsolescence 15 per cent; and the remainder miscellaneous. CKERS Samples . . . Odds and Ends Slightly Soiled-All New Group No. 1 Group No. 2 Group No. 3 Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice $ 2 95 $ 3 95 $ 4 95 Values from $9 to $18 FIRST COME . . . FIRST SERVED! HUBBARD & SON PHONK -HOD URNITURE HlATIiKVII.LR, AUK. Veteran Receives Degree From Drauglicn O s h i! r n V. 'lo'pMKin occupies the position of auditor v;tth the A r k a n s a; Public Service Commission, lie .secured this position upon coni- pletion of a thorough training course at D r a u g h o n School of BUKI- ness, at which time lie was a'.vavdcU a dc>', r e e i n A cl- vanccd Accounting. Mr. Holeman is the son of Mr ;-nd Mrs. A. F. Hole-man of Mt vcrnon, Arkansas. He is a gradate of the Mt. Vet non Hisih ohoftl. He servnti two years in lie Army, during which time he iw action in (he European .neater of Operations. Mr. Koleman -was wise in hoosing ihe Drnughon School to prepare himself for a successful iuture. The competent instructors at Draughon's teach business as business is actually done. Also, Ihe Draughon School conducts a ystematic free employment serv- :ce for its sratiuntcs. to assist tnem in sectiring preferred type '•l position immediately upon qualification. The Draughon School of Business is the only private business college in Arkansas that is £ully .iccr&di;«t and approved by the Slate Department o( Educatton. In continuous operation sines 1301, the Draughon School is one of tha oldest busines« training -I'hools in the south, and point.-! with pride to more than 50,000 graduates. Draughon offers thorough train- '.ng in all branches of business, included are Accounting, Secretarial, Business Administration Commercial Banking, Salesmanship, Radio-Klectronics, Stenographic, and other courses. If you desire information regard mg any type of business training, you are invited to write DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Little Rock, Arkansas There is no obligation whatever nn your par(. l.asl Time Today 'It's a Great Feeling" i Dennis Mor Also Shorts Friday "THE DESPERADOES Also .Shorts Salurrlay 'MARSHAL of LAREDO" vilh Bill BLYTMEVILLE'S ONL A LL W HIT E THEATRI ['liur.-i'Vi. • Two i!ig Hits A Wlttt fianthotTONE JanetBUIR I LOVE TROUBLE ALSO SELECTED SHORTS JANUARY YOUR CHOICE OF 2 GROUPS OF COTTONS • DRESSES REGULARLY SOLD FOR 2.79 • DRESSES SPECIALLY PURCHASED FOR THIS EVENT 80 square percales .. Woven chambrayj Fancy trims .. organdy, eyelet, rick-rack Shirtwaist, button or zip front stylei Check, plaids, florals, or stripes Sizes for juniors, misses', women, extra*

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