The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1950
Page 3
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TUE8PAT, AUGUST IS, (AMU COUHIEK HEWS PAG« BLBTTO OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williomt Our Boo rding House with Moj. HoopU otVsvSoR 1 FRiiiviD Sii ir*> WAPPews He MR.suLt.,-rntatMwJr^2 oe6 -'*' HE LOST MWY A 60TIABL6 6AM«L«M.OOp AJ 8LMX- )F ORDS i We MKJMTCjf'JAO< OK THE KJHIL6 AWAY A 1-^*^7 BOAT COWING FROM lEASAWT IrxiR f ^^ LI6WUY AS IF MISPLACED A PEWNY ' STAMP-D- AMD AFT«J.W*T LAST SPEEDIMS TICKET 1 FOR8A.Oe HER ib DRIVE / I've eor 1016*01 HER A USSON' GOSH, 1 THOUWTT \ V*ir IT WAS JUST- MORIT I OP HER ACT/AND S*IL*S AU. 1 SAID V*S-- FATHER? SHEILA. SAID we HORSEWHIPS PEOPLE WHEN THE/ ANMOY HIM I WORDS FOC SAM* — PVEASUR6 AND THE COVEREP WAGONS STILL. EOLL AND SILVER fi.ALl.60WS RtfE THE . THE VELVET CRASS 16. SKEEfO AND COOL, ANP BAMISHES ALL THOUSHTS Of SCHOOL. 1 WEVEK CAN GET SACK. TO '.WHENV— I'VE TRIER IT \\AMV TIMES SIMCE THEKJ-- THB THIMS THAT WEECKft MY HCUES OP 8LISS IS SETT-TINS UP SUCH STUFF A^ THI&. Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service H-fl LT€RS OUHUITY SHoe SHOI IZI W. MAIN ST. Cop,r*ht 1930 VT NtA ferric*. tec. by Julius Long THE STOHYl LK-I I>*»r*nn, frl- ¥•1^ dttfctlv*. Is rt**rdln|p Krank Phajol, e»m.vrrt?.ijl eiiaa«4».t driller. wba f*leae}l 1* »*•!! • inrjcr • rrf*r 1* Mlk« Pt>w!»1ro. * hie driller )• t'*pp*r Utly. Art*. Whilr InoklMf «rft«Bd (he hc»t*-l, l>«irBMm > •rrrhrark !!«!»!• Ir ft !M*MI|B* b<iw k* 1 IwlltxJ !«*• •• I ?•••<• la offrr • I** 41* mend* IB *r«>er I* «f t m It <•<> 4 prlrr. I at Mediate I' *f l«r- warda D*l •«*• Pat Fkajal. dftmrh- Irr »f (be ellnM»«4 •tralrr. with •!••*:*'*• flnnerr, ••d I* Lr* Nnri**, Jit led Trr*»»'a, • •*! Do end • wllh Norton ••t »r thr h«r1r «**«•» (e> Ph«J«l'» boy rrlrnd of ialBlra, whir at be IBM; dr« priced For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cam Investigated in Mvcral hoipitali and cllnki, lubnormal Kidney function wot impfovcd, Bladder pom and discomfort reduced after Ihe use of Mountain Valley Water. H your doctor has diagnosed your condition 01 functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it.for a few.weeki. H N oeiiciojt, pure-tasting, and mk| be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Moantain Valley J Hfcter —=-^ * PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock GmrmntMd Bt*\ Priew Kirby Druq Stores pHAJOL carried a big revolver even at that. He was beginning to get the jitters, and he had ~ right to them. "Dominico's down in the taproom," I told him. He nodded. "Pat and Teresa Jordan just went down for a drink with him. He's going to marry the Jordan jirl." "I raw her. Who's she?" I "Her father wax a mining en- 'Bineer with the company. He was killed a couple of years ago in the ! Kingsley 2900. She went to school •a year with Pat They're good friends. I may as well tell you— the Gordon girl got me this chance •with Dominico. It was out of friendship for Pat." I 1 grinned my sardonic best. "I guessed that. I'll tell you something you don't know. Dominico >nay have no'intention, of buying your diamonds. There's another salesman here." Phajol'8 face fell. I momen tarily pitied him. But he shook his head. j "Dominico will buy my dia- ! monds, all right! Teresa will see ,to that. But the old (ox has sent ttor another salesman to cut down my price. Well, I'll have to put up [with H. Even if I have to cell at 111 have to aell rnonds from > legitimate market. "There's another thing you should know. Alter all the precautions you've taken to keep this trip a secret, Dominico's been shooting o(T Ins mouth all over town. He was even bragging to the bartender that he was buying 20,000 carats. I was sitting there, and he didn't know me. He musl have talked all over town!" Phajol's [ace darkened. "The fool! He made a million dollars, and he thinks (hat gives him a right to talk all the time! On any subject! He's dumb enough to think that girl is marrying him 'or love! She's as big a fool as he s—Pat once introduced me to the ;id she's turning down. A nice kid." 'He broke off and got back o business. "Go down to the desk and lind out if the other salesman s checked in here." "Why not let me call down? 1 don't like leaving you alone." "You can't bribe the clerk over the phone. Hurry." |)CM than coct, iDominieoT" I wondered what he meant by 'less than cost." I »UH djdn' think he had bought those dia- j been slruck on the back of the head. His skull was crushed flat. [ There was a pool of blood abuut his head, still red on the light brown carpet. My gaze turned to he Gladstone on the rack. It had bviously been opened and ran- acked. There was no point in xamining it The diamonds would >e gone. 1 turned to the desk clerk. He was young, almost boyish and ven handsome. His eyes were ivide as he stared at the _dead nan. ^ "You'd better run down and call he police," 1 said. "Stop by and M Miss Phajol to come in here, ihc's in the taproom with Mike Dominico and Teresa Jordan." The clerk turned and left. I ;tepped over to the door that con- lected Phajol's room with hii daughter's. It was unlocked. It Deemed very simple. The murderer ind thief had entered via Pat's •oom. I walked into her room and ound no key in the door, and it vas locked, but the murderer might easily have gained ingress with a skeleton key and locked he door after his crime. It was an otd hotel, and the doors wexe equipped with ward locks. TTE put away his big revolver as ij - I left him. I heard the key grate in the lock ai 1 walked to the stairway. Downstairs 1 went over to the desk and asked: "Grernchcck in yet?" "Yes. Want me to call him?" "Never mind." 1 heard- feminine voices from the taproom and Dominico's loud voice. They were talking about diamonds. 1 lingered a few minutes; I thought maybe I .xjuld pick up something interesting. But I couldn't overhear enough, so 1 went back upstairs. 1 rapped on Phajoi's door There was no answer. I poundec hard. Still no answer. I ran to the stairway and shouted dow for the room clerk. N The clerk came quickly. He rattled his passkey in the lock and I heard a key fall with i muflled sound to the carpet in side. Then the door opened, and I raced in. Phajol lay on his back I knew from the blood soakin, his coarse black hair that he ba< "If she'd been a boy w« could have named her after Uncle Peter, th« bank president—but I suppose she can always marry one!" PRISCILI.A'S I'Ol- Alan of Affairs BV AL VERMEEB T TRIED one of my own keys and 1 found that the door readily opened. 1 closed it again and :ocked it as easily as I had unlocked it 1 went back to Phajol'a room and found Pat staring at her father's body. Evidently she had just arrived. Teresa Jordan stood back of her. What—what were you doing in there?" "Finding oul how the murderer got in and out." It was bluot—I don't think she had' recovered from the shock of walking in and finding her father lying dead. ' 'A fine bodyguard you turned out to be! He was killed almost as soon as he got herel" She went to him Ihen and felt his pulse. "You've sent for a doctor." "1 never kid myself, Miss Ph»-, jol. i sent for the police." Angrily ihe glared at me, but she released her father's wrist. "Better go into your room and wait," 1 laid. (To Be .Continued) VIC JVM GOING TO HIKE TO TOWN WOMEN ONLY THINK ABOUT THEIR OWN LITTLE FAMILIES... &UT MEN ARE DIFFERENT! A FINE CITIZEN I'D BE IF I WASN'T INTERESTED IN WORLD ANYBODY KNOW HOW THE RE ARE DOING? XND LEARN WHAT THE •JEWS IS BUT, DEAR... YOU'RE ON VACATION! liY MICHAKL O'MAI.J.EY anrl RALPH LAN! LANS RXINP THIS LITTIE PUT* fOK A ,tAUS ICAL A FINE POPES/ SOU SEARCH THE VV CX= SOJ FLATFOOTEr? . COU.CNT s*/. gur i 4K6A., AM? AM HOUtT LATER MAY USE. IT IDMAMfr •HANPOLPN OR 6EE- &IKL COME6 Uf WITH A VALUABLE CL£W/ CAPTAIN EASY Going Up BY LESLIE TURNKB The Virgin Islands >re being (locked with white-tailed d«r from Texas. HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be sure it's working ri(ht, drivn In to eur •hop and we'll check It erer. Expert repairs en ill makea ami nMdeta, can and trucks. One lay service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. East Main Phone 2122 NU-WA PHONE4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A IETTER LAUNDRY 0 ^ UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! J L -^ "l „ *"* «v Any 2 Wee* Suit* Sofa& Chair Recovered Guoranfee Satisfaction Except Totted Piece* Choice at IS Beiotlfoi Fibrlo* 7 DAY SERVICE Offer Good fer Limited Tln» Only The House of Charm (DEAL'S) C»ll flM g. Hl,hw,, «1 HOMEMADE PIES We Tike foul Ordet Hr». N. .1. Hnmphre? Call 2359 Enjoy breakfasl, lunoh or dinner in aircondilionedi comfort at the hrand new' Blytheville Motor Grill Really GOOD Food . . . pr* pared the way you likt it , FOR SALE <J«nertt« etlTtrU i't inch to i* inch plim or reenr<>ree4 Alto Concrete b«l)d]ni Bl^ti cheap et than ivmbet rnr banu ehlrkee n«ue> ><R>p HOIK*. leiiam hoimt KHI! >hfd> Wt deliter Call M f*r (rer Mtlmata. TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO Open Day & Night Exctpt Sunday Blytheville Motor Grill Mrs. Marie Mehirf, Mfr. lost NortK of Blytheville Motor Co. on Broadway RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Kactory-Trained Mechanics An; Make or Model _** Prompt Service Reasonable Pricci Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihon lin So First St.. PICKUPS! See These Big Values Before You Buy. 1949 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON PICKUP. Good Healer, Overdrive and Sunshade 1048 STUDEBAKER </ 2 TON -PICKUP. Equipped with Heater «rd Stock Rack. Motor completely overhauled. 1916 STUDEBAKER TON PICKUP. In excellent condition and has a good stock rack. Has 1951 license. 1946 DODGE i/, - TON PICKUP. Clean as * pin. good radio, healer and slock rack. 194Z DODGE '/, • TON PICKUP. New paint joh. A good clean farm truck. Chamblin Sales Co. Sudekaker Oemler* Ash Phont 6888 AVE/THA'S IT, WE BUCKO!/ WHITE HftW MUKUM IT5 WGHW KUSTV, BUT ( JOKE.,.«6IW FUUNV. I'LL TBMJE VOU SOME \UO,HO 4U' WE WHftT! WHY; VOU UI-»CKIM' HEMHERNi I WH'T WO WOBBLE- KVIHP WUEIST! NOBODY ON LfWD EZ SEP. CUM GYP OLE BULL PAWSON HEV, POKUHLINTUS! WE 10OKLJW FOE SWAB WOT IT SLOWS TO ff VOTE. KKf, KJtlA WE! / EtCOWSIDfH BiCEftOWOWL ISO POllAR LITTIE »SAH\OWM HEW BIS I«ON BOX: THM 15 WOT at. SW/UV ? THE EUIL ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! BUGS BUNNY THEN CICSRO OUSHTA UP T' 9E TH' HANPSOMBST CLUCK Clolhcs Make Hie Man LO7KS LV<= RNDIN WHO'LL LEAD AN EXPEClTION TO RELIEVE- CAESAR IN BRITAIN 5 dCNMA, B SWIMMIN'

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