The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1950
Page 1
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TUESDAY, AUGUST IS. 1950 BLYTHEVTU.E. (ARK.) COTTRTER PAGE THBEE Tht Nation Today: Unanswered Korean Querttom . , Should Americans Occupy All of Korea? Russia Could (J. 3. May Get freak NAME OP DISTRICT O.sceola Have Big Say In This Action Tlr JAMKS MARLOW WASHINGTON. Aug. 15. W) Many ol the top leaders In this think the U.S. Army should |n>y all of Korea, if tlie Amerl whip the North Koreans in tlie present fighting. But. so far as can be learned, no decision has been maile on this There's a good reason why the U.S. •night not be able t« carry out sucli a decision, If it were made. The reason is Russia. If Russia «•>•* iIIP Nnrit< Koreans losing, it may send its own troops in to oc- ' :t nil N' rth Korea down to the 38th Parallel ot latitude, which divides north from sonth. If that happens, we'll have to stop south of the 38th Parallel anyway, whether we like It or not. unless we're ready to go to war with Russia, for crossing the line then would mean that. After World War n Russia took nver North Korea down to Ihc. 38th! Parallel, set up a Communist Ko- government, armed i(. and 1 then got out. .South Koreans Left We took over Korea south of the line, helped set, up the South Ko- re.m republic, left it practically unarmed, and then got out. This left the North Koreans free to attack trte south when they were ready. They did And then the U.S. moved bark In. » If the U.S. whips the North Koreans and drives them north of the 38th Parallel, but iUelf stops south ot it. then the North Koreans once more will be free to re-arm. If,, long as we kept an army In FAR EAST HOT SPOT—Formosa, last-ditch stronghold of the. wnth Korea, the North Koreans Chinese Nationalist government, Is making every preparation to resist probably would not. attempt another i, lvB sioii by Communists from tlie Chinese mainland. 100 miles to attack. But how long would this i country be willing to keep an army tne WMi ~ Formosa's rugged, mountainous terrain is not unlike that of in South Korea? [Korea. True, this country could arm the' . ^__ . South Koreans and get out. But if war started between north and Labor Group's Markets south again: then all the present | KI.KCTION rBOCLAMATION Notice is hereby given thai Itw An:iual School election for the ye»r 1950 will be held In each School District of MLssL'iippl County, Arkansas, on Tuesday September 1950, for th« purpose ol electi! school directors for 1WO-M »nd voting rm school taxes anil such Jther matters UK may properly ue submitted at said election. The polls will open at 1:00 o'c!orl> A.M. and close at «:10 r.M. at the following places: VOTING PRECINCTS COPENHAGEN — W)- A' Danish cilf, having two heap's, may be exported to the United States In « few months. The calf was born three months ago at the farm of H. Htieb- schmann in Allerup, Soulh-Jutlnnci —and It h still going strong, study- inn (he irorld through four «ye» and eating with two mouths. At present the owner makes money showinf the calf at markets In Jutland bul now he considers the possibility of selling it to the United States for studies and showings. The Diet, national legislative bort\ in Japan, consists of the House Representative! and the House Councillors. Rupp and Dodd On AAA Program LI1TLB ROCK. Aug. 15. OT— Adolph Rujip. ihc Kentucky cage coach, who (old the Arkansas Athletic Association's coaching school aboul offensive basketball yeslor- day, dlrcusses Ihe other side' today He was first on today's program for the second day of (lie thrce- day clinic and cheduled to talk auoul defensive basketball. Kupp. lor basketball, and Boubs Dodd, Georgia Tech, for football head the school's faculty. Dodd also is on today's program. He'll wlut up tonight with a discussion of "the passing game." Dodd, in his first appearance yes- shooting and loss of life would be for nothing. What About Russia On the other hand, if the U.S.— acting for the United Nations—occupied all of Korea It could disarm the Communists, try to stamp them out, and maybe set up a single, non-Communist government for all Korea. But— What would Russia do? Sit idly by while the U.S. took over all Korea, which is smack tip asainst the Communlst territory of China and Russia? Or would it once more move Into North Korea, taking il over down to the 38th Parallel, as it did before? Tlie Russians could argue: (U.S. .occupation of Korea' would Rive this country a strong foothold Uxti base in Asia, for use In case of 9fy future war with Russia. The Russians might, point out that the U.S. would hardly sit idly bv if the Russians tried to occupy Mexico or Canada, which are smack TEL AVIV, Israel—W|—Hisladrut —tlie powerful Jewish General Federation of Labor—is setting up a big purchasing and marketing- organization for industries In all villages and cities of Israel. It is called "Hamshavek." TLs objectives are two-fold: to obtain raw materials lor Histadrut industries in Immigrants' settlements and towns and cities, and to handle the wholesale marketing of products of these industries. Israel's federation of labor is unique in thai it not only represents workers who are members of trade unions, but in many instances Is It self their employer. AND POLLING PLACES Court Hnusc Oromer's Stor Luxora Schoo Victoria Schoo • City Hal West End Fire Station Yarbro Langston Gin, Numbi-r 9 Clear Lake School Promised Land School Oosnell Hieh School Lee Wilson Co. Store Sh'iwne School M'iniln High School Dell High Schoul Half Moon Schiml Wilson Tavt-rn Whit ton Stliool Bank of Kelier School Building Wast Ridge High School High School Gymnasium Newsome's Store Lost Cane School Mississippi County Stillrnnn School Dyes? Dyess High School Given this U day of Aug. 1950. W. Berryman, Siicrifl of Mississippi County John Mayes, County School Supervisor, MiAsLssippi County 8J15-22-29 inkley Egyptian Rice Surplus May Be Help to Asia CAIRO. Egypt -tlP}~ Egypt's rice surplus can meet a limited part of Asia's growing rice shortage. Disruption of normal life in Korea presumably will increase that shortage. ! Nations with surpluses will have an estimated 500,000 tons fewer available this year. For (hat reason alternative supplies are badly needed Egypt has an annual production of about 300,000 tons of rice. Nearly half of this Is available for export. Present stockpiles are at about 100.000 tons, agricultural ex\ perls estimate. Mouse Grows Old BERKELEY, Calif. (API — A pocket mouse which never drank water or other liquid has died tiere at the age of six years. That i fabulous age for such a mouse which usually lives only aboul year in its natural desert, home. Dr. Seth B. Benson, who catigh the mouse near San Diego, says i consumed only small • amounts o bird seed. Apparently It got all the watei' H needed from- the dry seetl. He says many desert animals have body processes which use very small amounts of water. lip agatnRt'.'^hG. linite^ States. Once the. Russians moved into North Korea, they could not be driven out. except by force, which would be war. This story raises more questions than it answers. At this moment the answers haven't appeared. Jacksonlan Diet To aid his dyspeptic conditi6n, Stonewall Jackson, one of the foremost generals of American history, lived on a diet of stale bread and buttermilk, augmented by lemon juice. Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH For h**rtt*im, \od'\f.ev.\a Still oaLr This year's best news in lowest price cars! see Mrs. Hilton ShurT. Route 1, Box 42. Ville Plattc,- Louisiana, has a son, a daughter, a husband, a small garden and her housework to keep her busy from morning until night. She says she isn't a bit tired after such a rlay no\v that she Is taking HADACOL to give her system those precious Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin, and Iron. Before taking HADACOL her system suffered a deficiency of those. Here t s Mrs. snuff's "I hove been sick and weak for some time. When you are a housewife on the farm you have lots of work lo do—not hard work but work that is tiring, specially when you are sick. At night I couldn't rest—and food, no matter what I ate, didn't agree with me. Then my sister told me aboul HADACOL— she said HADACOL would really make me feel better. I took her advice and began taking HADACOL. I felt better after the third bottle. So far r have taken 15 bottles of HADACOL. I eat anything I >o, I sleep well every night and my jpusework doesn't tire me at all. Anything I say about HADACOL would be an under-statement. I think HADACOL Is wonderful." >on, Too. Can Bt Help«l as.have thousands of other fine folks If you. too. suffer a deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin, and Iron which HADACOL contains. HADA- COL helps build up the hemoglobin - content of your blood (when Iron Is needed) to carry these precious Vitamins and Minerals to every organ, and every part of your body- to the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs, even lo the eyes, hair and nails. Give HADACOL a chance today Refuse substitutes. Don't let anyone tell you something else is "jus as good." Insist on the genuine HADACOL. No risk Is Involved because HADACOL is sold only on a strict money-back guarantee You'll feel great with the first few bottles you take or your money wll be refunded. Trial siw, only »1 25 Large Family or Hospital size. J3.50 CopvrUM 19M, Ih« l.ffllmo corpon And the one to buy is the StudeLaker Champion! AS SHOWN STUDEBAKER CHAMPION 6-PASSENGER, 2-DOO* $ CUSTOM SEDAN 1552 27 Delivered in BlythevMU Ante mmJ fee*/ jMxtr, */ «*T, <**" Prf«l ma-r wry iKfMy In n»«rty The Studebaker Champion is one of the 4 lowest price largest selling cars ! You Always Save Money at DREIFUS erday urged the listening coachei - give the Jans t show. "Th«y pay money to see the show, and money Is what. I gel paid with, so i give them a good show to make them want to come back next time. That's why ) use the T formation—it's the best show." Th« nearly-extinct Nunatacmiut Eskimos of Alaska seldom we« abU to stori up a good winter food aup- The diphtheria rate in Japan has been reduced 88 percent since the beginning of the occupation. Inflamed Eyes? Uet prompt rtnei VHtl i_»vopun soolhes urnnutilcii eyelids: relieves urea. sore, ilclllug, «lcky. our«mg ot irritated eyes or money reminded 30 years uiccns t>ra|j«d oy thnuMmls Uet t^vnpnk loday I b^e-cup Included) At *lt drugRlsts .(LIFE? Are 7011 total throttfh th* fuavtlocml 'middle &£•' p*rlad peculiar to women, (33 lo 52 yre,)7 Doei this iu»U you suffer from hot flashes, Feel *o nervous, lil gh-et rung, tired? Tb*n fio try LytHa H. Plnkham'i Vej[«t*bl« Com- P ound to relieve such tymptomi. Inkham'B Compound tlrvS hi* what Doc torn cmll * stomachics toolc effect t LVMA L nmuuurs S~K» In Our Ever-Popular, Open Stock CRYSTAL STEMWARE Spring Glory and Laurel Wreath patterns. A special reduction of these pieces only: Wine Goblets Cock I nils Fruit Juices 49 Other Pieces Such as Wafer (iol)le(s, Iced Teas, and Salad Plates. . .Site LIMITED TIME ONLY— you may charge it, of'course. II HE IF! S [fu . . . Wear OtemMii n, HI , I \|U\ M TO THE PEOPLE OF THE TWELFTH CHANCERY DISTRICT My xruieftil (hanks (n you for the honor be- iitowed upon me as the Democratic Nominee for the recently created office of an additional Chancellor. I shall endeavor to merit your confidence and li> discharge IKe duties of the' office with equal j UK lite (o alt; Sincerely, W. Leon Smith I BUY MOW ON WARDS I UAYAWAY PLAN* ; \ 50 Gals. Oil Included *.» at no extra cost! CHAMBLIN R.R. & Ash Y*u g*l brak*t that outometicaHy •djutl MMmt*lv» • dara-preef "black Itflhl" Inthvnwnt paml diali • *-tyKrxUf "Ba»-mit*o»«-ch«mpion" w>gin« •* higher cempr*>f ion pow«r • Automatic chok» • Vori- obl« ratio "•xtra-l«v«rog«" itMfing a A brand n»w kind of coil-ipring front end luipontion • Lunurlout wphol»t»ry • Lounge-width to«H with real hip room, tog room, hood room • Tight gripping rotary door Mclm • Caoociout Hwnk • A Hrto choice •» colorc SALES COMPANY Phon. 6888 NEW M-W OIL HEATER GIVES 22.6% MORE HEAT PER GALLON . . . YET COSTS YOU LESS! On T«rmr 10% Down 69 95 S-room tlz* 6-room Oil Heater 79.95 ft-gal. Tank 8.OO Blower Fan 15.00 Oval burner give* 72.6% nor» heol to tvciy gal. of fuetl Minlflow pilot burns 42 hri. on gaL fuel. • . 7.8 Hmei longer! Efficient aulomatfc drah regulator never ntedi odjuiNngt M-W CIRCULATES MORE HEAT PER GAL The new M-W oil heater offers you many savings! Firsl, in price, for M-W cosh lessi Second, in fuel, because impartial laboratory tests have proven M-W gives 22.6% mor« heat per gallon of fuel. Hiiro 1 , you receive 50 gallons of oil at no extra cost with ttw purchase of your heater, during Ibis sole only. Come in today .., leorn all oboul the extra features: the rectangular shape that allows 28% more heating surface, the heat economizer that force* heal lo travel farther , .. and many other special features!

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