The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1950
Page 2
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, AUGUST t«, 19M OUT OUR WAY BvJ.R.WiWoim •LYVhfcTn.Ll (AMI COURIER Our Boofding How with Moj. HoopU l <*arr IT TM« BUTCHER.— - THE -nwe we GETS f 6*D, MO. COBALT '. KOLLO&ULL?— M. MR.CCGMX! I'M PRIVILEGED TO SUCH TVCOOf*6 MR.eOH.l6A1lA.-S «* -.^ CH6W Here's One Way To Save Money Exp«rt Service H-fl LTCRS QUflUTY SHO£ SHOI IZI W MAIN ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a mojoriry of COMI inveiri- fotod }n aaverai hospital* and clinics, tubnormal Kidney function wot improv*d, Madder pain and discomfort reduced after the UM of Mountain Valley Wator. ' H yowr doctor has diagnosed jyour condition ai functional Kid•n»y Impairment fht» natural, un- .traorad mineral wirier may be very beneficial. Try if for a f«w w*el». H « delicious, pure-tasting, and ifjKI b* consumed freely. CroMtown Whiskey Shop Main & Division ^oantainVaUcy One of the largest single herd of elk in the northwest 1« In Idaho, where hunters killed more than 5000 elk during a «injl« year. THR ITOKYi D*l Dorun. prl- »«<» drlrelltr. I. k«4nu»r4 .1 * r«fc PhMjvl, t«MM*rvt*t 4f». •BOH* «**lrr. wh« U l» C«p«*r £*.*/• ***«•• '• •*•' • I""** «r*rr I. Mike I>»l»lt«. m hi* drillrr. Pk». HI »1 kk 4»«hlrr I'.l ..4 •**'*•»• h»T* JB«t mrrlrri MH4 l>nr- rv A SWARTHY man came into the " taproom. H« w«s about 60. hard-looking. I thought his eyes were • trifle too sure of them- Mlves, even arrogant. He seemed not to notice me as he climbed on a barstooL "The usual, Mr. Dominlco?" the bartender asked. I looked over Dominico. He was lighting an expensive Mexican cigar, which did not help his appearance but probably gave him the prosperous look he wanted. Hi» eiothei wer« expensive, but lomething about their cut was so far wrong as to be on the farcical side. He looked around as if for an audience and apparently failed to find a worthy one in me. As the bartender served him he laid: | "Got a big deal on. Two diamond salesmen here to sell me. This time I *>uy 20,000 carats." ! So there was competition (or Phajo}. I wondered if he knew that there was another diamond salesman in Copper City. I wondered if Dominico had ever meant to buy Phajol's stock at all. Perhaps he had brought him to Copper City only for the effect he would have on the other salesman, who no doubt represented a reputable company. "Heard you bought some other diamonds," said the bartender. "Heard you bought some really 3ne stuff." Dominico nodded. "Sure, I buy four carat blue-white from Brazil. Finest stone in Southwest. Make mgagement ring for Teresa." "I'll say!" uid the bartender •When's the wedding?" "Next month. What you think, >M man like me marry Teresa?" The bartender grinned. "Mr. Dominico. a mun's just as old as he feels." Dominico laughed loudly as if he felt very young. "Teresa b« here in a minute. She meet [riend upstairs. Belter make dry martini (or Teresa. Make another for her friend." The bartender did as directed Half a minute?later 1 heard feminine voices, and almost at once two girls walked into the taproom One was Pat Phajol. The other was a girl who would have been as good-looking as Pat if she had not showed traces of a tendency to plumpness that would eventually run wild. "Ah, Teresa!" said Dominico in raptures, "you have a drink waiting! And your friend, Miss PJiajol —she has a drink waiting tool Mike thinks of everything!" I like that! I never told you I would meel you! That was all your idea. We nave nothing to talk about!" "Oh, «•« haven't? We've got Jott to talk aboul! We've got our whola lives to talk about!" Mike Dominico was looking very stern. He was down off his bar- smiled a phony smile to Dominico and came forward and tweaked his check in a gesture that was a palpable burlesque. Dotninico seemed charmed. Evidently he had met Pat She ignored me, I was absorbed by the four- carat diamond in the engagement ting on Teresa's second finger. A girl would have to have a lot of nerve to wear a rock like that, but then she would have to have a lot of nerve to marry Mike Dominico. 1 decided that both would probably have a good deal. Mike would pass on before Teresa's plumpness got the belter of her, and Teresa could grow lat on a million dollars. A youth came into the taproom. His face was flushed; he looked as if he were almost blind-drunk. He strode up to Teresa. "So there you are! They told me you had come to the hotel! What's the idea of standing me up, anyway?" Teresa looked tremendously embarrassed. "Lee, you have no right to talk HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? T« be «r« If, workln, rljht, drive In lo our shop and we'll check it over. Expert repaint on ajl makes and models, can and trucks. One lay atrrlc*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 Ewt Main Phon . 2122 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS •torn work for K in^ alfalfa mill*, oil mill*. Cu-(om Shearing up to 1/4 inch Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Brpadw., We Guarantee Satisfaction PURCHASf CORPORA cor HOMEMADE PIES We Take Voni Order "• N. •'. Homrihrej Call 2359 FOR SALE C.ncrrt, c«lTeru I'i inch u> it lack plain >t rrnilurrcd Alx, O.»ereta ».llain, nl»rki cht.p ct lhan lambei l f , karn chkten h««»e.. »am» k*a»ea. Ven >B | h«n*ei to.I ihfd> We irUtrr, taU H, r n (,„ MJIHHU. OSCEOLA TILE A CULVERT co. Fkwaw ML RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR K»ctory-'|v t i ne «i Mechanic Anj Make or (Model I Prompt Service Reasonable Pricci 2642 W« Pick Up and Deliter Fred Collihon HO So Firgt Si.. A C«* rW Help ACL' {WALE AXOM-" f SWeti... TtaCTO-^t"/ V^ ^Sfs; '^ LEAVF LIYERMORt' HELP.'// !S!lSl / if _ 1 TOLD HEC we T&BOLJSH AND SHE SHE JUST Kee MOST EXTCVIOf?0*4A.ey .MEETS KLOHWKE MIKE "I ruined a washing machine, son, when your mother asked me to fix it years ago—smartest thing I ever did!" stool. He stood about five-six to PRISCIU-A'S I'OI Sounds Logical BY AL VERMEEB "Get out ol here, Norton! I'm T'HAT WAS A NICE LUNCH! NOW A DIP IN THE LAKE! f VDU CAN'T J GO IN THE WATER YET! •SWIMMING ISN'T SAFE AFTER EATING tired of you acting Uke this Can't The you*i turned drunkeniy ATE WAS TUNA. *S You keep out of thlc, you old He turned back to Teresa. Dinner Can Wait I1Y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANl THI5 15 THE Y«/6tL, IP THIS WAS N 6 LIAIFV'S { THE-.UUKpEKeK'S, THEKE 60ES OUR DINNER.' .MOKPEKEK ,tlL«r 1 IT COULCTJ'T HAVE HA'E TAKEN SO /BEEN XXfK Far ^ H6 UOU1-I7N T BJ-VWENP.' TH SEEN E«TAnN6 V 15 TOO SMALL EVEN CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER ^^•J^^*' -. -_Ifck^m<^ . _ ^w' . ^ I WITHTRNN5 Mi Of«e W Srt.|T/tWIT, OMVSOW THERE, Hi' w CABPOSE! TEU. «R CHIEF THAT BULL DAWSOM WftMTS TEH SEE ' STEP LIUEW 50-SO, VOU iiOOMIIT TtsHT«W.B! / VOU CANT.tXJ ru BE our* Til 1 swe WITH TH»T ( TH«T TO »w KIDS! SCOTT, CAN STOP HIM s*i« tiTORi vwcMKOMLe_A wtnL ie iSf £ HOURS etfOBt AW ON E COMES AUMS THIS ROM>! BUGS BUNNY lient on Driving Not to lie Denied BY V. T. HAMLIN RIS< OLSIJ. \ NOT ANOTH£e NECKS FCK \H0ZD Y|?U CAESME? / NOW 'GO'. _ I HO! I'M HERE ON MISSIO-J . ... AND _. . NOT LEAVING UNTIL IT'"5 HOV/'D E EVEE CONQUER ' WC7ZLD WITH CLUNKS /&v -^i-ff^..^w r *m AFTER SWIMMING THE CHANNEL TO SET HELP FOR CAESAR'S LEGIONS BELEAGUERED IN BRITAIN, OOP FINDS THE ROMAN FORCES IN GAUL CONTEMPTUOUSLY Af»THETIC BOOTS ANT) HER BUDDIES HY tfDHAR MARTIN fffiOOMi OUTT IKl Of Ttfc ORV a TO ft 1 the youth's husky six-one. said:' Dominico. "Yo fossil! "You can't make a looj ot yourself like this, marrying the old goat!" He laughed hia derision as he grasped her hand and held H up so that the huge diamond shon« daz?.lingly. "What a rock! headlamp you know what they're saying? They're cracking that Mike bough! you the rock so he can cut it u] for one of his driJl« in case h ever gets hard-up for diamonds!* TEE NORTON threw back his ' head in laughter, but hii mirth was choked off as Dominico brought up a right hook from th« floor. The youth collapsed like a sack. The bartender cam* around fast. "I'll take care of him, Mr. Domi- nicol" The diamond driller watched with considerable satisfaction aa the bartender half-dragged, hall- carried the youth outside. I finished my beer. It was obvious now that Phajol had got hu chance to sell Dominico through Pat's friendship with Dominico'i fiancee. Obviously Teresa could get the love-sick old man to do anything she wanted, »hort sheer folly. The existence of another diamond talesman in the wings reminded me that ill wai not to be so clear for my client. T left the taproom. The bartender and his charge were not In sight. I assumed chat Lee Norton had been hauled mil to await th« arrival of a cab. I went <>p to Phajol's room and rapped on the door. Phajol called. I identifi myself, and he opened the door. (To Be Continued! ,V®., UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! 79 Any 2 Piece Suite Sofa&Ctiair Recovered :50 Except Tilled Pteew Choice of n BeaiUMi Fibrlea 7 DAY SERVICE Offer Good for Limited Tiou Only The House of Charm (DEAL'S) Call «1M «. Highway «1 PICKUPS! See TKese Hig Values Before You Buy. 1919 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON IMCKU1'. Good Heater, Overdrive and Sunshade. 19«8 STUDEBAKER '/,. TON PICKUP. Equipped w '<h Heater and Stock Rack. Motor completely overhauled. 1916 STUDEBAKER '/,TON PICKUP. In condition and has a good stock rack. Has 19511icens«. '916 DODGE '/, - TON 1'ICKUP. Clean as a pin. good radio, heater and alock rack. 1912 DODGE i/i - TON I'ICKUP. New job. good clean farm track, ChambTm Sates Co K *. * Aafc Phmt SftM

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