The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1950
Page 2
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SATTTTmAY. AUOTJST 12, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ou. yUK WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding HOUM with M«j. HoopU WHAT LUCK..' THE SLOKV OP HAVIM6 ROPEP AN ANTELOPE JOST BECAUSE TK HORNS TURN THE WRONG WAV.' THAT SLIP OFF/ HA-HA/ HE HAD TO DO AD1KTV SNEAK-UP TRICK TO 6ITTHET O-OS6-RD AH0TMCR BH.L? AMD THE 6RS SllOeo DUMP. AND MY BLOOD MXK> A COKMDt rSGNIMG M6 LOOKS TWM WOULD A MAtMfi PlMiTD Here's One Way To S«ire Money Expert Service Hfl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOE SHO IZI W. MAIN ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of case* investigated in several hospital] and clinics, subnormal Kidney function woi improved. Bladder pain ond discomfort reduced offer the use of Mountain Valley Water. H your doctor has diagnosed your condition ai functional Kid- n»y Impairment ttiij natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try;it'for a few weeks. H Is delicious) pure-tasting, and e£ay be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division CARBOVWU Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc. by Julius Long THK STOHYi l**l nurmmm. f-rl- *4 *»y Kr»k . t« Copprr Lil «•*•••<• A cUwpi>« f>*r**M | Ph •!«!'• r. Pat, **!•»•»•>* k* }«*)» !• tpitr of ( •)><• lo»»]y l>nr- *«•«•• r. R«i while MV IM*, "he U wherv Pha]»I •** I r<,«.mrrrl»l «)«•••« to Copp** City. Ill T was a minute till 12 when we x left the hotel. Pat carried a bulging brief case in her right hand and I followed her. As we reached he sidewalk, a battered old car PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gurmnteed Beat Price* Kirby Druq Stores pulled wheel. up. Phajol was at Pat climbed in front the put the brief case in her lap. climbed in back. Without saying a word, Phajol put the car in gear and we moved off. You've heard of Tombstone, bu doubt if you've ever heard Copper City. It was wilder anc woollier than Tombstone in the old days, but writers were neve attracted by its name. The mining camp liea in a deep myon. In the center of the bus iness district Phajo! turned to th left and pulled up a little stree that dead-ended at the Coppe King H»<eL. The hotel itood be hind cottonwood and walnut tree kept alive by constant sprinkling The hotel itself, a four-story struc ture of red brick and white plas tered walls, was built into th side of the canyon. A roofless con crete veranda in front was shade by the trees, but its ancient woode [chairs were empty. I helped Phajol take the tw Gladstones from the trunk com •partment. One, the big one, woul 'be his, the small, expensive would be Pat'a. She hung on to le briefcase as 1 carried her bag nto the hotel. Phajol wanted to arry his own. He registered for all. The clerk accepted the briefcase nd locked it in the safe's strong- x>x. There was no formality of a eceipt, but Phajol seemed satis- ed. I observed that the lobby, :iough air-conditioned, was empty ave for one occupant, a man who coked as if he might be a minister. • • • pIlAJOL and his daughter had front rooms connected by a loorway and overlooking the roof- ess concrete veranda just to the right of the lobby entrance. The roes provided seclusion; the hotel was comfortably isolated from view rom the front. My own room was an inside one, on a court. I guessed .hat the roof beneath my 'window covered the lobby. [ had nothing to unpack, nol even a toothbrush. I went across 0 Phajol's room. He warily opened :he door, and I entered. "When is your date with Dominico?" "Three o'clock. He might b« early." "Maybe I'd better case the hote a little." Phajol nodded. 1 added with forced casualness: "By the way. don't you think you shoulc tell me where the diamonds are?" He looked startled. "Why, you saw — Pat left them at the deskl I laughed. "That was rather ob vious, Phajol. You picked up th diamonds when you were supposei to be picking up a gun. The slul in the briefcase is probably lead 1 think you shouldn't hold me re sponsible for the diamonds unti you tell me where they're hidden. Phajol studied me a couple seconds, then said: "They're in tha Gladstone, I didn't think you guess." I looked at the unopened Glad stone on the rafjk. I eyed Phajol aguin. "Anolher thing—Pat must have found you on the phone and told you about Gremcheclc'l threat." He nodded. "She told me about he call. I'm not letting it worry Tie. I gather Pat also told you some ther things she had best left un- aid. Please do not pry into my rivate affairs. You need not worry bout my diamonds being stolen rom Maekling, All you are hired o do U to protect them." • • • WENT down to the lobby by the stairs. It was deserted save for he elderly man who looked ai il might be a preacher. I wen! over to the desk. To the clerk lid: 'The old guy with the sancti- ime gambler Julch," "Good heavensl monious puss—who is he?" The desk clerk grinned. That's Straight-Flush Johnnie, the old- irom Brewery I thought he was a preacherl" I took another look at th* oW man and laughed. I decided I need not worry about him. 1 went on into the taproom. It was empty except for the bartender- I climbed on a stool and ordered a bottle of beer. The bartender served it. "Quite a town you've jfot he Lots of ore comes out of the I guess." The bartender nodded. Txits at ore. Too bad they can't get more miners. No wonder, the scale, they pay!" Suddenly he looked frightened. "What's your line, Mister?" "Just seeirtf the sights." The bartender looked relieved. "A ruy'i |ot to be careful what he tays about the company,** the bartender mid. "The company owns all the mines, the hotel. Us* big store and everythinf." (To Be GnUmed) So CROB KNOW ' HSt-P. MASTER FRKW-K, YOU WOULOffT jusr SCREAM !^A D£SEkTne? LOOK tsrro MY EYES Y DROP rr, ^ AMD SAY YOU DONT SHEILA / ^ CARS ANY MORE / I I WE'GE ALL . DARE YOU' ^/ WASHED UP/ I CAf/T STSMO tT7- trl- FEEL. M ^-S /£. "Want some advice from somebody who ha« 11 kids? BY AL VERMEEH PRISCH.LA'S PI) YOU ACT AS IF DOING DISHES IS BENEATH YOU! BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANI An Important Trifle &O YOU HEAR THAT '\CWT VU3KRV 1 f WE KE TOO NEWSFLASH, CHSSTyiy ABOUT IT, , -"H FOWERF THSYYE FOUNC7 •—' HfTH&T. NOSOPV.*! THE LAW TO -THAT'S WHV 1 LIKEP CCWMMS CXJTHEKE WITH you. VCXJ'KE so MASTERFUL I'LL UNIAX ANP VKITE A LITTLE SON& R3K TH& ZITHER JUST A90UTSOU. ! hilll CAPTAIN KASY Oetting Real Tough BY LESLIE Tl.'RNKR One of the largest single herd of elk in the northwest I* in Idaho, where hunters kilted more than 5000 elk rlur. >g a single year. HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be sure it's working right, drive In la oar shop and we'll check It »rer. Expert repairs on til makes and models, can and "tracks. On« iaj •write, T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! •. Any 2 Piece Suite ^ Sola& Chair Recovered ?7ft50 79 ! Except Tufted Piece* w« Guarantee Satisfaction Oiolee of U Beautiful Fibrtea 7 DAY SERVICE \ Offer Good for Limited Tim* Only The House of Charm (DEAL'Sl Call tlM 8. Hlihw.y II NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning LAUNDRY There's No Substitute ' for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried and Gradt-Markcd Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williams Paints. C. Cabintt and Buildtr's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pip* and Fittings. F. Wallboard, Plywood and Tile Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phone 2434 HOMEMADE PIES We T»V« Voni Ordei »r». N. J. Humphrey Call 2359 FOR SALE C'cnereu cvlTtrU II loch W i* (•eh plain 01 reenforce* A|H< U*Bcrel« nilldini Dloclu c»e«p- er than Onbei l*t tarn* ehlfkcn ^•••e*- frnmf bo«*e& ienaol non«e. Uoi shtd. Wt drllyo CaU n I«r (n> MtlmaM. OSCEOLA TILE 1 CULVERT CO. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Kactory-'IY«ined Mechanics An; Mak* or Mode) Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phon* 2642 W« Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihan 110 So Kirst Si.. PICKUPS! Se« These Big Values Before You Buy. 1919 STUDEBAKER 3/4- TON PICKUP. Good Heater, Overdrive and Sunshade. 1948 STUDEBAKER '/,TON PICKUP. Equipped with Healer and Slock Rack. Motor complete!) overhauled. 1916 STUDEBAKER '/, TON PICKUP. In excellen condition and has a good stock rack. Has 1951 licen: 1946 DODGE '/, - TON I'ICKUP. Clean a* a pin Rood radio, heater and stock rack. 1942 DODGE >/i - TON PICKUP. New paint job. A good clean farm truck. Chambfm Sales Co. •Tnr rrStn«l? gtidrtaktr Dealer' R.R. A Ajh Phon* 68 THIS 16 WOT \ IT'S A MIE»ClE,DA«SOPOl I CMU6 LUCKi \ TO LOSE «*V CAMcH. NOW ^U^9 WILL UATIE...HMIN' I MEAM SECUCITV fOf. THAT ttff TUKM W>X*T MOW I ^m, vou *wmE-*«ti> oftif- I'LL liMUf VOU WWfc ME 1 . HERE I VISITS A / W OLE PM. JUST IH TIME I VOJ ilfcCKMNLER, TO SPLIT SO-fO OH 9, \ I'LL GIVE VOU »5,000 KUWOf TO 3BW40 TKftSU?E\OF IT TO CtPAK — -^ \iOUT FOR GOOD,., ro moe A F»LS« STEP I TOOK 1UGS RUNNY A Bad Turn ALLEY OOP The nrush-Off BY \. T. HAMLIN •J AM' ITS NOT FUNNY O TH' MEN IN TH' LINES -EITHER.' . MEN? BAH 8DUGHNECK BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Thar She lilmvs BY EDGAR MARTIN 1 SVS. SOPWftbXi-t^tVi •rjf\?. < =. '.KitXT

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