The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1950
Page 8
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BKiHT BL.1 VAJVJU1C.K THl NATIOH TODAY— Truman Messages Set Stage For Rapid-Fire Developments In Capital for Next Few Days Ry James Marlow WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. (>P> —Here's an outline of the rapid-lire moves In Washington these next few days. Today—at 1 p.m. President Truman stands before Congress lo deliver his "Slate ol the Union" message. Friday—He sends Congress his economic repoit on the nation. Monday—He sends Congress his midget message. It's that- way every year. Until*- — aft«r Monday Congress will spend most of its time praising or criticizing the messages. The Democrats, mostly, will do the praising. The Republicans, mostly, will 60 the criticiing. This would be unusual only if it didn't happen Dial may. Now take the three messages: State of the Union—. Mr. Truman will tell Congress the kind of program he thinks It ought to pass into law in 1950. This is Hie imlintshed part of the program which Mr. Truman asked Congress to pass in 1949. j home in Tupelo. He had been shot. Congress may pass some oi it, W ith a .20 gnuee shotgun, olliccrs certainly not all. said. Can Call the Shots Now | Mr. Handle formerly was in the JANUAKV 4, 1960 Former Resident Of Blyrheviile Dies of Wounds Lee Comity, MKs.. authorities today were continuing an investigation ol (lie death yesterday of Juke n audio, 34, Tupelo palesman who foviiu'riy resuU'd iti UlythrviUe. Mr. Rnmile died at a, Tupelo ho.s- j pital yesterday of gunshot wounds hi his neck suffered yesterday nt his Sister of Blythew'//e Man Dies in Paragould Services Tor Mr*. Molly E- Thompson of iMvoBould, a sister of ciinrHi! Thotnp-^Ji of Hlytlic- vfllc, v.'i'ie rmuliw'tPd Sunday at the Marmadukc MethoiliM Church, of which she was the last surviving charter member, by the Rev. M. A. CtK'try ami the Rev. Richard K. Connell. Mrs. Thompson, TB, died Friday at the cmiumvnlty MfithotUsl Hospital »t Parafjuold. She had resided in Groone county for 75 yenrs. Survivals iiu-lutle two daughters, two sons, tii ice -SIMCTS and her brother. Kuriii[ « - as In Jiiirtsoc Cemetery ftfc Ptiragould. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Jan. 4. '/IV-iLISDA^— lings GriOO. market active- 180 !b:s up 2rj to mostly 50 hiyhr-r; lighter wrighU unevenly -steadv to 5ft higher- sow-?; But this is an election year for mast of Congress, in November. What it docs and what ft falls to do will be political ammunition then. You can call the shois now: 1. The TrumanlUtt will blame the Republicans for faUuies and ask the voters to send back an e^eri stronger Democratic congress. 3. The Republicans will jeer that Hie Democrats control Congress now and wouldn't put the program into effect, or they'll say the Democrnl-s are trying to go too far too fast or are trying to bring about socialism or something else. All this cross-fire between now and ejection time will only add lo ttie voters' confusion, which Ls to be expected. The Economic Message — •. Mr. Truman undoubtedly will say the nation is doing fine, imi?t be kept thai way, should try to do better. He'll be on the side of higher ein- ployme nt, busi nep>s prof its , good wages. But if he tolks about boosting texes to take care of government expenses, Democrats and Republicans alike will scream. Since this is an election yenr, if they favored, higher taxes they'd be as popular back home as poLson dry cJonninR business here with his cousins, U'jyco Moon 1 oiuE CuiLis Fift-maii. r . it-rs of CU-nn- ers. He tell, Blylheville, some r> or Ki yews «go rtnd t\t i he litno of i hi.s death lie ;va.s employed H.S n j .salesman for tho H. J. Hem/, Co. ' A l.fc County curuiicr'.s Jury began • Investigation of his de;ith. yesterday Hiid last night had not reached a verdict. He is survived by his v.1f*\ formerly of Ma tit In; one .son, Johnny, Handle; two daughters, Georgians and Mary Jane Handle, u stepson, Paul Handle ami two si.siors, Mrs. Virginia Collcy of Tupelo niui Mrs, Geneva Couley of Mobile, Aln. Funeral services wore lo be held toda y at the Cn I VH ry Bn pt 1st, Church in Tupelo with burial there, * * » Four Deaths Increase Week's Toll to Eight lo 50; mostly *>5 Ib.s lS.75-1ti.50; top 16.50; Ib.s 15,00-75; few at 1(3,00; Ib.s ]:Ci5- 15.00: I40-lii0 retary of AsiU-iiUure Br. was projectt'd tiui'liiK the p^t. yoar as a means for jirovidm? lower prices on some foods lo consumers, while keeping the humor's Income with "production payments." Attacked by majur farm aninnUa- tion.s, it lo be a standout "Mile in t li c I9oQ congressional campaigns. Important 19)0 items trfl out this time included: refemircs to the nceri /or ami-inflation controls fall for universal military irain- Ing, and specific mention of a tux twost figure. A year ago, Mr. Truman asked—but never got—a $V 000,000.000 tjix increase. Last January, he reported the slate ol the union was wood. This time lie sfiid he tt'ns happy to report that it continues to I>o ^oo<I. Figuring that trttnl national production amounts to$22f> billion annually. Mr. Truman de< "If our productive power continues to increase at the sumc rale as it, lias increased for the past 50 years, our total national production fifty years from now will bn nearly Tour times as much as i! is today," In round numbers, that would be a production of one trillion, twctitj billion dollars Annually. Kift 1 Income Seen "Allowing for the cx\; growth in population. Mr. Trumar it their spirit of initiative and ent«r- f'-v.' Hi 25; 100-KiO lb.s 12.25- H.OO; few lo M.50; SOWK 400 Ibs down 12.7n-Kl.2S; 10.76-11.SO; 8,SO-10.^(1. 130-240 went on, '•this would mean that 240-2701 the real income of the a vent Re '270-325 ! family in the yea]' 2,000 A. D. v,ouk .s 14.25- \ be about three limes what it few 13.SO; hoitvier saws tno-stly 11.00 UP; slags totiay." ClovcriimenL econo/ni> til! •'real income" of the average rain Hy in terms estimated of pm*pha.sln(? at M.200. comj>arei , .. '200ft; caSves GOO; one load v,*ith V.1,400 in 1941 anrt $'2,GOO Is Cue for Oratory Budget Message — . Air, Truman will go into details about the cast of running the government another year. This budget is always the cue for an outburst of Congressional oratory—generally --------- "-- the spending. In fact ,both Democrats and Republicans already are calling for Jess government spending. But. whether they, will have voted for less spend ing or more — by the time they finish up net summer- is something else. Right now they'll be for less, not more. Along with his budget message, Mr. 1*111 man will dump on Congress the budget itself, If the budget fell on n man's head, it could knock him out. It's full — item by item and row by row — of figures. represent the costs of running the government. After all this, which will be sometime after next Monday, Congress will get to work. But the wind jamming let loose by events of the next few days will last- the lawmakers right up through election day. i)igh good and clioiiic medium weight steer. 1 ) 29.00; lififcrs and mixed yearlings and cows 25SO higher. Medium and good lieiftTS and mixed yo-ir- him 17.00-20.QO; Rood cows 17,5018.00: common and medium cov,*- 10.50-16,50; camiers and cutters 12.50-15.00. TRUMAN Hy Tlin Associated frpss Deutli toll Iroin violent mddcnt.s in Arkansas tins week now s(andv nt- eight. Latest victims wore: George Mann, 2X of Amazon, who was wounded fatally while hunting rabbits unir Newport ye.s- ^rday. Sheriff J. F. Musun said Mann was .shot in the stomach by a companion ivho nii.siook liis movenu'iiLs in for [liftt of a rabbit's. No charges were fiird, Marvin McNcnry. 52-year-old Negro of near Moniiccllo, wlio was lilt by a falling limb while sawing wood Tkvo other persons died Tuesday from injuries suffered in mishap'^ against the .size of? last- year. Pnula Faye Arnold, five, died at a Hot Springs ho.spital from burns .suffered Nov. 20 when tier dress caught fire while . playing with matches at n neighbor's houso. Mrs. MsUie May Suliu. 1Q. Austin, Ark,, died in a Brebe hospital from injuries suffered in ft traffic accident near Cabot. Dec. 22. Admiral to Retire Ratfier Than Accept Demotion SAN DIEGO, Calif.. Jan. 4—V.<?)— The commander of the U. S. First Task Fleet, who wrote a letter Involved In (he armed services unification row, plans to retire from the Navy rather than a crept demotion. Vice Admiral Gerald F- Bcignn «aid he hrtci learned through ihr Truman on Both Sides Of Mid-Century Dispute WASHINGTON. Jan. 4. (/py — ; President Tmman took both Kid PS i today in the current disninV over i when the midpoint of the 20th ceti- j tnry conies. i In his slate of tho union mes.snse! to Congress, he .snid: "We nrc now. [ In this year of 1950. neariut: the I mid-point of the 20th century," That, presumably, would make midnight of next. rW. II the starting point of the second half of the reu- j tnry. But some paragraphs later, (he President sinrteel n sentemc tb's' way: "A.s we move forward Into the i ?.econd half of the 20Mi i-entnry . . . ." \\n\ich pit us the 5laiiin« point rlpht back to miriniglit of Saturday." ; Continued from Page 1 ! Touse Appropriation's Committee said in advance nt Mr. Truman's Jiic.s.sagc tli at I he committee wit I vote to -si;ish spending wherever needed to in.sure a balanced budget. In many respectR. the message was much like the ono Mr. Trnma delivered a year ago on the same on; a.s ion. Afcaiti fntlay, IIP rullctl for repeal of tin- T;iU-ll;trliY.v Iiilior law, p\liMisitni ciT ri'[it coiilrol, a (•nvprinnont luitisfn^; program— this li/tic for iiiidilli! inciiine fiiTn- ilifs, 1 civil rights iRRlslatinu, slrnnger anil - trust l(-^i^l;\tiun, Sncial Si-curily expansion, \n-tl In us fur aclmis,sif)ii oT Ku- ropp's (Us*|>I;n'pil iiersotis, aid to r(lur;ttiun, mid the lilt; lily con- t rovt'rsial I'dinptilsory ItnilEh in- snranrr |>l;tn, ;md careful devel- npnu'iil (if natural resources. Mv. TvuiUiin also came mvt WA\\ for the Uranium plan for farn sub.sidie.s'. The brainchild of See GUARANTEED OFFER' .clc-i, Pain irolfjla. For St bbi , Sore "9 RHt:umut>c P«i i ol Scintlcci, Simplu Mcu j and Mutculnr Lurtih i C-2223 contains ttic {.nnunis. I licrb "iHrtck-Snakc-Iloot". a <0 S J it's 1O yl:«U; Ac r»elr:i»e \i tion Hint innkes - il prr»elr:i»e \issm-: iH-llcr — Kivc yon fas I pain rolirf *J>nrchnsn price of first liottlp back i not entirely satisfied . . . you can't lira Ibis offi-r . . . buy this fine, especial! compounded product— C- 2223 to<lnyf t-2223 PRiSCRlPriQN TYPt RELIEF FOR RHEUMATIC PAIN Huge Carcass Found \ Buried Deep in /ce MOSCOW — r-Pj — Anollier mai n- press that orders were, being issued . moth c»renss hns been disrovcted transferring him to a rear admirftVs i post in the Fleet Air Command i at JacksonviUe, Pla. The veteran aviator announced in : a one-sentence letter rhnt lie was > asking to be placed on the retired '; h.^t. The letter was released yestnr- ] day by the lith Naval District. j pi'csorvrd in RU excrllciU Mate In pnvpemal ire. Fi-oni Yakutsk it !s reporlfti Mint near this city the 1'otlv of the anrirnt elephant -likr bertst v\ - ns diKrovoreri nt a depth of ^ 1Ye nieter.'i below the .surface, 'Hie. re- License Returned y/ith Explanations CLEARFIELD, Pa., f/Tj — Clearfiehi county ret; islet' and corder's office Rot bark a tnarriapo issued in Odohr.r and an explanatory note. The note .ss-iicT: ''3 am hPiiriiiig you buck niy marriage lie rnse b'-Tjuise the inaii'ifigc is canceled and the groom Js in jail." NEW Hi>\ Opens Wcrk D.-ijs 7:00 p.m. .Mulinrr S:ilnril:,y i Sun.hiys 'Inl.-Siiii. I p.m. foul. St,o«iriR Manila, Ark. \Vcilncsdiiy & Tliiirsdiiy Feeling" "It's u TMtJ Grear Drnnis > Also Shorls SLYTHCVILLC'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE. 1.;isl Day • Open fi:.'!0 John Carrol In "THE FLAME" Bill nis)u>|i in "BLACK EAGLE" framfiotTONE ketBlAIR ILOVElfcOUBLJ, Atst) Kiln rla.vwovtli in 'The Lady from Shanghai' RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. \Vc<liiosilay & Thursday "ANGELS IN DISGUISE' with the Hnwcry Itojs N'cus and -Coninlr You'll be , PROUD to OWN this CORNER CHINA CASE With all the charm of ; Earlg New England DESIGNED FOR YOUR HOME ITie iiirplc iligniiy of tfiii url- uiually fiat Comer China Cjie n-iih in clttn oit linn t^ill appeal to home ownerf of dii. criminiring lasrc. Appealing too, jj llir'imiciirepmettimh brings qiuhijr wiilnn ihe icjrh of ilic inodci( new home or re-- mixicling budget—an oimuaj. ing Morc-ror-lhc-Moncy Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY C0. r Inc. \V. IT. "Rill" Pease ,). Wilson Henry Highway 61 South rimne 2-131 to-36. The president suiti "\ve <:nnJK bicve tlicse gnin.s unlc,s.s wp \\&\ stable economy and avoid U laslrophns of hoom itnd bust i\\n ave set us b.ick in the past," IIPVP gains cannot be achieve ; s our bu^itiCF-s men mail 1 ise and opcnitc in a competitive conomic sy.stcm. They cannot be chlcvcd unless our working men ncl women and Uieir unions help > Increase prodnctK'ily and obtain >r labor a lair share of the be nets ol our economic system. They tuiot I>R achieved tnitess we have stable and prosperous agriculture . . conserve and develop our rrat- ral resources .... unless our pco- !e ai'e healthy, well-rduc-ated and onfident o! (he tuuire." Discussing Ihe prlobal situation, .e President declared the free •oild must remain on guard against he danger that onrnest demands or a belter life "may be corrupted nd betrayed by Uic false promises >f Communism . . in its ruthless tmgglr for power." See Victory Ovr-r ("unininnlsin The United States, he .said, has jrevmied the collapse of most ol Europe find the Mediterranean area 'under totalitarian pressure" anc %tren[-thened I lie foundations "ol )eact? and freedom, abroad and al lome." Mr. Truimvn expressed confidence that America will master the of Communism "at this crucial point iti world history/' To those nations looking to U.S. for leadership, he offered tin's pledge: "We will not fall them." At home he had a challenge, ton 'or tho«« who work «galml his slvll rights program. He proposed .hat Southern Democrats abandon heir plans for a filibuster against such things as a fair employment iracllccs ac(. an antf-lynclilng bill and other measures aimed at out- awing discrimination against Negroes and other minorities. On the "fair deal" front he recommended: 1. Repeal of (he Taft-Hartley AeJ. despite last year's rejection of an administration repealer, and its replacement by a law that "Is fair lo all and lu harmony with our democratic Ideal?." He suggested also js- tnbli.shmctit of a labor extension service to stimulate education In modern labor relations. 2. Extension ol rent control for nothcr year from next June 30 to "prevent widespread hardship and sharp curtailment of the buying power of millions of consumers in metropolitan areas." 3. Enactment of the Brannan plan and mandatory price support for major income crops not now covered by existing law. HloHS Hot anil Cul.t 4. Enlargement of the public power program not only In areas now served by federal projects "but In regions such as New Ens- land where the benefits of large- scale public power development have not yet been experienced." 5. Legislation to "curb monopoly PRESCRIPTION'S FILLED ACCURATELY BY EXPERTS* Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE »n<5 provide Independent business with the credit and capital" to com-' pete In * system of "free entcr- se." he asked the closing of "loopholes" In the Clayton antitrust act to prevent "monopolistic mergers" and promised to send up leRislation to carry out these recommendations. 8. Measures Authorizing a "vigorous program to help co-operatives and other non-profit" groups build housing that "middle Income" fam- lics can afford. 7. Completion of action on legislation to Increase benefits anil extend coverage of old-age and survivors' insurance, asserting the widespread move to provide pen- ions In private Industry dramatizes the need for improvements In the public Insurance system. He coupled tills . with a plea for .strengthening the unemployment compensation law to increase its coverage and benefits. 8. Prompt action by Congress to pass the controversial federal-aid- to-educatlon bill to provide government funds to the states "so that they can maintain adequate .schools." 9. Enactment of the controversial health program embracing compulsory medical insurance. oy«r .your Trying when you u*« FOR SALE Concrete culverU, It Inch U Inch, pljin or rKnforred. Also Concrete Builillnn Block* chtap- er than lumber for barm, <hlck» houses, pump houses, tenant If houses, tool sheds. We deliver, ' Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. For Immediate Delivery CYANAMID Per While Our Limited Ton Supply Lasts Blyfheville Fertilizer Corp. South Hiway 61 Phone -1471 The one jme car in the low-price field PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Fifth & Walnut TEST DRIVE f 0 R D — I T WILL Phew* 44S1 0 F I N Y 0 U I ITU

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