The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams A VEKV TEMPER HEARTED GUY AN' CANT SEAR TO SEE ANYTHING TRAGIC •- 8UT 1 SWEAR 1'P RATHER WATCH A Mouse cAu<sm IN A TRAP THAN WATCH *XI SETTtN 1 PAGE SEVEN Our Boarding Hou&e with Moj. Hoople THe FROST » EGAD/ DRASTIC TORMEp Me * ACTlOM 19. IK! 8tUE-VeST£R-)ORDER/-«-MOV) DAY--- _» A80UT EI-STER COULDN'T -^ TPMrJts!S AT TELL vMMeRel MEMBERS' HERE Alfi'T MOOGrt COM- EFT IN THE M TO BLACK PA MIM6TREL we AD TIME FOR TRIP POKER Nice co/nfortahie fiedioom adj bam. 901 W. Ash. Photic 2209 JO Nice brciroom. Men only Private entrance. 613 Walnut, Pli 2«6 12 23 pk 1|'28 Bedroom adjoining batU P 12.21 , convenient U 3325 611 W ImlYi H\cam ilnln St 12 y pX; I;V Bedroom for rent Pb 3818 pk bath Ph 2 12 ; 21 pfc Taken Up TaKen up one gray mare mule. 1 black horse mule, C, D. Long III 2 ftox 375. 12:27 pk 1[27 For Sale, Cars and Trucks NOW All lour 14 J wheels pull on the Willys Station Wagon, Pickup nni! niKged Jeep "The worlds mosi uselul velilcJcs". Blytrievllle WlHy Hales Co Ph 554 12.22 cw 1|22 Wanted *o Rent or 3 utilurnlshed rooms. Closn .tJetl couple. Will be permanent. 1|4 pk Wheel chair for ndull. Ph. 6043 12.29 pk 400-600 acra farm. Ph. 4328. 12;30 pk 115 Wonted to Buy HlRttest prices paid for CHICKENS— EUC3S. Ash Street Grocery A: Market, 417 W. Ash. 8,7 ck tf Position Wanted A-l gin maiinger experienced in erection, repair. Rtid ojiernllou ot M»r- lay, ContlJiental. nnd HardwIcXe ELter gins. Also extensive plfUHnilon eipur- leiioe in hnndlLnR all major delta crops and including an hydrous Ammonia application Bud conon pickers. ues\r« connection v,' l ^h larse planter or company where llvlnR ami ecliool conrtliions ft re ROOCI. Excellen references covering hoth diameter untl nD- Itlty. Write Box 678 c|o Courier News Company. 12 t 30 pk I[6 For Rent Two bedroom housp for rent Chlcfcaswaba, CftU David. Renl Ksi Co. 1:4 ck Warehouse 30'x-lO 1 on mllroad nld- Ing Midwest Dalrj' Products. Ph. 4147. i Small Aparfmcnt, utilities (urnlshcrt. Also steeping room, Piionp 6:106, l.a pk FOB RENT: Kronen Food lockers. Blnylock'a Hlghwny 61 Phone 3172. 823 ck tf ILoveMyDoctor. By Evelyn Barkins g.^tf^K^gCV^ rt= " vn r PHE r.ext mot rung, Wednesday. 1 tackled Lhe bedroom; pale blue On rhursday niorning I was ready for iht (oyei Mr Schmiti whose practical advice I had come 10 respect mucb more than Uie lyrical descriptions 01 the magazines hnri suggested that | paint the outer panclinc first, so as not to soiJ the walJpnpcr after it was on Obediently, 1 dug up my rose pigment and mixed silling over the paint with the same intensity lhat Mnchclh's three wiU:nes usec fin utirrlijfi their famous brew | Wtien John arrived, again nt 6 the outer paneling WHS all done r and I greeted him cheerfully with :"Now we're all set to paper the rest. ' John was unimpressed. "I don ;know how to paper a room." ; "Neither do I," \ answered ."but it tells now here." j I found a chapter in a book, an 11 _>roceedea to read aloud. ( "You mean." asked John, "tha ,yon expect to read it jusi like that .and do it?" "Of course," J said. "First w have lo make the paste." So we made the paste. ! "Does U talk about lumps in tti .book?" he asked "Nope," 1 snid after a rmrrie .perusal, "but Mr Schmit; did. 1 ; "What did he say," John spot; anxiously. To watch out for them," 1 ._ plied. "I3ii'. maybe U docsu'l mat ter ,nuch," Step No. 2 was cutting the pnpe Since we had no" table, we cut th lone strips on the floor wf l]r h ncornfortablc nl urrale. al worst best, and i/iac- T *vas 2am when we hun^ the last strip, ano lurneci wilh utigry i yes to survey our King- onv True, the paste showed through- uite lumpy from undernColh oul ,o* unl>earably sc U> oui pre>u- iced eyes Tnie we oad (orgot- en to Tiatc 1 Uif destgiis on Uic iJIercnt oieccf each lo each, out von there we were fortunate aving chosen a pattern In wn this didn't seem to be of ('r onsequenre What difTerenee vouId it make, and why shotilr nyone car* il occasional l~v the ndy In the print w:is to ho seer loldtnp a house instead ot » hunc I flowers? And yet somethinj vas undrnhjblv '.vronti "It's the color of the pnintf" wi both exc!aimeO simuUa<.eously Ftie rose 1 nad nainted in the oute els was much loo purple ; color (or tht papir. and the re suit was hideous Oh. John." 1 nearly wept "nn< after all my work toda> too!" You'll have to do U over to morrow." he said. Silently wearily we washed u in Freda's turpentine, arid just be fore sw jhtng oil Ihe lights prio lo our departure. John delivere tiis daily commentary: "Bui. darling. his tired voi uttered, "is all of this realb ncccs sary?" On Friday I carefully redid Ui foyer walls, and although I wout have defied any decorator lo curate I? label Ihe H ai shade, eve John, when he arrived ii; the ear evening, nad lo admit lhat th general effect wus lovely "And now." I began in 111 bright, cheerful "This will hard hurt" doctor lone of voice, "yo make the oookshelvcs. I pai them white lo maich the wooi work and we're a!' in rough." Ue prepared to start Ihe book shelves These, all things con sidered went comnnrijvely fast fc v to quolo John, we were ticnl- * • • >NS1DEIUNG Uiai Uiis was my flrsi experience -vitl, UIL tn:»s- itJlm eco 1 thmK I outniveo very f?El A iinr will stnhborrm re- isf for WCCK> tc onrUeioatfr m ny oractirai iomcstic work mil ice the rnniiniain -s moved and rlion all;imen tip will no.tsi lor cars ahnni ihf sacred obloru o( craftsmanship Hie curtain ot! no mine EE forever removed •om Ihc realm yi al! ordinary urtain rods: the doorslop nt- has alnfully madr Is right!? a masicr- f- beiontnnp in the Museum of lociern Art With instinctive -act. 1 oh'd and h'd. never even for a moment TDpuiininji whet, the shelves rnert oui to [)e ufooui ei^ht inrhes oo nifih for the :onvcnLiaJ oook -ngth InslrcK. *c i»oi saim 'astehoaro mold in [ from Preda's unhand and happily nnmmrred il n over the top ol cnch shnll so 'iat it nunii dov/r. like a wooden canopy and thus lowered the un- jjainlv height "Very distinctive.' John said. Jiickinp a sore thumb •*Vcry." 1 ,1'grcecl ll was like no :>llicr bookshelves ! had ever seen Everythine looked bcnntiful then "I'm ?oing to call m.v mottirr right now." I said after the losi brush wa.< put =iway [t wa? not cnonch Hint we admired: Uicre musl be corroboro- tion 100 "Well." ] demanded ol my mother when she en me and sow. "whiit :lo you think?" I oflen wonder now whiii I expected hoi to say The work was clone the choicer made the decisions fully acled upon Besides which there ir no honest answer to "what do you .nink?" since there IF no sincere fore;;ivcness to an unfavorable reply I saw my mother's nyos hesitate at the strange prlticoolea bookshelves and her riani wanclev \o the unmntching strip ot wallpaper, hut all she said was: "Lovely. You've done much bel- ler than | tbmiRin you coutd," which was definitely dubious praise <TO »c r- • : -"-i?.) Personal Thrlty nilnviic pholostatlc service O'STEKN-S STUDIO. 1'8-cK-U Lost wiuie West I pt 7 Hertroom. prlTRle Ash St. Pbone 2700. Three room house with bath. Phone 2095. 1[4 ck 1|7 bended evening bag lost New Eve Rt ellher The Hut or Jftycee Club Room. Rewfird. Call 4203 l;* pX 7 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help vou to buy one. RULES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Rialcs 2262 Uvo phones 3322 11-25 ck tl Insurance For FA RM 8 U RE A U INSURANOK BFTTice. call or cnntRct H B. Shcppard. pnonB 2157 «rly mornln B . noon or 12110 pk IflO Plywood has been used In plpmo mamifacture .since 1830, when il was first used for tuning pin blanks to prvent pin. 1 ; from slipping. Money to Loan Do you nerct R loan (o repair or remodel? No clown payment on ruort- r.ngn, no !r( j t^ pf .. v FKA AITROVF.n RATES i", ASK rOK DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor I'nonc ^03^1 I.vnrh Bullrilng &2^-rk-t1 RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You I'lfase Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE Sec us for service. Sec us and save. W. L. TAJIK R REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingram-Hennan May Cooper Bid.—Ph. .1627 12-n ck 1-0 Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet H-Ton Cab & Chassis I'HECKLES AND HIS AMENDS BY MEKK1LL BLOSSER Old Judge Lard II* S TfWDe-M/v RCOISTRMION FORM ISN'I' EVEN BLL6O OOI I tfft COWfAMy . CAM DSC THE NAME BEAMIb' FOR. FREE/. .Vou DO, . WE'LL SUE/ "If you're fed up writing so many checks every month why not arrange with the hank so I can writo them? I love to write!" us own THE LAW SAYS THE Fissr PEHSOU To USE A Tft/voe- MARK Ol-! rACPO^hiCXSEr eersTirLF lo rr> MERE READ IT FOR YOURSELF/ I? So we SOLO BEAM1ES PP.ST, so WE OWN THE NAME/ YOU WAt-IT TO Buy, OK DONTfOU? as Ikeu Ailik-cl HY AL VKHMliKI? PRvSCILLA! THAT'!: I1O WAY TO ASK! ISN'T THEPF 5OME THING ELSE YOU SHOULD -5AY' ,'<S. VIC !' V IJNT Just u Aliiuitc, Hoys THATS THE END OF AM3NTE DE CARUX NOW TROMP OH THE 6/JS, PEEWEE / HY ftllCHAKl. O'.MAI.I.EY mul HALI'H LANE~ CAI'TAUN EASY 'J'hcy'rc In FHEREs BEEU WE 6EC<LV...JUST AFTER HOMEl THIS OFFICER HELPED ME CATCH VOU SEFOKE YOU WENrow DUTV CALL SOUR LAklOLADY AND FIND ««M HOSPITAL THEY TOOfc YOUR SISIEE ro. an TIL FLAG ft PAIEOLCftR AND- ' OH. W . . . IOEO lul-i' III USE A BMJK PHOMB 1 . BUT YOU BOV5 IO WRIT OUTSIDE. PLERSE IT'S TH 1 PULES liY MCSLIB TURNER {guT THE IMSIWJT H6 OMIOCKS THE BOOR' HUGS liUNNY Rudiir LISTEN, !70C, FIX IT LIKE. I 5AIP, OK POM'T I'LL BE BACK LATER.... HAVE IT REAP 1 // &UT. MY NEW CAR ALL SET ..WITH THEM CHANGES? ALLEY OOP V. T II AM I.IN LU QQ LU Q You can buy it for $855 on Thursday, ?8'15 on Friday, etc., if the truck is still here. It lias 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, am! excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a -19-50 Arkansas license. Thursday's Price lit TE/KCH THES. /SMrVZON DANES HOT 7O UNDEC- 51 E5TIM.°CrE A MAN.' f^JiSr-^s^y,/., -'-"Vi "fr'iL -vV^- r --' ^*;;v/«'^'* <f - • LIVE STOCK MEN AHENTION FARMERS l)p;id. fallen and cnppien. animals picked up tree ot I charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, GM'2, Hlythe. I ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DFAD ANI.MAI . DISPOSAL CO. ii;2i px lijijio co • OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS • HI IS Sludeliakcr Land Cruiser I'll!) Stutlcl);ikcr "4-Ton Pickup. 1918 Sludcliakcr Champion mi7 I'ord </ 2 -Ton |>j c kiip 191! Chevrolet 2-door tmc Dodge '/i-T 0 n Pickup CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbakct Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 HOOTS AND I1KK BliDDIKS This Is Ama/ini; HY BIHJAIt MARTIN 73 V"

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