The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dillj rile rtt HM« ptr coksecullTe Minimum <-hai(» He 1 lira* ftr lime »,,. isc t tlmet pei line per day I2c „ 3 time* p« llnp per day , »c t "_ °"* e .™ « tlmn pei line prr <J»y Tc 6 *? 2 or 853 °- J2 tlrnrt pet llae per day ••• 5c >- WnntVi n«r II** Mi- I — EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE for riulck. expert eerilce on Mr conditioning .'cfrtgerfttlon and appllancei- ealt 6.1S8 or &OB4. BROiFP REFniQEHATlOM CO B4 t! BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Laundry In my home. Ph. 6.^7. Month per line Me i ™ tr _,_ ",' Count fir* *fcr*K« words to the Hue. i * a i *£ £j£J| )y Ad ordered for thr« or «1i ttm«s and 621 N Franklin (topped before eipf ration will kc rhargrrt for the numhrc of llmpi Hie :o.:<5 moving and Jerellnc. Phone Write box 327, Homer Nun- 030 pk 10,7 — < —• ' In(lu)re flt b!)J Bn*r. AH *-i*sii/ird Adrcrtiilrtr; cor»r submit tr<t hv persons residing niitsLdr of tlit rltj must he .irrorrip.>n!#rf hr r.nh. Kat« WIT bf rssUj be computed from thr abore fabl*. AdrertJsInx nrder^rt for lirr^uUr IB- jfrllons lake thr one time tafclf. No Tf spnnslbillty te taken for more one Inroirecl Jn*^rl1os of »n? tlassiflPd id. All ads are res(Mr|pd to Ihflr jvrnper flasslf leal Son, sljrle and tTpe b Ttie Cftiirlpr News rrsetTM the rlfchl to edit Apartment for 3 room nnf. duplex npt . 2038 OMrfc- (f**UirJ, ph 10 3 pk 10 Netc apis. Furnished or unlnrn^hM. 3 rooms and. hath, flic doors. NJrHy rlpcorruori On hup line. Inoiilrp 2TIM. pX 9 W MINUT* PHOTOSTATIO bERV- ' 1C* OSTKEN'S STUDIO, m W WAIN | »;4 ck tl ' for Safe, Misc. Good wheel chair. Ph. 4245. 10 2 pk 2 The bluest entertainment barifnln In town Is a ticket \o the aorllln .Show on Lake Si, \$ 3 pj, 7 Dirt. Ph. 23BO) Johnson Block Co. 103 tX 113 . Fomm Cnrrtifl Mack coat slxe 16 or 18, n fftbrlrt. PcrMrui fur trimmed irrotM. Cull 2flS6. Jo;3 pK 4 .'c-friuerator. 7 en. fl. '47 whs*- Good condition. llntpoint 40-ftal. water hrat- r, WS.00. Ph. S47B. , . 102 pic S Mink onri coon nounds. *Vc N O irny. No, 0 Siorp, o,25 pk 10 a Tire Prices Cut at Wards on hni!P phi 6fM) x ^ s IBK. Valnp 16 D-luxr- l price*. tliesc. Modern furnished nn-irti Hf-arn. Couplr or iwo Indlr BUtle Demon, 1504 2060, 3 rooms with private hath, ion E Cherry, rhnnc 3349 or 21B7. 112 pk » 2 rm. furn. nj>t.. olfc, kitchen. 108 W. Ky. Ph. 31W. lO'l pk 4 3 room. itirn. ftpt. Private rinih nnd private front and barVt entrance. Arfuits onh-. poslivrly no chJI^^cn. Ph. 6218 or 8061, 9:30 ck tt v decorated Ifrnrn. 0:30 pk I0j7 4 rm unfiirn. apt. »w Ph. 4264 Bftrr fi p.m. K07 3 room turn npt. Private ontrnnc* nnfl hath. Hot wntfr. ^ block Kro«pr'-s. 307 N. First. Ph. -16CO. 029 pk ID 6 . ca^ heat, 6H4,'- 039 tl 4 rm. duplex on Horn R ncu-Jy drrorfltert I»h, 4467 3 rm. unfurn. npt., pvt, hath Oood location Ph. 3325. 0,25 ek ifl 25 , apt., 407 UHv St. In- ,nkc St.. ph, 3782. 027 pic 104 "3. room tur QHlrc 517 So. 3 rooms with prlvnte hath, lOf) E. Cherry. Phone 3240 or 2787. E>;23 pk 30 Newly decorated Ph. 3255. healed apt. 0 17 cX 10,17 Modern cabins nnd npnrtinpnt.i l,ost Soy Court Phone 0351 Oiuplrs only 8 : 23 cX 30,23 Uod.ern 2 room fur npl Ph. 2595 or *•« »!M etc tf __ Modern apt. 3 rooms and bath, newly decoraled. pood tumliure, cn.s e<itilp. mi*nt. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. g;ai ck if SmaJJ Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single; 114 West Ash Ph..2833. 8-4 ck If Services Free lubrication \vith every oil change. Muscles Sweat, mnnager, Eng-lamf Mobile Gas Station, Ark.-Mo. State Line 1012 ck 5 Expert Eccrrtarln) «nrt~notnry FCCT- Ices av-Mlablc. Hotel Noble, ph. 4341 _ io,'i" t»cji;i Try our dn]| C Rtfssen sppclnis^narb^ e;ic rlbv and chickens '_ pirnlcnio cheese - h:*m 8 al R( J .. chicken MlHri — Cole Maw — potato salnd. We will cook rrr your fpc f l ft i or jwmy Call nnd nrk UB for prices Cecil LOM.-O C.ioccry Phono 4SQ7 9|17 ck 10;17 Buy Oil in Drum Lot BlK ftnvlnRK for fnrmTR. trurkciK owner ' Conl tax. In 55 pnl. drum rr^ntar 4.05 now ).f<3. In 3D sal- rtnim Tcgn^r Jl ««). now , ii e OJL net Plan. Prices include mi-ry-V 1 «' ,\jaJ 10.1 C'A •) Rebuilt Motor Sale Term* a* low as $14 down and JH a month. Ford, chevy., Plym., nodR*. Chrysler. DrSolo, Bulcfc, Tontine. Olrls- moblle, SIudcbaker. Gun ran teed JiiM like nw car, Plym, '-12 eschnnRe. £137.- I0|l ck -I Thmrc rtolnt? Rood bii*1nr*s Sr^ilns en find ly 3,w. Price IS.Ortn, r:ish $3,000. hixinnt'r three nniuial pfiymonts, LRWIS HfMLTY CO., Ill F., Dnvin. ph. flfiSS- D.SO ck 10,^0 BARGAIN Very slightly used Kclvina- tor refrigerator. Siime ns new. Full S-yonr warranty. K. B. GEKSALKS CO. ... 9j2<) ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS uiwwi CO..^ Plenty of Parking Space September Sale Wholesale prlres on Dulrli nny IMInl anil one-third discount on wall paper E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 8JI2ck Id 12 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Daj senrlce on J=»elry_3 davj on watche. and cloek,. o.i»Mntc«l "or? price. " P " r> """'""Cn lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second USED COMBINE'S If you need a good used self- propelled combine ... see us first. Choose from Massoy- Harris, International Harvester, John Deere and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO N. Hi way Gl Phonr 2142 71:9 tf It costs nr> more to have yoor^ciT- velopw addressed In a professional ?rt^ nC «, J a S Ecrvl ". Siiar»nt™rl work Edna Bird. Box m. Mantln. Ar^ __^ 9,24 pk 10|8 Guaranteed piano tnnlnit and re- P»lr. call 2071 rfay. 2055 nJphi, S , M ?f Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits . -Cow Is Ihc time to piirrhftxfr larfd- Ins; stork Somn arc rlhhon winners nt nny NEA fnlr. ^fusl sncrlllcc (3 up. Phone Jim Rolcjwn, 2063. 3 23ph tf for Safety's Cef Our 2.75 Here's What We Do: Clean and inspect brake drums . . " . . . Chock Wheel and master cyl- indcrs . . . Clean and repack front wheel hearings Add brake fluid if needed . . . Adjust brakes and pedal clearance . . . Adjust parking brake . . . Koad Test. 300 Broadway ompang Phone 4453 PICK WITH US! BUY A Rust Cotton Picker! Jack Robinson Implement Co. ArkaMM — M71 PIANOS )l(l»<! 5 Sijort used pianos utinnn- Icotl. T«rm» D,%y ph 2031. nteht mm. 8 6 cfc It) 6 • Save Money When Vou Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 B-J ci tl For Sale 1050 Chrysler 4-rloor sedan. Medium size office safe FARMS, FARMS, • FARMS For Sale If you wanC a farm in Miss. County or the immediate vicinity contact the man who has them for sale. 80 Acres good sandy loam land near Keiser, Ark., Well located,.electricity. A real buy at $212.50 per acre. 80 acres 2'/ 2 miles southeast of Dell, Ark, Ark. \Vell JOil ck 8 5 rm. of furniture. Ph. 8904. ^ _ 9;30 pk ln:7 1-1 loot Thompson boat. 22 'A hn omri0;i7d motor. Ph !M71 KoEtnml \io -. BAHKSIULE Mfg. CO. l^ated, extremely productive land. One of the finest farms you will have offered for sale this year. 289 acres on Highway 40 west of Osceola, Plenty of. improvements and a real buy. 323 Acres on Highway '10 west of Osceola. Plenty of improvements. Extremely well financed. Something you 9 1 you should see. j 3 GO Acres fi miles northeast 'of Blythevitle, in fine com- cBWfrcrt Poland Chlnn kll S. CrnlR, rjlylhevlljp. Rt. 2, , 0 2fl pk 106 _ PAINT NOW-p»y ns you can. E. C. ROBINSON LBR. CO. Good Used Combines . "ncUn Implements, Inc. 3.12-B. 2nd Pli. r.863 0 26 ck 10 2ii 2—Factory built trailers, 3 bale beds hcnp. Wiley Smith. Ciraway. Ark Bhwvale !M. throe qnnrtrr* ml. from pjwrmml on the Icfi. 926 pk 10/10 Cli»ncc110T> wheat for S ;\le. 33.00 niTr HJ. • \\hJiU* Gin Cfi. 27H Dell 8 29 tf Flrp-bni-gljjr proof fnfcs. Vault doors ny sl7e Rt factory prlrp5 Frelchl altl. PJi. 4C57. New flee pi, lrk the 10,'k Lucian Gaines Fiimiture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. 1 will also buy your oid furniture. Farmers terms V* down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold &. Gaines Ph. OS57 ^117 ck tf &25 pk 10,23 Impossible li Ibs" nl fnctory nices. t^_ ph ^007 025 pfe 102 ^ Smnll Gtccory Stor<-. tnchidlnj- | |Z oi Biilldlni; nnd living nvmrtcis 825 ^liirk SlTpftt. rh, 2620, 9 22 pk 10,6 For Sale, Real Estate Farming Specials! TRUCKS & TRAILERS 16 FT. CARTER VAX TKAH.KR, Good Tires $«7C . a real buy at I his low price. Zl J -n r~ii-rf, f* n ,-. __.. -P.. — • ^ . 1950 CMC C.O.E. Sl.KKI'KR. (; a |, j n condition. Come by and look it over. Only 1750 1949 INTEHNATION'AL KKS-7'TRUCK."air brakes. ", 1 °!" l :, r ± 1 ""' eoo<i (ircs ' • • a ™' bargain ?|gQQ st DlilVTA COMBINES 2MIXNKAPOMS MOUNE COJIRINKS ivilh S«4C enguies. A REAL Hny! . . . each only . Z4-5 MA&SEY HARRIS with engine. Ready to" harvest your heans . . . Special only ...'.... TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT FARMALf, II TRACTOR in excellent median ical condition . . . See it! $7 CC I 03 312 South 2nd Blythcvillo ROOMS, on RoIIiKon. modprn. On (lo-.vii, M2.00 prr month. E M TERRY, 23SI or 213-!. i 0 3 ck 10 H ACRE, poorl 6-rnoni home, Rnrnse iind wash ho<;sc. If you can make n M«XJ.W> down pitynipnt. yon r fi n rcnl- U- i!* 1 1 r\ Rood buy In ihls. E, M. TEHRY 2331 or 2j,7J v [r j ^ ck JQ .1 HKOROOMS. ronifort.-ih?r"plFirc'nVn"r { biijilnrM rilstrin. rlrnn and L» trnod shapp. ii;v>000 down. E. M. TEKItV. 2,1SI or 2134. \n n rfc 10 fi ROOMS, nnar CHy Hftll on 2nd St. Cooi! mil prnprrty. {1500.00 «Jown, J-WOO per month K. H. TERRY 2^31 or 21?.4, Io;f ck 10 YOUR HOME Just completed in restricted Country Ciuh Drive Addition -it -117 Hal-din. Three bed- rr 00( i Announcing The Re-Opening Of BEN FISHEL AUTO AUCTION 2nd & Ohio Sts. Cairo, Illinois TUESDAY OCTOBER 7, 1952 12 O'CLOCK NOON . TONY LEVILL, Manager COL BILL HAGEL, Auctioneer . Sale Every Tuesday — For Dealers Only 1132 WEST MAIN 3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS You know how, rteslraol* this locn- h, m I,"' " a ct>mr °»»>>le, solidly built home with plastered: walls OE automatic, heat, fireplace. 3 car B a- rflBe. All rooms are generously elzed (living Is !5«4. on« bedioom Is I3si8| toome Interior painting Is heeded, so thl prlcc<1 very teaf °onably to allo-.v lor "'E. M. TERRY Ph. 2331—2134 ^^ io:a ck i Home on beautifully landscaped 10G ft. lot on corner of ,10th & Holly. Has carpeted living; room and dining- room. Two hecirooms and den with 2 baths, modern kitchen and screened in hack porch. Baseboard automatic heat, attic- fan. Guest house and Karaj;e on rear of lot. This house was remodeled throughout recently. If you are looking for a home in a choice location Call R. R. David at DAVID REAL ESTATE Phones 3533 -2486 2202 for Sale Cars & Trucks 1951 commander EUldenaker Help Wanted. Male c youns men to earn » dollar o the 10,3 pk 10 MEN— WOMEN THE RAILROAD NEEDS YOU NOW — w-e can qnaltly 3'ou at HmfB- ,h~ NEW CODE-O-STnJlCTOB WAY ,„ t to 6 months !or , Job „, Tejesrapher- °n"»tor-Sta(lon A B eril. Jobs inn^i ,JS% , \' eMy .' W<1 nllr led For Inform -J. % Conrle.rNcws. . operators. SIS 00 '""« y°" »'""- tion «,lte Dos 10 ;i pk 4 FRIDAY, OCT., 8, 195* ON TELEVISION TOMORROW Stanford Michigan JVMC'T — Saturday Afternoon Your General Motors dealers, including Sullivan-N'elson Chevrolet Co. of B1 y t h e v i 11 e, will bring you the "Television Game Of The Week" every Saturday for 11 consecutive weeks. Remember, You Can Always Make A Good^Deal At Sullivan-Nelson Chev. Co. • CHEVROLET • CADILLAC 'f At Walnut Street and Railroad iren. 4 ilays. .:. Collecllons nnd sales" comml" alnn plus iiiDnthly bonus. Good car rcfirilrcd Representative »•]]] be In BlS'tncvlllc Satuirtay. Oct. 4. Wilte delivery t . . MIDWEST MEM I ishe ","" ""<" i .' ! «"o- with partly fin- 4 room house near Elnlne". Ark per acre. Contact Cecil Downlnc. . . Roseland. Ark. . o; 30 pk 10,7 For Rent Four room house, city water. Ilnot- Ph^m. 1 "' Chen - °- *• H '""°, 1 J; S °,. 61 ' DBI.TA FARM FOR RENT Mth ">"1 acres In numity. Extremely sandy loam soil. IfiO Acres 3 miles south of Dell. .-,- . [" n KOOU road—convcnlDnt 1'io Acres near Tyrotixa ' ort 6 -"" > ™ ">«'" hons Ark. Well located. A real buy "'"""" c °'"'" l{ ' : " ff - 2 * l ' ; at $ 17a per acre. 150 Acres on Highway between Rakersville and Ken- cul- , ion-FRrt of one of the fine old nlanlatlons In Phllllns Conntv-E*ce]- Irnt loratlon— 5 miles with of Helena road— convenient to schools— •e with all pllt- nrl nett, Ho. Well tocated. $250 lier acre. 238 Acres near Lepaiilo, Ark. Fine, sanely loam land $225 per acre. 720 Acres near Turrell, Ark. Extremely nice home, well improved. $225 per ac ,- e . 120 Acres near Paragould, Ark. Nice home and well located. $125 per acre. 80 Acres well located tie av Parairould. Ark: S100 per acre. I have other tracts of land Mississippi County. A <>.10j m >' acre tract, 800 acre,tract and t ' 5SO acre tract which I can show by appointment, tf you are interested in pood |n n( { (hat can be extremely well financed call, write or see me at once. Om- farm loan acrency has •idvised us (o invest three mil- celled other Etor' Iwttor Ihnn Breracf. wired—2 tarse barns ace— 2/3 .sarKlv Jnnin n" stiltnblp lor rottoti'.' corn." Kn'iaii sralns. raid,. snd hay-Good draln- i. ossesslon «s soon as present crop n n ° , t '7' M '- c <xw-atldn from present Icnunt for Immediate planting ot fall «™ns nnd cover crops'— Lone term linmpV"-- 10 '""*-' mh " n ' M °' . . MPH TENN. Includi your phone number WANTED IMJIKDIATELY Clerk for general merchandise store. Good living .qtiar- ,t.ers rent £ree. Nice community, good salary. Phoiie GG70 for interview 10|1 ck 4 Wanted — Press man, good wages. BIytheville. Gin Co. 9|23 ck tf »crc on cultlvntrd ]and_Apu must have sufficient pqvilnmcnt furnish without wnirer— This Is •hance of a lifetime to have a permanent location with every advant- ase or oornershln. without natlns to »>uy hlzh nrlrrd land-Owner morn Interested In stability and noort farmlnc nl - a 'tlces of tenant than tn trying to last dollar of rent. Ca!! or wire lor aopomtment to see Ph B " I"" msRT HE"'- ESTATE CO. Thone 4-2X15 Holena. Arkansas 1012 cfe 5 2 room house, Rcreened front r^rrh n ™< 2334. ID i pie l j D "We« with t«- 0 3 room apt. ~' *"'" mum.-, and den; 25 ft. living; linn dnllars in tliis territory room and dining room combi-)" 18 halance of this year. If nation; deluxe Geneva kil-j>" 01 ' "fort a farm loan'or need ;flien with breakfast i beautiful tile bath, colored j fixtures. Gas heat, large stor- i ape atlic; carport with attach: cd storaRc. 100x140 ft. lot. All i fir dimensions material was used in construction of this home. Price ?l(t.r>00. Open for inspection Sunday 2:00 to C>'00 JOHNNY MARR Realtor & Builder Ph. 4111 —Res. 2596 10,1 ck tf Modi-m S room home. Hsrdn'Ood TToor*. rirrpiAre In llvtnp room pas n»Bt. Lot iro » l.w. D r j t rrsMrntlu) action In Blvthrtlll... On-ncr leavlnc tonn B. T. Klccr, 1312 HrMn. ph 2MB nook; fo refinance in nny way see mo !\l r>«<T. CECIL L. N T "!>lp Gill Aprency Blvtlieville, Ark." Office F 1 )). fiSfiS Residence Ph. 2116 101 ck 8 • 9 3(1 pit 10,7 heated otdce. Ph 3255 9117 ct 10[17 t M " ln 3! °" "1 r«»"lrTnialn Reaionabls rent Call 46IJ i:n c* 11 Choice home, corner Walnut and 13th St. Two bedrooms, floor furnace, hot water heater, wall to wall carpets. Available now. Phone 3153. 31 '8- 9'24 ck 10;S room hoxife and bath. 2 bedrooms vis- deonrated. Modern rii-ctrlo hot -. tir Hardwood flMrn al 22">4 Blrrh Kt Ph 4097 937 pk 104 nn?"" t i'i'", MI '" 1 ttf " r " on Kvf B1 srrvanl's hnusp. hirbe'cue pit with roncte.f llrwr. tooted and screened In Tdc fUior In h.-isement with bar Wall to t,all cnrpptlnp. all wlndnvvs with drapes or VVnpilan blinds rcdar lln- rdI closets porrhrs. tront «n<l, lots oi vnrublirry. i>lrnty ol shstlf. For n' S S R. U. BECK, ph, JS93. ^ I^ND FOR SALE ^M RC-rcs. good house and bam. J17.- 3W acres. 5 houses. 3 barm, on blscfc- lop road. J3CX} per acre. All thts Innd In Pemlscot County. *> "cres south of BlytheTllle «J50 per nrre. In*"'™' <1 ""' r 4(1 " nt< ?0 * cre <r«ct* iM*'"' "" r< " 0 ">« r tracts of land for If Inrercstcd. set or call R M HECK, ph. !S9J. J27 pk; 105 Farm Loans Wanted rarrr. Loans Wan let! We are now representatlres for MUTTTAI I,IFF INStJRANCE CO of New York and able to males new loans or refinance your old loans on a ^ ypar term flk B !ow Tftle ot Interest »ntl not rni>tt» your present data of pa>mctit with no appraisal fee RtntM [j<nd Co Blythevllle. XtX. Offlc-« Phone 3J22 W T. Barnett Rustell K Rlales 9:11 ck 10 11 Help Wanted Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection V. J. Pojlard Agency . Planned Protection GL«HCOI BOTKL BDILDUfO 114 W Ash Bt. / ft ek Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE Free Pickup & Delivery _ Service 24 Hours a Day Day Phone 2642; Night 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FREO CAILIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. First Blythcville Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom with private ath. Ph. 2aJ8 or B«71. 3;io ck tf Salesman Wanted Position for .mblttom. tnergctle man lo sell Mayta 5 and Frlgldalre appliances. S.ibstantial earning. See J W. Adama. Adams Appliance. 10[1 V* 8 N P ^ E V ! A I NT?n D ArPLIANI =E SALES- In RANTED . . . oood year-round Job with established firm Write Box 2X. % courier News. ' 9.30 p* 10 :i Wanted Press .man and bean elevator man. Ph. 6645. -Vailed field Gin. , 10|2 tf Will buy your farm, city property or G.I. equity. ' . GEO M. LEE, REALTOR • Phone 6961 or 3393 SJ29 ck 10|16 '•• Wanted to Buy REAL ESTATE Farm*—City Property LOANS INSURANCE Tf lnl«r««tM ID Burtaf or wlUnr •«« Noble Gill Agency Glencoe Bldg. "ph. 6868 « * ck « Lest & found M ,? , °. T Wh " e nnd «"T ™t 8"" birth to twins In hart «eat of m- cur durlni! last week's Junior Huh foot- bal (came. Mother and children are doing fine ,nd may be recovered by calling Hank HMnes m 4 4S 1 or fan. 9;30 dh tr Notice SPAGHETTI DINNER Wed. Oct. 8 NOON & NITE AMERICAN LEGION HUT Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY 10!3 ck T > . 9 20 pX J7 Xrt;ro property [or *Rta 1-^3 room house. WOO down 1—3 room house. $350. down 1—< room house. 1.100 down Cm r.r.rln st In Elliott Addn Rolluon. 40i N. Droadnajr. 1,11 pk 10,16 10«.' All tl« ladles to brlns all the kiddles lo M'.llnss .the world's cnly nerform- ln» eorllla M the Gorilla show on raxe St. 103 px 7 White woman to live ln~~ho~nie~7nd <-are for one child. No house work Ph • 8749 after 5 p m. 9 30 j>k 10,7 lj\dy to keep for two >.'o "- J. E. Jone*, Stecle. Xto Ri Mathis Modern Trailer Park j Xow Open to Trailer Parker j ^hoH-'er' S statls "V!"' 5 *'""* ""'"W": Inse tub: clothes lln"'cHwpool*«'n- i lections for modern trailers. Soft wa- ler approved by ro.intr bo»rrt of health I ?h ?M" r " 1 "' 2 m11 " !01lln "f "if- ' th«l le on Hwy. 61 n».n to starve • Th '" T> - - 10,3 pk 10 i TRA1LOR PARK Cltr water., bath home, electrlrlty. VV tavr I. nOT J0 ,, r f> vl ] ]er clf»trr. 2110 Henley SI.. Bljthe- 'lile. Ark. Telephone 893fl. 9,5 pk 109 pit 10,4 Watch onr wlrcloa-a ; O r Barpalns. We nuve special lov. ptlcn every weekend Cecil I.OWP Oroccry Fhoni i)9? •,17 <k 10,17 We will par CASH tot yo\ir old Ko- daks, camerai and leases for parM. Tttys BTOTJIO. US West M.m ll',i ek M CHECK Teriffic Buys! 1950 FORD Two-Door Kiuipped with radio, heater and gas-savinr; overdrive. Low mileage and you'll b« surprised at the low price tar. See It! 1941 Chevrolet I -J)6or Sedan, an exlra clean automobile, low mileage, interior like new; you'il have to iwe It lo appreciate this low price of only $495 - rr SWB Truck wi(h ' air tires. Two-speed axle ____ ; $1 j 0 r 1495 1950 CMC Vi -Ton Pick-Up Truck. Here's a inick , hat will handle your hauling on the farm and in (own ... See it! 1951 CMC 2-Ton SWB Trk., 2-spd. axle. 900 $1C«F 120 tires, cab lights, wonderful condition .. ID9u 19-19 CHEVROLET I'/.-Ton Lon K Wheel I3 ase 825, 20 t.res, new gram !)cd and it's an exccp- SS-iJWr*r tjonally clean truck. Priced al only ' lullu aJelnTa'ciea^fru ^'^ l>kk " U " Tr " Ck L ° W ' mil£ - cial value at only " 895 1946 FORD l>/ 2 .Ton Truck with bed. New SJOC paint job. Good tires. A real buy at .. 495 1 ««'FORD V - S Four-Door, Bargain I'vic- $1, HORNER-WlLSON EAST —SB*fi***i— MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile ~ GMC Trucks Phon. 205S Uwd C»r Let - Pr, OM 6151

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