The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1950
Page 6
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/ PAGE srr fARK.1 COURTTO \ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IMIJV- rate prr line lor consecutive iriM-ruon. Mtmmutn charge 50c 1 cure per Hue I5c y iinh-s por line P<T day Vic •j ilmfx per Hn« prr day ,.,... 9c C (Kin's per ILIXJ por dny 7c la umi's per line per day Su Month prr lliu- POc Count live ftvcia^n words to llie Hiif Ad onti-ni) for Uji'ee or si* times and «lopp<*rt lu-Jorc pxpJrHtlnii "'HI l>c rharg- <•(] for the numljrr of ilmrs ihf fid Appeari1 ftnd a<l) ot bill made. All cJ a <;-<!:<•<) Ad veil 1*1 ni; rojiy submitted DJ- persons rf-stclhn; outside or ihe city riiLi.ii IK? accomptmircl by IM>"|), Kites may ra*.l!y bn t-oitipuu-d ftom ilic [ioove T/iUle. Advertising orrtor lor resjulfti- inser- lloiiK tahfs tht- (me time i:ibU>. No resjMMisibllity will be iiik-'n lor more limn one in con en inf 1-1 tlou of an.v cln.sslftccl ad, AJI fid* ntf rent-inert to llictr proper eSfiSMiir.iUWi style iMiii vypv T h« Courier News rc-;.nrve.s U«c il^hl to edit or reject any nd CHAPMAN SEHV1CR STATION Main A- Oil Is Ion Hiom- 2 Apartment for Rent l 4 pk ?-room (nr. apt Ph. •itifl-t. 2 rMOi only, m J-roorn iiiitur apt TO) owner ai Cunr-r's Onto o New a-room apt . pnrtly [uriiisheii Private eiUrjmrc i*h C218 12 29 pfe 15 :i])HHiiient fro- JJon't endanger vonr (jinilly with liutny tires—UUY LKE TJHK-4 12 is ex tr Call 3545 For Complete Insurance I'rottclion W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection IIM W. Asli SI. CJI.KXOUK HOTEI. I!UII.1>1N<» f 8-ck-tt Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Roy»], Smith C'aronrv and Hi ruinator DON EDWARDS Tlir 'Ly 110 N. sccoiui .si Services iH'y ilrf'fis !(»iikliu< TiUlor- ftltci:ttlrjiis, I'll tiOO'J, 702 14 pk 111 , JANUARY 4, AU'J'O AND FmiNITimK LOANS l'ioni|)i ('< HcrvK'fi Cicneritj Cutitiiirt rnrrn^n Corp. 30«J SouOi 5ih Phone «OJ m;ii'!HiH-s rvjmlrt'il A ] 1 iH'Vilhi Miiflihic Slio|i I'll. 11 H ck it A I KM IS ami Jn :it. Also 2-tufnn ;t[»t 1'h T\vo tlm-n room i in furnished ft pat t- n.MHS Apply Mrs Paul GltlilMld Dell 13 ck l;6 2-room lur. apartment. Oniiph' on'" iminrnlshrd rooms. 320 South 1.3 pk G 3 -room \itituml?Ue(t apart niout, pri- ate b:Ufi, prlvntc eiitraiiee. $40 uiorilh 1 ^-rooin. 1 a-ruom furnlslied apt Uttll 1 'es luml^hid i'h 201f; 12 'JO pk I; 1 .! y room innilstied Rpartnu'iit Prlvntp entrniicf. privnte bath, electric range and rrlrl^LTfitor, oil heat Hetilcil coupio preftrred No 2t)00. 12 2H pk l;5 Modern cabin.™ i apartments Cafe fcervice Pti U5l 12 : l jik 3,1 50 2-room unfurnished npi Sen fed couple only 100 E Rose rail alter H W 12,22 pk ];5;5U Business Service Directory A uto Supplies and Services Call -IIUU 01 write Olivt'i .itrcouiuant Sou Hi Div rtinns.- |Hi-i);ircfl jm rt inue basis Ht illy- 32 1C jik 1 |1C PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call ;115!> or :«23 Blythtville or -107 Oscenla KM; ck 1-6 .INCOME TAX Returns made promptly and accurately I'or a nominal fee. See me about your bookkeeping for the entire year. Day phone 3M2 After G p.m. 211-10 Ebb II. Carson at Joe Atkins Machine Shop, Highway 61 South. 12-28 ck If Income lax. I.I nrni notnry 111 Koctai: Fliilshlni; 24 hourf- 'crvicc. O'STEES S HTUniO. 922 ck tf Ask the Man Bought One Pt5S^ --.r , , „. , BRING YOUR CAR TO US FOR A <5^ffelSIGIiiE TUNE-UP HERE'S WHAT W! DO... •* Analyze engine performance scientifically with Ford factory- reiomrnentieti analysis eqyi^ me tit. * Adjust carburetor. -fc Arfjuil end ilean spark plugs. *" Clean fuet pump. •K Adjust distribulor •K Test fgnflion cmd* wiring. ~K Adjust generator tltarje rate. •V Adjust fan belt. * Choik oil filter (artrirfg*. ~V Clean oil bartt air (leaner. Drain crankcasc ond refill Mj'Hi fresh, cieaji oiL Dependable Ford Service 5th al Walnut Phone 4453 1D-17 Ford Tudor, dark blue, radio X heater. . .51 095. ]!)I2 Plymouth Fordor Sedan, drives fine. . .§115. 1U1I Ford Tudor, radio & heater. . .§395. 1911 Ford Tudor. . .onlv 5395. IfKiii Old.smnhile Fordor. . .? 115. 1!M7 Ford I'k-kup. . .price is only $715. 1913 Ford Pickup. . .check lliis special. . .$505. 1911 Ford Pickup...a real buy al $2oO. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sale, Misc. Kl< w .Slow B. G. 'Bill' Morrow Flooclway, Ark. LISTEN TO WHAT BILL SAYS: "Last July I bought ;t lilli) Slcrcury Sedan from I.angstnn-^lcWaicrs. I am certainty well pleased with the trade fliev jjave me .. and i like flic service I've gotten llicre." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 12 :n pk 1,7 ALL STKEL 'I R.-\CTOH U A Ft ROWS. Only liar iow o;i1it ',v L t ]] h.irrljigs through 0:;t From cultiv:i:nrs [Or Ford Tr.ictor.v PH. Luxora Machine Works. -553!. ' 14 pit 2,3 HOT point t-lrctrlc t^jitre, KelvlniUur *LtCvric rt!ri<~'frv.or. I'h. 'J6ft2 or 2fi09. l;i pi: II "lit; A KINO" OUT BOA KD MO'I'OKS Kuvm^s luiV a Wards Sen Kiim't Eacli V,'nrcls mouir i.s ci'riiflu<l ntid aiiptoveil by OuUjoiird Boating Uim> o( AiiHTH-ii. I'acict'ij witlJ l:ri[irovi-ijit'iHs lor youi "ft H. P. . ."* S12250 3 H 1' .E77 50 AsH lor l rep Deiiioiisiratlriii Motn- gntncry \V:inl Ar Co. Blythcvllle. Ark. 1 3 ck It 4-rooms and luilf bath. Nice lot, fcntcd in. On 13. Hose Street. Price -$2,500, §1,350 cask, balance $15 per month, Immediate possession. H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 4<MG or 2930. 1-2 ck G Userl Speed CJueen Wnshiny ,\T I'll. 43My. i ^ tioc<i -,is-fd furniture. Party k-avin^ '.Q'Aii, Pij. 46-23. ! 2 pk 1,3 Used Tractors Avery Trfitiot Ana Kfjiiipinrnt 2 Al!i5 Chalmers f.tocJcl VVC, -A nil Equipment. Mav-u-y-H siri-is Monei 20 ^ Kfiuijimc-ut, Ma^^y-IlHfrLs MtKiel 22 A; K(niL|iim'nt, sl1t;hLly used Mfi.ssey-Harrls Mu.l-.-j -i IK .V C'luilVK'or Maf^cr-Hiirrls Moci'-l 101 Jr , with cultivator, mower 61 Implement Co. I No. Iliway 61 Phune 2142 \V:iU[»;ipor r hair prlrp saN: on ni;!\1n :"i! JlinltU-cs Supply Ini i)r[iornlrcl, fjl "IWiiy 12 2B Ck tf I Hrci H.iLI>' Ford witn rqulpmcni >l^'.-i HO 1 El Jolin Ocprt.- -Ailli «r|iil()- uioni j'»!.i,s i.i.i 2 iir-u M n Fnruialls ' M -AT-i, llicsi-U Si'oK ll(j 1 tif'v 11 l-rmnull S|7. r -'HJlj 1 frnwl-r triii:t*jr R=j •1'iUHli-inn fll.!.- Sam-HH) A B Dixou -i 1 ^ miles K;u,t ol DH1 Kcghstercel tjiond cockers Ph 2-506 12;]Q ptc 1{]| OWN A SHOPSMITH — 5 BIO CAL'- ACl'I V POWER TOOLS IN OWE — OWN THIS power tcwl ^nd you own a :onipk-tft priwcr workshop! ".ShopsinHIi s A Ijeiirh !=n-.v, JalJic. sniidcr. vprtlc.i! V liorln/al. drill pmsi. ILinunc! Change Irom nutv tool vo another in less xlian i nunui,^. L)oc-- 1 ? over it 100 ]obs. Over !t»st 11 sriopf-.rnlih n o w! I0" 0 flown ulifi us UiLiU- aK ill /noiulil/ on ins. MONTGOMKHY WARD i|3 cx t; For Sale, Real Estate BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hardwood floors, tile kitchen and bath, large lot. Price $7,050. Will FUA or GI LOO'/o. Large corner lot on Hwy. Gl North. 100 foot frontage, 200 i'cet deep. Weal locution for nice suburban home in Country Club Drive Addition. Price ?3,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 2596 12-20 ck If i-rncim /lome on corner lot 50x151' j H All re need cnii'kt'j no use. garage { No.u 10 new school ette Priced lo j Stor prese CITY PHOPERl'V iionses. All reruert at i t. I'll 4J2G. 1220 pit 1[6 j Modern 5-room residence on Ash Street. Newly decorated. Propane floor furnace, Venetian blinds, large rooms. Price Sli.iiOO, ?l,500 cash, balance KI1A ?:!'.) per month, which includes interest payments j and insurance. Immediate pos-1 session. II. C. CAMPBKI.L, I'll. <l<l'ir> or 2930. 1-2 ck 5 THE NEW IS HEADED for OUR SHOWROOM • ON DISPLAY JANUARY 7 Just, wait 'til you see the big, beautiful, brand N1CW Chevrolet lor 1U50! \\'liat a car it is ami what a thrill you'll get the moment you lay eyes on it, i'or the NEW Chevrolet has everylliing—IMns! It's a honey inside and out, ami it drives like a dream ... so put a big circle around that date on your calendar. Remember next Saturday is the day you'll want to visit our showroom for a first-hand look at the NEW value leader ... Chevrolet i'or 1950! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS II lut(Tested In Buying or seJIIng see Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil E;irls F. B. Joyner BIcncoE Bldg. Ph. (58f>8 820 ck tf Want to Iniy a farm? We liavc it. Farm -10 acres up lo large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. us for a farm loan. 'OKTHINGTOiN KKALTORS \l™,, ilo So. 3rd St. !"°:% Btythevillc. Ark. j w>- Vi. W!I;MS or W. C. Cates I ho , ! " Ph. 2751 1 L "J'J LA.N'D FOR SALE poor man's cliance to own a p i Have 75 forty acte trans of In nil that ] can sell for (j each. SlbO. cash and $100 per at $ f / r Interest. Some land hns ign Tlmbpr on H to pay for 1 wil! trade lor any t hi an !s prlt-ecl at fair cash vnhie If nave work HC a reasonably Root! •y. you cfiri pay lor this land suitl if.\AS the money. You will never a better chance to invest only ami start paying for your own IDEAL. MISSOURI STOCK FARM 325 acres. 80 acres plowland, hatancr umbcifcU paslure. Two story 6-room dw-plhns; Ousj rockwalL sprlnged well Concrete walks. Smokehouse, don hie Karate, Janje ponltn' large batn With j'crir aroiiiicl runuin^ water. Two springs, a 1 ? (two A tine qiinricr) miles COM my Kr-nt ^ mile off blacktop Sritte Estate price 15.000. I mm eel la tr possession. Details sec Wllce Cnrtner ir Uror^e K;ipncr. Curtner flea! FLsiatc "o Ktcele, Missouri. 12.31 pk l|7 nnmii Call Mrs Hoach at b .vw -3^2 m:!ri ^ l'223'ck U M Parrniill tractor, cultivator, disc, | br« r.riina ]iIn-A-. nov. 1 plrtnt^r $1.700 j v.'o-iicC irrtdc for prnall 2 row tractor i Hoover H DcJIrid^c, 3'j mllea .south- f • ol Wakxm. 1231 pk 1;7 | •4 room house. Kr\sy terms Also 2 lots. Leo lintwlry. f'h 2ttl. 1.2 |ik 16 , DCS tiorthwehl of HlytlicvHlc lor •r rjcre SIS, per acre cnsh. balance -vt'nr brtsls at 5'^. Come In and UilK orer the hrst poor man's e to buy lanrt that I have hail to in the t wel v e years I h n v« o cr n : land I also have sc%'ersl BO's, and np to 640 acres with Km all payment and terms. i. A2 acres In Pemlscot County on top rond with t*o houses. s«M- '>t SI 50. pr acre. Can deliver scr at once, render at once -Sec R NT BKCK, LAND MAN, or phone Lost Black leather purse on Air Head Saturday ftliernoon. Contains nluame papers and keepsake waich Keward, H. T. Moody. Rt. 4. Box 420 2 pk 5 Oeneral store and goot! building In krood town near Capp Glrardrau." Mo ktltlicss-Alon/o PuUmnn, Advance. Mo 11 cfc I 13 Although t-lcvision sets of direct view type put the picture on the flat emt of a cone-Minpcd lulic. it still is called R "screen." Private Rooms Before You Buy See LEE MOTOR SALES l'J-17 -Mercury Converlilile, a very nice car, has new while sidcwall (ires, radio & heater. . .?1095. 1918 Oldsmobile 2-dnor with nulio, heater, and while sidcwall tires. . .51295. 1917 Oldsmohilc l-door, n very clean car with both radio £ heater. . .special price. . .5995. 1910 Ford 2-door wih new motor. . .only $395. 19-19 Ford '/'-Ton 1'ickiip. . .new low price. 19-IS GiMC '/j-Ton Pickup, far above average. I9K) ^Oldsmohilc 4-door \vitli radio & healer. .-SS95. 19 IS CMC 2-Ton lonif wlieelhase Truck, less fhan 15,000 miles. . .special price. 1919 Dodge 2-Ton lonir \vheelbase Truck with new motor. . .(he price is rigid. 19:i9 liuicri -l-door. . . worlh more than $145. Model "A" Ford...a fine buy at $50. Easy GMAC Terms Trade for a New GMC Pickup Now LEE MOTOR SALES Oldstnobile — GMC Trucks 30fi East Main Phone 6151 1947 FO 2-dnor Sedan in truly excellent condition. low mileage. hiis lioth radio «.V; healer... check Ihis special price .... I!)I7 DeSolo 1-dnor Sedan — an exceptional Imy . . . i>ll>ir). 1!HI> Hnick with liolh radio & healer. .SI I is. 1!I18 linick ^-diKir with while sidewiill lire.s, radio and lieali-rSl 5I">. I!H7 Chrv^ln S-l'iisseiiKiT Coii|ie, extra clean, has radio iV: healer. . .Sl:!U5. 1 !l.'!7 Chc\ rolel 2-cloor. . ,S2!)5. 5!M1 Chevrolet 2-ilour. . .$:U)3. LANGSION-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY YUliiul at liroadwiiy Dial 3. -,5 i,, r Service I!II7 Biiii'k Srcliincllr. lilnc color, low mileage, tirus, radio & lu:nU-r. . .S] 111)5. !H7 Di-Solo (jisliiiu l-dniir Ki-il;in. o new tires. r;uli(>, lu-alcr, (ihislii- .suat covtrs. This t;ir is ;\ \n\\-^;\\n at SHI75. lilli) I'lyiiioulli t-door >|H'cinl only .''..111)0 miles iinil I'actoi-y Kiiiiijiiilci' . .it's priced lo sell! l!i:(7 IMyiuoiilli 2-il«nii Scilan. new tires, liealer, seal cuvevs. l!i:i.~> C'lu-vroltt t-ilour Sedan in jjiiod conditioii, Idne color. ..§100. MOTOR Co. Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 room. Pli 2320- | Uedrooins. iilythevlllc. Hotel I'h «•« 1227 pk 1|27 Comlortablc beoroom Call 2675 ' 12| 14 pk l|H (Continued on Next Page) < WE MEAN BUSINESS! Save $100-$700 On This USED CAR SALE! HERE'S JUST ONE EXAMPLE N;\sli .\inb.issntlnr I)fi«onslr;itnr with ! ("ustuin 't-rlonr Snl.iTi \vilh radio, lic.Ttcr, while sMcwull tirrs, seal covers, overdrive, (Kick-up lights . . - origin.ill}- sold for $3,000, Save $650 $2357 And Many Others! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 21 5'South 2nd Phone 4438 Mercury Sedan Coupe, radio & heater. Mercury .|-d ( ior Sedan, radio & healer. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. Mercury l-door, radio & heater. Lincoln l-door, overdrive, radio & healer. Mercury .T-I'assentlcr Coupe, radio & heater. Mercury l-door Sedan, radio & heater. Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. ilKc l!i-Ton Truck.. .here's a bargain. And Many Others! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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