The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1950
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1950 Hope HarrimanTrip Hailed Confusion U.S. Formosan Policy May Affect Relations V/it;, Other Nations By .I01IX M. HIGIITOWKH ••WASHINGTON, Aug. in. lift— pwomntic authorities expressed n<W today that international «m- Itisirm over American policy toward rormosa had bean cleared up us a result of w. Averell Harrlman's rush ulp to Tokyo. The matter Is' considered highly important because ii Involves American relations witli Britain. India and other-nations whic recognize Communist china. Also involved is Hie prestige of (he United stales among (he Independence - minded People of Asia generally. Marriman, President Truman's for- «ian affairs coordinator, returned ywtcrday from .Japan where lie discussed Formosa and oilier Far Eastern political issues with General Douglas MacArthur. He (old a ii"«s conference there was "no sign of any] change whatsoever" in American' policy toward the island stronghold I of the Chinese Nationalists. While House Concern The fact that he saw fit to make Bi.vnrevn.T.R (ARTU .COURIER TARGET—Shown here is z view of the harbor at Pusan. Sovith Korea which is the object of (he North Korean Communist all-out oltcnsive. Since II is the main uorl of entry (or Doth personnel and supplies. Pusan is <i( tremendous importance to the American and Allied forces now fighting to maintain n foothold in Korea. KOREA Continued from Page 1. inc. Planes knocked out six more. this and sim'ilar 'ilalcmciits'publicly. The allic(i « alns on thc ^"t' 1 '••-•= • •• - •' coast were the of the United Nations offensive which'jumped off Monday weshvard from near Masan, south coast port. Hundreds of North Koreans were forced to retreat toward Chinjn base so fast they left quantities of onus and equipment behind. U.S. patrols were reported within fivo miles of Chiniu itself. Associated Press Correspondent Tom Lambert reported advanced units of the Army's mental Combat Team sp miles to join forces with the 35th Regimental Combat Team 12 miles cast of battered Chinju. That closed the slcel trap. Battalion Halved The link-up cut off an estimated 100 square mite of rugged land and pocketed remnant.'; of two Red battalions. In (he fighting for Chinju, the trapped battalions are estimated to have been halved doivn to 1,000 from their original strength ol a- 1'ulicated the concern which the State Department and White House nave felt privately over the unexpected reactions abroad to MacArthur's visit to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek on Formosa last week. MacArthur and Chiang both Is- tucd statements about the prospects 'or ultimate victory In the Far East. Both iairi nlso they had agreed an basic plans for the defense of For- jgjsa against any attempt at con(P"est by the Chinese Communists. ' The tone of these statements caused some speculation that American fwlicy was moving beyond the determination to defend against the Communists and into A new stage of close collaboration with Cliiang In the Far East. Chiang's Statement The enthusiasm ol Chiang's statement particularly raised apprehension In the State Department that MacAlthur might have Implied American political support lor him —something which present (J. s. policy as laid down by Mr. Trutnnn evidently do not call for. A major purpose of Harrlman's trip, it was understood, was lo talk directly with MacArthur about what had occurred and to reaffirm to him the strict limits which the president desires to maintain on American policy where Chiang is concerned. In general, this policy Is aimed at preventing the Chinese Communists from taking Formosa by conquest and at isolating the long- term Chinese conflict from the Korean war. District Rotary Governor \Leachyille Schools to Sell To Talk at Holland Meet : $48,600 in Bonds Sept. 7 District Governor W.vman "Gili-j man of the Southeast Missouri Dls-1 Leachvlllo School Dl-lrict No. W trict o.< Rotery international will be > will «!! la (he highest bidder $«,the principal speaker at a meeting! *09 in school bonds with the sale i>f the Holland, Mo., notary Club to be held upon auction Dirk nt 10 tonight nt 7 o'clock at the Holland school building, Edward J. Bsrry, president of the Holland club, announced this morning. Mr. Gillman will outline plans of the Southeast Missouri District for thc coming year. III. bout 2.000. American thwestward ^ed Cross to Meet The North Mississippi County chapter of the. American Red Cross will hold its monthly meeting in the chapter office in the Court House tonight, at 7:30. Mrs. Floyd Haralson. executive secretary of the chapter, said today. song and secure the shores of Chin- hae Bay. Correspondent Lambert reported the spirits of both Doughboys and Leathernecks soared. The Fifth Regiment ran into some opposition but the 35th and the Marines were virtually unopposed. An American general staff officer said the retreat of North Koreans toward chinjn was something "in the nature of a rout." The main body of u. S. troops was five miles short, of Chinju Thursday—just behind the forward patrols. The North Korean high command seemed determined to make the Sixth Division stand to the death. First Division, which had been supporting it, was reported being diverted to bolster river crossing Livestock :.. -ujvi.iittu NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, ,„ Fifth Regi- I AllR - I0 - ( ' r '— IUSDA1— Hogs 7,000: spurted 13! ma rfcet mostly 40 to SO lower than :,,. ... ~-,, Wednesday's average; lop 23.85 sparingly: other good and choice 100-240 Jbs 23.50-75; popular price 23.60; discounting anything under 200 Ibs. especially 100 Ibs down- sales 180-100 Ibs 23.00-50: 150-170 Ibs 20.50-22.50: 120-140 Ibs 11.5018.50; .sows under 400 Ibs 19.50-2075' over 400 Ibs 16.50-19.00. Cattle 2.000; calve.? 1.100; about 16 loads ol steers offered, including four cars Oklahoma grassers; few liigli medium and good steers steady at 28.00-50; little done on others; majority at steers medium in flesh; heifers and mixed yearlings steady; medium and good 24.00-29.00: cows uneven: little done on fni cows with bids unevenly lower; canners and cutters opening steady but slow; some opening deals 14.60-18.00. Marines plunged sou- 13 miles to enter Ko- o'clock Sept. i in the office of the superintendent at Leachville, ,). Lee Bcarden, board president, has announced. The 3.10 per cent school bonds will be sold to the highest bidder for cash. Mr. Beardcn said, and each bidder must file a cenificil check for J972 to go to the district if the bidder is awarded the bonds snd fails to complete the purchase. The bonds are to be dated Sept. 1, 1950 and are to be used for Improving and completing school buildings. Reds on the banks of the Naktong six miles from Changnyong. There, 20 miles north of Chinju, the Reds beat off an attack by the V. S. 24th Division reinforced by elements of the Second Division. A mile-long baUleline stretched along the riverfront. A break through there would Imperil Taeen, the U. S. supply base 29 miles "to the northeast. Truman Voices Okay of Possible High Prof if Tax President Expresses Faith in MacArthur As Military Leader WASHINGTON, All?. 10. CAP) — President Truman said today he would accept an excews profits lax if voted by Congress but, added that such controversial proposals should be put off until the next Confess meet. 1 ?. He conceded (hat, an excess prof- Its tax—which he has not asked for—would be voted eventually, nut he said ha preferred it to ' come when congress Is over the election Jitters. He repeated that he had asked lor tax increases which could bo enacted quickly and that an excess profits levy is very controversial. The President also told his news conference that, Jacob Malik, soviet representative on the United Nations Security Council. Is conduct- I ing a filibuster on Korc.i, and it is I «• filibuster against the Russians themselves principally. Replying to another question, he said he is optimistic on the Korean military situation. He said he is inking his advice from U.S military leaders.. IMeased With M'Arlhur A reporter remarked that General nmiglis MacArthur had complained that defeatists and appeasers are working against him. The President Blytheviilc Firm To Build Doors A Blythcville firm is going Into the galvanized metal door business. Modern Imicrvcnt, Inc., yesterday (lied articles of Incorporation In Litllc nock to manufacture and -sell doors. Incorporators are H. C. Blankenship, Artie Blankenshlp and u J. teller, Authorized capital was listed at 525,000. Mr .HlankcnsJifp said" today the firm hoped to begin production within 30 days and the door ts to be uulll by Wilson She»t and Metal Works in Osceola and distributed nationally. The door is to be 18 by 24 Inches for use in foundations and undersides of buildings as a means of doing away with wooden doors and framing which arc termite hazards. A sliding section of the door is to of/w sinnmci ventilation but, can lie closed during winter. The door has been given approval of the Federal Housing Authority, Mr. Dlankcnshlp said. PAGE NTNB COUNCIL was Church Women Hold Well Child Meeting A well Child Conference conducted by women from the First Presbyterian clinrch at the Couitty Health Unit yesterday with 15 children and their mothers attending. Mrs. Freeman Robinson, nutritionist. and president of the Well Child Clinic, addressed the mothers the on the core of importance of a Mrs. Freeman, children and proper diet. Mrs.. B. L. banks and Mrs. G. \v. Dillahunty were members of the Presbyterian committee present and were assisted by Mrs. Hugh whitsltt, president of the Blytheville United Council of Church Women. The conferences are conducted periodically under the sponsorship of various Blytheville churches in conjunction with the County Health Unit. Si.vty man-fours are required to produce an average radio in the United states. 171 hours In England, and 262 In Sweden. said he had not met anyone oJ that sort yet and emphasized he and MacArthur are in complete agreement. He said he put MacArthur In the 5!" Japan job and also made him com- | n t j n '"" K Builders Equipment Co. of Mi>m- phw at a cost of $336. Thc Council heard a complaint that the city was encroaching upon private property hi an alley at Ihe rear or 412 E-ISL Vine. Garlx.gc trucks were said to be driving upon this property to avoid a house which extends into the alley Irom it.S Ot Il~"" "' " ~' Wrlsht eral fund, 83,826.57 In the parklnj meter fund and I1.H5.7S In th» street fund. State t?x refunds brought In »!,271.18 and privilege license fees totaled S7,58D.60. Sanitation recelpu added up to 43.586.50 and parking meter receipts brought In $230100.' _.. . . - OUlC1 ' revenues included police and City Attorney Percy j county fines $2,001,15, engineering vas to contact, the owner of Ihe house blocking the alley ami give instructions [or its removal. Complaint of a cir.iinaxe nuisance at tire end of Dixie Street near Tenth street was heard and Is to be Investigated by a street crew. Clly's Nuances Praised As the Council received the monthly operating statement, Mayor Henderson praised the city's financial condition in comparison to this time last year. As of July 31 ol Ihis year, municipal revenue showed a total of $11,391.27 while expenditures totaled $17,281.52. There was $24,667.76 in the gcn- dcpartment receipts 1331.00, vehicle licenses {220.00. Department expenditures : included: Street, $5,771.21; Police, »2,S*>:. 33; Sanitation, $2.035.13; Fire. !],« 020.69; and general and admlntstrt. live S3.1R409. Bond interest toUllnr SI,863.65 was paid. Thc Municipal Airport oper»ting statement showed revenues of~|J- 4S6.04, of which 82,286.04 was from rentals and the rest from sale of buildings. Expenditures, were »4,067.58 with $3.265.80 paid out In salaries. Cash on hand was listed at 133,864.80 and accounts payable totaled M.-130.61 as of July 31. (Continued from page 1) petition of businessmen In thai block requesting such Installation. Alderman Jlinmie Sanders voted aeainst such action commenting (hat "if.all the waste parking space In the city was utilized, parkng meters on side strecU would be imiieee.s.-ary." Mayor Doyte Henderson appointed three aldermen, Rupert Craflon, J. Wilson Henry and Leslie Moore, to meet as a committee with City Attorney Pcjcy Wright to draw up a proposed' ordinance prohibiting thc use of sound trucks, in the city of Hlylheville. This prooj«Rl Is to be presented nt the next meeting. To Erect Storaco Tanks Armorel Planting Company was '' anlcd l'«'.iitsion ^ «cct rmhy- tanks with- lm ' Us °" "'Ehwny IB , law requires city ap- mam'.cr in chief of the U.K. forces i '" i V- £ in Korea, and is satisfied. ' »rov I The President once more reject- I TI ' i . , . ' ed the idea of a meeting of heads',," R ° wa , s vol t d to I )urchnsc « of state oh the question of peace.. ncw C °' lcrctc mixcr /rom « M<1 Asked whether the U.S. would ap- j a threatened railroad strike. Bui prove "high level" meetings If hart no comment on demand* hv ii,V Tn-lrirr. T in IT XT I --u n 1 LI I Cil I/ \}J I llClnlllKIS l>y IUC I rjgie • IM, U.N. secretary scnor.i!. conductors and Irainmens' unions took the Initiative ,he replied for a 40-hour work week with no' this had no tbcen put up to him ' yet and would comment when and If It Is. Anti-Inflation Outrols Turning agnin to anti-Inflation controls, thc President said existing government agencies eonid handle the administrative Job efficiently. When asked whether thai mcnnt another OPA is unlikely, he said: You can take 11 that way If you like. I'.e said he had been spending five years improving the government's administrative setup and It is now an excellent and efficient machine. He repeated there Is no need as yet fpr price, wage-rationing Controls, bill, when needed they should be put into v operation all at once. Mr. Truman said he Is In constant touch with John R. Slcclmnn, his assistant, who Is trying to avert lo±s in take home pay. He also had no comment, on what a reporter termed thc "apparent de- : feat" of senator Glen Taylor In thc " fduho primary. He said he might i comment when the official return.; are In, He confined his reaction to the Senate's rejection nf four of his nominaiions yesterday to a statement that Senate courtesy still rules. for American fighter planes. The scene is an advanced r base somewhere in Soulh Korea. (Photo by NEA-AcmJ^ staff pholog- rapher Richard Ferguson.) 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