Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 30, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1895
Page 3
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The reason that the majority of the people do not buy fine shoes is because they could not afford it. Things are different now. Buy GRIP IS EPIDEMIC- WHOLE FAMILIES STRICKES ASD Mi>T DEATHS KEP02TED. no more and you can all afford to wear.fine ones as they cost you than you have been paying for common ones. We've got Shoes for Everybody! Every Pair a Sample Pair 98c Minsi-s 1 white kid confirms.- iiiation slippers. Regular price &2 La Hi PS' I'M slippers others ' or consres sol if! S2 aint to much r,.i.dieh' fin* kid shoes sty i tw;t and made to wu-II for $2. OO. ______ OT ^_ It itl Hprme and film fmii-h woulc at T.lc Men'* patent leaHior, bull, or fjonsrfeSH. Razor, Yalcj orPiftin too*. Others UHlc !?01 JOSEPH GILLOTPS STEEL PENS r ° I5IS THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. II. E. TRUAX, M. D. Specldl attention given to Nose, Lang, Llvel tnd Cbroalc Dlsensea. Office and Residence over State National Bank. Hoars 10 to 12 . rn., 2 to 4 p. m., and 7 to 8 P. m. ill ealla promptly attended. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, Cheap Cottaces For Sale. Wanted Lots and Acres Vor Sale, Wanted Small Karros Tor Sale. Wanted Business Blocks Vor Sale. Wanted to Exchange Karma for City Proparty. Wanted Merchandise 10 TrrtUe.for Farms. DDKE33 H. M. OOUI»ON. 9pW Block Logannport, Indiana. KROBQER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Injjly Embalmers, G13 Brond%vay. £R F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL SAXUKDAY MORNING. MARCH SO Closes today, Otto's remarkable suit offer. For Rent — Two (leaping rooms. In quire at this office. Special on capes, skirts and waists today— Trade Palace. Ben Fishar, the- druggist, will save you money on paints. Garden and flower seeds at Kreie' Mfg. Co.. 414 Broadway. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers for lawns and plants— Krels' Mfg. Co., 414 Broadway, Ben Fisher, the dr.ugglat, has the agency for Munyon's remedies. A full line always on hand. Slate Keplloger will hang paper at ISconti a double roll. Give him a oall ovarLeineneman's tailor shop, 504 Broadway. It conveyi all that needs be said to announce that Souea and his famous band are coming. Everybody knows what Sousa'i coming Implies. But in addition, he brings on this occasion a soprano without a superior on the con. cert stage, and arloUulst In the per- ton of Miss Carrie Duke . who, as a charming American girl or as a skilled Tlollnlst, Is In the forefront of the talented women of her sex. At the opera bouse Tuesday night April 9. Bew*r* of Ol»n»t>Mt» for Catarrh »h« IH It Full'! Did you ever btop and think how our lives are affected by some seem- trilliog circumstance? It is to think what might hive occurred but for some more or less trifling circumstance. If the ncee of Cleopatra had boen shorter the who e faco of the earth would have been different. It is said that a glass of wino too much changed the course of French history; many persons who have' carelessly picked up a scrap of literatare on Dr. A 7 heeler's Nerve VI* tallzer have been cured of what they considered an incurable disease by its use. C. S. Chambers, Atlanta. Ill , was a sufferer from nervous prostration. A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer. gave him a small sample. Its uso stirred up new hope In his cnlnd; be ueed two full sized bottles and was cured-— fate directed this wonderful medicine to his notice. Your fate may be urging your attention to ths same remedy, if you ara troubled with nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Bt>n Fisher, the Druggist. Improvement of Store Boom. Ash & Hadley, the well-known fur- nlture dealers, have recently greatly iorproved their sales rooms ou Market street, from both ihe standpoint of utility and appearance by interior rearrangement and additions including Increased show window display space, electric lighting, etc., making their establishment one of the most com plete in the State. They have also added very greatly to their already large stock of furniture, acd are showing an Immense assortment of beautiful sideboards, delicately upholstered parlor furniture rockers, secretaries, parlor and dining- room tables, and a large line of bed room sets of all grades and at prices to eult everybody. The long experi enoe of this firm here has enabled them^to know the wants of the trade and they respectfully Invite the public to call and examine their goods before purchasing elsewhere. * lion lo Cure Bheum»tl»m. ARAQO, Coos Co., Oregon, NOT. 10, IS 91 I wish to' inform you of the grea' good Chamberlains Pain Balm has done my wife. She has been troubled with rheumatism ot the arms and hands for six months, and has tried many remedies prescribed for that complaint but found no relief until she used this Pain Balm; one bottle of which has completely cured her. 1 take pleae ure In recommending it for tha trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bullord Fifty cent and $1 bottles for sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. Heal Entiite and Loau Olliee. I have openc'l a real estute and loan ffioe at No. 400 Broadway, up Btf.irs, ^ogansport, Ind., aod would respect uUy solicit all persona desirous of chasitip or selling real estate, or arrowing or loaning money, to give me a call. Will also attend to any business en. rusted with me before city council, ounty commissioners, city or county Eftaers. Will also attend to '.he adjustment f accounts, settlements, etc. D. W. TOMLINSON. Jlucklen'H Arnica Salve. The bebt salve in the world for outs bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum aver sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all akin erup, ions, and positively cures piles, or ne pay required. It is guaranteed .to jive perfect satisfaotion'or money re- unded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by ti. F. 'Keasling. «»> . As mercury will surolr destroy the »ense of smell and completely derange the whole intern when eniwtn* It through the mucous surfaces. Such utlel«* should nsvar be us"d except on prescrlp ttons Ctom reputable pluiloluu, as the damage ttwj wlU d" Is ten told to the good yon can po«gl toy derit« from them. Ball's catarrh^nre manufacture* by K J. ChensjACo-.Tolsdo, 0,, con- tabu no metcury, and Is taken internally, acting directly ni»n ths Wood and mucous surfaces of the lysum. In boyog HaU's Cwarrh Cure be fur* ymget the goiulna I :> taken Itntvroall urf made In Toledo, Ohio, bl * I. Cheiey *- Co . . li br iroggUto, Pfl c« o. »M bottle. «rafllt-Dann. Cecil Graffis and Misa Bessie Dunn were last week married at Chicago Both young people are well known In Loganeport. - Vandalla Lin* On April 2 and 80, 1895, he me seeker's excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rate to various points In the Soutl and Southwest. For rates, limit stop •rer prlTllges, etc., apply to J. C. EDGE WORTH, Agt., Logansport, Ind. •MOT WHAT* WE SAY, bu •• what Hood'» Sarsaparffla Does, that tdla the story of its merit and success Remember HOOD'S CURES, Xe»rly Every Third IVr.-ion SufTe.ius With a Cold, Which Often rc- •ults In «irlp, IMeurJsy or Tacu- monla. Colds lead to coughs, ccughss to grip, pneumonia and consumption: therefore it is all important lo check a cold before it reaches lha lungs. Munyon's Cold Cure will positively break a cold inside of twenty-four hours if taken as soon as ths cold manifests itself. When the cold reaches the lungs or bronchial tubes the Cough Cure should be used alternately every half hour with ihe Cold Cure. The Cold Cure is, guaranteed to prevent pneumonia if used in the beginning of a cold. Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs can be controlled by the use of these two cures. TLe Cough Cure positively cures bronchitis, tickling in the throat hoarseness, loss of voice, eorenoss of the cbest, difficulty in breathing, lacking cough and all pulmonary clis- ases whore the lun«a are not too far decomposed or covered with tubercles. If you are ailing- step icto ibe nearest dru£ store and get a 25u vial of one of Munyon's Remedies. So mater what your disease, or how many doctors have failed to euro, it will ;ive you relief. Those who; are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should address 'rofessor Munyon 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, prlvinff full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of his advice absolute- y free of nil charge. The Remedies- will be sent to any address on receipt ol retail price. Work ttt Under the eyes of Prof. Gaorge Michaels, about one hundred men at work on the improvement of Smithson College property on hill. Henry Dale is repairing painting the exterior. Ed White, the carpenter, has a part of the work, Jas. Thompson is doing the plastering, and Samuel Caw is doing the interior decorat'ng. Ornamental steel ceilings and wainscoting will ba put in by a Dayton firm. Furnaces for heating the remodeled structure will be placed in the basement. The old boiler house Is to bs transformed into an apartment house of fourteen rooms. The grounds are being beautified. TWENTY. FIFTH AXS1\ I: wiil bs twi-nxy-five years vomor- ri'-" s-iace Juha iie'.znor coxaenced ttorkonihe Fan Handle wreck car. Since tben he has worked with the car without intermission excepting when , hbj'-t seventeen yetrs ago he w e nt to 1 Europe for the beaeflt of bis healih. Nineteen years ago he was appointed foreman of the wreck forJO and Is recognized as ooe of the most tfficiect wreck foremen on the Pennsylvania system. Funeral <tt Harry The funeral of Harry Casaidy was held yesterdny from the St. Joseph's church at 2 p. m. The Rev. Father ioebne conducted the services, and the body was laid to rest in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. The deceased was a travellrg mechanic, without means, amongst aigers and died of conBump lion at St. Joseph's hospital. COiL rKEMUIMS FOK FEBKUAKr. The coal premiuaa sliee: of the Chicago division for tbe month of February shows that premiums were awarded to eighteen engineers and t«eaty-tvro firemen, engineer John Truman getting the bigness award $3-25 apd firecieaW.fi.. Kollpy the aes!hiijaoac$3.15. By f.ir the moil, of them used more ihaa the regular '&llowa!ics of coal. ol J?a.n liaudle fireman J. W. is a^a'.a <ia duly aft&r d siokn sovii-fil mouihs duralloa. Trio V.indiill;i and Pao li.ii:dio have seoured itic haulinj; of 200,000 basfacl* of wheat from Si. Louis '.() ilio sc^snore Ou account of ni.-'-ek won a number of etupiuj-ca 0:1 i.ho i-upair tracks nt ihe Pd» Eandlu f-boas were discharged y jetardhj'. Paddy Cocners, culler at the Pd.n UdntllorOiir.u h-;u>e.Ci.J« is «ick aad ortdu.y. tlih i-'-noL- >B bciojf fllttd by eight c..!ierCij.»s. t"ii/er. l-ioil'.o ..His Orlvcr has ihoroiign i;verhnulingat ibe snops and I'D a day or two will bo pu; la sofvlca oo me north end where .rs aad cuffs that will o'. v.-iit, arc not effected by moisture .;.d look just like linco are all the ill ion «o\v. They arc made by cov- .-7-:)S a linen collar or cuff \viUx "ccl- :'.;oid" ami lire the only waterproof •ocils made with aa interlining, con- ::-;-.'.cuUy the only ones thatwillstand -.•-.--.r :-.r.(i give perfect satisfaction. Try /.en cr.d you will never regret it. Al- .;:-.-s!;cst,'ai:J easily cleaned. V,i:on . il, J h : .:nply wipe off with :; '.v-i uvAli "Every piece of the gcuu- :tf follows: •'..I I:-..,;,; rair.r.rkc-.l and refuse any ...,:;:>, :is lliiv C!i:::c£ pwsibly .:...' YOU. ?- r yu«r I'.e.i'.cr docs cot ••. ',':\c:-.i, wo will sc-iiu a sample di•(,:: i-Civiiit of price. Coilr.'S l;,C. ••'.: liirr >-:;;'.:U-«p or turucd-down col- ... ij VJUtcJ. » THE CBLLULGIB COKPANY, IT, ?•;.:; Brau'luray. Xcw W. are the the and In the fall of 1893, a son of Mr. T. A. McFarland, a prominent merchant of Live Oak, Sutter Co., Cal.. was taken with a'very heavy cold. The pains In bis chest were so severe tnat he had upasms and was threatened with pneumonia. His father gave him severa large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. McFarland says whenever his children have croup be Invariably gives them Chamberlain Cough Remedy and it always curea them. He considers It the best cough remedy In the market. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. Obituary. Died In Walton Thursday,at 4 p.m., Lavlna, wife of^Henry Bowyer. and daughter of Rev, Mrs. Kelso, of con. sumption. The deceased was born March 16th, 1848, near Lexington, 0. Came to Walton in 1872, and married toflHenry Bowyer May 24th, 1874. who, with four children, two sons and two daughters, are left to mourn her lose. Funeral to-.morrow, at 1 o'clock, m. Services conducted by Rev. J. C.Kauffman, VEND Speaks to Logansport People. HnndrtMU of People l« Loiwport H»T« Be«m Cared by Ttne'f •tdletaei. He WlU Be- tan tkt Bo»*y to inyoi* not Cand. TUe Fairest Offer Ever MadebyaDDCtor BUD THIjFOLlISi FiCTS. Slnoe Yeno left Logsnsport tandreds hare bought nl« medicines at.Me drag rtores, and letters are belM received daily Irom people w»o hare been cured. He guarantees TF.VO'S TOBA- TIT! SI8UP(50c * bottle), to completely core nervousness, dyspeps'a, poor -.appetite and ileep- nuiiMiL itntr kidney, blood. and: stomach -:«u- o^SrlaSdwhS.D^d.wlto T1W8 ELHXMC FLUID (Me a bottle), will jh»l«T«ij. corei the worst and most desperate forms _ot rhenmatUm.. paralysli : sciatica, ; neuralgia, .baclnche,. weak rnnnctes. stlfl loInK, all aches and.faloi 818 HOBBILL Mcil-SZlK'S ClrAKKH *5jU JEiD. ACM CUBE (100 a bottle) is an Instantaneous re- llet and will cnre-cauirh, cold in, the head; hemd- ic£e sore threat and bronchitis. SoldbrJonn- rtoETkeesUnrana Bea Hshec, draggim, with » guarantee to cure or rdftiid the money. Mr. B. F. Keesling, druggist, desires us to publish the following extract from a letter of Charles M. Gutfield of Keedley, Fresno Co., Cal., the remedy referred to and wants his customers t'o know what a splendid medicine it is: "It Is with pleasure I tell you that by one day's use of Chamberlain's Cough remedy I was relieved of a very severe cold. My head was completely stopped up and I could not sleep at night. I can recommend this reme dy." A cold nearly always starts in he head and afterwards extends to the throat and lungs. By using this remedy freely as soon as the cold has been contracted it will cure the cold at once and prevent it from extending to the lungs. Taudalla line fcow Ka»« Fxcurilcns, April ad. and SOtli, 1805. On April 2d and 30th, 1895, the Vandalia line will sell excursion tick ets to points In the South and Southeast at ONE FARE BOUND TRIP. In addition to the above, round trip tickets will be sold to points in Arkansas and Texas on'April 2d, at rate o* one fare plus $2 Liberal limits and stop-over privileges allowed. For full particulars call on or address any Vandalia line ticket agent, or W. F. Brunner. Assistant General Passenger Agent, St.'Louls, Mo.. Hew Buth Rooms. I am prepared to give baths of all description, salt, sulphur, etc., either hot or cold, at my barber s^op, 504 12 tk street. Rooms have been cleaned and In first-class order. J. C. HATWOBTH. Tno Caicago division of the Pin Is euj'.>yinj! »n unusual freedom from wrecks. Il is about three weeks now sinct; aoy accident has occurred sufficient to cull out the wreck ore ". Pun Handle conductor Frank WladUch yesterday signed the contract for his now dwelling bouse to be built during the coming summer at the corner of George and Twentieth streets. The first lodge in Indiana of the now switchmen's association was organized in Terre Haute a few days ago. The chief feature of the' new order is that it does not permit ita members to strike under any provocation. So far H has gained but a very indifferent foothold. W. Ii. Rogers, a member of the executive board of the American railway union, in an address to a large audience of union men at Louisville a few days ago. spoke strongly against strikes. He declared that to strike was to "heap one evil upon another." He said, also, that the union's great object was to secure the regulation ol weges by the government. Although all large railroad corpora, tlons have large car shops equipped with all modern machinery they build but comparatively few of their own cars as the car building concerns, euch as the Pullman company, Barney & Smith of Dayton and others can turn them out much cheaper. Last week the Pennsylvania company signed orders for several thousand coal and pro cars and in its own shops will build but five hundred. E. E. Morris, road foreman of engines, will In all probability be ap- poiaied trainmaster of the Louisville division of the Pennsylvania, in addl- • tionio bis other duties The Pennsylvania is reducing espen&es aad.it Is thought that a beginning will b« made here on the J. M. & I-. consider- Ing the fact that an appointment h« not previously been made. Electric trolley Hoe projects are becoming exceedingly numerous in Indiana, the two latest being a lino from Laporto to Michigan City and one from Valparaiso to Chicago. The projectors of the latter Una contempt ; lute hauling passengers for 40 cent* , for the round trip, the total distance belDg 88 miles or for a little less than half a cent a mile, There are already', three steam railways between the two points. Jtnd« • Han Hippy- COLDMUOS Gnovu, O., Aug. 17,1891- Baj'fir Medicine Co., Toledo, Ohio: : Gentlemen—I have been sick with r eumatism for three yoara, and ueed various liniments without Improve. ment. In addition to my trouble, I ., had the misfortune to break two ribs by being dragged by a cow, and suffered from this accident. One bottle of your Dr. Bayer's Penetrating Oil cured me in 30 minutes of rheumatism, and stopped the pain in my side and ohett. , I am free from pain, and your oil ban done it. Yours truly, . : DA>TIEL WAGNEK. Attested—C. P. WEBER. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug store. Cbamb«rlain'» Eya and Skin OintMnt Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Sallj Kheum, Scald Head, Sore Hippies, Chapped : Hands/Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bib* Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated En Hat. Tor sale by druggist* at 25 cents per box. TO HORSlTbwiinSBS. For putting a horse in a fine heaUhyoo* dition try Dr. Cody's Condition Powder*. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cnrt ; loss of appetite, relieve constipation, con** tidney disorders and destroy worm§,giTJn| oew life to an old or over-worked boae. 9 lents per package. For sale by dragguU Old People. 'Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the 'true remedy In Electric Bitters, This medicine does not itlmu- late and contains no whisky nor other Intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowela, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature In the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and alda digestion. Old people find It just exactly what they need. Price 50 cents per bottle at B F. Keesllng'a drug store. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advise* ladies to try a fifty cent bottle.

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