The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1950
Page 3
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TTJKST5AT, 'ATTOTTST a. 11KO •LIIHfcJVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople i UUK WAY I'xje GOT SOMtTWMG <JlTAL TO TtLL ^W TOO—>OO 1 REr LCXXlNS AT A FISH.'--COBALT GOT TONIGHT AND «IPeOU*OOT, SURGEONS &GM>, M ACK MA\]EYOU SEEKS? 6OM6- fHiMG \JITAL TO TELL You THIS TITUS OUR VACATION AND OGR. ,f AGE ELEVEN PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed lies! Prices Kirhv Druo Sfores Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service QUrfLITY SHOe SHOI till w. M P i N ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated in jeve/al hospitals and cllnici, subnormal Kidney function was Improved, Bladder pain and discomfort roduced after the us< of Mountain'ValUy Water. : • ^Jf your doctor has diagnosed jwr condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. M b delicious, pure-tasting, and may b« consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley * Water AMPAIGN By Edwin Rutt Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, fn XI AS reassuringly as he could. Bill Jarvis said to Mr. Coulter: "Don'l worry, sir. Willtston's a good flyer, I hear. Bev will be okay." Coulter looked at Dill Icvelly. "Did you know she was going to do this. Bill?" "Well, Bill shifted his feet, "she mentioned it once, but 1 thought I'd talked her out of it. I certainly didn't know she planned to go today." ' "Caroline Mflrr told my wife about it when Bev didn't return," Coulter paced the path angrily. "Bev knows how her mother feels about flying since that accident. I'll have something to say to her, all right!" ' One obvious fact struck Bill Bev had done this because of their quarrel. Bev—to flaunt him and n a spirit of bravado, perhaps— lad gone up with Lloyd. He couldn't let Bev take all the blame 'Mr. Coulter," he said slowly 'there's something 1 have to tel you. I should have done it before But I—I just didn't have the nerve.** Bcv's father wheeled on him 'If you've anything on your mind let's have it!" After that, Bill had to go on Coulter listened, completely ex pressioriless, "And," Bill finished miserably "I haven't anything to say for my sell. It just happened, that's all But I'm to blame as much as Bev for this business today." Coulter's face was still blank Only his eyes seemed alive. "Any thing more?" "No." Bill bit his lip. "Excep to—to resign from your company ThM'i rugged for me, sir. I'v liked it there." _ Jfaen J°e Coulter stunned him Your resignation won't be ac- epted. Your personal life has .olhing to do with your work in iy office. I want you in the or- •anizalion. Bill"—the older man .esilatcd— <l l find myself in a trange position. Bev's my daugh- cr and apparently, you've thrown er over- The natural thing would e for me to give you the devil nd fire you. Well, 1 can't. But can't tell you why either." Thoroughly mystified, Bill stammered: "I—I'm very grateful, sir." Coulter waved impatiently. 'Never mind that. We'll talk, all of us, when Bev comes home." f>lLL remained on the terrace, dragging fitfully rH a cigarot. One of his hodgepodge thoughts was suddenly making sense, tie lad never known through wha igency Bev had learned of his firs meeting with Hildy on the gol course. Now his mind settled some- low on Lloyd Williston. He had no proof, but Lloyd was not in the bridge game and was as much at loose ends as Bill himself It seems probable that Lloyd hac seen Bill and Hildy that night and Lloyd's heavy foot might hove crackled that fallen branch. Aflc that Hilda Sands had just—hit hirr so hard thnt even yet he hadn' come out of his spin. "BilIP Bill dropped his cigaret. Hild; was there, wearing some thin, black and close fitting, making he look like a tall dark wraith, "1 had to sec you once more Bill," she said swiftly. "To—wel tell you goodby." Involuntarily, his free arm wen around her waist. "I know you'r going. Heard it from Turner. Bi we're saying no—er—permanen goodbys, Hildy. You see, I'v* tol IT. Coulter exactly how things land." "Oh, Bill!" She peered at him, little irighlenedly. "That was razy. You'll lose your Job and— can't marry you. I do love you, ailing. But I won't steal you." "I didn't lose my job. And ou've got to marry me." "Listen, Bill!" Bitterness flooded nto her voice. "You know what hcy're saying here about my fa- her." "Yes, and I don't give a hoot." "My father." sn« seemed to force lerself relentlessly on, "had a po- itica! job in Rexford. And he was accused of misappropriating public noney. But he was the—the goat, guess you'd call it. He went to ail, though. For three months, ["hen fresh evidence turned up and ic was absolutely exonerated. But .hese things leave a stain, Bill." » • • PENTLY, Bill put • hand over her mouth. "Now, you listen! You've let all that cut too deeply, Hfildy. It's magnified in your mind Because someone here pulled a lousy trick. But It's got nothing to do with us. The minute I gel a chance, I'm telling Bev—* Hildy seemed to draw away slightly. "Bill Jarvis, if you wreck that sweet kid's life, I'll never speak to you again. Now—good- by!" She vanished into the darkness. Bill took a couple of pursuing steps, then stopped. It was futile. Hildy had gone like a blown- breath of dark wind. A dark figure was bearing down upon Bill, one of the Inn's bellboys. "Telegram for you, Mr. Jarvis," he said. A moment later Bill was plunging into the hotel and racing up the stairs, four at a time. <To B* Concluded) HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To b« sure It's worXInj right, drive In )o oar •hop and we'll check II over. Expert repairs on ill makes and models, cars and trucks. One day service. T. I. 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HUhwaj II FOR SALE Oncrctt c.lTrrti [2 Inch to « iocb plain f»i rrenfurced A]MJ U«ncret< Kaildlng Blocks cheap- ef tb*n mmhei tol bam> chlrkrn hMK*. rmrnf kni>«. ItnaDI honsn tool thrd» Wr dfllirr CUI u Imt fret nllmtte. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR t*'aclory.'['rained Mechanic Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reosonoble Prfcei Phone 2642 W« Pick Up »nd Deliver Fred CoMihon 110 So First SI PICKUPS! See These Big Values Before You Buy. Not So Dumb MAKE "itxjR SWEETIES JEALOUS.' BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH GLAMOROUS DAM OR CORA DUMMY/ "I wish those Communists would stay in their own back yard—George wants to join the Marines again!" SMITH AMONG THE GEYSERS WITH * GAL / eiviMo me HITHER TO THE PKISCILLA'S I'OI- Tlinl's Our Hoy BY AL VERMEER LOOK, POP! 1 MADE A FIRE BY RUBBING TWO SUCKS TOGETHER.! HE'S A REAL WOODSMAN, HAZEL! ME MADE THAT FIRE BY RUBBING TWO •STICKS TOGETHER! VIC FUNT Libby (Juts a Shock 1!Y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS I'M STILL WOOZV \/ OP COURSE.' FfTOU THAT CRACK X I'LL 86 OM THE SKULL. J\ IN A JIFF. »E A CrOCX? Kltt THE sorrow OF THE STAKS, ANP HOKX7Y 6AW I'M IN SOME UJ4T6C TO BOUSE MV HEAC7. COP* 1»1Q t¥ MA ttflV CE IHC-, THE JAMITOBB CLOSET 15 THE CLOSEST PLACE. TOOK VC/ HB'& (TEALLV 6EENJ HLJKT/ 1 CAPTAIN EASY A Newspaper Hem BY LESLIE TURNER 1 FIRST S*W THAT GC.NGSTEE AT A NMA3O TRAOIMS POST SAKtV TODAV, PANcHITA. HE SEEMED VEE-V EXCITED OVfe. SOME ITEM ME'D JUST (JEAD IU AU FAPEK....1 STUDKBAKKR 3/4- TON PICKUP. (;ood Healer, Overdrive and Sunshade. 1948 STUDEIiAKKR i/,TON PICKUP. Equipped with Heater and Stock Rack. Motor completely overhauled. 1!MS STUDEBAKER '/,TON PICKUP. In excellent condition and has a good slock rack. Has 195! license. 1946 DODGE Vi - TON PICKUP. Clean as a pin, good radio, heater and slock rack. 1912 DODGE '/! - TON PICKUP. New painl job. A good clean farm truck. Chamblin Sales Co. Tnr frlcndli O*»l«r R.R. & Ash I'hone 6888 AFrEK. BUVIMS EVEEV COPV, HE ASKED DIRECTIONS TO H0MDO PUEBLO, AND DEQUE Off iw A HURRY! IF we COUID SEE THAT MM 1 . 1GVKS m PIOM'T KNOW ITS VALUE,..»UT JOE STILETTO OlpI SO Will OTHERS WHO M.SO REW THAT AH, THIS MUST BE-NES.LWK, EASVi THIS CfMSUS WKEC'S STORY DM MOTOO MEUTIOkIS Hi OLD SAfE USED 8V ft SIlUEe- SV.ITH...WITH IKE GABCIA A.80UE THE COOHl JUGS BUNNY An Oturajcc WHCHE NA. HEAOIN' I I'VE SOT IN SUCH 0> „ S A BIT OF HO«*V,OOCT /7lM>IT« WORK TO OO, ftUV'KOR! ALLEY OOP Hard lo Itclicvc I!Y V. T. HAMLIN THIS CHA^ACTEK. ^TKXS ' THA'5 EIGHT. BUS, AN' I'M Glf\O T'SEE YOU'KE A HALT.' GOES THEKE ? OH. A EOMAN. EH? WHEKEt> COME JUST WALKED N / I'M FffCM r-r-»,-^A TTJC" -5EA * /~i CCiP'wl" SM5 HE SWAM) IN A JAM... -. ^ CVEeFFGM/ NEEP5HELF ~-PS\. BRITAIN.'Jfc. «U«K.' "%s«*fr BOOTS ANT) HER HUD DIBS Could lie BY KIlfiAU MARTIN PUG ,OO VOO V^A. f\v.\. W6W

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