The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 13
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1!)SO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN HEY, YOU.' 00 BACK UP AM' TELL 1HAT <3AS)& OF LOAFERS IN -THAT WAUM PRUS &K3K& TO GIT COWN HERE ON "THESE ROPES BEFORE WE GIT MAP AN TAKE IMS BACH S-S.-ST.' LOOK BEHIND THAT FATTEST TRGE THEY GOT A SPY OUT AREM'T YOU THE THAT wives ARC ALWAYS CALLING TO RESTORe HOS6ANDS ? PHOMe USUALLY IS RED KOT FOR APTER TH& HOLIDAYS/ DAY TO CAMVASS CITY'S LOST- AKJD-POLHOD DEPARTMENTS, DIGGINJ5 UP OWLS CLUB LUMINARIES IS- TGRSG2, ,'1'LL BE POWM LATER; AWD UP WARD = , BpS.ti THIRTY YEAR'S TOO SOOM Nice conif or table br-ciroom Adjoining b&th. 901 W. Ash. Phone 2209 30 I Love By Evelyn Barkins Nlc« br;rrroom. Men only, Private entj-anc*. 613 Walnut. Ph 1223 pk Hedrootn atljolnlng bath 1' 1221 t'KECJUES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Open Spaces Bedroom, convenient to hath Stearo Pti. 3325 fill W Main Bl 17,9 pfc l\9 Uedtoom lor rent Ph 2818. 12;7 Bedroom adjoining bath. Ph 2338 12,21 pk 1[21 Taken Up Tfllcen up on* gray mare mule, 1 blacit horse mul«, C. D. Long Rt. 2 «oz J75. 12.27 pk 1J27 For So/e, Cors and Trucks NOW Alt four (4] wheeli pull ou the Willys Station Wagon, Pickup find rugged Jeep. "The worlds most useful tehlciea". BEythevltl* Willy Sales Co Ph 555 12122 cw 1122 i .^HuTe & '49 M Stiidebnker 1 !' a ion ! Wiick- JLong wheel base will sell cheap, H«« Sortnan A: Horn Const. Co. B\y- thflylllc, Arlt. 12'28 pk I|4 TUB STOItYl Aflrr ui M*t (rlllllrHKl; UMtll wr f Wanted to Rent Whtel chair for adult. Ph. (M-i9. 12;29 pk 400-600 »cre furtn. Ph. 4326. 12J30 pk 1[I3 .Wonted to Buy Hlgnesi. prices pnld for CHICKENS— BUGS. Ash Street Grocery A: Market 411 W. Ash. 6.7 ck If Position Wanted A-t gin manager experienced In erection, repair, and operation of Murrar. Continental, and HardwlcV.e Elter sins. extensive plantation expcr- lencn In handling all major delta crops and InclndlUK anhydrous ammonia application and cotton pickers Deslrn connection w lth large planter or company where living and school conditions ar« good. Encellen references covering both character and ability. Write Boi 678 c[o Courier News • Company. 12 30 pt ,| S For Rent ---------- tW."arehoiise 3Q'x10 - on railroad siding MLdu-est IJalrj- Products. Ph. •mT 11I16 ck tl Small apartment, utilities furnished. Also sleeping room. Phon« 6306. Ill pk 1[6 Flash cameras (or all occasions O'STEEN'S STUDIO. <i-ck-tf VI CTOHEKEEPEUS, uic small, personal, friendly kind, are tny favorite people. For the price of !a brush, or a few nails, or any other implement, one can receive a scholarly dissartation on anything from otithoiises to portrait painting and roast pig. Mr. Schmitt, in the general hardware store, was no exception. He welcomed me as a compatriot, and offered invaluable aid. "Ach no, not vit dose clumsy brushes." he said, as in-slinctively I chose the lea-it likely ones, "but dese iss vot you need. Half the price und twice as good." He produced two good-looking brushes, with the air of s fellow conspirator turning over secret documents. "Paint?" he considered my next problem lor a moment. "You vant already colored or mix your owri? "Just • minute," I said, and looked up the article in point in my magazine: "Anyone Can Paint a Room the Easy Way." "Til mix my own," I announced, "It says here thnt you save rnonej if you buy a lot of white paint and just add pigment." "Shure, stiure," Mr. Sehmit agreed, looking quite curiously a my literary consultant, "Und from dat you will do it?" "Of course," I said, showing him the article. "And I can paper too from on page 96 of this magazine." "Veil," said Mr. Schmitt judiciously scratching his shaggy gray head, "maybe. In my day, for someding like this ve used common sense, a couple of direction" and experience showed vot else dcre vas, Und now, it's like a job vid pages und pages lo read, and no common sense nnd lo experience/' I had intended to merely deposit rny purchases in the apartment, with the idea of starting work that night when John was due to meet me there. Then I got one of my unfortunate inspirations: Why not laint the kitchen right now and surprise John wilh the finished product when he arrived? Dieain- ly, 1 envisioned his startled: "But darling, when did you do it?" "This afternoon," 1 would say casually, flipping the brush back n the can and smoothing the folds o£ my skirt. T TOLD myself: Anyone can sme.-ir a brush around and get a room finished. Dressed as 1 was, and humming cheerfully as if 1 were about to water a plnnt, I began to undo the can of white paint. 'Well, well, and what are you doing now?" a voice near me asked. It was Freda, the superintendent's wife. "I'm going to paint the kitchen,' I told her. "In that dress?" she gasped pointing to my trousseau silk print- "For heaven's sake, yoi wait and I'll bring you a coverall." "Oh," I said very brightly, never having thought ot that befo But that wasn't exactly in my daydream at how I would appear before John when he came. She turned and walked away, to reappear in a few minules wilh a tremendous looking kind of smock We rolled up the sleeves, giggled over how I looked, and Ihen afle making my proper thanks am apologies, I casually sl.irled to paint as if I were simply goin£, into the bathroom to brush my teeth. What the magazines didn't lei me was that paint drips—all ove the painter. When you wield a brush, small rivulets of paint rol down and ruin the smooth surtac 'f the wall. Reaching up ..,„, l<wn ;ui<t uj, am j ( |o\vn nml in IK! down makes your nnn feel n's f it's ;Kliidicd lo a de;id weichl vhich will sooner or l.-ilcr rtclarti I from your body. Painlin;- i s iicfsy and slicky; il clinfts (o ytnjr *air and your hands and your •lollies. Alllinujjli I felt as billerlv lie- rayoii by my magazines ns Julius Caesar by Bruins, 1 painted on vilh grim determination. • • * S John entered, I remembered my foolish plan In (lip >rush in Hie can and lake my bows. Instead, I was a horrible ness. J U sl looking at his neat, clean clolhes made me wanl lo vecp, and when be innocently said: "llellu, sweetheart, why vou'vc almost got one wall dune!" I started to cry aloud into can of paint John didn't dare come close lo nc. since I was all covered with paint by then, and we both had too much rcsnect fur his besl blue suit. But lie consoled me trorn the doorway. ^ "Jusl you wail,- ho said, "and I'll Ket lo work too. 'Ilien we'll finish fast. Poor darling, you're all lircd out. Did vou cat?" I shook my head." "I can't anyway," I wailed. "I'm covered wilh paint." Just then Freda came b.ick again. thought I saw you come in. doe- tor," she said, and handed htm a coverall wilh a big grin. "And here's a sandwich for you," she said, turning to me and placing it on Hie rtrainlinnni. "I put some turpentine in the bathroom. You can wash Hie paint of! there." Attcr she left, 1 cleaned lip enough to settle down wilh her ham on rye, and I could almost feel my 'disposition improving Yiilc by bite. "Mind over matter," I thought ns I nfe. "Bosh!" John, meanwhile, carefully donned his coverall as if ft wore an operating room gown, and taekled the next wal 1 as if it were nn anesthetized patient. The role of peaceful watcher appealed lo me far more than that of an active worker, but as soon as I finished eating, I pilched in too. (To Ke Continued.) t'On RENT: Frozen Food lockers Blaylocfc's Hlshway 61 Phone 3172. 8.23 ck It 3-room urifur. nouse. 910 Clfvrjc. 12,28 p» 1[4 Insurance Personal Trirlty mlmtte ijhoiostntlc O'STEBN'S STUDIO. Tor FARM BURKAD INSURANCE iprvlcc, call or ronlftcc H O, Sheppnrtl. pnone 2157. tally morning, ncvm or olgnt. 12iii> p k ijio Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the besl loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALKS LAND CO. W. T. Barnetl—Russell Riales 22G2 l\vo phones 3322 <* ll-25ckU Money to Loan Do you need a loan to repMr or rt- morlpl? ,\o down pnympnt on niort- ffnsc. no rod miie KHA APl-HOVKD RATF5 5% ASK FOR T^ETAU^ Max Logan, Realtor Pnone 1QH ' Lynch Bulletins Blrlhcvlllf. Ark j B 23-ck-tf FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS FNSURANCE See its for service. Sec us and save. W. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingram-Herman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4G27 12-9 ck 1-i) Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up to IS in. ' Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. Automatic Flood Gain Concrete Septic Tanks Metal-Scplic Tanks Sewer Tile R«l TrlcM , Ve nellrer A.H.WEBB Hflhwa.T 61 at Slatt I.Int Thonc 7U . i RENT A CAR l>rfve Anywhere Vou Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo Phone 2089 LIVE STOCK MEN AfrENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled I annuals picked up free ot [charge in sterilized trucks. I Call collect, 6142, Ulythe ' Iville, Ark. {ARKANSAS DEAD AMMAI -^DISPOSAL co II.Zl pk 1,21.50 I LU £Q LU a H Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevi-olef l^Ton Cab & Chcssis Wednesday's Price Vnti can buy it for ?SG5 on Wednesday, ?S55 on Thursday, etc., it the truck is slM] here. Ft has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7-50 on the front . . . good healer, perfect molor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. 865 OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS 1!)IS Slutlchaticr Land Cruiser Slwlcbakcr Champion Cheviulet 2-door i<)|", simlcliakcr '/,-Ton ]>ickup. inn F, lrl ] i/ z -T, in ]'i c k up i-n,; i)o.l K c '/ 2 -'JV»n Pickup CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RAILROAD & ASH "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" PHONE 883 COOLO BE! 6UT VWT5 Tins vou.'tS- N M HEY I "Ever notice liow a dog enjoys his bones even if they're no better than the bones the people give the dog next door?" PUISCILLA'S i'Ol' I1Y AL VBRMRRR SX3UHG M/VM! DIDM'T I ASK VOU TO GO TO THE VOU At.WAVS roP.GET, CARLVLEH YOU'D KORGE'T MDUR EARS IF THEY WEREhl'T TIED TO YOU I'LV. GO RIGHT -,' MOW, MOM! WHAT DID VOU WANT .1 in MICUAKL O'fllALLHY and RALPH LANE ., I'M COUHTING OH THAT CARDBO DU,',\MYOFMONIE iM THE WINDOW TO fOOL 'EM. AND iE RfADY R THEM J-JUSf THINK WHfltWOUlD'V HAPPEHED 15= / BEEN STANDING THERE CAPTAIN KASY I5Y LESLIE TURNER GENT1DUS MoMT OEMJDMA I'M AFRAID I'Ue GOT BAD DEWS ViELL CATCI HIU JUST HE REACHES DOOC. WHILE. TWO OF THE "DEACOH'S" HEM OKE iu POLICE FOB THE BWJK MIGHT WHTCHMMD. ItUGS IHJN'NY rhal'.s Oeding Action COAL COMPANY ? WHERE'S THAT t ORDER6P? FRE6XIN'/ WHAT O 1 JOINT YA BY V. T. I1AML1N BOOTS AND HER 1!U 1)1)1 KS 1!Y tCDC A R MARTIN hV,-V,A'. \ ROO . I(! ^O VifVOit 1r\l£. VOli 6ROW ,VOO\.\ WOH* • M I L.E S - ON ft 1 CRf,TY b .. CP«

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