The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 29, 1949 · 29
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 29

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1949
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Gov't Reluctant, But Will Keep Rent Lids Controls to Stay Another Year If Supreme Court Upholds Them By DILLON' CLEAR V Vancouver Sun Ottawa Bureau OTTAWA. Nov. 29. The Commons heard the last of the controversial rents issue for this session Monday night. and out of some explosive debate came the following points " -; ' of interest: I r - 1 - Finance Minister Douglas Ab 3 -Under questioning from John bott said the first rent in Diefenbaker (PC. Lake Cen-I fK creases allowed under his Nov. tre) Mr. Garson admitted that - ember 3 i 'JSTSS rUNERAL service, for H I. come Into effect before Febru Counci, jn B.jtam adfling ,ht Ernngton, pioneer B.C. ry 1 at tne earnest. Ottawa would not appeal any: movie projectionist, are set 2 Justice Minister Stuart Gar ruiing. But Mr. Diefenbaker had for Wednesday at 3 p.m. son said that if the Supreme raised the spectre of a provincial at Harron Bros. Chapel. Court upheld Ottawa's const appeal and resulting continued tutional powers to impose rent uncertainty about rent controls., r I"" controls they would be extended 4ottawa ,u , ask the U I tm 110 TO II to March 31. KtaL j4 Supreme Court whether its IX Jt iy lUM Projectionist Pioneer, Dies THE VANCOUVER SUNT: Tueay, Nov. 29, 1949 29 AUCTIONS AFTERNOON AND EVENING AUCTION VANCOUVER AUCTION MARKET WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30 At 1:30 and 7:30 400 W. Broadway Supreme Court whether its rent control powers are constitutional for a very limited period of time, according to Mr. Garson. Federal authorities do not believe they have powers to "continue indefinitely" with rent control. DREW "DEMAGOGIC It was an angry finance min- Robert Joseph Errington, one of the first motion picture protectionists in B.C., died Saturday. J-ptere wine velnur mesiemeia jster wno near the end OI tne; i"" "i suite. 6-pieie dinette, natural finish, snor. anc scheduled debate de- Halifax, Nova Scotia, came to rn" Zrr trim. I n.ngoTourn nounced the opposition's "De-: Vancouver when he was four, -no. uainiit 'table, while eimniel magnpic annpals about hard- and at 16 was winding cranks for Empire rom inn the silver screen 'V',UI. .-Uir," .pininn ... f u . r, , nrnietptinn nn full-panel nnn nt-.l an, .- ... "... . I in the firct i tho pit,. mattress with dresser n his temper nart oeen roughet "' u r, J Kderiarten eis ' rha.r, punrh previously By conservative Lead-bowl and eup. dresser, beds, radios, er George Drews attack against rhests drawers, mil-top desk. Bjaity government handling of rent con- ,a.h.r ten! heite British Inma p , washer, tools. neiae nriiwn "- . , omnia in "'i'1 l'x' rus. Venetian nd wood, older type electric range. Mr Drpw suggestetj tnat "if Ilf.'J""..' ddine. new clothes, the government is in any doubt thp mods coming in J. MURCHIS0N ArCTIONEEB Member B.C. Auctioneer Assoc. for m Successful Auction Fnone FAIr. SU2 about its powers,' 'since it re ferred them to the Supreme Court for a ruling, then it should not raise the rent ceilings until that issue was decided. Or, added Mr. Drew, let Ottawa call a conference of the provinces nd to ascertain their views, but with NOTICE SnkeCeCSe?s'nAct we will offer lor hold any action on rent boosts ale by Public Auction, at until after that conference. w"tr,B"adw.T I While he spoke he traded ver- Vancouver. B.C. I bal punches often with Mr. Ab- ."nih. mm j bott, Mr. Abbott objecting espe-''mOTS."' i dally to Mr. Drew's verfion of unclaimed baggage and effects to re- when an(j now the provinces were C0TnVmar?gaTdingThese claims asked to take rent control powers mly b Stained"0 from the auc- over from Ottawa. ija?eTthlUPdnSvrei5oUvSt21. 1949. '.MOST CONTROLS GONE Hotel Devonshire Vancouver BX. p"0Lr years af,er the war, he LOVE'S AUCTIuNfctKJ continued, the government has T APPRAISERS discontinued all other major con- , iiS?e t w. Broads trols except on steel. AlIfTinKK . He insisted that no opposition ennnUare hmro mran crnnrt vanenn other than the "demagogic appeals" why Ottawa should therefore continue controls on rents, against landlords, "one small group in the community," But if any other province besides Saskatchewan would take over rent control, Ottawa would also suspend the rent increases in its case, he said. Mr. Diefenbaker charged that the government was grossly neg- AUCTION LOVE'S AUCTION ROOMS 1635 West Broadway TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) At 1:30 P.m. and 7:30 p.m. EVENING SESSION, 7:30 .1... u-afnnt rilnln? room suite, 4 piece toasted mahogany b;"!"" ligent in not having the Supreme inlre comnlcte with spring-fil ed & . , . ,,,, , That was the Electric Theatre, Cordova Street near Columbia. Leaving motion picture projection to form the Errington and Malan Stock Company, he toured North America from coast to coast after a' first performance 44 years ago in the old City Hall, Main Street. He came off the road years ago to go back to operating a projection machine. He was still busy at the time of his death. Mr. Errington was active in community affairs, was Teen Town advisor in Renfrew district, and was sponsor for Bluebird Junior Lacrosse team. He collapsed and died at the annual meeting of Pioneer Schools association, being one of the first pupils of Mount Pleasant school. , Survivors are his wife, Alice, at the family home, 3208 Parker; two brothers, Fred and William (Sonny) of Vancouver; three sisters, Mrs. Edith Stevenson, Aberdeen, Wash.; Mrs. Myrtle Roberts and Mrs. Sadie Vande-water, bora of this city. Funeral serivces will be conducted Wednesday at 3 p.m. by Rev. E. D. Braden at Harron Bros. Chapel, Tenth and Ontario. PRAIRIE NEWS Sittrs-ficA Victor combfnation Court Act proclaimed as law, Edio walnut spinet desk, walnut and in that, way abolishing ap- eitension dinette table, B xii ana peas f0 t,e prjVy Council SO Sext. ai.r.ei ot'ner" good that the court could act as final Fn various "lies and colors, Beatty judge on federal rent control. ?'",c:ri "M"?. : . . .h. in If one province appealed a ginger sewing machines (dropheadl, court ruling to Uphold federal -piece nalnut bedroom suite com- rent contro tnen fne jssue might iSW firue tor. 10 mor. "lont.h electric rangette (3ao voitsi. triiite before the privy council, he said. SpYr;'c0derreedtf "j: COLDWELL IN CLASH tursy.fub.eda-rr""d and " I A tangle between Prime Min- AFTERNOON SESSION, 1:30 I ister Louis St. Laurent and CCF Oak sectional bookcase, all-white ' leader M. J. Coldwell over the enamel Enterprise oil range, cream atter's insistence on reading a enamel modern Hoosier cabinet. 4 ipttpr without revealine its Hollywood bed with spring-filled leuer wimoui leverfiiiiK us mattress cream combination ward-1 author also enlivened debate. Sabinetr c""sca?ef Tand "saw? Mr. Coldwell insisted that he aeveral ' beds complete, several was wjthin his rights, and that Snrei"t?lcChmfter.f several' bed".; the letter was from a war vet. chesterfields, two neany new eran ana lamer oi a large iam- enamel coal ranses, cabinet c ircula- n wh feared h woud j hjs fin hpater. tables, enairs hiiu ,'.,... , , , , several other useful Hems. : job if it were known he had LOVE'S Auctioneers and Appraisers Ltd. Established 1912 CE. 1157 EVENING AUCTION BURNABY AUCTION ROOMS written in protest against recent rent increases. "This man, a veteran of two I world wars . . . today has neither 1635 W. Broadway: the opportunity of feeding and ( i-iuuiiiif. iiiii jailing vita ij , j said Mr. Coldwell. "That is a i condition ' which is widespread j across this country at present." A ruling of committee chair-i man Rene Beaudoin upheld the I at-(Tiimorit fif AAy Ct T QnraHt WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. that it was not permitted that ...ntrn on injo. I tne letter be read, as it contents NOVEMBER 30, 1J49 mignt refect upon the proceed. An attractive offering of used jngs 0f the Commons. household furnishings including in 2 part walnut bedroom suite complete With SPring-IllieO. millien, Triiana arrht V, Ailov, i.hnmer cnt.taee tvDe gas range, muaiun rnttaee tvDe gas ranee, 2-Dtece studio lounge in heavy blue i colonists rein wiLn muuie aiitia, how to plant cover AUCTIONS h maple arms.. Dea-cnesier-i f finllash nIlrrinkin anfi "i-j i Ovinia onii h.niOPP na r-- ' r ..., " ural finished eastern hardwood din-, beans between the rows. ette. modern Norge gas range, all. Lhite enamelled Acme sawdust range with Major de luxe burner, modern chrome kitchen set, two verv nice steamer trunks, wardrobe trunk, pie crust wall mirrors, 9x12 i' ivninitsr mo In ffreen (as new,, 9'xl2' Italian rug (wine background, Electrolux No. 12 vacuum cleaner and attachments. Goblin vacuum and attachments, in new con-ditlon, a full line of coal, wood, oil and gas ranges, single. three-qUHrter rfmihle heds complete, baby Bill, buggies. train n ma hinet Epm. a urn,. - - , ,,V,)t. table, wniie me ' ' ? SLhi beds complete b?;hi radios-"cna oir heater,; springsand .spring-filled mattresses, - tKt nnH rhnir on in u is liii ef-u mi iei utu n eie raraen toois, eic. AUCTION WED., NOV. 30, 1:30 P.M. Broadway Auction Rooms 1451 W. BROADWAY (Half Block East of Orimville) ;gles. American Fiver ' ellxic Portable eJe(.t,.j(. sewm ma,.nlne g. r"i r m in wonderful condition. Sineer plere wa!nut dinmg ,, gulte; 3. killed w inet electric sewing "2"c"'"e' piece sectional chesterfield, complete ! way trai fs bike with hea'lllBht PlnB-fin"K m(,dern bedroom suite, smglc twln.lon ov ti-ai" tTt 'nhwardroK beds . complete with Slumber King F10" 0V Father Kills 3 Children And Wife SPIRIT RIVER, Alta., Nov. 29 (CP) The death toll in a Bizarre family shooting here Monday reached five Monday night with the death in hospital of Mrs. Walter Grubisitch, about 38. Police said her husband, termed a "model husband," turned a shotgun on his wife and their three children before taking his own life. The slain children were Mary, 13; Walter, 6, and George, 5. All were found lying within 10-foot radius of their father, propped up dead against a chair in the farm kitchen with a gun across his lap. The only surviving member of the family is Charles, 14, who had been sent away by his father on a trumped-up errand prior to the shootings. CALGARY (CP) Five Calgary youths were sentenced Mon day to a total of 11 years for ac cumulating S3500 loot by bur plary, housebreaking and theft. Sentenced were William Miller, 25, five years; Gerald Hoag, 22, and Clifford Coates, 23, 2V3 years; Neil Sinclair, 18, one year; Russell Pocha. six months. Miller, who used his truck to cart away the loot, testified he had been a scrap-iron dealer but "everything dropped so low" that he was ripe for suggestions to plunder. WINNIPEG (CP) William Henry Coutre, 39, deaf and almost blind, had looked forward with hope to a new life. Last week, he and his wife and I heir two children worked eager ly loading furniture on a truck. They were happy at the prospect of moving into a new home. Coutre was one or two men hen a truck and a rail- In were involved in a col lision over the weekend. Passengers Given Free Plane Rides More than 200 harried businessmen, wide-eyed children and impatient mothers were indebted to the weekend's Interior flood washouts for a free plane ride to Vancouver Monday. Thev were passengers aboard couver- was not the airport, a CNR train held up at Kam-She hadn't heard about the plane loops. The CXR chartered TCA I arrangement and went to the North Stars and DC3s to fly I CNR station, them to the coast. Ten children under 12 years They had lived in the train j and 35 adults came in on the coaches since 9 p.m. Saturday! first plane; general freight agent night. of the CNR. Alan Whyte. was "We were a little short of foodi among passengers on the second and we had some power trouble shuttle flight aooara tne rram, reported BUI ; Th hnn. which met rxR about S35 a head, was not charged to the passengers. For many of the train travel lers it was their first flight. , Conover, Marshall Town, Iowa, who had been hunting in Alberta. The flight was a delight to young trroi .Scott, 11. of London, Eng., bound for Victoria to join his parents. His arrival at Van- couver International Airport wasl The French cook Vatel com-a disappointment. mited suicide in despair when a The long-faced lad's mother, fish he had ordered did not ar-who was to meet him at Van-1 rive on time. MOVIE JUGGLER and comedian Val Setz will be guest star at the March of Dimes dance and floor show in Denman Auditorium, Friday. Funds will aid the Children's Hospital. Man Feared ; Drowned , NANALMO. Nov. 29. Sub-i iaspector W. J. Thomson has received a report from the police at Campbell River that Donald McDonald, logging eontractor of Sayward, has been missing since he went hunting Saturday. He is believed to have been drowned in a creek at Sayward. According to the report, constables are searching the area, but due to high water it will probably be some time before the body is located. . . . , i i jvexi ox Kin intiuae jicuon-ald's wife at Savward; a brotner, Hugh McDonald, at Chemamus, and a brother-in-law, Dave Fielding, at Wellington. Crash in Mountain! LISBON, Nov. 29 (Reuters) Two men were killed when a Portuguese single-engine tourist plane crashed in the Serra CAes-trela Range, Portugal's highest mountains. ,YOU SAW IT IN THE SUN AIwRva a Better Selection at. tne Surnaby Auction Rooms C. T. HARTNETT Fortune in Diamonds eral rhests of drawers, wheel chair, . rhiln k walnut, full size crib with spring-filled mattress and IThor washing machine, pring-fllled mattress and overlay. Kitcnen tables and chairs, set of oak diners, I buffet, dropleaf extension table in 4nrtlnneer nd Appraiser I walnut finish, 3-ay vanity and M90 Eait Hastings St. Oh. 0335 bench, chiffonier, several very good Belgian and Chinese, 6-hole kitchen range, oil, coal and wood heaters, Jacket, heaters, a lot. of small goods, cnina, electric iirepiace, gas lire, AUCTION WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30TH at 1:90 p.m. 1267 Granville St. WaJrnit dining room suites, 2 h.p. Brtggs nd Stratton gas engine, Acme table top electric range, ornamental electric fireplace, Sparton combination radio, wardrobes, tables and chairs, beds complete, several trunks, buffet, torchere lamp, British India rugs, dressers, office desk, sanitary couches. Enterprise o 1 1 burner range (W.E.), gas range, coal nd wood ranges, good china and glassware, personal effects, painter's hooks, ropes, etc. Term Cash Immediate Removal RUSSELL & CO. Auctioneers and Appraisers MA. M4 portable electric heater. Job lot of linen suitable for rooming house, good cutlery, linoleum and numerous other Items. FRED CAM LIN Auctioneer BAy. 4533 LEGALS Johnnie's Auction LAND REGISTRY ACT RE: Subdivision "B" of Lots 27 and it. Block 72. District Lot 2R4-A, Group 1. New Westminster District, Plans , 1771 and 2sn:i, City of Vancouver, WHEREAS proof of loss of Certlflcste of Title No. J13M2-L to the above mentioned lands. Issued In the names of THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE and JOHN ARTHUR CHETWYND TALBOT, Eyecu-tors of the will of Constance Emms. Mattheu-B, deceased, has been filed In this office, notice is hereby given that I shall, at the exniratlon of one month from the date of the first nubllratlon hereof. Ijjme a Provisional Certificate of Title In lieu of the said Certificate unless In the meantime valid objection be WEDNESDAY, 7:30 p.m. 25th and Main wiutes, heds. furniture and smaller m.rt. tn me in writtna ares. etc. Many other Items arrlv- DATED st the Land Registry Offire. Ifil too late to list. (Vancouver, B.C., this 24th day of No- Phone FAIr. 1111 jvember, 1949. Goods Received Anv Time for Sale. M. L. ROBINSON Lowest Commissions i Hefistrar. Left by Recluse CHICAGO, Nov. 28 (API-Investigators sifting through the musty rooms where an elderly woman recluse died have found a hidden fortune in diamonds. A lawyer for the administrator of the estate of Mrs . Linda Belle Titus Know said Saturday diamonds weighing a total of more than 1000 carats were found packed In medicine hottles, match boxes and old newspapers in the false bottom of a trunk. BACKACHE MaybeVarninq Birkacht may be a signal your kidneys re (tiling to filler excess acids tnd poison ut wastes (rom the system. Dodd's Kidney Pills help relieve this condition, ften the cause ef barktrhe, hesdarhe, rheumatic pains or disturbed rest, Dodd's contsin essential oils and medicinal intra-dienti which ad directly on the kidneys snd help them retain normal action. Get Dodd's Kidney Pills to-day. 1 DoddsKidneyPills There is wealth of interest in the daily work of the people who produce your Vancouver Sun. For instance: nn fl ROD M As fhe news and advertising matter of the day is being prepared and edited, set in type and cast into curved metal plates in The Sun's Composing department, the giant presses are being got ready to roll. Here are some of the things that then happen before your favorite newspaper reaches your hands, full of news about today's happenings. -ei-ay . i.H.i.t.iasiM ap im mi i i m nn -,-,,..llrl-in--iimii..i,--r)-liiinnm A big tonnage of paper rolls In, and out, of The Sun's big Gosse presses every day. Here are three rolls waittng under a press, ready for the First Edition to start running. Here's Pressman Tom Viggars putting in place one of the many curved metal plates, each of which prints a full page at a clip when the press rollers turn to transfer Ink to paper. P Literally thousands of wheels,, shafts, cams, cog, rollers and whatnot will start to whirl when Jimmy Hughan, veteran pressman, pushes on that button. It's the start of the daily press-run. . The first few papers run off the press onto the moving conveyer and Pressman Max Erenberg scans a copy closely. It seems to look all right. Howie Torrance and Bill Hall are here hoisting paper rolls on the Color Press that will turn out the Sunday Sun Magazine and Comic pages. M ill Comics in 4 colors! This is Ernie Denier watching (hem come off, to see (hat there are no smudges or anything else wrong with the printing. Copies of The Sun come off the presses plenty fast when the ponderous machines really start rolling. Here Max Erenberg is watching the Tachometer, or revolution-counter, as it climbs to full speed. Press is now at 40,000 copies per hour; at full speed It will be hitting 60,000 Sun copies. Hundreds of skilled and hard-working people accomplish exacting tasks to produce each issue of The Vancouver Sun, the West's largest newspaper, you enjoy in your home every evening. World News, Complete, in British Columbia's Leading Newspaper & 't r f "xfyA v n I your "newspaper boy" is a junior merchant who buys papers at wholesale and retails them to regular customers. He lives near his route, receives his papers at a neighborhood depot and de livers them in about an hour a day. hfclMgilMILLjJja'iJf'l'WWiMrfA w IF eVi y SUBSCRIBE THROUGH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD JUNIOR MERCHANT ... OR PHONE MArine 1161

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