The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1950 f AGE ELEVEN Many U.S. Homes Unevenly Heated Lack of Insulation Causes Unliealrhful Drafts, Discomfort Approximately 85';. or American homes afford only shelter rather tijftii compete comfort In winter. 'W are di-afty. have cold floors and are unevenly heated, according to the Construction Research l!u- rcau, \ew voik clearing house for building information. This eondl- tlnn results in countless colds and o:!ier serious illness. The .smallest crack will admit Ktisls of cold air. Tlie liny crack around a loosely fining uindo-.v ariiniis told air ec,uivalcnt to that ] admitted by a hole left by rcmov- ! '"'-' a hrii-lt from the wnll. The! ci-'i'k briv,*>en rin outside door and j do-ir si!l <,nli i 0 [ [n almost a.s much cold. Multiple this by 15 or JO > windows and it is easy to under- ! stand why wcntliornrippina and tisht-fitiinr; slorni windows are es- seir.Jal. Cold Walls Cause Drafts i A leading; cause of "winter discomfort and drafts is the fact that walls in the 85':; of homes that j are not adequately Insulated are ") or more degrees colder than ! Ihe nir in the house. The warm j air. together with body heat, flows ' rapidly to these cold walls, setting up air currents. Cold air also flows down the walls, creating more drafts. The cure is to Insulate the walls full-thick with mineral wool, says the Bureau, because repealed tests sho«- that this brings the walls to within one or two decrees of ] air temperature and drafts from this cause arc virtually eliminated. Another serious cause for drafts ji£, colds caused by them each W :e r Is movement of air from an open basement into the livine quarters. A tight-fitting door at the top or the basement stairs will prevent drafts at this point. Cold Floors Dangerous Cold floors are hazardous In homes with small children, since they regard the floor as their own special play area. Floors are made cold In two ways: (H by cold air flowing down cold . uninsulated walls, and 12) by fail- | lire to insulate floors over nnheatcd ureas. Approximately S'~<, of the heat is lost through uninsulated floors. These conditions can be corrected by installing full-thick baits or blankets of mineral wool insulation between the floor Joists ' above all unheated ureas. Proper humidity is another-es- -sential to winter comfort, it air Is too dry. It is more difficult to heat the house. Physicians say that air should contain about .|(K; moisture. This is provided witli humld- •tng pans in warm air furnaces, ; or by water pans attached to rariia- | tors. These paJis must be filled ' Real Estate Transfers (Oilckasnwha IHslrict) W. c. and Janie Virginia Pavers to William Warren and Lydla Powers. West 47 feet ot Lot 15 lying south of Walnut Street, $3.500. Mrs. Maude Goodwin and Jen-ell Smith to E. N. and Lucille Webb I-ot 2 of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision. $1,000. Mrs. Maude Goodwin and Jewell Smith to • E. N. and Lucille Webb. Lot 3 of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision. $1.000 Mrs. Maude Goodwin and Jewell Smith to p;. X. and Lucille Webb \M S of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision, $1,000. Mrs. Maude Goodwin anrt Jewell Smilli to E. N. ai:d Lucille Webb Lot 4 Block 5 on the David Acres subdivision $1,000. Ida Mae Lealh Henshaw to E. T. and Frances Giles, a plot 40 by 75 feet in Section n-l^N-BW, $| and other consideration. Ai-on and Atldry Cumminss to Earl M»»crs. Iflt 1? of the .South 30 feet of Lot 13 of Block 3 in tin? First Addition to Dell, $1 and other consideration. B. S. and Elizabeth Wakefield to W. A. and Wfie Lewis, a plot <»0 by 360 feet in Section 28-15N- I1E, S3.325. Grorty and Tommy Homer to Marcus and nussell Gaines, one acre in Seetion -1-HK-12E. Sl.OOO Dewcy Elmo and Iris Dale Jones to Harold and Donna Lee Saw Lot 2 or Block 4 of the Country Club Drive. 50,800. Russell K. and Marguerite Manto Thurman I and Margaret Rnih Tinker. Lot 7 of niock 5 of the Count!y Club Drive. 53.700. Holly Development Corporation lo John H. and Syble p storey all of Lot 18 of Block G of the' David Acres Subdivision. 56,500 Blytheville. Development Company .to Roosevelt Crenshaw lot 20 of Block 4 of Wilson First Addition, S205. Blytheville Development Company to J. H.-Crenshaw. Lots 21 and K of Block 4 of the Wilson First Addition, SMO. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas to Trola G. and Jean M. Shumate Lot 15 of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision. $6.700. J. I. and Lena Gains to Alcuc and Lillie Mac Echols, south and east f levee. 16.88 acres in Lot 3 of he Northwest, quarter of Section 30-15N-10E. S1.615. Blytheville Development Corporation to Corine W. Perloal. Lot 17 of Block 3 of the Wilson Sec- •onil Addition. S-IOO. Blytheville Development Corporation to Will Smith, Lots 5 and 6 in Block 7 o! the Wilson's First Addition, S630. - - . Holly Development Corporation to Gilbert D. Hammock, Jr and Larne L. Hammock. Lot 8 of llie Jackson Second Addition. £13,000. Holly Development Corporation lo Kwart M. and Mary V. Terry, Lot 28 of the Jackson Second Addition. 52,000. Middle-Income Housing Aid Bill Is Likely WASHINGTON _OT_ A broad program to step tip construction of i homes costing SS.nOO to SlOOOo'ls! reiwrterl to have clinched a hlsh place on President Truman's legislative list for Congress second scs- • sion. An olfirial of the Fcdr-ral Hous- ng Administration said the nation's middle-income families are nnw n- mong those most in need of lious- imr. "We'd like to see more rental units for this same 'forgotten mnn' j Toup," j lc i o i^ a reporter. ' He. noted that home-building has Prnreederl at n record pace this year, -.vith (he result that the demand f ( , r dwellings wliich cos! moiT than S12,0«n has lanjelv Ix-en met. ' ' But Amerir-aiis In the middlc- it"»ie brackets — especially nnn- "r.nis—ha\e not yet been ade-. iiaicly provided foi.'hc said. New Trees Require Protection in Winter The thousands of young trees set ma this fall must be protected agamst winter damage. To keep tree trunks from breaking during strong winter gales, wrap a loop of old rubber hose around the trunk just below the lower branches. Attach 3 wires to the rubber loop and draw them tightly to 3 stout wooden stakes in the ground at equal distances around the tree, making sure that no one wire bends the tree. nurlap wrapped around tree trunks will prevent damage from • rodents gnawing the bark. Heavy | burdens or ice and snow should be knocked off trers and shrubcry 79 Residence Permits Filed In Two Weeks Filial filing of building permit applications for 1049 showed Ihat during Ihe last Iwo weeks of Decent- [ ber permission was sought to build ( 19 residences at a total estimated I cost of SI 16.000. Fourteen of the houses were ! s-chediilrd lo be added to current housing developments. Max Logan,' realtor, and Harold Wright, contractor filed building : pel-mil applications for 10 frame; houses - live lour-room houses at | co,ls of S1.IJOO each and five five- room .structures at STj.OUU each. They are 10 be elected on Parkway Drive, in the Logan-WriKlit housing development In southeast Blylhcville. Holly Development Corp, filed applications to build lour four-room houses on Kenwood Drive in David Acres Subdivision at costs listed at $5.000 each. This firm also applied for a penult to build a six-room frame and brick residence at 1603 Holly. Other applications were filed bv the following: E. C. Burnett, lo move office building from Main and Franklin to SOU East Main. W. H. Pease, for Builders Supply, Inc., six-room frame residence at 718 Hardin. S7.000. Buress Thompson, to add bathroom to residence. O. E. Manner, four and one-half room frame residence, Hardin St 06,000. James O. Lenlz. five-room name resldenee. nth and Walnut. S5.000.! Methodist Chinch, six-room brick i residence, 9th and Walnut. Slo.000. Tonic Hammer, to move house from East Highway 18 to Wilson's First Addition. Dollar Volume of Construction in '50 May Slip Despite Much Public Housing (By Ihr Associated 1'jess) <The first actual construction muter the ' federal government'.-, 15 billion dollar public llou-slng and slum clearance progrilnt promises to Room on First Floor Is Needed for Illness A first-floor room which can ne converted nuickly into a bedroom when a member of the family Is il should not be overlooked In" home planning, says the Construction Research Bureau. New York clearing house for building information. Equipped with television, a desk bookshelves and sofa bed, the room will serve normally us a study and television room, but will be readv for instant, use in case of illness This will eliminate stair cllmhiiv necessary when the sickroom is of the second floor. '^m ^'•^--^^^ Protect Your Family's Health wilh Expert Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main FOR SALE rnrirrele culverts. \> Inrh lo -is Inch, i-lniii ,11- rccnfiirr"!). Alsn t'nnercte Hnililim; nincks cbcap- cr than Uimlicr for h.irns, chicken hon-ies, pump houses, (cuanl houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us fur free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ml. SAVE MONEY wilh GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR -i H«»LT€RS QUALITY SMOC SHOI -4il W. M B-l N S T. L,dy-you sound Kl-e the voice of ^rience. There, nothing like ,oft watw to male, washday , tmo .t , picture. It make. ,uch ,ud sy , uils , with « Httl. ».p. It t urni Ollt ymir ]aurdry •o K-ft, frc,h ,nd , weet . MabM white thi , wh.t.. colored thing, 6,/ < / 1 f- becau ., <! it , cavC5 no ,oapy o.rd to turn 'cm jr ay and f njure fabrics Soft w.ter-. woman-. b«t friend !n laundry, kitchen, Uthroon,. row—with . MODERN Water Softener in your home. So eome on mw phone—for full detail.. Builders Supply Co., Inc. MJ U n V/. H. Pease Highway 61 South J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 been allocated. Work is expected toi •-tiirt by spring, hi spite oi nas big sliol-in-thc- niui proeiiim. dollar expcndituies for construction in general arc ex- pi'iled to be [u > lii-tter than the S19.000.000.0CO record <>1 1S4!I, and |)(if.,iljly tuny sup off nUiut- tlui e [ per cent--which at $570,000,000 is a i lot of money. I Tlie Bin-tan of Labor Statistics • expects public construction lo he up 1H per 1 cont, with ptivate con- ; slriictioji down .se\en per cent. I Buiidinf.- casts are not expected to change dia.y.ically, although tncy m;ty f ; ^-(. |, V jln average of li-.i- per cent. Real e. lute brokers see n brink! or three years, and real estate ac- f~* • li/TIIMC \J Ulf/i m promises to! I f" / ; av - or C X\QffQf JJ CJ//S Alivady the choice of G In every 10!) home-owiter.s. cinder or concrete hontc-ouners, cinder or concrete Muck cxleriur walls are ext>fcli'd to il'iiililc in pojinlarity In the next >v:u- or ttto as a re.sult, of hljjh labor ci>>ts and the development of new ivix'.s or block, it was forecast to- (iuy by (lie Cou.stnict'on Resoareh liineaii, Ne\v York clearing house lor building inlormation. A receiil -suivcy .showed Hint 12-; of prospective home-owner/i favor concrete or i indrr block. ^Amony the new developments are need no mortal, and v.iri-colored concrete "hi k-k.s" which, when laid in a wall, have (he appearance of Pre-Finished Oak Floors Available In Four Grades Official grading rules recently^ adopted by the National Oak Floor-' niB Manufacturers' Association iio\v- make U ixwslble for home owner., loj obtain pic-finished hardwood iloor-j nig in several standard enulc.s. j Unfinished hardwood |]oorjiig. i which nx-eivos Ms finishing Ur-at- ilK'm after it has been installed, has been produced under uniform grading rules for many years. The effect of such rules, formulated uncl enforced bv Ihe Industry and approved In- the u. S. Department of Commerce, has been to ,-ct high .standards of practice which .serve to protect the' interest of consumers. The new rules establish four Blades of pre-finished" oak floorm? and one of beech ami pecim. Top tirade in o.-ik is designated prime. Next are standard and better, Mmidard, and tavern. The Rr.ulc tor beech and pccnn is called tavern there are sex-en s-lundard grades, of number o/ lavatories, therefore, srcatly increases the utility of tin- bathroom nldiuiit adding greatly to .spare requirements or lo cost. If the si/e. of the bathroom permits, lavatories should be Installed side hy .side. There is some economy In piphiK In this airanncnicm us compared with |II> V |IIK two lavatories on opposite walls. Unc.h lava- i I'U y should be equipped with Us | own medicine cabinet with Individual lighting „., , ' liumboo often will snow to 60 Jjiejclra of twin lavatories Is j 70 feet In a (cw months. Just ».i practical fur txlstlng bathrooms that are to be modernized as for new bathronnu. Tha only difference. Is that In older hou.w« the. slao of the bathroom Is often limited and there may not be room for two Inviilories. In tills case, the Installation of a lavatory in a bedroum or hall end may often help to relieve the traffic. In the main bathroom. YOUR OWN HOME will romain your lamfly'i U MORTGAGE REriREMCNI INSURANCE prolccli Ihelr interest lo R. ,. 10. 01.1). Jr.. Special A«ent I'hone ;!liS3 — ItlytliRvllIc THE PRUDENTIAL IHJURAHCE COMAKY OF AHEJflCA ,,„ . present levels white buyers become ! .u.-he.s, and < v cd 'it - |,ard to satl-sfy. i must anv desirellI coior -,n be' " > Honic n bI,nde"' d - 1 ' 0 sa "" sty " ! " u "' 1 "" y <i " ilc ' 1 i ™''o' ; ^Yrbe 1 'oil- Two Lavatories b'liT'fintl'^the 01 ! * * M> """J™ c!i /":)"• ! --'in-iru and this olimin.ilcs (lie need] Aid IR bOGCGlrlC] ' ^" nd ot the ulai'KcL fur painih'g. i K - ^^ ' distinctly away horn t |ie niininmm i ,, ,. . , , - Krtfrl rrtnrM IrnH'tf house. i " "• e-si'iitiitl that a concrete 01 i uu rn 'UOlTI I ruOIC : ''">"<•>• Woe* house be. insulated, .says n,,Li_ c - . , _ ... I " lf Ctmsiruclion Ke.sciirch Bm.'aii , Imwasint! number of new KUbber firms Ask Tariff • University of Illinois studies show |U "" M " ro lKli "K "(Hipped with two n,,Li_ c - A , -r ... M" 0 Construction l(i-.sciirch Bm.'au , im'^asuiK number of nm Kubber Firms Ask Tariff • University of Illinois studies show ''"""'* " ro ' K ' illB «iulppe<l with t«<: ! .I,,,i .,., „, ,,,, , , . , . ' lavatories in the halhroom. savs tin KUALA LUMPUR (AP)-Leii(Um; ! s.ory h«m,e of .slucciro'n'" ° ™'°" I fll " inl>i "« nn<l "cntlllB Industries i.w.lam! 1 'mii:'""",, 1 ! 1 mineral" woo'] I in 'hMrv ™ KKr!it " ] h>1 " lc I'lmnbint .,,„, ,,,., ,i • i ., r • [!imiisti\ some year nuo as a means . id lull-thick .1 58-mch butts or; of incrcnsiiiK the usefulness of (h< I iiu.nkct.s are placed bctwcrn fun -hie ! bathroom, the Idea o[ twin lavalor- Miilis in the walls. Te.-.L'i show that lies has definitely "caughl on." the ot mineral wcol have the insulat- Hmeaii declares. ^n-.rl!i! :i r!"i; V "I Si " "" ° f Ci ' Kler ' n ' e " l ™ 10 "' is thc "'Osl-used !,:<- I ._ l b " c ' 1 " lure lit the bathroom. Doubling the ! li'.ya and Siii"a|Hj]-e nave wainpd the soveinment that several hundred more workers may have to lji> tlirovvn out 0 ; ss . () ,.|j jj- - Me(ls llrl . not taken to lesn-ir-t rhfv ;„.,,,„-.., countries." my FRIENDLY SERVICE Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 A Stage Presentation of Fascinaling Developments Made by G~E SCIENTISTS '"jpIIE famous General Klcctnc "House J- of Magic" is a science show based upon a few of the many useful tilings scientists in the General Electric Research Lnlx>- ratory have discovered and developed for the benefit of all of us, and makes it possible for you to actually sec some of these amazing discoveries. The "House of Magic" presentation lias thrilled millions of people of all ages. You will be fascinated by demonstrations such as exploding paper—a man slinking hands wilh his own shadow—lighting an electric lamp with a match Ihe electronic burglar alarm — a train that obeys spoken commands-seeing light and many other remarkable discoveries. The slory behind the "House of Mtigic" goes back nearly half a century !o 1'JOO, when G.E. founded ils first Research Labo- ratory in a V,arn in the rcnr of tlic home of llic l,ile Charles P. Slc.inmc.lz, famous electrical wizard. From this humble beginning, the General Electric Research Laboratory has grown lo become one of the foremost in- dirslriat research lalioralorics in the world, nnd discoveries mnde. by ils scientist!) have helped raise the standuid of living for people everywhere. Wednesday, January 4, 7:30 p.m. Blytheville High School Auditorium -Ark-Mo Power Co.-

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