The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY. ATJfTUST T, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NTKE OtnuUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boardina House with Mai. HoopU THICTY YEARS TOO SOOJ ^.•.S-.^i.'^."'. - MUST WMtMTw LAOS tvtose SMART-ALEC* RIGHT \f LOST TH6KZ- ,' REAU.V B 6TSAM80M SAM. 101)5 HE'S IOSIWG CWCKEM-FEED LCAPIMG IMTO ACTION 1U6M Off etiARD AMD -fH6M FOR A KILUM6 OP PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed tiesl Prices Kirhv Druo Stores Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service QUALITY SHOC SHOI III! W. M fl I N ST. For Improved ' KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of coses investigated in several hospitals and clinks, subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and diicomfort reduced after the use of • Mountain Valley Water.' '•• a, i If your doctor has diagnosed ^Itir condition o! functional Kidney impairment thii natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. H is delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water .^-^ J CAMPAIGN By Edwin Run Co^r^kl 1950 by NEA S*mc«, IB X I A grand against a slug nickel says EV seemed normal at lunch.' " >s y °V' . An '|L ''?- bct S ° me !, h '^ ..... i, , D ,,, ,,„-,.. else. You're beating youisell up gay and locative, but Bill kne». ab<ju1 u The Ql(j . agony 0 , rfi . orse sluff." She grinned. "I adc a lot of money, in my day. tching cliche? like that." Bill said nothing. This gimlet- she was putting on an act for the . elder Coulters After the meal, j Bill got Dcv aside. "How's for golf this afternoon?" he asked. "We've got to talk some more." The laughter was gone from her face now, "No golf, Bill," she said decisively. "And no more talk. It would tell me nothing I don't already know. If you're trying to say something like 'we can't leave it this way'—I think we can." Her hand touched him, and she gave it a warm Hltle squeeze. "I've some things to do. No hard feelings. Bill. I haven't any." She left him then, abruptly, if she could nol trust herself to say more. Bill shook his head rather sadly, and wandered om to the verandah. Lloyd WUliston lolled in a glider, half asleep. "Not flying today?" Bill asked. Lloyd yawned. "Later, maybe They had to do a repair job or the plane this morning,** Bil moved on. Mrs, Fasker was sitting under a tree knitting steadily, like a benign Madame Defarge. She gave Bil her shrewd appraising look. "Well young Jarvis, how you doing?" For al Least once today, Bil thought, he might be honest. "Not loo darn well," he said iforcing a grin. She nodded. "I'm not surpriset :This set-up had all the necessar -ingredients. You aren't the firs • man to think he was crazy abox ione girl, and then find himse •overboard for another." He pracli rally jumped. O 'course, lh, she'd guessed, O figured odds out of what, he pr sumed, was a vast experience c people. "So you think that's me? temporized. Mrs. Fasker snorted. "Think ed oldster seemed to know all lout him, without any assistance om him. Well. B)!Y," Mrs. Fasker reached , patted his arm, "you haven't anyhow Don't do it. Bill! Beat ourself up. [ mean. It" —a queer ndcrcurrent crept into her lone— t isn't you who should." "1 don't under stand," he said Lankly. 'You don't need to. Just take ny word for it. This'll all' come in the wash. Overworked ex- ressicn, lhal il is." The irrelevant finish annoyed Jill slightly. But he had discov- red that Mrs. Fasker habitually uxtaposed irrelevance and pcrti- lence. "I wish you'd—cr, carry this a lit further," he said. She inclined the much-coifTured lead negatively. "Belter not Just now. Why don't you go out on the ;olf course, young Bill? Get the cobwebs out of your head. 1 ' * • * ["JLJSK hovered as Bill Jarvis approached the 18th green, after desultory round. Now, sighting [hrough impending violcl shadows he lifted a mashie shot. It was short, catching the lip of a trap guarding the green. Bil went after it, pulling out a nib lick. He walked into the san< and swung. The ball, together with sand cloud- Head level with th green Bill saw it stop, four fee from the pin. "Good out," said a voice, ap provingly. It was Mike Turner, the pro idling by the green, tmokmf a pipe. "Just lucky." Bill emerged from HIP (rap. "Nope Nice shot Bui the last person 1 saw in there today made a better one." "So?" M Yeah. Near holed out. A woman too. That Sands girl." "Oh!" Bill rljpped it consciously. But. as consciously, he felt a sudden thrill, al the mere mention of the name. "Yeah." Mike knocked dottle from his pipe. "And I'm »orry she's going, all right. Besl golfer we've had here all summer "' It took an effort, but Bill coo- trolled himself. "Did you say . . going?" "Uh-huh. Leaving tomorrow, she tedls me," OILL waited for no more. He •*-* threw his bag In the clubhouse and started for the Inn. So that what Hildy had meant? She —Oh. sure! Ele was a dope not :we understood her last night. ilSy. being Hildy. would do Just lis. Clear out clear the air. But she mustn't go. It wouldn't o any good. And right there Bill nrvis knew, once and for all. Hilda Sands could have gone to ic ends of the earth but failed. ignally, to take herself out of his mind. He steamed around a bend in he path—and nearly collided with Joe Coulter. Coulter appeared to have been lurrying along, head down. Now he head jerked up, showing • ined agitated face. "Oh! Bill, I've icen hunting you all over. Se« icre! .Did Bev say anything to you?" T-to me?" Bill blinked. "About what?" Coulter's shoulder* sagged. **1 can see sr& didn't. Nor to us either. But Bev went flyi"*« with that Williston fellow. Hours ago. And here it is nighl and they're not back yet. I've phoned the airport a dozen times. But there's no word of them. And Mrs. Coulter'* half crazy." (T«r Be Contfnned) HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To b« sure It's working rifih(, drive in to our • hop anr! we'll check It over. Expert repairs on kll makes and models, cars and trucks. One flay service- T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil miils. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2B51 WHY WAIT? REMODEL NOW Now you can fix up your home—or even build a garage—on a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly paymcnls. No mortgage required. Why waif? Call Builders Supply today. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. INC. South Highway 6V Phone 2434 HOMEMADE PIES We Take Voiu Ordu Hrs. N. .1. Humphrey Call 2359 "I'l soy he is a pointer . . . why he even pointed out to me that GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION is the place to go for personal loans," FOR SALE Concrete ralTrrta J* inch Lo U inch plain 01 reinforced Alxj t'»ncret« Httilcttn* Ktock? cheap tt than mmhei (r»i birni chicken nouses. pomp hnnsr*. trnanl house* toni sbrds We dtliver Call M (*r frer tMlmatt OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. RADIO AND TELEVON REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices ' Phone 2642 We Pick Up »nd Delirer Fred CaUihan MO Sn Kirsl SI ^PP%'" .,-"'"• "# ""(•f^ "•f''"'"' '"' *" COM*. X9W> 6V KtA SrlWICl. INC. T. M. ftlG, U. «. P*T. Ofr. Hoor Speller? "Nearly all the boys have gone, but my parents stay on and on at this dumb vacation resort—won't they ever learn anything about life?",. 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In excellent condition and has a good stock rack. Has 1951 license. 1916 DODGK >/i - TON PICKUP. Clean as R pin, good radio, heater and stock rack. 1912 DODGE '/, - TON PICKUP. New paint job. A good clean farm truck. Chamblin Sales Co. "Toir rrttn n* R.R. & Ash Slldebckt* r" I'hnn* 68 DUWft UNLESS- 61-«7tS, I'M JUST. BiWEMBEEIWS SOMETHING! SOMETHING THATAMW PROYE TOM" HE WAS W=tEltT«AT»FE THWi HOW OUS. \ BUT HOW'D HE SAUGST6a.lEAEWED«80t)T\K.NOW IT Wd.5 ftT IT. EVEN THO THE SAF& JIBE PUE6LO? Ff A' VWSM'T IM HIS WEF-CKED C(\R, I STILL THINK OUTSIDERS EVER 5E£ IM THE KOOMS BUGS BUNNY Timely Tumble 'ER HEAD'S TOO SMOOTH.' 'A HAD SOWE UUMPS C COOLD TELL VSR VEWV LIMP'S BIG QH T' TELU ER FUTURE TK' NEXT FIVE YEARS' ALLEY 001' Safe Landing V T. HAM LIN THAT KEBMAO 5AID r HAD ONLY ABOJT A LEAGUE TO SWIM... ON-Y I DON'T KNOW . H<TW MUCH -is A LEASUE; LSr»j.jy it.t.H«£.C HOOTS AMD nr.if mmniKR Somclhinsr New IJY KIXiAIi MARTIN ^y OfcilCT ftYV SUWMt HENT

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