The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 9
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THf NATION TODAY— January 76 is Important Tax Date for Millions in the U.S.; Deadline for Income Estimates By James .Marlow WASHINGTON'. Jan. 3. W-January 16 is an income tax date tor several million people. at should have been Jan. 15, but that's a Sunday. So these lax returns must be In by midnight Jan. 16 instead of midnisht Jan. 15,. This Is a date for you if you haven't had the full (ax, or any lax withheld from yonr 1940 income or WIIBC. and your total income, was $600 or more. 4. . _ ... income of mo.u peo-I ,},p corr*>r-(imi .,.,^ ...... i.. *..n i... had full mn income tax withheld from them in 1940. it: <If you're one of them, don't •fc'orry about Jan. 16. You'll have to make your final relurn by March 15. when people do.) You can tell from what follows whether Jan. 16 means yon. (Jnn. 16 us a date for farmers, Ux>, but lhe.v'11 be treated separately here.) Kstiimiles Due .Ian. II! That date—Jan. 16—Is for filing, changing and paying yonr declaration of rstlmated'tax for 1949. !. Some people hud no tax withheld from their 1949 income. This includes people like doctors, servants, farm hands. Early in 1949. if they knew no tax was going to be withheld from their 1949 income, they should have estimated what that tax would be by the end of 1049 and started pay- Inw it in four installments The first installment should have been made March 15. 1940, the .second, June 15, the third, Sept. 15. and the fourth, Jan. 1C. 1950. So for them Jan, 16 means final payment on their estimated !fl49 tax. 2. Some people had some tax. but not all the !!)49 tax due, withheld from (heir 1949 wages. Starting last March 15, they should have been paying the difference between the tax withhold and Ihe full tax they knew they'd owe by year's end. The last quarterly payment from them is due Jan. 16. 3. S-,me people hart full tax withheld from their 1949 wage.s but received more than S100 in outside in- irOme from which no tax was with- Tield. That outside income for a wage-earner might have been rents. dividends, sales. The government wants them to pay by Jan. 10 any tax owed. How To Save Time, Trouble Jan. it> I here s a penalty if they Sliccbl Itulrs diver Farmers If they've underestimated, but no! by more than 20 per cent, they can, if (hey wish, make their fourth quarterly return on Jan 16 and then, by March 15, using form 10-10. \ pay tile rest of any lax owed. As for farmers: Farmers didn't muko any tax payments in 1949 on 194!) income. Didn't they have to make those ! quarterly estimated payments like! other people No. Why? Under the law. special lor farmers, ilicy don't, 1 i _ i _ J *'*lT^ , ! • ^'- (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i All) \V,U; KKCliUITINO J)KIVK-Ca|>t. Ruth Whortoo, \VAO advisor in Arkansas, center, is sliown with Major Rose p. WAC Reserve Adviser, Fourth Army, on the left, mul Capt. Helen K. Conper Department of the Army, Wa-shhifiiou, at a Fourth Army conlereuce held recently. The purpose of the conference was to formulate plans for enlisting former WACs In 'the Organlwd Reserve, where they wni train with the male units and receive drill pay, pensions and retirement beiicfils just the fame as the men. have to. They're allowed until January. . 1950. io do something about 1949 taxes. This K the story for them: 1. By Jan. 115 they can iile an estimate-form 1040-ES — and say what They think they owe. But then on March 15 they have to file a ; final return on [orm 1010 and. it j they made a mistake on Jan. 16, pay j an.vthim; they osve. I 2 Or, they can skip Jan 1C al- i together and wait nn'.ii Jan. 31 to act .If they wain (ill then, though. they must pay in hill by making their final return on form 10-1U by Jan. 31. CARUTHERSVILLE NEWS By Joan D<iii|;laKs * WE, THE WOMEN in lurrri'n NEA Stan Wrilo \n Knlh MilleU ... .,..,.: ....... IHMM.JL- Educators argue back and forth The people in those three groups i on whether or not women should can make Iheir Jan. 16 return on be educated exactly as men arc or | whether they should be educated as women. White they nrgue, mothers should be making sure that their diuii;h- tcrs are being educated "as \vomen" at home. Bring up a daughter cxactlv as you briny up her broliiers "and | you've failed to til her for her feminine role in life. For the girl who knows no more about Ihe art of homernaking than her brothers know is going to have to start from 'scratch' when she finds herself responsible for running a home of her own. Off to a head start is the girl who. from (lie time she is little, is taught at home, the social and household skills that a woman has to master if she is to be successful or form 1040. Trcy'll save time or form 1040. hey'll save time, and trouble by using form 104H. since lliat will finish up all their tax business with the government. If they use form 1040-ES to file a return Jan. 1C, it won't stand as their final return for 1949. Why? Because form 1010-ES is simply an estimate of what you think your lax should be. Forin 1040 is where you're positive and final on what your tax Is. Everybody!' file 10-iQ anyway. So. even though you tile form 1040-ES on Jan. 16. by March 15 you'll have to file a final return on form 1MO. Therefore, if yon can file form 1(HO on Jan. 16, your work is none. ^ Still, some people in the three 1^'oiips above may, for various reasons, iincl II best for them lo iile their Jan. 16 return on form 1040- ES and then by March 15 make their final return on form 1040. For Instance: during 1949 they got a raise but will not know precisely by Jan. 1C—because the boss in a girl while she is still young hadn't yet given them a receipt And the sooner a mother real- showing how much tax he withheld ' i^es that and starts in lo help her from their pay—what their total i daughter become feminine in all 194D income was and exactly how • the ways that will make life easier much tax was wiihtt'ld from them. ' Stress Importance or llnmcmabinff Gracious manners, the art of making guests comfortable and happy, pride in how she looks, good taste, and the feeling that homemaking is an important Job, can all be nurtured and encouraged . There's another point to keep in and smoother and happier for her — the better. mind: Some of thaw who've been We've just gone through a period making quarterly payments on their j when girls were allowed to ape 11119 estimated tax. discover now boys in their clothes, in their nian- they underestimated the lax they'd owe. ners. and so on. That certainly didn't do anything If they've underestimated by more i good for the girls. Even boys their than 20 per cent, they should make I tnvtl a Re had sense enough to object to the "sloppy Joe" lad among teen-age girls. The girls themselves seem to be getting back on the right track now. nut they need a lot of encouragement at home if they are to grow up taking real pride In their ] femininity. j I,ynn \y. !.nndriim I'l Ill.ISirL'KS TO HMAK TKXAX - Lynn W. Landrum. cdi;/irial writer for the Dallas Morning News, will be the principal speaker at the Arkansas Press Association's annual banquet in Little Hock on January l.i, W. L. Love, ass, c.atir.n president, disclosed today. Mr. Love is publisher of the Warren E.iglc Democrat. Mr. Landrum's lopic will be "Declaration of Independence", He will ^pay his respects lo the ncds in ^Washington, deep freezers de.'lcits window washers in Interstate commerce and other kindred milters o' .state. Slcwart Harral. director of public relations for the University of Oklahoma, will a luncheon meeting on the second day of th-j convention. Association officers foi 1950 arc to be elected at the meeting. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock liesl 1'rit-es Kirby Drug Stores 1'iinl Installatiuii Id-Id | Tlie Masonic Hr.ll v,-:is the .setting! D^c. 2!) ioj a joint insinuation serv- i ice held by the Eastern Stnr Chap- i ter ana Um Musonic. l.odse. Aj>-' pro.xtmaiely yofl persons nttenilcti. Aljuiy vi.siior.s from ticrc 1 and from neighboring c-itir.s were present. Tlie colors of urecn and .siU'er were t-'niphii-siv^tl throuRhout tlu- hull and the ir-om \viis decorated with ,soarklin<r .silver baubles and sprays of evergreen. i Officers selected by Mrs. jnck .Johnson, newly elected worthy matron of the Eistern Star, to install IICE officers inclrded Mrs. W. A. !' iiiLi-, installing matron: Mrs. Letlio Neclev, installinir marshal; Mrs. Gviy Micliie. instatlinu nrfv.mist: nnd Mrs. l.onnip Marki-v, lust illinR chaplain, l-'olloiviii); the installation ol ll-cir mother.Mis. Jack, Miss I'alsi Johnson and Mrs. Don McNeely sanp "The Holv City." Newly elected . officers of (he Eastcni Star are: iMrs. Jack Johnson, worthy matron: Timothy Vick- i>rs. \\orlby natron: Mrs. Jolin llol- Innd, associate nnitron. Fred I'ltr associate patron: Mrs. j. Thomas Markey, secretary: Mis.s Jnanitii Corliett. treo.snrcr; Mrs. Fred Pierce, conductress; Mrs. M. .1. Yea^er'. associate conductress: Mrs. George Bmivn. chaplain, Mrs. Cart Baskin. marshal; Mrs. Joy Thompson, organist-: Mrs. Dellicrt Harper, Adah: Mrs. Bcrnie Lay. Hnth; Mrs. Hiltoii Bracey. Esther: Mrs. S p. Spr.iauc Martha: Mrs. Hc.slnr HuUon. Elccia: nod Jack Coopcrman, sentinol. Installing officers for flir Masonic Loit'-.c \vere nelbert .lolinson instiilliiiB officer: R. D. Ellington, Jr.. of Porlti|;evillc. Installing marshal: nnri Howard Martin, installing chaplain. At the nmrral election of offifers in CnnitheisviUe Lodi>c last week. M. J. Ycaeer wa.s elected worshipful master. Others elected and who will serve with him include George Mood/, senior warden; Bcrnie ij ly . junior warden; Owen H. Ferris' treasurer; Donald V. Mngcc, secretary; James B^niihani, senior deacon: Frank C Kindred, junior deacon; Leonard Kiiulvrtl. senior steward: Jnhn M Ciinlrell. junior steward; F. Claude Vickcrs. tilnr: Pai'l Bnokout, marsPal; and Howard L Martin, chnplain. Mrs. George Brown. out-Going worthy matron, ami Fred Pierce. oiit-goill(; patron, were presented witli a jcwp] pin. Following (he Installation services, n buffet dinner was served lo the mrmljcrs aiici visitors. "V'oiniK People Knlcrtafnril Mr. and Mrs. Howard CiniiiiiiB- ham entertained a I their home on Tuesday evesinc with a party for the members of Mr. G'ninhiKham's Melhotiist Sunday School Class and for several collcpc and older high school students. An informal evening of fi'ini-ing. panics, and square dancing was cn- jrived Cookies, pop corn balls, pt,,, corn, and cnld drinks w»rc served. -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Gnnranlccd I r>,'ll North Kor I a Mouths I Phone f, lOlh. r.nni FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. Several local people attended the Golden Sun Formal nance, winch was hi>id in Sikeston at the Country Club last Wednesday evening. Those RttendiiiR the annual affair weie: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haiutiv Mr and Mrs. J. F. Patterson, Mr' and Mrs. Robert Patterson James "amby and Miss Jo Fiances Nccly Oorroh and Miss Betlv Largent. Hub Joplin and Miss Ann Wilks. Harold Svlivan anl Miss Mnrlhn Wren, Jack Jarrclt nnd Miss Joan Cravens, Jack Alien, Oliver Parkinson, James Deny. Harold Parkinson and Miss Anna l.nis Coble. Preceding the ball a dinner w;is served to those present. There V.CIP several guest speakers. The chis and women attending were presented with roses, l.nrals Richard Westbrooks of Wil.-on, Ark., was here Sunday and Monti ny vlsitini; his inolhei', Mrs. John Westbvooks. and his sister :uui brolher-ln-law. Mr. and Mis. Vick. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Harnes nnd Harold Barnelt visited in Portageville, Mo., last week in tlie luitne of Mrs. Barnes' mothei', Mrs. 11. M. Lnw.son. John Douglass of Memjihis. Ti'nn , spent a few days with his j>;ijcnls, Mr. ami Mrs. J. I". DmiRlass. last week. He is associated with the United States Hnbber Co. there Mr, ami Mrs. Guflrie Malngen and family visited with friends in Charleston, Mo., this week. Hortou Scott and Hob Unchanan arc spending a few days in Chicago. Mr. Scmt will attend Io xume business nllairs white Ihere. MliiS Mvuidie Taylor left Frlilny to visit In Memphis, Jackson, and other points in Tenness,ce. Mrs. Vera Milchcl] had ns her Kliests during the Chnslmas holidays Mr. and Mis. K-.ivl Younger and Sherry of Blvthevillc, Mok.. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sexton of Hay- II, Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond liiishlni; and Linda, of si. Louis. Mo., nnd Mr. ami Mrs. Clldmti ClnisUan and family of t'urtugcville. Mrs. John D. Pinion and small son. IXM- UixtJli, \-isi1cd m O; i cc<)la, Ark., several days last week In the home ol her mother, Mis. A. F. Williams. Mr. mid Mrs. Dean Williams and children of Memphis, visited ijt ilie home (.f her parents. Mr. mill Mrs. Bailey Hnu.ks, dmh>j; the Christmas holidays. Howard Garret! of strclc. Mo., was in this city visiting last Wcd- PAGB NTNB nei.clay evening. Mis. I.imlsy smith nnd daughter, •'rriy Lynn, of Portageville, spent' Huiuiuy in this city visiting Mr. and Mrs, j. F. Douglass. Mr. and Mrs. Glen DauHon and daughters, Dianne and Bottle, left Mondiiy for Nashville, Trim,, i o spend several days with Mrs, Daul- tou's parents, Mr. nnd Mis. E. p •Mitchell. Mis.s Suzanne Cain ami Joe Muir spent from Tuesday until Thursday lust week ill St. I/Mils atlciui- ini! a meeting of Missouri Synod's I Council of the Presbyterinn Youth Fellowship, lloth arc officers In Ihls Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williams bad i'" their guest several days Mrs. Williams' mother, Mrs. Solon Ficenni ol Memphis. .loim Chailes Vick, sou ol Mr. ami Mis, Dean Vick of this oily, .spent " week in (lie home of his consi Charles l!al]ih Vick of Dccring. Dr. and Mrs. S. D. needier and Miinily anived hu'ne this week Iroiv Hi. Joseph, Mo., where they hm spent the hnlulays with relatives. Miss I.innle Tillinan of Jeller.'•on city, MO., spent the holidays willi her sister, Mrs. Fred Young Mr. and M ]s . Halpli Henyiiian and ion, Hilly Sum, of Blytheville, .spent Clnistmas Buy with Mrs. Ktia Henyman nod Mis. A. Elliott. They weic also dinner guests of Mis Lynn Hniith. Hob Shands has rocenuy beci, illKC'iaiwd from the U. S. Air Force and has gone Into business with his father, J. T. Slinmls, nt. tin- Bute Cafe. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. llrooks an< little daughters spent the holidays in Memphis with his mother, Mrs Allie Brooks. Mr. llcooks rclutnrti home Monday bill Mrs. Brooks und Ilie children remained in Memphis Mrs. M. B. Clidcr and Mrs, Ignore Muir. accompanied by Iheir house guests, Mr. nnrt Mrs. Halph Capps of Kvansvllle. Ind.. spent I Tuesday in Memphis shopping. | Mr. and Mrs. liyron Ward spent 'Thursday evening mid Friday rjf last week In Tlptonvllle, Tenn., where they were guests In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Butler. Mr. and Mrs. Denn Vick visited briefly in Herring. Mo., last week wllli Mr. and Mrs. lialph Vick. Leon Christian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clillord Christian of I'orta^e- I'ille, Mo,, visited last week in the home of his aunl, Mrs. Vera Mitchell. Mr. Christian Is a nudctil t Union College In Lincoln, NVbr. Miss Sue linker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl llaker. left Sunday morning lor Fayette, Mo., where she Is a student at Central College. Mrs. J. 1). Lnsk and Miss Eva Bell 1.annum of O.sccola. Kay Gill nf IJell, Ark,, and John Wr'.stijrooks f Hughes, Ark., are visilin;; Mrs. Westbrooks. Miss Marlvs N'Hson nf (,'hlcaf.o, III., is .spending the week wnti her mint. Miss Marie Stanrck. Shi; will return to Chicago Monday where she Is atteiullny the University of Illinois. I.I. ijn.t Ilalley P, llrooks left Thuisday to reinrn to New Orleans, where he is a student at Tnlanc University, after spending lhr> holl- days with his uurctlts, Mr, ami Mi's li. F. llrooks. Paul IMIlnuill of Marinnna, Ark,, is spending a lew days here a.s iliei o[ Miss Jacmieiine IJoiand. llolli nre sUuU-ms at Kmninvi-Mevn University In Memphis, Tcnn A haby son Wjis bom to Mr. and Mrs. James Morunn on December 2:i at Walls Hospital at lltylhe.vilte. They named the new .son Kdwai'd Lee. J. P. Douglass anil Fred Young returned home this i-ech after » deer hunt at Peters Island, Miss Mr, snd Mrs. Charles Hendrlx oJ Salem. Mo., arc visiting their respective, iiarenls. Mr. ami Mrs. James Dickson and small daughter, Dara Ann, of Cane Cilrardeau, Mo., returned to their home Sunday morning after a two weeks visit with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Dickson nnd Mrs. John Westbrooks. Miss Rosamond Black, second yciir .student at Central College In Fayette, Mo., returned to school Tuesday niter spending Ihc Christmas holidays wilh hor parents. Two Missco Polio "• Victims Visit Parents ™ Two Mississippi County children have returned to the Children's Convalescent Center at Jacksonville for renewed restorative physical therapy for polio. Doth children spent the holldayi willl their parents. David Duncan, three, spent Christmas in Blytheville with his parent.?, Mr. and Mrs. Delbcrt Duncan, and Teddy McLean, son or M'r. and Mrs. Rod- crick McLean, visited them at Kel- Ll([nor retailers must obtain local licenses before being granted state licenses in Illinois and Gcoi- Rln. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS i,'iii-l( In,- rjn.s. alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom up ID I/I inch thicknfss. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soiilli llrnadwiiy 1'linnc 2051 COMIN GOING AGAIN THIS YEAR You could pay a thousand dollars more and sfili not get all the new beauty . . . extra room . . . famavt fugg«dnta of this greoi new Dodge IT'S an oven IIIKC.KR VAI.I/K- ihi* ycarV ,«narklinp now Duilgc now al your ilc.ilere! Hern's hipynr value in smarl n<-w ..lylinjr ... in <-a«c of han.lling . . . ;„ comfort ... in «oiini| onpiirrrinf:. Ami in dollar, anil cents, too. licc.-ui..c: Doil^i- <..-u jnsl a few dollars more tlie lowi-st-pricTI| run. Despite ils smarl, low, gr .,rrf,,| lines, I)i»b« if higher, wiile.r, longer on I lie inside to give yon 1)115 tyiacioin roomincsi thai «]>rR« solid comfort . . . that mean« cxlra room for your head, for your Ire.-. On Ilie onlsidc, Dodge i.« more romjiac.t for easier handling in traffic, parking anil paraging. See thin greal new Dodge rod.iv. Sample ilie I porfonnarice of ihr, powerful lii'gli-rompre."ir, away" KiifiinR. IVove Io yourself thnt Do.l^ you I.RF.VTIR V.M.DF.—i,, roinfoit. «m,ml drpendahilily and slyle llial stays new! NEV/VAIUEI .Vwliplilin,; :,n.l ,1,-iim "i imlininrnt fuiicl! \Viiln l,.inilfra|ie <vin,N|,,V|,I . . . "knrivlrvi-l" srals .id.l 1" ilrivijig r.)inf<,il, vi.-ioil Jrl.l lalcly. NEWVAlUElNrulWlic. inlrrinripnn you nnd le B room. Hup; new "pFrlurc winil,»w" far sifrr vision...giicj Jcclins of • iindmi-m-ij. NEW VALUtl You'll tlirill lo th« Mtt'mtliniM* of !)iu!g«; r lllirl Drive. No- *.nfl Ifjrii-.W.itir. npn'nnal nn Cocjmet mo.Wr al louilcr.ilfl extra cost. NEW BIGGER VALUE Just a few dollars more than the lowest-priced cars! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Broadway & Chickasowba Phone 4422

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