The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on March 4, 1964 · 69
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 69

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
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THE RECORD. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 4, 11M4 Entertainment TWO SOLOISTS DUE IN TOIAFLY IMtnut. HutUt Will IMay Friday Night ttMiMKt. MUM. MM Ralb Yerke. I will ur m alwrw Merck llili. m WarM af Carl Madlsarg''. I k pttHH toy M Hirnii-. Reader Ike Km klead (mwNiit CalBfaja by Ik Mumjn Aattttsrv Ike KkUn4 (await Medical fs-rtrtt It the benefit ( Ik A. M. V ldutM Rc.eartk RONM PASTDRIM KXIIIIIIT IMWNKI) tteetilte Tbt Jorgenaen Art t. alien located -m Route 10 tn lmi ,r u arranging 1 artltt exhibit lr llnnni I'attoruu of Bogota The (bow .,irn Sundav and ml) continue through April S A reception is scheduled (or Sun day March IS (mm I U J P M to honor of Mm Psatnrtui and lur suitors to rafri the artta' IkjAW cont ooo I IN VTT oIN 12 10 M I "MEMORABLE!" "BRILLIANT! "IMPRESSIVE!" mm .stesalBlswli l v I :'Eaawi s Two dlitincutihed ill ha Cn day at I so H It la the f wrtN at ..rrrta gttea by Use Tenafly . ummmlt ttrrtwitr. under the direction latd Overt at TrMfly High JU-hrol Plaaial Jtme Lettae began ht ptaaut tudlee al the w a 4 Mat saede Ida detail with tha Char l all ftymphaiy at M. Ha ttudied with Rudolf Serhw al the Marlboro festival n-i far anraaj tic wnmri with Mm Retina IJietinrte at tha Aspen Musical Feetival. Ila entered Jullliard at an orrhest-ral rotvWting major walla nwmnutng hit piano atudle and wat graduated m 1M3 and it i rrwotly working for hU pot graduate diploma oo fundi (ranted from thr coveted John Erkute Scholarship Levme ass appeared IS Umea aa a eoloi.i with the Cincinnati Symphony " participated In concern with the I Salle st nnc Quartet, and hat alaa beea accompanist on lour for each stagers aa Adla Ad dtaon. Cornell MaeNiel and Eleanor Steber of thr Metro i polHan Opera Company Laet urnmer he conducted Mojart't t "Coal fan, Tutte" al tha Aapen Festival Ann Apalian fluliit. to a : soloist with rhambar music cruupa la New England. Saw York and S Jrnary A frad uatr of Jtitllard. mlth a maater'a decree from the Manhattan School of Muic. Mi Apalian it a member of the faculty of the Manhattan School of Muaic and ii aMtant to Vtilham Km catd She u on the faculty of Northern Valley School of Muntc m Teaneck aad u a founding member of the Wood wind Art Quintet The orcheitra and the concert aerara H ponored by the Tenafly Community Orcheatra Society In cnnkmction with the Tenafly Eeninf School the Tenafly Recreation Commu aion. and the Kiwanii Club of Tenafly. PHOI.IF1C STEVE ALLEN The syndicated JOminute State Alien tartety procram that u atrrd on 3 aUUoaa all over tha country five nighta a week hat patted the year and a half mark More than 3ftS of the taped thowt have been done EDWARDS -JMERCOURI PEPWRO SCHMEIOER HAMILTON ' SOMMER ALBEBr aOSAVS FINNEY SCHIAPF1N0 At 1 00-1 JJ !- ' TOMORROW ONE DAY ONLY 2 PERFORMANCES At 2:30 ond 8 30 P.M. Exactly As Presented At Carnegie Hall AJjfgV Can! Sent - FaR edof auiioa HOiais Puma W "THE GRAND TOUR jlP Earaaa at Yaor Owa Car Btf Yew ttt-owsoa on da a ntrratsr mU b rXrtT' V ROBERT BtAlLXTT llil m j ttMI fl It tun u.. wj TW Paaawt P tr" I mod VlMtll - Mf Arwmt 10 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS best ccmNei&Mm a w0 -a, lorn . Jones! r'mVTtl ai itf! W5T lU.t: aatsivi wtm jtur sxowtw BELLEVUE t. i w urna MONTCiAia ,v 1 M Nw thru tel. Im Ob Tax Hudson - Paula Prantitl "Man's Favorite Sport" Jatk Qcaicn - Srtvi McQvmo 'SOLDIER IN THE RAIN' NOW! CotinMw Daily On of tht Bttt! A Mtmorablt .Worie.' THE VICTORS" ALL-STAR CAST RIALTO "EST Wtla linti. IIAitfwM eii NATALII WOOD STEVI MCQUEEN "LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER" PIUS JACKIE GLEASON "SOLDIER IN THE RAIN" STARTS WIO . MARCH II 'SUNDAY IN NEW YORK' "DARK PURPOSE" HUD OVER 15 Top Stars In "The Victors" EXTRA fe "WONDERS OF SWITZERLAND" nmmmmmmmmmmmmm SOW THR I' TTEB Th Yeo'i Hotlj Comedy Combo Skirtty MattaoM (nom. bint oct.) JACK LEMMON "IRMA LA DOUCE" r-Ll s M.tRll.TN HOM "SOME LIKE IT IOC nw1 ii'iirwDMinir lami m Off PARRHFS Ln!l Mttain aaaawuH 3 Academy Aword Nominations FOR t GREAT ftUH Best Actor Best Actress Richard Harrit Rachel Robtrtt II SPORTING ii - Plu, EST ACTRESS Leslie Caron in FORT LEE Wl 4-2500 SO0 CAR MUNICIPAL PARKING I OPPOSITE THEATRE A SHATTERING ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE! XJH U djf TV Capucine Dares Hollywood Jinx mim i i immi i i uli - i- w aaaSB) Sintrle-Nanif Hillinir Haa (iivrn 8Um Of Put Plenty Of Grief By aUftOLO KPTRRNAN HaUrwaajal (NANA) Viewing another tntarastlng par formanra from I ha talantad lady known aa Capuctna -this lima In "Tha Pink raallsaf' -na u ramtncM again how all on the uncle name ile of marquee hilling i aaaaaal ... . aal an Phil a t , Saturday o Hot t o MHrt The ial hi the aeillgee h leletUkM artrea Pal Prtet. aaaghler af former l atted Matet Treatarer Itv Baker Prtel Pat't all awl led up far her rW at a calendar irl ia a tw llonr ukiM aaaw. aaUy aaaaed Bar belara". Tha akaw all! be aeea later tki aaonta. t A. P aue are l.arely wealherta the hni rtt J a. . . aft ak. a urn nan inn irw i ,.-hl, tjr after a brief baak la the IM Ijfwowl aaa The fed ff a dismal start Baay ears ago al a lima wbea sany praaa agentrt was kj fall fhneer that N la aurtwuiai aay ooe dared try a repeat Tha atory la a ar(eol Aa eaterpruing flack wltk a client beartag the aometakat commonplare aame nf Melt in Bradakaw was taaplred as cat kit maa'a name dowa to htl Plata Bradaka Ha got routing praaa noUrea tor waaka by aqulr tag aome of tha moat eligible atarleta to the beat placea aad. eterythmg contktered. teemH a natural to nil a wide swath atj Ihr B. B. T V akaw aa nuht and aa s thor dUfuated at akat kap pened aj dhtn t kapaea Ila ever got a rkaace d urate the kacUe Uplag aeaaaaa to tatrw tuew ike eoatie la hit I to met r tr yogi Law Nova, a head ataodtaf awvara ha claiaaa will hah !. i a tliiten uiher aU all througk gratnaifwal pull BV. iaJH 1 TEM.rrUKB liarrea MH.atla aad lar-lee f aaapbell ara la a tceae fi.aa the ftnal ait af op Mm oh Hntnra". kkh aaeaed la.l alghl al ike riaybeaae . Ibe MaU la -Pan Weak Play Is Given Wild, Funny Handling At Mall Modem Arl Al The Mall The Modern Arutta Gulkl North Sew Jersey grviup dedl rated to contemporary worka of art. hat on display etamplea af avante card painting and sculp ture now current at tha Be r ten Mall auditorium Aa a service to in- - and aneuer onrttiani from the Dub-' m abow i . A. j cunt DKoae ACTRESS PLANS COMEDY DEBUT Pat Priest Will Re On Hope'ti Show he. one or two memberi of the Guild ul be preaetvt on the lot lowwi dayt from 2 to 4 P M Today Joan Daub, pamter. and Harriet llyasns sculptor Work by Mr Daub u in the Mu aeum of Modern Arts leodlag ral lecttan and Mrs Hyamt hat es hibtted at the Mootrlatr aad Newark Muteumt of Art Thursday Lillian M arret), painter. ho won many awards at Montclair Museum aad Monmouth College Festival of Fine Artt. aad ia a learner Friday: Virginia Passacgio. painter, who hat a purchase award at Monmouth College, aad an honorable meotioa at Moetclatr Muteum aad also teaches an at the Gifted Child Society of Bergen County. Saturday Alexandra Merkrr. pamter whose wort is Included in a book, now at the publishers, on S3 t' S Artlsts. On Sunday Frna Weill will be present from 3 to 5 P M to answer question on sculpture Mn Weill studied with Rodm and is listed in Wno't Who of American Women Rita Silvan, painter and teacher, taught at the Art Center of Northern New Jersey, Woodcliff Use School, and the Bergen County Gifted Child Society, will he present oo March 11. from 2 to 4 P M and Etthrr Rosen, who teaches at the Hack-ensack Y M H A , will be available on March 12 from 3 to 3 P M. fl - Mother ia oa a lot of money, aad ! hope to make my mark, too aay a the daughter of for mer Inited Matet ireaturer Ivy Baker Prsest Socialite Pat Prwal will costar with comedian Bob Hope March JO as "Miss March", the kind of girl arko maket the center picture In mea'a magfitnet Veiled ta a ctiLging. transparent black negligee, she t a long way from the prim and pretty youngster who graduated from socially proper Mar)orte Webtter Junior College in Wash mgtoo. D C Pat. 2S. went on to become queen of every festival from the Preside i.: Cup Regatta to Winchester Apple Bfottom Queen Encouraged by her husband Navy Lieutenant Commander Pierre Jensen, she made doieot af televitwa commercials and appeared la as many toarvtatoa dramas The appearance with Hope Is her comedy KMFS FINALE Will On aSBmmama ammmai mm ROBERT MITCHUM 'MAIN IN THE MIDDLE' ALSO SURF PARTY Dtrrn Paiihtraaaaar March S Tnreogk iSpecul to The Record 1 New Y art Josef Krspe will conclude his guest engagement with the New York Philhar monk with concerts nest Thurt day through Sunday The pro gram will include Htndemtih t Symphonic Metamorphoses of Themes by Carl Maria voo Weber and Bruckner'a Symphony No. 4 E flat major ("Romantic") Thia will be the Phil harmonic's first performance of the Bruckner work since December 1944 Krtps conducted the Philharmonic for a period of 8 weeks this season. Nest year be will return for a period of 10 weeks NNF1HI I tills But aomehow or other, big bran to the atudme refuted to glee Bradahaw a tumble Sort of a whiapermg campaign agatoat him Thee the areas agent raugkt on You dial BBad shaw for moat of the number la ' Beverly IIULs aad the studio bosnes were ktasng "Who wants to sign a telephone prefix for aa actor " From that tune en. ever a period of a doaea year, aay eager aapirant who even asesv Uoaed plan tor gomg to one name waa scathingly ridiculed The coming of Anna be I la from France broke the Ice But even the with two good pictures and a spectacular church acomed marriage ta kaagpto Tyrone Power, failed to latt Srrna aha returned to her native land aad faded from public varw But her foray did spark the 1 aame addartt with renewed hope. Marga became a popular featured actress tn mm sea af the middle 'aft, married Eddie Albert, retired but still comet out to do an occasional role hi fltias. Cantmflas. although a bo of flee tool oo the 1-atta Amencaa circuit, proved a dlsappomttng draw la the L' S . even after be mg hoomed to the afciet with a tarring role In a big Holly wood mo vis NO WOBK FOB FABIAN Literally picked off the ttreeta of Wvtt Philadelphia a lew yean ago when he was only 14 Fabian lait aame Forte ) was told by two straagers that from then on he wat a profesatonal rock V roll linger The kid went along with the act. made aevara! movie for 30th Fox He Is now between pictures, as he has been for many months loberace. you might aay tops the entire tut of ! name ee triet. but his activities have been confined almoit altogether to T V and the concert Tieldi with two poor movies filmed when he wat Just crashmg the town It would appear then that Canuclne former French model with the real name of Germ a toe Lefebvre, hat proved hertetf the most durable and succettful Mci.av.n Starred But ('omen Off Second VjS lu-Mt Io Koat. Joan Deweersc, Isarrv rw-rr,.V; w mi aw M - ,"-" IMt " pet a- c-t. a 4 C mm n at (amt By BCNNFTH . WAI Ut F (Drama Editor) Paramo "Oh Man! Oh Women'" has about aa much aubetame as Iha froth on lop a glass of beer But the Edward Cnndorov play which opened at the Playhouse on the MaU last night is uproariously funny and who cares about messages ant-way i potedly the star of this piece If a popular tola ass taken af tor last night's opener, however, he'd come off second best or maybe third or fourth a gaiast the pertonalitie be must op pose m this 3 act remedy Just which to park out for top commendation would be strictly personal preference Richard Roat. the aame young actor currently being touted to the New York theater playbills at one of our moat promising find might easily merit boa ors for an animated version of the faithful but damaged bus band Joaa DeWreai can this be the same actress aa prominently recognisable m Joe Papp a Shakespeare classic give a aide splitting perform ance as Boat's arrewball aife. who t disturbed becanae aha doesn't know why she'a disturbed. Paul Barry's creation of the oddball ex lover Is an unforgettable burlesque and apoof of every character you've ever aeea occupying an ana- VtH llll t" (IMt ArWwr fnw wcAac WW . Ja xtassjaai ... SitMri tfi Jawaa Waias Thanks to a cast of Uvely adroit players who make' kooka appear alnxoat normal in compartaoa to the characters they aasuane. Use latest offering at the shopping center theater: become a laugh a m mute not. quality not considered Even an the laat mentioned pomt, bow ever, there's something to be said Direction by James Dysa looks a if it a been mepired by a machine gun. and wrtk Bob Coaley s brultoatly lighted sets as the criterion, there a keen a 1 praitwwortky attentioa to pro duction details MoaUy though. It a the act tag whick make "Ok Men Ok ! Women''' seem tot mare Play Hub It really Is YotiU laugh, laugh laugh not aa' much al the ridiculously fuaat-ittuatMn into which the author puts his characters s much as van will at tneae kooka getting tn and out of them. Darren McGatsa. snore famed , for hit T V rharsctrruauoas than for anything else, ts aup lyst's coach, and dark haired aad lovely Carols Campbell frolics as the different sort of girl with unsuspecting candor If there wat to be any critical finger pointed it might be the suspicion of overplaying The exceptions are veteran Wallace Acton, who roasts through the role of the young doctor's mentor with grsce. sad Marilyn Child, who tnet to keep the part of the secretary within balance POINT OF STOIY And McGavm Well, becaaee of the way in which the author ha endowed kit supporting personalities, no one could look really outstanding in what it the lead part of the psychoanalyst. To bis credit hell make you remember be t still the top man Actually, you're never really ignorant of this The story weaves about him and tf It tells aay story, it's that even the well-trained mind of a de voted analyst can t block out emotions and. as a matter of fact, shouldn't To this point, author Chodorov directs bis attention whOe developing the laugh pros ok kxg situation Old-Fashioned Steve McQueen Feels Women Belong At Home And So He Has Kept His Wife, A Former Dancer, Out Of Sinht In The Kitchen Br FRNOV St OTT Iswilywwad i pi Steve I McQueen may be tbe movie ttar in his family, but hu wife, Netle Adams, steal the show off screen Neile (pronoanced Neel) it a1 rIU! .i.fc k . I . A . . i . . wiai Milan n; . wii la.vr-u ituuir of the 1 namert, at leat along c , . t wnea aaaJu . ve a twaa . au 1 1 e, ta ? t , GRANT-LEE tit AtWtl !. PtltaMI, FREE PARKING WH 5-4244 TWO TOf ACADIMY AWARD WINNINC SHOWS! ! The Original UNCUT Italian Vertion Sophia Lorcn 'TWO WOMEN" Marlon Brando "A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE" the mo le byway. And now, her pals say, she wants to Jeopard lie the whole thiag by reducinR it to plain Cappy. as all her frirnds caU her H EA D4IT AN D 1 N ( i Former heavyweight conteo der Lou Nova, who twice knocked out the great Max Baer. bad plans to stand Phil Silvers on hu head but it failed. Tbe ex-pug appears oo LAST TIMES sttEN Ti OUEEN ANNE Rn BOGOTA HU 9-9133 ANaisw Lf aW m POSITIVELY FOR ADULTS ONLY! NOMINATED FOR 1964 ACADEMY AWARD! "BEST FOREIGN FILM OF THE YEAR" The aeatatiew of rite N. Y. Film Festival! J PASSION J k WAVES SEX IN THE AIR KNIFE IN THE WATER Directed by Roman Polanski A Polish thriller as harp at knltt fjnd fat smooth as water.' TIME Magazine) International Film Critics Award 1963 Vmice Film Festival, "One of the 10 best of the year? N. Y. Tbwea - Her. Tiff. Pi. Y. New - Taate Man. i 1 1 EDDIE BRACKEN DENISE LOR TOMMY j. LEONEnr IS UIMI MO iocwi s ALSO STARRING WILLIE BURKE iHca i aanoas esse. tMOe t staoatt fioaua ui db and Chine e I 16th femininity who was a featured Broadway dancer until she married the mercurial McQueen A man who beUevet a wife's place it in the horneetpecially the kitchen McQueen has kept his gorgeous helpmate under wraps Now she Is returning to the bright lights tor the first time tn many years, appearing m a segment of television's "The Eleventh Hour" with Jack Ging and Ralph Bellamy WORTH IT Of her enforced retirement. NetJe says: "It was worth it We have two beautiful children. Terry i , aad Chad 3. Now they are in nursery school and Steve has given me permission to appear in s few things from time to time." But no matter whst Neile does movie, television or personal appearance there is one im portant stipulation She must be home in time every night to prepare dinner for her lord and matter 'That means Broadway and movie locations are out." Netle said "Steve belarves the man is the bead of the family and that a woman should stay home, keep peace and cook the meals If we had 0 servants, he'd still insist I cook the meals " It's not that Neile is that grea; with the pots and pans But what McQueen say goes The McQueens lit e on 3 acres of expensive Brentwood real estate In a IS room bouse with a maid and butler oo band to took after the chores. Husband Steve msy be surprised to read here for tbe first time that Neile sometimes puts one over on him When she's busy with the children or late returning from a dancing class the frequently has tbe maid prepare dinner But Neile does the serving at the table herself, leading her unsuspecting husband to believe she did tbe cooking, too. "It doesn't happen too often." Neile smiled, "and when It does I pretend I've been slaving over a hot stove all day Ions " Steve regularly refer to his diminutive wife as the old lady, a term as delightful as it it unappropriale. "If I'm lucky maybe I can work once a month or so." Neile went on But he's an old fashioned husband who believes I should be with him whenever I he travels. Where he goes. I go ' And so far I've been with him to London. C.ermany. New York, and Texas." DeiKinf lo rite Rhyritm of rl Meodowbrook Ortheitro IXCITING WtlKS Tt Sa ttar. II Twt Otmi DARREN mc GAVIN COMEDY bv I4ord Oh Wtt Owt7 Mar. IT-SB "A MAJORITY O ONf" rrift MOtLY PICON fed He'll Span Sea To Visit Bride SOLOIST By SHEII.AH GRAHAM Hollywood (NANA) Peter ' Sellers is flying to London on 1 Friday from Hollywood. Just 'for the weekend s journey I of 11,000 miles in 2 dsys. He u lonely for his brand -j new 21 year old bride Britt Ek- lund. They were married exactly 2 weeks ago in a little En glish town near Peter's new I country estate. The 38-year old man of s thou-; sand faces carried his petite blonde bride across the threshold in traditional style and I toasted her m champagne over j tbe candlelight that made her seem even more beautiful. It ' even did something for Peter. Three days later they were Marria Bsldwin will parted by a cruel film schedule. Bar riser st saowmc Swaltwrlaai tf naloim 'THE VICTORS" fir.I I m. I.frlkrr' J klti' jock Laaeattw svtT Matttassa "IRMA LA DOUCE Tony CwtW "SOMI LIRI IT HOT CliH RbrtM SUNDAY IN NtW YORK Hart "WHERI THI xaWopiM Mm Malts) BOYS ARC ROCK HUDSON P. PtlMTISS 'Men' Favorite Sport" turf HIDE A SEIK Nrt Wat Stw McQmh LOVt WITH THI PSOPfR STRAWS!" a "PAPA'S Of IICATI CONOITIOM- Clay n. iisioa fisht piautts be one of the Ira tared singers along with Junetta Jone. Lar-enio Albsry. J as lino Dial, and Richard Krause when the John Harms Chorus presents Bach's "St. Matthew Passien" an Sunday at S:1S P. M. at Christ Church, Ridgrwood. Adimissioa Is free. Prter flew over the Pole to Hollywood to begin his picture for Billy Wilder. "Kiss Me. Stupid" i he's beginning to wonder who's stupid), while Britt had to stay behind in London to start her film. "Around the World in My Flying Machine." That was 10 days ago. EXHIBITION 35 ORIGINAL OILS BY Prominent Serpen Comntg Artitt PAUL D. ORTLIP THURS. - FRI. MARCH Sri. A ark FRI. 7:00 Mr. Ortl . Ih "t MARCH Stti 11:00 CM. i ji hWAKAawBraaauBi Spvt w 8r"iv"iTBiiea STATE RESTAURANT SffiBS aaj Pawsj Gawt a

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