The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI.YTHEVII.l.n (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY S, 1!»50 • Game is Sought For Cliieks, Too Blythcville Players Face Strong Tecitns In Haley Field Gym the finis ami t!:e s,->'i:i'.vf. H-MIIII harriu'ond ariii'n ;ni:Js.-)i* niter 11 driy [tie-off for Chivnn;^ when they inoi'l te:iMi -- Hisrll School <\l ,<:(]•<•': ;« the Field ovninrrii'nii The f.rst ciune j is set for 7 a't Clinch J? in,« Ki'hei' -aid morllinfr. however, thilt 'here is n ee Tonight-Fired Up Sooners Want "Another Vote" Split-T Backfires on Faurot; System Bpffles Missouri 20-7 i'T (•' «iivc in the first rnniMiir.T !)(>M.V ( VI the P;m.s and C'jfirh RHblcr r"1Vfj h]? P,i|)nnsr-; after Ihr l»nt-' OhMnw li<iH<I;iv and ho will bf < <.!vi>rnrM , with their r<hv-'ir;<l conditions tn Sliaivnrr (lirls F;i i nrr<I Inmiefi :itc']y following ihe Pups' prime ConrVi [):jmin Johnson'^ Squaws, su!l srckinc their firs' victory, will t-nkf on 1> cm< K iti'SriKVi.s .r. c w;nnmi<! ri '-f! v<••- \vJin nSjir.n yr; hoys l.;tvt' shiAMi !;'»<: pu.siOiIiti girls, atir? the prospects ot thoir pot- 1 I f if I , r* i ""lied lia !-"" t * 1n ln '"^ ff: "" r L 1 Wlfflf llK "^\l? 1? The F.hawtiof siMs tuivp boon I touted -is otic of the .mromrrst toruns in the ro«rntv tlrs vmr in spitr- of the fnof th'-y hnvp lost Uvo or thrrr pn mr5. If fhe Chicks tlo not piav UMiHsht they win not src ration I'nti! Thnrs- dm 1 fifrmioon -.vhfMi OIPV cntrr the Northeast- Ai-knii 1 ^ In'-itntlonnl Tournament of Arkansas State Collece in Jcmeshoco. The Chicks pxncoteil nnd Hot tin- usual In tholr first roumf pnirlnus. dnnvinp Newark. nn Imk'ncndonre County powerhouse. Newark JR being ranked a.loim \vtth Lviin as n pos.sibte tounmment . Lynn will plnv Lenchville in roinid game- Luxora Cagers Practice; Dell Late Rally Gives Kentucky 57-53 Win; i Spivcy Scores 22 j UTTLK HOCK. ,l:in. 3 'API -It could be- thill the Ark:itKi,<; Knzor- i backs huve buried the slo'A'-bre.ik- I ina- ball-conlrol *y.;'ein ( ,f basket- ! - H.'IM.-: mill Tex Riley II i.ul in the line .slu-fe.s ::l in i;i;:c h^nle a vie hooded v.-iestler "Mr. X" Inut hut tory and They dinnsed (o a (ire-at-ivill style IB.SI nisrllt. And, while they • lost their eie.hlh same in 11 in'er- start.';, ii ivns In.o l>v tunr ! Points. S3-S1. ;uid if) n:,!i,,ji;u e.liain|ikm Ki'iiun-ky. 5-,, _- ,, __ . And the filler nl;iy. lie in^iiMii by i P lav Del! Toruoht lhR K^-" 1 " 1 ^ [r »' '>»• !:>*-. tW i ' " • * I llli.-, :s(.'H5i)ll. giive tl'e liM'hl* ;>'ti- LUXOR A, A*.. JR0 . 3 - C«n fh !!i C Sir;"',,:^ ?,' , Id n fnrnHT '.'.iiitrr.veiglit chani|>. .Sicily \V;ih;ims, in iln; trig mutch yirtorv <if rhe American Legion's Wn'Mlini! IKIIH- at Meinurinl An- diiurnim i,i4 ni'ijil. HellMs mill Rili-v. after blowing i tlli." l.i'.-vi rttilhd of tlie three fait I irkiU-h. r;t!l:ec! to rake tlie last Iv.-oJ to eliiiin rlii- victury. Tile bout vvn.s ' a riHiwh iiin ini,eiT..|iin; affair that ,u<5 liik!lili''.!iied by tlie fine ex- i Inljiti'iii tit V.'llliiinis who held tlie j u^'l'i'i'.M/iuhi t haminojishii.) of the! .I'uflcl for tiiree. years, la:i6-38. "Mr. X.'' u' wre.'-AUng style :-lio!.i:iy ifsemtllt'd that of Johnny ,. . f.'.n'lni. veieuin hcai-ysveisht, con- TJ-e Adam," s e,,on, cn,er7 ^ ! £ ' ^s" d ."""«•-,» " ' turned to the harctu-ood here ves-I ',, • r " .' , ' '•"'""'<'•- ierday after a 12 dav holirtav layoff > r , . '" "',' J 1 ,. 1 " 1 " 1 Aiv '" i: -'' s '» Coneh Adams sent his 'charecs ^ ' ""'^ ".' ' hc ' w;iv ' Kl "through two extensive drills yes- I ™' h ; ;<n f n'ovni? ali.'ac! t., slay in rerdny Bud scheduled another two ! ' ' " : " " !!IH1 "'•-• coiiditicnine drills for todav. in an ! Ketuuiks'ft tiilics! ;>nd sh<i::c.H f-ffort to rouilrT mfrn sluip: 1 for three; '^ayer.> beat Arkari^-, St V'-u-l.;o: .contests this -,veek. " U1U siiiipy, wlirj hell! rlie b.r ; | :,}„,;,- Tonicht the t.n\civan- ji^-rney to j : -'ie o.i-ki:'. ;ir'nl clinpued n ni, -idt Delt for twn ernjatjements w'i:h the i ™ ixiint.s. R-bby v/at.^on, a :i-](i L^d. Blue Devils. Tills will he tlie. third j ]xK-.")mu«l Innn |' a r -ml !i. iieennnt rc^lllrir seasonal mr-r-1 n^ of lor 20 points.. tchcol teams, with an even break stiil." Mk.iras med,-. v -,.],i m both ;h» pirb' and b(jvs' divi- ,,,,,, u !o V, u . v'.'d-if ^n T' sinus in previous einraffements. The i lui ; .„,„,'.' th ^; n ,.' ul '.:. ,'„ .,, ' "" Panthers are Tie up on both rliei f,,.-,,,.,,,, :'...,' V- " "".v r , . T^f-T^ +(l^mc >1r..l'rtl-nr r,r Hl'nl- nil... ' '" HH1I It , . 1 | I I \\ ,. eiri|>t.« Otr.ilcl llntl.seiith led Ail::i!iMi.s , |,;s iilcntily from the fans ilii a short, hoi.d that -r "illy His eye.-,, nu>e and moulli Kentucky, Indiana, LIU and Bradley Beat Stubborn Opponents Ilv Miln Kuriiell NKW YORK. Jan. 3. '.-I'. ..... four of. the nutiun's most po-Aorful baskct- t);ill teams had to come from he- huul 10 Utlcut nuiievnilftl foes lust ni^dt. PC'-ntm-ky won its sr-vpnth eamc In eiiih! Mints at Arkansas, 57-53, on little Bobby \S'atson's long shots. The r>-10 Knanl scored 120 points. Ifi in the second half lo erase a 27-L>5 Art:iiiisns halflime lead at Little Hock. At BIoornliiRton, Tndiatia's unbeaten Hooslers delated oft-beaten Michigan Stncp. (JD-50. Indiana now sports a 9-0 record, best in the Big Ten. Long Island U. flO-1), Ixfhind 1H IJUIHIS in ihe .secoiui half, rallied Ry f. T. Jl.ieKeely JACKSONVIU-S:, Pin., Jan. 3. (/fi —The split I' football -system kicked its inventor in dm teeth again. Jim Tatiini and liis Maryland Terrapins gave Don Paurot and •Missouri the latest lesson—by 20-7 —in Uie Gator Bowl yesterday. Fanrot and his team couldn't »re,il£ either of Iwo Jinxes. Tatnni like Oklahoma's Bud \Vllkln<:oi<' learned he .split T (rom Faiirnl ind now they beat him at it regularly. And Missouri is still looking for ids first bowl victory after five futile ,,r es. i Maryland wnn ycslerrtay tlirniiRh its rugceil defense and by UikiiiB ''antnRe of Missouri mistakes About 20,0(m jaw ihe game, Fanrol had advance nolice. of the Tatvrn defense. It .stacked third best in the nation through nine fall Raines. Onard Bob Ward, tackle Rav Krciisi nnd end Elmer Wint-ate were csiwlnllv rnusli to ?f .[ |, y Aluj I "e rest of Maryland's line wasn't r behind Ward played such a fine "ame snorts writers voted him the individual star of (ho B am«. it was the Urst lime a lineman has won the award. SI ininkl NliiiiM Maryland's offense fnnetinned to seore linee touchdowns after tlie defensive outfit iiit/ > reept ( . < j a MK sonri nnss and erabhed two fi'imbjes" li-ib Slifinonski ran for ( u - o of the scores and was the Terrapin..;' br^t Bronnrt earner with 72 yards in nine carriers. Ed M,,u W |e«ski K ot the R Ifr, Mil 7 la " d louehclown and Bob i>aii kir-Keo two extra points \V h Mi.^miri mistakes openi,, K >ip be eares. Maryland ha ,l only short levels lor it .s thrr-e score, After .John idxik intcrcented a Missouri pa<s and ran It 25 yard. Maryland had just II yards io'covi-r for n.s r,. st MX , >oints _ Krol . s( ,' ,, t Chet Giernla recovered Ml™,,,' finnoles to set,, p 22 and 15 yard scoring dri\es. Kit'ln Scores for 'Wi;rrji Phil Klein Missiinrl quarterback, took his team 96 yards for il.s only tout'hdou'n in tlie last two minutes of the game' He passed most of the way, the') ran the last five yards. John Giorioso kicked R seventh point. The late passing si'rge gave Mis- >ouri a slight edRc in first downs and total yards gained. Maryland \va,s woil ahead oji the ground. Most hnjiurtant. Maryland hniiR on lo the ball better and proved more alert. It recovered five Mis- 'ouri Jurnbles and inlcrr:e]ited ihree passes, Thnse Mistakes tii>i)ed the writes on a came that x even as everyone figured it be. College Cage Results Oklahoma Jeers National Rating LSU Smothered 35-0 In Sugar Bowl; Ohio State Tips California Clnirlle Jnsllrc, 37-13, In ihe Cotton ml at IJnllas, Maryland, n onc-iioliH iinilrrrtoi blunted Allssoui'l's vniiiitcd »lt, c k ivitii .stunt line pl.iy and won th» Ontnr Howl feature nl Jncksonvllls L'0-7. Close to » iinlf mHllon tun, swarmed Into bntt^lni; hancem from Tampa lo Tokyo tn wiilcll the JHMl- Tlie laruest crowd, n Hose Howl rec'oril tmnoilt of IOO.OIK), iniimed Ihe vast arena In Pjuadcn'a to KC» (the HlK Ten mnltitaln n four-year lux over the. Pacific Const, nxalnsl ill prevailing ndds. lee Howl Juni Thai , Oklahoma, led by GeorKC:Tlii;r>an and l^on Heath, nhattcreit 'fftir. niaj^ln-of-viclory record of thfi Htmar no-* I In romping to MI easy triumph. Oklahoma A. Alnl M. held ,. - - the mark with n 33-1:1 triumph Ixnilsiana KEalc. :i.S-0. forjy\crSt. Mary's In 1910. Maryland. Its defense, rated third the Ply .Ss alc d I're I.a Salle 81). U'e-lern Kentucky 113 i P" 1 ' I) QlII'Mle 55. HlltRcrs S-l I.ln «9. Miihlenbfru SB Temple fil, Sf. Josepli's 53 Indiiina r,n, Mirliienii Klate SO Uowlijllr Oreen in. Hri|:linm Ynilll!' SO 1'iva e,:'.. tnuli stale SB Wiserjiisin 50. Miinoiv Sfl I.nvola 'fliii'iicni 58. Ill nil 5j> Kenrnrkv 57. Aikansris f»3 V.':' li'i'L'lon 'St. l.onisl SS. Vall- ilcibilt 5:i Ur.illey (!S. Ohio State Hi Illinois Slate College Cti. Klrks- ville I.MOP Ti'brs 54 Finimria iKasI Htatc -17. iVrnla 'III' Cutaplllnr Ilie.sels 12 Nebraska !7. .South Dakota -10 Oi;ike fi", Detroit r>3 Iv,st GVnirnl nf Oklahoma fi5 McPhr-rson iKnsl -tfl Snut.iicn5.t('rn l.ouisiamv RR, Rprlnx O>1> niiiia 7-1. Oreaon 02 Mainline 79. Honolulu All-Ktar My Will Hrlmslcy NKW YOnic. Jan. S-Wi-' loudest dill rising frojn the > lereri Iwwls today came from throats of flred-np Oilalioinnns cliiillenuillK Notre Dame's position as the nation's No. I collcue lool- ball team "Who Is 1'ii.s Notre Dame?" "Give us another vole." These were (ho cries from the. sucar bowl at New Orleans Oklahoma's bij;, humbled Ixmlsiar..- , _. .... Hie most impressive victory of the i day. I Olilo Siaic. I!lee. Santa Clara and Maryland nailed down historic, triumphs {in other fronts bill nonn with the awesome finality of Hud Wilkinson's Kotmers. who were rated second behind the I''ii:iitin« | Iri>h in the final A-ssui'iated i're.^s ivhpr okliilinmnns strelelicil their winuiuu streak lo '.M y.uues in tun- llinL' rouyhslind rivet (he liarc-lcj;- Weti IKI>'.S Tiom tile liayous ^'ll'i three conference champi<'iis hi (tie coin lie of iin erratic ciuiipaS^ii, OHl<i -Slate provided Uic most Itniilini! lini..,|, ol Hie ilnv A 11- II coiuincr.t of ra^'<l^cd G'alKmnla In Hie HOKC /fowl on a clork-rhciil- IliK field i'l'iil. and JnliK'd wllh Santa ('Una in HT.lrUciillK t ti <' Simla Clara Heals Wildcals ' Saiila CMiirn. Ilinnvlnv; nil "iron nan" llm- ut ime o[ Die best defensive units lu the Imid. throt- tli'd Kenliii'kv'.s Wildenls. 'JI-13. Ill the Onnn:e Hi>nl "1 Miami Ki-n- turky vus n .','... pulnt Iii\-oj'ile liiie. rbc pride "t the South-vest, ranking with u mral display ol pnwer lllul smntliri I'd iN'orlll lluro- •in'hnn mid Ihe Tin- Heels' I'eU'lirutI'd best In the country KlnUstlcnll harnes-ed Mi.s.soiirl'.i attack In lh«i fialor Unwl until tlie Jlnal two minincs when the mld-westernem scored their only touchdowns a- ualnst reserves, flnb Khe.nionskl lerl the Mriiniiner.s' ground - gainini,; rind s<:orcd t'.^ Ice. In oilier Raines, Texas Western won over Georgetown. 33-SO. In the Supn Hov,-|:I''lmlda Stale beal Wof- [ord. l[)-fi. in the Cipnr Howl; Hie I/. S, Air Force triumphed over Army'.s All-Stars, 1R-M. tn the Hire How] at Tokyo. MeMurry whipped Missouri Valley, ln-13. In the Oleander Howl; Prairie View topped risk University. 27-6, In the Pralrln View Howl; Stanford downed Hawaii. 7-t-vo, In the Pineapple Hour! nt Hawaii: Xavler (O.) deleatcd Arl/ona State, 3'i-21. In the Salad Howl; and St. Vincent downed Kmory and Henry, 7-6, tn Ihe In cuntrast to these niiid-wcathrr affairs, the lee Howl K^me at Fairbanks-, Alnskn. wn.s plnycd tn 10 Inehe.s of MIOW nii<l lO-below-'/.ero lempeiiilure. Tile University of Aln.'.ka a (in 3-0, over 1-idd Air Base on n Held ttoal. lie is the secoiii) ni-«v«i ' ""'" '" lnp -^"'"d "«". rallied : r \ • ; n^rs rs: 1 rsni^'s.'^ 69 - 58 > ui ™- the '.'ti-i ^ round in 18 minutes wnh ...,„„.., '.ViDLirns tk'teiitim: Ri'ey in H min- | rj-.iih'd . Brailley drubbed Ohio State. R5- !'i. for i's tfjth victory against two ' 'Die Missouri Vflllcv five at halflime before '•'lilt a i i.I'D iuiid. Mr. X then i liaiiriin? Ohio State its second loss Jf ni'lkn.s in four minutes j m seven starts. I.aSnUe ,6-2< took Wstorn Ken- 6-31. 80-1)9. nt Philadelphia ,'- i!!l l/tniy .sl.irns and a Jiin. !!i'li-.,i.i uml Rile; beuan liieir rally and Pamhcicttes hit '.he mad nsaln " l ' ! ' l ' nj "•'"• for a pair of contents \vitl. Gnsnell. ! L'\ ;; " or Jim C'it'nrn-i ,.n i^i, 1 .-. The Pa'ulherpttes v.iil'be heavy fr.v- | :iir 'r "i:ly IS iinniiti'., inui A-k m- orites in their ynrnc. b''t t!:e Pan-; ^'s H- h:i-:l ~M!!,'d ei •'•!: i>.,: ,•.- ,n f i Dell tennis however, as tliey eliminated bath teams from the annual ,. . . ,, . Mississippi Cemity invilationnl °"' 11 " •> 1 "«']ith led Au: : mM,.s' tomnpv h,>re last month i '^' m - v '" h '•' P™"'-", wnh U. 1, Tntnorrow n'cht. the Panthers I ;, !' r ".'"' ''"'" 1 £i<!r ' : ''" li;il r "•' ;; ' 11 , jirl Vaiii (\^rriH jit Viil ilin -rfi-,i\ --..-mi,, \ '•'"•-!';-- i '.'11 t The Pa'ulherptu's will'be lieavy fr.v- j :ii orites in their mime. b"t the Pan-; ^is H ,,.,,. tl'.er,- prob.iblv will be nndrrdoes ! lf -..:ie a :i).r< acaUi&v the •att-'-Mnnmtt Pirates. .... ihe I;;-!,-']]: Telephones Are Faster Than Fire Alarm Boxes CHICAGO — M' ._ The Ir.trr- , nsti:Mial Ciiv M:ii\,;»i'i-4 As-oeia- ; '' V;: ' r '•'••'• "' ''' • <: ' '-'• !:-•••' ti'Ml pnss»= i!k.., s this re|>iirt from! SMI:.-: :tii>-..,n-- Ki'll^i! >v '.'.'•:•,-::: Onlv 1? per rent nf the (ire ' iv.-., •.:'i'i'.l,-:' '. ;.')i". "srn:''i. "->•', 1. . .: alarms there in thr 1 |j.v; f:vc vears I'K, .- •''' vere turned in on fire alarm IXIXM j T!'.i? o'll'rs were l,'i'::\.'d bv 'ele- ' -- •--- — p:*0n,-'. F;frv- i\ IKT cr-ir nf iiie 1 alarn-. f r,'..-e:veii 'hT,..'-h -.1-., b .xe, K r « ,J '. „ F £.. J r ',-,»,.,. w,':-e ('•!--•, only per i cm if : " '' '- ! : " J. t'.,!, C U-TA thru, cr,n,f in by '|,!ion«. were, "T T.-,M' *-^ K'r"'" pn-niy. ! I U I C3i>i l\G.\ y Officials Tenr-H _.-:U.!i tlie opening of tiie >eiond fall, n .JfiK'.v took Hint round in '22 niln- - I'jrf'S .'.rilri IJelka.s tlefeaunir \f r . x - :i; 15 minutes with kangaroo kicks -1 .'.IK! n (Unihle jurk knife and Rilcy ik'fi'iilet! William.- in seven niin- ii'r-s with a double iar-k knife The third fall lasted Inn seven with Kelkas . . and Temple defeated St. Joseph's 61-53. Wisconsin ra-2' opened the Biv Ten race with a 59-50 victor 1 / over Illinois n-3- at Madi.-on. Dutioesne ifi-Oi trouble whip- pini; Hinders. 59-5^. Cli, u •!<•;,• Shine. Howling Green's '1-1 1 i.-en'.'r. scored U-* p<iints in BG's in-nO '. i.rn-y over barnstorming nui i^ik'y the- -v.nneTS. RilE'y trot 'ill '.'i Mr. X In s!:»inly more'than .„.._.,.,„, .„„„» :m seconds wt ih kanaarno kick, and The lonrinB ' Columbia live de- ii ludy pin and Bell-::)-; drfealed , !eat«l in ciahl L-ames 67-48 \U,n;inis in s.-.eii mm-iie., -.;:ui aj Dr.ike .»-3. dropped Detroit. B7- -",' : '' >i "' (53. in a Mi>ioiiri Valley Conference - l:>- tin- tM',i one-full preim.inary t opener. It was Detruifs first loss of IM;:I.I I-iiIf-\ .k-ir^ir-ri i.hci marked ] the year. man in 10 niinu'.es wi'h n coiiblo ] The Washinaton Boers of Si j•' \~: ••'•'•'•'" n"" W'Ll!;:ini.. ..\,, :1 river ; Louis (ieteated Vaiiderbil! Si>-53 am: ik.j:-..-. in n minute... wuh airplane : Nebraska defeated South Dakota - "11 r T, 'i ]-.(! I11H I .-t ..T 'i,:--a.^-i'^t--iJ3ij_lti^ijL'J,l£-i»3 Round Rcbin Gets Fat ' J K • I -. r7e//ofc/e boys for paper routes. Do not apply by telephone. Sec Mr. Smith. IRiER NEWS %?'*$&**#%%t-e*- •• v A;—^^j^iirrsK^iautLi'WKa roq^s tr" /K" ? i &>* :>F"\ }> i In England | It's the Chemist Shop |j In France '! It's Hie Apothecary Shop |] In BlythcYtlle It's 1 "^"Mrv 1 " ORUG h A**^ 'n> -V &-e^ r-,-= ___7^^5a^ STORE *-**&& For Expert Prescription Service ; 7"'>;-f i ^ r ., , •| y^^ki*** |^C/;:[i) '^ ^iw^fcx.ii^^^-s.a^MS^kSi^i^M'KV.i^'- • : \ ^OPENING SOON Blythcville •-*••» = WW.S./jV >,*• " . ,s«ea.s£ i 55iiii-t«' J aa-t.^» ... cddiou \ <'nr-;\so Flowers Our Specialty WE MEAN BUSINESS! And That Means You Save $100-$700 On This USED CAR No Reasonable Offer Will Be Refused, 0 So hurry down soon. fs'n. 525— I!) 17 C' h e v r o I e I Fleet line Acrii-Kcclan loaded with e-xlnfs, brand new pninl .. .51197. No. S2-I—1!).'!!! I'lyniotilh De- Coupe, has ne%v mntur, excellent tires, radio & hent- er. ..S397. No. iSi—istB Nash rinr equipped nilh radio, lie;if- cr, spotlight, new hluc-grav painf. . ..$907. No. 3S2— Hill PoiUiac "(>" 4- dnor. has both radio ci hciitcr, black paint. . ..>5!)7. door Sedan «i(h new blue paint. . .§.V.I7. No. 503—in IS Nash "liflfl" Cltih Coupe in truly perfect condition, has overdrive, radio, healer, and seat covers . ..S1297. .\ n . 173—1912 I'lymoulh 1- dnov Sedan, if you can fix it up yourself you'll save 5200 on this price. . .$.'!f)7. No. 1S2—l<Wi DcSolo 1-rloor \villi new dark trveen paint / joh. . ..ves, only SI 17. j* No. :12n—li l'ii.ku|i, has heale No. RS.S_|«)in Ford Standard 2-door Sedan, completely re- htiilt motor, very clear, spat covers and beater. . No. (i(i(i—I!) II Clievrolcf Vi- Ton I'iflitip. . .a K"" ( li clean Itiii-k. . .5.137. No. 520—1918 U.Mr '/,-Ton Pniu-l in truly fine coiulilion -^'»- 125—l!l 12 1'ord "Six" I '/«• '' ' '1'on lonir wlicclhase Stake * * Truck. . .?ll)7. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Street "Your HASH Dealer" Blytheville, Ark.

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