The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! 17 Killed, 60 Injured As Bomb-Laden B-29 Falls PAGE FIVE Gen. Travis, Hero of WW2, Dies in Crash FAIRPIB;LD-SUISUN AIR BASE, Calif., Aug. 7. OT—Flaming gasoline and exploding bombs shattered a ajWlcd B-29 bomber into bits Sat• ay midnight, killing 17 air force men. Two others were missing and CO or more persons were Injured, some seriously. Many of the injured were Air Force personnel and their families, living in a trailer cainp only 150 feet from the scene. Bombs leveled the trailer area "like a giant had stepped on them" a witness related. Among the dead was Brig. Oen, Robert F. Travis, 45, much-dccomt- ed commander of the base, lender of the Ninth Heavy Bomber Wing here and hero of Wold War II. He was riding behind the pilot. Both the plane commander and the pilot were among eight of the 20 men aboard who escaped alive. They had made nn emergency bfllv landing. The fire nnd explosion < Two of the Injured were women, came several minutes later. I both of whom had to have shatter- n Horties Rrcovereil ptl fee <- amputated. Seventeen bodies have been re- Seven fire-fighting trucks which covered. The two missing men were ' la <i been pouring foam and carbon dioxide on the flaming wreckage were blasted into charred metal by the delayed explosions. The blast was felt 30 miles away Persons 05 miles distant, said they saw the giant cloud of flame. But the tragedy could have been Incalculably greater. If the plane had been 100 feet to the north it would have smashed into a housing area containing 200 families. If it had been a few hundred feel to the south it would have plowed into the enlisted men's barracks where several hundred slept. than a minute more. 4 Sgt. H. H. Lewis. Clay, Ky., watching as the troubled ship came swinging In on a 180-dcgree turn, said: "Suddenly it straightened out, leveled and smashed its left wing Into the. ground." There was a grinding, crushing roar. The landing gear crumpled. The big ship gouged a trench and settled In it. Its 2,000 gallons of high test gasoline spilled and fires began. The bomber carried 10 to 13 five hundred pound demolition bombs. Eye-witnesses said the bombs began to explode In 10 to 20 minutes. Sgt. Lewis said one dazed man came from the plane soon after it lilt, and . . . "I could hear men shout 'Let's get out of here. There are bombs on there'. " Trailers ISO Fro I Away Air Force families in about 50 trailers only 150 feet away tumbled out of bed. saw' the flames, picked up what they could and fleil. Some were injured by concussion. Sirens screamed. The base fire department, hospital and rescue outfits already were alerted. crew members. The four-engine aircraft crashed and exploded shortly after a takeoff for training mission. a long range The bodies of ten men who were in the plane were recovered. The other dead included three members of the base fire departmnt and a volunteer fire fighter. Three others dead were unidentified. Base headquarters said Capt. E. Q. Steffes, 28. of East Chicago. Inn.. tdi plane commander, was at the WMrols. His injuries were listed as not serious. Both inboard engines developed serious trouble as the wheels of the heavily laden bomber left the runway. The pilot told the control tower he couldn't raise his landing gear. This caused further drag. He couldn't lift the plane more than-200 feet. Loiv hiils confronted him. He tried to get back to. the runway. He almost made it—needed less Roosevelt Cites Civil Defense Plan SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 7. UP) —James Roosevelt, Democratic no- mince for governor, proposes immediate evacuation of 4.000,000 or more Catifornians from key cities in case of attack. The late president's eldest son. addressing the Democratic State Convention yesterday, charged his November opponent, Republican Oov. Earl Warren, has failed to present a definite plan for civilian defense. Then Roosevelt outlined his own program: Build evacuation areas on some of the 23,00.000 acres of federal and state land in California. At the first warning of danger, evacuate 2.500.000 from Los Angeles' meandering metropolitan area; 1.500.000 from the San Francisco-Oakland bay region, and 500,000 from San Diego, Mrs. J. P. Macaure, 408 Radiance St., New Orlcnns, La., can't imagine R person who is sick and run-down not taking HADACOL. She says she continually sings the praises of HADACOb to al! her friends. Mrs Macaure was suffering from deficiencies or Vitamins Bl, B2, Niactn and Iron, which HADACOL contains. Here Is Mrs. Macaurc'.s own statement: "I have taken at least 5 bottles of HADACOL. Before I took HADACOL I was very nervous. My family was affected, too, because I was so irritable. I tried many things to relieve my system of this nervous condition but they gave me hardly any relief at all. 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HADACOL \s that wonderful ncu- preparation—promising blessed relief for your indigestion, stomach BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITt THEATRE Open Week Days 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Last Times Today DOUBLE FEATURE Dorothy 11 D»-lovely Of Am*rka'i mo*/ famous Cover G;>(... cKfdfliT crew Murray Gains n Vote Recount OKLAHOMA Cm'. Aug. 1. (IP}-~ ohiiiton Murray gained a net 128 otes in unofficial returns from 25 ounties in the Democratic gover- or's race recount ordered by the tate supreme court. In demanding the recount—the ifst in Oklahoma's history—Wilam o. Coe asserted It would show he nomination had been stolen ''cm him In the July 25 runoff irimary. He trailed then by 1,000 'otes. The slow count goes into its third ay today. a nd likely will continue at least three more days since ach county must be supervised by a district "judge. Onli' 39 judges ire available for the 17 counties. ARRIVES IN KOREA— Troops of the U.S. Second Infantry division under Maj, Gen.. Laurence B. Keiser (above) landed with tanks, in Korea this week and sped forward to help brace shrinking allied lines. Keiser. veteran of 33 years army service, assumed command of the division at Port Lewis. Wnsh.. April 1. (AP Wire- pluito froni Department of Defense > Bridges to Bid For Freedom By Court Order SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 7. MV- Harry Bridges' lawyers will seek hi release from jail today on a wrl of habens corpus. The president of (he cro Long soremen's Union was taken into cus tody Saturday after Federal Judgr George Harris revoked Bridges $25.000 bail. Counsel for'the labor leader sai, they would ask the U.S. circuit cour of appeals for a writ of habea corpus. They also said they woiili appeal to a higher court- for hi release on bail, contending tlia Harris went beyond legal precedent ' i ordering Bridges imprisoned. Harris held Bridges to be a men ace to national security, and grant ed the Department of Justice pe tition for cancellation of ball. Th court termed Bridges "probably on of tile most cogent figures in til Communist Party in America to day." About two-thirds of the timbe cut in Japan Is burned as fuel wit about half of this amount bcin first converted into charcoal. EDSON Continued from Page 4 he general administration of Ed ward J. Dickinson, who was recently made executive officer for the joint secretaries of Army-Navy- Air Force organization. The way this fund was hancllec waS that If—say. a Swedish antiaircraft gun manufacturer necclet litiona! machine tools to earr> out a contract, the EGA-AMP group would see that the necessary priorities were given to insure delivery One other development which Ls giving EGA a bigger vole in the European rearmament picture is the Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. M;itinees Sal. & Sun. l>h. 58 wssible use of wh&t are known as 'counterpart funds" to increase arms production. When U.S. Mnrshall Plan supplies ore furnlshcrt European countries, they arc sold by their gov- ermnetils thnnifili private trade channels. Each country takes payment in Its local currency, and this money goes Into the counterpart fund. ECA has a control over how these funds are spent. In the main, they have been channeled into increasing the productive capacity for needed civilian supplies. From here on out. n greater proportion of these counterpart funds will lie employed to Increase European arms production. War Merely Changes ECA'i Character Still another shift In ECA policy has been to increase its missions in southeast Asia, so ns to help prepare that nrea against Communist aggression. Money for tills effort has come from $150.000,000 originally nllocatcrt for (he China mainland, but unspent there because of the Red conquest of Nationalist China. Congress has authorized spending of these funds In the general area of China. Thus while there has been some Inclination to write off the Marshall Plan ami bury it as a dead duck, since the Korean war broke out. the real story seems to be that It will merely change the character of the Job that ECA has been doing. ECA has built up confidence tn Kurope and It has a good reputation In Washington, among other government agencies. There have been congressional proposals that ECA be given the Job of administering the Military Assistance Program, or that it be converlctl Into a kind of economic warfare anency. Administrator Hoffman has stuck to his original Idea that ECA should be liquidated on lime, at the end of its four-year span of life. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday 'WOMAN ON PIER 13' with Laradle Day i Kobert Ryan Warner Xews A Shorts Any premature killing off of the. funds because of the Korean war age"cy. however, or slashing of its | might have a disastroui effect. 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