The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1950
Page 5
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f TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1950 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.)' COUKIKR PAGE Little Man. in U. S, is Complacent At Time When He Needs to Think IJy A. A. I'rcdrU'kson Courier News Suit! Writer Tomom>v, kiddies, Uncle Ihin-y takes (he podium atop Capitol Hill and gives us his annual preachment on the State of llie Union—a doubtlessly awesome pronouncement calculated lo diagnose Uio country's ills and prescribe some 'Democratic panacea tor Obituaries George W. Stanford/ 78, Luxora Planter, Dies; Rites to Be Tomorrow Funeral services for George Washington Stanford, 78. will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow at same. It's nice to have such n hiphly- ptaccrt individual hand (town from his political Olympus snch a rc- porl to be received—Moses-like—by the u-aiiliiR millions. Un/aritmntoly, a vast chunk of this weltering mob cnn sum up in two words what Mr. President's ftldp.s, consul*;, experts, right-hand men. left-hand men and ghostwriters have either worked into or hopefully tried to forget. The Stale of the Union? It stinks. AHuming that Mr. Trnmnn rends the papers, lie and his cohorts know what about everyone ol?e knows about this siFite. So lie probably \vi boar down on plans and pro^rsnns Aimed at straightening out some of the kinks. Tofl Mucli Complacency Most of these ideas already have lx?i"-n previewed. And most of them sine!] about as pretty as the silim- tsnns they are in tended to peifunnv Granted, many of you will promptly disagree on the two-word evaluation of the slate of nation: a man who eats regularly and has an hu.ri:>prmu on which to lay hi.s bimes is easily led to ignore ilrings om.sicje his own iiule sphere of activity. Somehow, new taxes that are probable but not yet biting the pncketbook. foreign policy fumbling In China. Washington payroll-padding, wild government spending, unions screaming lor more pay, the oceans of red Ink on government ledpers. Congressional Investigations—all seem hard to «et riled up about when the larder is full, the rent paid, the installments on the car up to date and the beer cold. Yep. when Mr. Average Individual rtnwn in Blytheville, settles down behind his evening paper (the Courier News, I hope; I've got to eat, too, yon know) most o/ the troubles on the national scene . c ecm far away: God's In His heaven, the devil's you-kHosv-wherc. Red Skel- t.on's on the radio and all's well with rhe world. That's what YOU think. Waste T * R c.v e z, Ic rt Olanct a moment longer at the headlines, Truman says new taxes are needed to help offset the current delicit, but lulls to see where governmental economy will do the snine thing without putting the bite on the taxpayer. Try lo conceive of the vast network of bureaus which have been #et up In Washington. Especially thf, one which the Hoover Commission found hnd issued one million purchase orders, each for $10 or less and each costing. $24 to write. Wonder lor a while about what I will happen when the government's artificial economic structure finally geta wobbly in the knees and topples. Government storehouses are bulging at the seams with surplus crops now and the current cotton nureage restrictions are heading the - nation hell-bent toward n like surplus of soybeans nnd whatever else is planted on land withdrawn from production of the staple. Ponder on tnc logic benmd the unions' constant howl for more pay. There's a vicious circle if ever there was one Wage increases beset price Increases nnd price increases bepet demands for more wiu;e increases and .so on. In comparison with these goings-on, the Book of Genesis reads like a copy ot "Ho-A to Live Alone and Like Tt." Consider the situation where in one man Wields such power that he CRTI raise a bushy eyebrow, growl and thereby paralyze product ion of n vital item such us coal. Cheery Little Items Offrrnl Then, too, there are the cheery little Hems Uncle Harry is trying In slam through Congress in a package ma iked "Fair Deal:" fair employment pvae tiers commission. and other civil rights theories, aid tn education, river valley authorities and more Social Security, to name a *cw. Nation's New Year's Death Toll Hits 400 the Wright Funeral Home ax Lexington, Tenn., by the Kev. A. B. Hill, pajstor of the JJaptist Church at Luxora. Mr, Stanford died party morning at the Baptist. t h By the Associated Prrss The nation's new year's holiday violent death toll passed the 4(H) mark but represented a sharp dto|i compared to the Christmas wecki total of 580, The 402 killed in nil types of violent accidents wa,s \PRS than the traffic 1 , deaths over the Cluistimis holiday. The .survey covered a prrjrxt Memphis, where be had been . „.. JJ™ J.JJ™' '«* **""* to »«<«- llcnl since December 29. nwa Monaaj. Mr. Stan'orri, a planter c.linc lo &m,,"" de-atHe- £,'£?„' •"»« *<« *" — ™™ "> in LcriugUui, Tcnn., and. lived there until moving to the Double Bridges Community, near Luxora. His wife, Mr.s. Fannie Stanford, survives him. They hud been married for 60 years. Other survivors include two daughters, Mr.s, \\>. c. Howard of Luxora and Mr.s. W. L. Hnrdin of Lexington; three sons, p. I* Stanford and H. E, Stanford of Lux or a anti G. H. Stanford of Ttit- sa. Ok In.- a sifter, Mr.s. A. K. Beas- But traflic, n* usual rturliiK a major holiday, was the big killer. tnotor mtahnps over the long weekend. Thai was 75 below the 330 predicted by the National Safely Council, in the two-day 1949 new year's holiday there were 300 violent accidental deaths, including 207 traffic nUalitle.s. ley ol Lexington; and a brother, J. P. Stanford of Tutea; .seven grand children and eight great grandchildren. Burial will be In Lexington under the direction of Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville. The Council's prediction followed Die heavy toll on the hiuhvvay.s the previous week— 113 traflic rii- tnlilie.s. The new year's Irnflic fatalities compared to the Council's fiKure.s»of an average of 85 tralfic Reds Reported Drafting Labor For Death Traps Jan. ,1— OTf— Two ftrst Gfjman newspapers said lodny i^c Hu.sMnns luive conscripted laD.OQU nu'ii for work in Die Kuxon unin- iuin mhios and that explosions in the aim (Is are Inking a lull of at- imisi 1,000 casualties .monthly. reports were published by I hi 1 tiozinhlcmokrnl, oUicinl ncw.s- liaper of the Socialist party, and the American- licensed Dor Tagwi- pKi'l. Dip Koi'hilist newspaper gave what ii called a "history" ol the iu:uilmu ininn workings riime ilu? Russians opened Ihcni In 1916 um! commented: "The system of ox- ploiuitUm 1& responsible Cor the biu'batin ilc I *Mi lion of more than 150,000 tiernuin workers, The for liiljnr rttmp.s mo the and Harshest ever ercc.ud, on Gcuna» .soil." Dor TagrsplegcTs afcounl dealt \viili [he- in I no casiiuULc.'i. It ti.ste<J (or six months: 1 ,'JS) \\f\\\\. ;j.-jfi7 wonndril to the point where cither nuns or legs had (o l>o ampiLtnted. 16,500 whose health \vii.s impaired. FRIEND OF THE FAMILY—Finlcy. the monkey, feels he has * pcrfort -Ifihl to look on as bis host friend, Krmn, gives her ptipi their dinner al McCullnuKh Park. Muncic, Ind. Finley assisted at the birth of Lvrina's youngsters. CrjC J'OfXU AT UAW-C1O HKADQUAUTKRS—Police loofc at a siuck of 39 sticks of dynamite nt a side stairway of the United Auto Workers headquarters in Detroit after the explosive puck-age had been found by two union employes. Two fuses htul burned t o within an inch or le:-:s of the explosives. Police .said the explosives, wrapped-in Christmas gift paper, failed because of a defective detonator. tAP Wircphoto), Roy Smith Proves To be Careless, Forgetful Type KANKAKEE. Til.. Jan. 3. <;n Police halted Roy Smith of Detroit us he drove into Kaukiikee yesterday afternoon and police] nan George B.jick asked him: "Where's vonr wife?" "Back there," Smith said, ing to the rear scat. Us looked, tijick looked. '1'he rear seat WAS empty. Smith reriVHed his wife was in the rcai sent v-licn he .stopped at a service station in Dwitjht, 30 miles awny. But he didn't know that while the car was being services she; went to (he rest room and Smith drove off without missing her, Mrs. Smith had telephoned Ktvn- knkee police and asked them to stop her husband. Smith drove back to Dwiyht to £cl her. Robert Ringling, Top Circus Official, Dies SARASOTA, Fla., Juil. 3. (,Y\ — Robert Edu-nrd Ringling, 52, a one time operatic star who became n top circus official, riied last night. Ht was chairman of the hoard of Ringling Rrothers and Barninn niul Hailoy Circus He Luke served as president of (lie "big top." A stroke cause a nis death. Ringlitig was Ihe son of Charles illngling. one ol the five brothers who founded Ihe "bjggMl show on earth/' He was the last surviving child of any of the founders. Aunt Jemima Dies While Enroute to N. Y. Hospital NEW YORK. Jan. 3—<>!*> -Miss Tess Gardclla, ,V2, "Aunt Jmiiiun" of the stage nml radio, died early today in an ambulance enrolltc to a hospital. Miss Gnniclla, a huge woman who weighed morn than 400 pounds. lapsed into a diabetic coma at her home last night. Her sisters' with whom she lived, called a Catholic priest and a doctor anrt the aid of six policemen wft.s required to place her in an ambulance. Miss Gardella won widespread fame as a black-face "Aunt Jemima" on the radio and in vaudeville. Tn 1936 -she won a verdict of SI 15.000 in Brooklyn Federal Court acninst the National Broadcasting Co., General Foods, Inc., and Log Cabin Products, Inc. She charged other entertainers using her prn- fe.s.siona! name were hired in her place by NBC. She been me ill n t a railroad station here ]nst Friday ciirontc to Water-bury. Conn., to fill a night club engagement. She had been a rlinltctic for a year and despite her illness she continued on to Waierbmy and staged her auL Taking This Football Thing Too Seriously MIAMI, Fin., Jan. 3. uT 1 ,—A Miami woman died yesterday afier n mix- up over tickets to the Or tinge Bnvrl football game. Detective Neil Co.ston said Mrs. I/.tcilto K. Brooks. 45. shot herself throii'jh the head .shortly after h?r ruisbaud. Henry S- Brooks, phoned wnri told her he had arranged to exchange their Orange Howl tickets fpr belter ono. tie asked her to deliver ihc tickets to a man who would cull. Coston quoted Brooks R.S .saying Ills uile may have misunderstood him and thought she world not be tiiketi to the fmitbal game. weather over much of the country' was believed to huvc been nn im- \ ])oi'tant fuel or in keeping down the ! hl(;tuvny toll. , Fire.s killed 5:i jiersons, incluiiint,' 11 whn ]ieri.shcd in u ula/i- which destroyed a farm 1 near Hems- ton, Tex. There were 94 oilier persons killed in niLsciellnneoiLs ruci- denLs. including falls, shootings, a.sphyxiation, hunting aeddonus. plane cra.she.s and otlier Listed under the nii.sL'clifineou.s dcatlts were three Indians who died after drinking alcoholic anti-freeze at a new year'.s party at the Warm Springs, Oi'e., Indian reservation. Texas, which reported GO viotciH tlcath.s over the ChrLsunii.s holiciny to lead the nation, lopped the country again over new year'.s. The 5» deaths included'30 traffic liiiiil- ities. Doctors Under Scrutiny hNDtANAJ'OLtS, Jan. 3. <flV-PA- tienU who dmi'l like wliat the dur- ii)r orders can lake their cojujdaints * HI a new urievnnce cnmniitice set | up liv ihi: liulinna State Mfdiua! I A^i^^H l ia^un. | The I'oininitter. made U|) of five pre.sldrnts of tlie JISMK La t inn, will suuiy tomphilnls iibtivK intdu-iil .sejvice nnd fee.s. The group will sift evidence and refer cases lo county met Deal MI- cieties or tlie stale iissociulirm ioi 1 acliou. Tulsans Begin To Feel Pinch of City's Bus Strike TULSA, Okln,. Jan- .1—i/ry-Titl- .siuis IoU (he Cull pimii o( a inis strike todny \\ hen \vorkcr.s huci i o vv^lk, ttititu)) lUlc.s or \viiH lor busv Reds Snipe at Catholics PRAGUE. C/.ochoslDVukia. Jan. 3. f.-l'f—The C'onunimist fcoveunnenl lias blocked Roinati Catholics from Rol»x to for Holy Vent 1 by i^fusit^ to (-rant pn.viport.s and foreign cx- elKiniic. high church sources hnid today, The coiilrollod Cwclu^lovnk Home press has denounced Holy Frisco Business Man is Planning To Become Monk RAN FRANCISCO, .Ian. 3—,'/!•,.[A SO-yeiif-oUl st:itc ortirinl anrt [ ljljHJnc.s.--iiKin . r i,(nltut up lii> Affairs t(id:iy s» he may clou llie blm..: . Kibi^ IA n jnunk, i lie is IJuiuiti II- F'u.siur, r<ir 1U I'ar.s a CitUlojutil *Uttc l>o;nd of :|LialiKiiuon oflicUl ami succcsslul lici'!tl<ir of n Local hf)\iUy .shop I ; 'i).s((!r. ulio lit-sl yc;ir otjsci vcd his Haiu lu'^iiu fnllint; fiiniiii: the rally mnnnnu iuiuis lo atJtl (o ihr cli.scoinlort. r>J ^ci'lnti^ to yet lliulr olficfs. I'hn union drivers of Die Tn!:-a | CJity Lilies wnlkctl oul fitrly Knndro, i but ihis was llio (fay the lull | lorco of the .strike -.vas Iclt '1'ln-n.-; wri.s Hll!e inrrimciuelire iltinni; the hi.litiiiy period. The drivers, mrmljers n[ Ilic Am- Kiiixulccl As.socialion nf Mixn ic | ("oid Ktrcel Cur mid Motor c'oarh Op- I erators iAKl.1. disagreed wilh Hie | clnnmr Find iiiotiasliLLMn, she |n- coinpnny over consolidation n iul el- j dii-aled. she will enter a religious .i. ordrr. ]ea\e .Saunday by ti-ain tn enter '•>i .)'>hn'.s Al>l)i\v, a Henedktine inoiui>leiy a( C<illeye\'illo r Minn. Hi.s devoted \vlfe. M;ty u. Fn.ster, iiMpr'Jvr.s of liis ded.sfott to enter the order. Her only worry Is t)i:it Minnesota weather may lie tori or her husband. If he overcomes the ri«O!,s of lininatiojs of .som? Sonic (;n,(ion pei-Mijis normally tide bnsc.s each day. A Jitney service was put Into opcrnlinn. Licenses were issued to It was nn snap decision. Fosler -said. Me imil his wife had <(is- c'lL-ocil (lie spiritual joys of religion.! .'leuhi.sum when tlieii- daughter, Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., Jan. :<- -iiPi—i USDA t -Hn?,.i 2^,500; fairly active. 2o (o 50 cents Insver than Friday's nvcraRc; hulk pood and choice 180-240 Ihs 15.SO-I6.00: top 1000 paid fnirlv freely for 180-210 ibs; 240-270 Ills H.7S- 15.50: 278-300 Ibs lUlll-IS; HO-110 Ibs 14.2i-lS.1A; must 100-130 Ibs 1H.2S- 13.75; fe\v 14.25 gout! and choice sow 400 UK down 12.25-13.00; several Inls 13/J5: heavier sows 10.50- Thc State of the Union nicsfriRp 12.00; stacs 8.50-10.50. lomoirow is slated to sue ' I Cattle ti.500: calves 1.400; open- Items another airing. Some of it I ' ns ^ Kenerally steady on sicers. lieif- will sound mo^t intrrest^nc to many. \ eis unri co'.vs and fairly active; Pensinns, b.^nnses. old aae benefits. hotisinp aid. government, aid for this, flill for that, a subsidy here, a hi«her: Rood and clioire dO to ;!.DO lower; common j S= subsidy there— they ?.!i rmmA ^nml. But hrjld on r, minute. Who'? bulls 25 vertlers rind medium vealers .steady; loads ol merihnn and trmni stecr.% •W.50-2700: few head choice 3000: stacimf this sliovv? Who's picking j common and medium heifers and lip the lab fo: nil this? j mixed yearlinys 17.00-33 00; mcd- Ooort old Jolm t}. Taxp»>Tr. Lhnt's | iurn and low j-ixirt 2:150-25.00; pood co\vs l(i 75-17.00; c<'inmon and nied- him beef cows is (10-16 50; cantiers a n rt cutlers 1^.00-15.00: medium Winter Weather Sei To Return Tonight LITTLE ROCK. Jan 3. (AP) — Winter was scheduled to return to Arkansas tonight after a new year "heat wave" that tied the Jail. 2 record for Liltle Rock yesterday. The thermometer recorded 70 degrees. Only once before, in 1897. was the temperature thai high on the second day of the year. But with a coin wave moving In snow Is predicted for Arkansas Uini^ht. accompanied by temperatures of from 15 to 25 degrees. Near frccp.inK readings arc expected in othnr sections. General rniniall was re[>orted over m«sl ol the stale yesterday. who. HP'S lonrirri with benrfit-s. but what he dor.= n't prem to know i.s I hat *)ie dou^h he's prUhiR in one linckpt is the snnv.' he took out of (he other ar.d used lo pay hi.s Kitid ot a simple character, he? Who is .John Q. Taxpayer? You. brother, yon. aurt RiMid bulls lR.n»-ln.SO; culler ^?:es. ; and common bulls 15 (10-17.50; unnd tsn't anri choice \'e:ilers 2700-37.110; common and medium 18.00-26.00. NEW »ox Opens'Week Duvj 7:0(1 p.m. Matinee Saturday A- .Sundav.s I p.m. ('out. Showin Manila, Ark. Tuesday "RUSTY'S BIRTHDAY" wifh Teil Tlnnnhlsr.n Also Shorls \Vcdncsilay & Thursday "It's a Great Feeling" with llpnnls Morgan Also .Shorts —^^HW^^«M.^^^^.^M«H^^.WB^B«^^ RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "THE CROOKED WAY' v.-ilh .Infill P.ivnfi nnil .Sonny Tufts \\'nrner Nc« Short \Vedncstlay & Thursday "ANGELS IN DISGUISE' with the Bowery Boys Ncw.s ami Comedy BLYTIIEVILUF/S ONLY A1,L W H i T E THEATRE Tiics.-\Ve(i. • 2 Hip Mils DRAMA WILD AS THE SEA! John CARROLL Also Aclion Co-Hit FIRST wi.h DOWN-DRAFT CAKH1RETOR —1932 FIRST with SELF-STARTER— IRST AUTOMATIC WINDSHIELD WIPER— Count FOR Fines* Fi RST rlRbl wilh.FOOT-CONTROt HEADLIGHT D!MM£R SWITCH Lowest FIRST with UNISTEEl RODY CONSTRUCTION —1937 FIRST with BALLOON TIRES— 1925 FIRST with »OX GIRDER FRAME-19M —Plus— 'CLUE TO ADVENTURE' SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET C 301 West Walnut Phone 578

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