The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 4, 1956 · 24
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 24

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1956
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24 THE VANCOUVER SUN: Sat, Feb. 4, 1356 SHOPPING GUIDE Penny Looked "F"-Like Once By PENNY WISE I should think that a lot of you middle-aged gals, are, like myself, thinking back to the days when WE had that "f" look, and I hope you've all decided that once was enough. I know that even if our lovely Marie Moreau hadn't come up with the good news from Paris that Fath is going to let us go on being women, regardless of Dior, I for one was going to stick out for the few curves I have, come hell, high water, Dior, and a misplaced waNtlino. Now, of course, Fath is a woman, so that accounts for her , taste in feminine lines, no doubt; but it makes me wonder what this fellow Dior has against men to have the temerity to try to flatten us gals out like undernourished neurotics, I guess it was back around 1927 or so that the fashion dictator of the day decreed that the female should be flat in front, with no hips and a waistline in the neighborhood of her thighs. Well, that was easy for me; I was a natural heaven knows, and I stayed that way for about 15 years after the other gals all ji started doing intriguing ;? things to their sweaters. ' Finally, by dint of downing a . pint of cream every day, work- ing days instead of nights, stopping doing the Charleston J (except at private parties), abandoning tennis, mountain-& climbing and running after S: busses, I achieved the plea-tf nantly plump proportions that 'c now grace my bones 37, 27, ;: 37 and I hope to keep them for 1 life, or maybe even add a half I j inch herev a wrinkle there, or a J. modicum of cushioning on the :; derriere. k l- Mind you, the young gals J today will diet like crazy to $ unsweater themselves, and I suppose the price of uplifts & will drop 236 per cent over- & night. What do we get in that line now, pray: the "V- V flattener"? What people like $ la Munroe will do, I can't $ imagine; we'll probably get G. Gavbo back, or maybe v Grace K. will give up her Prince and go on with her ; movie career, she never being one to bother about whether ;i she bulged or not, preferring to act, praise be. Insofar as the shorter skirts go, that's okay with me so long $ as they don't start featuring that most peculiar looking part of a woman the knee. I am blessed with a pair of nether j$ extremities that can withstand exposure well up the calf-line, and that is the Plimsol line insofar as legs go, I think. Vn less you're Grandma Dietrich, of course. Haven't quite the face for these new hats either, alas except a very, very large one. But somehow that hardly seems the thing to wear while sashaying around the food stores or giving the latest can-opener the once-over. Still, they're far and away better than the cloche. Can you remember that atrocity and how you felt with it pulled well down over your shingled scalp, your ears, your eyes, and two-thirds of your nose? You can probably recall the tricorn too! I never, never, never, never look askance at ANYTHING any female might choose to wear; I know it'll be only a matter of time before she gets back lo normal. Which leads me to ask; what IS normal? I know- that when I was in Russia the very few women who did appear in a hat wore something so absolutely ridiculous that I figured at first they were doing it for a joke. Then I took a look at my own hat in my hotel room, and wondered just upon whom the joke was. -I've a hunch that M. Dior Is sitting around in his crowded back room splitting his sides laughing as his scrawny 1956 models trot out on the double to startle the eyes of all the sugar daddies and their lovelies who fill his salon day after day, once the openings are over. Well, Christian, have your fun, but don't expect most of the women in Vancouver to give up their curves, their femininity, or their men. Am I right, gals? Iff READER'S PRIZE RECIPE Chocolate-Oatmeal Cookies 1 cup water 1 cup raisins 1 cup shortening a cup brown sugar a cup white sugar 3 eggs 2 cups oatmeal 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda V teaspoon cloves 1 teaspoon cinnamon Va teaspoon salt Vi package chocolate chips. Simmer raisins in water for 10 minutes, In uncovered pan. Cream shortening and sugars thoroughly. Add sifted dry ingredients alternately with raisins and liquid. Fold in chips. Drop by spoonsful onto greased cookie sheet. Bake in hot oven, 400 deg. P, lor 10 minutes or until done. Yield: 4 dozen medium cookies. (We suggest adding 1 teaspoon vanilla and 'j teaspoon nutmeg, ' too. Rolled oats can be used in place of the oatmeal. E.A.) "This wonderful recipe came from Salt Lake City. If I should be a winner you send the prize dollar to the Children's Hospital," writes Mrs. Hugh M. Atkinson, 4534 Belle-vue drive, Vancouver 8, who wins the prize dollar, awarded daily by Edith Adams of Edith Adams' Cottage, Home-makers' Service of The Vancouver Sun. NB: Stan Cook's Plan Book ($1 complete) is adapted to B.C. conditions and many are NHA-approved. Homo-graf's "69 Selected Homes" is also $1. Both are on sale in Edith Adams' Sun Cottage and may be ordered by mail. EVERY GOOD GARDEN HAS COMPOST PILE There's a good compost heap behind every fine garden. The magic formulapossible for all gardeners, at minimum expense is contained In "How to Make Compost de Luxe" (16c), a brochure written by The Sun's Gar-den Man (Tom Barber) and available at Edith Adams' Cottage. Call or send for your copy and be ready for spring. USE A PLASTIC DUSTPAN, to clean the snow from the windows of your car. It doesn't , scratch. , ! , "Bridal Gown a of. 9 , "Bridal Gown a Distinction" tUi South Granville, CH. 8025 rizona's desert mecca , .offer you tht romance of a western-style vacation on a colorful working ranch Swim in a heated poof, enjoy horseback riding In the moonlight, barbecues, golf, and many other relaxing activities. Choice accommodations and excellent food. Write or wire: 49 er's ranch, Tucson tout 3, Boh 81 1, Phon Tueton 5-001 J l or tit your Trovtl Agant YOU SAW IT IN THE SUN DOROTHY DIX 4845 . Sew-Thrihy By ANNE ADAMS Sheath-slim lines are every where this season none smar ter than this newest ensemble! Slim straight coat with collar, pocket interest curve-loving sheath dress beneath. Easy to sew in a smooth one-tone effect or stunning contrast of texture and color! Pattern 4845: Misses' Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 dress, 3 yards 54-inch; coat, 3Vs yards. To obtain this pattern semi 37c to Anne Adams, care of Edith Adams' Cottage, The Vancouver Sun. PRINT all information pattern number, size, name, address and telephone number on ONE SHEET ot napervA'lw two weeks for delivery. Or add Iflc for fast airmail delivery from Toronto. dim 'CTEO IM I BEN. Spatt. CLUB Your Horoscope MONDAY, FEB. March 21 to Anrll 30 The sort of riav that is yours to make or break. A personal pep talk, some serious thinking would help nrii 21 to Mnv 21 A beneficial period lor routine and familiar matters. Avoid lording it over the other fellow. M 11 to June 21 A betwixt' nd-between day one that holds a more attractive outlook than you may think at first. June 2S to July 33 Friendly as pects favor useful and necessary matters, research, teaching, public and government affairs. July 24 to Aug. 28 Favorable Influences especially lor those in public work, managing Institutions, groups of people, children. Aug. 24 to Sept. 3S Devote more time to improving your status now. P.M. is stimulating for personal Interests. Sept. 34 to Oct. 3S Planetary rays moderately stimulating. Coordinate your best ideas, thoughts and plans, and forge ahead determinedly. Oct. 24 to Nov. 33 Expand your thoughts and activities but only In intelligent and useful fields. Nov. 28 to Dec. 21 E n e r g y. backed by sensible thinking and reasoning, will produce much today. Dec. 33 to Jan. 30 Today needs consistent ana intelligent iouow throughs no spasmodic spurts. Jan. 21 to Feb. 10 Irritability may be rife so be on guard iest you become Involved. Avoid jiervous haste. Feb. 20 to March 30 This bene-fic duy stresses hopefulness, alertness and good common sense. YOU BORN TODAY are quick of perception and appreciate vital things. While extremely versatile, you may sometimes lack the persistence to continue enaeavors so as to reach the high achievement you could. Today's Text This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. John 8:6. Happy Birthdays FEBRUARY 5 Violet Bakker Jacqueline Martin James Halderson Terry McConvey Andrew Barr I.ian MacDonald Marliss Mclntyre Bobby Mantle Jean Nelson Leanora Neufcld Karl Nustrom Isabel Ovlngton Shirley Pauls . uavio pride YOUR BABY Parents Today Are Ditierent Job in Another Town May Help Jilted Girl DEAR MISS DIX: For six years Paul, who is 21,, mm ana was sure he loved Arlene Beswick Beryle Brassington Wayne Careless Vicki Corn borough Gary Cowell Betty Dingall Howard Donahue Fay Richardson a n uor n Man vn koss Roberta Douglas Marchien Salt Lois EmlEh Nancy Eng Nadine Flax Sally Gardner Susan Gillls Zelia Greenwood George Hacking Jack Haman David Innes Diana Jaggard Jack Jamieson Beverley Johnson iucy jung Pen Pals Teddy Scoullar George Seigler Gordon Sharp Laura Shaw Elin Slgnumdson Dennis Skaling Lome Smith Helen Stocker Gail Thompson Roy Wolden Shirley Wadswort.h Jean Wallace Mary Smith, 5 Stephens Road, Murton, Co. Durham, England is 11 and wishes pen pals. Brenda Norman. 23 Luke. Orescent, Murton, Co. Durham, England Is 13 and wishes pen pals. Judy Hood, 3"8 Marvels I.ane, Grove Park. London. S.Ii. 13. Eng land is 13 and likes roller skating and swimming. Pamela Richardson, 188 Mayes-wood Road. Grove Park. London S.E. jj is 13 and likes roller skating and swimmine. Kof Nketsiah, Box 137, Tape Coast, Gold Coast, British West Africa is 16 and wishes pen pals. Albert Sackey, G 304. Governor Howe Road, Cape Coast, Gold Coast, British West Africa is 18 and likes to exchange hankies and postcards. Mr. Shinya Nnkai. 0 Shiroyama-Cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan is 18 and is studying English in school. He wishes Canadian pen pals. William Sackey, G 804, Governor Rows Road, Cape Coast, Gold Coast, British West Africa is 19 and wishes pen pals. W393918 Dorothy Williams, 3 Platoon. L Cov. W.A.A.C. Denot. Queen Elizabeth Camp, Guildford, Surry. England Is 20 and wishes pen pals. Pet Market Good home wanted for spayed female springer spaniel, good watchdog. MA. iwi. Three kittens, housebroken, 8 weeks old, two ginger, one tortoise-shell, are looking for kind homes. ALma 0794Y. WANTED: Good country home offered to police pup. W. Watson, 648 Lome street, Kamioops. Catherine Kinpan Gerry Ward Susan Kirk-Owerj LaVerne Warner Alien ijailKCl mtiniyii .at-n Roger Leduc uoreen zeccnei Charity Mackay FEBRUARY 6 George Lowing Carol Masrlincco Valerie Matthews Darlvne Muluahlll Terry McQuillan Robert Miller Connie Milton Lewis Morrison Ernest Oates Kenneth Parsons Norma Porter By MYRTLE MEYER E LURED Probablv one of the notice able changes in the present-i Travelling," day attitudes of parents is their lack of assurance. They do not always think that they are right. j Parents of past eras had no such misgivings. They knew they were right because they were parents and they acted i accordingly. How often have you heard a modern young parent say, "I wish I ' knew what to do. I am never sure that I am acting rightly." Another marked change in the family itself is the greater co-operation of the father. It wasn't too long, ago since the father felt it beneath him to have anything to do with the children. That was the mother's task. He shouldered the obligation to see that the family enjoyed shelter and every material benefit. But he washed his hands of the children except to look at them with pride or punish them if their sins were greater than the capacity of the mother to handle. Today, as no one needs to be told, things are different. Many women work outside the home, either from necessity or choice. This makes it obvious that someone has to help with the burdens of the home and children and since domestic help is at a premium, the role falls to the father and he also sits in on disciplinary problems. It wouldn't be possible for any parent or any human to be right always. So perhaps it is all to the good that modern parents feel discouraged, feel confused and bewildered. This prevents them from being so self-satisfied as to stifle all progress and improvement. and I went together. I loved me. We planned to get married as soon as he imished college. When he finished he was offered a job in another city and took it. He came home for occasional vis its and I noticed a change in him almost immediately. After several months of this, I asked the trouble and was informed he "wanted out." I pretended to understand, and haven't seen him since. I'll never try to win him back, but my problem is how to forget him. I try to keep busy, have joined a few clubs and go out with my friends, including boys. It's been seven months and nothing interests me, D.C.. ANSWER.: How about leaving the city and getting a job elsewhere? You don't seem particularly interested in the one you have, and your family tics would permit the move. There's a book entitled "How to Get a Job that Takes You by Norman D. Ford (Harian Publications, Greenlawn, N. Y.). Excellent Position for EXPERIENCED SECRETARY in Vancouver office of national advertising agency BOX 1920, SUN or phone for appointment. PAcifie 1111 WOMAN PERSONNEL DIRECTOR To select and train female sales personnel. Excellent opportunity for use of initiative and for advancement. Experience essential. Under 45. Salary $350 $575 depending upon qualifications and experience. Reply in confidence, giving full particulars of work history, education, age, marital status, and other personal data to: Stevenson & Kellogg Ltd. Consulting Management Engineering 810 Royal Bank Bldg, Vancouver Z, B.C. ) f there are NO successful imitations Lips Arms . Legs Now Happy XioSH simple, Inexpensive method to remove unsightly hair. Its regular use helps thousands retail admiration, love, happiness. MY FREE book explains wonderful method, proves actual success. Mailed in plain envelope. Also THIAL OFFER. Write ANNETTE LANZETTE, P.O. Box 600, Dept. C-956, Toronto, Ontario. Jimmy Barr Barry Burscy Jack Cain Donna Cairns David Clue Arnold Coleman Barbara Couper Carole Creel man Edward Darby Kenny Daykin Janet Derrick Gordon Deptford Bobby Dickson Cheryl Dyck Larry Fcderspicl Bobby Filer Gloria Frame Judy Fraser Merle Froese Rita Gardner Brent Glover Alison Gordon nouglas Hall Carol Holley Linda Holmes Diane Illingworth David Jensen Barbara Johnson Vernon Kevls 2 mys to win! 2 Sets of Prizes! SINGER $125,000 SEWING CONTEST ever 1700 prizet in alll Our free leaflet, "How to Be Good Parent," may be had for stamped, self-addressed envelope and your requpst for leaflet No. 8fi. Address Myrtle Meyer Eldred in care of Edith Adams' Sun Cottage. it mrvi m Jimmy Potter Rose Pump Maurice Rivet Penny Robinson Marilyn Savage Terry Simpson Merrilee Smallenbcrg Lorraine Smith Marjorie Swain Ronny Tait Stevie Tupper Lorelei Uppgard Edward vllene Ray Warner Danhne Whltelaw Don Wilson J Adeline Kowaluk Neil Wohlgemuth Glenda Loewen Want to Sun-Ray Join the Club Print Name and Address in Capital Letters. name; ADDRESS CITY BIRTH DATE Additional Sun-Ray Features on Page 7 YEAR OF BIRTH ACADEMY of THE ARTS 3B95 W. Broadway CE. 4033 ART CLASSES Start at the Academy Tue. eve., Feb. 7, at 7:30 p.m. LADIES' L 0RTHOPAEDICALLY designed Walking and Houi : SHOES PIERRE PARIS and SONS 51 W. HASTINCS 2nd Grand Prize . 3rd Grand Prize . 4th Grand Prize . 5th Grand Prize . 6th through ' 10th Grand Prize. , .110,000 in cash , . $5,000 in cash . . $2,000 in cash ..$1,000 in cash , $500 in Cash P0S- r 33 Regional 1st and 2nd Prizes 1600 tecel Prizes WIN a m? , ro tufion m two with the iNOrda you wrtfai (or $2,500 irt cash; 2nd Prize Twe-week vacation for two in Bermuda - ar $1,000 in cash 3rd Prize - $500 in cash 4th Prize - $250 in cash 5th through 10th Prizes-$100 in cash org SINGER 99 Portable ENTER NOW Get Compter. Rules and Entry Blank S1NCER I SEWING CENTER 558 Granville St. 409 W. Hastings St. 2115 W. 41st 3996 E. Hastings NANAIMO ' 215 Commercial St. WEST VANCOUVER 687 Mtlrlne Dr. NEW WESTMINSTER 419 Columbia St. VICTORIA 726 Yates St. FEBRUARY CLEARANCE SALE Furniture, Fabrics Etc,. Many items as low as Vi Price Exclusive Interiors Ltd. 3135 Granville St. . . damp and cold got you down? . . . then why not winter vacation at CO CO C0BANA GUEST RANCH Palm Springs Calif. It costs less than you think to relax in the sun at beautiful Palm Springs. Average temperature 75. Brand new guest house heated swimming pool. Studio and 1 -bedroom apartments with Youngstown kitchens in color .individual car ports. Only 3 miles from the heart of town overlooking the city. Quiet and relaxing. 2 blocks south off Highway 111, East of Smoke Tree Ranch. Phone 9104. Plan on a win ter vactation in the sun NOW! CO CO COBANA GUEST RANCH mi Arahy Drive PALM SPRINGS California ECONOMICAL -CLEAN SILENT -ODORLESS Attractive glass panels maintain individually controlled heat in each room. Installed anywhere in B.C. by local Electrical Contractors. V"Gnoranttiby V 1 6od HoB3keplnf NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH 3 YEARS TO VAX COMPARE THESE COSTS! Whole year's electrical heating lor Mr. anrt Mrs. R, J. Ilallhide, whose home is pictured above. Total year's billing $326.60 Year's cost of domestic load, cooking, not water, lighting, etc $131.70 One year's cost of heating with CLASSHEAT SYSTEM $94.90 Bills on file with B.C. Electric Mail this coupon today without any obligation for full information or phone BAyview 1106. Nights 0'66L. B.C. GLASSHEAT LTD., 1519 W. Broadway Vancouver 9, B.C. Flease send me full Information about GLASSHEAT NAME ADDRESS CITY PHONE Li CITY WOMEN'S EDITOR what's new in the world of women? what are the new fashion trends? what's doing in food? who's who in women's work? news of women and for women news while it's new at the dawn of each day is the function of The Vancouver Herald's women's news department . . . a larger staff and increased scope have been provided that department, ladies, here are the writers behind the bylines of EDITH McCONXELL MUBKAY Practical newspaper experience In Vancouver, including two previous editorships, has been supplemented by special writing of feature, fashion and shopping articles. Two years of fashion publicity in Hollywood preceded her "Let's Go Shopping" column. . ..Women's World SHOPPING CLUBS FEATURES FOOD v HELEJf McCBATH From Newfoundland via the University of British Columbia, where she-graduated In social sciences, Miss McGrath brings a broadly-varied background to her work In The Herald's women's news department. SHIRLEY GODFREY Vancouver-born and educated Shlrlev Godfrey is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, where she majored in social sciences. Mrs. Godfrey will keep readers up to date with the many activities of women's club life. JANET DOLMAN The B.C.-born daughter of a pioneer Pacific coast family has been for two years a member of The Herald's women's news department, and attended University of B.C. Her women's news specialties are feature stories and photography. RITA SPICER "Cooking Is Fun" is both her slogan and the title of her daily cooking column in the new women's news pages of The Herald. Her recipes are those she has personally put to the test in her own kitchen. FIRST Ihl THE BAY - FIRST IN EVERY WAY Enjoy breakfast 'Vancouver Style' with The Vancouver Herald BRITISH COLUMBIA'S LARGEST MORNING NEWSPAPER I

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