Vermont Watchman and State Journal from Montpelier, Vermont on December 27, 1836 · 4
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Vermont Watchman and State Journal from Montpelier, Vermont · 4

Montpelier, Vermont
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1836
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- ifat the" Watchman end State Journal. Remkrii on tkt importmei 0 State Institutions far tkt qualification 0 Bttmmntrt, It may bo hoped that the importance of the idieet will redeem the following observations from eetire ncgiecu u i on v-- oat, thai a government, whose constitution re-..:. Hie rational freedom of its subjects. - .k ,1A knnn for nernetuitv. tvitho'U a due en- . ..imminent nf nratlical education, than that ". one should attempt :o lift himself up by pulling ' " at his own boot-straps, v Free government is, emphatically, one that emanates from the people, for the people's benefit and the only one which human icason - mm find nrmimcnts to ill-tifv. That government which is not adapted to promote, equally, the interests of all, is dis- carded by nature's impartiality, as an insult to Tier beneficence. It lacks an indiapensible attribute of good government ; that of promo ting the highest good of the reatest possible number. - - - t , The necessity in which letrislation origin atcs, together with the indtfiiriitc peculiarities and defects or human character ana circum. stihees. subicct it. somewhat, to the modifies. tions of expediency. A spirit of local legislation and the institution of monopolies, can, : however, searcely be indulged with impunity -". to national prosperity. ' The only true principle of legislation is, to . adopt its entire population as wards of its be-ni6cent guardianship, looking to the people's weal for testimony to ils usefulness, and to 'the commendation of posterity for the consuuv mstinn of its elorv. . Political education should not, therefore, consist of, merely, the chronology or the an 'eedotea of history, but of a thorough acquain tancewith the physjeal, moral and intellectual rharaetAi of man. as displayed in the va. rious relations he hear.1 his, fellow man. . Unnce the individual, who has not been dis ciplincd to profound reflection, upon human character and habits, is as unqualified fur legislation as he, who il yet ignorant of the pri-mative clement of arithmetic, is to apprehend the geometrical theorems of Euclid. Necessity or accident may have wrortght out a nation's freedom: but it can be prescrv- .,! nnlti. liv tho diffusion ami ne its citizens, nf that degree of practical edncation which shall vnahle them to appreciate its value. .. Virtue prepares man to relish the means of rational felicity, whilst education atone ena-nlcs him to distinguish tho genuine from the spurious. Even piety, itself, with all its re puted excellence, unaiual oy science, oegen crates to the most contemptible superstition. In fine, education not only contributes to the success of temporal enterprise, the elevation of moral charactci and tho improvement of human happiness, but is, apparently, in-dispensible to a felicitous appreciation of the glories ol a luture state. , What higher Fulijcct, thereforo, presents it. aelf to human contemplation than that of in tellectual culture that which bat beckoned mankind, Hep by step, from pagan iJolatty -and Jewish superstition, to the happy recognition of the illuminating and eali'lary principles of the gospel of peace. That which has re claimed our reverence from the basest pagan pro'titution, to its snhlimo association in the wonhi? of the diviuo Redeemer 7 And here the question importunately obtrudes itself: What has been, hitherto, accomplished, in our own country, by legislative patronage towards elevating the characteror improving the model of common school education 7 Will that legislator who has, upon this sub ject, been vehement in suggesting and urging measures of reform j and v, ho lias been most sanguine in his auguries and Ins hopes, with, hold, still, hit acknowledgement of total dis. appointment ; or attempt to sustain the sanity ot his reveries by a shameless allusion to antecedent legislative puerility? Will not every r fleeting Individual in whom conscientiousness predominates over adhesiveness, or frankness over dogmatism, lend hia voice tn'the general dissent from the utility of past legislation ; and point, indignantly, to the present illiterate slate of society, as an irrepressible evidence of the accuracy of hit o-4!rion. Fundi have been created hy charter reservation, and especial legislative enactments, which have been squandered with the mockery of utility. Notwithstanding our laws, relative to the the expenditure of school-funds, fiave required an imposing formality in their execution, indicative of tho deepest jealousy of the wisdom and integrity of tlio people, yet they have hern so imbecile iu their character, and so inefficient in their operation, that waste has been, neatly, eo'uruensuralc with I he amount of receipts. Has not the zeal of the warmest odvccalcs nf refurm, been cooled, at length, to the tero f iiidiftv-rcncc, from a consciousness of the entire failure of their most hopeful prospects: . and has not legislation, despairing of success, finally, anhandoned tho subject to ignorance and chance 1 Mature, in the creation of the human race has peremptorily declared that reason is not an instinct, bat an acquisition, but having still rendered it indispenrible to the consummation of herp'irpuso: is it not sacrilege to charge her with delinquency, in tho adaptation of means for its attainment? No gift of second sight seems to bo required lo prognosticate the regression ol human character, in the absence of unremitted cultivation. Means, therefore, adequate to the desired i ff el, should he sought for with the ml 'of inquisition and adopted with the avidity of parsimony. Wlnt, theo, constitutes the pivot rn which has, hitlicitn, revolved this systrm of legislative imbecility ? Is it deficiency of pecuniary resources, or misapprcheniion'ofa judicious mode of application. ? In the infancy of our local settlements, the former may hare beon an (Oiciont obstacle to tin surcoasful prosecution of common school education. Tho proverbial enterprise of the Ameriean, has, lmwever, long since, obviated this ohjer'inn, throughout tho early populated portion of our country, wail tho western pioneer lint been sharply pursued by mtiltilnilin ous emigration, competence and wiallh during most of the period which has elapsed since the establishment or our political independence. The latter, lien, would seem to be particularly implicated in die failure of our past r. rejects. At least, the subject presents itsielf, as not altorcthc.- unworthy of diecussion. And lo him, who weitld maintain the wisdom of past provisions, ihe contest is not only open, but the gauntlet thrown. In conclusion of these preliminaries, Ihe sentiment may he advanced without the far . of contradiction, that competent qualifications, in M'honlinastere, are indispensablo to successful instruction. Koine discrepancy of opinion existing, only, upon the subject of rompeicn- ' cy, itsolf. This includes, in its d. finition, not merely ihe attainment of what tha student is expected to as taught, hut every thing which, nn the part of the teachers, may facilitate com. monies 1 in. No teacher, therefore, at lent of rudinvMal acinic, should be considered e.nm. petnnliy qnalifiod, unices hii acquisitions, very rini.rloMblj, exceed what ha if required to commmicete. That tha eonn'rv has aver heen very imperfectly supplied with competent leacheis ia a truth, much less humiliating thin that no attempt, whatever, has, hitherto, been made to remedy the delect. Colleges and academies have given pledgee, iipoo th 1 subject, which have been but illy re-doomed, Jf0r ,ouJd it ever be expected that Ibsy will nrtet tlit tiocesrities of community, while the few graduates who possess genius and enterprizs are called, Is higher honors and compensation, by tho learned professioni of our country. 1 he poverty ol reputation and wages, heretofore, attached to school teaching, in New-England, though, perhaps, equivalent to its deserts, will infallibly render high academical or collegiate acquirements, altogether unavailable in Ihe business of common school instruction, where, more than in any other case, the public inlcreat requires them. The question, then, recurs, upon the subject of a remedy for Ihe universal evil of incompetency in schoolteachers, which is not likely lo be realized from anv oihcr project Ihan that of the institution of public seminaries, liberally endowed, upon the principle of gratuitous instruction, and judiciously conducted, as governmental engine. Willi these, our nation may soon realise the character which its egotism has, fictitiously, assumed, and, silting on a political and literary eminence, it may beckon, alike, both the Hottentot and the Briton to come up lo a participation of the honors and felicities of intellectual ascendency. -(To be continued.) - SENATOR FROM OHIO. It is well known that the Tories in Ohio have resolved to defeat, if possible, the reelection nf Thomas Etving 10 the U. S. Senate. The subjoined proceedings of Ihe Legislature nn the subject will be rea l with interest. Bost. Atlas. A resolution was parsed by ihe Senale by a parly vole, proposing lo the House of Representatives 10 meet 011 the IO1I1 insi. and chouse the Senator hy joint ballot ol both houses. On the receipt of the resolution hy ihe House, Mr. Kelly moved lo amend it as follows : Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, ilial Ihe mcmliers be-Ion ins 10 the pariv, self-styled democrat ic party) otherwise known as the Van Bu-ren party, shall meet in secret conclave at the place usually known as the Tin-pan, or such oilier secret place as 'liey may agree upon, on t rnlay night next, between the hours ol seven and eleven in the evening, . ml then, and there, in accordance with the "usages ol said parly," designate, deter mine nn, and decree, who shall lie the Senator in the Congress ol the United S'ates, lo supply the place of Ihe Honora ble I liomas kwing, whose term of servt will expire on the 4ih ol March next ; and that all the members oi said partv, (accord' ing to the usages Ihereol.) be bound by said decree, Hut as the laws or the land require lhat said decree shall be registered in a joint meeting o,' the members of both houses of the General Assembly; and as the constitution of llis slate requires that two thirds of Ihe members of each branch shall be present to constitute a quorum ; and whereas the said party unforiuna ely does not include, within ils folds, two thirds of the members in either branch ; iliereiore, Resolved, Thai llie'whig members of Ibis General Assembly be required to be present at such meeting of both branches, not for ihe purpose nl having any voice in the tie lection of said Senator lo Congress, but for the sole and only purpose of constituting tne necessary quorum, in order to register and give legal and binding effect to the said decree of the most august conclave of the Tin-pan." A long, irregular, an-1 somewhat exciting neoaie ensued, to wdic'i but little mercy wai shown to the practice ofTin-nanninc. and wincn was not concluded until some lime after Ihe expiration of the usual hour 01 adjournment. 1 liose who DarticiDated in II, were Messrs. Kelly, Chambers, Mc-Nuit, Hughes, Bigger, and Cushion-, who aniy and xeaiousiy nppoued the resolution uuiu 111c ociiaic, miu uuiuiyuu 111 Birunir and glowing colors, the ami-republican ten dency ol the caucus system, when brought to bear upon the elections by the Legislature ; and Messrs. Patterson, Humphreys, Walton, and Hubbard, who lalioted lode- lend it, and to show the necessity ot pro ceeding 10 the choice of a Senator without delay. In the course ol Ihe discussion, a minimi was made lo amend ihe resolution, mi as to postpone the election until the 17th 1111. mid w.-is negatived by a sirxl party vole veas 3 i, nave 37 and sundry ma- lion to adjourn by a vote of 38 to 36. A motion made by Mr. Bigger to postpone 1 lie further consideration of'ibe subject un- ihe hrst Saturday 111 January next, was likewise rejected. in Hits position (he matter stood at the last accounts from Columbus. The fol'owinif reium anriean on the back of an execution issued by a justice not far from this place ; the execution, it will be recollected commands the constable to levy the debt and costs nn Ihe ponds and chattels of defendant, bill for wutitol sufficient dis tress to lake the body lo the mil of the Co. fTioffa Gaz. "Went to house of defendant and found to nron. rty, but there beins; sufficieol dirlrets in the family, I did not lake the body to jail, 00 answers 1.. Coiirtaofc." All honor the worthy functionary, of whme lint worthy anecdote ia lold. If his return nn the writ was intended as 1 jue-dciMiin, ihere never was a belter; if ii ....... ... . 1 - 1 . . f , 1 iniur 111 pure eunpiiciiy .01 neari ami misapprehension of the technical law term, it aiMNik Volumes in testimony nf hia ire n. tie ami companionate nature N. York Conum-rcinl, The County Conn commenced ils first ses sion in Lamoillu county, at Hjdepark. on 1.... ?... i ... 1 ur.uur 101,1, 4uugn iioyce, presiding. Mevr L. I. Poland, P, Hunloon. and A. II. Fuller, wore admitted lo prailics as attorneys in ram county. MARRIED. In Middlebnry, Mr Janu s .1 Lansdnn, of mis piece, 10 rtiiss Lucy Uowcn, ol ftlid.ilcbu At Norll.fMil, Mr. George lvnde 10 Miss Lucrelia Uich. HtVrf, In Berlin, Slat iuit. Mr. Jona. Ayrc, i"fd shout 73. e In Cabot, on lhcl9th insi. Mrs, F.gdrr ion, need 52 year. NEW GOODS-MORE GOODS! IAMBS, PALMK.R and Co., at tt.e New Cheap Store, have jot reccm-d, a new aupply of WINTER GOODS; iheir friend and all who wish fur Good liar, jjnins, tre invited In call. December S3, 1856. CoksWe Cetmfy Young .Yin's Terny-trancl i'Mifty. TIME Annual Mealing wi'l b held at ihe 'meeting houit on St. Johuibnry l'luin, on Tuesday, Jan. Id, 137, at 10 oMock, A. M. precisely. By o'dcf of Executive Cnmmitle, 71 J. P. FAIRBANKS, See'y. The annual meeting of the Middlesex Temperance Society, will be holdtn at the meet-ing house on the river, on the first Monday in January, 1837, two o'clock P. M. A general attendance is requested, -v.' DEXTER WELLS, Secretary. Middlesex, Dec. 24, 1836. - NEWS-CARRIER ! ! . TO THE NORTH 1 1 1 THE publishers of the Watehman and Journal have em ployed Mr. Volney Fleicher to distribute papers from Mon'pe-Iier to Stanstead, through the towns ol Calais, Woodbury Hardwirlt, Greensboro', Glover, Barton, Browningnin; Salem and Derby ; reluming through Coventry, Iras-burg, Albany, Craftsbury. Wolcotl, Elmore and Worcester to Mbnipelter, once a week. All business, errands, fee. entrusted to his care will be faithfully Irans-acted on liberal terms, for prompt piiy. People in toiVns adjacent to ihe route can be supplied! regularly vVilb ihe Watchman and Journal, on leaving their names and residence with the carrier, or with any one. of our agents in the several towns through which the carrier passess. He will have a supply of bookn, blanks, and nlationary for those who may want tbem, or will supply such as may be ordered. All communications and advertisements tor ihe Watchman and Journal, left with the carrier, cr with agents on this route, will be conveyed lo (he office free of expense. AGENTS. Calaii, Z. Bliss, Jedediah Fay. Woodbury Z. Putnam. Lamoille eifage Phineas Dodge. . inTdwicfc-Mr. Shepard, V. Warner. Greensboro' Geo. k. Morey. Glover E. B. Simons, John Crane, jr. Brouinineton E. G.Sirong, A.Siewurl. Salem Sam'l Blake, N. Hnpkinson. Derby C. Carpenter, A. Manson, J. H. Prentiss. Der&u Line A. Gavlord. Stanstead John Chamberlain. ' Coventru E. Cleveland, A, M. Smith. Lasburgh Chs.W. Prentiss. Geo. Nye. Albany Washington Martin, Levi War ren. Craftsbury Augustus Young. J. Paddock. Woleott Nathaniel Jones, Porter Crane JUmore Lyman Dodge. Worcester Milton Brown. ANNUALS! ANNUALS ! ! Friendship's Offering, (London Edition )) Token ; Gift; Religious Souvenir j Pearl ; Boston Boo, &c. &c For sale by E. P. WALTOK k SON. ALSO, Walton's Vt. Register. STATE OF VERMONT. Oramre County, as, To the honorable Supreme Court of Judi cature, next to be holden at Chelsea within and for the County of Orange on the fifth Xuesday next alter the fourth Tuesday of January, A. V. IS36. Humbly Sheweili Talitha Fox of Wil- liamstowo, in the county nl Uranse, and Sta'e of Vermont that at said William?- lown, on the 8th day of November, A. D, I8S0, she was lawfully married to Conroy Fox, then ol Glover in the county of Orleans, and Slate of Vermont: now of Low el, in ihe commonwealth o1 Massachusetts hy the Rev. Joel Davis.-minister of Ihe Gospel, ol said W illiamslown, who wasdu-ly authorised lo solemnize marriages ac cording to the statute laws of Ihe Slate, and from Hint lime to the oih ol JMovemher, A D. 1SS2, she lived With the said Conroy Fox in ihe strict observance of ihe dolus require i1 by the marriage contract ud covenantwhen the said Conroy Fox, lo wil : on said 81 h day of November, A. D. 1832, wilful y deserted your pelilionf r, and did then and there, and ever since, haib relused lo allnru your petitioner any a." sistance or support Jvlistcver; and vmf petitioner luriher charges, that while she lived with (he said Conroy Fox as afore said, he, the eaiil Conroy, treated her with intolerable severity by abusive language, bv beating her, and by refusing to provtd necessaries for her, either in sickness or in health. And your petitioner further char ges lhat Ihe saut Conroy, after his mar riage with ihe said Talitha, committed the crime nf adultery. All which doings ol the said Conroy Fox are wholly unauthorised, and without any cause or provocation on lite part ol your petitioner; and your pe ntioner lurtlicrsnvs, that she hath, since said 8th day of Nor. A. D. 1832, been ob liged la rely fur a meagre and precarious support ami suhsistance upon her own per sonal labor and the charity of her friends. Your petitioner, therefore, humbly prays his honorable court, (hat the bonds ot ma irimony between her and the said Cunrnv Fox may be dissolved, and bill of di vorce granted her, and that ahe may be re stored 10 all things which she has lott hy reason or her intermarriage with the said Conroy Fox. As in duty hound will ever pray. TALITHA FOX. Dated at Chelea, Ihw22l I day of December, A. D. 1835. J m. Upham, Att'y lor lalnha Fox. ORANGE COUNTY. March Term, Sup. Court, A. D. 1838. It not appearing lhat the above intnied Conroy Fox, peii'ionee, baa bad personal notice ot Ihe pendency ol Hie aliove petition, ii is ordered by the court thai the pe-1 loner give notice thereof to the acid Conroy by publishing the 8:1 id p-litiun and ibis order three weeks sue finsively in ihe Vermont Wairhman an-' State Journa', pub lished nt Montpelier, in the county of ashitigtoti, the last ol which In be at least three weeks before the next term ol t is court, to be holden at Chelsea in said eotiniy.mi ihe fifth Tuenlay next after ll e lourth ruesdiy of January, in the year A. D. 1837 that the ani.I C-inrny may ap pear at sail lasl mentioned Term, ami object to ihe same, if he nee rause. Bv ihf Court. J. W.D. PARKER, Clrtk, Sop. Co. A true copy nf tu original pciiiioit and order. Attest, J. W. D.Pai ra, Clerk, Sup, Court. fUMK into the enrbwure of the Suh- serili-'ra about the first nf Den. two yearling Mare c dt one a bay and the other a sorrel color, with liifht' mart? and tail. The owner it rroiieetnl to prove properly, pav chnrgi-e and inkelhi'in away. " NAT. DAVIS k SON." Berlin, Dee. 19, 193& . SCHOOL BOOKS. EP. WALTON & SON have received and off.r for aale tho following School Books : The American First Class Book, or Exercises in Reading and Recitation. Worcester's Fourth Book for Reading, with Lessons and Instructions. ' Historical Readers, Nutionul do. - t :, First Class Readers, Second do. do. ' Third do. do. Smith's Geography ard Olncya's do. Attas. 'AO. Malte Brun's do. Woodbridge's do. W'oodbridge's and Willard's do. Peter Purley'a Geography. Geography and HUtory of Vermont. Smith's Arithmetic. . Adam's do. -Colborne's do. ? Thompson's do. ComstdckV Philosophy. " " Chemistry. Blake's do. . Vose's Astronomy. Chemical Reader. Brinsmaid'a Geography for Children. ; ' First Book gf History. Second do. Third do. Fourth do. Smith's Grammar, Murry'i do. Kiikham's do. . Progressive Reader. History of the United States. Watts on the Mind. . Abercrombie's Intellectual Powers. Webster's Dictionary. .. Worcester's do. Walker'a do. Writing Books, &c. Webster's Spelling Book. Marshall's do, do. National do. do. " Turner's Chemistry. Thompson's Botany. ... Comstock's do. Comitock's Minerology. ' -dn. Geology. Worcester's First Book for Reading and Spelling. 2d 3d 4th 00. 00. do. do. do. ' do. E. P. WALTON. Montpclicf, Dec, 15, 183d. NOTICE 13 hereby given, lhat I have sold my son Win, N. Martin his lime, to act and trade for himself, and shall claim none of his wages nor pay any delta of bis contracting after'lhis date. VINE MARTIN. Brookficld, August 15, 1836. 73:3w NOTICE is hereby given, that I have given my two sons, Byron N. McKinatry, and James M.McKinstry, their time during the remainder of their minority, to trade and act for themselves, and shall not claim their earnings, nor pay any debts of their contracting after this date. G EO. McKlN5TRY. Hydepark, Dec. 7, 1836. 73 MUSIC ! I MUSIC II! NATIONAL Church Harmony Handel and Hayden, The Choir j Boston Academy. Just received, and for sale by E. P. WALTON k SON. Montpelier, Dec. 9, 1836. NOW IS THE TIME ! milE Subscriber offers lor sale his FARM, X beautifully situated on the banks of the Connecticut river, in the town ot mrnana, in ha eooniv or Windsor, and Slate of Vermont, containing One Hundred and Thirty Acres of excellent land in a state of good cultivation ; sixty acres of which is intervale. The buildings are large, well finished, and in good re. pair ; the fences are good, and this farm will produce aa much corn and frain, and feed as much stock as any farm of its siio in Ihe vicinity. For further particulars come and see the Farm, and the owner on the premises. HARVEY CHASE. -North Hartland, Dec. 16, 1836. 73 STATE OF VERMONT. Washington District, ft. In Probate Court, holden at Alontpclier, with-in and for said district, hc thirteenth day of Doccmhcr, A. D. 193b. ELIZABETH Claik, cjecatiii of the last will and testament of Joseph Clark, late of Duzbitry, hi said district, deceased, presents her administration account for settlement WHEREUPON, it is nnisred, that the same be rt-fericd to the third da' of Januaiy next, al the Probate Office in Montpelier, in said Dislirct. for examination and allowance, and that all concerned be notified hereof by pub lication of this order in the Vermont Watchman and State Journal, printed al Montpelier, three weeks successively, as sonn as may be, lhat they may appear, if they see cause, at taid time and place, and object thereto. By the Court, 73 J. LOOMIS, Register. STATE OF VERMONT. Diatrict ofRaudulph, ss. At a Probate Court holdon at Chelsea, within and for said district, on Ihe Old day of Dec. A. D. 1 836. Present, the hon. JOHN W. SMITH, Judge. AN Instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Daniel Merlin, late of Williemstown, in said District, deceased, being presented to the Court here by Luther M. Martin, the executor therein named, for probate : il is ordered by said Cuurl, that all persons concerned therein, bo notified lo appear at a session of said court, to be holden at the probate office in said Chelsea, on 2nd Wednesday of January next, and thow cause, if any they may have, ajmntt tho probate of 'aid.will, for which purpose it is further or dered, lhat a copy of Ihe record of this on er be published Ihreo weeks successively in the Wetehman and State Journal print. ed at Monlpelier, as roon as may be. A true ropy of record. 73 AtlcsL JOHN W. SMITH, Judge. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby giyen to the creditors of Ihe estate of Samuel Kimball, lale of Wi Iianirtnwn. in the County of Orante. and State of Vermont, deceased, n presented in solvent,' that nine months ftom the filth day of December Instant, has been allowed by the hon, Probata Court for ihe District of Ran dolph, lu make aale of Ihe goods and estate of tliu said deceased, lor tho payment 01 the debt due from said estale. And if any rlaiinant shall ni gleet In demand of the adminhlralnr his share within two ytara afW the c.tpiralion if the abovcmenltoiied lime, nc or ah will be forever barred. . . SAMUEL KIMBALL, Admiiiisiiator. Willisrmtown, Dec. 6, 1E36. 73 NEW BOOKS. THE Path nf Pesos the Young Mother, Pastor's Daughter ; Memniials nf Mrs, Hemsnt; tha Desullsry Mm j Flora's hilar prater.- Just received and Kir ssls by U, I', W ALTUIN (L SUN. NATH'L. PIPER'S ESTATE. - WE, the Subscribers, being appointed by (he Hon.. the Probate Court lor the diatrict of Orleans, comissioners to receive, examine, and adjust all claims and demands of all persons, against the estate nfNathaniel Piper, lale of Morgan, in said district, represented insolvent, and aisn all claims & demand exhibited in offset thereto; and 6 months from Ihe 25th diiyofNov. lasl, being allowed by said court friV lhat purpose, we do therelbre, hereby give Notice, that we will attend lo the business of our appointment, at the dwelling house of Ira Leavens in said Morgan, on the fourth Tuesdays of February and May next, from one o'clock P. M. until five o'clock P. M. on each of said days. IRA LEAVENS " ?rh, , CHAS. CUMMINGS. J uomm r " Morgan, Dec. 12, 1836. NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby givtn that I have civeii my son, WILLIAM BATCH-ELDDR, his lime from and after this date, and that I shall claim none of his ear-' nings, or pay and debts of his contracting, this date. NATH'L. BATCH ELDER. Berlin, Dec. 20, 1836. STATE OF VERMONT. District of Randolph, ts, The Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Randolph, to all persons concerned in the estate of Elizabeth Smith, late of Chelsea, deceased, intestate, Greeting. WHEREAS, David Goodwin, administrator of the estale of Ihe said deceased, proposes lo render art aecount of bis administration, and1 present his account against said estate for allowance, at the Probate Court to be holden at the Probate office in Chelsea in said district, on the 2nd Wednesday of January next: Thorcfore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court, at the time and place aforesaid, to chow cause, if any you have, why the said accuunt should not be allowed. Given under my hand & the acal of said court, at Chelsea, in said district, this 9th day of December, A. D. 1836. 73 JOHN W. SMITH, Judge. IRA OWEV'S ESTATE. THE Subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for the district of Washington, commissioners to receive, examine, and adjust, all claims and demands of all persons, against the Estale of Ira Owen, late of Montpelier, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and the term of six months from the 18th day of November in3t. is allowed by said court, to the creditors of said deceased, to exhibit and prove their respective claims before us do give notice that we will attend to the duties of our appointment at the dwelling-house of widow Harriet M. Owen in Montpelier. in said district, on the last Wednesday of December and March next, at 9 o'clock, forenoon, on each of said days. WILLIAM W. CADWELL, ( SAMUEL B. PRENTISS, ) ( Comm'srs. Kov. 21, A. V. 1836. Probate Courts. STATE OF VERMONT. ) CJTA TED District of Orleans, ss. ( O sessions of Ihe Probate Court within and for the District ot Orleans, will he holden the ensuing year at the Probtfe Office, in Iraaburgh, on the eecond Wednesday of each month, commencing the second Wednoday of December inst, and it is ordered by said Court that this notice be published in the Vermont Watchman and State Journal, three weeks successively as soon as may be. CiEO. NYE, Register. Irashurpli, Dec. S, 1836. EJIlERbOJYJr It VSSELL Have the pleasure of announcing lo the public that 1 hey have uncle arrangements to connect a Tailoring Establishment with thrirStore, and lhat they have employed first rate and experienced workmen from Boston, and will al all times be in readiness 10 execuieany order in iheir line in a sup-perior and workman like manner. And havinv paidparlicularnttention to selecting Cloihs, Cassimeres, Vcstings and Trimmings, they flatter themselves that -they now have a belter assortment than can be loiind in ihe stale. Among iLera may be found the following CLOTHS. Black Adelaide, , Blue, Russell and Olivet Dtihlia, Brown, Violet, Invisible, Bottle, Maroone, Rifle, Polish, Claret, Drake; Neck and Mulberry, fees Greens, Roman snd Royal London Smoke ami Purple, Oxford mixture The above include an assortment ol Super German I wil d Cloth, very heavy, beau- tilul Styles': Black, Brown, Green, and Drab Pilot Cloths, Black and Browu Mo ,"r' CASSIMERES. Striped, Vest and coal Duck Zebra. Linen Duck, Khistic Ribb'.l. Green and Red Fancy Cord Back- Frieze Cloth for i-kins, Limn ; Black, do. Drab Raiiinet d Black ind Fancy Plaid do do Plain do. " Rob Rov Cloak do Plaid Jo. While, Red, Green Niarra check do. and Yellow Flan- ' Bute. nets, Blk German Goals Itair Olive, Cambleis, Sale, English do Lavender, . Initiation do Dove, Ladies silk and Mix and other Ca- worst, do simeres. Silesiaa, Knir. French anJ White snd Drab American Salti- Silk Screes, nets, Red and Grey Cloak Tawells, Padding, Coat Inndiiiffs, Drown. Green. Black and other Silk Vel vets, Chineele Cord, a fashionable article for Cloak trimmings or Head bandt, logeih er will nluioKi every anicleappfriainingto "a fashionable Dry uoodnSfre ureal care ha been taken ii selecting the above Goods, and every surance is pledged, thai ibrv arc well worthy ihe atlentiun trf the Public, who are respectfully invited to call nnd examine them More purchnviPg elsewhere, as il is no trouble toBhowihrm. and they will show as to quality and prices in so go-id an advantage aawill warrant Ihe immediate sale oflliem. December 10, IH36. 71. STRAYED OR STOLEN. FROM tha Subscriber, on the tilth utt. a a four-year ol'l BLACK MARE, loi switch tail, small sue. Whoever will return her, or give information where she may be found, shall be suitabh rewarded,' ZEDINA C. CAMP. Montpelier, Dec. 3, ie:6. 71:1 - . NOTICE. " CAME into the inclosure of lite sttWribeT about the last of Oct. a dark' sorrel Wee", supposed to be about five or six years old, with a while stripe on her forehead, a bona spratn on her right hind leg, and shod all round. ..The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and lake her away. . . JOHNCJtOSS. Roxburi, Dee. 2d, I83& . 72: NOTICE. The subscribers hereby give nolice that A'lonzo Waldo lias retired from the late fir.m of Alonzo Waldo'& co. and Almerin Tinker baa taken his interest in the same. The business will be c ntinued under the firm ol'A.Tinker&co.wliereiheyareofler-ing a rich and fasliion'ale assortment oV goods" cheap fiir cash or approved credit.' . , Thomas' Emerson, JkmSnt Bacon, - Jasoij . Siekle, Er.iuu Hyde, Almebin Tinker. Chelsea, Nov. 25th, 1836. -, , , DENTIST; DR. BROCKWAY;ofTry,N.Y.,for-( merly well known in this Village, will be here nn or a limit the 12th itisf. Should' his professional advice or service be want-' ed, addresses left at Cot'trill's Hotel will be attended lo. He is prepared to. insert his Superior Incorruptible Teeth, in a manner beautiful and enduring as nalure ; and also,'' so to repiair (lie wastes ol decay as to fender the defective useful and durable.' Monlpelier, Nov. 9, 1836. THS may certify lhat I have given my, son, Datid B Safford., his lime. to trade nnd act for himself therefore, after, this, d fie. 1 shall claim none til. bis earnings, nor ray any debts of bisconiractine. JOSEPH W. SAFFORD. . Hydepark, Dec. S. 1836. 7 SLEIGHS! GW. & j. ALGER, have on hand lot of Sleighs. ol a new and improved stvhywrich they will sell cheafj. "South Siraffbid Vt., Dec. Isi, 1836. 72 J?OTWE-JfO MISTAKE: ALL persona indebted., lo- the lale firm of Spalding, Storrs & Co., are hereby assured lhat payment must be made previous to the 1st of January next, or tbir demands will be sued without discrimination.' Monlptlier Village, Nov. 25, 1836. 72 BANK OF MONTPELIER. t THE stockholders in the Bank of Monlpelier are notified 10 meet at Ihe banking-house in Monlpelier on the second Tuesday of Jifiiuary next at J o'clock, P. M-, for'the purpose nf choosing five Directors lor ihe year ensuing.--By order of the Directors, . . CHAS. R. CLEAVES, Cashier. Montpelier Village, Dec. 7, 1836. t BANK OF ORANGE COUNTY- .... , NOTICE is hereby given that the ffiina . al meeting ofih'e stockholders in the Bank ofOranire Cousjty, for the choice ol Directors, will he holden at the jitifi of B.( Norton, in Chelsea, r the Seaond Tuesday of January next, at i o'clock P. M.' By order of the Directors, ' fASOPf STEELE, Gaeliicr! . Chelsea, f-'ov. SOih, 18S6. 77 S)(f( " sfcshels ol hard-wsoj Coal, Kir 4WV Mc by Horace Holden, Middle," sex. 72 CHAIRS. rpHE subscriber manufac-' lures and keeps for sale near Timing's mills, in Bar-re, DINING and ROCKING'. CHAIRS, various sizes, of good materials and on reasonable terms. S. D.HOWARD. , BW, Sepi. 20. 1836. 61:eop3ni GLOVES h MITTINS. lust received, from New-York, buck' gloves and mil- llns, wholesale and retail. S. DUKljUN. 71:3 PROBATE COURTS. State of ViaMonf, j (STATED See-. District of Randolph, as 3 sions of the Probate Court, wiihin and for tne District a.' foresaid, will be held the ensuing year as follows, to wit: On the 3d Wednesdiy of each month at the office of the Judge in Chelsea ; on the firs) Wednesday in each aionth, except December, April, and June, at the dwtllir.g-j bouse of W. Maxham, ia Randolph, and on the first Monday in February, May, August,, and October, at the dwellinghouse ol S. Simons in Williaihstown. , , By ihe Courf," - ,, J. K. PARISH, Rejisicr. , Crejsea, Dee. I, 1836. 71 STATE OF VERMONT. Wasiiikoto)! PaoaATt Ditrict ss. t In Probate Court, Montpelier, December I, 1836: ORDERED, that (he Probate Office, the year eiisufns be the office of J. Loonii,' in Montpelier village,' and that Jhe Probate, office in Vfaitsfield Ihe yo:ir ensuing, .be the dwelling-house of Jason Carpenter in W ails-, field ; and thai the Probate Court lor tbe year, enduing be holden al the Prolnte office, Mont-, pelier, on lha first Tuesday of each month in the year ensuing, beginning with tlAr first Tuesday of December inst. and p holden the year ensuing at the Probate office in Wailsficld on the third Tuesday of February,, and the third Tuesday of Auguet next. And il ia further ordered that (his notice be publish ed in the Vermont Watchman and Slate Journal, published efMontpolier, three weeks suc cessively, as soon as may be,' njr lie) innn, JEDtlTHUN L.0OMIR, Rejitlef. - Farm For Sale. . WILL be sold low, a farm iri Troy Vt of about 300 acres of lend, 110 0 which are rtareri and well' fenced. Ou the Firm (tie,. aqbstamial dwcllinr house forty feet by thirty-two, with a wood house attached two good barns, and a entile shed fifty feel hy twenty. Als a saw mill on a 1 brook near the botiso lhat will saw about forty thousand feet of beards in a year, the' capability of which mae lie greatly increas ml at a trifling cost. . One third ef the pur- rhase money will he exported on the de-livurv nf tho Wd. ffm remaindo.'if dosirorLV to be divided into annual payments to suV tho purchaser." .... , , For further -parikuUri Inquire of the tihscribtr living on the premises, TV. IIAVt Aiiunoi.. u (XT' Also Gir sab) five thousand, acres wild land hi said Tiwe '1 I

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