The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1950
Page 7
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SATOTmAT. 'AUGUST B, BLTTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 OUt OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopla HE'S GROOM- IMG THOSE FOR A KIUIM6— TALKIflG TO A FAT SlW THE OTHER T5AV OLD STEAMBOAT SAM,THE POKER 6HARK./ — X RECALL THe TIME THEY PITCHED HIM IN rtoM& AMD FOUMD 16 COLD DECKS IN A SPECIAL TR\CK BLOUSe » MWJ TOLD Me He WAS TITOS COBALT, A. ~ PEEUVIAM LLAMft f?. C06ALT IS |U THe SHEEP BUSlMESS, ALL RIGHT •= .,-^ THE CUSHION COWBOY The Siriono Indians of Bolivia cannot count above Ihree and have no words denoting time beyond ''yesterday" and "tomorrow". Fresh Stock Guaranteed lies! I'riees Kirby Druq Stores Here's One Way To Save Money ...fl LTCRS QUALITY SHOE SHOP IZll W. M B I N ST. By Edwin Rutt Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION fn a majority of case* investigated in several hospilaLi and clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved. Bladder pain and ^discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Wafer. 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"Hildy, do you think I'm a complete heel?" "Heel?" Her eyes were smudged, smoky. "No. You're not a heel and neither am 1. We've just run up against something we can't handle. So"—she pulled away from him — "you'd better forget that you ever sat in a cra?.y leaky old rowboat — and I'll forget it .too. It isn't in the cards. Bill. So why go on making it tough?" "Okay," he snid. "I won't make it tough. But now you know." "And I know, now, exactly what I have to do." • • • T)EV COULTER made a remarkable recovery. She showed in inid-morning, frcsh-J a c e d and with scarcely a Irace of the cold's ravages. Bill, tooling around on • putting-green in front of the hotel, stared in surprise as she came up. "I can usually throw ofT a cold overnighL But" —she explained somberly—"is it loo soon for you, | darling?" I He was aware of a sudden feeling of guilt. "That really doesn't call for an answer, docs it?" lie tried to sound casual. "Not really/' Her eyes reminded him disconcertingly of small black searchlights. "But you'd have known (hat 1 was much better lo- day. Bill, if you'd troubled lo phone." Conscious of bricky cheeks, he mumbled: "Well, 1 did ask your mother how you were. She said belter, but that she wanted lo keep you in bed. I—I didn't want lo disturb you." She laughed dryly. "Lame, my dear, bill I'll buy." He felt like a louse. Engaged lo Bev, at Lookout Crest as the Coul- lcrs 1 guest, bul falling—nt least he could be honest privately—tailing for another girl and trying to find the courage to tell Bev so. His eyes went down to clipped grass and Bev's sandaled feet. "Fascinating, aren't they?" Bill's head jerked up. "Wh- what?" "My feet, I imagine," Bev said. "Whatever you're looking at." He flushed again. "That's because you've got me, cold. I was careless lliis morning." But another thought darted to torment him. Was he hesitating in coming clean with Bev because her father paid his salary? Because his future, insofar as he saw it at prcsenl, depended on Joe Coulter—therefore, indirectly, on Bev? If so, he was worse than he had suspected himself of being. "Poor old Bill," Bcv said, at last. "Yeah," he said, irritated. "Poor old Bill. And Ihe other day 1 was the 'Ncwfoundland-dog-type.' You seem to have a flair for making me feel sort ol overgrown and dumb." "Maybe you are, Bill, but I'm not," Uev said., She was no longer the gay, lovely, mink-coaled girl lie had escorled in New York, but a woman. "1 don't like cross-purposes and that seems to be precisely where we are. You must snow, just as 1 do, that we've been drifting away from each other. 1 don't know why, but something seems lo have happened here ai Lookout." Bill was aware only of doubl and perplexity. "Finding the going rugged. Bill?" Bev wcot on. "Or are you merely miles away?" He look a grip on himself: "Bev, I— I just don't know what to say." Her hand waved impatiently. He hail the absurd feeling the didn't want him to say anything. "Obviously, you don't," Bev said. "And il isn't necessary. 1'vt just finished telling you that I'm not completely dumb." • • « RILL hoped she meant what he thought she did. It might make it easier for him to tell her that their engagement was all off. that he was in love with someone else. "Will you do something- for me. Bill?" she asked suddenly. "Sure." He spoke glibly, eagerly, grateful that the talk seemed to be veering from a danger point "If I can." "You qualify it," she shook her head, "but no matter. Well, you're our gviest and it might look hinny, but what if I were to ask you to go back to New York tonight?" For a short space Bill blinked, taken by >urprise. "As your guest," Bill said, finally and heavily, "I'd have to go. But, very frankly, I wouldn't want to." Bev gave him a steai'j look from eyes of black Hint. Then ihc ran swiftly up the path- toward the Inn. 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