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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • 12

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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12 THE VANCOUVER SUN, MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1930 STRANGER BURIED FOR NOTED EARLi Begins Tonight llllllllillllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllilllllinMlllllllli! Grand Opening Tonight ever brought to the audio! screen The story deals with the efforts or a OF THE LILIAN GISH INDIANS TRUE TO LIFE AT DOMINION! 'SCOTLAND YARD' GRIPS IMAGINATION B.C. MAN REVEALS AYLESFORD SECRET criminal to regain his last place In decent society through the love of a 'n't'ifni wife who accept him as her IN STANLEY THEATRE lawful lil'-ihand. A surgeon's hand is responsible for 5 Canada's Finest Suburban Theatre South Granville Between 11th and 12th Aves. Geo. Oram Tells of NEW BETTY CGMFSON There have been pictures galore giving the white man's version of Indian life, but "The Silent Enemy," one of the feature pictures at the Dominion Theatre, is the first and only one of its kind to show the Indian as a human, just as he lived, ivumaiuic yic in the deception.

Joan Bennett ploys the wife excellently. "Scotland Yard" may be recommended as a snipping and exciting evening's entertainment. "Helping Grandma," a new "Our Gang" comedv Is full of merriment and another lorn Terrts adventure in New Guinea, entitled "Drums of Fear." grips the Interest as It reveals the SEEN AT COLONIAL Last Century Mistaking the identity of one's own husband naturally lends to complications. In ''Scotland Yard," a movietone drama of (Treat strength which opened to a crowded house at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday, the theme is striking ly presented and Edmund Lowe portrays two roles very auceest-fully. In directing this picture.

William K. Howard had one oi the most novel, yet at the same time most dramatic pints Program Changes Twice Weekly Mondays and Thursdaya Evening. 7 and 9 p.m. Matinee: Wed. and Sat, p.m.

The dramatic suggestion has been made by a Vancouver citizen that the "ONE ROMANTIC NIGHT" Her First Talking Picture Assisted by ROD LA ROCQUE CONRAD NAGEL MARIE DRES8LER 0. P. HEGGIE 3 Shows 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. body burled as the dead 7th Karl of Ayiesford, bosom friend of King Ed-iward VII when Prince of Wales, Is not rites of the witch doctors in that savage land.

Paramount Sound News and Ivy Evens at tii Wurlluser round out a full and satisfying program. SCENIC FEATURE FILM COMEDY NEWS Shown at all performances. A new Betty Compson, more remarkable thantever, is seen In Inside the Lines," which opened at the Colonial Theatre on Saturday. Hoy J. Pomeroy, tiie director, has made a thrilling espionage drama ol this World War episode without a single battle scene.

"Inside the Lines" Is the story 'of two lovers, who. unaware of each woi shipped, struggled against trernen-'S dous odds, made love and wrung a -living from primitive nature. As a living record of a dying race. "The Silent Enemy" is hailed as a I great epic motion picture. And.

more! 5 than that, it is a thrilling picture of 1 nature, wild animals and wild people, in their native haunts. It is com- parable only to such great films as Thane" and "Grass." "Only Saps Work." the other feature of this splendid double bill at the Do-: minion, is a carefully-constructed that of the Fail, but a stranger. lieneage, 7th Earl, gambler, romantic figure in Vict'jrian life and days, and squanderer of a fortune. Is stjtted by authorities to have died In Arizona, where he fled after the debacle to the family estates, and to have been buried In the Park at Packlngton, England In 1885. Admission Adults 40c Matinee: Children 15c and 10c Evening: Adults 25c other vocation, meet unexpectedly In British Olbralntr.

Their mission is to destroy the British Mediterranean 1 fleet, when it anchors ever the mines farce comedv. with susnense-pacKed TONIGHT AT 8:20 JUts. Wednesday and Saturday, 1:29 p.m. SECOND BIG WEEK OF London's Greatest Stage Hit t.eorjre Oram, sevcrity-Ft. tears old Vancouver resident, and Eni- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lllllliilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUlllllMlllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIMIIIIlllllllllu in the harbor.

i plot structure lavishly spread over the Their efforts to serve the country nuttiest, mirth imaginable. and protect each other makes a story i And with it all there is a pleasant i filled with suspense from beginning to httle romance. yarn ESS t. fc 1( a I the movie portion of the entertainment, whil novelty numbers by Calvin Winter and his orchestra and organ selection by Sydney Kelland the program. OF i 'iimimiimnimiimi'm iim ')inniMnuHnmm inwiiiwuiiMimiMa iMimmiwiwuJ The cast includes Ralph Forbes.

Betty Carter, Reginald Charland. Ivan Simpson, a member of the cast in the original play, and Montagu Love, all English stdge and screen stars, and Mischa Auer, a young Russian character actor. FILM STARS CLEVER lishmun. friend of the 7th I a I and his family, declares Ibis to be untrue. He attended the funeral ceremony at I'ackington Park, saw Hie dead body; hut failed to recognise It as that of tits friend.

The career of the 7th Earl of Ayiesford was colorful and hectic, in an age when the peerage was rejMded as a law to itself. ROTSTERING DAYS The mansion at Parkington was the scene of parties in the true Victorian tradition of heavy eating and drinking and wild frolic, ruled over by the 7th Earl. The 7th Earl was great-uncle to the present young peer, the 8th Earl, who stayed in Vancouver last week after AN JUMPS FROM NORTH SHORE FERRY Movie stars came to life on the stage at the Orpheum under the clever impersonations of Gloria Foy, Sam Critcherson and Alan Davis. liliM mm SPARKLING ACTRESS AT STRAND THEATRE 'Children 10 Most Deliriously Charming Comedy Seen Here in Years JEAN CLYDE AND ACTUAL KINGSWAY THEATRE CAST BUY seats in advance 2 Hit JL Change of Program Every Saturday Winnie Llghtner, the sparkling comedienne who first rose to film prominence in "Gold of Broad Oreta Garbo, Clara Bow, Maurice Chevalier and Jack Oakle wer; among the familiar stars who were reeogniaied enthusiastically by Saturday night's audience. In the Les Gellis act, "Two American Boys From France" and a very small third, kept the theatre In a gale of laughter.

Intermingled with their nonsense was some very excellent tumbling. In their act, "Who's Your Boss?" his return from a hunting trip in Alaska. During his stay he entertain-ed Mr. Oram, and the talk was of the great days of the Aylesfords, and the Rushing to the bow rail of the North Vancouver ferry Washington as It cleared Vancouver terminal leads at 7:55 a.m. today, Edward Bostock, one of the passengers plunged Into Bur-rard Inlet, the vessel stopped, the crew pulled the man aboard and he wes handed Into custody of Vancouver police and taken to hospital after the vessel returned and docked.

So the mate reported to civic ferry officials on docking In North Vancouver. LITTLE THEATRE PANTOMIME NOW PLAYING 'The Big Fight' All-Talking Sound Sensation James Criue's Smashing Hit Based on the successful stage play by David Belasco, Featuring Lolo Lane Stepln Fetchit and "Bis Boy" Gulnn Williams Episode Four of Our Wild West Serial Jolly Good Supporting Program i i wood hi laies in He LAPOINTE STRICKEN OTTAWA, Dec. 15. Hon. Ernest former Minister of Justice, is ill In a aBltimore hospital.

Word was received at his home here that he hud undergone an operation. Mr. Ianointe went to New York last week to address the American Association of Life Insurance Presidents and went to Baltimore from there. "MP way," owns much of her popularity to two unusual talents, her ability to put blue songs over in a distinctive manner, and her ability to take fancy In The Life of the Party," the Warner Brothers and Vitaphonc production now playing at the Strand Theatre, Miss Llghtner overreaches even her high standard In singing several songs, which include "You Ought to See the Horse," and "He Got a Poison Ivy Instead of a Clinging Vine." but where falls are concerned the tables are reversed. She not only lets the other members of the cast do all the falling but helps them to it.

One of the 'unniest of many scenes in the picture comes when Winnie and Irene Delroy, as two fortune-hunters, seek to become acquainted with a rich man by tripping him. Tills falling, Irene herself takes' to swooning, with Winnie prompting her at opportune moments by pushing her feet out from under her. At the climax, a wealthy Southerner falls for Winnie, but she puts him on top of parties at Parkington when King Edward stayed there. "I do not believe the man they buried at Partington was the 7th Earl," said Mr. Oram, in a special interview with The Vancouver Sun.

"He was a famous character. At the time he succeeded to the title the Ayiesford estates, bringing in considerable revenue, comprised a number of places totalling many thousands of acres. The total rent-roll was about $320,000 a year. The landed proprietors lived In the lap of luxury. Wheat commanded a price of $25 or $30 a quarter, and if there was a famine in Russia, called the Granary of the World, wheat rose to fabulous prices, "Different now, with Russia delivering wheat in Liverpool at $5 ft quarter, estates, such as the Ayiesford estates, broken up or being sold because of the expense of upkeep.

"Heneage Joseph Finch, the. 7th Continued on Page Filteen Harry Lan? and Bernlce Haley proved very acceptable, Mr. Lang's funny facial contortions and his ability as a whistler malting a hit. The three McCann sisters gave as their contribution to the program sonps and step dancing. They are a bright trio.

The feature film. "Derelict" with George Bancroft is a dramatic talc with a South Sea setting. Two sailors with the same girl and after the same lob spells "Trouble," especially when both men are In love with the same boat. How the finer nature of each man as well as that of the girl comes to the fore is shown during the unwinding of the plot. Trout fishing in old Ontario, and flashes of world news rounded off If It's at the Beacon It's Good i I' AVENUE THEATRE Eveniirgs, an.

1, 2, 3. Matinees, 1, 3 Prices: $1,00, 75c. 50c, 35c BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN 732 Seymour Street Phone Seymour 1950 CONDITION FAIR The condition of H. O. Bell-Irving, who was operated unon at the General Haspital Saturday, was reported this morning to be fair.

1 1 ii i Mmm the world again by promising to be come his bride. A3 (9 9.52 Your Suburban Theatre "Just Around the Corner" Bargain Prices 6:30 7 p.m. ALMA Kichard Arlen in "THE SANTA FE TRAIL" PACKING MOVING SHIPPING HE STOLE ANOTHER'S BRIDE STORING MOST daring of all jM adventurers, hunted, TONIGHT AT 9:00 "CASH-IN NIGHT" $50.00 in Cash Given Away AND All-Talking Spy Story the Papers tailed to Print. Daring Expose untold until now! "INSIDE LINES'' In 10 most thrilling reels All-Talking. WITH RALPH FORBES BETTY COMPSON AND 4 Other All-Talking Featurettee tlireatened, never a moment dSiMt when he might rest "1 FEASER Jack Oakle and Skeets Gallagher In "LET'S GO NATIVE" i GRAND VIEW A Tom Terrls Adventure OUl GANG COMEDY Paremoulit Souni Nrwl IVr EVSf(S at lh Wnrllliw John McCormick In "SONG O' MY HEART" KERRISDALE Four Marx Brother In "ANIMAL CRACKERS" KITSILANO Claadrtte Colbert and Frederle Marsh la "MANSLAUGHTER" NOW aiiOWTNO JACK OAKIE IN "Hit the Deck" "SINS OF THE CHILDREN" Mutinat IS IK ADDED ATTRACTION TONIGHT HBaSSa.TODAYiaBHBB 14.

1 REGENT Guarding loir i reasires I i i i I a a 1 i I II, I Lon Chaney and LUa lee In "THE UNHOLY THREE" Ii VICTORIA COMING Mmmd Chevalier In "PLAY BOY OF PARIS" eiSBAMCROFT "ALL QCIET O.V THE WESTERN FRONT" El WINDSOR A Mighty British ProdncUon "ATLANTIC" against four cunning enemies 'illlllllilMirilhlUillllllillHIIIIIIIIlii: WHOOP-EE! f. 7 I A thrilling deep-sea Bomanrel ON THE STAGE-GLORIA FOY RAM rRITCIIFFSOH AI.AN DAVID and othir KU t4 VftiKlerllle Here' Enjoyment, f1 Hold Everything. 11 SI ra LA KKAL BARGAIN PRICES klrn.V. NOW Mkki 4 we al shobino RK'HAIUl ilOFS MART BMA1 'SAPS ONLY WORK The Gold Digger prospects In Havana. WINNIE LIGHTNER IN "The Life of the Party" ALSO TOPAV ASH MONDAT MM a nvia ai.c einot hwim i A "THE silent mmr 1 A 1 "The Girl of the 4 Golden West" W'lllj4mllTrains rm.T Er-isonr "Tlir INDIANS AHU COM1NC" AIITnlilnf SrrUI ThrlUM "ftl'nii There is a warm human affection for the familiar things that make up our home furniture, pictures, brie-a-brac vvc have lived with them and love them like old friends.

Four cunning and insidious enemies lurk ready fur quirk, merciless attack on our household treasures FIHE, BURGLARS, MOTHS, DAMPNESS. They 'attack when the harriers go downa. home left unoccupied, furniture stored in the basement of a friend's house, improper protection while articles are in stoi-agc. Onaic experts know every weakness of the "Four Enemies." Crone's experience and vigilance your furniture, rugs, chesterfield, silverware ALSO II Eur Fashion rarada EACH EVKMtNO. 1 NOW PLAYING and delicate bric-a-brac.

Crone warehouses are fire-resisting and equipped with efficient burglar alarm systems, They ha ve special silver vaults and individual rooms for storing rugs, pianos and chesterfields, which are moth-proofed and wrapped in protective coverings. Every room is dustless and maintained at proper temperature and humidity immaculate as a good housewife would wish. Against the "Four Enemies" of the things you love, Crone has closed and locked the door. Crone's is a complete organization moving, packing, shipping and storing. The advice of experts on any household moving problem is yours for the asking.

TODAY EXPRESS THEATRE MONDAY EVENING, DEO. II roa two wrras onlt The British Guild Playera By Special Arrangement with SIR J. M. BARRIE PRESENT London's I.auch Hit "Rookery Nook" With the ordinal English Company. "PETER" PAN" Children, 10c 71 or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up CAST OF NEARLY 30 TEOFL sct.nm onn abit Hati NurJfry.

Act ii th wrvrn, nrvtH. kkvbk land Vti Tht Houn Built tor Wmy Ari in our home rNnuB Tin; oboitnd T-l VF' HOMK. HUM sotn Tim Olimpw "I the flrrnn Tilt Kur-8rv; wren 4, Ottlnide th Houm; 6.ih Ilit Trrt Top. A I i I Irst Matinee C'hrlAtmas Day and frnra ihim on twice dlly at 2.30 and p.m. STORAGE CO.

LIMITED in PRICES' MATrNi-rs r.VKNIN'r, rrllr tiln flt fi" h.lmnT.... 'Vr mtltl fI(F ho l-ii I'r rnllr Tvrrr '-'1 ii i I -J MONDAY. Tl Sn.tV. BfllNISilll "Wm EVERYWHERE" men Tiiiivn uh J.

Jlurri. lfl A I "Th rtetum of Sli'rlmfc Hnlmes" TVI.MMi Mrh TdlllSIMV. rHIIIAV. "SIHIHTI SCARLET" 1 KTMI Hh Pent, iu- iifooh Parnii, II Jl IM Kt.H'f KAt 7G0 Boatty Street Vancouver, B. C.

Phone Seymour 8034 SEATTLE BRANCH: 1814 Seventh Avenue, Seattle, Wash. Phono Elliott 2C17 Scats Now on Sale at EnprrM i'hetre and Hotel Thon: Tftlr, TriHT mi -t. I if 1 1 aCi..

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