The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1950
Page 8
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••>•*•••"'• •«•"• THf NAT/ON TODAY— -«* Noise of Congress Starts Anew in Washington With Elections in the Foreground Hy Jan. 2. rE .Mnrlow Thai noise you lienr, to- •WASHINGTON, Jan. 3. (A 1 ) morrow. Is Congress. The blood-pressure of the regular Washington Inhabitants Jia been down to normal Jor about two inonlhs or so. Those were the monUu In which Cougrc&s, lakiug a recess here had gone back to bu?js the home folks. But Congress, the senators and representatives, were streaming back here today. * And tomorrow at noon it will I open, its final se.sf.ion be I ore next | fall's elections pick a new Congress | for 1951. ) Then, meaning tomorrow, the wheels stat grinding again, the orators cut, and Washington is kept jumping. Tills will until .summer rolls Around when the congressmen. Keeking election .will .scram away again. BcUer IJftliUiiff Provided This time, while Congress was fiway .workmen fancied up their meeting place. House and Senate chambers got a going over. This will help) some, .since the Senate has always, because of the poor lighting, been a dreary looking place. The House wasn't much better Pastors Discuss Religious Survey For Blytheville Plans for n religions survey to be made in Blytheville lute this month were <ii.--cuMSed thli morning at a meeting of the Blytheville Mmis- levial Alliance In the -\Iiist Christian Church. Tne plans call for the survey to be made Jan. 29 and all churches of lilylhcville will be f..sked to participate. A committee of three minis! crs, the Kev, E. C. Brown, p:i.stor of the; First Baptist Church: tin- Rev. Lcx- ter Sirubhar. pastor of (lie First Christian Church; nut) the Rei i lie iHJ ii.-1: n o.-n i JIHILH ui m-i . \jlll I.MIil II IslUll l;Jl r HlJtl I 11C l\C\ . Maybe the better lighting will have 1 Utiai Harrison, pastor of the I.;iko a beneficial effect on congressional tempers. Roading account.*; of Conjrre.v; in session doesn't and can't, give you 2 full picture of lawmakers at work, They work all right, besides t:i!k- ing. There are hearings which seem endless, once they get underway Regiments of people, each with hts own a.x to grind, troop up to the hearings to speak his piece. And since congressmen have axo.s to grind, too, meaning political, this adds to the noise If not to the clarity. Capitol Hill a Busy Place And then, of course. Congressmen • Whozi.s, afraid he'll miss a chance for a little free publicity, hns a statement to make. Tn Rddition to the hearings, the oratory &"d the witnesses, COUKJC.S- eional staffs are working. Messengers speed nlong the coridrn-5 of the Senate and office binldhi&s. stenographers on their hi°h-heH shoes move through the halls, too, b nt not ex ac tly 5 p e e ci i ly, and the long lines form 1" (he cafeterias. And then, of course, there are the people, always the people, from the 48 states, parading through the capitol, through the office buildings, over the lawns, up and down i-hc steps, taking 1 pictures, stretching their necks, being amazed or "mi- pressed, or disappointed. And—I almost forgot—there's the endless singsong of the professional guides in the Capitol itself, pointing out the wonders and ancient glories of the place, for so much a tour around. All in all, life picks up here tomorrow. . . * Former Premier Dies SYDNEY, Jan. 2 —Wy— James Dooley, 13, labor prime minister of New South Wales in 1921-22, died tonight. A native of Dublin, he arrived in Australia at the age of 10. Street, Methodist Church, wer named to ihe committee to com- pleie the plans for I lie survey.. The survey will be made by vol. uneer workers from all churches, It was announced. Attending this morning's meeting were (lie Rev. W. J. Fitzhugh, Ihe Rev. Harvey Kiclcl. (lie Hi-v. Brown, Dr. Alfred Vise-, the Rev. P. H. Jernigan. the Res'. Stnibhar, Ihe Rev. H. E. Sims. J. I'. Caiiotl, and the Rev. Harrison. BLYT11BV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Day's Blinking Adds Up To Lot ot 'No-Seeing' NEW YORK (AP) — Each time you blink, your vision Is cut off lor three-lentils of a second. All jour ""Hy blinks acid up to a lot. of no- seclns; dining a day. Since a short l>cnod of readjustment is needed each blink, psychologists figure that you go about more or unseeingly for II to 2o per cent of your waking day. (he Hotter Vision Institute repotts. '•Blinking keeps Ihe eyes moist and clean, and provides rest and rofie.shmenl f 0] - the nerves and brains. A man eyes were kept open forcibly would go lo pieces the psychologists say-" There's quile a difference, bc- Iween a wink and a blink, besides intent. In a 1V lnk. Die upper and lower lids share die job about equally, meeting ovej- the pupil. Bui In a blink, most of the work is done by the upper lid, with the two lids meeting about nt the base of the iris. MONDAY, JANUARY 2, I960 noon .inu:.u;i: HI;T TOO MUCH NOISI:—Joim R. Mitchell, a Dallas, Tex., iiircraft employe, is shown wltli his jetmoliile which he says isn't practical for city driving because "it makes too clanged much noise." The Jetmobile, which hns exhaust slacks protruding from a Jet turbine and a ram jet engine mounted in the rear of an old mcj.lnl car, is capable of generating 800 pounds of thrust, equal to about 200 miles an hour, according to Mitchell. Mitchell says his Jc[mobile costs only two-tenths of a cent per mile to operate. (AP Wire-photo). State News Briefs Ll'ITLE ROCK. Jan. 2—W—Carl E. Hemhix. speaker of the Arkansas House in 1340, lias tossed his hat in the ririK for the Dcimicratic nomination for lieutenant governor. The 43-year-old Horatio banker and lumberman announced Siitur- ilay night Hint he had decided to announce h[s candidacy now "so the voters could weiv;h iny record and qualifications In advance." Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon .said last summer he nomination. expected seek re- L1TTLE ROCK. Jan. 2 Wi— Senator Kefauver fD-Tenu) will be the principal speaker at the Young Democratic Clubs of Arkansas convention here Jan. 20. PINE BLUFF. A"k.. Jan. 2—Wi— Service pins will be awarded '20fi employes of (he Arkansas Power and Light Co., here Jan. 6. JONESIiORO, Ark.. Jan. 2 -l/t'i— Twenty-four learns have entered (he third annual Northeast Arkansas high school basketball tournament opening here Wednesday. 'Hie finals are to be run off Saturday. CAMDEN. Ark., Jan. 2—t.-Vi—A I business pnrtner of former t?ovcrn- i or Ben Laney—Henry L. Berg—is jdead Bt the age of B3. He died here yesterday after a long illness. OZARK. Ark.. Jnn. 2— <fp, A 100- year-old woman with more than 100 descendants o'ied near hero yesterday. She was Mrs. Martha II. Green. Two Men Arc Killed In Light Plane Crash Two Men Are Charged With Kidnaping Banker _ WICHITA. Has., Jnn. 2— M*,— T-.vo men, one an ex-convict, were charged last ni«h! with kidnap- ing a banker and holding him for 12 hours. The banker. R. B. McPherson. C4. said he was abducted Thursday as he got into his automobile in Shrcvcport, I.a.. nnd forced to 'drive the pair thiuuch four states. The men accused of kidnaping are R. AvinRton Hutcliuis, 31, Wichita, and John Henry Daucr, 61, anil ex-convict. lakeland. Pla, An argument [u the back seat of a tnxieab kU to their capture Saturday night. McPherson, A retired Shreveport hunker, saitl h e drove through 1/misiana. Aiktuisiis, Missouri and Kansas before tjchiK bound :imi put out of the car near Hcdfielcl, Kas. English Divorcee Takes Own Life As Year Ends ROME. Jan. 2, (AP)-A pretty, Death Ends Marriage Celebration for Rebel RANGOON -W)_ A nolorious Communist lender. Bo Seik was Paying a grim (jame of hide-and- seek with Government troops Bo Seik wanted to celebrate his mar- rage. He tidied up his jungle hideout, prepared a feast. Then he summoned his friends nnd the forest ijlarte echoed music and laughter as the Tied leader, his bride and their guests sang and danced. At Ihe height of the festivities, Government troops burst in upon the scene. The rebel reached for his gun. , - ,..,*,.,,. He was beaten to the drau- For Ihe brown-haired English divorcee died \ bridegroom there was death For I e ni the gas-Mlled apartment of a I bride, mourning. yoimsr American sculptor here on I : New Year's Eve. She was Annelli C. ! Bimyaid, 36, free-lance photograph- Kevin's Eveninq Clothes er. mother of n lo-ycai-old son. ••• - Her body was found bv Robert Howard Cook. 28, a .H-ulptor from Boston, in his studio apartment just as church bells rung in the. new year. . Police said .she apparently Worry British Citizen LONDON _,,!>)- "VVoud someone please tell our foreign minister how to dress?" asked an anguished letter to Ihe London Daily complaining of feeling- ill. Slie bor- rowfd the keys to Cook's apartment. He became worried at her continued absence and found her dead when he went to search. Four Killed, 26 Hurt In Strike in India BOMBAY. India. Jan. l—l/T, — The Socialist Party's central liend- Ciuarters here said today it had received a report from Rewa that four persons were killed and 26 In- lured in police firing there. Rewa is in the noith. not far from Liickc-now and Cawnpure. The- party has called a general sirike in Rewa to protest the mcr- s;er of Rewa with the United Provinces- of Vtmniya, Uio post-Independence union of princely states The Indian govennncnl decided to abolish its provincial sl-.Uus bccauu- of corruption, At Madras, on tile Buy of Ui-ngal. persons identified by police as Corn- imuiMs threw bombs nt two crowded sciet-t cars, injuring 12 rias,- senycis, tn another incident there, a concealed' -boiYib ' exploded in a man's trousei' pocKct during a ^uf- flc. He was severely hurt. Harry Minton to Head Osceola Kiwanis Club Harry Minion will head the O.xcc- ola Khvanis Club during 1950. He was elected president of the organization rei-cntty. find will assume his cli'lies. succeeding Leslie B Sperk " 1? week. plained: "Look at the bow-ends ot his tie tucked under the winged collar—as if anyone wore winged collars with dinner jackets these nights!" Question of Weights SANTA ANA. Calif. (AP)—This City hns amended it.s business and professional code to protect housc- wives. Ssme, women, says deputy ngvicultural commissioner Rov E Black, weren't getting the chicken or rabbit they paid for. cii.Mt<ii:i) WITH Cail Schwartz f above), 39. foreman of Ihe Dicks-on ranch near Santa Rosa. Calif., is bleary-eyed after he was booked on a charge of murder in connection with the shoolme of Jane Mapgard Dickson. his employer, District Attorney Charles J. McGoldrick said. Lyimtn W., EI ranclt employe, was also woundi-d in the affray. (AP Wire- photr?) Kansas Woman Held On Larceny Charge A 22-year-old Wichita, Kans. woman is being held In the Mississippi County jail here today for Kansas authorities following her arrest in Leachvillc yesterday. The woman, booked as Betty Jo Walters, alias Betty Jo Clark, was arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Floyd Uurrls of Lcucliville on a warrant issued by Wichita authorities charging her with Brand lar- ct-ny. siie is alleged to havs stolen a 11-jcwel wrist watch from a Wichita housewife. Famed Parade Delayed PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2, (AP) — Hain and cloudy skies today forced postponement of the traditional Philadelphia Mummers parade. Parade officials ,at a last minute conference, decided to hold the gayly co-stumed march next Saturday in hopes of better wculher. NEW Ilov Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. .Matinee Saturday .t Sundays Mai.-Sim. I p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Substitute Teachers Sought for Blythevill* Qualified substitute teachers for Blylheville Schools are beln, sought. W. B. Nicholson, auncrln temk-nt, said today. Mr. Nicholson explained that a register of available substitutes w as to be compiled, and It was hoped that those who were willing to do substitute teaching W ou!d contact his office at the Blytheville High School. DLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE^THEATRE Other officers will Include: Jinij As ;1 " example. Black cited the Hvatl, vic-o president, succeeding i c a se nf a woman who bought a bird Mr. Minion: D. E. Young, treasurer anil Harry Hall, sccretnrv. Bnard of directors arc: Bradley, Earl Rubbins. Tommy Spiers E. P Herbert and Vic LOBBOCK. Tex.. Jan. 2. l,Ti — j rwo men were killed today when | Search Is Underway For 3 Missing Men MURRAY, Ky.. Jan. 2 f/IV—A r 'Aidespreail search was underway ttorisy lor three, possibly four, vrmm: men who disappeared Sunday morning on a duck hunt at Kentucky Lake in the virinily u[ Pino iiiissinp. He identified t h c in ns Merchant Kills Himself In Leap from Window HAW.N'A, Cuba. Jan. 2— irtV- Harvey Karl But™lci. Detroit mere-haul, was reported In critical condition nt Anglo-American Hospital today after n plunge from a hotel room .window at midnight New ! Year's- Eve. I Police said Butroki was celebrat- I Inc at a year end party with ; friends in a room on the fifth i floor of the Hotel President. They said he telephoned rein lives in New York, then turned and said: "Now I nm going to jump out the \\imlmv." His wife, the former Dornthy Wallace Buskcry of Arlington. Tex.. and friends thought lie was joking. Hut police said he opened Ihe window and leaped, falling atop a second floor shelter housing air cnmlitlonitii; cn,uipment. at tiie live weight price, asked to have it dressed, and was given a smaller dressed bird instead. The amendment requires .sellers to price the purchase the way the i house-wile receives it, live, dressed, I oh iKble dressed. Army Chief of Staff Is Named in Syria DAMASCUS. Syria, Jan. 2. i,v,— Col. Anwar Balinoud was appointed acting chief of staff of the Syrian Army today. He succeeds Gen. "sarni Henuawl. who was imprisoned by a group of his fellow officers on Dec. 19. accused of conspiring against the regime he established. Hcnnawi had led an August military coup in which President Husni Zayim, also once the army's chief of staff, was assassinated, ire still is in prison but was placed on pension today nnd there are reports he may be released soon. i Gen. Abdullah Afflch, who was Zayhn's predecessor as army chief; of staff [uul minister of defense lln- j der zayim, also was put on pension todav. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "TOKYO JOE" with Humphrey. IJos'Jrt Also Sliurls Tuesday "RUSTY'S BIRTHDAY" with Ted Donaldson Also Shorts Monday & Tuesday "THE CROOKED WAY" with John I'aync ami Sonny Titfts IVamcr News & Slmrt in Ihe plane was mil identified. Unions L;st Lawmakers As 'Right' or 'Wrong' WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. ;,v,_The API, and CIO both plan wide dU- Iribution of lists showing Iho "ripntlieSF" or "\\TOIIRIICSS" of Ihe voting records nf individual mcin- b'Ts of Congress. The lisl^ were annminred separately over Ihe wrrk-cml. IJoih bg [labor nraiini^.-ilioiis insisted thrv I were not in be regarded as black ; lists, on (he oni- hand, or flat pn- ooisemi-ut.s mi the oilier. Read Courier News Waul Arts County. scctl<> " ot HELIEFATLA5T ForYour COUGH Ocoimihian re!ie\ cs prtinipdvhct aiise K gtif; ri^lu iu the j-cac of tiie [citiihU: 10 help Itioscn ant! expel serin laden phlegm .\nd »iil nature (« sotitlic Aril lic'^l raw T Ccnilrr, inil.niH'({ nujKiu-; nicmtiMfics, Tell \nnr dni^^lvr It) %ffl jon a h<i[^lc nf <^rcnnin[si(in w iih ihc utulcrMaintinj: you nmM tikr l^lc v..iy i( quickly a!1a\s ilir imitli <v viui flrc ti> li.ivc >our moiicr hsck CREOMULSION f or Cou?hs,Chest Colds, Bronchitis •MISS rum siruu: - xran- Collins <al)ovc>. 20. of Beaumont Texas, was selected a* "Mis.. Chewcake of 19l!l' bv Slars anil htri|i(-f. U.S. Aimy mw-spipir In rrankfurt. Geinwny. M ( oil ns is a mortel in K (! « York City CAP Wirepholo) FREE BOOK-on Rectal Troubles Here is good new. This 161-,,a|.c, iHi-to-lljo-miiHHc hook on (>i|p S Vistula nnd oiUcr related vcct'-il Hiul colon nihncnts—will be SP ,',t liw for the :«kmg. Tt may s wc you niMch Midcrmg, time nnd money. Write loriiw — McClrarv t'linli: nnri Ho.iiiiUl, D122 idnii, >'ivd., totclilor Springs, Mo. For Unexcelled Quality WOOD WORK MACHINE WORK \Ve pixnnisc wmjiU'lc satisfaction with nnv j«l> assigned us. . .h t . it | ilt - KC „,- smaii. \yhc- <her it's machine wnrk or welding, milhvork, Ixiililinji,' in- i-fpaiiin,; raliiticl.s, roiinirini; or custom.Imildiiiff fui'niii,,- c we guarantee you hiKli qualily work. Try us. Barksdale Mfg. Co. South Broadway phone 2911 PIANOS Ten year farlorv (jua TUNING \Villi Ihc «'oi It) f •.Sd'oboi'dhu — It lakes I lies iIiu'Kswork ou( of lulling- WANT Reliable boys for paper routes. Do not apply hy telephone. See-Mr. Smith. COURIER NEWS CO. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom worfc for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Ciislom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch Ihir-kness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hro.'iflwav Phone 2fi5t IRADiO REPAIR Kvcry jtil) nhsnUilcly gnar- nnlpcct hy a bonding coin- JKIusic Instruments, And -sii|)|i!ip.s of till kindrt from K"'l;"' I'ii'ks lo lias.« violins. ! Recording \V« maka voice and music on perma-j nont records. Everything in Music Music Store 107 K. iMain Tel. 811 FREE-PRIZES E CELEB DON'T MISS OUR GIGANTIC DISPLAY SEE the new AVERY automatic hydraulic control, the new shock cushioning level-riding safety seat, marvelous new Avery mowers and all the latest in modern moneysaving farm machinery Friday and Saturday January 13 & 14 You May Be A Winner! \o purrli.i.ifs to make and you rto not have to b* prcscnl a I the flrawinj;. Only farmers »nd their families are: clij-ihlt. Drawing ot 2:30 Sharp Saturday, Jan. 14th AVERY Hydraulic-Angling Traclor Disc lliirrnw (or ct|uivnlcnl value on olhct- Avcrv 2nd Prize $150 Credit on new Avery 2- Row Outfit 3rd Prize 1 dozen Cotton .Hoes 4th Prize Tractor Umbrella 5th Prize T Long Handle Shovel OWENS TRACTOR CO. 112 North Franklin St., Blytheville, Arkansas For Further Details Tune in on KLCN 6:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. COME EARLY AND STAY LATI

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