The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 2, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS /AGE SEVKN OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams I KNEW HIS PA WAS M WORLD WAR ONE, BUT 1 PJDM'T KKICWIIE WHAT? MX) Boys FELL FOR A SUJMT LIHETHATT WHY, HE rlXlrb THOSE SO VOU'D SEE THEKA AND MOBE P.' WH>! I WEVER THOUGHT TO WARM SUCH BRISHT 6OV5 ABOUT SO SIMPLE A / Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople Bedroom, rnnvenlent to hMh Steam iral Ph 3325 611 W Main SI 12,9 I>k liU Bedroom lor rent Ken room aajommg bnlh Ph 23U8 12.21 p* 1|21 Taken Up Tax en up one E r& i' mare tnule, 1 blark norie mule. C, D. LOOK, Rt. 2 BOK 3T5. 12.21 P k H27 For Sole, Cars and Trucks NOW All four <4) wheels pull on the Willys station Wagon. Pickup and rushed Jeep "The worlds mnsi useful Tehlcles". Jjlythevllle Willy Salts Co, Ph 554 12 : 22 cw 1(22 Have A '4U M Siudchakcr I"/* ion imck. Long wheel base will sell clicap. Bee Nor man As Horn Const. Co. Bly- thevLHe. Ark. 12j28 J>* 1|4 Personal rniriy minute pr)ov»st*tic MTTIC* U'tilKKN'S STUUIO l(S-ct-U Wanted to Rent Wheel chair for adult.. Ph. 6049. 12.29 pfc 1[5 •1(10-600 acre farm. Ph. 4326. 12,30 pit 1|13 Wanted to Buy Hlgbesi pile* paid lot CHHJK.ENS- E<JUS AAD Street Grocery A Market 4LV W A»n 6|7 Ck U Position Wanted A-I gin manner «xs>erlenced In erection repair, and operation ol Murray. Continental, and HartHvlcke Etli gins. Also extensive plantation experience In handling nil major tie It* crops and Including an hydro us ammonia, application and cm.ton picket LJeslre connection with large plant or company where living and school conditions are good- Excel len references covering both character and ability. Write Box 678 cjo Courier Kevrs Company. 1230 pk ijfi For Rent Warehouse 30'xlO' on miroad sia- IIR Midwest Dairy Products. Ph 4-147 line ck Flasn cameras for * I ] occasions li'SJ'EKN'b STUDIO 4I&-CJ KENT: Frozen Pood [acker* K'* Highway fll Phnne 3173 6:23 ck u ir. house. 919 Clark. Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE: eeivlce, call or contact H B Sheppard pnnno 2157. early morning, nonn 01 night. 12;lo pk 1[10 Loans Hove My Decto By Evelyn Barkins ^ ^S^FmSctV <=* Mr pln|«-uir»l. hnrf • terra i d<-*l I irouliLr ttpillnjc » »iili:ihlr ruur- uiiril tl|>:irt>iit-ni | M nrrvr ho1 h «• on if anrl •Iflrr, bni *«»• found unr nil Prrrtji I^IHK.. ikr on peri nir mini'* wife- !• «n«* thovrliiK It i* H. HriM rvrr. Im tny . plncr I forgot mj mofhrr'i c'd kavr «• tMk« the i.l*i A FTER consideration, we reap- proached Freda who was lact- iully waiting in the kitchen, and by mutual consent Inid all our cards on the table. She apprecinted our dilemma. "I'll tell you," she said, "lei's tor- get this is a strictly business deaL 1 like you, and I'm only hired help. The landlord gave me a top and bottom price, so I'll give you the bottom ri|?ht oil the bat because." she laughed aloud, "you were about to leave and I couldn't let a good prospect go," The figure she nurncd was fair, and just within our means. "And say," she added as an afterthought, after we thanked her, "that wooden partition in the odice separates that big room into a consultation room and a treatment room, as if U wrere two rooms. Dr. Trent installed it him- jSelf. and told me to try lo collect something from the next ten- : ant and keep it for my sell. lell my old man you were tough customers and I- h d to. let you have it free. You can count ii us a wedding present from me." "Oh. Mrs. Lang," 1 sighed •you're wonderful. Just wait until 1 tell my mother how we made out." "Why not call her from the pay -station In the cellar?" she asked "Your husband can wait here. So l went in back and eagerly phoned iny mother. "What's the rent?" she asked alter congratulating us on finding -a place. I told her proudly. "And that five dollars lest, than the top price," I couldn't help boasting. "Really?" said my mother. What did you do?" "Chewed ncr down." 1 crowed with mental apoloRies lo Freda. iui my mother remained unun- ircssed and simply irnplind that leaven was known lo look after ools. PHE instinct to play house is as inherent as the Darwinian law f self-preservation, and as basic as holding hands in the movies- It 'Cgins with the first new dol! and he little next-door neighbor boy, and it never ends. Given a house nnu* a "he," any !emale can go on from there. But, just as the neifihboi boy Is an unwilling participant Iu the "Now 'I! he Mama, you be Papa, anci his is our home" routine, so. too the adult male is a reluctant accessory to the game. "But wha. on earth is wrong with the place?" asked John in bewilderment after 1 outlined my ?Ians for its rejuvenation. " thought you liked it. VVt had it al arranged with the foyer as a waiting room and the large room with the subdivision for a consultation and treatment room. Don't yot like it any more?" It's nice." l tried to explain "but on the dark side, [f we pain it bright white instead of this dul cream color, it'll look grand And." I went on pulling him through the other rooms as L con tinued, "take this foyer if it's tc be a waiting room, we shouk paper it arid make the most of it, shouldn't .ve? And the bedroom why John, anyone can see how pretty it would look in pale blue! 1 Anyone hut John, that is, "Pal. blue," he repeated sadly, anc sighed. By mutual consent we sanfc down .11 the bare floor. "And the living room." I &a next, waving in its general direc tion, "needs bookshelves for m library, and you can make those. "Me?" he nearly shriekec jumping up. "Me make book *? I'm a doctor not a car- cnirr." "Don't get tech meal," I an- wcred slamlinfc up too, "You onrself toJd me that you built nose shelves your.sell in your bcd- oom ai home, didn't you?" He winced audibly at the rccul- celion. "1 talk too much." "Do you -icnn to say.*' 1 dc- namted. "that you won't make helves fox u. or paint 01 anything?" "1 didn't say that nt all as yet," ohn answered. "1 jusi don't see L'hy we have lo." he continued, as I Logic had ever been intended ns necessary part of husband and wite conversations. • • • I WAS slumped. I knew I could never manage th e w hole job itl by myseK. Suddenly, I seemed .0 remember a scone from home: "Will you hang the curtains," my mother would say iJcasanlly to my father who would be contentedly absorbed In the evening .(inner, "Tomorrow, dear, tomorrow." "But that's what you've been saying since last week," my .other would protest. "But tViis tomorrow l will." he would repeat Very well. I'll hang them myself," my mother would say, turning to send me for the ladder. And thnt always did It: down went the paper, up went Hie drapes, and knighthood flowered. Warily, 1 considered my present situation, Anything was worth a try. "Very well, darling," I said, feeling like an amateur in a Shakespearean Village 3arn production about to mufl her lines, "I'll paint and paper and <lo all the work myself." 1 started ofTslnge as if to tackle the job Immediately, with the martyrdom befitting a Joan of Arc. John fortunately, although a little slow on the uptake, caught on"Oh, darling," he said picking up the proper cue, "of course I'll help you do everything 1 wouldn't think of letting you work by yourself." Well, what do you know, ] thought exultantly. Chivalry is not dead! (To Be Continued.) PKKCKUSS AA'D HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Hal The Papers! "Your mother will miss ths tree—we'll have to be extra nice to her till she gots used to the vacant place whers it brightened everything up!" THERE/ THAT BINDS TO PAY TOD BOY'S A ROYALTY OH BEAMIE WE SELL . NOW IF VOULL JUST TbAMSFER. VoUR P.C6ISTPATIOM GUESS THE DEAL'S \WHERt'VE \MJAT ARE YOU ALL I &AWKIM& AT? J OFF. BOYS l IF YOU I YOU OI5EW. DON'T OWN THE TRADEMARK .' 1 l-ikt; Son, UUe .M fiY AL VEK.MBER The buttrcfly fish often swims backwards, its tail appearing to bo its head. WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance yonr place or help you to buy one. RULES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett— Russell Rialcs 2252 two phones 3322 11-25 ck U £» Money to Loan uo you need B 'oan w repoM 01 r* miHielV NT- clnwn ofvyunmt ou ninrt Sage. n<f rea tape FHA APPROVSlJ KAVEW Stfo ASK FOB UETMU) Max Logan, Realtor frion« AI34 Lynch Bundle? HiytneTiue Ack Concrete Culvert Tile SJ7cs up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 in, AUlnm.itif Flnnd Gatca Concrete Septic Tanks Alelal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices \v e Deliver A. H. WEBB Higlnrny 61 al Slalf Line riione 714 RENT A CAR Orivr Anywherr Vno Plrast Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo Phone 2089 FARMS CITY PRO PERT! rOS LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See vis and save. W. L. TAJIKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY j Larry Inrjram-Ilcrman May! Cooper BId._Ph. .|fi27 i 12-9 ck 1-9 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, (alien anci crippled animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Ulythe- ville. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. 1] 21 pk 1 21 .V "Frosted Coin." "Sl-r and Pun- ty." and "Fi-ostcd T,tan" arm lerrris to designate types of syrup pitchers In which many collectors of American glassware specialize. UJ CQ Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet IJ-Ton Cab & Chassis Tuesday's Price Vou can buy it for $875 on Tuesday, ?865 on Wednesday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tiros on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint. . . clean as a pin AXD a -19-50 Arkansas license. OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS IS) 19JS Sluclcbaker Land Cruiser 1918 Sludebakcr Champion 1011 Chevrolet 2-door HI in Stuclchakcr i/ 2 -Ton Pickup ]!H7 T'ord '/ 2 -Ton Pickup imfi noilge '/ 2 -Ton Pickup CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RAILROAD & ASH Your Friendly Siudcbakcr Dealer" PHONE 888 (TUt HOUDAVS WERE V Rl IT I'kA ^.l Ar\ TLJC ^ THAHK GOODNESS, THAT'S DONE.' DRAG THIS THING OUT OF THE HOUSE; LOOK WHAT MRS. BOTTS GAVE ME! HY MIC1IAE1, O'fllAI.LEY sml RAL!>H LANK All EIGHT NOW, AtONTE. ^W BUI WHEBE ARE THtP.ES A CARDBOARD T YOU GOING W DUMMY OF YOU STANDING MY HUNTING RIFLE BEFORE THE WINDOW. BE A AMD THAT SURE YOU AMD MRS. DE VWK SHEET CARIO DON'I 6O NEAR IT f OUT TO PREPARE [ A IITTIE RECEPTION FOR SOME UNKNOWN FRIENDS ^ NOW TOR A UITIE PROTECTIVE COIORATK3N CAPTAIN EASY No Twins There I5Y LESLIE TURNER THIS IS &REAT1 FOIIE MOWTHS WE SPEWD MftKING SURE EVERY DETAIL CLICKS SMOOTKLV BftWK JOB....AMD WOW WE'U6 TO COMTBMD WltH \ PWR SWOOPIUG GOSH, LOOK. X THOSE LITTLE CftSCALS Htl_LO.,.WIMFB£V? \ UO.THEY HAUEW'T AT W TIME. \THEV PROMISED 'OPK0WE &K& THE TWMS THERE ] BEEN HEKE. MRS. CAROL. I'M IF THEV STAVED TO IIAUE WITH MR. WcKEE ? yTUBBS. GETTIM' UWEftSY I DtMHEE WITH THEIR ABOUT Til 1 /s^ GRftODF-ATIIER. '. TWINS! CALLED EARLV TO ; /^A HE VJOJLO DMOEOUT,,. PERHAPS THEVSE WITH HIM. HUGS BUNNY WILL YOU TEACH ME V SURE, POC, YOUR NEW I FECK A SMALL METHOP? /V FEE' 00 YOJ USE \BKUSHES SPECIAL ) 16 OLD BWLISHES? / STUFF/ j—^T ALL YA NEEP 16.. .-SOME TUBES O' PAINT Ahf A FAN/ ALL I DONE \v\s rev TO HELP "EZ AFTER SHE GOT DUMPED OFF'H NEK. YEH.JUST LIKE I FIG6E12ED EVEF2Y DANG AMAZON IN TH' OXINTEY f.'>S\ LIKE TO HOOTS AND HKH BUDDIES OH. HY KDGAR MARTIN

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