The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1931
Page 4
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.THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS '.. Il^E CQUH1ER NEWS CO.; tfUBUSUEHS O. R. BABCOOK, Editor B. W. KA1HES. A4veriUiu» Manager (AltKJ COURIER NEWS Sole Nitioiial Advertising Heprrccmullvcis: The Thomas P. Clark Co.' Inc., Kay York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Stui Aiuotuo, San ftaiicisco,' Chicago, St. Louts. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday, tf. ?.."•'.:•"*-, $&v : $•;$:- m •'-&••&: Entered u sccona elm ni»u« at mo pent Office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, wider act of Congress October 9. 1817. Serred by the United Press SUBSCUIPTION RATES By carrier In the city oi Blytheville, I5c per week or $0.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 mile;, $3.00 per year, 11.50 for six months, 85o for three monll'j; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, W.50 per year, In rones reven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance, . \?. ior . ... . /day r— •' V.>'«. 1Z. c.Int. Recognition at Last It is highly probable, nays Sir J nines ' Jeans, IhaL jifo is a rare phenomenon . in the universe. 'Sine sky is bright with hundreds of thousands of stars, but Ihn chances are that few of them aye inhabited. . Most of them swing through the heavens without any passengers. And Sir /James remarks dryly: "I leave il< to you to be pleased or ,. not at a large fraction of the lift; of the universe being content rated un our -•planet." Planets, Sir James believes, were ..formed by the close approach to the w sun of another star, which, by tidal "action, pulled out from the sun a •• great streamer of blu/.ing gas which • eventually condensed, like drops of steam from a locomotive's whistle, .into planets. ', But the stars, arc widely separated. Those closest together arc relatively as far apart as two" 01; three grains of dust in a large room. Hence, since life, can exist only on jusl the right kind'of-plmiels formed by the close • passing-together of stars, life must be rju-c -indeed. All of this, to u race whose utter Insignificance in the general scheme of ; things, has been emphasized by science for more than a century, is somehow, ' rather irrationally, comforting, I'erhiips there is no good reason why . it should be. Tboso who despair of the universe are usually led to do so by .an examination of the follies, cruelties and stupidities of their fellow, nien, and not by contemplating the empty heavens. There is more despondency to be gained by studying a city slum limn in all the books of physical science ever written. . Yet thenj is comfort in this assertion, nevertheless. We are not exactly ; rational, and the simple fact that lifu may have been reserved exclusively for om- own 'little, corner of the cosmos makes ns feel that our bright dreams of our own importance may, after all, •'• be justified. Science, which lias told us for io many years that we are less than' the dust, suddenly tut us about ..and finds that we arc veiy rare phe- nomeir.t. , •; To be sure, we knew it all th u time " —or, at any rate, we suspected it. The OUT OUR WAY finest mnicis thai I'nc ciirlli has produced liavc always s;iid so; more, llicy have, by their mere ifxislonce, proved it. They luivc told u- 1 that we do not owe our existence to accident, but that we arc here miraculously, with all of creation as a back-drop for our slow climb upward. We) do not really need a scientist to tell us that life is not a common or an insignificant tiling in the universe. But it is comforting to have one say '.so, just the same. —Bruce Cation. Attaching a Woman Judge It usud to be supposed thai women lawbreakers would gul much more fair and lenient consideration if they were arraigned before judges of their own sex instead of before men. Hut now New York's famous Samuel Seabury, who lias been inquiring into this anil that on Manhattan island, li;i : ; 1'dcd a rejwrt declaim^ .Magistrate Jean Noil-is unlit and urging her removal. Her nnlitness, he asserts, is shown "by her severity, her unjudicial conduct and her callous disregard of tile rights of defendants in the women's court." . i Hearing in mind the fact that this is simply an accusation and. l.hat the truth or falsity of it has imt yet been demonstrated, one Is nevertheless moved to admit that flic sex of an officeholder, by itself, is not very important, after all. To get a kindly, tolerant and capable judge one must give the job to a kindly, tolerant and capable person; whether it be a man or a woman makes litlle difference. FRIDAY, JUN15 G,. : 1931 ^ SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ." ' X" ','.'-"':,'' ' .~1'^$F~H. ?&$' 01931 Dy'lhiEA SERVlCt, 1NC. >1 VO: > j jJ.g,.PAT.QfF. "Now, now. uloasc ilon'l slnt I crvinjf. Ucmembcr hniv red il rmide vnur fiicn (he other limes." Drivers Licenses The new liuv which provides tor UK revoking of driver;; license or parlies convicted of clrh- liiB automobiles while Intoxicated seems to have sharp tk'ellt. Already two licenses tare been revoked in Cralghead County, one «t Monclte. tile other lit Nclllclon yesterday. Oiliccrs announce Ihu the law will be invoked every time nn oircndcr appears The. new law's operation ivill bi- wulchcd with interest us II seems to have lilvcnslli 01011511 to put (in circctlve check on the iiiii:gcraiis pr.ic- ticc ol diivlns while Intoxicate:!. —Joncsboro ti'.m. Many a man who couldn't get, ti job \ n ; ,n orchestra plays second llddle at home. Now that wider motion pictures are promised, maybe we'll get to ice all of Jot- Brown's smile. Too lililc [raise is otten caused by too much nvoirdiipoisc. Headline. Conditions Returning To Norinnl in Chicago. Cook County Is Almost Broke Asum. Tfs iiMially Ilic girl with tlic moil check who blushes the least. Auto junk shops may not bo doing such a milling gooit business these days, but the turn over Is high. • "I'll Get the swing of tilings," as the ccnlidcnt golfer said. ' WASHINGTON LETTER i;y RODNKV mrw.'HEic NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON. — Many ' people arc so hard up thai they art; try- liiE to sell Uncle Sam their old' collar buttons. — , [ The U. S. mints and assay offices do buy gold In ninny for;::.-,, bill II is hard to seli them any collar buttons. Prolonged depression has brought' oul a great numbor of trinket*!.: which have—ur arc suspected lo 1 have—fold or silver In them. ' Watch cases .spectacles, .babwV) Icckclr, and rings arc articles com-: monly received. . . . Vcrtding rings, with dales' 'lA'ui nnmes cv initials inside, and gold medals once given to someone m mi award for so'.nclhing or other nrc among those articles which obviously on;c \v:vc treasured but aic now being ollcrcd in the hoiw ol cash. Buy Only in $100 IKI!S Any owner of gold or silver iwiy deliver it lo a mint 'or an as?;iy office and receive the crmiva!?nt in coin, gold bars—or by check. ,is most sellers do. Hut the mints ;<i:il assay ollices are authorized by l.nv lo refuse less than SICCI worth i'nicl ll'oy seldom ncccpl less. Consequently, although ail ir.n:i- ner of pc«(jtc offer their collar buttons, rings and other trinkets, most of the actual sales arc made by pawnbrokers or by traveling buyers who purrhiuo gold or silver articles for small sums and usually sell at a considerable profit. l-'inil Difficulty Sdlini; nut Inasmuch as the mints won't | take less than S100 worth of gold | and the placer miners seldom average more Hum $15 worth of gold in o wjck llicy have been finding dif-! ficulty in disposing of their ;;lc;K>-' ings. In a few weeks (here will be; more water in the rivers cm:i mc.,t of the placer miners now scraping brought down by British eims. 'Hie I the raiders also attacked the naval! Iligginsville high school stuiWl ^rltisli casualties were low, only 1 establishments In l!u; Medivay. A | lie worked in his spare lime to nav two being killed and 29 Injured. I considerable number of bombs were expenses, and still found nine to Tile raiders met wllli a lively dropped and a certain amount of s:-rve as class treasurer this V enr reception, extra precautions hav- damage was done to house prop-, letter In basketball and football Ing been taken by British author!- '• <*ly. bul "^ damage done to nav- and play a saxophone in iim lies after the previous raid. llB, a ' anti "I'Htary nslablishments was school orchestra. Germans were attacked by Brit-1 practically negligible. I ish ovlatorc before they hod an: iniMn „ , •,, cpportunity to carry out their. Hare rAuarrt l-'ound ' .,h ellln ?.. ft , ch " 1 . 1 n "V .!>'»"t and 'iing intentions lo any great ex- HIGGINSVILLE Missouri lUP) t, nnd tho Uritlsh anti-aircraft I _ Twelve years in school with- guns were very effective. ' out. an absence or tardy mark is casicnnf inswn-cs"whe"rc 'ftoT, The official Btatc-ment said Hint the record of John w. Truesdale,' any constUutlo-ial weakness. ; play until he is slightly ouf'of breath is excellent training for deep breathing, save in those oc- the bntloms will hav: lo turn to r.'jmctliini; eke.- Miss limy M. O'licilly, assistant riircctor of the Hurrau of the Mint to whom unc is indebted lor ali thfe information, says that in tile last year there hav.? been received r.boiit three times as many inmiir- ies concerning 0 ]d C0 i lis . O kl pieces whleh have heretofore been treasured or just kept lu;-kcd away somewhere are now being dragged out and their owiwrs arc writing I if the treasury to lind out wha tiiey arc worth, ut neither tlv trarasnry nor any other goVcM .i)ie:H deparlmeiii [jays any prcmjuii on coins or gives out any inform ntion os to their value among nu mismalists. U. S. liuys SMctpiHRs Every year thn Rnvriimicnt buy up scrap ami .sweepings from jcw- c!crs and dental labonitories. Often the mints and assay offices receive sweepings with dust, dirt and all, but no payment is ever made to anyone until the material offered hns licen incited and assayed to determine its 'Value in gold or' silver. The melt has to show 20 per rent or more of the pure metal in order (o be purchasable. Last v:ar the mint bureau, bought 025,000 ounces ol cold in] jewelers' bars, dental scrap aiidj inlsL-cllaueoiiF. sweepings aurl artl-i pies anil 952.CCO ounces of silver in i imilnr forms. A set price of S20.C7 i nn ounce is paid for gold" and liic! ciin?m market price—lately down] around 25 cents an ounce—for sil- • ver. There are mints in Philadelphia Denver and San Francisco and as- sny offices in Seattle, Boise, Hrl- onu, Salt Lake City. Carson Nev.. Kcw Orleans and New York City. Most of the min:ir' offering of gold nnd silver arc being sent by mail or express. The Bureau of the Mini here doesn't buy. By Williams RIGHT UP-BTAIRS To TuS, MISTER ~ *\ M o GuiOVZ ^ou, SO OOM-r OF E.LBOW BECAUSE. i'u_ BE up FOR '*<",'?***il »•*•*•»•«*-• »«• — » -. « --^•en-wasll Phone si* Passing of Old Dobhin Brings Decline In Grand ers Disease HV I>K. MOKlilS .ihlcr. Journal of Hip . ccc , lr - m someone . ournal of Hip Anirririn j wwkir.i; around horses The ac A^onallon, :m,l of lly- , ii,f cc iion i s vn - y scr i 0 us in t <Miinan bcinc!. II has been irprr: ;1 ; -il>oo in cab, ratibits. sl.erp. iin.-e ! and various wild animals of :lio ,-at I tribe. Because the disease Ls rninni-.'V.'.y tr:i!i<mi(lEd by horsc-s nuc! .uici-rs '• licr^cs more frrqucntly th;ui is consi.intly cute •• tllr »" HI ' Slasazlnc I liimian being and'most of™tlie pa- Mcst farmers think of ulnndcrs I liciils die ; ,l?/bT < o-?Sn'nv 1 r'u.^' ln '"=•'«'"••'••" » f - «be«e like .iks. b,,t,mnnlh u , U ,.i..^ j,,.,,,,,,.,., ovcryll . lllK dcl ,., 11( | s 011 stamping o;it the source of liie infection in the animal which trnns- mit.s it. Hence, it is recommended | that practically every animal with plnndprs should br promptly dc- slvaycd and the stables thoroughly difinlectcd. including 'all harness and watering buckets. All ar.fmali that have been exposed should be examined for the infection an:i kepi under observation until well past the time when there is any likelihood that the infection may develop in them. A dorlor who takes charge of sucli cci«cs treats th:m u.m.illy by'j the surgical nieiho:! of opening the j nbsce-sses aurt drainin; away the I infectious main till. ! . of Dr. tile ! other animal, il i> »o\v rarclv in inrfie cities lro:n wliicli \M itavr practically dLsnpi>riived. ; In the first 20 years «f Hi.- i century, (here wore i-.v- ulajidcrs in (lie wards ol tl-o 11 vuc Hospital. N'cw York. l:-,n in laa ten years. aciMrdiv,-.' v> U.iuglas Symmcrf.' a sinile u-. not been seen. i Clangors is catisr.-l In- : . • knoun as the bAcillu-. d •:;.-,, ] Krcy llirce lo five da\.- ;<:r(i gortn pets into Ih? bocl>. i!,r . loins first appear. Tnvn- mr i usual symptoms of inu..:i: ;• as nausc.i. headache. \i::;i; chills and bome lever. Quito soon, however. :•,» 1:1; , l>car on the skin a.v-^'i.-.irjj llammalion of the !yi.i,i::i and glands near t'.ie p;.i; the ab.>re.sie= r.rr KIM'./, (imco a hard noilulc <h-\i-;. nlcerat's and breaks ti > charging a profuse, sticky s.; : If. ^ve ,dhveasc atlacki '.hi' ;•• gives symptoms like" \\:o-.r o; i in oul a. Nowadays a diagnosis c: q;.u-.~>rs is hardly likely lo b2 iii.nie. ur'iU 'the condttlon~<ltscrlbsd happen'*' tb TODAY IS /^ ANNJVERS OEHMAN AIR liAIl) On June 5. i9n. I he third of o scries of air raids took place when 16 German airplanes came over the North Sea and dropped many | bombs on the sm<1ll towns and vll-1 logcs In Essex and Kint. ! Only U ol the raiders returned' fo Wcif r lwnie'iH*«f V >You Are Sentenced for 15 to 90 Days— To enjoy the sports and entertainments that await you— : High up in the cool, green Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. Any fun loving "prisoner' will welcome this sentence and the family will enjoy it too. $800,000 has been spent to make this Little Switzerland the most modern and luxurious mountain resort in the country. Food Fit For A King—all the little dainties and service that the family enjoy are found at this palatial clubhouse 8000 feet up in the mountains. Season—May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. at Jemez Springs, New Mexico Write for full information to 155 East Superior Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS OFDRA It has been the policy of the district, in view ol! the difficulties which owners of I'arni land have encountered recently, to be as lenient as possible in the enforcement of penalties for drainage tax delinquencies. The district must meet ils oblations, however and it is therefore necessary that ail taxes now due the district be paid at the same lime state and county taxes are paid. Time for payment ol state and county taxes without penalty expires Monday, June 8. Clifton H. Scott, Receiver, Drainage District 17.

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