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The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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ASK EDITH ADAMS Sun Cottage, Homemakers' Service, 510 Beatty TA. 4577; MA. 1161. OUR TOWN By Jack Scott THE SECOND FRONT PAGE 13 MArine 1161 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 1949 IPlETCCifi B.C. May Get Officers fit 4V 8 i 3 Commissi I VII VUI DAY BY DAY Acquitted of Theft From Chinese, Dismissed 'Discrepancies' Two Vancouver police officers, acquitted of theft by an Assize Court jury last week, have been dismissed from the Vancouver May Be Chosen for Final Contests ij I 1 Cold Ride Checked By Police It was a cold, short trip a 43- Local support of this year's regional drama festival may bring the 1951 Dominion police force.

Dismissals of Frederick W. Rhuman and William G. Idler were ordered by unanimous decision of the police commission Fridav following trial of the Drama Festival to B.C. Officials of the B.C. Regional year-old man tool; Friday even two on departmental charges.

Shoeless and wearing oniy Discrepancies in me swnes they told Chief Constable Walter H. Mulligan and evidence later ISO branch of the Dominion organization said today head-office is now considering Vancouver for the 1951 finals, provided there is suf red dressing gown, the man walked out of Ward at General Hospital. piven at their trials was basis ficient evidence, local support will for the dismissals. DeDartmental charges of dis be forthcoming. iJimmmT: -af rwlZ IWM I I creditable conduct and making B.C.

ENTRY He boarded a street car ana got off at First and Main. A policemen held him there until other officers arrived to return him to hospital. Meanwhile, Vancouver's part- Al's Moment Three city service clubs have cancelled scheduled addresses by Rev. James G. Endicott, of Toronto, United Church pastor.

Club spokesmen said it had been learned Dr. Endicott is a member of the Peace Council of Canada and that the "political complexion" of this organisation was in doubt. News Hem. After it was all over, Al Maxwell felt like a new man. His business (novelty leather goods) might suffer.

In some ways he would miss the companionship of the fellows. But still, his dramatic' resignation from the Beavers Club was a shining hour in his life. It had all taken place at the regular Friday luncheon of the Beavers. The meeting of that respected service club had begun normally. There was a startling similarity about the members, almost as if they had been mass-produced.

They were middle-aged men with moderately sloping paunches, moderately balding domes. Each man wore a suit known to the tailoring trade as "conservative, business." There was a hint of strain in each of these faces, yet the men were undeniably, determinedly hearty. On every lapel was a small square badge giving the member's nickname "Joe, Bob, Mac, etc." and his vocation "Insurance, Real Estate, Printing, etc." The Protest Nothing happened until after the lunch when the Beavers sat back, well-stuffed with breaded veal cutlets topped with a pineapple sundae. Then the club chairman, affectionately known to one and all simply "J.J.," got his feet, banged the gavel and made his announcement. "Our talk today.

Beavers, is on Favorable Business Trends For '49," he began. "But, first I guess I ought to explain that we were supposed to have the Rev. James Endicott speak to us today. As you've probably read in the papers we found out that this gentleman was a member of a certain organization that is er, ah shall we say, a little leftist? In company with our brother service clubs we felt it wise to refrain from subjecting you to er this propaganda. It was then that Al Maxwell found himself slowly getting to his feet.

He felt the curious eyes of 96 members on him. He saw the chairman's mouth drop time actors are preparing for the regional contest to be held March 3, 4 and 5 at the York Theatre, Commercial and Georgia. A winner from the six B.C. entries will be chosen to repre "TALENT REVUE" which will have representation from every Catholic Youth Organization chaDter in the Vancouver Arch false statements in connection with the theft charges were laid Thursday. CHARGE DENIED When first confronted with complaint of Dang Yee Gee that they robbed him of $25 on November 3, they denied ever having seen the Chinese.

Chief Mulligan told commissioners. In court, however, they testified they had picked Dang up in diocese, will be held in Holy sent ts.u. tne Dominion nnais the week of April 25 in Toronto. Rosary Hall February 9 and 10. Variety in the B.C.

entries ranges right from stark tragedy (The daily diary of Jack Kan-chikoff, Sun newsy at Birks corner, Granville and Georgia, who is now out to collect $2000 for The Sun's March of Dimes, During the early weeks of the to farce. Two of the plays are three-act presentations "For CAMPAIGN to raise funds for an ambulance for the State of Israel is being started February 1 by 3000 members of Canadian their patrol car on the night in tune My Foe," by Canadian play question to charge him with ob wright Robertson Davies, to be played by the Mission Players, and "Glass Menagerie" by Ten structing a police oincer. iney released him at the rear of the Young Judea, Canada's largest national Zionist youth organization. police station. nessee Williams, the New West minster Vagabond Players' en Chief Mulligan tow Magistrate Orr that the reversal of the try, which will be directed by men's story was not brought out drive he passed his first objective, $1000.

Today he has reached his second self-imposed goal of $1500. 'They tell me that the March of Dimes won't be over for a couple of weeks yet, so with the help of generous folks here in Vancouver and elsewhere in B.C. I ought to be able to make in evidence at their trial beiore SMOOTH SPEAKING Daniel Goldsmith, 16, of 2562 Crown, will represent Vancouver Opti mists in a Pacific Northwest district oratory contest here in May. Te bested two other youths at a meeting of the Optimist the jury. Rhuman and Idler were repre sented Friday by Constable Fred tan uobbie.

TO ADJUDICATE the West End Self Help Group's entry, will be directed by the author, Gwen Mai-lory, well-known Vancouver playwright. The Vancouver Repertory Players' entry, "Simon Dougherty, police union that $2000 objective. Club Thursday night to win the He entered a plea of "guilty honor. Made me happy to get five with explanation" to the false dollars from little Lois and win be directed by F. Ron Marvin will direct Wood Hospital Plan Debated at Jimmy Morrow at Sandspit.

They sell Suns up there. We newsies have got to stick together. Mrs Eric Cox sent along two dollars from Greenwood, and fifteen dimes came in from Marion Mo ward's Beacon Players in "The Luck Piece" by Percival Wilde. statements charges. ACCUSER PRESENT Their first denial of all knowledge of Dang's allegations were made because their accuser was present in the Chief's office at the time and they did not want to "give away (their) defense," they explained.

"Your case probably would not The UBC Alumni entry, Noel Coward's "Fumed Oak," will be Millian, secretary, Royal City Proclaiming Vancouver's Tourist Attractions IN IMPROMPTU DUET, chairman of the Tourist Association fund-raising campaign Harry Duker and Dianne LeBlanc, pretty UBC student, sing out in praise of this city's facilities for vacationists. Drive will get under way Monday to raise $75,000 from businessmen for the promotion of the tourist industry, which brought $30,000,000 here in 1948. A bigger influx this year is expected to gross at least $34,500,000. Town Meeting Chapter, OES. Jack's toal today: Supporters of naturopathy anH nstpnnsthv urced that their even have been referred to the directed by Bill Buckingham.

Robert Speaight, eminent English actor, playwright and adjudicator, and last year's adjudicator of the Dominion Bureau of Festival finals, will be adjudicator in the contest here. Mrs. Phoebe Smith, well-known group be exempted from pay- city prosecutor for investigation if you had told the full story ment in the Provincial Hospital TWO-WEEK DRIVE Fire May Force Classes After then as presented in court, Magistrate Orr said. "The lurv believed it. prob Vancouver adjudicator, producer ably we would have too," agreed ana actress, is chairman of the B.C.

regional committee. Hours at UBC UBC-home economics students Service Friday. They fired questions at a panel of speakers discussing the hospital scheme in Town Meeting of the Air. At present, Christian Scientists are the dnly group exempted from payment. The panel of speakers split on the value of the scheme.

Frank Monahan, insurance broker, called it progressive capitalism because the people Tourist Association Opens $1 Million Fund Campaign POSTIES RETIRE may have to attend classes after regular hours as a rsuit oi day's fire. Judge Ray Sargent. Constable Dougherty argued: that neither disciplinary charge should stick since the theft alle-! gation on which they were based had been ruled unfounded. Both officers had unblemished records on the force. Rhuman had served 14 years, winning two commendations previous to the theft charge.

Idler had been on the force eight years. Dr. Norman Mackenzie, UBC who make the contributions are president, said this afternoon Waterfront Mail Route Was Lively that 200 "displaced students wm be accommodated as well as pos the ones who derive benefit. Arthur J. Turner, CCF MLA for Vancouver East, charged sible until spring, possibly after that the government is groping around with the problem of hospitalization.

He said small income groups are unfairly bur dened. Vancouver Tourist Association today opens a campaign for $75,000 operating funds for 1949. With this sum, it hopes to lure over a million tourists and 35 million tourists dollars to the city this year. At a pre-campaign luncheon Friday in Hotel Vancouver, association directors noted that competitive tourist interests were sptnding $20 million to attract tourists away from Vaffcouvei. The drive for funds will last for two weeks.

Fourteen teams, two men to a team, will canvas city businessmen. open. "I know I'm out of order, J.J." he heard himself saying, "but, by the Lord Harry, I think it's time somebody got up in this club and spoke his mind." There was a murmur of what might have been protest, but Al Maxwell-leather products) went right on. "I've been a member of this club nine Al said, "and all I've ever heard from a day speaker is stuff I could have read in the Financial Post or the Reader's Digest. I came here today to hear this Endicott fellow.

I'll tell you I was eager to hear him. I'm sick and tired of getting one side of the picture. "All right, so our chairman says this minister is a Red. Personally, I don't see how he can be. But suppose he is? Let's hear what the Reds have to say.

Let's get all the people we can who have some ideas, even if we don't like 'em. Are we here to learn something or just to get what we want to hear? "By God. we're always telling ourselves this is a free country and then we shut up some speaker just because we think we may not agree with him." He looked challengingly about the hushed room. There wasn't a sound. Major A.

H. Jukes, Social 'Murder1 in Night Just Phone Fake Mysterious stranger startled a West End woman out of a sound sleep early today with a scream of "murder." Mrs. J. Tosh, 1123 Barclay, Credit, denounced the compulsory aspects of the scheme. Twenty years' of pounding a postal route on Vancouver's tough waterfront have brought some hair-raising experiences for Ernest Rivett.

Once, he found a corpse on a doorstep, and was principal witness at the Another time, two detectives were shot a few minutes after Mr. Rivette waved a friendly greeting. The officers were at Gerald V. Pelton, a former Liberal candidate, called the ser vice the first step in providing other classes are dismissed. The six destroyed huts will be replaced next summer, he said, but not with more huts.

He said damage to buildings was about $70,000, and replace, ment value of equipment would be about $75,000. Provincial Fire Marshal W. Walker said today the 3:45 a.m. fire was caused by spontaneous combustion in oily rags. University Fire Chief T.

W. Murphy explained the mysterious explosion heard by many people was a 100-gallon hot-water boiler filling with steam as a result of the fire, and blowing from one end of a building to another: complete health coverage lor everyone, and first steps are told police that her telephone necessarily cautious. Last year, Vancouver Tourist rang at 4:05 a.m. today. Association spent $50,000 telling the world about the city green A man's voice shouted: in the hotel." Then he hung trees and salt water.

Wrong Address Paul Webster, 18, whose address was given as 975 Hornby, does not live at that address, Mrs. M. Cyluck reported today. up. The influx of tourists reached tacked by a crazed Swedish logger.

Friday, Mr. Rivette and 28 other retired postal delivery men were presented with the Silver Medal of the Imperial Service Order for 25 years or more "meritorious service." Presentations wee by command Police could find no trace of an all time high. A round million a killing. came to town and spent $30 mil 1 imf7ii lion while they were here. During the year, 70,000 persons ALDERMAN'S MOTHER NONEGARI AN of His Majesty King George and came to the association headquarters at Georgia and Seymour carried out by J.

Turner, post master, at the Vancouver post And Farewell tci information. The association mailed out 160,000 pieces of literature, an oince. Want to Reach Happy 90? Keep Busy Mrs. Cornett swered over inquiries by mail, anotner 12C.00O by phone Vancouver Tivnist Association is a nonprofit organization. Its 16 directors are local businessmen.

President is Hedley Hipwell. Chairman for the fund-raising campaign is Harry Duker. Mr. Rivett's 38 years in the service was the longest among the group. Although witnessing violence practically every day on his old route, Mr.

Rivett has never received so much as a black eye from rough-living waterfront characters. The 65-year-old veteran postman thinks this is due to "a friendly smile and a desire to get along with everyone." "The so-called shady characters always looked up with respect to the postal department," he says. When Mr. Rivett began delivering mail, Victoria Drive was the By MAR MACLEOD Here's a recipe for a healthy, happy 90th birthday from a lady who ought to know. Mrs.

J. H. Cornett, mother of Vancouver Alderman J. D. Cornett, 176 West King Edward, says the recipe is simple.

"Keep busy," advises the white-haired little lady who's been doing just that for 90 years. Keeping busy the way Mrs. Cornett did it, started out with nurses' training when she was a "slin of a cirl" in the Old Coun Sharp-Eyed Teacher Spots Suspect "You all know me here," he, said. "I'm strictly a businessman. I vote Liberal.

I believe in free enterprise. I'm proud of it. But I believe in democracy more. And when a bunch of men like us gag speaker because of his beliefs it smells an awful lot like Hitler stuff to me. "What I'd like to know is: What are we afraid of? Is this Endicott fellow going to come in here and make us all Reds? Is he an enemy of ours? If he Is, fine! Let's hear what the enemy has to say.

"All of us here are businessmen. When we make a deal we want to know all sides of the not just the one that looks good. But here here in this Beaver's club you'd think we were a bunch of children who had to be protected from somebody's ideas. As if we didn't have enough common sense to trust our own judgment" Al Maxwell paused a moment and when he spoke again his voice was flat and without emotion. "This Endicott fellow re I end of his route, and the Eastern i i fl I Sharp-eyed school teacher led.

vv tnioi. ihrnuoh police to a burglary suspect mud streets carrying lant-day afternoon. prTls hp rpcalls try. Then came marriage and nine children who managed to Konawa wccail, vest it Was often dark before we Fourth, looked into a cloak room weve through with our routes after a young man carryine anrt fs u-r Work fmm A hi 4 lantern smoke." Mr. Rivett's sister is Mrs.

Nora Arnold, mayor of Prince Rupert. He retired as a supervisor in shopping bag had asked her the way to the office of the principal of Dawson School. She discovered her coat missing. Police found the coat in the shopping bag. Later, Thomas Nicol.

no fixed keep their mother hopping for manv years. After her husband's death in 1918, Mrs. Cornett decided it was time she and her family saw what was on the other side "of the ocean." So, at the age of 61, she crossed one ocean, but wasn't satisfied until she'd crossed Canada to see the other. She's been in Vancouver since and has most of her family with Wjj- aarinl Concert Aids address; was charged with theft. presents some peace outfit," he said.

"It may be a phoney, it SAVED from becoming a life-long cripple is Barbara Walker, 16 months, born with club feet but cured in Children's Hospital by Denis Brown splints, manipulation of her "monkey legs" and therapy. Your contribution to the March of Dimes, sponsored by The Vancouver Sun, can help to give other children a life free of pain and handicap. Dimes March Top entertainers will donate may not. I don't know. I only know that if a man has an idea lor peace I want to hear it and in short telephone distance.

Besides Aid. Cornett she has one two 18-loot steel shafts, one and a half inches in diameter and with a bevelled gear at each end, were reported stolen Friday from 1585 East Hastings. They are worth $150 each. Josn Szachurv. 18.

565 East son and five daughters in Vancouver and a sixth daughter lives their talent In a special benefit I want to decide for myself what there's in it I think I've got enough brains to make up my own mind. And, gentlemen. in New Jersey, Cordova, reported to police theft oi ins wallet containing $110, if we turn our backs on any kind of plan, if we refuse to listen to it we have only our Reputed to have 43 connections" on the Vancouver voters' list Mrs. Cornett has 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren all living in Vancouver and concert," 8 p.m. Sunday in Moose Auditorium, 112 Howe, in aid of March of Dimes.

Gaylor de Enterprises are sponsoring the show. Every cent in a silver collection will go towards Children's Hospital. Lulu Island Dykes May Be Raised Boys' Band Formed At Deep Cove and Jayo Cafe, 5989 Fraser, said $50 worth of cigarettes, two boxes of chocolate bars and some loose change was stolen in a district Although today's the real an VsO NEW Jan. burglary. DEEP COVE, Jan.

29. A 29. If Lulu Island industrialists jmu wnu uiuuauiousu niversary. Sundays going to oe rVmioT, f.TnArr CLr-nt -111 ho v- the vpar red letter day lor oovs oana nas oeen organic here under the sponsorship of agree to share costs of additional UVSOn Named Deep Cove Community Centre. dyking, the river defenses there Mrs.

Cornett The entire clan selves to blame if another war comes. This man Endicott may have something, but we will never know if he has or hasn't because somebody has decided I'm not old enough to know." Then Al Maxwell unpinned the small square badge from his lapel and walked through the tables of silent men. He went back to his office and it as a long, long hour until the first telephone calls began to About Zl boys have already w-m rais-ea an aacuuonm mo I ft I i rncr and Carl Karleen, accordianists; 11 fatht A 14 Corn mr r- home to toast her. before the spring freshet joined the group and there are! feet KELOWXA, Jan. 29 (CP) a fp-a: vacancies still to he filled, occurs.

A meeting of industrialists Sixteen CCF clubs have elected acrobatic team; Phebv Sisters. Behind Fireolace mnrornwt will ho hplrf novt tt-ook TVi-cnn r.t rl ITolrm-na tr tha lire DCIIIIIU I IICLHUWC Under leadership of J. Rawlins, well-known musician and British gold medallist, the youths will meet each Wednesday at 7:30 "KEEPING BUSY" is the way to reach 90 "feeling fine." says Mrs. J. H.

Cornett, ho celebrates her birthday today. Her son. Aid. I. D.

Cornett, 17S West King Ed-ward, shown with mother, will hold a "gathering of th clan" Sunday when seven of Mrs. Cornett's children, her 13 grandchildren and her 10 great-grandchildrec will drop in to wish her "many happy returns." come in. They wire confi Thev were p.m. in Burrard View school. dential, of course.

msonmeniansis; iorra i mic-. to consider the proposal. presidrr-y of the South Okana- Allister, well-known CBC and NEW WESTMINSTER, If they approve, construction gan CCF district executive, it njgnt club vocalist; Walter Zar- 29. Slight damage resulted when would begin immediately. J.

B. was announced Friday. emski, Russian dancer; Candy fire broke out behind a firepiacet Carswell. chairman of the Frasrr He succeeds retiring president Kane, popular sirrr; Fhvllis in the residence of H. Shushury.i Valley Dyking Commission, sajd H.

R. Perry, ho was named Carroll, dancer; Bill Easter-! 135 Harvey, at 9:50 p.m, Thurs-i today. secretary. brook, baritone. iday.

iust-between-vou-and-me. But a Deep Love residents plan to Rrt of Beavers, it seemed, were i raise funds to purchase instru-with Al MaxwelL ments for the band..

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