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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Picnic at Park THE Vancouver sun. July 31, 1947 13 Vancouver Review No. 2, WEA, I If Tm Quiet Wedding Held at Haney She Aided Stars toStardom-Here's Her Success Recipe will hold a picnic Friday at the LOCfSl I fD rOIIOWS KlleS Duck Pond in Stanley Park. Meet Haney United Church was the ing at 2 p. supper at 6 p.

m. Christ Church cathedral was) The bride had Miss Anne A. the setting for the wedding of IKryciak for her maid of narsor. Do vou asDire to stardom? setting for a quiet wedding whrn Helen, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Broderick O'Farrell has the recipe and Its ingredients Mr. James D. McDonald and the and Miss Lillian Pikan was brides- Mr. and Mrs. R.

K. Porter and maid. Mr. Herbert Goll suapnrted with a generous dash of luck. And she should know as she's started; i Toront.

visit- intv tha 11 1 tor naiwnts K.f r.nA the Mr. and former Anne Tkatchuk. The groom, sftn of Mrs. H. A.

McDonald and the late Mr. McDonald. ing parents. such top-notch celebrities as ueorge Montgomery, Janet uaynor Mrs. H.

L. TurnbuU. Mr. Porter and Jane Withers oil on the long nara roaa to movie success. will return to Toronto at the end and the daughter of the late Mr TIP-TO-TOE Three Coat Styles In Fall Spotlight By Mademoiselle Tappe Designers of the full, loose coat knew what they were doing this season when they added more and more yardage.

They realized that the hip treatments on dresses often involving a widely jutting bow, or back sashes tying and looping over the derriere, a woman would need a coat whose lines could stand such frivolous departures from the straight and narrow. The full flare coat can be depended on not to bulge in strange places. She adds that if you happenT tne groom and Mr. tan Frederick and Mr. Henry Forrester were ushers.

The bride and groom are spending their honeymoon in Victoria and Seattle. and Mrs. M. Tkatchuk of CaMcr, to be under 25 your chances are Airs. M.

Lineham or vanccu-ver. became ihe bride of Mr. Eiao Willehard Leino, elder son of Mr Willehard Leino and the late Mrs. Leino of Websters Corners. Given in marriage oy cr father, the bride was unattended She wore a frock of ice blue crepe, with a large picture hat, and carried a bouquet-of Talisman roses and swansoma.

Mr. ot next week, while Mrs. Porter will remain with her parents for a few more weeks. UBC Summer a whole lot better. were united in mamage by Very Rev.

Cecil Swanson. For twenty-two years, Mrs. O'Farrell, under the name of Lor-etta Fitzpatrick, has met and Students To Mail Ordert Promptly Filled interviewed thousands of "hopefuls' and placed them as extras Aade Leino supported his brother. Hold Dance with independent productions. She remembers Janet Gaynor After the ceremony, a reception was hall at the home of the bride's parents, after wh'ch the couple left on their wedding trip More than 700 guests are ex as "a nondescript tiny thing" who pected to attend the annual din wandered into her office one day- ner dance of the UBC Summer to the Okanagan.

looking for a bit part. Mrs. O'Far Session Students Association which will be held Friday at the 'W Graduates Commodore. At the head table will be Prof. rell think her climb into ug'its must be attributed to "her big brown eyes, which were then her only outstanding characteristic." Jane Withers she recalls is "a small precocious girl who wanted to get and George W.

Gage, acting dean of arts; Married at Dr. M. A. Cameron, director of the summer session; Dr. Boyd H.

Bode of Ohio State University; Montgomery as a man who rode Christ Church Mr. D. Braidwood, president of fiimdom by playing small cowboy parts." UBC Alumni Association; Mr. J. Phillipson, president, and Mr.

D. Mr. O'Farrell confesses he be Graduates of UBC were mind C. Chamberlain, vice-president. came connected with casting pals of a wedding which took place in Christ Church Cathedral office work, "only through mar chapel when Moira Edith Keeves riage," at a time when he was of the Summer Session organization; Mrs.

B. H. Bode, Mrs. J. Phillipson, Mrs.

D. Braidwood, Senora Davidson, Miss Gladys under contract with Universal became the bride of Mr. John Arthur Dawson. Studios. On the screen Mr.

O'Far fHlx: ft) Jyy I Owen, Miss Helen Nisbetl and Very Rev. Dean Cecil Swanson rell has appeared as the butler experiment Perilous and as officiated at the ceremony which united in marriage the daughter Miss M. Porter. -Highlight of the evening will the old stage door manage." in Music for Millions." of Mr. and Mrs.

Wellinston be the presentation of an award Some of the older Vancouver to the senior student, who has attended the most summer sessions. Keeves of Port Alberni, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry H. theatre goers may remember him as the lead in the stock Dawson.

The bride chose for her wedding Quarterman-Leese company at the old Avenue Theatre in 1915, when Howard Russell Mr. Norman H. Quarterman, was a name well known for light comedy. Now, Mr. O'Farrell is only son of Mr.

and Mrs. H. xi. Quarterman, and his bride, Lily, a gown of white marquisette over taffeta. Her floor-length illusion net veil fell from a sweetheart halo cap and she carried a shower bouquet of red rosebuds and white gardenias.

Miss Joy Keeves, gowned in pale green. "Counterpoint" black suede $1895 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E.

Leese, left for a wedding trip to Gabridla Island immediately after their wedding at Zion United again spending some time in Vancouver with his wife and is wondering if the old theatre still stands. "It seemed strange in Seattle," he said, "to find the old theatre where' I used to play is now replaced by a garage. It seems was her sister's maid of honor. Mr. Ferry Dawson, the groom's brother, acted as bestman, while Mr.

Phil Downs and Mr. Dom Grimmer were ushers. Mr. Arthur church. Rev.

C. E. Batzold officiated. The bride in traditional white, was attended by her siser, Mrs. Pearl Freeze and little Beverly Leese was flower girl.

Mr. Murdoch Brown was bestman. Sutcliffe toasted the bride at strange in Vancouver, too, when I walk along the streets and find that I am forgotten. What price a reception given at the Hotel Georgia. lamer" first peek at fall we picture here "Counterpoint" by Mademoiselle just one of a host of new models ready for you Friday for our first Fall showing it's exciting as a Paris opening, too, with new silhouettes netv colors and lovely netv handbags from New York matchmates, of course You'll find America's finest shoes at Ingledew's Andrew Geller Bally of Switzerland Mademoiselle Barefoot Original Naturalizer Joyce Sel'oy Arch Preserver Tru Poise Grenada However, you won't be confined to this type of coat if you find it unbecoming, for there will be two other coat styles from which to choose.

They are the fitted coat with swirling skirt, with or without a wide band of fur at the hemline and the short-cut coat with bulk to the top which you will wrap or hold close about the hips. Happy Solution When the wrapped, short coat first stepped into the 1947 fashion picture, it was hailed to such an extent many thought this was to be "the silhouette" for both night and day. But the answer is no. Though the wrapped look, sometimes called the "cocoon" silhouette, is one of the happiest solutions to the longer skirt lines, it hasn't by any means edged out the figure-fitting coat, or the grandly sweeping flare Fitted coats keep in mind the sleek molded bodices of the new dresses, but their skirts swing wide enough to accommodate drapery or pleats beneath. The buttoning treatment of these figure fitters is more than usually interesting this season.

In fact, buttons even show up at the back sometimes. Often the closing slants diagonally. Hoods are trying to find new ways of muffling your chin, winding across the front and fastening at the side or back. Scarlet Pimpernel Collars Collars on coats are in the spotlight, too. Many collars are outsize and upstanding.

These great upstanding collars that muffle the throat to the ear-level, give the look of a Dickens coachman, a 19th century dandy, the Scarlet Pimpernel. Some coats have a big bertha collar that can be arranged high or wide, again, others look like those Byron wore. As for fur trims on coats, the great lynx or fox collar of years ago appear again and bandings of fur on skirts help to further the swing and swirl of wide hemlines. This is cer. tainly the fall to make use of any bits of fur you've had cached even if it's just enough to cover a button.

And, incidentally, the short, wrap-around coat may be the solution for doing over that good, but too short, long coat in your closet. 693 Granville St. 4ou blue dressmaker suit with pep- Tesf ed and Proved for British Columbia lum. A nosegay of pink and white carnations set off her ensemble. Miss Ada Mayer, the groom's Photo bv D'Arcy MR.

AND MRS. GEORGE PUCCINI (left) AND SENATOR AND MRS. D. JACK METZGAR "WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN THIS RACE?" is the question before this interesting foursome of Californians up from the south for the last days of the Lansdowne Park race meet. Snapped by the cameraman in the clubhouse enclosure just prior to the Tunning of the B.C.

Derby at the track Wednesday are Mr. and Mrs. George Puccini of San Francisco and Senator and Mrs. D. lack Metzgar from Red Bluff, Calif.

The visitors are guests at Hotel Vancouver and plan to visit here several days after the close of the race meet before returning home. sister, was oridesmaid and Mr. mmmmmmm Mayer-Hollinger I St. Augustine's church was the setting for an early morning wedding when Claudia of Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Hollinger, was united in marriage with Mr. Sylva Joseph son of Mrs. B. Mayer and the late Mr. Mayer.

Rev. Father Cullinan officiated. The bride wore a turquoise Johann Sexton supported the groom. After a wedding breakfasv at Hotel Georgia, Mr. and Mrs, Mayer left for a short trip to victoria.

ell-Known Former Resident Here on Visit From Africa Of wide interest in Vancouver, where she formerly resided. is the arrival Wednesday evening of Mrs. Jack Rudd, who, with her husband, travelled from her home in Capetown, South Africa, to spend a month in the city. Mrs. Rudd is the former Phvllis Burley Smith, daughter of Mrs.

Sholto Smith and granddaughter or tne late Mr. cnanes woodward. The visitors are guests at Hotel Vancouver. Miss Edna Raynor is holiday ing at Jasper and is a guest at Charming visitors from the Jasper Park Lodge. south were guests of honor Wed nesday at two luncheon parties at Lansdowne Park when Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Hanna are visiting in the city from Edmon ton. John DuBois Wack of Santa Barbara was feted by Mrs.

G. L. Pat New York Fur For Furs In August Holy Cmt Mountain, near Hope, B.C Fraser and Mrs. Jack Pattison was hostess complimenting Mrs. Walter Granling and Mrs.

Gor Meier-Kilgour Nuptials Held don Birbeck of Pasadena, who, with their husbands are spending several days here en route to Banff. After their wedding. Mr. John Among Mrs. Pattison's luncheon guests were Mrs.

Howard K. Meier and his bride, the former Dorothy Anwyl Kilgour. left on Travers, Mrs. R. Boerenstein, Mrs.

a honeymoon trip to Vancouver M. Davies. Mrs. A. Hyams, Mrs.

Sam Randall, Mrs. R. Drost, Mrs. island. The daughter of Mrs.

A. Kilgour and the late Mr. Kil Spmb Bsttks, VsncvMver, B.C George Young, Mrs. Alfred Evans, Mrs. R.

Mitten, Mrs. Don Brown, Mrs. Frank Stevenson, gour, and tha son of Mrs. M. Meier and the late Mr.

Meier were united in marriage by Rev. Father Leonard Wale in Our Lady of Perpetual Help church. Mr. James Salmon gave the Mrs. J.

Hoya. Mrs. J. baiawin SHELL GASOLINES Mrs. A.

Essey, Mrs. A. Bird and Mrs. Hugh Callaghan. Others noticed at the B.C.

Turf bride in marriage, while Mrs. Edward groom's sis and Country Club, among whom ter, was the bride's matron of were several of Mrs. Fraser luncheon guests, were Mrs. W. are specially blended to meet B.C conditions honor.

Mis? Joan Kilgour, fosct sisier oi tne onae, was lurnor R. McKay, Mis. Hamisn Hamilton, Mrs. Knox Walkcm, Mrs. E.

L. Boultbne, Mrs. Edward Carter, bridesmaid. Mr. Peter Sheenan Because Our reductions mean amazing values.

NOT reductions on a fcic slow selling gar ments but reductions on really fine quality furs. Because Advanced styling is our specialty. Our patterns add glamour to any garment. We give you that "really new look." Because Fine furs are our business lias been for over SO years. Our reputation is your guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Budget Plan available Coats held until Fall was bestman and Mr. William FiS' sel ushered. Mrs. Russell Solloway, Mrs. C.

W. Chesterton, Mrs. Hiram Wooster, Mrs. Victoi McLean, A reception was given at the home of the bride's mother, where Dr. S.

J. Gillls toasted the Mrs. Gordon Farrell. Mrs. E.

R. Golding will be a bride. luncheon hostess Saturday at Capilano Golf Club honoring Couple Honeymoon You bear down on the gas for the long uphill climb and the motor responds with a deeper note of extra power smooth, steady, knockless! Shell Gasolines are made right here in B.C. at the new Shellburn Refinery. They are specially blended to meet British Columbia's driving con ditions with quicker starting in B.C powerful pickup in B.C.

extra miles in B.C --'mountain goat" hill climbing in B.C As you know, gasoline is one of the most sensitive of products it is sensitive to temperature, humidity, altitude. Shell Gasolines from the Shellburn Refinery are road-tested here from sea to mountain top our proving ground! Your car performs best la B.C with gasoline made specially for B.C At Lake Resort Miss Carol Hyatt, popular bride elect Mr. Sigfus Johnson and his bride, the former Margaret Annie Nathaniel, left for Hornby Island Mr. and Mrs. Russell Solloway will be hosts at an after-five party, August 8, at their home OVER ONI AND ONE-HAIF MIlllON DOLIARS TO MAKI BETTER OASOUNi The new Shellburn Refinery has behind it the technical "know-bow" obtained by Shell from operating re fineries throughout the world.

Through world-famous Shell Research British Columbians majf now enjoy new driving pleasure with Shell Gasolines motor fuels produced bjr British Columbians especially to meet B.C's driving conditions. in West Vancouver. i Mr. Thomas Hiam, who has after their marriage at Fairviow Presbyterian Church. Rev.

M. Nlcolson performed the ceremony uniting the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nathaniel and the been visiting in the city for the son of Mrs. Olive Johnson.

last several weeks, is leaving to The bride's gown was fashioned day for his home in Boston with a bodice of white embroid tAeia $hwy ered satin and a net skirt, her YOU CAN BE SURE OF SHELL linger-tip veil fell from coronet ot white orchids. today. Rt. Rev. Sir Francis Heath-cote and Lady Heathcote returned recently from holtdaylng at Qualicum Brach.

Also back Miss Margaret Wadey attended her cousin. Mr. Harold Wood was bestman. while Mr. Robert at Howe On Ceorgia from two weeks at Qualicum are Murdoch and Mr.

Blake Wood acted as ushers. Mr. and Mrs, I Johnson will reside at Alta Lake, Mr. ana mi s. Hugh Martin, no returned today..

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