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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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1161 Office Hours: uv to 5:30 p.111. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1947 17 BUSINESS PERSONALS BUSINESS PERSONALS BUSINESS FESSCNALS INFORMATION WANTED DEATHS DEATHS MARRIAGES ftp nntCfxixzY Mum UV1NGSTONE CAUGHEY EY BUILD YOUR. "DRKAJ4 HOME" in Oir LEASK Julv 26. 1947. John Lcask.i WILSON Passed away July 27,1 If the party driving the small I Just arrived! Koroseai.

"The Won-'hurch Ca-of 2218 E. 46th Ave, in his 8Sth'1917. Mary Ann Wilson, beloved wife; English car. who witnessed the ac- oer Plastic garden hose. 50 ft wit hi Kev.Uear.

Survived bv his Invinc wife: 5 of George Wilson. 416 Lyon Place, I cident at the south approach of bee- couplmgs S11.5o July 26. 1947. in Christ Church Printed and published every week C-A-P-I-L-A-N-O H-I-G-H-L-A-N-D-S meurai cnapei, oy me very Very day by THE SUN iJBLISHLnG Olil- Cecil swanson. Delbert Edward Uv-rsons, Russell and Elvin of this' Sort Vancouver, in her 59th ond Mrwge.

hy ft0J.i.tou 21boi SUITS SUITS Men's used and new suits Bow avail, able. In single and double breasted. We can fit the short stout or tall slim. Many large sizes now on handy some pre-war quality. Suits, used and new.

fli t20 oj SpurtcoaU 10, 12.30; tl5 uf Odd coats, used and new, 5, $7.50 uf Odd pants, used and new, $30 $5 od UKd and npw S2 X.l urf rANi Li-Hi i tu ai us tieaa vince. Sun Building, 500 Benny Street. Vancouver, B. mgsiorie. only son ol Mr.

anu oirs. i rity; Merr tt of Cranbrook, Thomas liesines ner loving nusoano, sne re1 Fibre seat covers from S570 Livingstone, 1344 Cambie Road, Lulu M. of Silverton. B.C, William f. of survived by 1 son.

George, of North FAir fcii. would be much ap-; eal errom So.K), Island, to Hazel, eiuer daugmer i Beaver Harbor. 3 Vancouver; 2 daughters. Mrs. Ella; preciatea.

c. bowyer. white walls, set THE SUBDIVISION THAT HAS EVERYTHING Buy Your Lot Here Today For the Home You'll Build Tomorrow. 2 years to pay foi your lot; 20 years to pay for your home. 70-ft- lots, from 5575.

Licensed and Bonded I lis i it imir im. tiro, mi. aiiu pus. v. "jrs.

H. Lyons ann Mrs. W. l.runnolgnt;3"l'evilie, zwrin aiiniuvci. n.

Barclay Vancouver. Vancouver: Mrs. H. Caldwell ofAgnes Muiler. Port Alberni.

B.C, and Private DETECTIVE Service and tube requirements. i General and Domestic 'Long, easy terms may be arranged. CLASSI1IED BATES 18c per line per day. 34c per line lor two days. 48c per line lor three aays.

90c per line per week lb days). $3.60 per.line per month (26 days). in St iCranbrook; 24 grandchildren; 9 great-. 7 grandchildren; 1 brother, Robert MARTIN GOLD Quietly, Arrange immediately to tee Zipper jackets $4, $6, 8 Clements Anglican Church. Lvnn Val- grandchildren also 3 brothers.

James Ingjis of North Vancouver: 3 sisters I esUEation Asencies1 F- GOODRICH STORES da. i i b.ii. u. nt international investigation Agencies 33 Kineswav FAir. fiRflo lev.

B.C. hv Kev. J. HiiK-hlif te. Andrew Leask.

of Cranbrook: Scotland. She was a mem THE FINEST VIEW AND CREEK Leather iackeU V750, 512.50 u( in PROPERTY Sleeping bags flS. 525. 535 up George Allen Martin, of Vancouver. George of Victoria.

Funeral service, the Auxiliary of the Sons of MAr 7955 a 1HJ1 1 1. mu.i liuwuo COMING EVENTS to Sonya Ray Gold, elder iti. i-ieasam cnapei, rungsway at runeiai wi ntuneMiaj. juiy 00,, In all of Greater Vancouver. For free trips to the properly contact SERVICE REALTY COMPANY Offers a positive and permanent release from drinking.

It is a personal and confidential service rendered without cost or inconvenience by of W. J. Gold, K.C, and the late nth Ave, Wednesday, July 30, at 3 p.m, from the Chapel of Vipmaii'v nf whtthv Gold, of Radisson. Sask. a.m..

to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Harron Bros. Ltd, 122 West 6th jr Toronto mo her ill lsnerateW HAPPY TIMES SOCIAL CLUB (EmDassy Ballroom) 1024 Davie at Burrard Whist every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1402 Vancouver Block, MAr. 2649. McKAY MacKAY lauis Boots, usea 3iu us Tuxedos or tails $20. $25 tip Tuxedos to rent, shirt, etc Raincoats 55.25, 57.25, 512.50 UJ We exchange suits, coats, etc.

Ladies' matching cases, club bass gladstones, in leather or fibre. IN OUR JEWELRY DEPT. Unredeemed watch sale, tax extra-Pocket watches, used $5. 510 urf On July 2S. Rev.

J. C. McLean-Bell officiating iWonn 0ne, writ e. Immediate- it Andrew s-; icfficiattng. Interment, Lawn Sec- ev.

Morrow, MARTIN-Passed away In Vancou-tion. North Vancouver Cemetery. Vr-rj r. St 1947. in the chapel of other alcoholics who have found; We nave now completed arrangements freedom from alcbhol.

Vancouver, I to buim beautitul 5-room homes P.O. Box 464; Hollyourn Box 111; where monthly payments are only Large Cash Prizes sn of Mr! ver, July 28. 1947. John Leslie Mar- i wil.snN Julv 27. 1947.

Ewlvn! I anyone kpnwing the. where- n. Mk tin 1 Ham st ooo an wan Kiir. tu.i. ii, i abouts of Mrs.

1. Gionet. formerly i -V aui; kii. per month alter gown paymeni WHITE ROSE BALLROOM Old-Time Dance I Every Wednesday and Saturday Embassadors Orchestra SHOES ON CREDITS West Va'ncduver. by his parents.

Mr and Connaught Drive, in her 61st Tbo sT" ibeth. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin; 4 brothers, Ellis, survived by her hiihanri tact Mrs- B- Hlel- B0X WM- bun- Box 307; Nanaimo, Box 15; ton. Box 314; Kamloops, Box 353.

j1 General Detective Agency General, Wrist watches 58.50 vi Late style wedding rings 53, $5 Uf Watch Repairing in 3 Days SAN FRANCISCO TAILORS Established 1908 1 MacKav. ol rontina, cailiornm.,, vi nam- runerai seivin; hi mount r-leaallL DOWN ALEXANDRA BALLROOM ALEXANDRA BALLROOM investigations, city or Ladies: Unwanted hair removed $1 WEEK asungs. lAt jiio. Inermanentlv from fare.

arms, less.l AND NO CARRYING CHARGES! ctpfft nn mlv -'Kth B.C.; 1 sister, Mrs. A. Steer, 'Ch pel, Kingsway at 11th Avenue, domest Modern dancing. Tuesday to Sar-: ALE AN STREET iL" 'city. Funeral Wednesday.

July 30, at Wednesday, July 30th at 2:15 p.m. 9 E. day inclusive. Xep Smuntans Band 1947 in St. Peter's Cnuren, New jn he Cnapman yunerai Rev.

C. C. Owen. DD of-1 Tt with "Pat Trudell." Westminster, by Rev. Father Feild- West Briadway at Willow.

ificiatirS EntombmVn domestic Iwith Flush Hair Remover. Aftpr 9i VVt carrv a verv large stock Of UUal- Pawnbrokers, 52 W. Hastings MUSIC. ART. DANCING "Dancing every Wednesday and ing, Walter S.

E. Higgs officiating. Inter-- POPILAR ML SIC CARD OF THANKS Saturday night with Alf Carlson'i; Ocean View Burial Park. of Alberta, to Mary ior 3 applications, hair will not growl ity footwear for ladies, men and block Woodward's Dep't Stora 'back. Harmless leaves skin soft and 1 children.

The latest styles and fa- Specializing In the I smooth Price, 52 postpaid. You can't ishions are always on display. painless treatment flt lose. Money promptly refunded if NEW SHIPMEN1S ARRIVING DAILY T-I-L-E-S hair grows back after prices are lower and there arejNo knife No anaestheUc, no extra cnarges lor creuiu Wainwright, Frances, onl' daughter cf Mr. and trances, on aaugmer ct nr.

anu POPULAR PIANO AND VOCAL Personal and Mail Courses Our Method is recommended by world-famous musicians. REX MUSIC STUDIOS modern and old-time Scandinavian music at the Hastings Auditorium, i nanrintr modern and old-time, with MrRAIN Paswil xwav in FHmon-' ne exienu our neanien Mrs. William D. Street, 2730 Telford Ua on Julv 26 1947 WiinSm'lnanks and aPPiation for the acts Ave, Burnaby. Wilfred ScBain of ifdmonton Alfau sonrt nrrior it No loss of time from work.

42). Box 22, Station These Mow are for your con- Fred's Knights of Harmony; Tues. n. ki. m.i, i'T, na oeautitui uarai ouenngs re- Canada and U.S.A.

11 "'y" "lo 1 'v rpiverl from our manv friends in Montreal, tjue. rjST. mMt a and Sat, Pender Auditorium, Wylie Karie Hodsin ROBERT D. WRIGHT, N.D. Naturopathic Physician Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg.

602 W. Hastings St. PAc. 6519 W. Pender St.

rds MAr. 4720 Gilbert, Mmund OjwSiiarnVSndRoSMcto RlfhaS Edmonton; Mrs. J. G. Sfon "andourb otner.

"fCia'l 1. Soecial I i nn B.C., to Patricia Hews1r a.n.d YTtrbrlr- THE MODEL BOOT SHOP 57 WEST HASTINGS Dance, Wed. and Frl. Grandview Ataiuuiuw cinikl, i ,1, For the best in accordions and Barbae. Dine and dance on Vancou ver 5 i sisters Mioses DEx.

0017 IBeile Dunn, Men's used, gooo clothing urgently wanted. We are now paying the highest price ever paid in our 38 years i MUNRO FURS Specialists in MUSKRAT Edna an(1 fcva McBain, both of West H0 "ital Rev Turnin and the i tuition, modern sound-proof studios. V. F. Dunn of Secnelt, B.U vaninnuer- Mn John i.inh Mro Kcv- UrP1" hd me RMsonahla Rates younger daughter of Mr.

i V. F. Dunn of Sechelt, hi.u Mrs. j0hn Riach and Mrs.lS"1".;', Ballroom land Mrs. HOME PHOTO 2555 Granville St.

Any size roll 6 or 8 exposures Developed and printed, 29c 12 prints with FREE 5x7 enlargement, 39c We specialize in Mail Order Finishing 24-Hour Service. For rent. Available ror any occasion. OXLEY SINCLAIR Quietly, on! j. E.

Jaflary, both ol npiiu stnnehnnse nrt fHmilv tor suns, overcoats, raincoats, spori- foais tnvprinK slepnin? has's. ladles'! Back Coats 5333 HAst 54H2R or FAir. 3946L Julv 2K. 4:30 n.m.. in the rnaDeliMrs "Hnhorts Smks ar BOB DRESSLER CURLY KEMP Paramount Music Service Seymour at Pender PAc.

3036 nf st Tamos' Anglican rhuTh. bv i nor Th.ri'.t, in We wish to thank our neighbors. ana mens iur coais, mens ana wwia 934 ings, suitcases, club oags, trunksjj QUALITY ECONOMY also cameras, silverware, watches, Kingswav FAlr. 6973 with stars of CKRW at Town Hall, Rev. W.

Cooper, William Oxley and: Simmons McBride Funeral friends and relatives for their acts iqo hfnr nino winnifrort Sinclair, widow of the o. t. of love and svmDathv during the re- reilUCl HlIU "-IJ- -V uiuaunoj OL limpid uu illtCUJlClll. u.n,;.j diannnnnd.SP?leaISbrwp! Have your chesterfield suite re. to our store, or phone PAc.

4955. We I late jas. ayaney omciair. I family plot. Forest Lawn For the Finest in I PIANO TUITION Popular or classical ROBERTS' SCHOOL OF MUSIC 314-445 Granville St.

MAr. 3441 2546 Commercial Dr. HAst. 1572 ARCADIAN HALL. 6th and Main.

ll if Iran- WATERFALL RADULSKI On: Park. covered for as low as 550. Sea samples In your own home. You are Old-time dancing: Wed. Frl.

and Saturday. Hall for rent. FAlr. 2484. 1.CII1 IU JUUl UUlllC, WUl couver kindly write- tr.mhassv Ballroom in the Church of St.

John the Divine! McCARRON Passed away July 28. Soutli 2, Shaughnessy Mili-Rew Chanman nf ficiatins. John 1 1947. John Robert McCarrnn nf fiOnfi Hospital and the Key. H.

Berry, T-hought A-ction P-rogress (T-hought without A-ction equals R-etrogression) 40) What is "TAP" Would you like to get it? Watch Daily Cut Out and Paste S200 in Prizes (40) Modern Dancing Every Night unaer no obligation. PENNING FURNITURE MANUFACTURING FAir. 0598 SAN FKANClSCU i Au-urta Established 1908 Pawnbrokers. 52 W. Hastings St.

Block E. Woodward's Dept. Store Philip Waterfall, eldest son of Mr. Baison Street. Vancouver, Jn 8Sth Survived Joe Micen urcnesna Play the guitar this Summer Cowboy or swing style.

We nave guitars Free with course. R.CS.T. MUSIC ACADEMY MAr. 3420. year.

by 1 daughter, I Martha Champion and sons. Bill, Ed, Mrs. Fred Hanley of New Rnmi! Erlc Colin- DeeP Cove- c- DO YOU WANT PERFECTION' Old-time dance every Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday.

Howden Ballroom, 1313 Granville St. and Mrs. J. F. Waterfall, 6325 Aberdeen St, to Vicki.

youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Kadulski, Niton, Alberta. 3 sons, Joseph Bertram of Anacortes, IVachinoinn HaralH UlnM.t .1 Tohn IN MEMORIAM 2 Dieces.

accordian and suitar. nnnnio nirk and his band open Francis of Vancouver: 9 erandehil- would like to play for your party or In a SELF-WINDING WATCH? If so you'll get your wish In the new OMEGA AUTOMATIC The most talked of watch In To assist readers In preparing "In Memoriam" notices. The Sun COVERED BUTTONS AND BUCKLES Largest selection west of Toronto SPECIALIZED SEWING SERVICES Button holes, hemstitching, 1smi broidery, initials, hemming, quilting, nailheads, helt crests, etc, pleating. for engagements, mar wn. DEATHS Idren.

Requiem Mass will be cele- reception; oiu-time ana mooern cictors nrnfpssional musical RUPTURED SURGICAL SUPPORTS Absolute comfort plus security (washable). M. R. HODGSON 4th Floor, 576 Seymour fAc. 601? has prepared a booklet of some music.

Call after 6 p.m., FAlr. 1448R act; clubs, banquets, etc. HAst. 4120R. BASELY In hospital, Vancouver "fated at a a Wednesday 30 July26, 1947, John Basely, a patient Fa Infer! very appropriate verses, call.

Tophatters 3-5 piece orchestra for 100 years, i parties, aances. wennine receoiions: Remember when 1948 Olympics are smith's Button Works, 736 Seymour. BABIES' NEEDS at provincial miirmary jor jmcnt Calvary Section, Ocean Viewi DAVIES In loving memory of ourP.A. system. BAy.

6678R. neiu UHita win uk itie uniy WHY BE LONET.V? official timepiece. Babv gift. If under 6 months. Babee Tenda, 510 W.

Hastings St. yeai. rioci i Memorial Park. Central Park Fu- narung naugnter, tieanor mroara' LEN HOLLAND Funeral Chapel, 7 p.m., Tuesday. neral Home in rnaI.

Fredcrickton (CampTiell), who passed away Julyl Piano Arcoriiion studio Find a sweetheart. Meet more iadlea or men in a short time than you HERBERT INGLIS JEWELERS 29c LIONS PHOTO 29c PO. Box 434, Vancouver, B.C. Any size 8 Ex. Roll dev.

and nrintpH '3Qn Requiem Mass, St. Anthony's Gleaner, New Brunswick papers please I943: CATERERS MAr. 2032 422 Richards St. 708 W. Pender (at Granville) might in an ordinary life; all agesj She never quite leaves us although Marpole, Wednesday 8 a.m copy PAc.

2814 some with means. Free Gladolian Orchestra Modern and Old-Time Music sne nas passea sue nas passeu. I Reprints 4c each; giant size 7e each. 15x7 DECKLY-EDGE ENLG. COUPON Dances, weddings, parties.

FR. 6158 (Confidential.) PACIFIC FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Dept. PO. Box 190, Vancouver, B.C. uiBLiiiv.i,.i, Rev.

P. d. rogarty, ceienrani. in- i Delicious "fresnrnents Vnp.fDnlpnt I terment, Mountain View Cemetery. MACGREGOR Passed away oniA thousand memories are holding "Tecogmzed vSuver'est "I BAUDOUX-Passed away July 28 ft, cann'forget her, we loved her RAKF.R CATERING SERVICE 1947, Annie Rose Baudoux, 42.30 so dear.

WITH EACH ORDER Please add return postage Accordion, violin, piano. Frank Nichols. KErr. 5585. Music free.

WE BUY DIAMONDS .1 ni.m Vt tti u.l... Jll Ilia Ul LII VCtll. AUlVIVtU zza in nice r-uwaia nucch we hv his lovin? wifp- 1 son r.rant Ma7 ner memory grows sweeier, year tor Manager 1 snrviuoH hv a snn Jules, at 1115 'oving wne, j. son, urant Mac- Manager maimsci ouiAfiveu a sun. juico, c' alter Popular piano; easily, quickly taught, 20 lessons.

Wiles. MA. 3420 Frank M. Baker, 1. Baker, For one of the Finest Selections ol CAMERAS nr.d BINOCULARS Reasonably Priced SEE US FIRST B.C.

COLLATERAL LOAN BROKERS LTD. 77 E. Hastings, cor. Columbia PAc. 3557 Silverware and antique jewelry for immediate cash.

Our expert valuators will pay you highest price 4n oy Vanrnnvpr BC nnrt 1 year. 2 sisters. Mrs. Rose Lytle, Kamloops; b- Sadlv missed and lovingly remem- NOTICE 1 4-STAR PHOTO SERVICE I NOW FRASER STUDIO 6082 FRASER AVE. Copying, Enlarging and Coloring Roll Developed and nrinted.

29a' (Also have sanowicn aeuveiy annwich delivery irn- 'iiiei. goalies iviaciji eeur. i.a r. tin- -j 1... tiu u.i Popular and Classical Piano Stan Gilbert.

FRaser 1945. Mrs. JUlia waller, uniun uaj, van r-nnoml toruW .1 uereu uy iviuni, uau, dub anu nine tario. Funeral service Thursday at 2:30 in Simmons McBride; oaugnter tsamara Anne, ciiy. See Us First B.C.

COLLATERAL LOAN CO. LTD couver Island; 1 brother, Clem Del-mas. Vancouver. Funeral service, CATHOLIC- STJrPLllSa Missals, Rosaries Medals tic. Kau fer's, 673 Richards St.

PAc. 4421. vnnorS, n.L,l DRINKWATER In loving memory' au lesstns- Reprints, 12 for 39c with free 5x7 St, Rev. r'Westman'off our son, Charles Drink water, whbl unams, BAy. 77 E.

Hastings St. PAc. 3557 enlargement. Add return postage. Friday, August 1, at 1:30 p.m, in Nunn Thomson's Chapel, 10th Guitar, hanin and Enlar- PHOTOGRAPHY Interment Forest Lawn Mpmnrial iPasseq, away juiy zy, ism, 'Always in our hearts." anteed.

Reg. Clay, BAy. 3079. B.C. SUPPLIES I LADIES! DON'T FORGET MOTHS Make up cloth covered buttons, and heat will play havoc with your Ave.

and Camme street, itev. j. pari, Kimberlpv RC nnnprs nieaeo Westman ofliciating. Interment in i- Aimpeney, b.c, papers please Wedding flash photographs V. R.

Voiscy, FAir. 8766. Ever remembered by Mom, "The Playboys" Orchestra lor en- Mountain View cemetery. mm tio.ij. i gn gement.s.

MAr. Bias. ROCKTITE The Better Stucco Paint Good Stocks INTERNATIONAL VARNISH CO. LTD. 102 Powell St.

PAc. 014S buckles, button holes, and any! valuable furs. Why not let us store length zippers, quickly. Large sclec-jthem in our modern cold storage RE ATON Passed away hospital, MELCOMBE Passed away 26. BIRTHS 3 EDWARDS In loving memory of mother, Mrs.

J. Edwards, who passed Stan Nicnois ana nis orcnestra, tlon ot seWing supplies and adjust- vaults? Guaranteed protection for open for engagements. BAy. 8103M.nhB dress forms. wholesale and only a few cents per month.

1947, at Royal Columbian Hospital, July 28, 1947, Ada Beaton, of-Vancouver, aee 80 years. Survived by Pprru Mplnnmho nf UnoH laWEV July 28, 1944 DANCING retail. 1025 Robson. MAr. 9713.

8 Stores to Serve You BERGERMAN To Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bergerman (nee Doreen Milller). at St. Vincent's Hospital, on July 18.

a daughter, Mrs. Archie MacDonald, Delta, in his 66th year. Survivea by wonuenui muuiei, woman aim Hiu, i nno ii, hn hollop Hurt novor mnrio-i one wno was oeuer never maoe. SWEET SIXTEEN LTD, HELEN'S PHOTO SERVICE Vancouver; 2 sons, Reginald, van-, a brothers, L. Melcombe, Delta, and I A toMSi in 1616 Commercial 2438 E.

Hastings 1009 Robson St, Vancouver, B.C. '1947. a son, Micnaei 2204 Main St. m. TLtre r.

roS I S' "2 a riav Guaranteed beginners and ad- Anv rIp 8-pvnnsnro mil riPvplnnoH 807 Granville UNIVERSAL PERSONAL SERVICE Anything Anywhere Anytime 'Xeave It to us" PAc. 2441 535 Homer St. 2315 Main St, Si Elsie Tebbutt). on Tm in Nnnn Ss Thomson's i vIpo Wort iii i 'One in a million that, mother, wasivanced courses. Our very best courseiand printed 29c bi-bd w.

Hastings i-iaio. i oi i.fvj u.o., inoliinoe onarvthlncr In rianpina l.nrir- 11 nrinlo tr, includes in dancing. everything Larg-jl2 prints, free 5x7 enlargement, 39c 1 659 Columbia New Westminster 25, 1947, at Grace Hospital, a daugn- chapel 10th Ave an(1 Cambie St, in the Funeral Home of S. Bowell rniloon i r-onil Kvvnncnn'f.

i-. 727 Yates St, Victoria Please add return postage. Tust in vnur ludement always right-est tree practice classes. For years ZZ 'liberie ever upright 8 Canada's largest, finest, most highly xer. Hilhie juiiiivii.

I Lite ci iiev. wcmi v. ouiio. aiiici iiicnv, new rtaiu wciiiB' motograpnic supplies. tery.

ni.nri oil i. hnin i recommenoeo scnoor WE BUY GOLD COINS 55 paid for $2.50 gold piece. 510 paid for ,55 gold piece. WATCH REPAIRS MR. AND MRS.

VAUGHN MOORE chesterfpd cleaning and beautify OEANS To Mr. and Mrs. J. r-1 otflciating. interment in luouniain Deans of 148 W.

Queens Rd, North View Cemetery. Vancouver, at North Vancouver Gen-, BOND Passed away on July 27, eral Hospital, on July 27, 1947, a son, 1 1947 George Bond, 2636 W. 3rd you knew. OLDERSHAW Annie Marjorie, Our watch repair work Is electronic, ally tested on a watch master, widow of the late Charles RussellrOm- wonderful mother that mother THE "BERKSHIRE" (Reg.) jf-'u paia ior iu goia piece. 540 paid for $20 gold piece.

We pay premiums oh sovereigns 828 Granville St. PAc. 3732 Next door to Capitol Theatre. was vou. Oldershaw, in her 87th year.

Died at Gary Ramon. Ave, In his 55th year, formerly tho hnmo nf lid. niooo ATrt, TnHr, which gives you "printed proof" ot accuracy. 3-day service. Estimates given by request on mail orders.

J. Lovingly rememberon by Marion. TM-iiiTi Twn Mr and Mrs. John J. nwnpr nf RnnH Tea and Coffee HOUSC ttugs ana carpets Day or, night: BAy.

0103 and a.I foreign coins. Cayle, 231 Nassau Winninee. Sur- FTnDES Tn lnvinir mpmnrv nf i Marlrtpnl. on July 27th, hv Ma loving wife. Funeral LADIES' TAILORING Vancouver's Best Dance School LILAS MOORE 518 W.

Hastings. PAc. 8836. (Opposite Spencer's) Bjornson, FAir. 2084.

2931 Cambie. 1947, at St. Paul's, a daughter, Susan service, Wednesday, at 2:30 p.m., in B.C. COLLATERAL LOAN BROKERS LTD. 77 E.

Hastings, cor. Columbia PAc. 3557 vived by 2 nieces, Mrs. J. Cayle and our dear wife and mother, Isabella Mrs.

W. G. Eccles, Vancouver. Funeral who passed away July 29, 1942. at Winnipeg Tuesday.

(Peaceful be thy rest, near mother, Ann. Simmons Mctsriae i-unerai uiapei, T7T tmti Mr anrt Mrs. Ernie Flint Broariwav at MaDle St, Rev. T. W.

Suits, Coats and Sportswear. Elizabeth Sarber Now located at 3144 Cambie St. At 16th. Phone FAir. 8094.

PATRICIA DOYLE i it is sweet to oreatne my name. (nee Audrey Neil), of Sb4a victoria Scott officiating, interment, amuy PLEDGER On July 29, 1947, Stan-In life we loved you dearly, MAIL ORDER PHOTO-FINISHING Anv size. 25c. 6-8 Exposure Roll Ten one-hour lessons, 2.50 339 W. Pender St MAr.

4709 (2nd tloor of the Pender Auditorium) Wis BUY binoculars, compasses, typewriters, golf clubs, luggage, shotguns, etc. See ui first. Highest prices paid. B.C. COLLATERAL 77 E.

Hastings Drive, at ucncia. uieau new i.unai iey liawara Pledger, late of 749 E. aeatn we oo tne same. 8 lbs. on Jiilv 24.

1947, a daughter, flowers by request, lllth North Vancouver: Survived Ever remembered' by her Double size 40c Reprints 35c doz. nusoaria ana naugnter. ISABELLE'S 908 Robson St. SIZES 20 TO 44 4 For the smarter matrons, in dresses, uits and coats at popular prices. GUY FAINT DANCE SCHOOL 502 8th New Westminster Phone New Westminster 4161 11 ozs.

BROWN Passed away July 28, by his loving wife, Isabella; 2 daugh- GROOM Mr. and Mrs. Derek 1947, at his late residence, 8089 Oak Iters, Mrs. Dorothy Munt and Mrs. C.

r.rnnm (nee Shirlev Walt), wish to 1st, John Brown in his 81st year, for- of North Vancouver; 1 MANIFOLD In loving memory of DIAMONDS BOUGHT Mrs. A. Manifold, who passed away I can teach you to dance in 3 or 4 Paulimerly of 1055 West 72nd Ave. Sur- brother-in-law, P. Menzies, West; July 29, 1938:

-i Vancnuvpr. Fimpra ftprvim Thiirsrfnv en cm hv 9. Evan. New' Funeral service Thursday, I Always so Get top prices while there is still a demand. We have always paid the 3c a print.

Reprints, double size, 50c doz; 5c a print. Fast service. Fresh roll film avail-ablt. Enclose postage please. CANADA PHOTO SUPPLY Depti 842 Granville St, Vancouver.

B.C. Hnsni-ivivort sons. West-'Vancouver. good announce the birth of their so Derek, at Vancouver General announce the birth of their'son, announce Liie on in ui. Derek, at Vancouver ueiieim unselfish and kind, lessons, private.

PAc. 7403. DEL'S PHOTO LABS 1747 E. Broadway, Vancouver. B.C.

"SnanDV Snapshot Service" thanks! minster, Duncan, Vancouver; 6 sis-li" aL VJ Pm-fr Holly-jFew on this earth her equal we find. minster, Duncan, Vancouver; sis- k--' mi una caim nci cuni tal, on July 26, 1947. Special must, rree appraisals, estates liquii dated. Bank references. PERSONAL tprs Mm Doihge.

Mrs. S. Britton. feurh Funeral Home, West Vancouver, Honorable and upright in all her I Any 8 exposure roll, processed, 25c; to Dr. Mary K.

Garner. E'. kcv. canon jonn iicign oinciating. wave 01 1, rzr, Goldbloom Son 701 Dominion Bldfr niv-nreniE Tn Mr.

and Mrs. l-AC. 4Ud )u. w. jviacey, mioa minia umi, Canilann Vipw nf allium, muj v- iciiiims, ojc ooz.

rice OXI enlarge, Vancouver, Mrs. M. May. North lnterment capnano view. jLoyal and true to the end of herl40 anu wlth some means of Please add return postage.

Is tattle-tale grey beginning to Hay-Currie (nee Audrey Gregory), at ail or vane nnin ta nn July Vancouver, all of naj-wM. 1 -n- 1 Vancouver, PRESTON July 21, 1947, romomhorort have free living accommodation I show in your hair: hp nvpri fo nf liiam Prooinn nf i i in single man's new 4-room nouse in single man's new 4-room house! minf, hose diamonds for cash on Then use clairol ivus. maxwen, rPpfie Sandra 1 brother, Donald, Prince Rupert; 27, 1948, a daughter. Leslie Sandra, 2 grandcnilaren. Funerai service both well iThursdav.

July 31st at 1 P.m., from Mrs. C. Maxwell, Austra- In nv.hnnno fnr 11 nf hmirK Iln.t.U.. nF nm.r nr of sifi KTt sth I nusnano ana lamny. n-i me spot or nign traae-in value on CAMEO PORTRAITS 528 W.

Hastings St. (Opp. Spencer's) Kodak developing, enlarg-ng, copying, coloring, framing. 8. hour service.

Passports and photo stats, Prompt service. PAc. 3650. creving hair, swiftly, safely, surely, Survived by her husband; 1 Son various articles to International beautifully. Ask for it at your beauty Jewelers, Diamond House, 413 West Pender, near Homer Gold buyers.

INGLIS To Dr. A. M. and Mrs.tne Chapel of Chimes, Harron Bros. Inglis, ot Gibsons, B.C, at Vancou-1Ltaii 55 East 10th Ave, Rev.

G. H. ver General Hospital, on July 28, iHamilton officiating. Interment Ocean 1947, a daughter. Joan Elizabeth.

jyjew Burial Park. snop. Distributed bv Walker Reid, who passud away July 29, 1943. "Love's greatest gift-rememberlng." Ever remembered by his loving wife and son, Russell. Edward, of Woodfibre, B.C., and 2 daughters, Anne and Mary.

Funeral service in Mt. Pleasant Chapel, Kings-way at 11th Ave, Wednesday, July 30 at 1 p.m, to Mountain View Ceme Would any person who witnessed accident between mafoon sedan and street car at E. Hastings and Boundary Rd, Tues, July 22nd at 10 p.m., phone Mr. Clement, KErr. 4792L.

PRATT'S BEAUTY SUPPLY CO. LTD. 645 Seymour St. Vancouver, B.C. KLUBER Born to Mr.

and- Mrs. J. BUCK Passed away In Van- rnnvpr Julv 9K 1947 Frank CLEARANCE OF SUMMER HATS At reduced prices We carry everything for the bride MAXIME'S HAT SHOP LTD. 572 Granville St. tery, ainer c.

J. k. Konaratiuk Wanted Old old rings, 'watch 10 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Kluber (nee Lorraine Phillips), qH Manhattan, Kansas, at Royal Colum- FUR STORAGE 51.50 for $100 valuation. MAr. 9638 For free pickup Expert Repairs, Remodelling at -Summer Prices LANDOS 306 Granville St.

near C.P.R. Depot VtJr T-ianioi Rnpk in hie 47th vpar I celebrant. No flowers, bv reauest. cases, chains, old dentistry, dla- Oii 1Q17 a 1 irnnHs hiimptllam tpiticpnnps. ram man riospuai on omy late residence, 1122 East 24th Ave.

Healthy, active man, moderate habits, weight 150, age 60; has acreage; wishes to meet lady who Edmonton ACCURATE ACCOUNTING SERVICE; eras, for cash or trade Bring to daughter. 5 lbs. 11 oz, CENTER HANNA LTD. Established 1893 GEORGIA CHAPEL tfAt tTt r-nnvr-w, DA A HI CI Served in the First Great War with1 REES On July 27, 1947, Sophie Rees, in her 71st year, of 1143 Cambie Lulu Island, Survived by oners a complete accounting and international Jewelers. 413 W.

Pen Journal please copy. would like to make home In the! the CFC. Survived by his wife; 3 rniintrv Now WMiminlipr Snn Box. i auditing service for businesses, large der, near Homer, PAc. 2833.

T.AirNnER To Mr. and Mrs. J. FREE 5x7 ENLARGEMENT daughters; 1 step-daughter; 2 step- 3 sons Afaea Rees," Oakland, BROADWAY CHAPEL sons; 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Funeral wmiam A Rees cranberry Lake, '3642 W.

Broadway BAy. 0455 407W I or small. Income tax specialists. BROADLOOM RUGS Pm 111 1AA 1 P.clinnG MAr llfl 1 il morio Launder (nee Jean Simms), at Vancouver General Hospital on July 28, 1947, a daughter. Both well.

i 'annum nna nu wi inn wnrKpr. service weuncsuay, juiy ou, at Powell River: Geoffrey Rees, at BURRARD CHAniL a.m.. from the Chanel nf Chimes. 11.. V.ti.

Vn. h-jns r.nnsrtale Ave. Nnrth 626 inH no nto FURS up to 10 ieei wiuc, ujr any with 12-reprints for 39c 6 or 8 ex. rolls developed, printed, 29c Please add return postage SNAPSHOT SERVICE 2234 Granville St. Vancouver, B.C.

Harron Bros. 55 Fast 10th POWELft RIVER CHAPEL I form Nn nhtor. Restvled. RCDaired. Exnert Work-llenSth- LOWMAN Born to Chief Petty Of.

PACIFIC RUG CO. 1 great-100 Poplar St. P.R. 3161tlnn children. Obiect matrimony and 339 West Pender.

Vancouver, B.C. ficer and Mrs. Charles E. Lowman.lRev. H.

Berry officiating. Interment, island; 5 grandchild a daughter, Diana Louvain, 7 lbs. 7, Field of Honor, Mountain View; grandchild. Funeral ot 96 A sister iPompforw ion i. manship.

Low Rates. Free Estimates. POLAR FURS LTD. 548 Granville St. PAc.

6856 Wednesday. July SIMMONS McBRIDE LIMITED i happy home for all. All replies answered. Box 305, Sun. Uo9, at "Ml w.rf T-iavp Vnnr uci aiquanucu.

nuuuiciw OLD SILVERWARE REPLATED "JJJf ber and made like new again. We haveleverv Province. All ages, many with just installed an up-to-date plating i means. Sealed particulars plant. Work guaranteed and prompt i Western Social Club, Sub.

23, Edmon- ior uavia wmiaiii. 30, at 3 o'clock, from The T. Ed-. Edward A. Simmons.

Frank McBride wards Co. Memorial Chapel, Gran- Alfred W. Francis Jack H. Nett ville at 10th the Very! Rev. I nmCiaJISm PA noon ropii swansnn.

nn officiating. H995 W. Broadway. BAy. 5402 Scottish Clan Crest Brooches From old-fashioned jewelry.

Victoria 39, 118 lbs, good appearance, disposition, education mono hnmo oar- intnroninrl in niumunas; silver oougnt ior cash. MAINWARING To Doreen and Stewart Mainwaring (nee Doreen D'Arcy), a son, D'Arcy Stewart, at Vancouver General Hospital, on July Tntprment. Forest Lawn Memorial I "A Dignified service Interment, ton, Alberta. service. meeting gentleman, 40-50, similar I MAr.

9410. Talt's, 806 Robson. opposition. Box 291, Sun. posite Court House.


A. was out of town Monday and HIGHEST CASH PRICES For old gold, diamonds, etc Free estimates. GURVIN JEWELERS CHESTNUTT On July 26, 1947, Mrs. Catherine Chestnutt, aged 52 years, late of 25 East 8th Ave. Survived by her husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter, Alex, at home, James and Mrs.

H. Avery, Vancouver; 1 niece, Mrs. J. Crawford, Vancouver, 1 brother, Charles Hart, Vancouver; 1 sister, Mrs. J.

Gray, Caigarv; also 1 granddaughter. Funeral Wednesday, July 30, at 3 p.m. from the chapel nf fl MT LI.miltA. Irlnn ln P.O.

Box 335, Vancouver, B.C. Harron Bros. Lta. Kingsway at Royal Oak Ave. Burnaby.

B.C. DEx. 3361 G. Atchison, Mgr. MILLER Mr.

and Mrs. S. Miller, ruesciay, ssea yon oai. rieog exposul.e rull. dev.

and nrinted. 29c. be there wcanesaay, same time, cox no nrin. ami froo aoo FURS! See our excellent clearance values. Restyling, remodelling and repairing expertly done.

PAPPAS FUR STORE 850 Granville. MAr. 3927 (Between Orphcum and Capitol.) 710 W. Hastings, opposite Post Office beloved wife of William A. Riddell, of 1459 W.

40th Ave. Survived by her husband, and her daughter, Miss Marie, of Victoria. Funeral service In Mt. Pleasant's Chapel, Kings 2970 W. 19th Ave, proudly anounce the arrival of Judy Patricia, 7 lbs.

9 oz, at Vancouver General Hos- 2311, Sun, Add return postage. HARRON BROS. LTD. "Chapel of Chimes" 55 East 10th Ave, Vancouver FAir. 0134 Chas.

E. Atchison. Mgr. pitai on Juiy zn, rati. Refined lady, 47, wishes to meet gentleman interested in writing, music and companionship.

Box 2339. Sun. wav nt 11th Ave, Wednesday. July Expert Jewelry Silverware and Watch Repaln Engraving Quick Service PACIFIC GOLDSMITHS. 600 Robson NEW BIRTH CONTROL BOOK Contains complete sexual information.

Just published. Only 50c postpaid. Modern Health Supplies pavmter To Mr. and Mrs. H.

Shop at QUINNELL'S 775 Granville St. Kingsway and Main St, to Ocean 130, at 3:30 p.m, to Forest Lawn View Burial Park, Rev. W. H. Brooks iMpmorial Park.

Rev. E. D. Braden, Paynter (nee Sheila T. McKay), of Westbank, B.C, on July 23, 1947, at A Pentecost coudIc wishes to dux joo, Vancouver, p.i.

officiating. officiating. No flowers- by MT. PLEASANT Undertaking Co. Ltd.

Kindliness. For hpantifnl hanri.tailnrpd suit. Kelowna Hospital, a son. tuwin ueoi- Free Information and advice on frnm hirlh nnlv Rn 473W RUPTURED tioKi, ktU KTo.frnm so tn Sam- all izp Wn vour insurance problems (exceDt life). nil.

tnct-onoa nroKloma voont Itfnl' DONALD On July 28, 1947. Mary ireftuest. frey Alexander, sun. New Westminster. Boag, beloved wife of John Donald', SHAVER July 17, 1917, Charles DeliS! NO DUins! W'asnaoie.

O. ueciane in yyuuiim uicsavd. uts ptpkr To Mr. and Mrs. G.

T. Unacrstanaing jjepenaanuuy 1 Kingsway at 11th. FA. 0058; Wish to meet farm woman, age 60. 3780.

sawyer, 6J0 llolden Bldg, 16 East it" Piper of Chllliwack (nee Shirley 01 ooi wesi oun in nn ioijLesijo shaver, of 1374 w. Broauway, Must be good housekeeper; view NUNN THOMSON LTD Hastings. TAt. 1633. VENETIAN BLINDS late of Unity.

Sask, in his 75th year. THE CLOCK HOUSE Exchange your old watch or clock tsrannerj, at urace nospnui on umj matrimony, pox yum, aun. CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER year. Besides her husband, fhe leaves to mourn her passing 3 sons, John Regina; Archibald Vancouver; Robert Montreal, and 2 daughters. 28, 1947, a son, fnuup jrancis.

Superiluous hair removed per-manpntlv with Sapa-Ppln. Mpw. pasv Established lHia Directors of Funeral Service Cor. 10th Ave. and Cambie St.

oltti 111 aluminum for a new one. Watches and clocks repaired. 574 Seymour. REin To Mr. and Mrs.

Mac Reid, George H. Is It too I'm to blame. Will you please write. Miss iootmont I nrlinor U7Q I lo Gllarantppfi work Prnmnt ripllvprv. 1170 Vambie Rd, Lulu Island, at Air.

mex MAr. 3893. Mc Mc, 556 SEYMOUR STREET Mrs. Elizabeth K. Gregory, Vancou- Water Water you so.

Phyllis H. iSi 1947 ai ver, and Miss Isabella 'Donald, at survivea Dy nis loving wue; 1 aaugn-ter, Mrs. Gidinskl, Vancouver; 2 grandsons; also 1 brother, Newton, of Toronto. Funeral service in Mount Pleasant's Chapel, Kingsway at 11th Ave, Thursday, July 31, at 1 p.m., to Ocean View Burial Park; Rev. A.

F. Munro officiating. If your water pressure is low, phone pot aw rim STiTOir.u mune rac. 1101. Call for letter and reply lmmedl- HARRON BROS.

LTD. 122 West 6th Street North Vancouver. North 134 H. Worsley. Mgr.

atcly. Twinkle Twinkle. uiensoi ripe cleaning co. 622 Homer St. MAr.

904J home; 6 grandchildren, 2 sisters re- RICKABY To Mr. and W. L. siding in Scotland. Funeral service Note: Free estimates gladly given Buy Cape Cod chairs direct from manufacturer and assemble at home.

Protection Against All Risks POLAR FURS LTD. 548 Granville St. PAc. 6856 Ktckaoy (nee joan waiu, orao Wednesday, Juiy 30, at 1 p.m. irom D.

Not working this week. It you can't get out; drop a line. Road. Vancouver, at Vancouver Gen 1 I MATTRESSES Ml Any type renovated Pacific Bedding Co. 1921 W.

4th Ave. BAy. 123i HAROLD EDWARDS LTD. Successor to C. Frank Edwards and Snn Baby for adoption.

Phone FRaser 7281. Simmons mcBrine unerai tnapei, Broadwav at Maple to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Rev. E. D. Braden officiating.

eral Hospital, on July 26, a son, James Leroy, 8 lbs. 11 ozs. Mother and son -doing well. Daddy Is proud. SODE HOLME On July 24th.

1947, Paul Henry Sodorholm passed away peacefully in hospital, remains were forwarded to the McPherson PROJECTION SERVICE Knock-down kit, settee, 16 mm. sound equipment, available tables, $7.75 and up; high class for conventions, clubs, parties. In-lPf lounges and pad, $38.00. LAng. dustrlcs, will show your films.

iGSZl- Nelson. BAv. 3095L. between 6-7. ACE CHESTERFIELD CLEANERS 705 W.

Broadway at Heather. FA.0528 Marie Turner, there is a letter at THE T. EDWARDS CO. the Post Office for you. Funeral Home at Kimberly, B.C, for Alma Chesterfield Service Cleans mothproofing, repairs and re covering.

20 years' experience. BAy, 0115 and ALma 1842L. ROSS To Mr. and Mrs. A.

W. Ross (nee Roberta Henderson), at Van ESKRICK Passed away July 25, 1947. Amv Eskrick. 2517 Mountain burial. The Broadway Lhapei 01 1 Chesterfields ana rugs oeautiruiiy Icleaned in your home by shampoo Memorial cnanei Granville and 10th Ave.

Phone BAv. 0608 couver General Hospital, on July 20, Highway, Lynn valley, in her 64thiCcnlre Hanna, w. uroaaway, Quick Expert Watch Repairs All Work Guaranteed Mall orders receive Immediate attention. B.C. Collateral, 77 East Hastings, ana vacuum macnine.

Also repairs. DEx. 1565. brother to Nikkl ajyear. She Is survived by her many; were In charge of arrangements You Never Know What Will Turn Up Here Highest cash prices paid for old gold and silver.

O. B. ALLAN LTD. CHAPMAN FUNERAL HOME LTD, Dignified Funeral Service at moderate cost n.Mua...iu..wi,. 1 ihittC P.E.o In Vnnonil.


Thursday. Julv 31. 1947. all ver suddenly as the result of an ac SERVICE 10:30 a.m., from the Chanel of Har 802 W. Broadway FAlr.

6500 Smith (nee Katnieen swat), juiy 1947, a son, Scott Thomas. Both well. COLONICS, PHYSIOTHERAPY E. M. Leonard, R.N.

Post Graduate Mayo cident, July 26, 1947, George Henry ron Bros. 122 West 6th St, child, would like stenographic work 'Mall your films, 1 roll, 8 expos to do at home, 6 years experience, Print each, 29c Postage reasonable rates. KErr. 0646R. reprints, 30c.

445 Granville. exposures, extra. Bros. 1119 Vancouver Bik. MA.

3723. Watts in his 77th year, late residence, GRANDVIEW FUNERAL CHAPEL Dignified and Efficient Service WHITLAM To Mr. and Mrs. R. J.

North Vancouver, Rev. T. S. Palon 1349 Commercial Dr. HAst.

0083 officiating. Interment, North Vancouver Cemetery. We reweave your old rugs into 3-Day Watch Repair Service MOrey Veno Jewelers. 650 Howe St. 1948 Patterson Rd, Lulu Island.

Survived by his loving wife, Lucy Anne Watts: three daughters, Mrs. E. E. Whitlam, 3549 Point Grey Road, at Vancouver General Hospital, on July 24, 1947, a daughter. CAMERAS Precision rcnairs to Zeiss.

Lelca and EVANS On July 28, 1947, Thomas HOLLYBURN FUNERAL HOME A. D. Walsh 1807 Marine West West 134 Milllron, Santa Barbara, California; nJ.ZV MT? Invisible mending and repairing new, thick, beautiful reversible rugs to fit any room, any size. Aladdin Carpet Weaving Co, 3463 Euclid Ave, Vancouver. DE.

0557 George Evans, at 'his residence, 5795 Churchill agpd 76 veins. siir-IMrs. T. H. Shields and Mrs.

ENGAGEMENTS all high-grade makes. Frederick Goertz Ltd. 564 Hornby MAr. 3822 done reasonably. 8-day service.

856 Dotv of Vancouver; 1 son, Major D. L. G. W. Hamilton Undertaking Co.

Ltd. Maln-Klngswav at 7th Ave. East sin Ave. Watts. Kelowna, B.C.; 4 brothers, vived by his loving wife, 1 daughter, Mrs.

C. E. Cochrane, Seattle; 2 grandchildren, Mrs. J. W.

Littlcfichr Chi OK Antonnuck methods of restor Phone FAir. 0268 Mr. and Mrs. E. Plckton, New Westminster, announce the engagement of their second daughter, Shirley "Jean, to Mr.

J. H. Anderson, son ing disordered scalp hair roots. 671 Austin, Herman and Marvin of Cart-wright. Manitoba, and Reuben, nf ASTHMA BRONCHITIS "Brealhcasy" relieves Instantly Free Demonstration at Breatheasy of Canada Ltd.

No. 111736 Granville St. PAc. 5756 cago; Mr. Evan cornrane, Seattle.

Pri- INCOME TAX RETURNS Filed. Complete accounting service and auditing for small businesses Eugene Mnrquardson Co. Rm. 112815 W. Hastings.

PAc. 8921 BELL FUNERAL HOME 2746 E. Hastings HAst. 0015 "A Golden Rule Service" yafc I funeral Thursday, July 31, at'Saskatonn; 6 grandchildren; 1 great BIRTH CONTROL BUREAU New Westminster. The' wedding a i.ff8,' Co-lgrandchiid.

Funeral service' Wednes aPst Established 1930. Free Information Funeral Chapel 742 E. Hast- 441 r-eymour st. rflc. You never can tell what will turn up if you read classified ads consistently.

A Sun subscriber who had given up the search for a home in which to live, and was not able to build under present conditions, was looking through the ads more or less as a matter of habit. The outcome was that this reader bought a "cash and carry" home, that was advertised. It was a small commercial building on skids that had become surplus to its owner and was for sale at a relatively low figure. Bought, pulled onto a suburban site and adapted for residence, a good temporary home was available for its new owner. Moral Read classified ads, you never know what will turn up.

placrXugust 29. Anglican Church. Sapperton. Rev. J.

request BUriBl c.hane' 155 Tenth Mr. James Central 6194. BEDSPRING SERVICE Mattress, bedsprlngs repaired recovered, etc. ARE YOU LONELY? Meet your 1DLAL among our thousands of members. For free particulars write Hair positively grown on Bald E.

Ave, PfrK Funeral Home 3642 j. w. vviisuii uniuiaLiiiK. pioioru pTh oTTTTT 1.c,,v'' 1690 Kingsway FAlr. 1422 heads.

Stop falling hair or charge. 314 Lee Bldg, 9th-Maln. Rliinilon nfffolatintr in KNivnv. ur-iin llfi. National Correspondence Club, P.O.

Box 753. New Westminster. B.C. Grcv Hair Retards You! "Bav Rum Mr. and Mrs.

L. A. Shepherd, R.R.I1047, Margaret Frances, widow of Cl 7. New West'r, announce thc Farasey. 1691 Somerset Ces-l tc 1.

i.n", 1u.11 ni-i v. 1 1-11 -i. Forest Lawn Memorial! Armstrong Co, funeral directors Sulphur Compound" elves natural HAst. 0141 304 DutTleVy Lefax Engineering Data Sheets Hnbson's. 1181 Granville SL gagement of their second daughter, cent and formerly of Cleveland, Ohio "rlt- FOR THE BEST PHOTO FINISHING IN TOWN Take vnur films to Burnabv Funeral Directors Ltd.

color. 50c by mall postpaid. Central Drug. 16 W. Cordova.

PAc. S638. 187 Commercial St, Nanaimo, B.C. 4257 E. Hastings GLen.

0154 WE BUY DIAMONDS VANCOUVER PHOTO SUPPLY LTD PATERSON FUNERAL HOME You- trading post: Through Tha SUN swap ads you can get anything anytime. MAr. 1161. Highest caRh prices paid. B.C.

Col- ,631 Howe St. PAc. 2038 538 Sth St. New West. 241 Constance Muriel to Walter Allan in her 85th year.

Survived by a daugn- TAPPAN Passed awav July 25, Cleaver, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Harry Pitts, and 2 grand-1 1947, nt North Vancouver General W. Cleaver.

East Delta. The wedding 'children, Sharon and Harry, all of Hospital, Frederic Tappan of 740 E. will take place at St. Helen's Church. Vancouver, B.C.

The remains will be 9th North Vancouver, In his 71st South New West'r, Friday, Aug. 15. forwarded to Cleveland, Ohio, wherelyear. Survived by his wife and moat 7:30 p.rn 'funeral service and Interment wllllther, Mrs. E.

L. Tappan of Boston, ir I. annnimoori nfltake place. Simmons McBride. also 1 brother and sister re- lateral ijoan, i-tnstings.

r.staD- PLASTIC AND METAL MOULDING OREL AWN CHAPifX nshod 50 years. PAc. 3557. 1669 Enst Broadway. FAlr.

3010 HODGSON CLARKE Floor Sanders for Rent Phone West 912 The modern trim that is easy to Install, available now at Madscn's Carpet Linoleum Service KEARNEY FUNERAL DIRECTORS iiiv "ih'hoi illroolnm In phnrao Mn In USA Pnnnral aprvlpA in funeral directors. In charge, Beverley Lorraine daughter of Mrs. 8835 Hudson. LAhg.0517. 7th and Granville Phone BAy 5084 Burrard Chapel of Center Hnnna POLARIZE YOUR FURS Renews Lustre.

Prolongs Wear POLAR FURS LTD. 548 Granville St. PAc. 6856 Eczema, psoriasis, Hcning piles, leg uicers. dandruff.

Try Tcenjore Ointment. Thousands satisfied. 256 East Aluminum steam pressure cookers, Jiffy size, $18.95. Canning, 531.75, Haskins Elliott Ltd, 167 W. Pender1 MONUMENTAL WOWCS 11 N.

LcTisslcr, 01 1836 ta8t xxn Vancouver, to Mr. Howard Donald j' COLD1E Passed away Julv 27. Cameron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sher- 1947, at his late residence, 3309 E.

1.1 of lllo.f tfln.i, tl tntin In t.1. UCIU Ltd, 1208 Lonsdale Ave, Norm Vancouver, Wednesday, July 30 at 2 p.m., MCKINLEY'S DRIVING SCHOOL Lessons Day or Night Cars Rented for Gov't Road Test For Results Use Sun Ads! FRISCO TAILORS Rev. canon Jonn Leign oinciaung. C.

E. WILLEY Granite and Marble Memorials Reasonable. 31st, Fraser. FA. 3598M i641 Alberni MAr.

6023 We buy and sell men's good useif BUSINESS PERSONALS I Hastings and all drug stores. The wedding will take plnce August Survived by his 'wife, 2 Lawn Section, North Van 1. at 7 o'clock, In Windsor United John, Vnndcrhoof, B.C.; Hugh, Cemetery. doming, sup Kicnnras. MAr.

ivut). W. R. Chandler Memorials BIRKS' BUY OLD GOLD Nu-Rnne Corsets fitted In home. Church, Rev.

H. E. Horton officiating. 'cyuvyr. nuKinuiii.

THOMSON Passed away In Van- For advertising rates in B. C. weekly newspapers see L. C. Way and Associates.

Representatives, 423 Hamilton. MAr. 1857. 39th and Fraser. FRaser 1230 The Pioneer Memorial Sculptors 204 Birks Bldg.

MAr. 6825 Immediate pnymcnt in cash. BIRKS Jewellers Vancouver Mr. and Mrs Robert R. Oke.

Thomai and 26, 1947, George Andrew Rilt nivmnlc announce the en- .1.1,.. Thnminn. In his 69th year. Late rest- lliohaet nrlona naln for vnilP VIIDH J. B.

Newall. established 1909 in any cnnnition. ur.x. uaai. gagement of their eldest daughter.

'service Thursday, July 31, "at 3 p.mjrienre, 2317 Eton St. Survived -by his! Cor Fraser and 35th. FR. 2022 Mm Pnntatnp plnlrvnvant nni 18-kt. chain, 20 Inch; 1 spade and 1 crown guinea on 18-kt.

ring, $75. Mr. Gay, Lynn Creek. P.O. NEW RUGS CHESTERFIELDS We clean and re-lustre your dirty rug or soiled chesterfield In your own home and have it ready for use again In 2 hours by our new method.

See the dirt, grease and oil vanish, replaced by Us original renewed beautiful colors, demothed and re-lustred. You'll be delighted. Price low. Phone Ouvan. The Expert.

DEx. 0557. norma i.uuise. tu mr. nuuci i x-vi- irom ine L-napei 01 emmes.

iiarroniwiie; a naugnier, uenevieve; Vancouver Shoe Repair Co. Over 30 years In this location, where you get the best shoes, properly fitted. CEMETERIES palmist from Edmonton. 43 E. S5thi brothen, John, Herman, New West-j 12 Ronson lighters repaired every minster: David.

Ontario; 3 sisters, Masonic Cemetery Association HELP! Pauline's hanging from a 501 Robson Bt Rlrhnrds PAc. 0945 rault, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.

Per-iRros. Ltd, 55 E. 10th Ave, Rev. W. rault, 3991 West 10th Ave, Vancou- Stott officiating.

Interment, Lawn ver. The wedding will take place Section, Mountain View Cemetery, on August 29th, at 7:30 p.m., In St. HARRISON At Shnugh- days at Owl Drug Stores, downtown downtown; Mrs. Margaret Wood and Mrs. Bessie Reserved for Frecmnsons, their Maanme'Farrcil, psychologist, "Perils ot Pauline." Orphcum covers 13 e.

AL. 1309Y1 510 for making loose families and relatives. Theatre. Friday. Zlnn, New York; Mrs.

Susan Mc- vice. Private readings: confidential. vears' factory experience. Cowan. Buffalo: 1 son.

Morris And- Pernctual enre of graves Included Mnrys unurcn. corner aim ann nessy Military Hospital. Wendy's, 445 Granville St. west uronuway. a-xj p.m.

BAy. 1839. Kemp of-'V'XT' Hurry Joseph Hnrrlson, 1146 rew, predeceased him in 1936. Office: 535 W. Georgia Laren, nev.

uuuivy iviAr. enijo Clearance of Children's Wear Madame Rco, In Sundays, Crystal) special readings. 80c. 403 W. Georgia tlclatlng.

Moving to West Van, Sept. 1st E. enrflova st, private, cananinn iFuncral service Wednesday, July 30, SUPERFLUOUS HAIR REMOVED "llr nH Mri. A Denver, nf 1876 Mounted Rifles. World War I.

age 55 In I 1 nnv. from the rhatiel nt Chlmns. Vnr vnnr rirna npprtA Permanent. Miss Kncix, grail, 728 Mountain View Cemetery Purchase Perpetual Care for Your Burial Plot Apply City Clerk. City Hnll Helen Ciirstalrs, well-known Is now at Devon Cafe evenings Lnndon Drug, 800 Main St, PAc.

3841 Duchess Ave, West Vancouver, an-'years. Survived by 1 sister, Mrs. E. Harron Bros. Ltd, 55 East 10th Ave, nnnni.p tho untrarpment nf fhnlr nnlv Sheehnn.

Halifax. Requiem mnss. St. A Sanfnnl nmHatlno- wtannnrn wank Birig, MAr. YOU HAVEA CHARGE ACCOUNT Costs no more to have nnothcr 20.

It's pennv-wlse In shop foe buys, CHARGE IT TO KIPP ACCOUNT Our charge cards give charge privileges at about 20 stores. One statement, payable one place, at one time. 202576 Seymnur St MAr. 0044 only, nillTH CONTROL For Rent 15-ln. electric floor poll Isher.

$3.50 per day. FRnscr 5222. daughter, Joyce Elaine, to John Fred- Andrew's Catholic Church. Wednes-'interment, Ocean View Burial Tf rink mn Mr and Mm 1 dav. 11 a.m..

Rev. Fnther Ant nnnu FLORISTS ASTHMA BRONCHITIS Graduate Attendant. Lota Davtcs Relieved In 1 minute with Burero. No. 205751 Granville.

MAr. 8915 Fudg'er. 3952 Pandora St, Vancouver, celebrant. Interment, Returned Sol-1- 1 SPECIAL FLORAL DESIGNS The wedding will take place on Aug. Section.

Mt. View Cemetery. THOMSON On July 27, 1947, Char-1 We make attractive Floral Designs Free dose at 203 Dominion Bldg. MIMEOGRAPHING 101744 W. Hastings MAr.

781 Cabinet, mantel mirrors made tJ Exnert ladles' tailor. Stierlallze re Mme. Blanche Palmist, crystal. 11 modelling, alterations. Moderate.

M. WHY SUFFER FROM PILES? Get quick relief with NALATOL nn effective remedy from Sweden 16tn, Bl P.m at St. Siepnen rinyeis fit mc firm nt-jr rumini nn it ii.iiRiiii i.ninti 1 iMini.iiii, uciuvc.i 11.1 an Rev. W. P.

Carter of- Chapel, Tuesday evening. 7 o'clock, wife of Gordon A. Thomson of 56 be pleased to meet your Individual 8 p.m. FAlr. 0990R.

1317 E. 12th. order. Dey, 655 Nelson. MAr.

7443; wnite. pac. lfiiz. loos Holden Bldg. COATS' MILK flclntlng.

Pl'lllT. UUIIII, uaillllOt, vinn oyanb 273 Housewives, would you like to earn SI per hour In spare time. TAt. 2922. Shirley Farm.

DEx. 1084F. liin liasi inn. 10 a. nnsL, Soothing, healing, stops Itching.

Try It. Write for NALATOL Pile Remedy, ii. ii. mi imiMiiuii iiit iiviiivij, wv Vah Flnw Telrgrnnhed -mph A7irParnv in Edgett; 1 sister, Mrs. W.

J. HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY denre. Alt ergrove.B.C, July 26, age hr'nthers. R. B.

Edgett. Revel- FLOWER SHOP MAIN FLOOP. -ConnHI. U.n.a An U.mltf.n Cf TO 9. Flowerriala Florists Paper cleaning, vcllolng expertly done.

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MAr. 7632 rrT? and Longines watches, all at popular prices. Waller M. Gnwf B69 Grnnvlllc, Biltmore. 824 Granville.

MARRIAGES JOHNSON NATHANIEL On July 26, 1947, in Fairvicw Presbyterian Church, by Rev. M. Nlcolson, Slgfus Johnsnn, son nf Mrs. Olive of 1924 East 19th Ave, to Margaret Annie Irene Nathaniel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas Nathaniel, l'JIO East 19th Vancouver. wcu men to uonse wenu your You Hp nn a couch KFRVtrE MSS. ninmnnila nnrphasert. anv size, nav Wedding Invitations same day. fcr WOODWARD STORES LTD.

Wreaths. Sprays and Flowers Design work of nil sorts WOODWARD STORES LTD. Seed Dept. Lower Main Floor i 'j i. togell.

Koseviiie, tauininia. run-Enrlc, Stewart Island: 1 dausMer. emi Wednesday. July 30. nt 1:30 p.m., Mrs.

II. A. Southwell, Vancouver. from the T. Edwards Co.

Memorial Funeral service will be held In Granville and loth, Reverend lumbin Funeral Chapel, Wednesday, Evnns officiating. Interment, July 30, at 2 p.m. Interment, Ocean iLnwn Section, Mountain View Ccme-Vlew Burial Park. tery. nest Church Printers.

10.VJ W. SPECIAL RATES. PHONE FA. 1165Lne best price. 409 Vancouver Rlrr'k.

And forget how, to grouch As she spirits your wrinkles away. 4-dny eervko on rugs. Curofoam, Top prices Ior old rugs. Durmoam.i fourteen Hotel Georgia Beauty Shop. PA.

3053 PAc. 3625. PAc. 3625. COJttinuea Otl rage fOltriet-n.

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