Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1896
Page 1
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rat JOURNAL YOL. XXI. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 24, 1896. NO. 177 Everybody is Awakening To the Wonderful Bargains we are offering at Our Great Upbuilding Benefit Sale. The Prices are Marvelous. FOR EXAMPLE-Choice of 15, 20, 25 cent Wash Goods 10 cents. Make a guess on the Wheel, free to everyone. Come Today The Good Things are going fast. 400-411 BEOADWAY. The queen of hearts in all these parts, ll" you can po by rumors' U cnu u-ho rides a wheel, and glides About in dair.iy bloomers. FOUKTB ST, Clothes up to Date . . Hove been in great favor at our establishment. Fact la no one hae a fiaer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than our?. Important Features ... in the make-up of our clothes work their superiority, We are not the'cheapeet tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3" Market Street. LOST $15 Bv Phylng $100 lor your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL TIRES ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS . BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good as New ZINN & COMPANY. 262 Sixth Street. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that It must have blown a, tremendous gale towards Flsner'a, for they have straws of all the new shapes and sizes, straws tn straw color and any other color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" in the newest style bought at Fisher's by' every pleased resident of Logansport LI 6 nt Derby's, light nobby straw hata and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are wiat we hare a big ran on now. FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so when they arc tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing: Department Is making a specialty of PROGRAMS, LETTER HEADS, Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists ot New York have appointed D. A. HAUK us agant for tholr celebrated Spectaclss and 17 Glasses, every pair guaranteed, I>. A. HACK bus complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves ot the great superiority of these goods over any manufactured, at the store of D. A.JHAUK, Sole agent lot Loganjport Ind. i Ho Peddlers'Supplied' POPU-DEMS St. Louis Convention Organized at Last. MIDDLE-O'-THE-ROADS Win a Temporary Victory in the Preliminary Skirmish. Senator Allen of Nebraska Chosen Permanent Chairman. 'There Will be no Bolt in This Convention" so He Sai s. >**.. ''v-' d'tiy d'ni $iill sniiMll£;tliCs' ni •>•— Tin!- rain of yejjior- i:i'l)ly dampen tin; :if- i''" 1 • "> lil1 ' 11( ' " r ie Silver c<m- at 10. o'clock . tomorrow .murum?:. 1'! ..Ui() j'.'MMdle of UH- llnatls" convention ;t.t fiU) dnsi: of rlw il;i,v I'cpui'l ;it. •"i:24 ; l.i, iniithc* vote wiu* bdns i.'ikoa on t.he adoption of lilie .iiiiiii'Orily ivpoi't • of the pom.mlttw on c:'C'(lcii,ti;il.?. siibstitiiUnp; Tho iiiluorlTj- report for that oil the majority. The niO't'uiii to sulxsvMutc wns lo.st by a vote of f;5i> to Ml. The vovu wvs'.C'lKillen^i'il mul MIL- roll of States was-c-illed, wliMi. resulted lu yerifyltrs the previous vole. Both factious of the Illinois d-elwafioiii vra-u ..seated, with one-halt* vot;c for each delegate. Tlife k> considered a victory for the "Middle of the Roads" IHMI. During tihe contest Guorjre H. Wash- burrvot' Mas«icluisi'W.es, acted »» chslr- man; The end of the contest ou the adoption of Hie report was reacted when tihe Wtseonstai cose was adopted. At C:27. p. -in. the cotu'imtl ec 00 permanent orKfliilzation was ready to report oiid a suggestion Mint ihe couveu- tton adjourn was cried dowiv, Tlie report of the comnilstitsc rccommoiMls tive Hon. YViiHara 1 E. Allen oC Xrt>rnsk.a as permanent dialnniau, and John W. Hayes of Now Jersey, now. temporary Bacretary, as permanent secretary. A minority report wns submitted -recommending James E. Chwmpl'ou of Maine for porniaijent eliaiinnau. Tlie Texas delegation of "Middle of the. Readers" flocked to tlie stand and were followed by tlie delegations from Mlssonrf, Ar- kansns, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, •Arizona and Mississippi, carrying their guidons, over to the State ot' Maine In a doiuronstratlon for Champion. The roll • of States was called and Allen won by a vote oC 75S .to 504, At S:28 p. m. Senator Alk-u was escorted to tlie stand by "Cyclone" Davis and began^hfe speech. It'was- a. characteristic-Populist speech. full of "gold bug," "the SV'aU street money power," "plutocrat," "grinding oppressors of the poopU^'etc. He denounced tlie princi- .plcs'of the- Republican party jrenernlly iind Its -position ou the mo^-y (juostion partlciihuily. He says there will be no bolt In thJis conventiaii'. that "wo are all •Topiilists. Everybody la tite country •tonight is talking 'Middle of -the Road.' " 'He said: "Botli tiho old. parties want the •Topulltsts to •nominate a man for Presi- •tioat ine'rely for the honor' of being a caiid'KlAte.'.Xlie Populists jnay not have the intoliect of some of the gold bugs, inrtt'nfey^iiave bo'titer liearts." He closed Ills spcdcli;at 0:49 p. in. 'Thei '/motion of Butlor of North Caro- Uuii.'-t;hWtM. : conMnittee of l.wcnty-flTC be riippoiiitc<i V 'to confer wltu'Vi armllar com- niUtEe froitt tJi.e : s'Uver eonvontloni was .greeted with n. storm" of noes. The mo- ;'tfon- carried, however, and 'the com- Iroittioe on 'rules and order -of business 'jy-OHKlit 'in 'its i-eport; at,;0,:i>p;p. .in. 1 The' •Wjiort -occupied exactly nn Iiour In the wi'dlng, and at the,, dose the conveh- 'tipii/adjoiiriied to meet at 10 o'clock tomorrow "LOT OF So .Teri-j- Simpson SaysT'Ot-'-Hls Popu : Bref-lr.pn. •;•', , , .••;.-. St. LouLs, July 23.— Tie slow progress made by the People's party so far. is ex- citlag the ire of some 6f"-tlic 'Populists. Jerry biftipso'ii denounced the ofliCL-ra of thn conventions us- a : "lot'oi imbeciles." Charges u^ii innde that the failure to light the hull Wednesday night was a plot against the middle-of-the-road men, and was designed in part to shut off'Mrs. Lease, who Was'to have delivered one of her characteristic harangues against the Indorsing 1 ot the action of ('he democratic convention ut Chicago. It is regarded US-significant, that 25 miimtes lifter Chairman Butlor hnd nd- journed the convention the lights were SKNATOR AT.LEX, OF .XKBRASKA. ICornmHu'o's Choice' for Perrr.aiiont Clig.irip.:iii.; turned on. Tho .secruuiry of the St. Louis IJus.iness.Mcii's-leagiii-. who bus the convrntion arranjfeme.nts jr. charge, liowevei-, assumes nil the responsibiiily 1'orthe mishap, :ii)(l says it was t-ntiivly aceidunral and expresses his regret at the occurrence. AxxciiiDlo l>i <;oo<J Srnsoii. Tin; populisls began 'o assemble in good time for tlitf luo.rning sussion. ^ They are men-•••.•accustomed to mr!y j hours, and they lik'! to get together ' to discuss the "p° lit!<:!l1 :ind " lllltll!i:l! questions of the hour. The iminediiik- and uppermost question in oil the!'minds is: "Shall tlic_feonvenlio:i keep 'to the middle of-thii'roafl, making its own pliitform 'and choosing its own Kindidnl.es for preaitlent :ind vice president; shall it indorse or nominate the democratic nominees, or shall it take the middle course — indorse Brynn, nominate a southern populist for vicii president and patch up some sort of terms by which ithat arrangement can be made practicable tind successful?" Kach plan hns .its-o\vn-f:iction determined to carry out its own plan, nnd to oppose any ot.her plan, even to the extreme point of •"bolting" :; 'if the other plan is adopted. ... \ % - •'Convention Oponoil, At 10:10 Senator Butleivpf North Carolina, 1 the temporary chairman, called ihe convention to order. At. that time the body of the hall was about two- thirds full, and there were probably not £00 persons in the galleries. The deputy sergeantsriitrtirms set the example of Ihy ing aside coats nnd vests and moving around in shirt sleeves. Many of the delegates adopted a like costume. There GEN. JAMES B> WEAVER, OF IOWA. [Chairman ot Committee on Resolutions,! were several women.seated among the delegates. Uer...'Mr.,Spfitli was select^ cd to "lead in prnyeriVaYid he offered a t,hort petition for "the (blessing of the Almighty God on this convention, on its members, nnd on'i'ts; proceedings. May hanpony, unity, fraternity sud patriotism chnriK'.tcrire all ita proceedings to-day." "'•:'• .•,".:''••- : The chairman called for the report of the committee on credentials, but that committee was still n"6t;prepared to report; nnd was given further time. The roll of states was then called for the mimes of coDimitteemen on organization, resolutions and notification of nominees. Tha.t 'operation wns slow und occupied much tiinc.i While it was.,going' on more of the delegates took advantage of the oppor- tuuity to lay asi'de.fheirconts and vests, for the heat was'very oppressive, and most of them fanned themselves with pajjn leaf fans, lints and partially folded newspapers. The. Kansas delegates were conspicuous by.-the use of fans emblaxoned with the golden sun flower. Prominent ParnonA Pronont. Among the conspicuous persons on the platform was Mr. Jesse Harper, of Knnsn.s, who is said to liiiive nominated Abraham Lincoln for the presidency at Chicago in l8Gn.,^Sepailor;Stewurt.,of Nevada, was ulso on the'plntform, seat- ed'between Senators Allen, of Xebrasku, and Kyle. °| South Dakota, all of them (strong 1 advocates oi tbelindorsement of Bryan and Sewall. ' I Tie only addition to the gpfcolled decorations of the ;KaIl.sin^-Wednesday •was a. somewhat novel design of the silver dollar of the future, printed on a strip of white muslin, which was hung over the balus'fraae to the gallery back of the stage. JTfiU stamp bore, the head- mo- "Iudcpende;nce,,|reedom-and pros- fa .', t. •-:-•';>*,;3}»*'?.•.'-• pewty. • "• • ••:'-•'•'• , .. The names of.'.tb^-.p.roposed commit-. tbemen having all been 'sent in, those on permanent, organization were requested by 'the^haij-nian at 10:50 to retire for consultation. "Middle of the Bond" DBmon.tratlon, XVhile the coll of cotoitfitteemen was going on'thcrc was a stftldon outburist of cheering all over the hall. It was en used by the irrupt ion of a small party of Texas dclegolcs, header] by the two bearers ill a biiiiner inscribed witli Uie words: ">fiddlo of'the road; straight populist ticket." A majority of delegates rose and e.heeivd and shouted und waved hats and fans, and ll»e spectators in the gallery .-joined in the shou1-s and cheering. 7-Yom .the gallery behind the stand a tliglit of blue cards descended!, on whirl- wore primed n financial plank proposed for -the' middle of the road people by three of the Arkansas dele- egaU's—lieorgi- M/.Ta'ckson. ,T. U. T!ol- lison and Isaac M'. McOnckcr. Thf I'Jiink They Want. This i)liink. ; Kin these words: "We demand a national treasury note. Issued by tlie tfcnfrsl'povi'rnmc-nl, recciv- nblc for'all public <lues, nncl u full IPS^! ti-.'ider In payment of -'.11 dflus. pubHcar.il private, and loaned direct to the people Inroiitfh postnl mill othnr Kovernmental luinK's at cost, :'or the IxMT.-r.t. 01' tlie people. Ami :he piircIiKSi: nnfi colnaso of such amount o! 1 ;;olJ ni;'l "ih-i-r Ijiilllon, .'it the rutlo of s!.\ii-ei; to 01.".' »' ; m.iy be m-ees- sui'.v to jin.v tin.- deliti- •.::' Hi.-. ^ovr:riiniciit. whirth utv made ]Kiyuljk- in coin. "SVo'd'." manil tiiat Un.-'volume of money shall spc-eaily lncri:asc to nn amount necessary to iransuci'the business of the-coun • try on a cash b.^ls,", lOiigi-uc IX-bs mrtiii-ed the convention and was greeted'will: gn-ai applausi-. \Viiile i he >!onvolition was waiting pa- lirnily for somi' comuiill'ce 10 report it M'i'.s rntorl.-iiiii'd by tin- band with a musical mi-dii-y of national and u'nimlar airs, but, .'is usunl. "Dixie" was fhe- 1 only time lhat awnlii- enthusin^ni. H was cheered by di'h'gati'" fromiyil sei'tions of ihc couii- try jus! as it lia'The^friu ihe ivpublifan :r,!M : : i')i:ocral:e cim^vpiitions. An 'Oklahoma ;li.-lcfjttle who had mnde siM-i-nil eli'orts to h;m> inllicri"! upon tlie Convention :i poe\n writi-.'n for Ihe on-asio:-, by an Olii'uhoma poet, nnd _sit)sor,siii!cei"-H'rliiihiiviiigitKiiiigio!.he 'i-oiivenlion. Its chorus brought in the lidfiitgei. X rays. "Honest Teller" was •mentioned in ono of ilie slanxas and his ilium' ^v^.s cheered. Tile Oklahoma troubadour was sxic- co.nl,-d by 11 small, thin, traii Arkansas woman, who, iir n voice with the same chi!r!ie.li-ristics, sang from the platform a politir;;! parody (if Yankee Doodle, the chorus ending wit li: " Shoot the sold buirs. every one, YnpliOC Doodle- D:o:rly." Amotion was made by IJolegsite Crawford, of Kansas, that the delegates to the silver convention be admitted to 1 his convention on the presentation of their budges. The motion wns greeted with hisses nnd shout,-; of "no. no." It was modi- fled by making it apply only to the galleries." but'the scrgeant-nt-arms inter- pr-Mid the objection that all the seats in the galleries were'assigned on tickets issued, and thut, .besides, there were counterfeit badges out. 1 The chairman cut the Ciordian knot by ruling the motion out of ord«- on the ground that it would, violate the, contract made with the business men of St. Louis. Therul- .ing wns loudly applauded. Southern Delegate* Objoct. Mr. \Vashburn, of Massachusetts, offered the following resolution: "Whereas, We are all populists and deprecate an. attack which has appeared In some of the newspaper? that there Is a disposition on tlio. part of any portion of this convention to refuse to abide by the action of the convention, therefore, "Resolved, That we repudiate all such utterances as a reflection upon tlie fidelity of the members of lliis convention to Uic people's party." Strong opposition,'was immediately developed to this motion ou the part of delegates from tlie southern states, and the point ot order wns made that, the convention not yet being permanently organized, it was out of order. This wns followed by n number of motions, and the chair become involved in a hopeless pnrliameutary tangle from wlii-ch'hc finally .extricated himself by declaring- the motion tabled. A | motion to take a recess till three o'clock was finally successful, nr.d the temporary chairman at- .12:-(5 declared the convention adjourned until that Ironr. . x - ALLEX CHOSE>". A FEAST DAY. Name<1 by the Committee for pBrmiincnt Chairman of Convention. The revised vote cast in committee on organization Thursday afternoon for permanent chairman 'of .the convention was: -Alh.-n. of Nebraska. £0; Campion, of Maine 1 . U; B;itler, of North Carolina, 5. "••. i, The committee.elected as permanent secretaries ,T. W".'"Hayes, of Pennsylvania; William Yvl-iess. of Illinois; J. K. Burnett, of California, nnd Leo Vincent, of Oklahoma. -W. L. Brown, of Kansas, was elected reading 1 clerk. A mtnorltj- Report. Permission to make ;v minority re- l>ort against Senator Allen's election and in favor of Senator Butler, of North .Carolina, was given to Messrs. Wellcr, 61 Iowa., and Dornblaser, of Texas. The committee. ori ; .; resolutions appointed by the populist convention assembled a't J2:30 at-'the Linde!) hotel and was called to order by Gen. James B. Weaver, of Iowa. -'Gen. Weaver and Jerome K. Kearby, of Texas, were placed in.nomination for chairman nnd agood- nstured rivalry between the friends of those candidates was inaugurated. Gen. Weaver won the chairmanship by ama- jority of one vote,'.the totnl cast being 23 to.21. After some discussion relative to the method of precedure it was decided to authorize the chairman to appoint a subcommittee of 25 members to construct a platform and report to the full committee. The chair wns also authorized to divide this committee into subcommittees, of three each, on preamble, Snance, transportation, land and one. on direct taxation. Cleveland Treated to a Big " New- England " Dinner. Arrangements in Charge of the New England. Society — McKinley and Other Nolablcs Attend. Cleveland, O.. .'July 23.—Elaborate preparations had been made for the bijf "Xc'v KnfflPiid" dinner Thursday on tin- c;jinpus of Adi-ihi'rt college The arran^cnii'iils luive bci'n i" <he hands of the Ni-w Knjrhuid Society of Cleveland. The members of which are all linen] descendant.* of the settlers who .Mine from Connecticut. Massachusetts and Vermoiu to the western jeserve ,-ni-lv in i,lu- ci'iitnry. 'Everything in. 1 he inon n was eh a rac'.eris! ic of t ho occasion. i:ucsl« wen' prosonl, from overy Town in tin: western iv.scrve. Uov. Coflin. of f'onnectiriit; (Jen. .Tosoph R. J-iawli-y :ind cx-Oov. Moi-fran G. T.uck- li-y. w'itli ninny of their friends from Hie ea.M. loft, iho llnllend.'n hotel at 12 o'clock for tin- campus. M:ij. McKinley returned from . A!l'i:ti:w at the s;une time nnd wsis driver, to the scene', wjiere n -jrent .'isst'mhhirro nf men and women from rhe rural district, of thi' reserve £!i\o him n hrarry welcome. Sprcchcii :il Wi;iln<!«rtiiy's Mco'.liiC- At the spceclimaliif.g exercises in the armory Wednesday Gov. r.ushnell'ni!id« a short, address of welcome to rln? guests. He was followed by Mai. McKinley wlio was given a cor- d'ial ij-Vpcting. His address was one culog-is! ic of Cii-vekind enterprise, ambi- tion'and commercial importance, nnd said evory si"p in rhe city's advancement WES but the confirmation of the wisdom, foresight nnd patriotism of the founders. Senator Sherman followed Mr; McKin- ler, but mnde his remarks very brief, owing- to the lateness of the hour. About hnif past two o'clock a great military and civic panicle got under way nnd it entertained the Cleveland people and their visitors the rest of the afternoon. At eiq-ht o'clock p. m. the handsome centcmiiai arch which spnus Superior street in the public square hurst inlo light. Uie.bnttoij which turned the electric current into it-s myriad of burners having been pressed by President Cleveland at Buzzard's Bay. The evet- ing was made glorious by a radiant historical pageant which illustrates by means of 24 artistic and luminous • floats the progress ol Cleveland and of the country ns well. Founders' day closed with a brilliant centennial ball. CONGRATULATE GIBBONS. The Eminent Catholic Dlrnitary C«I«- bntte» His Slity-Second Birthday. Baltimore, Md., July 23.—A large number of telegrams of congratulation were sent Thursday to Cardinal Gibbons at Cnpe May, where his eminence, is taking a much-needed rest. The occasion was his C2d birthday. As is his custom the cardinal's natal day will be observed by a religious ceremonial aJone, his callers being restricted to members of the clergy and a few personal friends. While at Cape May his eminence is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Cockroft Thomas, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Thomas is a sister of Archbishop Eyan. It is expected that he will return to Baltimore on Saturday. WESTERN EDITORS. Convention of JournallMn to Be Hold In Denver, CoL Denver, Col., July 23.—The second annual convention and excursion of trans- Mississippi editors will be held in tbis city this year under the auspices of the Western 'Editorial Federation. It 'is expected that nearly 2,000 editors^!! attend the meeting. Aside from the business to be transacted, the pro- gramme includes a concert, a banquet and an excursion -to some of Colorado's most famous points of interest. The objects of this journaistic federation are stated to be tlie promotion of the professional interests of its members; to raise the standard of journalism; to deviserplans for obtaining more favorable newspaper legislation, and to aid in influencing public opinion nnd •legislation favorable to the redemption of arid lands, water storage, improremen t of waterways, immigration, and the further advancement of the general interests of the great empire lying between the Mississippi river and the Golden Gate. Elect OBIcers. ---T! Omaha, Xeb., July 23.—The Commercial Law Tx?agne of America Thursday, morning elected the following officers: President. E. M. Bartlctt, Omu.b3,Neb.; corresponding secretary, George S. Hull, Buffalo, >". Y.; recording secretary, -I. A. Webb, St. Louis, Mo.; treasurer. E. K. Sumrocrwell. Sew York. A vice president was elected for each: «tate represented in the league. Ulv«n u Kitiuy lleccptlou. Dubuquc, la.. July 23.—Cold, dismal rain has fallen nil dny, and the town decorations in honor of the northwest saengcrfcst arc sorrily bedraggled. Most of the visiting societies came ia on the late afternoon trains. The reception concert, at night by locaJ taJent engaged a mixed chorus of 150 voices, and the concerts Friday and Saturday.. a mnlc chorupofSOO voices. Drowned In » Ditch. Keusselaer. Ind., July 23. — Carl Swain, son of Anitas Swain, and a nephew of Hon. M'.-L. Spitlcr, of this county, wns drowned in n dredge ditch near Morocco, in Xewton county. He was; an only child, IS years old... ..:

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