The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1950
Page 11
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AUGUST 4, 1950 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding HOUM with Ma j. Hoopla OH, ALLEN, BEEWTO BROOKLYN AN' SAM FEANCISGO AN' seew OUR a<s CKANE-S NSTAI.LEP THERE-AIKJ'T THEY AWE- INSPIBIKU3? OH, YES. I'M PECTJO TO Be THEY'LL BKIM& A> BABV IN H6RE NEXTI TRVW TO <SeT TH 1 BULL AWAV ON A UACATIOJ.' HE'S NEVER. BEEM FURTHER. FfSO»A HERS THAKJTO TURKEY FOOT LAVE FISH IK/.' AVV NOTO, SIR ? DONTT BE , BUT VfO ARE 1M6 IMftGE OF kLOMWKE SLICKEST DEALER IM 1MP05SI6U6, OF COURSE 'AS. CORRECT A6 A GOCD .. W.OWDIKE Mike— r***>TO X FROZE AM EDucwret> -rnoMs.'— BUT x 5TILL EH30Y \WHERE THEV WERE BUU.T. THE MEM OF THE V*3RLD GOT FA.LLEM ARCHES PAGE KLEVE1T Gas was injected into the depleted Brenneman oil field in West Virginia, recovering 357,000 barrels of oil. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drup Stores Here's One Woy To Save Money Expert Service -fl LTCRS QUrtLITY SHO€ SHO I 2|l W M « I N S T. 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Hildy Sands said, In a whisper. Gaping slightly. Bill held the match until his fingers felt inconsequential pain. Hildy moved toward him. M I rather hoped, Bill, that you might come along." "Hoped?" He was aware of strange eagerness in his ovwi voice. "You wanted to see me?" "It should be perfectly obvious that I had to see you sooner or later. I tried to make a point of doing it the very next day. I was pretty ashamed, and there wasn't any opportunity, and—oh, I jusl put it oft." Bill nodded. It didn't take particular intuition to see that this was definitely hard for her. And he didn't wonder. He waved his hand, trying for carelessness "with the gesture. "Look here, Hildy! You can go on putting it oft, if you want to (For keeps." I Her toot tapped sharply, "No il can't. Or, at leiist, I won't. Dill I can't even imagine what yen :must have thought" j Aware of eagerness again, hi depressed it He said, mundanely that Bev was down with a cold. j "I'm sorry," Hildy s.iiri. "But I : won't keep you very long." 1930 bp NCA Bill stcored her along the lake, jast the line of darkened deserted >ath-houses. A hundred yards or so from the main dock there was a small wooden wharf. Thai por- ion of the water off it was snal- ow. To this minor wharf a row- joat was tied. He helped Hildy into a stern seat "Well?" he said, silting beside her. "Jusl," said Hilda Snnds, finally. that 1 had, or thought 1 had anyway, a perfectly good reason for being in Caroline Marr's room, When"—even in the wretched tight Bill fancied that he saw color dyeing her cheeks—"Caroline wasn't there." • • • CHE spoke sincerely and, some^ how, reassuringly. Bill nodded. "I never really doubled that. I'll admit, though, that it gave me a start" It would," Hildy said. "Can you bear to hear the reason? Or would it be belter if we Just dropped the whole thing? Then he admitted it—to himself. He was not prepared to drop anything, that concerned Hilda Sands. "I think I'd rather you told me," he said slowly. She smoothed her skirt. "Well, I overheard a conversation the other night Between two women No IIEC mentioning names, but It wasn't a nice conversation. And it was about me. I didn't overhear too well, because they were lalking on the verandah and there was a crowd around. Anyhow, from what little I gathered, they'd seen been shown—a paper of some kind.*' "Paper?" Bill said, puzzled. "Yes. Something about my father's trouble. When I heard that Bill, I did Iry lo eavesdrop—definitely." "Don't blame you," he muttered She gave a short laugh. **Lik< most eavesdroppers, I heard nothing good- But 1 got this much Someone here hu been passing this paper around, in a sort ol confidential way. Knowing darn well, 1 suppose, that whatever it *ayi would go all over the grapevine. Well, 1 made up my mind to that paper and find out just who was interested In—in putting bite on me.* Bill had in Intuitional flash. "So! That's why. when 1 asked you on the picnic, you said you had something important to do?" "Yes. It seemed the perfect 1 chance, with all of you gone (or • hours. But"—she bit her lip— M l*m not used to—to burglary. 1 spent most of the evening trying to work ip the nerve. I started too iate And you caught me. flatfooted and redhanded." Bill said under my "H it's any help," quickly, "I've kept it ml." "I was sure you would." Sht looked at him strangely. "Hasnl anyone ever told you that you'r* a very nice, and decent, guy?" He shifted in hit seat. "Did you —er, search many rooms?" Her eyes went down. "It sounds iwful, doesn't it? But 1 went into Jiree. Lloyd Williston's and Carbine's and—you'll hate me! B«v*», M He started. "Bev's?" "I had to be sure, don't you see? Sort of like a detective. You know, everybody suspect" TJER voice shook with distress And suddenly Bill Jarvis pul an arm around her. Gently, almost absently, but as if it were the mi natural thing in the world, "Take it easy." he said. M l know how you' felt. You were about Bev. of course. But you had to cover the—the waterfront. Well, did you find anything?* '- " . .' "I tried to get into Dick Trevan's room too." She seemed determined on complete confession. "But il was locked. No, 1 find a thing. Whoever has that rotten paper must still have it." It was as if something took hold of Bill Jarvis' brain then and gave it a twist. For a second Hildy struggled. Then her lips, soft, warm, met his. The moon, pnintinj the lake in pale fire, went unnoticed. (To Re Continued) The Slrtono Indians of Bolivia cannot count above three and have no words denoting time beyond "yesterday" and "tomorrow". HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be sure It's working right, drive In t* oar shop and we'll check It over. Expert repairs on ill makes and models, cars and truck*. One Jay service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. East Main . • Phone 2122 WHY WAIT? 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