The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1949
Page 9
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PAGE NINE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATUIVDAY, DECEMBER 31, 194f OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / VOJR CHUM'S / WMTIN' FOR SOU i TOGO UP-BUT / -SOME NIGHT WE'LL FIND HIM CHOKEP IF HEDOrJTGXjrr < NAtJGIN' HIS HEAP THRU THEM SPOKES WHAT'S HE HOW DOIKNOW UNLESS rrs cur HE GOES UP BV NOTCHES AN 1 USES THAT PER A S«vFErry KETCH, so He WOWT Lose WHUT HE'S GA.WEP. THE.AMCHOC. __,. Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BEFORe Y0L> SO DOT, I40VO ABOUT POSING , FOR A PICTURE so , THE WORLD VJILL. YDU WERE BEFORE: , YOU BROKe YOOR. >s Most IM A RES'OLV- X IMS DOOR " Do YOU WAMT^WROMGAGOTJ.BOYS.' A to L6A\)e SOM&X PEACEFUL CHAT WITH 1 BAIL MOMEY rf*) A DIGNIFIED GROUP VJlTM US? IKS UrJ OF Os-JLS, A F£W , CA96 YOU }J\ PLEASANT SOMGS ' DECIDE-ra ^ PERHAPS—BUT NO RAASLfe A CIGARK PAPER HftTS/ I'M STORE INDIASJ Jl FOOLING VOO THUS 8ECAOS6HE-5/' MAKiMG *— / I EW?/ ^ Hedromn, convenient to liaUi Steam ht-a t Pli 3325 611 W M a I » Si 12:9 pH Is** Hedrooiu lor rent Pb ^HI8 12 j7 iik If Comfortable bedroom convenient to Uiwn Men only 310 W Walnut 12.2 pfc 1|2 Bedroom adjoining bath Taken Up riare mule. . IX>HB, III. 1227 pk i; For Sale, Cars and Trucks For sale by owner used Chevrolet 2 door sedan good mpL-hnnlcal condition. Radio, neater fc good rubber Come and see P T Elder 215 W Kentucky. Avc \1 17 1|1 NOW AH lour (4) w Heels pull on WUlys tiitulon Wagon. Pickup f rim^ert Jeep "TUe worlds most useful vehicles". mythcvilie Willy Sales Co. Ph 554 ^ 12.22 cw 1|22 ^Yfave a '49 M SuiriehnVrcr 1 \'y ton truck. I-flng wheel base will soil clie Her Norman Ar Horn Const. Co. Bly- thcvUle, Ark. 12 2R pk PersonoJ O'STEKN'H Sl'UUlO Wonted to Rent Wheel chnLr for adult. li. 6049. 12,29 pk 40U-6UO acre farm. Ph. 4326. I2i30 pk I Love My'Doctor Du C..^I.._ D~.L:_- *^ Copyright to £«!«. Bprtin,- .«.. By Evelyn ipyright bf Evelyn I Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. TUB STOIlYt Wanted to Buy est pncb paid lor OIIIOKENB— Aan Street Grocery i Maikel Asb nn ck u Old type family rtiuon. 825 Lilly St. , K»od con- 12[24 pJC 111 Position Wanted A-l gin manager experienced In erection, repair, and operation of Murray, Continental, and Hartiwlcke Kltcr gina. Also extensive ptaiunilon experience in handlliix all major deltft cBT>s and fncludlnp: anhydrous am- rsSnla appHratlon and cotton pickers. Desire connection v.''th large plnnter or compa ny where llvl np and school conditions are good. Excel Leu reference.* covering botri chaiacter anrf ab- nity. Write Box &78 c,o Courier News Company- 12 30 pk 1[6 For Rent Warctiouse 30'i40' on railroad 8liJ- B Midwest Ualry Products Ph 4447 11116 ck IT Flash cameras for O'STEKN'S bTULHO FOR KENT: Frozen Pood [ockerm JaylocJc's Highway 61 Phone 3172 823 ck U unlur. house. 91!) Clark. 12.28 pk Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE service, call or contact H#i) Shepparri. pfinne Zlil. eaily morning, n<vin or n 'Knt. 12 L to pk 1[10 Bus/ness Opportunities for Sale by owner, pool room find <1omlno parlor Swell location do Inn good biislniss Only 2 pool rooms an lo«;n <if 4.CWO population Business Increases w-un bad wciUhr Owner has Other imej-eMs. Conine t F T Eider fm'f West Ky A*e BIyiticvllc. Arkansas ^^ 12 17 pk I [I IV TT was n moment or two before anyone became aware of our presence. Bob Abbott, John's best friend, was playing ping-pong with whnt looked like n brand new girl, In the earner. Bob was the Beau Geate of the medical tribe. He •dressed like a Fifth Avenue dummy, behaved as much like a Casa- ,novir sultan building up a harem Jas society allows, and seemed to ; think that he was What Every j Young GirJ Should Know. Karl IHoizmann. and his wife Tnidy, a pretty Austrian girl, were dane- ing in the center of the room. ! while about five other couples rwcrc floating around. ' "Hi," said Bob, dropping his /racket, "took who's hero!" i Everybody else pounced on HI 'too. Janet Grayson began U> ipound "Here Comes the Bride" on ;lhe piano, hut was almost com- nletcly drowned out by their noisy rree tings. Gert Shaw, Alec's wife, imported two years before from the wilds of. Montana, came forwart next, "lilankety blank," stic be- ;gan, and we all roared expectantly. Gcrt's profanity, which slipped so effortlessly and naturally into her everyday speech, had long since passed the shocking stage, and became, instead, a hospital landmark. Her words were all uttered with the casual detachment of a radio announcer rendering the baseball scores, followed by a forecast of the weather. "Bring on the gifts," snid Hilda Emmctl, and I knew immediately that with her usual officiousness, Hilda had put herself in sole i charge of selecting, wrapping, and '.producing the presents. She was | born to collect dimes on street t corners for worthy causes, to or- f ganize polite assistance for ex- rpccLnnt catastrophes. There was a pop-up toaster for : us. a cocktail shaker with six glasses, and two guest towels, "Oh, you shouldn't have," I said, knowing that they had spent their entire last month's pay, "but I'm glad you did." By now, the party was m lop swing, with the radio going full force and everyone dancing with everyone else. Suddenly, we all stopped moving, as Miss O'Grady, I he night supervisor of nurses mine and stood in the doorway with a plea for noise. "It's carrying a little into the wards, upstairs," she explained. "We're terribly sorry." we apol- ogised immediately, and offered irvrv iwi» IJLWU I'HKCKLES AND Ills FKIENUS BY JMEKKILL BLOSSEB "I wish 1 could stay here and see the old year out quietly with you—all those people downstairs are acting childish!" THE Boys' ADve&nszo PRICE. OfJ BE AMIES 5£> GE SfiOiV COST' ft JUS MAKWG 7*(/$ A-3/ \ SO? THEM I GUESS MY COMPANY WOULONT BE IWTER K7ED INMArlUFAC- TURIN& NATIONALLY, PKISCIl.LA'S POP RY A I, VERMRER I'VE WRITTEN DOWN A FEW RESOLUTIONS* V>/OULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR, THEM* ARISE EARLY EACH MORNING...CLEAN FURNACE, ..SHOVEL WALKS... WASH CAR EVERY CAP-LYLE WITH HIS HOMEWORK ...CUT DOWN ON SMOKING... OH, DIDN'T I TELL. YOU? THESE ARE RESOLUTIONS! VIC FLINT BY M1CHAKL O'ftlALLEY snd RALPH LANE ATI the clamor and .congestion In the siree< was snppwipd to * good for a young doctor jut** starting out. Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to he had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rale of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. KIAI.ES LAND CO. W. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3:322 ll-25ck tf Money to Loon iw jou neen A loan lo repoivr ol moaelr No <jnwn DftyiriRnl on 030 K«Ke. nn r«i tnpp FHA APFROVSU HA 1 ES 5% ASK FOB unMI.S Max Logan, Realtor P'tinna 21>J* l.ynct Bulldlnit ' UintiE.ine Art KARMS CITY PROPERTIKS LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. \V. L. TAMKE RKAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingrain-Herman MKJ Cooper Bid.—Ph. .1627 12-9 ck 1-9 her a quick drink back on duty. before going "You tnke one too." Bob said to me. as she left, but John, who had come up to where we were standing, answered for me: "She doesn't like it. Bob. and I'm getting tired of drinking the ones everybody forces on her." My dislike for alcoholic beverages had often been a major social sin during my adolescent years. Not thnt I am against liouor as such. I would ccrlainly never dctnonslrale against the Demon Rum, or'write my Congressman about il either. If everyone else wanted lo go on » 10 day bini-,e without bothering me. 1 would never complain- even if 1 do privately think lhal inebriation is a pitifully foolish state, and smells bad. It is unfortunate, however, that as far as I am concerned, the stuff tastes mixture of floor shellac, like cnstor oil. camphor balls. mcdicalerl cough drops. and . Bui so great is the intolerance of me drinker for the root beer (an, (or years 1 would order drinks upon request, and leave wnstofullv behind nnrelv them gesture of self-defense. Now, as John spoke, £ sensed a new b"Dera- tion. "You do as you please," he went on, turning to me, "and ignore the remarks. Come on, darling, we'll get you a good ginger ale before on die of thirsl." • • • AS we approached the refreshment table, I suddenly remembered that we hadn't lold anyone of our new housing lead. "That's a pretty good neighbor- lood." Janet Grayson said, after I made our announcement. She and Hank would be needing a place of their own in another few monlhs, and il was obvious lhat she had already been brushing up on locations. "I hope you gel il," Bob said incercly, "and if there's anything can do, just let me know." Alec ami Gert Shaw promised lo come over and answer the telephone for us when we wanted to go to a movie. "That's right," Janet said, "you need a baby siller for a doctor's telephone. You'll find yourscH rather tied down." John laughed. "Who'll call?" he don't even have an The invitalion was too pointed to ignore. There was a short entrance hall leading ahead into a mcdium- si/.ed foyer about six leet wide and 12 feet long. On the right ol the foyer were two doors leading nlo two large rooms. In trie een- .cr of the foyer's back wall, there was the opening for the unusually- large kitchen, while to Ihc far left ivns a little hall with a bedroom and bath off of it The cnlirr ipartmenl was immaculately clean So engrossed wns 1 in examining the place, that 1 never even noticed John's entrance with the superintendent's wife, until a voice Behind me asked, "Like il?" J JUMPED and turner! around. "Ddrling," I nearly hugged him in my excitement. "Isn't i! wonderful? Isn'l it perfect? Can't you just see us living here, John?" The superintendent's wife, who until then had seemed bored with the routine of showing a vacancy. asked. office yet, or a patient- cither.' • • • r FHE nexl morning, of;coursc, we overslept, bul soon after we did awaken we were heading for Longview Road. As we neared our destination, I could see lhal we were in a middling part of town. Not that King Midas had any relatives there, bul a careful assured me that this wasn't Tobacco [load, either. The apartment houses on cilhcr side, were high and well kept, and the children crowding the streets were noisy and messed, bul nol in rags. No. 42. the house on the corner, was only one block and a half from Ihe subway stiilion. and a cross-town bus stopper! at the far casl side. With quick sighs of relief, we both checked off "location" and slopped still in front of the building. We bolh noticed the black and white sign. In Ihc street entrance of the ground floor aparlmcnt, which said: "Four room apartment for rent: Inquire Superintcndeni in rear." John obediently set off for the rear, while I waited impaticnlly up front Restlessly, 1 tried Ihc strccl door, and to my surprise, il ononed DOM'F 60NFARTH/VI WINDOW ASA1N A1ONI6 THAT BLACK CAR WAS CIRCLING THIS HOUSE FOR HO GOOD REASON. NfcVtR OCCURRED TO ME/ BET I MIGHT BEEN KILLCD! r»AT RAT DISAPPEARED 8FIORE WE WERE READV TO BW6T HIM.'NOW VVMrtI E» DO, PCEWEE ? COME BOCK TOMORROW. WE'LL SHOW IN THE WINDOW AGAIN. FIND ME THE BIGGtST I PIECE Of CAROeOABO YOU CrtN,MCS.D£«BtO. !'M ' 6OIH6 K> AWKE A /fiQCX-Uf ~ YOUR HUSBAND.' CAPTAIN EASY IIY LESLIE TURNER smiled. "Newlywcds?" she asked, more ! if staling a fad. j I grinned back at her. "Doesn't i il show like a rash. Mrs. —" "Lang." the superintendent's wife replied. She was o heavy-set woman, but with a surprisingly young-looking f.-icc. and kind, bright, blue eyes. As we stood laughing nl each drier, I fell lhal 1 had made a now friend. "Oh yes." she said merrily, "when you're married over 2D years like me. you can always spot it when it's brand new." "A whole month," I told her "next week." you whiil," Freda said heard how we "Tell when F looked and looker! for a place to live, "this is a Rood apnrlmcnl lor a doctor. Feller here before. l}r. Trenl, do you know him?" We shook our heads, no. "Well, anyway, he did fine here. Had lo move just because they were having twins. They were ncwlywcds also when they moved in, but & lot older thnn you two." We opened closets and looked In cabinets and even Freda joined In Ihe (tin of planning the layouL Suddenly I slopped short. "F O i Heaven's sake," 1 remembered "My mollicr .said not to seem over anxious or they'd (juolc the high esl price. We spilled the beans!' John laujjhcd. "Two big finan cicrs," he said, "tliri 1 us." THEV MUSTft EEEW IU THERE FOR. HOURS CHIEF! TH6VLLKWOW wor WERE UP TO worn WE DO, CHIEF? WE CftHT IfcT 'EM GUW UP, WORKS KOW I 'EH, AWO HE THEIR HAHDS. JOE!-. IF THEY OWE UNY TROUBLE, RL<kST'fM! I'M MOT LETTING A PRIE.OF LITTLE PUNKS CRAB THE BIGGEST HAUL IM SAFECC^KIMG HISTOBV ! \jOiftL' BUGS RUNNY 1 LL HAVE IT" FE(? YA IN A JIFPV... EVEN IF rr IS IN TH' BACK ROW' I HA.PPA MOVE TWENTV- 1 FIVE JALOPIES T'GET YEKS...BLir H£RE IT IS/, ^SOWWV TO CAUSE YOU SO MUCH TV/OUBUE... ,, c£» m AJ.I.KY OOI> HY V. T. HAMUN <Tn lie LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, tallen and crippled animHls picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytlie- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DM AD A N't MAI DISPOSAL CO. 11,11 P SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom wurk for Rins. atfalfn milis, oil mills. Custom Shp;irinc up lo 1/4 inch Ihirkness Frank Simmons Tin Shop m South Broadway phonr ZfiSl 1,21,50 5END ME BACK TO\I DON'T KN<?W OF SEE TH' OUEEN ,/A BETTER \VAV OF T«' AMAZDN5V TO SETTLE THIS SWEUU; ^V 5NA<?1_ ABOUT HiPPOLYTA'S , &KDLB: HOOTS AM) HKH Hl'ODIKS BY KDGAIl MARTIN

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