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Vermont Statesman from Castleton, Vermont • 4

Vermont Statesmani
Castleton, Vermont
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VA I). Wilkinson PAS just received the latest New York, London and STATE OF VERMOXT, Be it rcmember-' District of Faii-havent ss. ed that at a prolate court holden nl ton within and for said district t'10 fust Wedm-adi yoC May A 1811, rren-, A. UtNEK, Jud-e Amos A5'n rdian of Edson S. born, minor, 1ms I pVicution to tbia court for licKno to sell nil tin rilit title and interest which the aid Edson S.

has in nn'l to 11 farm of land lying Ben-non in said district, il, iv-ribed ni follows, nil ninety-five acre. of ih I division lot, laid to the right of Win. Meacham an original proprietor. Also sixty-five acre laid to the 2d division lot of the right of JonitthitnWontl-ward nr original projiriffor, including nil the rig lit id interrat wliicb ihe and Kdsoit 3. has in ihe premiss IBl SBffilSlMSSr, III Mil Ill mi MM Just received from New York, a large supply of the best nnd most choice articles in the above line, ever-brought to this part of country.

The Chemicals are of French, English and American manufacture, consisting of every article used in the practice of physic. Also, just received, and kept constantly on hand the most fashionable PERFUMES of the day, mostly of the French, German and English manufacture. Physicians and others dealing in the above line are invited to call. Goods packed and sent to anvpart of the state at short notice, and on the most reasonable terms. E.

JAJIIESOf. 1S41. tans farts i-asninns tor JOii. 111s menus ana me public are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. (Jutting attended to at all times.

Particular attention paid to cutting for others to make up. Castleton, May 3, 1811. Advertisements from abroad will not be in-scried unless accompanied by 1 lie caih, or tent by an agent lor us, nr by some responsible person known to the publisher. Advertisements should be marked with the number of insert di sired. 13 ook- Binding xTJvLD Books I Ne pn pe 1 Re-hovnd Pantpblef, Periodcala, iff, bound lo order on short notice and on rensoftnlle terms iu a supetiof manner.

Ian h' Rook, Of every description 1 tiled 10 piltern and bound order. All ordets sent bv mail or otherwise, will be met with proper attention, bv the subscriber al the Uui- and IJook-IiMidery. 'All orders, and books to be re lound, left at the Uook-store in Cnstleton, will likewise meet with immediate attention. J.P.MILTON. Huilandr January 20, 1641 Prospectus of the thirteenth volume of the IJocliestcr Gem Indies' Amulet, For I 8 4 I Ji Scmi-MonthJtiPyblication of Literature.

Tales and Misccllani. cheapest publications in theU. S. thirteenth volume of the Gem will be ia c.ommenceti on saiuruv llie Second nl Jnnn.i. ry, 9 lH For tt liberal favor which our pnhlira tio has received tluring the twelve years of its our patrons have our ui-atlected thanks.

0 t.a-a, Vl'new our solicitations for subscriptions Wiih confidence that all who 8 tacrine, "id be satisfied that they receive ppense a far greater value, Ue reassure the public, that we ill be untiring in our exertions lo render Ihe (J K.M a volume ofinter- est nmf utility, a fund of amusement and ofsubstan-tial and lasting usefulness. U'c shall print a larire edition, and shall be able supply new subscribers from the commencement ol the volume, at anv time within tlp enrrpnt vrar Term as heretofore to those who call at the office ir.i5; and to mail subscribers, $1,00 a year. f. i iJl.I loir AU Art KA: Will be reauired in every instance. Subscriptions il, not be received lor less than a vear, and subscribers must commen- ce at the brgiuniiio- the volume.

Address, Publisher of Rochester Gem. Roch esfer, N. Y. Robert's Somi -Monthly a a 1 1AOR Town and Country, is published by the sut)3cri ribr, on the 1st and 1 51 it of every month. Each number contains 40 large paces, and i printed in a very superior manner after the stvle of Blackwood's Magazine accompanied wiih an extra thick cover.

It always contains ell of the valuable miscellaneous matter that appears in the Boston Notion, in. eluding the popular romances of "Old St. Paul's' by Ainsworth, "The Poacher," by Marryat. and "George St. George Julian." by the author nfVa rntine Vox.

Also, all the Engravings that appear in that paper 'ogether tvith occasionally a piece fashionable musics Al the end of the year it wil comprise a volume over on thousand naaes library in itself and Ihe subscription for a year is only and when taken in of Ten only 1. e. 10 copies for $15.00. '1 he first nnmoVr was published January 1.5 1841. contained part hrst ol Ihe popular novels men-anned above.

All the back numbers from No 1 lian be furnisiici'. Postmasters are authorised to receive subscri hers to this Magazine. GEORGE ROBERTS, IVKW YORK MECHANIC. Is published every Saturday morning, at No. 7, Ann ISew York, near Broadwayby POUTER SMITH.

Cach a I nne new "lec.hanieal inyenli The Publishers of this paper are pledged fo fur- 1 description of at least lion, with an Enirravinxr. Aiso.gcnerai noticeani the progress ol mechanical 1 1 .1 iMucr j-ciemmc improvemenis: American and Foreign Discoveries and Inventions; Catalogues ol American Patents; Scientific Essays, illustrations of mechanical principles; Useful information and instruction in Arts and Trades; Curious Philosophical Experiments; General miscellaneous intelligence, loreiirnand domestic, with occasional lilera-. ry notices, Poetry, A needotes, TERMS. To those subscribers who receive their papers by Mail, $1,59 per annum, nt which one dollar is required in advance, and the ballanct- in months. Four copies ill be forwarded to one address for five dollars in advance.

Any person who will procure five subscribers and foiward lo the publishers a current five dollar bill, will receive the sixth copy gratis. Advertising For eight lines or less 50 cents, sixteen lines ctsforthe first, and half price for each subsequent insertion. Tfnilfliill'e r.Titofiilni. Amos Kendall, nronoaes to establish a n. heir to the esliil-.

of Soloinor. Kelbut Jr. lute of Henion deceased, and also all the risrhl nnd interest which the said L'dson hn in tin reversion of the wid owi dower in the piv.uva -s above described. And whereas snid hat further rrpn.scntcd to said emirt that said salo will be conducive to the interest of aid Edann S. Therefore, it isonWi-d that -ill application be heard before said Court at a session thereof to he hidden at the Probate Office in fJ.istb'toii on thfl first Wednesday in July next; and tlint nit persons be notified thereof by publication thereof three weeks successively in the Vermont Statesman, a newspaper printed atCustlctor, pre Yiousiosmd Wednesday.

41 B. F. LANG DON, RrgV. Kobcrl Merry's Museum. The atibfcr'tbcra lm ve 'mai'e nra t.i jul Hah a Magazine lor the Family Circle, and espe cially the younger piirtimi olit, under the title.

The dextn of the work is to do croud; to aid in the formation of i-hnructer; to establish od principles li rtiliivjle rijrhl Irelings; to Imnili innocent amusement to promote correct Imbits thought and sentiment. Nor the plan confined to these limits it the purpose of the Kditor tn.ike Ihe work iHelul 111 storing the rnmd ivtrh tor 'ami i to'fuc- I knowledge; in tenr.iiii a the ol" behav in poiuting out the and hv-'Viiyu cvti in lile. In sorb a religotw biiJ to moral duties will ti be overlooked. To carryout the plan, it dt-emid essential tliat he work should be interesting that it shou'd be a fuvorite with those whose benefit it designed. Accordingly, il wi'l embrace a ureal variety ol i topics -as History, Ceographv, tieoto.ry, I History, TraveWrt.grap!v,&c.

It will be uli. vened wifa Tales, t-ketehes. AdventurcH, IncideniP, i n.irrauves, Anetntes. I' ables.and AUeories nor ueirv i)(1iiimi( ue lorgotten. r.very nvai'a-loe means of renclei ing; the ork useful, lively, and entertaining will be rt'Mtrtrd toind numerous em bellishment- and iihistjations inserted.

II m- As tipecini -u of the wtrk will be offered to the public in the first number, it is needless to sny more than that ample nrrangemenn are made to bring ou. the work with punciujlity, and in the best mc" chanical style. The editorial' charge of it is to be commitled to the Author ol Pt ter Parley's Tales, whose reputation in a sufficient pledge to' the public that Ihe present undertaking will be. conducted in a manner to claim a shnre of patronage, especially at the hands ol teachers, guardiins, and all who feel interested in the young. One number of the work will appear on ti first day of each month, containing 32 pages royal Cvo; the price to subscribers being ne dollar and fifty cents, payable in advance.

Any person remitting jRve paid, shall receive lour copies. The first numl)cr ill appear on the firs! of Fcb-uary. Orrict, No 10 School Street. Rostow. JTAnv aid pivenlo the work by Post -Masters, Teachers, nd rnendsol Youth, will be thankfully received.

HUADPURY fit SO DEN. January, 1 8 11. garments of every description cut and made by the subscriber, in a neat, fashionable ana auraoie mnnner, not surpassed by nny in this counlv 15-17 D.W1LKINON. Ulanks Of all kinas printed to order on short notice, al this vimee. tetatc of ennont, Hit District of Fairhaven, ss.

tho bate court for the district of Fairhaven. Tho hon. pro- To all persons concerned in the estate of Col. Noah Lee late of Cnsilrton testate, Greeting. Whereas A.G.

W. Smith administrator of the es tato of said deceased cum lestomrnto nnncxo, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his aceount against aid estate for allowance, at a sea-ion of said courl to be holden nt the probate office in Castleton, on the first vVednesdav in Jnlv nri: ihpr. fore you are hereby notified to appear before id court I the time and pla'-e aforesaid to show eSe if any yo" may have why the caid aceount should not be allowed. uiren under my hani at uastietcn May, 1811. this 31st day of A.

WARNER, Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Pro- Djstrict of Fairhaven, ss, bate Court for the district 01 fairhaven. To all persons concerned in the estate (within Ihis Stale) of Jesse Tryon, la leor Granville in the State of New York, deceased intestate Greeting. Whereas, application has been made to said Pourl by Czar Jones and Nancy his wife, heirs l-i we har of said estate, for partition or distribution of said estate among ihe heirs lo the same It is or dered that said application be heard at a session of aid Court to be held at Ihe Probate Office in Cas tleton in said district on the first Wednesday of Ju.

next; It is further ordered that the publication of this order three weeks successively in the Vermont S'atesman, printed al Caslleton aforesaid, shall be deemed aufficient notice lo all persons interested to appear and show cause, if any they may have, why a committee shou'd not then be appointed to make partition and disttibution thereof according to law. Given under my hand at CRstleton, this 2d day of jJune, a. d. 1841. ALMON WARNER.

Judge. Biath or ViRsiosT, HI HE hon. the pro-Dijtrict of Fairhaven, ss. JL bate court for the district aforesaid, To all persons concerned in the estate of Jesse Tryon within this State lale of Granville in the County of Washimgton, atate of New York, deceased, Greeting. Whereas th administrators of the estate of the said deceased propose rendering an account of their admin jatration and presenting their account against said estate for allowance at a session of said court to be held at the nrohate office in Castleton, in said district on the Hrst Wednesday in June next.

Therefore you are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time'and place aforesaid and ehow if any you have why the said account should not be allowed. Dated at Castleton this 4th day of MAy IR1I, 43 A. WARNER, Judge. Chairs and Cabinet Furniture. 1 Subscriber has on hand, and is constantly man til li mg nairs oi Tanous descriptions, among Whrh are the following: iUjted and Cane.

Seal Rocking- Chain, Cane and Wood. Seat Dining-Chairs, Indies' Sewing CkM. SctUe. Cm diet. Children't Chairs, 77 Bureaus, Tables, Stands, liedsteidt.

Cricks. fQrill of which will be sold cheap for cash or most fan rxls ol produce. B. PEARSON. fttJetofl, Not.

51, 110. lo Tune 1, Notice. This tniy certify that 1 have given my son Le-IinJ tl. B. Brr.ckway, a minor, his time and liberty to labor, contract and barirain lor himself, a I shall 1.0 1 claim any of his wages crpay debts of his contracting aitcr this date.

I5IIO0KS BKOCKWAY. Orweli, May 1. 1841. 43 State of Vermont, 7 Be it reme District of Fairhaven, ss. bered that at a probate court holden at Cnstleton in and for said district on the 31st day of May, a.

d. 1S11 Present A. Warner, Judge. Whereas Euselia Wheeler, Guardian of xlden R. heeler, minor, heir of Jouatlian R.

Wheeler late of Poultney, in said district, has made application to this Court to sell a certain niece of land Ivins and bein in Castlcton aforesaid; Bounded on the South by Harry Hidl's land, on the westbv Runs Merrill 3d. nnd Truman Gray, on the North by Louisa Grisworld, East by Milo Eaton and John Mason, containing about thirty-five a- cres ue me same more or less, ills 3, about four acres ot land lying in Poultney in said district, and known by the name of the Kinnce lot: and has represented to said Court that the sale thereof wou'd be conducive to the in. terestof said minor. It is therefore ordered that said application stand for a hearing before this Court i.t the Probate Office in Cas tleton on the first Wednesday in July next, and lha uhe publication of this order three weeks successively in the Veimont blatesinan shall be sufficient notice to all con cerned to appearand object thereto, if they sec cause. IS.

1 L.AJNGDO.N, Reg'r. a a iveep on hand and for sale at the Stone Mill. Li me of the best quality. Castleton, Apnl2I, 1811. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon.

the Pro District 01 airliaven, hate court for the District of Fairhaven, To all persons concerned in the estate of Abner S. Bugbee late of Benson deceased, intestate, Greeting. THHTIIEKEAS, Joseph Bit ssom surviving ad minustrator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his adtninistra tion, and present his account against said estate for allowance, at the Probate court to be holden at Cas tleton, in said district, on the first Wednesday mi 1 juay next: 1 nerciore, lou are hereby noti fied to appear before said court at the time ant place aforesaid lo shew cause, if any von have why the said account shou'd not be allowed. Given under my hand at Castleton in said district this loth day ol March, 1C40. A.

WARNER, Judge. bTATE of Vermont, Al a probate Court 4 hol.lon it District of Fail liaven ss "ll't'l 1 iviiiiiu diiuni aam uuuiLi mi mjc fill uav Ol Ma 1841, Present, lion. Warner, Judge. An instrument purporting to be the last will and testament ofLois Smiih late of Poultney in said district, deceased, being presented to" the court here by Asahel Smith, the executor therein named for probate; it is ordered by said courl that all persons concerned therein be notified lo ap pear at a session of said courl to be holden at the probate office in Castleton on the first Wednesday of June next and show cause if any they may hav, against the probate of said will, for which purpose, it is further ordered that a copy of the record of thu order be published wirre weeks successively in the Vermont Statesman printed at Castleton as soon as mav be. A true copy ofretord, 43 B.

V. LANGDON, Reg. State of Vermont, MBE it remembered District of Fairhaven, ss. JOiJ lhal al a Probate Court holden al Castleton, within and for said district, on the first Wednesday in March. A.

D. 1841 I Whereas, Eticnezer B. Dewey, Guardian of-Daniel H' Ja.mM L. Dewey, minors and heirs of i "ubbardton, deceased, and lias rcMresemeu to saiu liourt tl 7 Lnat.tJ,e salethereot would be conducive to the interest of said said minors, It is therefore ordered that sniH Bnnlirntion stand for a hearing before this Cnun thp. first Wednesdavof Apru "exi; ana mat this notice be published in the Vers Statesman three weeks successively previous to said Wednesday, that all concerned may appear and object thereto if they 6ee came Catarrh Snuff.

jt A RS HALL'S SNUFF, is still curing the Catarrh and the various diseases of Ihe head, as well as sore eyes, in all "parts of the country and sustaining the reputation which it has long since gained, of being absolutely tLe best article of the kind in the market. thOSech bottle enntnine 1 Ik. nunntitir nf nnp nf CEN which are offered at "ONLY WEN TYF1VE "ici a- And is therefore a cheaper, as well as better e. For sale by E. JAMIESON.

Castleton, Vt. Ma 3,1841. MARSHALL continues unrivalled as. a strengthning PLASTER Also, for Rhuma-tism, Lnmeness or pains in the sides.limbs or back for scrofulons swellings, scurvy sores, Fresh wounds and for a general Family Plaster orsalve. For Corns, moreovertry it; pare close, persevere in the use by making a new application occasionally, and in time, your corns will be cured.

For sale by E. JAMIESON. Castleton, Vt. May. 3, 1841.

All that Mr. Moffat requires of his patients is to be particular in taking the life medicines strictly according to the directions. It is not by a newspaper notice, or by anything that he himself can say in their favor, that ho hopes to gain credit. It is-alone by the results of a fair trial. Mo flat's Medical Manual desis-ned as a domes tic guide to health.

This little pamphlet, by W. B. MoF Broadway, New York, has been published for the purpose of explaining more fully Mr. Moffat's theory of diseases, and will be found highly interesting to pers sons seeking health. It treats upon prevalent diseases, and the causes thereof.

Price, 25 cents for sale bv Mr. Moffat's agents generally. i hese valuable medicines are for sale by JOHN MECH AM, Castleton, and Simeon Mears, Poultney, Vt. 30 CONSUMPTION EIVER l)M PL.A1NT. DR.

TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF 1, Has been used successfully for eight yars- vii me cure oj inese aiseases. Jxeviem-ber! the original and genuine is made only at 375 Botcery, N. all others are spurious and unauthorized! onsamption and terer Complaint. As a general remedy fo these diseases, 1 am fully satisfied, from long experience, thera is no medicine equal to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort.

Being purely vegetable it can be used with the utmost safely by all persons in every condition. It cleanses the lungs by expectoration, relieves difficult breathing, and seems to heal the chest. There can be no question, but this medicine is a oure for chionic coughs and colds. I have used it for four years in my practice, and always with success. 83" CONSUMPTION! -The following rema' we're'tak'ea from the last number of the Medical Magazine.

"The surprising effect produced by Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, in consumptive cases, cannot fail exciting a deep and thrilling interest throughout the world. We have so long lieliev -ed this disease (consumption) incurable, that it is difficult lo creditour senses when we see persons evidently consumptive stored to health. Yet tiiis is a fact of daily occurrence; how then can we question the virtue of the above medicine'' la our next, we shall be more explicit; meantime we hope physicians will make trial of this medicine and report its effect to ns The original and genuine 'I aylor'g Balsam of Liverwort la made and sold at 375 Bowerr. TO FEMJ1I.ES! The number of females in delicate health it this city is truly surprising Weakness, loss of appetite, liver complaints, and many other diseases prey upon them, makina them pale and lean of flesh.

All this can be remedied by the us" strengthening medicine, that will a Eist nature in all tier movements, restore tone to the nerves and muscular organ. Of thia kind is Dr Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, which being mild and purely vegetable, answers females admirably. If all will use it we are confident an elastic step' good appetite and ruddy cherka will follow Once more remember, the original and genuine is made at 35 Bowery. SPITTING OF BT.OOTil This charge of blood, often frothy from the mouth brought tip with hawking and coughing, and is usually accompanied with difficul- some pain in tne cnest. Sometimes it is preceded by an oppression at the chest, a dry tickling couch and light shooting pains.

Th-s disease is alwavs more or less dan-serous The great danger is. that these symptoms it ay terminate jzosi Dr I avlor'a lialsam of Liverwort, made at 375 Bowery, is assuredly an ex cetlent Remedy for these diseases Sly wife lias been more tr less ill for ten years. She was extremely nervous, and at times so weak that she could not attend to her domestic duties Bv the use of this medicine, he- strength is wholly restored, and she ia as healthy as I can wish her to be. My address is at Dr Taylor'a office CURE OF CO.SUMPTIOA7 Sirs Martin, a worthy mem berofniy congregation, was taken ill some time since with a cold, pain in the breast and some difficulty of breathing, and in fewdays thereafier sho had a violent cough and pain in the side which no medicine would relieve, the continued in this way for a long time under the medical care of Dr Rea, but finally became consumptive, and was evidently near the end of her earthly sufferings, when her brother persuaded her to try Dr Tavlor'a Balsam of Liverwort: and when she rammvnnd this it did not seem to agree with her for a few days, but by lessening the dose she fouud it answered admirably; it relieved her couch and her difficulty of breathing instantei and we had the pleasure of witnessing her rapid recovery to health. Rev VVM.

SMYTHE. Buy only that which is made at the Old Of fice, 375 Bowery, N. Y. and which issold by EGBERT JAMIESON, at the sign of the Mortar, Castleton, and John Parks in Ny and Co- Rutland, Strn and Buck, I lttsford fra Button. Brandon, George H.

Fish Sidl ney Moody, J. Seffingwell, West Poultnej Cha. W. Patten, Pawlet Dr Vail, Middletown, Walker 4- Vm Benson; Ira Bingham, Sudburyi S.Pm THE LION OF THE DAY. Ab Cure Ao Pay THE GEjYUIJYE OLD DUTCH Or German Vegetable Pills.

Highly recommncded by Doct. Valentine Molt 71. D. of N. IT.

and others. For Sale by E. Jamieson, and H. S. W.

Hodges Agents, CastUoii, Vt. Thf Vif Any that does not find relief front tbesf P1 he price is refunded back, these are the P.i,,- orders of the Propietor to agents and others. Ftnt. In onertrig these pills to the public, I appeal to their intelHirMw cine is onTvfonmi 'ln3 medj r.nnni.n;. yaiieys ot uermany.

Foi ills I tn i. "nea lnat "lis medicine is a cure for all disease fornavJt" le tO draw frnm tho- roiHnn Ar theory of magic art, which would cure each or medicine is not to be found in the fir' hfraVd of tr'iithPineS-8 Upn chance winds timels the The past at least is secure; they have already raised a monu mentof their greatness which will defy the corroding tooth 3 Tne following are the Agents for the 'Lion ofthe Day in tola County. J. Leffingwell, Joel Beaman, West Poultnrv- oye Cushman, East Poultney Francis L. Win! felason, Hitchcock Morgan, West Rutland; Hitchcock Morgan, Clarendon spa.

Noah tV Sawyer Tinmouth; Bound eo David H. Jfeacham Sc. io. Wallingfbrd; Sc 8 Hodges, Cat- -vin Cushman, Dr Spencer, Clarendon; Levi Finney Sarewabn ry; White Henderson Sc. Co.

Rutland; Han toon Alt Dolly- Cbas. Anihony Maxham Sherburne; Townsend St. Strong Sc. Beeh, Pittsford; Jackson St Ketchum, Warner Biiga" Brandon; Ira Bingham Sudbury; Russegar Walker HubbardtoB Willard, lanson Allen fairhaven; Matthews Da via ni.tu nr.n Preston', Pittsfield Walker Co Benson; A eiiai Orwell: 7 If, niuieiiiiiie reineaies aionecan save this end Hut DrTny lor Balsam of Liverwort is a sure remcrtv and shew its unparallelled success, certificates of cures fioni 421 citizens and many phvsicict.s. will be nnhlishi in fo, a sure cure or relief for all billions complain Is, yellow and b7f curacia are marie intn 1.

WE the subscribers, being appointed by tho Hon. the Probate Court, for the District of Fairhaven, Com missioners to receive, examine and adjust a claims and demands of a persons, ajrainstthe estate of Jacob i late of Pawlet, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also a claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the 10th day of Feb. A. L-1011 last, oeing allowed by said court tor ha purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we wi attend to the business of our said appointment, at thp dwelling house of widow Sa Sikes in Pawlet, on the 5th Saturdays of May and July next, from 1 until o'clock afternoon on each of said days. IdlRAM JJASTINfiS.

1 Cnrnrs wniia lit. 1 3 PREMIUM AMERICAN SHAVING CREAM KING'S VERtiENA CREAM, unexcelled for the vast amouni of ease and real pleasure it e-ivea in shaving, having obtained the premium at the late Fair of American insulate, atlMblo and having received me nignesi encomiums trom nearly the whole ot the A merican press. It is now universally admired and acknowledged to be the most excellent, economical, and easy Shaving Soap now extant. It has not only commen dations from all parts of the United States, but its fame has spread over most parts of the Globe. It is composed entirely of Vegetable Emollient Ingredients, free from cnemicai alloy, and leaves not the slightest rrdnps smarting, roughness or irritable sores, so long- complain ad ol alter shaving with other preparations.

For sale at Jamieson's Pharmacy, sign ot theortar, Castleton, Vt. f)K. rHINNEY'S FAMILY PILLS, for removing symptoms irriiauon arising irom toul stomach and bowels; such as loss of appetite, or morbid cravings for food, sickness or vomit-ins, pains or an uneasy sensation at the pit of the stomach, with Buuinra, mm a cosuve staie 01 me ooweis. naiuience with lull ness of these parts, and pain on pressure, with faininess, iaun dice, dysentary, pains in either side, and piles. Affections of the head, dizziness, stupor, weakness, depression of spirits, hysteria, potinMiuriii, ana ouen disturbed sleep, siclc head-ache so common with feeble, delicate persons, especially females, diarrhea or looseness of the bowels, and dysentery, diseases of the skin and worms so frequent with children, affections of the chest b-icli as coughs, or difficulty of breathing, occasioned very re-quently by a disordered ateofthe stomach.

Monthly affections of females, when checked by general debilily with loss of appetite, attended with cold feet, ague and fever.influenza, rheumatic affections of the joints, scorfula, tic doloroux, or painful affections of the nerves of the face, nck and shoulders. I have found them useful in removing chronic catarrh, if persevered in, for some time, in smaller doses. They lire accommodated to al ages, (children of a year old may safely use them.) and to any climate and under all circumstances, They contain no mercury nor other mineral, They are purely vegetable: CERTIFICATES. The undersigned lias had the pleasure of an acquaintance with Dr Phinney for some years past, during his residence in this village, where he has attained a high character as a physician. He has had frequent opportunity also in repeated instances of testing the value of the "family Pills," and from his own expe 1 ience of their efficacy, as well as from a knowledge of their good 1 tfects in other cases, he has no hessitation in recoinii'nnrtinir I them as being just what they profess to be, a very valnnhle Family Medicine.

Thomas Smith Pastor of the Presby terian church, Catskill, Y. Fmm the OV Krimiiel rillirrtilll 1 fil it ha nn to say; that to the extentof my observation and experiene i is very considerable during several years, the utihtitycof onivic uuiii 1111 ullirilm dllU US it IIIUl eiiltSUUIOM J. (1111 1 iy, i memcine, tar exceeaea my anticipations, than thirtv vears i nave nau me aavice 01 many respectable physici sir inns, hut npvpr fonnd any effectual relief from my complaints'until a trial of Dr i-uiiiiiey mis nan ueen made. Samuel fHURcniLL. Harmons burgh, Crawiord county July.

1838. 7atskitl. Greene Co. April, 1835. To all whom it may concern This certifies that Dr Phinney is a physician of the first stanriinpin this village, having Pe-crived his medical degree at cambiidge University, and is cnti tied to the highest respect from the public.

Rev David Porter, 1) Rev Joseph Prentiss, A Thomas Cook, President of Gatskill 1 ank Rev Smith Jacob Haight; Robert Oorlon, Councillor; John Adams, do JU at son. po. AflENTS. (7ustleton. J.imipsnn Pnnltncr' T.ffiin(7oll- Poultney, Hickok and Jfarso; Henson, OR rralker; Fair-Haven, A Allen; Wallinglord, Townsend South Vail, aud Oo Orwell, A L.

Catlin Shorehnm, Kent Mr. ht rRtitland, James Fversoa Panhy, A Vail, and Co I rd, Townsend and Winslow ti o2 iJlToflat's Vegetable Life Medicines The Medi-XrJ. cines arc indebted for their name to their manifest and sensible action in purifying the springs and chans nels of life, and cudueing them with renewed tone and vigor. In nnny hundred certified cases which have been made public, nnd in almost every species of disease to which the human frame is liable, the happy effects of MofTat's I ife Pills and Phenix Bitters have been grateful lv and publicly acknowledged by the persons benefitted, and who were previously unacquainted with the bjautifully philosophical principles upon which they are compounded, and upon which they consequently act. TiieLtFK Medicines recommend themselves to diseases of every form and description.

Their first operation is to loosen from the coats of the stomach and bowels, the varions impurities and crudities constantly settling around them, and to remove the hardened faeces which collect in the convolution of the small intestines. Other, medicines only partially cleanse these and leave such collected masses behind as to produae habitual cos-tivencss, with all its train of evils, or sudden diarrtcea wiih its imminent dangers. This fact is well known to all regular anatomists, who examine the human bowels after death; and hence the prejudice of these well informed men against quack medicines or medicines prepared and heralded to the public by ignorant persons. The secenvleffectof the Life Medicines is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder, and by this means the liver and the lungs, the healthful action of whichentirely depends upon the regularity of the urinary organs. The blood, takes its red color from the agency of the liver and the lungs before it passes into the heart, being thus purified by them, and nourished by food coming from a clean stomach, courses freely through the veins, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts the baner of health in the blooming cheek.

Moffat's Vegetable Life medicines have been thoroughly tested, and pronounced a sovereip-n remedv Dyspsia, Flatulency, Palpitation of the Heart, Loss 1 of Appetite, Heart-burn and Headache. Res! Ill-temper. Anxiety, Languor and Melancholy, Costive. ness, Diarrhoea. Choleia.

Pevors nil nat Worms, Asthma and Consumption, Bad Complections Ernptive Complaints, Sallow, Clondy, and other disagreeable Complexions, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Scurvy, Ulcers, Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions, Common nt.s A qi hmn -nrl iOius ana Influenza, nnrl nrimn nth. wincli afflict the human frame. In Fever and Ague, particularly, the Life Medicine3 have been mostiemU pu 50 80 tn-at eVcr Ae tJiUricts, Physicians Almost universally prescribe them. nswspaper under tlie above name, to be devoted lo the xZTZl7 1816 in said district, de-followinsnbjecin, viz. tin' application to this Court for licence to 1 Theaecnrityoftheri-htof suffrage by additional actof UmrfS llcirSJuu Plr.c.or aws to punish bribery and fraud.

ac of land lymg and being in Hubbardton in said 2 An exposure of abuseand corruptions inSovernment! 3vd 5eebe Let and panic-hcnever known to exist. described in the W.dow's Dower in the estate of 3 An exposition of the nrincinles of modern hnnkinr and its effects upon labor, trade, morals aud government. jr- embracing the nature and uses of monev. and histnrv hi unu jjiiigicsa oi aper money, in us various forms. To this will be added all the topics common in the newspapers of the day, with a summary of news care fully compiled, forming an accurate history of passing events.

Avoidingall altercations, this paper, while it -will not conceal its preferences for men, will cor fine itself chiefly to the elucidation of facta and principles leaving the ruder portions of political controversy to younger hands. The Expositor will be printed in the neatest manner upon a royal sheet, folded in octavo form each number making sixteen pages, with an index at the end of each volume embracinz one vear. It will thus form a book containing a history of the times with much other useful and entertaining matter. Price One Dollar per annum paid in advance. No accounts will be kept, and the paper will not be sent until the mor.ey is actually received.

Bank notes will be taken at their specie value. To those who collect and forward ten dollars, an additional copy gratis. Postmasters are permitted by law to forward subscription money in letters written by themselves. All letters to the editor must be free or post-paid. As the postage on this paper will be but one cent to one and a half each timber, it is in the power of every other useful matter, at not exceeding ouc dollar andthir-J sixty esttispr mim.

I i.

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