The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1949
Page 8
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\r PACB EIGHT BIATHEVTLLB (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ruity mw p** a«e mi consecutive Mttrttons: Minimum cJb&rgt ,.,,. **e t tim« per UUP J»c I tlrjicn pet Unr per day ........ 12c 5 nme* pel line pei a«j ,,.,., Kc 6 lltnes pe/ line per Q»y 1C U time* per line per day Ac Uomo pw Jlne WOc Count five 2<erhgc word* to the ilr>^ Ad oratrta lot tnree 01 an time* »nO *toppea oeiore eaplr&tlnn will be cfcarR- ci for trie dumber ni time* tn< »d sppe&rea Ann Adjustment of Dill oaatl* All claimed AdvertlMoe copy iub- miuftj o.v person? rtsldtng outside ol tna city muM tie acwmpftnied 17 C&AD HM«ft tuny e*£lly be computed from Lb* atx>?e r«ble Aa terming order rot isTejnilfti lOJftr- Nn rejpnnFfblntv will oe taken tot any claimed ad All «dB are ri>-sirlr7ie<J lo ineh prop*j cl&isjnc/uiOD stj-j« and type. The Courier News resent* ibe nght us *dlt Aporfmcni for Rent New y-room Apt., partly furnished. JpriYAi* entrance. Ph. 6218, 12 : 23 pk 1^ Bfrtroom <k KlU'heneUe close In adjoining balb Hoi Waier, Ph. 2062. J229 pk 1|1 3-room lurnlshed apt. 423 K. tlosc Ph. 2U29. 12,31 pk i;4 3-room furnished apartment. Sec owner Jrom 6 lo 8 p.m. iC6 N, 5lh St. 12,^9 pk 1|1 1-room tnrnishrd Apartment. Propane pas heat. Ph. 4152 or 2391, 12,111 ck If 1 2-room, 1 3-room furnished apt, mill-lea furnished. Ph, 2018. 1230 pk l|3 2-room lur-apt. frigid a ire, clcciric oook elove. 103 W. Ky, I'h. 3109. 1V.30 pic 1,3 7-room Apaumciu. Couple only. 722 Jamie/eon. 1230 pk l[3 3 room furnished apartment. Private entrance, private hath, electric ran^r « nd relrlRi-ratnr, oil heat. Sclllerl cotipla preferred. No children Ph aMQ- 12.2B pfc 1(5 2-room furnished Bpt. Prirate bath Couple only. Ph. 2406. J228 pk 1[4 apt. 401 L-. Ash. Modem cablna i; apartments Cnfe •ervlce. Pb 951 K \l pk 3|1|50 2-room unfurnished apt Settled couple orjty 100 E Rose c*|] uller 4:30 12,22 pk ljs;SQ 3-roorn apt, for rt-nt. F\irn!turR for wile. 407 Lilly. Inquire 517 S. Lake. 1228 pk ijl Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services UHAPMAN H tit VIC* STATION ild * Ujmion Phone a Uon'i rndatifle: jnui mmUy *itb laultj tire*— UUK LEB I'lllES Call 3545 For Complete insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 131 W HI UUNCOE HOTEI BIllLLllrJO Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koyai. bmun Coron* and DON EDWARDS The ITpwrHtj Man UO .N Second 8l Phnne J3B3 0|16-t.-k*ii Scrv/ccs AU'JO ANU ftJHNUtlHfa LOANb Prnrnpi for'imui tieiricf tienerai contract Piircnn** curp 106 Soutb 5th Phnoe Kyi ll'B C* Audits nmde. bookecpJug Aysicms devised btitto and Federal Reports /lied, income tai ri: turns prtpitrc<i ana oooks kept on part time basis Call 4U30 or write OJIver W Keener rtccoutiiant. ijoutii I)j visjon yi Bjy- PLAS1ERING BOB MALONE Call J159 or 3^23 Blythcville or 407 Osceola 10-li ck 1 -G INCOME TAX Returns made promptly and accurately for a nominal t'ce. See me about your bookkeeping for the entire year. Day phone 81 '12 After (> p.m. 2!MO K\jb II. Carson at Joe Af kins Machine Shop, Highway (il South. 12-23 ck If Ask the Man Who- Bought One "We liopc lliat ll,« year j, M[ l, cg i nn ing -will l« cliotl-full of Kappinclt and jircMpcrltj for all «»ir fr>eml> ami cuXomcri . . . a/ij v< are loot' ing fot-»arJ |<, K-eing a«<l Krvin x all of yo« rx-giilarlj. J5« ji, rc | o J r ;» c in whenever we can l>c of licl^i lo you. YOUR DEALER Dependable Ford Service 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 See Your Ford Dealer For USED CAR VALUES 19 Hi .Mercury l''our Door, dark green, radio & heater, clean as H pin. 19 Hi Ford Tudor, Alumon, radio & healer. . .5835. 19 Hi Plymouth Four Door, nice appearance, drives and runs fine, . .$895. HMO Chevrolet Coach . ..$3-1 5. 10:!7 Ford Tmlnr, Hadiu & heater, much above average. ..$395. 1912 Chevrolet Pickup. . .$195. 1!MO Ford 3-4 Ton. . .5395. 1!MU Chevrolet Pickup. . .?150. (.irocery ^ meat marXet, In Manila See U:ilyr;in Bros, Manila, Ark. 12,23 pk 1[-1 5-ioom iioine on corner lot SO* 150 It All fenced Chicken house, garage MCXT. to new scliool site ['need to sell 'i£2 Jainlaon l-.i|10 pk 12[^4 ph a(j»6 10'IV ck (I ill cockers Ph 2-508 I:MU i,fc KIO _ illjmurr: hull price s;\lt- cm again Income tax. !a\ service, bookerpInK rtt liulh! '' rs S"|J|'!y IncorponueiJ fil mill notary. Ill WMIHU. Swi-arcilBrn "'»"y- 12 as c-f. tf 1231 Ilk I, KKM b BTIHJtO B. G. 'Bill' Morrow t FlotKhvny, Ark. LISTEN TO WHAT BILL SAYS: "Last July 1 bought a l!)l!) Mercury Sedan from Langstou-AIcWatcrs. 1 am ceitiiinly well [ilcased with the I ratio (hey gave me... and 1 like (be service I've gollen (here." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1949 BUICK 2-duor Super Scduncdv, only 11,000 miles .mil we know il's ... liad Ihc best of care. . .radio, 4^ healer, scat covers, spotlight and «liile sidewall tires 1895 • 19-J7 Ford 2-dnor Sedan, radio & healer. . .$[015. • 1917 Chevrolet Business Coupe. . .$10-15. • 13-lfi Plymouth -1-door Sedan. . ..$895. • 19.1S Uuick Super Seilanetlc, has radio and heater, white sidewalt tires. . .51595. • 19-16 Knick l-door Sedan, radio & licalcr. . .51195. . „ A . LANGSTON-McWATERS BUiCK COMPANY \Yalnul at Hroadway l)i;il 555 for Service day or nl^lit Rr-s- J, 3t2 K. [-Hrsi. J2.30 pk ] :i for 5o/c, Alisc. J IKjrtnhlo rndtoj*, one with tcionl plflvr;r, lit cxirelltnt ccnulutrm, rti. *V>*~ 12^0 pk 1.4 ] Moore's clrcujHiln? ''o;i] rif.ntcr In Rood conciition, Musi sell. k-rivlnix town. Joe Ciohl, ]H6 IIoMy. t»r phone " 2^3 pk II Used Tractors 2 Altis O \vc. wuh Mode) j!(> A: Lc|i:liuiir;iH. she Mit^ soy-Harris Murtcl 4'iK .v Clutivntor Mas-ipy-Harrle Model J(JI Jr. ana nuatera. cuJitvaior mower >rcsri Milk cow, Ritlpti lds;G aiore. rrc.sMim grease vnm, quick cliitrxc a n (l tointilc'tc iii(Lk> repair i>tiuii>- incut. I'll. XJ.U1. r> ;n p}.; [ ^ I'raiitirnHy n<-.v Mhytag n^sH1nR m*- cliuir wltli pump. Cn\] -Kilt;. 12,31 pk I A L;tr.Ko oil clr<-ulntor ML-iilcr. liirKc coul roo.K" raiiyc. Apply -110 W Ash ! \- 3^ 2* pk 12 One «-iiH> nil] u. L'. tiiictor" J-row ciUttriitor. a-row planter, ;(- rnu- niiddlf rnistcr. trip, f r< . t _ r(1 , ;i s:i.E,intiL wit] scii ior >:^<.oiK) A n Uixon 2' 2 m1lr.'; K of Dell ^".'.'•^T'i ^ Implement Co. No. lliway Gl Phone '<. 1023 ck CUV I'HOPERTY niul 6 uouscs. All renlrrt in . I'h. 1326. 12 ; 30 pk l;e BRAND NEW MODERN 3 bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hardwood floors, tile kitchen and bath, large lot. Price' $7,550. Will KHA or GI 100'/o. Large corner lot on Ihvy. 61 North. 100 foot frontage, 200 i'ent deep. Ideal location for nice suburban home in Country Club Drive Addition. Price ?;J,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 41.11 Res. Ph. 259G 12-29 ck If For Sale. Real Estate Toms cate will] biilltllnR or wi Ullduis Appty 419 W Ash St pk 1J2 i. aiuon. CnLI .\Srji. Ko.ich at 505. 3'>.;'> " ls - ]222'c:k"li- ic-rcd Illumic Co, k. I'll. IHUG. ]2 I Heel lii-lly i-or.l «u» , V.i'.l.xMJ 1 fi Jolln Ureic ui ic-m siiyj t;i) -2 nnv ^\ D tli l >IT.'.I>|)|>. 1 rr.nvlrr m MM: s-Jli "Hies Ki!!.! ,>I Want to uuy a farm? We have it. Farm -10 acres up to largo plantation in Northeast r r . n Ark. and Southeast Mo. See harms — ^ Property us fut a (aim loan CATliS WOKTUINGTON CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Rlytheville, Ark. Ijcm&c W WIKSf nr W O C ph -mi Real Estate - City LOANS : resteo in I selling m Noble Gill Agency U interested in Buying or selling Be* J.AN'D FOK SAI.B A pour moil's rhaiK'c to own .. oiue. I have 75 forty acre tracts of j cm-over land tliiit ! can fid) for S1.03U t-nOi. 5150. ca^h and SLOO per ' r Rt 5'; interest. Some html lias; c-nougl) timber on H lo i>:ty for I land. A150. I will IrKde lor anyililny j thai is priced at tiilr L«S)I vnhie. II yon tiavc work ni H rea.sonnbly yood tjihiry. you can ]>;iy !or this land and not iniis tne money. You will never e R better I'iiauce 10 Invest only r J- <*;id start paying for your own home. Adjoining laud made a bale or coiton per acre this year. 1 also have 28S acres of ciuover land 12 miles northwest of Blytlievlllc for SM) JUT acre. S!5. per acre cnsh. balance on ID-year b.i?fs m 5%. Come In iind k-t'3 itilk over the best poor man's rtiEiHce lo buy land that, I have had to OJfer m tne twelve years I have been £t£ILn£ Lniid. I also have several BQ's. 120's and \ip to 640 iicrea with small clown pay men i rmd lernis. AJ!it(. -J2 acres In Counly on l>lacK lop road with two houses, sell- 1"« for 5150. pr acre. Cnn deliver to purchaser at once. 10 purchaser ac once. Sec R. M. HECK THE LAND MAX. O r plioiiu olflcc, ^OJ4, residence. 2393. K. M. BECK 12,31 p'i SALE OF CITY PROPERTY Hue to the purchasing of R new cuy Hall Kite In order tci gei out of the congested business area of the city, the- present City Hall Site. located al 113 N. PruUt Street In Parti- gould. Arkflcsas will be sold by competitive bidding on TtiesdRj' January 10. 1950. This property 'is ap- proilniately eighty five (35) by One Hundred and twenty (320) feet and Is a crioice location due to it being s!m- atcd on ihemaln street of the business district. Anyone Interested In securing more information rrgnrdlne the sale of this property may rlo so hv tontacllng the Aiiiyor, Jke Willcockbon. 12 .11 pfe i;i Lost Glasses in clear plastic fvanies. In Guard case. REWARD. Call Mrs, Mason, 4461 or 2325. 12-29 dh tf Ladles red leather billfold lost Wednesday In RUz Theatre. Finder call ttlOO for reward. 1231 pk LJ4 REALTORS It) V6 ck tJ T Kit r nii) t] trFtdor. cultivator, cll^f. I n,on,n -^ ^^'\ T'}»^\$™^ ^^\ :l1 - I llfi»vi:r H DHlUtla... 31^ JiitlcH AOiiLh- U 2J 41* pk 1 | JK1 \vi\st of V.'uJcoU. 12 'Jt ]>k [ 7 | (Cecil Earls — Iciencoe Bldg. B. Joyner V\\. G8GS i-an YOUR CAR 1JJKAL .\tlSSOURI STOCK FAJIM U5 no res. 30 acre* plcr.vlanrt. brtlitncc uniiiercrt piistnrc. Two ,stni7 6-rotiTn Uv.L'lUiiy. OiiB roclcwall sprlnpcd well. t;onerctp walks. ymoXchonse, double ^iiraye, larne poultry Irirge harn ',• Uii ycur Hrontul ru»ntn^ water. Two ,prin^'^. 2'- ) two t one quarter) inLles County beat. ', mltn off blacktop. Scttlr Khtnln price Si.Oflf). Imtncdliitc possession. Details -SCR Wllcc Ctirtner nr CJforfiC Spunce. Ciirttier Real Kstalc Co, atculp. Mls-sonrl. 1231 pV: J t T Private Rooms I ^ I Conilorlable hcrtrooni, cloic tn men or coU[)Le Ph -J224 or JI50 EJttlroonia. Bl;thc(]lle. Mote] Pli '& 1211 pk i|2V Comlonable beutooLn Call 2675. 12JH Pic 1|M Nice comfortable bedroom Rtlj bain. HOI W. Ash. I'lione 22(;9 30 NKfl bcdcoom. Men only. Private entrance. 61J Walnut Pli. 24^6. 12 2B pk I [4 Ucdrootn adjoining bath Tli ^333 12,21 pk 1|2I (Continued on Next Poge) High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain 1918 Chrysler Town K Country Sedan, low mileage, new (ires, r dio & healer. 121 East Main Your Chrysler Dealer' Phone 2122 USED TRUCK VALUES HIK) Dodge !;-Ton I'iekup, has licalur. .. very rt:i- .sonably priced. I!) IS G.MC Vi-'\\>n I'anel, low mileage. .. n real bargain 1!H2 Kortl "II" I i/j-Ton Long Whcclbasc Slake. ..this I ruck can lie bniiKiit minhly cheap. 1!)ll Chcvrulct Vi-Tan Pickup. . .(bis truck is as clean .'is a much later mode!. .Sec our Iari;c selection of fine laic model well a.s many older, Iiargain- priced cars. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 ' SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1949 IS HEADED for OUR SHOWROOM* • ON DISPLAY JANUARY 7 Jusl wait 'lit you sec the big, beautiful, brand i\K\V Chevrolet lor 1950! \Vhat a car it is and what a thrill you'll get the moment you lay eyes on it, for the NEW Chevrolet has everythinj;-—Plus! It's a honey inside and out, and it drives like a dream ... so put a hig circle around that date on your calendar. Remember next Saturday is the day you'll want to visit our showroom for it first-hand look at the NEW value, leader .. . Chevrolet for 10SO! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 578 DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! 1<M1 Chevrolet 5-1'asscngei- Coupe. . .$195. 1910 Korcl i/j-Ton I'ickup, jusf like new. . .51095. 1919 CMC '/j-Ton Pickup, lot of ex t ras. . .51095. liH7 Oltlsmobile l-door "00 Series", a really nice car. ..§983. 1!M7 Alercury Convcrlihle, has everything on it. This car is a honey!.. .$1095. 19-18 Oltlstnobilc 2-door. niarnun color, has white sidewall tires, radio & heater. . .$1295. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance 9 On A New GMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks 306 East Main Phone 6151 QUALITY USED CARS NEW LOW PRICES •>| Sec The Big Selection At Still & Young Motor Co. 19 17 Mercury 5-1'assenger Coupe, radio & healer. 1911 I'lymoulh 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. 1810 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. 19IG .Mercury -1-door Sedan, radio & heater. 10 IS Mercury 5-Passenger Coupe, radio & healer. 1!) 17 Lincoln -1-door Sedan, equipped with overdrive, radio & heater. 19-11 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, ini? Chrysler 'l-door Sedan. miO Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 1016 Kord 5-Passenger Coupe, radio & healer. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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