Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 14, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1897
Page 20
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yjAILYPHAKOS TUESDAY, •M J. V. LOCTHAIH . . U. 1897. JOHN W. BABSES. BmrnCH. liDlTOBS AND PBOPKIXTOB8. Phnrot, the two forming the D. «1J» a year, utrictly in advance. Kntered »t the Logangport. I°d.,po»tofBc« a« teoonc class mall matter, as provided by law. CONGRESS will adjourn oo Saturday until after Che holidays. Ooe appropriation bill has been passed. GEOKQE VANDERBILT won slx&y- two prizes for hts poultry exhibit from his Biltmore farm, aod every prize competed for except one at tbe §oate fair at Raleigh, N. C. He also won »100 for the best agricultural display. Money t.alkc. COMPTROLLER ECKLES will become president of a leading Chicago national bank on January 1st, at a. big salary. Ex-Secretary Carlisle is tbe attorney for Plerpont Morgan, who managed the bond sales made during Cleveland's administration. It is reported that he gets a salary of $25,000 per year. IT is announced tn<u speaker Keed will take a bold stand in favor of economy. If he does, we shall have economy because Eeed controls tbe legislation of this country. It will be most fortunate for the country if the man entrusted with such colossal power shall use it for the public good. GENERAL WEYLER expressed a willingness to lead an army against the United States. There is not much danger from a general, who, at the head of 200,000 Spanish soldiers, could not win a victory over an army of poorly equipped Cubans. Weyler's plan of starving people into subjection would not work well in the United States. JUST as Mr. Pullman lay dead, a town built exactly in the same way as the city he named was being constructed in Sierra county, California. It is called Overton, after the superintendent of a lumber company, which owns the virgin forest of 40,000 acres of pine in which it has been raised. It Is estimated that, cutting the wood at the rate of 25,000,000 feet a year, It will take sixty years to exhaust the forest. The town Is built on the most model principles. §piraturs are working industriously to Induce congress lo change tne conditions of the banded debt by substituting gold bonds for coin bonds They §eem to be impressed with the fact that their schemes mast be carried out now or never. IT !s expected that President Me- E.lnley will, before the close of the week, name Judge Paxaon, of Pennsylvania, for member of the Interstate commerce commission to succeed Coi. Wm. R,. .Morrison Tula McKinley will do against his better judgment to fulfill a promise made to the railroads by Mark Hanna, The railway corporations were promised that they should name a successor to Col. Morrison. They have chosen Paxson. He is a maa who can be relied upon to serve the railway corporations. He has served them bafore AND now comes the fearful news that there Is danger in hand-shaking. Staphylococcl are the things that cause the trouble. It is said that evers human hand has an unlimited aupply of this stuff on it. If the doctors keep on finding bad things in human kind, each individual will ha veto flock to himself. Kissing has been proscribed by the doctors and now hand-shaking must stop as • means of preventing the spread of disease. Why Is it, it such dangers lurk in the human body, that everybody who stole a kiis or t ook the glad hand has not fallen a victim to the ever-present microbe? The revelations of the doctors is enough to set people to hard drinking as a means of destroying microbes. Delay is tBe best Spain can hope fol in the Cuban case. Ic is her last resort. While the Liberal ministry are discussing the project of allowing Cuba to fia her own tariff, as Canada uovr does, the Conservative party, of which Weyler has constituted himself the head since his arrival in Spain, will fight that measure tooth aud nail so long as they have breath. So it will go on till tbe day of judgment unless the United States intervenes or at least refuses longer to spend $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 a year in the attempt to keep filibusters at home, A simple announcement that this country will not con tiirue to spend money on this object while Spain is unable to do her part of suppressing the rebellion would be sufficient to land on the island 25,000 troops in a mouth. American merchants would back tbe expeditions, for they want tbe thing ended and their Cuban trade restored to them. Ten years ago Josef Hofman, the pianist, was an infant phenomenon. His natural gift for piano manipulation and for improvisation on that instrument were the marvel of Europe. He came to America on a concert tour. Tbe Society For tbe Prevention of Cruelty to Cbil- dren interfered aud stopped tbe tour. Then little Hofmauu retired from the stage and begau to study and practice like other aspiring pianists. He has LOW reappeared in public and will come to the United States in March greater than ever. He is a strong, muscular young man 20 years-old. Perhaps his enforced retirement was the best thing that could have happened. His genius might have been as brilliant if he had remained in public life, but his health would certainly not have been so good. Eight Hon. Charles T. Kitchie, president of the London board of trade, calls the attention of his fellow countrymen to the heavy decline in British exports during the past ten mouths. He issues 9 solemn warning to Britons that this decline is due to American competition. Well, what do Right fioii. Mr. Ritchie and his fellow Britons propose to do about it? We arc only getting back our just dues. If we now begin to "oust British trade," as Mr. Kitchie declares, it is only our tnru. The British have been ousting us ever since our country began its existence. The Currency Reformers. The Republicans in congress seem to be wholly at sea on the currency question. Chairman Walker, of the house banking and currency committee, vigorously combats the recommendations submitted by President McKinley. In referring io the MoKlnley plan of locking up the greenbacks, he says: "The recommendation that green backs redeemed in gold be not paid out except for gold, if enacted Into law. would enable one man with ll,- 000,000 of greenbacks, demanding gold ol the trea»ury and then depositing gold in the bank for greenbacks and repeating the process 346 times, to retire the whole 1346,000,000 in the time it would take him to oscillate between the sub-treasury in New York and his confederate foreign broker." "The recommendation that banks be reaulred to redeem their notes in gold, with no other provision of law, would cause every bank In the country to surrender Its circulation, and then what agency would keep tbe country on t gold basis?" Secretary Gage's plan of Issuing gold bonds to get money to redeem the greenbacks is bitterly opposed and there seems to be no possibility of loduolng congress to accept hts flan. In the meantime the gold con Grieving Mother Follows Tier Y>anjfh*er. Indianapolis, nee. 14.—Mrs. Huffman. \vife of a Big Four railroad employe at Brighuvuod. attempted to commit sui- ride by swallowing carbolic acid. Yesterday her condition was such as to give hopes for her recovery. A few iveeks ago her daughter Etta Huffma- killed heself by the use of the same acid. The daughter's lover, a young man named Phillips, had shot himself to death, and this was assigned as the reason for the girl's act. It is supposed that grief over the tragic death of her daughter caused Mrs. Huffman to take »r own life. His Pet Dog Burled with Him. Muncie Ind.. Dec. 14.—A strange bequest, made by John P. Smith, a meat dealer, seven years ago on his death bed. was fulfilled last week. It was to bury his pet dog- at the foot of his grave vhen it died. The animal expired several days ago and Mrs. Smith, fearing that Sexton Jewett would object should he know that a dog was to be interred, secured a burial permit for a child and the will was carried out. Sexton Jewett. it is said, talks of digging up. the dog and cremating it in the garbage furnace. Mrs. Smith insists that the grave shall not be disturbed and says she will institute injunction proceedings should such a step be taken. Keceivership To Be Dissolved. Fort TVayne, Ind., Dec. 14.—It is rumored that the Fort Wayne Consolidated railway receivership will be dissolved in a few days and that J.H. Bass and M. Stanley Robinson, joint receivers, will both retire from the company. The road is a most perfect system, controlling all lines in the city. President Shipperd's alleged hypothecation of ?!.000,000 of bonds precipitated the receivership. The matter is still pending in the Cleveland courts. It is also rumored that the Brass Fonudry and Machine works will pass out of the hands of receivers this week. Glass Troubles To Be Arbitrated. Anderson, Ind., Dec. 14.—Secretary J. D. Van Deventer. of the window glass manufacturers' national wage committee, has returned from Pittsburg. A conference was held after the workers had signed the wage scale, and another agreement was entered into, whereby all parties agree to leave to boards oil arbitration any and all questions arising during this season. It will be necessary to get in every working hour when the plants are started, and this agreement will insure that no plant will te closed down until July 1. Case of Total Depravity. Martinsville, Ind., Dec. 14.—A prosecution in the local courts came to an unexpected and sudden end last Saturday evening. Schuyler liay, 40 years old, a man of family, of Hendricks county, was indicted by the last grand jury for alleged criminal assault on Betsy O'Neil, 13 years old, of this county. The girl was the prosecuting witness in the trial of Saturday, and she surprised every one by denying everything, save that she had testified falsely before the granAJury. Curlyle Family Xow Extinct Toronto, Ont_, Dec. 14.—Mrs. Janet Carlyle Henning, sister of Thomas Carlyle, the author, and the last member ol the family, died yesterday at the residence of her son-in-law in this city, «ged S5 years. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. j Michael Tomaskefski was killed at Thorp. Wis., by the falling limb of a tree. Now it !s said that J. B. Haggin is the new owner of Hamburg, the $60.000 2-year-old. It is stated that 7CO Chinamen in San Francisco have professed conversion to th* Salvation Army. Senator Kanna has recovered from the iilnfss from which 'r.e has b^en suf- ferin? for several days. Robert A. Van Vvyck. mayor-elect of Greater New York, ha? taken the oath and will take liis seat Jan. 1. The special wheat investigation instituted by the department of agriculture Indicates a crop of .JCO.OOO.OOO bushels. Great Britain's mariiu steam tonnage is today 6.720.70:;—about as much as that of all other nations added together. John Holland, a railroad employe at Green Bay. \Vi.-., was struck in the breast by a snowball and very badly injured. R. X.Whittlesey, surveyor of customs at Council Bluffs, has disappeared and there are rumors that he Is a defaulter to a largo amount. Mrs. H. E. Butler, wife of Rev: Henry E. Butler, ex-president anil ex-pro- f>>ssor of mental and moral science in Alma (Mich.) college, died of apoplexy. A fire in tlv? basement of the six-story building. 106-112 Wabash avenue. Chicago, caused a lore of more than $50,000. The E. H. Sargent Drug company lost $27,000, covered. Trunk line railroads are said to have secured control of nearly the entire water front of Greater New York and to be freezing out the lighterage and barge concerns. Marshal Blanco has cabled to Senor de Lome, Spanish minister at Washington, a request that he tender Blanco's condolences to President McKinley on the death of the president's mother. Charles Smith, a man who has been lying in St. Mary's hospital at Oshkosh. Wls.. since last October with a broken neck, will -soon be removed to his home.- with prospects of a complete recovery. Two Chicagohold-up men have shown possession of a conscience. Louis Lapell and Frank Moffat robbed John Hoist of SIS. T'.:e theft troubled ; 'Lapell and he gave his share of the plunder back to Hoist. Moffat did the same. Mary Cenefelt will sue Dr. J. R. Menehan, of Green Bay, .V/is., for $15,000 damages for an alleged unlawful operation, 'she was awarded a verdict of $5,000 in one suit, but the judge set the verdict aside as not being warranted by the evidence. The Cunard line steamer Etruria on her last trip across rescued the crew of the foundering ship Millfleld. There ivere twenty-three men arid the rescue was effected in a wild storm, Thecoroner'sjury at London rendered a, verdict of accidental death in the case of Walter Croot. the English bantamweight, who died after being knocked out by Jimmy Barry, of Chicago. Edward Parker Deacon and his wife have had a reconciliation. Deacon greeted the woman with every show of love and affection. Her friends say there never was any thing in that Abielle case. The governor of Missouri has commuted the death sentence of a negro named Williams who was to have been hanged tomorrow. The negro, 20 years old, was undefended at his trial, which, occupied only fifteen minutes. Secretary Alger has issued a general order directing that the reprimand administered to Captain Lovering be read in full to the garrison at every army post in the United States. Representative Griffin has Introduced a. bill to prevent the desecration of the national liag. It provides no merchandise shall bear an imprint of the flag and a penalty of $50 for each offense. The attorney general at Washington has directed United States Attorney Foote, at San Francisco, to file a bill In equity against the Coal Dealers' association of California for violation of the anti-trust law of July 2, 1S90. Mrs. Fred Schroeder, of Chicago, who was shot in the right shoulder by her husband after a quarrel, died, of her injuries. Schroeder put a bullet into his temple when the police forced the door of 'his room. He died instantly. John Nagle, the defaulting postmaster at South Boardman. Mich., was sentenced at Grand Rapids to two years in the Detroit house of correction and to pay a fine of $470, the amount of the defalcation. Ex-Representative H. M. Toumans has returned to Saginaw, Mich., from a four weeks' hunt near Green Bay, Wls. His party killed five waives, five deer, three lynxes, three mink, one fox and last but not least, seventeen skunks. Notice of Election. The arnual meeting of the $bare holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Irdiana, for the election of nine directors; for the ensuing year, "will be held at their cffice o* Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from ten o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler, cashier. CURES QUICKLT AND SAFELY. No Pain! No Danger 1 Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore moutb, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest acdQBest method ol CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed lo fit. j@~No charge for extracting without pain when new ieeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, rv T7 M T T Q T I JL/C-IN 1 lo 1 l A Bargain 311 1-2 Fourth St. over Fisher's Drug Stor Newspaper Advertising In the United States. |( A book of two hundred pages, con- tainibg a catalogue of about six thousand newspapers, being all that are credited by the American Newspaper Directory (D( cember edition for 1897) with having regular issues of 1,000 copies or more. Alsn separate Slate maps of each and every State of the American Urnon,naming those towns only in which there are issued newspapers having more than l,00f> circulation. This Dook (issued December 15, 1897) will be sent, postage paid, to any address, on receipt of one dollar, Address The Gee. P. Rowell Advertising Co ,10 Spruce St.,New York. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh n fS. CHICAGO. The Pyramid Pile Cure Cures Ihe Most AggraTated Cases of Piles With Absolute hafetj. Pyramid Pile Cure will cure the most aggravated case of hemorrhoids in an astonishingly short lime. It relieves the congested parts, reduces the tumors instantly no matter how large, allays the inflammation and stops the aching or itching at once. Thousands who had resorted to expensive surgical treatment have been cured by the Pyramid Pile Cure—in a number of instances persons who have spent months in a hospital under a pile specialist. It is a remedy that none need fear to apply even to the most aggravated, swollen and inflamed hemorrhage tumors. If you are afflicted with^this stubborn disease you can master it and master it quickly. This remedy is no longer an experiment, but a medical certainty. Druggists sell at 50 cento.per box. It Is becoming the most popular pile cure this country has ever known and druggist* everywhere are ordering It for their customers. For book on. cause and cure of piles tddrew Pyramid Oo. .Marshall, Mich., (formerly"of Albion, Mich.) An opportunity to buy a Swell Bag at 50 per cent under regular price. We, this day bought the entire Sample Line of Bags, the finest to the very cheapest, from M. H. Lingenfelser, Traveling Representative for the Hartman Trunk and Bag Co., Racine, Wis, The line, one of a kind only, represents every grade from the German Alligator, English frame, gold plate, trimmings, full leather lined, also full solid leather Dress Suit. Cases, very swell, some as low asys cents to $10.00. A Very Acceptable Christmas Gift. A Remembrance for a Life Time. MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & R.aucfi 42O BROADWAY. Gome and See' Great Reduction in Price of all our Millinery Goods. S PRY'S Broadway & Pearl St. ==PATENTS== American and Canadian Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical and Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. FIRE PROOF. One Mock IVom C. R. I. A; P. and I,. S. A: 31. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing S"5,000.00 have just teen completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. 'Rates 7i cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. kL«$0 B B. QORDON. PIANOS Nothing More Acceptable as a Holiday Present than a fine Piano. Previous to February 1st we offer unusual inducements to out-of- town buyers. Upon receipt of mail order will ship piano subject to examination, to be accepted if found as represented and satisfactory, otherwise to be returned at our expense. Good Stool and Scarf with each piano. Correspondence solicited. Catalogues sent on-application. Old instruments taken in exchange. Our mail business is extensive and we guarantee careful selection from our large stock of Steinway, A. B. Chase, Hazelton, Sterling and Huntington PIANOS. Second-hand Squares, $ 25. npwards. Second-hand Uprielils, 100. apw»rds. Second-hand Grsnds T loO. npwards. Easy payments if desired. LYON, POTTER & GO. 8t«inway Hall, \7 Van Buren St., Chicago* 3Io>c Smnral Thing In ttoe "World. Bloomin^ton, Ind., Dec. 14. — The Louisville accommodation train, which reached this city twenty minutes late Saturday night, pulied rapidly out of. the yards for the Kirfcwood station, and was" met in the city limits by freight train No. 72, which came steaming down the grade under the supposition that the track was clear. It was a head-on collision, and both engines were badly damaged, but nobody was Injured. Is a SnortT a Suisance in Law? Garden City, Kan., Dec, 14.—Editor X J. M511er, of the Santa Fe Monitor, proposes to test the question In the courts of whether a railroad corporation is liable for damages by permitting a passenger to snore all night and thus keep awake all the other passengers. The case grovrs out of the experience Miller had with Sheriff Bills, who, it is alleged, snored in such tones as t» prevent all the other passengers on the eart-boand Saatm, Fe'train from sleeping. . — — THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ... FOR ... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Khenmatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, NervcuB Debility, Sick Headachy Lose of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Kheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. 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