The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NFWS Guard, Reserve Deferment Policy Is Outlined by U.S. Departments B.V MAX HALL •> WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. (A 1 )—The Army, Navy, and Air Force today began i new policy ol allowing reservists and National Guardsmen » little extra time Iti civilian clothes If they hold critical Jobs. Secretary of Johnson announced last night that the firmed services will be guided In this by a list of 48 "critical occupations," prepared by the Labor Department, ^nd a list ol 12 "essential activities" (industries), prepared by the Commerce Department. Thus the old tug-of-war between industry and the military for the country's manpower appears to have started over again, only five years after the end of World Wnr II. The selective service system, now rushing to supply 100.000 draftees In September and October, is not affected by the new policy. Selective service hod no part in last night's announcement, and today it didn't even want to talk about the lists gotten up by the Labor and Commerce Departments. But Judging by the last war. there trnv come prmter and Greater pressure on selective service — from manpower agencies of the government, from industrialists, from scientific societies, and from universities—to use those lists in its daily operations. Secretary Johnson made it clear that when reservists and National Guardsmen ore called to active duty and then deferred, they will be deferred only six months at a time, and the delay may be cut off at any time because of "overriding military considerations." No Guardsman or reservist will be deferred unices he is engaged in a "critical occupation necessary to a highly essential activity," and unless he cannot be satisfactorily re- nl^ced. t Either the man or his employer an apply for deferment, but not until lie has actually been called 'active duty. Pour National Guard divisions have recently been called. Members of these outfits now may apply for deferment if they wish. Incidentally, Draft Director Lewi:, B, Hershey told a reporter last night that each state will receive credit against its future monthly draft quotas for all National Guardsmen or reservists called to active duty and for all men who enlist. The Labor Department's list ol 48 "critical occupations" includes professional men like doctors, dentists, chemists, biologists, botanists physicists, ship masters, mathematicians, nine varieties of engineer and people who are teaching any of the critical occupation on the list. It also includes skilled trades like boilermakers, machinists, pattern- makers, tool and die makers, instrument repairmen, and foremen and apprentices in critical occupations. • f ~ The Commerce Department's Us of "essential activities" was ver 1 j^road, and "subject to revision; ^Yrom time to time." Here are som< samples of the 72 activities: Ordnance and accessories; foot and kindred products; tobacco man ufactures; printing, publishing ant Billed industries, excluding greetini cards; textile mill products, exclud Ing lace goods; fisheries; govern ment; bituminous coal and Hgnit mining; anthracite mining; radii broadcasting and television. Jeanne Grain Has Son HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 4. (/Pi—It' three 50115 for Jeanne Grain now. rhe diminutive actress gave birt to seven-pound, six-ounce Timoth Peter yesterday. She and her bus PAGEnVB Youth Caravan Members Speak To Rotary Club Members of the Methodist Youth Caravan, which is visiting First Methodist Church here this week, outlined their work for members of Blytlievllle's Rotary club yesterday. The live Caravan members, rep- cscnling [our states, have been onductlng youth programs In lettiodlsl churches throughout \rkansas (Ills summer. They are college students v/ho oluntecr for the youth work .wh s being carried on by the church n every state this year. Tlie Rev. Roy I. Bagley, pastor of 'irst Methodist Church, introduced he "Caravaners." The Rev. Mr Bagley was Introduced by RoUrian Villiam H. Wyatt. Guests at the meeting included H •I. Phillips, Osceoln: Gene Greer Helena; Elden D. Pinley, Delavan III.; and Dr. Orlie Parker. RECRUITING POSTER—This is a new U. S. Army recruiting post- i, showing a paratrooper sergeant of the 82nd Airborne Division with emergency 'chute 1 ' strapped on and carrying an automatic rifle. In back- •ound paratroopers fill the sky. (AP Wircphoto). Young Heroes To Get Medal WASHINGTON, Aug. 4. (>Pj—The bur American youngsters who per- iorm the year's outstanding juvenile feats of heroism in the future will receive a special medal from he President- Under the terms of a bill signed by President Truman yesterday, .he "young American medal for aravery" will go to (A) two boys •ind girls under 18 who have haved a life, and (B) two who have shown courage in the performance of some ;reat public service. Rep. Chclf (D-Ky). the measure's iponsor, said the award is the first ever authorized for American civilians of any np,e in peacetime. The new law authorizes the governors of the 48 state. 1 ; to nominate at least two candidates each year; the U. S. attorney general will submit lour of the names to Congress; the President will award the medal. band, Paul Brinkman, furniture manufacturer, have two other boys —Paul Frederick, three, and Michael Anthony, 18 months. Kool-Aict Malik Shoken Up In Auto Crash NEW YORK. Aug. 4. (AP>—Jakob A. Malik, Soviet deputy torcigi ninistcr, was shaken up in an anti accident last night, but a Sovi", spokesman said he was not tnjurcc The accident occurred as Malik was returning to his Manhattan ol fice Irom Lake Success on Lo>); Island after presiding at a stotm; se.ssion of the United Nation-s Se curity Council. Another car .struck Malik's froir oehtnrj, hi a drizzling rain, and the I ocked bump ens on a h us y h i^h way. The cars came loose after the, had gone about 100 feet at 30 mile an hour. The bumper of the car in whtci Malik was a passenger was torn ol! The other car, out of contro knocked down an electric Hght j»l« No one hurl—damage trifling— no arrests. Plane 'Bomber' is Convicted SANTA MONICA. Calif.. Aug. * '&) —For placing a gasoline bom aboard an air transport on whic! his wife and two children wer among the 13 passengers, aircraft engineer John Henry Grant has been convicted of six counts of attempted murder. A jury of ten worn en an d two men took 40 minutes yesterday to convict him of trying to kill three crew members of a United Air Lines plane, his 23-year-old wife. Betty, and their two children, Marie, 6, and Bobby, 5. The Infernal machine, placed in Mrs. Grant's luggage, went off prematurely before the transport left for San Diego April 17. No one was injured. Farm Building Loan Amount Limit Is Set farm building loans obtained rom the Fanners Home Admlnls- ration now will be approved only 'when the amount of the loan plus any oilier indebtedness on the farm does not create a total debt in excess of 05 per cent of the appraised value of the farm," state direc- .or J. V. Hlghfill said today. Mr. Hlchflll. In Instructions to the ?"HA office here, pointed out that he new directive seeks to prevent government loans from being used to pay inflated prices for labor or NEW ENVOY-New U. S. minister to the Chinese Nationalist government on Formosa is Karl R. Rankin, former counsel general at Hong Kong. Rankin'i appointment Is regarded u • sudden warming up of thij country's year-long frigid attitude toward Chiang' Kai-shek's regime. Angler Nets Goldfish CHICAGO <.V> — Heavy summer rains flooded the concrete foundation of an abandoned building site on the north side. Neighborhood cids got. some poles and went fish- ng in it. The amusement of adult observers turned to amazement when John Spajda, 8. hauled h Lwo goldfish. The best guess was :hat the fish had been tossed into the ptt by people who won them at a nearby amusement park. Boa constrictors sometimes short- circuit power lines In Central am South America. Safflower oil is similar to high- grade linseed oil. WhyPass up favorite Food; ...b*caus* of tour stomach V building materials . . ." The Farmers Home Administration makes loans for construction and repair of farm homes and other farm buildings, Formerly loans were approved where Indebtedness did not exceed 100 per cent of tne vSue of farm. The National Geographic Society say.s the boa constrictor tries to avoid humans. A lmoit everybody h as fa»o rile foods ihr. c^usc *flur iiomacli . . gas ..'. acitj ind> (;eiiion. Hut millions of Anirricans lia^i" ;c>urnj tlic answer. They just curry a ro: of Tutus in pocket or purie. Hut 1 or 2 like canilj 1 , and presto—there's quirk, sootliin-* relief. Tumi con u In no 3t>da, no combination of medicines fur various tilings. Tunis are just for ihe Tummy. That's why [hey do such a grant), tjukk job of relieving (lie Ji sires i of aa over- acid Momach. Get a roll lodaj-. LAUNDRY Complete Family Service We launder everything la a new, bright cleanliness—from (iriniy overalls lo your fines! linens] We tfive yntir every laundry ilem, the same fine Oil re you would! '['here's no extra charge for this special attention. Save lime . . save money . . . save energy—let your laundry (to tl all! Phone 4418 for Pickup Service BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Skyscraper to Return NEW YORK (AP) — The sfej scraper, long thought to be on LI way out, is staging a comebae! Modern office rental rates • ai changing the minds of architects and building managers aboui- lliz economic height of buildings. An interesting example is affotd- ed by a new 42-story structure at 1407 Broadway, New York. Originally planned as a 24-story structure covering all the land area, the design was changed to 42 floors with a covering only 66 per cent of the land. Reason for the change, says S M. HirscVi, president of the building or ganizaUun, is that tenants are will ing to pay premium rent'Is ?oi light and air afforded iti tower floors. AUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville .Glass & Paint- Co. I 136 E. Miiin I'hone 6716 WO POSTAGE! Thai's Ihe price you would have to pay for postage alone if you scnl a Idler hearing a Ihree-cenl stiimp to every subscriber of Hie C'ouriei News. Hut you can reach Ml ol !hese people through a WANT-AD costing as liltle HS .. Is if any womler Ilial people prosper who take ad- vaitlajje ol I his milsliindiri" harj;ain offer! I'hink of it! |{eiiij> nhle (o loll 70(1(1 people about any- Ihing you may wanl lo buy. sell ot rent HI such a tow cosl Slnrl Today! f>l (he WANT-AD hah:t and you will have money in your pockets for purchases. Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appeal same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTIIEVTI LE COURIER NEWS Mrs. Flavia C. Kaufman, 2438 70th Ave., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says it Is a full time job keeping tabs on her little granddaughter, Mildred Gore, but it is a Job she thoroughly enjoys. Yes, everything in life for her these days is enjoy- ; able—because she has at last found ' (he secret of being well. She now takes HADACOL regularly because phe found she was suffering from a ' deficiency of Vitamins Bl, B2, Niacin, and Iron. Heip is Mrs. Kaufman's statement: "T have been taking HAD- ACOL for over a year. B-fore J i started taking HADACOL I was terribly nervous and upset all the time. I was underweight and just ! couldn't cat at all. My appetite was so Inx that I ate irregularly at all hours of the day. 1 tried many ' things to try to build up my rundown condition—nothing helped me. After taking these so-called remedies I was nervous and was sleepless as ever. Then I started taking ilADACOL. After the third bottle r felt 100% better, f have gained weight, my appetite Is tremendous and, best of all, I sleep well nights , and my nerves are steady as can • be. HADACOL Js a very wonderful ; product. I just can't praise HADA- COL enough." HADACOL Is that wonderful new preparation—promising blessed re- •ief for your indigestion, stomach t'isturbances <gas, heartburn, sour . "risings" after meals), for normal f.rowth in children, as well as that general run-down condition, and aches and pains of neuritis, If your [system lacks Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacln. HADACOL Is being recommended ' by many doctors. HADACOL is so amazingly successful because if your ; system lacks Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, | and Nlacin It acts directly to relieve this deficiency—the real cause of your trouble. That's the kind of product you want—the kind you should buy—the kind you should start taking Immediately. Only One Grnulnc HADACOL Don't go through life suffering such fiendish torture from your stomach or aches and pains of neuritis when relief is as close at hand as the nearest drugstore for sufferers from these deficiencies. Buy HADACOL today. Trial size bottle only »125. Large family or hospital size, $3.50. Refuse substitutes. There's only one true and genuine HADACOL. <c) 1950, The LeBlanc Corporation r «Pyhght 19M. Tht I.eRlinc Corpora- lion. > '" ' Y ? ' 'x'. *• famous name shoes Brought to you by factory cancellation And lhat nicnns you save from ?G to $10 per pair on brand new 1950 shoes . . . the smartest styles in Hie country . . . the famous brands you expect to find only in big city stores. And all this is because of Factory Cancellations—Many stores cancel their shoe orders from time to lime due lo n alight delay in delivery, because patterns were not made exactly as ordered, or because loo many were originally contracted for. No, we are not, permitted to mention the names here . . . but you'll recognize them. Similar style Opera Pump in famous Ij/.i^alor, brnvvn only, fall style. Si/.es 3!i to 3, widths A.VAA lo B. The Usual Pi-ice $24.95

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