Vermont Union-Journal from Lyndonville, Vermont on June 16, 1909 · 4
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Vermont Union-Journal from Lyndonville, Vermont · 4

Lyndonville, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1909
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VKltMO.NT UMOX-JOUHNAL. WEDNESDAY, JI.'NK HI, VMVJ Why Take Alcohol? Arc you thin. pale, easily tircJ. lack your usual vigor and Mrcngth? Then your digestion must he poor, your Hood thin, yuur ncrus vuak. Vou nctd a tonic and alterative. You need Aytr's SampariHa, the only Sarsaparilla entirely free from alcohol. Wc believe your doctor would endorse these statements, or we would not make them. Ask him and find out. Follow his advice. J 'CTAZCn Ju rll I iw t.Kw tn ur Omim oiil (tnawiiy grruy uuic-u yui uniiwimt m a Uonlj Uiativ. Ijvrrpllt. All vegetable. Aa our ttUor tiut them. West Burke. TL following U froid the Woods-Till, N. II, News Tne W'ooasill tUMt tiol rtj successful cliool year kit week, HU U k doubt! 1 Hie kIiikiIi bs ever b4 more profitable year, or if tliey were r In Utter condition fur ricellent oik in the futute lhn now. Prlu - cipal Orcult f the bih kIiooI lias ' ..... .... 1. 1 proieo the ruht man for the right plarc, ami H ii gtauin.ff 10 mow; that he will return for another y ar. ! ,, .. . ... , , IT. I0. rMllim la I'lJUUllia iinunr on the lot near t ha school lioiue that le bought at the Trull entat auction, lie AigiUig the lt week. B 7.iell I ihiiiffhiiiJ hill Ulfl. V. II. Cobum has bwii ill the pmt week ami confined to the bed I ut ilavs. Hyde deeper lus b-n ill Hh the niti.i-j. j tek two child- j Mn. ' 0. Hitch reli of Ne oil have In en viMling at : lu-r father s. A. K. Mail. Ada Altar's tinby has been very ill W llll pllCUUionlil. llii'eiiiij are iCipieavint pUy- th I id' t' r iloi"4. HowUnd's two dc'it'ii i;ot after one a wi-ck or io ug' and returned home Milder but wiser animal. It lonk Iwn uii'll and u uf piiii iieru i n'.e a huh' tune to (jet the until out of tliem. "Ted," 1 rati .'in,i dot', lii'i it Mini'.tr ev- penewe a tew , apo and will. I om, wHgna vim iii ih a nauuaume witli.tu:, rH..giiie thia kind of . animal. The piice was f2"0. an the next nine he sees one ; and give it plenty of room. j Newark lVt.rllenoltof Kt Haven now of j j, , , ,,ohll8((II (lie(J h,lIH,a- T' I '11 n'?," ti 77 JT "iK''1 11 o'd'H-k after a long and few J). Ht . that wan,I in ,,;unful 11!n,bg ()f canwr of Ule"filce reaching u Ueatiniit by reason of J, 81ld , lll01lths. More att.uh .ien s f..r del.u . g. here u , Wll WM.k waa a hearing before Jiotice (itis itii' ,, , ..... regard to the matter I a. it Friday after-1 abhbunie w as at home over noon but we have riot as yet heard I ""day from his duties as juryman whether the wagon haa resumed its . ut sl- Jolinsbuiy court, journey or remains undecided what I Wilbur, Hut'i aud Warner King are to do. ! sick with the measles. ilrs. King is There was a riotous scene at the ' 1,t'tt'r-northernmost limits of the village, or I Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Moore of Danville Just out of the limits, last week Sal- j are visiting his sister. Mrs. Frank urday evening when a citizen of the i Hall, of this place, town was hung to a telephone pole Mr. and Mrs. Will Wade and ditugh-and his body covered with degrading , ter of Lynn, Mass., are visiting his placards. The band of avengers ftp-1 father, Klisba Wade, peared suddenly at an agreed upon locality, masked and hooded, and then I Mr- am Mrs- A- I- Gordon of Burke marched with noiseless tread uutil I ytstited tiieir daughter, Mrs. Will they came upon their suHpected vie- j Hean, Sunday, tirn, seized an.) gagiml him. carried I Mrs. Omdorf and sou of New York mid to a lonely (put and with Incred- j are w arding at Oscar IJuzzell'a for a ible swiftness but a cruel soreness, while, fastened the rope about his neck and pulled him up the telephone pole, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Way of Lyndon where he was left suspended in mid-1 ""eJ, at L- - Meper's and A. B. air w hile the avengers disappeared as ! Corliss last week, quickly and as quietly as they had j At the Crange meeting Friday night gathered. The next morning people j nearly 1W were present. The 3d and passing that way turned ghastly pale m, (it.Kret.g conferred on 11 can-when they beheld the bod suspended , (iui,,t(.9 d a lilie harvest supper was f r.:n the ioie and, hut it nothing 1 8,.rved. District deput v ('. 1J. Jov of but an e:'!gy with a name on it. , sutt-m was present, also" Worthy Mas- Alza Hail is getting along very well. Uer V. If. Norrts of Sutton grange, lie got trusted lor a pair of shoes last i Worthy Master W. (J. Way and wifeof week and Fred I'orter gave him some ! Fiiteijui.te Orange of J.yndon aud work jit the lake helping repair his 1 several others. Mrs. Omdorf of New cottage and boat h'-use. .!z,i aavs if Voik favored them with one of her the people continue to he ,m goil and helpful he will wiggle through the summer some way b it is beginning to won? a little about the cold w inter mouth". A. II. i!sby sold some personal property at auction last aturday : .. ..... J a i in iohiu. Mr. and Mrs. Will llumphreyof llar-i! net, who were iimm-d a week or two ago, i-re at Jm- Murray's over Mniday. ! There were pretty consbtent rumors ; current last week iu repaid lo Burton j iiray having exchaniied his state of! Single blesiedness to the mote or less : uncertain condition of the opposite i character. Hut the rumor was found) to be a rumor and nothing more, and: Barton appeared to be well aatislied that that wag all there ns to it. j A sewer is being put in for the Way building and the Deusmure stored building, A. 1 Fogg's horse "Keaiimn," was taken Si! while at Sutton laM wet k and j for a I. me was In a very serious condl-1 tion but ii now all neht. Fopg says ; be would rather lose .VW than the' In i-e J Jacob Salomon is to put a bath! room Hi hir tenement .and will put a flush c.oet in the tenement ovei hi. 1 NEW ARRIVALS We iiave just rec.iveil a line of wa'n-t .attcrn.s tint are execed-ingh attractive in lccin.. ainl jaii cs. Our Hue of l.ulie oxfords ! fttill uhl-niken and coripris. s several styles'it 1.20, 1.4 5, 1.05, 2.25 and 3.."5. All unJer jirice. In our grocery lctrtmerit rrni.-nilr tlie leader i (i recti Mountain Ooff. e at 32c and Hurke Mout.Liin Coffee at 2c. Tut up in Ik1 m nt !ini There are no U tter coffees. We have a full line of Children'!, MUse, Youtha, Hoy's and Men's -Tennis sho-!!. JtraU-rrir Friday t itt, they arc cheap. See our new Hlue Khmie oil stove demonstrated, makes life U arable ill the Kiu hen in let weather and more economii al than wwhL ijo sri.e'I. Brinjj your l!iget price. Bread and all M.und flour 10.75 hairel. Herman D. Webster East Burke, Vt. Kd Aleismler l"t One young r'f a few iiv airo. The little fellow was liiUhrtl besule Iti luotLrr slid wLlle Hie Utter was Helm down the Clf umir4 oer her lo the other side Unen the cow (tot up the rlf went up w Ho tli cow and the rop not Uflna lunir enough the offspring tu choked to death. rj,e memorial service for the I. O 0. F. and I, of it. waa held at the Methodi.t church Kuudaf morning iu place of the re(ruli aer Ice nd there WM t u altelld,nw. nlf odd fellows and Hebckalis attended In a My, marching to the church from their lull. W. W. w atl II. W. Coblelnh upei.t taut week Wednesday night at lilouuliby, on a fulling trip, and from there went to Kcho pond in t'htulenton after another strlrg of big litli. Almond (ile.mni, who haa Ijcen Joing hime repairing liere fur sereral month, ut till nliup ua wheels lant wwk Miid mated it to l.yudoiiville w here he hopes business Will be ot a larger volume. j .'ii. .ii . K ' ' i ii r I j , nun iiiih in viiv I eilge ul .Newaii on the West lJuike ; roitd, lout a (rood farm home taat week. Mr VI .ii.l ul. Iiu. In II, a I'he lioise got out of the b;iru and w iiiie'niiiiiing abuiil in tome way slipped, breaking Us leg, t'harli a Walker of ('liarleston was here last week vuiUiig bU ulster, Mrs. II. W, (otiielgh. Chappell hits bought of Cota Mnith the btht horse, gu i.e days, he ever owned. The horss is six years tine solos. A line time was enjoyed i by all. East Haven Business is good with the Williams Manufacturing Co. They are now shipping about three car loads of ,71m ,T'"'J k"e,) about W Don't own "a cripple" when you can remove the "blemishes" with Morrison's Knglish Liniment. Lot of Raisins To be sold lbs. for 'i'ic White Mountain Timothy Seed, ilobe Timothy Seed, (.'lover Hi d, Alsyke, 2.75 2.75 l:;c lb. loc lb. Full line of (iroceries and Oarden Seeds, Edmund Butterfield, Sutton, Vt. En at Burke Alfred rinnry of I.ymbuti;i tint, fd at Walter lounUr'i nd nlher friends recently. Mrs, Merton Vance Is quite t'ck Hit tirrvoui trtiutil. Arthur James .f the ( omrueicial I'epaitlnei t uf M. Jolitisbuir Acad. einv ,m acerptrd a position Hi a sU-re ai went juver. Mr. and Mr. V. I. Jatnrt visited Mr. and ilt. Will (. in W heelmk satiUiy. Mrs. orinda Ijng of Monroe is via Iting her nu and wife, Mr. and M r. John ijing. Mra. Oscar Brvk of sheibr.ok is lilting her p.reuta, Mi. and Mrs. V. 1.. James. . Oeorge Alfred la visiting frleudi lu Bherbrooka. The Ijidiea' AM of th Methodist church meets this, Wednesday, after noon who aug. rert Mierhurue. The Junior league have a lawn party on II. 1. Webster' lawn Friday evening, June 2i. Ice cream and cake will be on tale. Kverybody cordially invium. Mrs. W. K. McNeil has been sick for several days, but ii able lo be out again. Don't forget the F.pworth League social at Solon Waller's this week Friday evening, June K Everybody cordially Invited. Double teams leave II. D. ebster'i store at Mrs. J. (,'. I.ucia spent Sunday with Mrs. Charlie Ball. W. H. Jeffrey and Won Humphrey of this place, Charles I'.oftran of Lyu-donville and Mr. biddings of Spn'ug-lield, are in Detroit, Mich., attending the National Council, Jr. (). I', A. M. They will be gone about 10 days. Sidney Brigham, substitute U. F. D. carrier from West Burke, is taking B. F. Humphrey's place. Mrs. McGregor of St. Johnsbury visited her friend, Miss Myra Walter, a few days recently. Mrs. Frank Temple went Tuesday to St. Johnsbury. She accompanied her lster, Mrs. (iuile, to Barre, to stay two or three weeks, where Mrs. tiuile Is being treated for rheumatism. Rob Med ill, who recently worked In the blacksmith shop of W. J. Me-tjueen, is working at St. Johnsbury. F.rnest Osgood of Sutton visited his sister, Mr". Ivan Bunnell, the past week. Henry Matthews returned from Can-ada last week to his home with bis daughter, Mrs. Frank McGill. lie has been gone for a year. (Juite a large crowd attended the ball Friday night at Algouquin hall. The next one, as usual, in two weeks, juiiei!,"). Mr. and Mrs. Henry Donahue and baby of St. Johnsbury spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solan Walter. Mrs. Donahue and baby will stay two weeks. Miss Marion Jeffrey of (joddard Seminary, Montpelier, is home with her parents for her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Hunter are the happy parents of a baby boy, born June U, and weighing eight pounds. Mrs. Eli Currier of Lyndonville spent Sunday at Frank Counter's. Burke Mountain (J range at their last regular meeting instructed three in the first and second degrees. The state master, F. C. smith of Morris, ville, was present and gave some very good suggestions that will help us to do better work and improve our Grange. Light refreshments were served. At the next meeting for the lecturer's hour six names were chosen to take some part, Ceo. Alford, A. II. Harnett, Myrtie Welch McDowell, Anlia liurrington, W. L. Jenkins, Geo. liurrington. Topic for discussion, "Do Farmers Get as Much out of Life as Their Circumstances Warranty" Led by brothers F. 1'. Corliss, Ball, Warner and sister Ada Jenkins, Mrs. Mattie Fullerof Lowell, Mass., is veiling her brother, A. I'. Sias, lor a part of the summer. The Dramatic Club from Lyndon-ville will present "Sylvia's Soldier." a comedy iu two acts, at Algonquin hall, rriday evening, June 25. under the auspices of Gen. Sheridan Council, o. 20. There will be a food sale this week Saturday afternoon at four o'clock at the Cong 1 vestry, consisting of baked beans, brown bread, wheat bread, cakes, pies, doughnuts, etc. Every-thing nice and fresh. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farmer are visit ing their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hazen of Enosburg, for a week. H. A. F.gglcston and George I'liillins are fishing at Seymour lake. E. A. Darling returned last week from New York city, making ihe trip in I is I'ackard touring car and coin ingbywayof Boston. It took four days to make the trip aud it was a delightful one. .several friends accompanied him and one of these, Mr. Webster, is remaining here for sev eral days. Burke Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Smith have been at Lyme, ". IL, for two weeks with their son. Lisle, and his wife. They only intended to stay a week or two. but the last heard from Mr. smith was to the effect that they were keep, ti g him so well ou slraw'bcrrv slmit- cake and beefsteak, two aiticles of diet that -emed to be especially good dow n there, that he should probably stay longer than be intended to at timt. Charles Aldrich has moved Into Ed. ltice's house. The faithful Besi" is still with him. Callups Mills. Geo. Crawford and wife visited friends in St. Johtmbnr? recently. Mr. Crawforrl wnrkintr ut Ilirnon'n (Tossing since finishing work at Victory Hill. Geo. Willis'n is fur (1. M. Gallup since he put the crops in on G a! hips' farm Mr. ai.d Mm. Ceo. Hol'ie and too have gone to 11. Boyce's to work. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dona way of Dorchester. Mas , have bt-en spen l-ing a week at kif! Andersot's. Mrs. Dona way will be remem tiered as Bertha Ait whose pe'p lived at Stevens' mil! several years. Sutton A liumlwr of out people combined their effort, pluwrdtl.r UiggrJr al the acoiiag end planted IV with the utul varieties for a grJen, o that the next minuter, whoever be may l will have a garden ready for hi in. Miss Sadie F. BUke closed her (Uh term of school at Lyndon Arademjr and graaed cIhmjI June 4 having taught 4',' of this number al this school She has been asked to return in St-puuiber. Mrs. II. A. Blake Ii seriously til with heart trouble. Miss Arvllla Jesietnan was operated upou for apndlctlis last week Sunday. The Ladies Library League ou the North Hidge met with Mrs. E. It. Mo. Shane Wednesday afternoon. Children's Day will be observed In the usual way isuuday morning. After the children's exercises Kev. Biggins of New port Center will give a short address. lie will also pieach In the evening. Ice cream and cake will be served In the Ladies hall Thursday evening, aftr which there will be a good literary program. Faniiie Hastings is spending her vacation at 11. A. Blake's. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Butterlleld spent Sunday at Lymlon Center. Mr. aud Mrs Gilman have moved their goods from Thornton, N. 11., to tin ir new home here. II. W. anil W. L. Switser were In St. Johnsbury Monday. Mrs. Gertrude Eastman Clark from Southern Fines, N, C, Is visiting iu tow II. Vira fiall Is spending a few days in St. Johnsbury. Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Joy and Miss Colver attended a Grange meeting at East Burke Wedtiesday evening. Mrs. II. D. Chapman spent several days in Lyndonville last week. Abbie Chapman is viaitine at the home of Dr. Aldrich ia Derby. Mr. and Mrs. Cha. McKown visited their daughter, Mrs. Joseph Wells, in Graiiby recently. Mary Willard lias been visiting her friend, Ethel Chapman. BUTTON NOHTII IJIDoli Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Gallup of llrown-iugton visited at Mr. and Mrs. o. W. lugalls one day last week. Supper will be served by the Ladles Library League at Mrs. W. Moshei's Wednesday, June 2i. All are invited. Albert Stoddard was in Lyndonville one day last week. K A ST HIDOK Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Moulton ar.d Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Moulton visited at Amos Batchelder's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Sam Whitcher are in Hardwick visiting. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chappell of West Burke, and Mr. and Mrs. Xewell Lumbra of Barton Landing, visited at George LaFarra's Sunday. There was a mistake iu the item of last week that Charles Batclielder had linished work for the Hood Milk Company, as he has returned to his work. Sheffield. Death or John Woodman. John Woodman, 71 years old last May, passed away Wednesday, June 11, after many months of suffering, which he bore with Christian patience, only Waiting for the master's call. Mr. Woodman had been a resident of Shellleld for 41 years. He served in the war of '61 for ;J years, reeulisting until the close. He was a member of the F. II. church for 2 years and a faithful worker until his health failed him a few years ago since which time he has been coiittned to the house a great deal of the time. He leaves : half-brothers and 2 sisters so far away that they could not be present at the funeral. He also leaves a wife and one adopted eon, George, of St. Johnsbury, who have the sympathy of their friends. Those from out of town to attend the funeral were Elmer Hichardson and son of West Derby, Levi Drew and wife, Guy Aldrich and w jfe, Henry Cook and wife of Glover; George Woodman and wife of St. Johnsbury, and the Whee-lock ii. A. It. l'ost, of which he was a member. Interment at Glover cemetery. Mrs. Kandall will entertain the Ladies Aid Friday afternoon, June 1H. Henry Dexter and wifeof Lowell, Mass., have been visiting relatives in town. Mrs. Ada I'eck of Lyndon, visited her jare;its the last of the week. Ben Gray and Mrs. Samuel Gray are visiting at James Salmon's. Arthur Hazelton has moved from the sherbum place on the Heights to the Goodwin place on the square road and will work for Asa Chamberlin. Mary Blake is at home for a few days. Dora Craig of West Burke, visited her sister. Mrs. Barley Davis, over Sunday. Ieniiie Roberts is at home for a few days, also Etta Dwyer. Jack Drown and wife are entertaining their daughter, Nettie. Mrs. Thomas Hall will entertain the F. B. Aid Friday afternoon and evening. J une r. The sociable at Will Huberts' was quit well attended The annual meeting was held. Mrs. I'hillips was appointed president with It others-one for each month; Gertie Davis, see., Jennie Miles, treasurer; Sarah Gray, collector. Harry Chesley and wife of St. Johnsbury. vinu-dat Cha. Chetley's over Sunday. Manv of our citizens are drifting towards Hrighfs diser by to-gb-ct-ing symptom ,f kidney and bladder trouble whi, ), Foley's Kidnev Krmedy will quickly cure. D".ni'i'l l'.'.ar-macy. Lvndon Ji-bn W. 1'age hat hntii Mndilig a week visiting bis brother al St. Al ball. Miasl'ota Guild has Mtilahrd a oik at U millinery pallors of Mia French at St. Jofuisbuiy. Clyde Spencer has beeu appointed as mad clerk from st. Albans lo IUu's I'omt, with bedqurtrs at St. Al-bans, and will leave here June 1M, The ladles of the Congregational church gave Mrs. Itobert I'arker a re-ceptlou at Mrs. Swett's parlors June 5. hhe was presented with a solid silver tablespoon. Mrs. I'arker left last wrek for a few weeks' visit at Charleston, before going to her new home at Bristol, N. II, John Gumming!, a magician from Boston, visited tis sister. Mrs. Alex. Aldrich, last week Sunday, on his way to Newport. Miss Lillian Hadley ha been visiting friends in Danville. The Sunshine society will meet with Mrs. Litis Grant June ii for a chowder di uiier. Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols were at St Johnsbury last Friday to attend the 17th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Knights, The M. E. Ladle.' Aid will hold a food sale lu the vestry Saturday after-uoo n at 3 o'clock. A special service will be held at the Methodist church on Sunday evening at seven o'clock when the choir and Sunday school will render their Children's bay proirram entitled, "June-tide 1'raises." The music is beautifully arranged by W, II. Judeliendand consists of compositions by Wagner, Donizetti, Kubensteln, Verdl, Mozart, Schumann and Mendelssohn, This music Is simplified and delightfully arranged. Come and hear it. The Methodist Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Hazen Blood this, Wednesday, afternoon, At the next meeting of Enterprise Grange the matter of changing the dale ot regular meetings w ill be discussed. At a recent meeting the de. gree team from Green Mountain Grange of St. Johnsbury Center worked the third and fourth degrees and too much cannot he said In praise of their worf. About 40 visitors were present that night. Children's day was observed at the CoiigT church last Sunday morning. There was music and recitations by a number of the children, remaiks by Kev. W. C. Clark and solos by Mrs. c red Houghton and Geo, A. Chase, Bom, Monday, June 11, twin dauch- ters to .Mr. ami .Mrs. It. M. Wilcorub of Springfield. Invitations are out for the wedding oi t orneiia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Mattocks of thlsnlace. and James r. smith or St. Johnsbury, at the Cong'l church next Tuesday evening. A gravel sidewalk has been made to take the place of the old , plank one Horn near the depot to the bridge. It has been made under the supervision of Selectman I lodge for the town and W. T. McGovern for the V. L S. It is a good job and well done. Wheelock Harley Hoffmau has been to Law-rence, Mass., to see his brother, Horace II oil man, who Is ill. Hollis Brown and son are building a new sugar house. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Goss were recently at WHlougliby to spend a few days at their cottage there. Bev. and Mrs. Samuel Ora Gray and son of Amherst, Mass., visited in town last week. Mr. and Mrs. Abram Hicks are visiting in Kirby. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ball and two children of East Haven visited her parents, Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. Goss, last Saturday and Sunday. Miss Julia Leavett went to New York city last Saturday. Mrs. Bowers of Lyndon Center is keeping house for Charles Leavett. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Craig are visiting relatives and friends in Harvey and i'eachain. Mrs. Henry Hoffman went to Lawrence, Mass., last Monday. The Barbeau family gave an enter-taiiiment at -the Town hall last Wednesday and Thursday evenings. From here they went to Shellleld. J K. Drown and family aud Mrs, Gib Keniston escaped very miracous-ly from what might have been a seri ous accident last Thursday. They bad started for St. Johnsbury but got only as ior as uie village wnen the horse bean to act strangely. Mr. Drown got out at Cree's and found that the cause w as a tack iu the bridle. Be- lore be, could get back into the car riage me horse started to run, draif. ging Mr. Drown with one rain. Mrs. Drown and Mildred jumped out leav. ing Mrs. Keniston and Eva in the carriage until they brought up against James Ball's bam, the carriage tipping over and throwing thm under it. All escaped with few injuries. Lndon Center. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Collison are visiting relatives hi New Hampshire. Arthur Dunton has returned from Townshend, where he has been working- j Miss Grace Hoyt is home from Bar-' re, where she has beeu teaching, for j the vacation. South Wheelock j G. K. Goss and Grace llovey of St. ! Johnsbury were guests of the families; of W. XV. Bean and J. J. Bock Sun-' day nd Monday. ! Bev. W. II. Lysterof Lyndon On-j ter bas been engaged to preach every Sunday st eleven o'clock till further j notice. i Bichard smith and Jarne Brown of Lyndon attended church h-re Sunday, also Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Gerry from the village. ' Warw ick u.ith and w ife aere call-ed to Barlou lal week by the Vtry ketiuii illness of Gordon Smith, a nephew of Mr. smith, Mr. South returned Miwlav but Mrs. Smith will ierniii sevtra! day longer. TU infant child of William Thrasbrr u stil. but no poibl chance of recovery. Mrs. Charles Drown and son. tr'barlet, viiiled i:i Bartou laat week. Fred liikgeti has solj his farm to' Thro. N. ,uf Ljinboi. Frlce about Lit k WeJnea.Uy a daoghirr was to Mr, and Mrs. Hot tutm, Clau Glton of Lyndon Is the nurse. Mi. Nathan i'aiker and sou. Cat viii, of Dtnville are vUiting hrr liephf and tueee, W m. Mitchem and Mrs Barley Shetburn. ( ll iitmi railed to Lvndonvillr by tne oerlou tllneaa of bis uii, ! Mr Miry Ho) t, who Is Ut teats old NASAL CATARRH r. f. Dwinell tails th Creat Ramadf thai Cured Mrs. Karberg Here is a very simple yet w holly sin. cere statement of Michigan woman, who was cured by using llyomel-the no cure no py remedy for catarrh, asthma, bay fever, croup, coughs and colds. "A bad cae of catarrh was cured for me by the use of Hyomel. The trouble affected my head, nose and eyes, and was very annoying aud dls-agreeable, and the cure, from the use of Hyomel, was very gratifying. Hyomel has from me a strong recoiii-mend and endorsement." Mrs. E. Karbeig. 213 Klngsb-y St., Ann Arbor, Mich,, Nov. M, bum. Thousands of just such letters are in existence, and thousands more would be but for t'.ie desire to avoid publicity. If you have catarrh, bestir yourself, and drive it out of your system. Kil the germs. You can do that easily If you use Hyomel (pronounced High-o-me.) It is a dry, antiseptic aud very pleas-ant ir, that when inhaled, quickly relieves all forms of catarrhal inflammation, stops auurtles, hawking and blow-inn. The juice lor a complete outfit, including inhaler, is only $1,00 at F, E. Dw ineH's. Cures indigestion H roliVvos stomach misery, sonr Monv ach, belching, and cures all hUiiium Ii dis-cao or money back. Lariro box of tub- lets 60 cents. Druggist Lu all towns. We Want Your Calfskins Beef hides, horse bides, Sheep Felts, Tallow, Bones, etc., and will pay you outside prices therefor. We pay spot cash; we pay the freight ; we pay full market value. We want to arrange w ith some one in every village w here we have no aueiit, to collect the above named goods for us and to sell I'age's I'erfected l'oultry Food and other poultry supplies. We furnish money with which to buy aud we keep our buyers thoroughly posted at all times as to market values. Write for full particulars. CAUROI.L S. I'AdE, Hyde Park, Vt. Presentation of Account It A Y'.MOND 8, IIKAN'H KfiTATK. Matn nf Verniimt, Cnli'iloiilH Dhli li'i, sk, In I'riiltaleCoiirt, 'ii'iil al Se riolmti- Oftlee In Kl. .IiiIiiihIiiii v. ill tniil (liilnot, on Hit! until day uf Msy, A. II. V.m. Oi-iiini- II. Mm i HI. AilmiiiiViatoi- iimhi lln entute of Kiiyiiiiiiicl S. Hran, lale nl l.yii-ilmi, In ail iliitni't, ili-ci-jiwii. itt-cwiiiH ln ailmliiWiraiiiiii iti-eniuil tor I'viiiiiliiiitinn anil sllim-siH-i', anil inaki'i hii1chUhii tin leeii'i ill ( ami imrlltlnll (if I he (-Mali, nf Hani ili'iu-a'il, Wlicri iipini It l onfiTi'il hi salil ciinrl, Unit alii aeviiiint ami anl Miil'sttiiiii tn ri-frin-il In a Henvloii HiHi'i'iif. it, hr ht-ld nt 1 1 if I'liihai.. Olllec in -ianl Kt. .luliinliniy, nn thu y,ni day nf line, A. I), mi, fur lii-arlliK, and (li'i'HInti tlii'ii-nh Ami it l fmlhiT iinli icd Hint nutii-i-In-rt-ol he him-ii I" all perwiini InO'i-i-sO-d, liy liulilii'atnin uf ihi. saini- lliri'- wi-i-k hiirrt-Hsivi' ly In tin' i-iinniit I iimii-'Jinirmil a ui wiihmt piihli.liii1 Ht l.yndiiiivllle. nii'vluin lo win limn appiuiiti'il fur lii'ining, thai tlii-y may appear at a.u linn- an', piiii'i-. niMi Minw i-ami., it any Itii'ymay havi-, h - imil aeemini nlmuld nut be allimi'd and mn li di-eri-i inadn. Hi tin- ( inirt. Alti sl : 13 WAl.TUt V. hMITII. Jiiiliii'. M SOI-D BY AI.L DEALriV g 0. C TAYLOR COMPANT M PROPRIETORS BLRUHCTOK, VT. We handle two of the best , smss jy (N THK MA UK FT. THE DEERIIMC IYIOWER and the WALTER A. WOOD IYIOWER Also NEW VOKK f llAMI'lOX nd YANKEE IHK-E UA K E. Oive us a call for sny hayintf tools lu may nerd. I IiOTi! BUSISISS LOCALS. ,,., I.N, W ... it I ,i '( U 'II W ftlf ft w . ! I rf ft i rw l .!ii, ,l lJ fctraktit M al I -nt-i KmnOi ( l,w 1 ,i..i,u.,W k n,., l i'i Mke f .t m sane ,-i tit. ,!. . W. .IL u m l. .. (i , !n I.,w n I l.f .ii.) V.. l .4,, ii.i W,i.i,A,li., Mil u (,. !.! i I,, i .I,,,,,,,! lin i.iir -t. a., i . ih viwi d .vii li..m iiw W I b-l;l I; 1 1 V m i, it. i,i,,, mm itii.ik nt liiii,g fii f m ct.N.c (, mr ttriJ ! rlirmat "t " titling (.1 I,f,l .,tl,., HMr WS1M lam. ri'M, i jM.Mi.uii-, r. ,Klllt ftt f IIU w AM t i,hiti. ttillii rawit M ilUlik, Ni.H h. (.mif. Vi Kitii lliillVhK'U lrti. I.. M. Hull. m,rw Kiimna Main hi 1 ) lid, -in Mk al lb rnn, iioiM. , l.)l)dntilllr. A I I lie II iu r UI nr. ll. rai-a. il mwi . K,n,,i,,n hi... Imiw II. imI m r.u l l,h, .h,iw lum- bri ..i, ilh tnl) ai,1 i. k. II. .! ,4,.n. tlim, heaty mie li.irw luuiiM-r rn Uk iix'd lx two liiMx t aliiHi wa, w ( Wm Mil I, I.hkIoioi 1. 1. WANTKH limi(i. rapalilr HJ lm . . rial iMinwautfc lw im d k..hI iiUIh rmiliihi In faiull) l limr I.ikkI wy, liililrB r, paitieulai ante l Ilea l, lirIM, n-n,. s lU llieb' lumiiHiini I'olU; in l ,Hi l i,. m-a l ll' I ..luminal. Naiimial I iir Ih.hiui , r i it., nl ll.i.liiii. M,n, Tte mi i n .ii ini, i,,i. inn lim .m-ii,iiiiii M a -nt . Ii ii 1 1 tit.iiiimiij. Alwi llii. I..-.I iil and II, sllli In.uiBi,, .. i'it. Him Iil Uijp In, i, I.' I Mmmgnia m,. Am-lil, nlil. i Uini a M, A . .'ill. IIiiiIiiikIiiii V L ), ( Wreaths Wc will Imve w liox, iiiugiinlia a,, with u ' cluster of side. Tlioy vi!! 1 itllH nun of l'iil.ix leaves, nwcrs on ont' is: a IilIlL' tlllll.'. Wo illC M'i.iliJJ niuu Hal lunir uf tlioni every year. Wc have tin-Ill in different nizw at fiOc, 75c, f 1.00 ami more. Tiino to net Tomatoes Early Jewel,, mul jiion, at 50o iloz. Cull ('liuin-on us for most luiytliin' in the plant lino H.J. BALL West Derby, Vt, .Station Newport. NOTICE WlieroHi my wife. Cora K. Iluffniati, li Ml my ln d ami lixatil wl'lmiil lu.t t aiiM- or pmvn-' Hi urn, I fnrlml all piTtnnn fmiii liiintlnii nr Inn li.iriiid In-r nn my ari-iiniit, an I aliall pay nn lulls nf licr eunlrai-tliiK alU-t IIiIh dan-. - HAIil.KV II. HOI' TM AN. Wlii'i'liick, Vt, June in. Mm, vkiw.i Probale of Will. MTATK OK lllliAM DA In Hta i e ok Vf iimon-t, IHilrli'l nf t'ali'dniila, m. Tin) llonmiililn I'liilitiln ( unii fni )n liiv tin t o ( ali'diiniii In all pi Inti-nMii d In tin' i"tal- nl lliiam iavl4, laO-nl Killi), In naid illitnrl. loi'i-llnu At a i'mliate ('mill, linldi ii at Kl ,ldinlnii y. Mltlimand fit mi.iI illtiii t nn llii' (III day i.f .limn, A. I), IlKHi, mi Insd liini-nt piiiiiiillnit In Iw tin) Inst Will and IViiaiiii-m nf llliaui ImviH. lain nf Kliliy. In nanl llii trn l. ii i t-in'il, a pi i',.il. i ti tin' I nint aliiH-Hald, (iir I'lntiati. And II l mdi'ii' I Ir y said Ci.nrl tint f Id- .'.Mli day of .Inn" A. Ii V". at tlm I'mliate iiltl. .' in mod M. .Iiiiin"lniry, In- ttvul m-ii lm pinviiiji aid in-lii. n.i-i. 1 ; and tl'iit iiulli'ii lliKH.if h Kivi'ii tu all pi-i v.n I'linri'itii'd, l.y ilillini i( 1 1ll -H llldl'l" tllll'l. lAl-i-kl unrrf-inlYI-l)' III I ,. Vi'iiniint t'ninn. 'mil nal, a iM'pni. i -ii'-'iiiit' iiiK In I nn I vl -i ii it y, in -.aid In-ln'i, pi.-Yi.ini Pi llii lim' ai.p.iinti '1. I lll'.in-.eulil'., yiiii an- lii'ii'iiy mtin-l In Hppi'ar liidnre aant ( uni t, at tin- 1 1 in - and sliiii'iaid, and'il 1 1 pinliaK' nf i.M mil, If vim liavi' i-unt'. liivin undi'i my liand al Ht. Jnhiiiliiiry in m.ld lliilin-l. llii. llh day nf .linn' A H I limit W AI.n-il I. MM ITII, JudK". Golden Wedding Jr. Tb Utile Ci&iir of real valus (b amok Ibal ovr (ails lo (iva b reaf eal aaliafaclioa. hJiiiii, West Burks, Vt. riKiNI'S iim u immm

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