The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 31, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 81, 1949 Leachville Lions Defeat Jonesboro To Tune of 58-46 Hy George Clark Courier News Sports Editor LEACnVII.I.K, Dec. 31.— -Is Joneslioro's day of cage dominance in Dislrk't Three over? l.enchvlllc fan's will answer Hint with an emphatic yes today. At leasl temporarily that is. Coach Jiocnmb McKeel's Leach — 4 ville High School Lions, undefeated 111 ciBlu l)levi " us """"•'" aric il Sauer Leaves Navy Following Firing of Aides , previous suits, marie it SHE in a tow last nishl b.v oul- iWilieincring the hurryinp '"Hurricane 58-JO before a li'Bhly partisan crowd tliai jam-packed l.ea- chville's liny gymnasium to overflow capacity. I'or tiie Lions, jt \vas tneir fourth victory over Coach Eugene CHoU Osmeiil's Golden Hurricane in live outings Die past two :-ciisons. Th more piled few yei'.is. it was Jonc.siMiro's in five Marts this sr-a- (ARK.) COUTUER NEWS I PACK SEVKN Arkansas Asks For Re-Hearing Board Files Request For New Trial on Roughness Charge UAU..AS. Dec. 31. (/!>)—'Hie request of the University of Arkansas for a new hearing on the censure nlive, in lact, nccording to their calculations, wrcsllini! 'will run c<mfcl ' cncc '<"' rough football play II a close vacft ai the QUIP. ii\ HU-iu<iviiin is not expected to be considered \m- A Dying Sport? Who said wrestling Is a dying sport? whoever il was has a lot of convincing lo do because there are several thousand followers of the grunt and groan business in this area lhat slill aren't convinced In fact, the Mid-South Booking Agency of Dycrsbui'B. Tcnn., which handles the assigning of wrestlers In this vicinity and keeps tab on (lie gate receipts of each town ill which a wrestling ring Is located In (lie Mid-South, has come up with figures lo prove lhat the sport is still very much alive, in lad, according lo their culcu' ' football a close race at the gate in Hlytheville. The Mid-South Aycncy last week released a gate report for their niytheville outlet and we must artmil the figures were very sumrisiui; ., „ ,, According to the report a total of 100,677 paving fans have witnessed I . Cdlli ' B '' 1 ' - bouts in lilyllteville in the past, 18 months, or since the American u ,_ { ' ollf " clu ^ said today he did not Sinn's Memorial Auditorium was completed June 28 of last vear Over! . nl l l , " sn( ' rial ineetlng nnd Die IB-week period that's an average of a mile better than"I 200 fans request would come up at at each weekly bout. lhe_ regular spring session of tin Ant] Mike\Mcroncy. who promotes liouts here, says that includes only Ihe fare-paying fans, noi those that go in on passes each week, of winch there are several. And neither docs il include llic 60 balcony seals at Ihe auditorium which were erected by individual I^uionmnrcs" These seats expected to be considered v May. 15. W. Williams of Texas A. ami M. College, acting president of the •onierence faculty committee in Austin May 12-13. The faculty committee. In Us winter meeting in Dallas Dec, 10, voted ANNAPOLIS. Md.. n cc . 31. (AP) — N'avv scanned the According to'the Mid-Sputh Agency Blvtheville has for (lie past 12! 'wi'"''''','"' '$"* " tcB " 1 L, 1 "! 1 " bv 'tt^$&Z^~3!~3z~^$£.£*tt^^r&&^ IJ C ';:, 5 ' „?! ™.. J0 .™ lx :™ s '" a "".'-for...!!" S,re when his ville's auditorium will seat only approximately 2.800 whi^Uic other dl^ L^ 1 ?,,."!! 00 froe " SC " l " le '"'"» have much larger arenas The Lions. 1918-19 district champions, '.jitmeied their victory in true (rlmmiHon Jorin. They spoiled the visit i tig HiuTJt-nn a .six-point load in the ijiiriy minuU'.s of first quarter, took a time out, and Lhon came rojiring back to take a 13-0 first perinri margin ami ft'om there on they were npver headed. llil Stride in Srcmul Period They hit Uicir stride In Uie M?C- otid ctuarUT to bnihl up a 2U-IG halfUine Ir-nd. let Jnnr.sbnro lie them in .scoring in the third quarter, 10 points each, and then poured it on in the late stagr-fl as the Hurricane folded under pressure. The Lions .shoved Jonesboro a well-balnnced, uelE-coached, floor team that worked tot-ether ivitli clock-]ike precision. They worked their plays beautifully and under the briskets, they were supreme. J. Scott, a tall, rangy forward, Ihe seventh Seoit to play on a LeaeViville team, pacc r [ his team in j^ scoring department with 20 {Wirtts, tt'hith iv as only one -shv of t!ie night's high po.sied by Dm^an Abcrnatliy, Jonesiwro's eagle-eye pivot man. But the two lads that hurt the Hurricati worst were Adams, tile I. j mis' big tenter, and Mylon Buck, a forward of equal size, who, completely controlled hackhnard work during the first three-quarters. Teams Miiy iMecl "'Again Jonesboro was knocked irom Its hi»h scoring pace of the four previous games with Abcrnatliy the only one able to hit consistently. T h e Turricane's high-scoring guard, Charley Keller, was held to "only eight points and Jack Calrivell, the hot-shut sophomore center, managed, to whip through onlyv.six before lie fouled out in the third period. - The Hurricon may »ct its trhaiire for rcvcnpc in Arkansas State College's invitational tournajnent next week. The two teams arc in different brackets and slant! a good cham-e of meeting in the fmuls. And on a larger court, it might be j^d i f f ei en t st o ry. .-Wthe lineups; Lcaclivillc! (58) I'os. Joncsbnro (46) Scott 120) F. <21> AEiernnthy Buck (fi) F. .. (31 Atkinson Adams in) .. c. ., ifi> CaldwcH Welch <0» .... O i5» Miithij? GilpatricV: <15) G (8t Kellei Substitutions: Leachville—Bhu:k- wrlL Jdiiesboro — Broadway (3>, Cook <2i. Sloan, Yielding, oVmtrn, WestbrDoke. ti a "one-for-fill" ge.suire when his two assistants were fired, Simer's surlrten rrolmiaUon yesterday left, Mas'al Academy athletic bigwigs with an early New Year's eve hangover, :uid (Hbows. Williams snid Wlnlc lhe"aciual sate receipts, i,, ci,,H,,, s and „„„. was llol ,„. IM ^™ W ","'| ft? 1 ;,'™" ™"™- eluricri in Uiis rcix.i-1, ilie fleurcs lisu-ri H i ola l ,,l $10,105.06 paid In Mat,, j M ,eri no „„,[«( wl,,' . " ce sure and Itderal taxes by Blyllicvillc wrestluiis ortk-ials HUVIUR the 18-momli i was pnssf.l Ho ,,<k ,'1 ,° l,,, , „ penod. Of this figure S8.915.16 vtnl lo the fpdernl Kos'eninieiit while ! idra why tiicv had ebu"ni io rr Lcokii:i! for a pilot to reulacc him ; tl10 '' onlaini "K 51.87890 wiis slate luxes. Call it a dying spoil if you wfinl ' - ' -' ••'--- "shaiiM up a., a ,o a l headache, pa,-- | Ijul il 5lil! dfllws lhc < :1TO « |S - ticulariy at Ihi.s time of Uic year." , ' sroanctl Capl. Howard Caldwell. I About Baseball "' -"'-" j. p. Friend, acliriR chninnan of ilif committee appointed to Ir.v to stir up interest for an ortiiuiimi baseball leanue in Nonlicasl Arkansas, reports that not much is (joini; on alons Iliat tine. It seems everyone i director of athletics. So unexpected was his move that Saner himself later admitted lie hadn't "even thought" of the future yet. But the 39-<.ear-old head (xwcli incliuatcd whcrpu, ,.^ he'll take the two assfcuim- he poe.s -Hob and Vic Bradford—right icten why (hey ^ t ^ main silent at the lime but to Issue a protest later. llnanl riles Iti-qliest The Arkunsns board ot trustees filed the for u new hcarini- '.villi the conference faculty committee, and Jumps H. Stewart, executive secretary of the conference 650,000 Expected to Witness Annual Bow/ and Charity Tilts llv Trctl SLiVilrn NKW YOKK, Hec. 31. 01*i~Now •Dine tliR bullies of DIP bow)$ — tn»ijiy ftTitl a dozon oti Monday — nnlljini tennis emlJn? HIP g survived a fifjurous re^- ason, ftrkl Ix.'licinoths frnui v,klo are shilwl for a final [ling in jiC'intori'd srx-Mons iR the fnr \, ti< rp souih n!;ir fur n amp liftwfpu Krnliuky and Sati'.^ Clam, which s , up. KPiitiK.-k.Vs Wildcats . a virtual toss- lit' i\vo day jiniKiinn nlffis mie the nid.sf, c ntirtu^ of all bowl w<N i k(*nds, Thcrr Imvcn't hrr-n ituniy r-ciuui when FD many major nt- ,i linns n^iifd .so cloxi 1 . On ]iu]i<?r. lit Kami's arc rxpr< ted to •onie fiSO.UOO fans and total l\ ^'a>'. The dr.uv jf more than S'J 500,000 Many mure 1 , of course, will sit in at a di.siaiue by u-lpvislon and la- "t'ho [jimtlnc. passing nmt jiusli- infi stal't.s today with (lip Kasl- Wp.f( Kiirinr charity clash at Snji KianrNco: ibe Uluc-Ciray at MotilKorni'ry. Ala. fi\w) an all-star affiLr iiliiniK si'iiltii's from Nmtii a id Roiilh ut!i\inst ciu'li uther. anil fhi Rai-ln Uoul rneettin; at Frrsno. Cal f. belwce'ii Han Jo«e (Calif.) anil Ti-Kas '[NN'll, Miiju . ^jjv. t .i njaL Jim. IIIULII ».i h uii> B "" "j.'ii^ unr. u seems e\ cryoue is:,,,,,,-, , ........ waiting for the next meeting of the (ommitlee and representatiycs of in-I secretary of the conference (crested cities which is set for Forrest City Jan. In. ! "I"" 1 . ™ ll '™ r " m <' lltlilti "" Hie, j Blythnvllle and Helena are ready lo EO lint thi-i-p SM-IIV; tn h» rm,_-_ su "' *'":? .l'. ussc n- Sli-w.ivt. who Iiifialls along They came lo Navy from Kansas , with him in 1948. Ingalls to help t tutor linemen anil Bradford to | hanri!e l)ackfipld coachiny chore.s. During tlieir tenure Navy won three games, last 13 and tied two. All three of victories were registered in 1040 anrl or.e of the lic.i was the memorable 21-21 deadlock with highly favored Army in 1848. Saner was the first civilian to pilot Navy's football team in 15 years. and Oalilu-ell said his - accessor also will be a civilian. He did not give the a.«oclalion's ca.son for reiusing to renew the contracts o! lugalls and Bradford, who helped Sauer sieer Kansas teams to two consecutive Big Six co-championshi|is and two bowl However, one rejxxt was that the. as.>o:-iatjon was considerably miffed by Navy's 36-0 drubbing nt the hands of Army last season and Iclt some change was needed in the coaching staff. Both Injalls ana Bradford expressed re»rct- at being given their walking papers. "Not much of a Christmas present," was the wav Bradford put it. Blythp.villp and Helena are ready to go but there seems to be con- ; ' '- doubt about Jonesboro. Paragonki and Batpsville corning aloiiK. : At !ast report Paragould was all but oxit of the picture and Joriesbom ' didn't look too promising. J. P. said, however, lhat he and Hock Saliba fereiu-c veKtpiriii- are planning lo visit the three cities In the near future to try to talk tilings ' ' up. Without Joncsbaro or Paragould one, the Leauue wouldn't be so KOCH! r. ' foolbn •" njlton'T""" '"""' "' " ""''" C> °"" The trustees questioner! the procedure under which (he conference passed llic rensine and wondered if the action wasn't taken In undue haste and without proper consldera- 68-0 basketball victory early this season is believed to have been the They asked that three nMicmallv only cage shutout ever recorded in this area and furnisher) information j recognized coaches from oilier see- to prove our error. In the 1937 Mississippi County tournament, .says Iluue,! lions of Hip country Inveslienlc Osceola defeated Leachville 40-0. And Bill lingers. Holland's coach, a!™ j Southwest Conference football 'for corrected us. Bill, a native of Newport, reiicmed that several years auo j the past u-o years, the Arkanj one team defeated another 31-0 in a tournament at Oil Trough, Ark. [ — 'n' Ends Osceola's Coach Hube Boyce challenged our statement that Luxora'K We sinnil uorrectfd. . . . Leave il (o Branch rtii-key to think up a Christinas greeting like this: "To the most intelligent and most loyal (ans in baseball, for the youngest and faslcst-intproving team in baseball and ffir the untiring office personnel who help bring the leatn to the fans, I wish Ihe merriest of all Christmas-tides, plus a world championship in Ihe New Year." It was inserted In the Brooklyn club's official news organ, "Dodgers' Line Drives." '['. C. U. fiame in parlieular, and make tt report to the conference. Williams became acting president nf the conference when Dean Rob- ei t A. Leftar of Arkansas resigned. I.eflar mnv is an associate justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court and has little time to attend to conference matters. Stewart said. L5U, Oklahoma Keep Final Drills Closed to Public NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 31. (/Pi— Gator Bowl Foes To Climax Heavy Workouts Today The Sugar Bowl football teams heari I JACKSONVILLE Fla Dec 31 •---•- IN THE I'KOli.M'K COURT C1UUKASA1VHA I MIS.SISSll'i'i COUNTV ARKANSAS In the matter of the Estate of William E. Smith aecea-scd. No. 1(158 NOTK'i: TO CREDITORS Last known address of decedent' Route 1. Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of Death: November Z7 into their last day of practice today and mum's the. word on both sides. At Biloxi. Miss.. Coach Bud Wilkinson has cloaked movements of his Oklahoma powerhouse for days. The "no admission" sign was hung Yesterday, Louisiana State's Gay- deceased. William E. Smith, on the 20th day of December. Ifl49, all persons having claim against the estate must exhibit llicin, duly verified, to the undersigned within six (6) months ol the date, of the lirst publication of tilts notice, or the same forever bailed and prccluri- It in the e.statc. published on the ber. 1949. G. II. Smith, Administrator 12 30-1'6 Hooded Wrestler • On Mat Program For Monday Night A hooded ',\resUer who bill* him- Jrlf afi "Mr. X" will make his mat , ... . , debut here Monday night when he j e d Iroin any joins in the ta? match action of; Ti|j s n,M' tiie main event of the American I.c- -^ , j ,'' , ' cion's wrestling bouU at Memorial : ' " ° Auditorium. i "Mr. X' conceals his fealure.s richintl a hood woni over the head and face wl!h only his e;,e.s. nose and mouth showing. He will wear' the mask until he has been defeat- .. ... ,,.., ed in any two out of tiiree falls - t|ll;1 t he has been wrestling, rk'tst, excepting a tan match. I '" addition to the main event, CPriiree olcltimers will appear in; '•«'» one-fall preliminary bouU are the main event match with "Mr. \ also on the card. In the first Wil- X". Tile hnocled erappler nil) team Hams wil! tangle with Belkas with wi;li S.otly Williams, a 200-pound- j Mr. X meeting Riley in the second, er from Louisville, Ky.. against Tex i R ! .ley and Chris Belka.s. Rilcy U a 1 Mule .Slice. Tex., hem) ur i'jht attrt Flclka? is a hc,i\y hailing from Ilos- tuij. Mass, here o! Williams In rc.orc ih.m two ! years. Billed as a top rate heavy- ncli Tinsley took his CUR from the Sooner coach and followed suit. The "rags to riches" Bengals held their first secret session of the pre-bowl workout. Wilkinson's comment ye.sterday was that Oklahoma is "in as good shape as be expected." it followed a workout in which his Soon- ers cantered through everything, from fundamentals to the intri- c~cies of the split-T. Oklahoma is scheduled to arrive in New Orleans Sunday attotrmon. The under.sipiicr) was appointed I The s<llm<i is Aac lo ^"'^ ""t in Administrator of the estate of the I 8l " l>e lll>ifol ' ms ihm - but oll| y to decpaseri \vim^in 13- o—1*1. „.. ,, ' loosen tip. Woman Flier Claims World Speed Record PALM SPRINGS, lAPI — Jacqueline Calif.. Dec. 31. Cochrnn lays Williain.s has received top in several of the larger claim today to a new world speed record for a propeller driven plane. The noted woman flier was timed at 414 miles, per hour Thursday as she piloted her F-5I Mustang around a 500 kilometer closed course. Nfi.s-s Cochran flew from I)e-iert' Center, usine Ml. Wilson as a turn- ! . T ing point. Her rli»ht wa.s under controlled conditions set by the Federation Arronatiliojie Interna- tionale. The National Aelonaolic l.'TV- Maryland and Missouri look their final fcolball licks ot 194!) today as they got ready to open 1050 SOARING SOONER — Marcus Krc'ilieijjei at six feel II is the tallest player in Oklahoma basketball history. He has .1 fine set shot from the outside lo K o with the relatively easy task of dunkinj; ball lliiouc,h the hoop. Tar Heels ro Work Hard Today; Rice To Take it Easy DALLAS. Tex.. Dee, 31..Ol'i—North Carolina plans a hr-avy workout this but their dalor Bo\vl meeting Mon- j SU)!l tomorrow to finish o day. I work for Hie Cotton Bow afternoon and trjin Missouri was due in arrive here by plane shortly before its last prac- lice. The Tigers, wlw finished second to Oklahoma again in lhc Big Seven, drilled the last week at Fort Landcrdnlu. Rainy weather held down practice activity there— yesterday's session was completely wiped out— but Coach Don Fatirol was philosophical about it. ".One thing about il." he chuck- ted. "you can't have many injuries when you donl work out. Our squad limbering up to finish off prep - :on Bowl game here Monday with Rice Institute. Yesterday afternoon Churl io 1 Clioo-Clmo' Justice ami Ins mates went llirouiih a two and a half hour drill. Seveial times Justice was noticed favoriiiK his right anr;lc. just heading (rum an old injury. "Justice is not in too percent form." Coach Carl Suavely told newsmen, "but he will put out his best all the time he is in there." Suavely added that Justice's punt- in^ has suffered most from the ankle injury. "He hasn't been prac is in pretty good plivsienl shape"! til 'ing his punls loo much because Missouri iosl one man bv inur ! or lhat ankle. His liming is oft a one man bv injury Lowell Wrenn. jr.. reserve back and spare punter. Is out with a iiip Injury. But that loss was offset by the the return of defensive end Bob Ebinser. He stayed behind In Columbia. Mo., until a baby was born to his wife and Is due to join the team here. Yesterday's Sports in Brief Hy lhc Assnclalcd 1'n-ss Foiilbull ANNAPOLIS. Md.-George Saner (Itilt a.^ head football coach of Navy •"»••• because Ihe academy fired two of c " his n.vsi.sla ms-Line Coach Bob In-I Ul!U Bulls and Bnckticld Clinch Vic Brad- apointed jndge.s and Association dockers. The clc.srri course was reestablished by the NA.A lasl fail. Protect Your Family's Health with Expert Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main Wp don't rtaim to mnnnrmllx- Iht hnmr appllntur hiulnrM, hut wr rto have nmre (ban our jharr, al fine values to nfTcr vou. Cnmc In »nd >e«—you'll rfe. ORLEANS - Top-.seeded Mulloy won the Susar Bowl lentils tournament. aiE Kcibert Flam. 9-7, 0-B. 6-1, 1-5. Hnxin^ NEW YORK—Carmine Vir.go was in "very serious" condition nt at Clare's Hospital stler knf.t-koiit by Rocky Mnrciano in Madisun Square Garden bout little." Suavely said. Billy Haves, pov.ei house fullback, missed yesterday's scrimmaiie with an infected rialit hand Suavely said, however, that Hayes would be hi Mnrday's lineup unless the injury yt t.s worse. HOUSTON. Tex, Dec. 31. in;A dummy scrimmage without body contact is scheduled today for the IJicc Owls in their preparation for the Cotton Howl name Monday against N'mth Carolina. A limbrriMK up exercise I* slated early tomorrow afternoon belcrc Ilie squad boards a train for Dallas Coach Jess Kccly saiil yesterday Jack Wolcott, rejjuiar riKlit end. may see only limited action in the i-amr because of a sprained back and a bruised ICR. UP was injured Tuesday in a scrimmage sess'ion. Billy Taylor, a senior. Ls at the end spot. College Cage Results H.v the Associated I'ress Hast DuQiiesne 71), Dartmouth 51 SI. Johns 70. Wanner 62 Holy C'ros.s Tl. Syracuse -58 Tennessee 04. Drake !>7 Eastern Kentucky 57. Baldwin Wallace 54 Nutie IJame 5H. Purdue 41 Wisconsin 54. UCI.A 52 Kansas State 50. Colorado -16 Michigan 19. Kansas 47 Illinois 6A. Princeton 61 Nebraska 85, [owa State Ei7 (oi'or- time) Indiana Gfl, Butler' 57 Iowa 70. Oiegnn fa lovertime) Missouri 44. Oklahoma 42 fr'ort Hays (Mas) Slate 78. .\tary- ville (Mo) 60. Wiuona iMinn) 61, KirksvillR i Mo l 5-1 Kansas Wejilrynn G'J, Moruingsldc 42 Parsons H4, Iowa Central fia P'ranklin 5H. Centra] Missouri 42 Simp.on R7, Cornell lla» 4H Kmfjoria (Kas> Culver Stockton 57 Ottawa i Has i 54. Cullctic Emj>url» "I lie protiratn hils ltit;h cnar on Mnndav. \\hirh will feature 1hc liii'e limvl ni Pasailena. Ihn Cotton li^Ml at D.lllas. the Sii'/ar Howl al , Ni'u r Orleans and Ihe Orange Bfi'.vl ! at Miami. Fin. ) over the we:;t and lins one of Its mnst pnsverful siicads nf all lime, it "ill have Army's Ainnld Galiffa piu-hhiB passes to nnmher All- America. Noire Dame's end extraordinary, I.eon Hart. Aitmiifr lite west's faces are I.iiuly t ''Baron of College of the Pacific Al lensl OO.WJO fans will gather lor this battle. The Hlue-Grnv ifrapple. with Ihe nni tlii'ine.''f= relying upon their eiound attack nntl the sniithptni'rs Uas'ored by six points! excelling nl passliiK, will attract n (linmB of about 2?500. Some 15.000 spectator* will In- on h:uul for the llnisin Bov.'l rlolni's. San .lose lias i\n fi--l-(t retovd. tMm)- to Texas Tecii's (i-4-tl. point, pick with mnst cdd^-m3k?r3. The Gator linv.l game at Jacksonville. Fla.. where 36000 persons are expected. Ininps tnuether Missouri nnd Maryland ami this TO« really has the exports stumped. Etonnding out Monday's b.^wl schedule aie: Sun Howl, El [>.i«n. Tex . Gr-orge- town (D.(J.)N vs I' \V>?;1eni', Cigar Bowl. Tampa. Ha , Wofford vs l-'loritla State; I'ineapple Bowl, Honolulu. Stanford vs, Ha'.vall; Tangerine Howl. Orlando, Ha , Km- ory and Henry \'.s. SI. Vliirrut (Pa.>[ Oleni^dcr Ho-.vl, f lalveston, Tex., McMurry (Tr-x.i vs, Missntirl V.illey;' Salad Howl, Phoenix, Ariz,. Arizona State <Tcmpe> \'s, Xavirr lOhii); Prnlne View Howl. Houston, Tex., Kisk vs. Prairie View. Youthful Boxer f FiqhJ-inq for Life * After Knockout NKW YORK Dec. 31. (<Ti- Carmine Vliiuo, 50-v-ar-old Bronx linxcr, Is in SI, Clare's ho-iirtnl •viltx an "even" chutu:e lor his tile after the f;isl knockout, loss of his Dr. Vhirent N'anllcllo, iaic? Alhleile Coinini-cs lon W York piiysl- i-:i:i. s:(id | : *sl nii'ht Vii:0o wns in "vcrv serious" -011(11111111 after bei'ji; Moppi'd I>v Hciekv M.l rein no, >31'i, iinhealcn !iii.(l:ton. Mass, heavy- wcighl. »l IMC of the sixth round nl M ulisoii Hii'Tuc Giirdi-n. NnrcHoUci sail! x-vays i>[ lhc Irt- jun-fl fti-hlrr revcriliMl "a brain :on- liislon a very •ierious Ihlnu—n'iich more s f 'ilons lhan a cojicussion, as ' tile real extent of Ills injuries can I.",' determined. The boxer, who celebrated his 2fltli birthday Thursday, regained consciousness momentarily In the rlni; pfter lie was counted out. But he lapsed again and was carried to his dressing room on a stretcher. Ui'feiec Harry Kbliets. a former llyht, heavyyvei^fit boxer, said Vingo banned his hc-.\tl haul on the rinK |);ir!d!im v,-hcn he went down from M .nun " 'eft iipjicrciiit lluit sprawlcrl him —Icnms for Monday's IJo^r ll[j\\li°h Ids back. eMravagaii/a 111 which I'appv Wnl-l Vinno, 18!), was fithtliiK hia llith 'toil's (iollcn Hears of Cnlifrn nia ' liglil. winning iri of the first 17. are n 0-point lavorile lo bent the] He never had been knnekeil off Ills Ten's reprcsculative, Ohio' 'eel before. It was his first, 10- Stale. Oklahoma's Sooners. unbeaten ami untied in their 10 rcgitlar c,ame.s ami M'coTtd "l<!y !« No'.ro Hanie in Ihe Al' standings, are favored by eight points lo beat nlnfh-ranl-ini: Lriiiisinna Klatc lfl-2-0) in the K'.l'f- ar lluwl. Hice I'iivorr-il Hice Is the choice by 7 1 ;- r»ints over North Carolina In the Cutton Howl, where attendance figure:: !o be around 7S,000, The Orange fiowl will nr.commo- date an estimated C>5,bOQ fur the rounder. The American population (K growing al the estimated rate ol 10.000 a (lay. PRESCRIPTIONS" Fresh Slnck Giinrnntecd Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores Peru (Neb) 95 St. Benedii'ts IKasl 50 With the Courts Cba ncerr ! Kentui-ky 71. Bradley f,0 I North Carolina Ht;iLc 3'). Penn 1 Htatc 40 | Baltimore I^oyola fif). Rc^is 50 \ Cie<ji^iii Tech 03, Wcsl Vij-j;inia IB j Tnlnnc 58. Vilhinuva 5S 1 Rhode Island State OS. North Carolina CO 'Overtime; ! Murray il<v,i 12. rinxiklyn College! 53 j Soulliucst ! Navy .VJ Scntliciu ;\K;hu(lirl 50 St. I/nils 5B. llaylor Ml Houston 72. Wllhitli Gfi f";lr \V(-i,t Wa.shin-toil lifl. Columbia Ml Stanford 55, Tcxn.s Armies 40 Mlnne.sutn -17. California « Kentucky Routs Bradley 71-66 in Sugar Bowl I NEW OHI.KANK. Drc. 31. f.-T.-- [ Kentucky's new lK^kelb;il] triun, winner of lhc .Susan llnwl thatn- pton.sfilp, iiiin' b(; the kind v/hirh I plays Just lia'ril enfunh to win. | The sophmnoM'S nnd jiuii'.r.s of j Coach Adolph ltil|ip diIc;iU'(l ! Bradley lasl ni^lil 71-ii*i tin lln-i champtonship after trailing repeatedly. At halllime lhc score v.ns 31- all but alter Intermission Kentucky snmUieied Bradley with a di'lni>c of long shot.s. Thp scote reaciicd 87-li4 before Kenlucky slo'Acd down and Bradley heated 'up. Tor Prompt, Conrlcoiia FRIENDLY SERVICE NU-WA Launilry-Cleancrs Phone 4474 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work (iiiiirnnlfcd Fur 12 ,\!niiliis f>:U Nnrlh I Dill I'linnc lillOl BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING LOWEST ADMISSION I'llICK ANYWI1KRK! Reserved Seals on Sale a( Ilie l.cfjion Arena from fi p.m. Kvcry Monday AIH'I/I'S 50c — CIIIJJJKBN lf>c Monday, January 2 New Slarling Time 8:00 SEATS 15c KXTRA lm TAG MATCH MR. X ond SCOTTY WILLIAMS versus TEX RILEY and CHRIS BELKAS Also Two 1-Fall 30-Minute Matchet WILLIAMS vs. BELKAS MR. X RILEY RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS, NIES & NIES (All lypc* titept Cancer) Clink 514 Main Hlvthertlfe Ark Phone

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