The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
Page 10
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gLTTBEVTLLB (ARK.) COUBIM HBW1 Doctors Warned Of Appraisals of 'Wonder Drugs' Pediatrician Tells Scientific Assembly Of Drugs Dangers By PRANK CAREY Af Science Reporter WASHINGTON IB _ Doctors should be wary of appraising the poii-ers of (he wonder-drugs in the way grandma measured the success of onion poultices, a Washington physician says. Declaring tlmt medical practi- tloners are all too prone (o credit a wonder-drug like penicillin with the euro when a patient treated with such a drug for a poorly defined ailment—especially of the nose »nd throat — gets well, Dr. John A. Washington told the annual Scientific Assembly of the District of Columbia Medical 60 cicty late yesterday: "Like grandmothers with onion poultices we credit our success to the medicine in usa at the time the temperature drops." No Power Against Some The George Washington University pediatrician said Chut while the antibiotic wonder-drugs .ore valuable foes of certain specific Infections, there are others against which fhe drugs have no power at all—and that some .of these ailments are subject to spontaneous . recovery. He made the remarks In caution- Ing doctors against "unnecessary" use of the antibiotics lost they: tl) Needlessly expose a patient to the risk of some kind of a reaction from the drug; (2) subject a family to unnecessary i-xpensi. for the drugs; (3) cause molhers to wake? needlessly at all hours of the night to give (he drug to a sick child; on<5 <•!) build up fears In a child of a "needle-wielding' doctor." News of Men In the Service Pvt. Carl Stone, son of Mrs. Eula. Noles of Wilson, recently completed six months service in Korea. He Is a cook, in Headquarters Battery of the 31st Field Artillery Battalion. James N. Kirmey, seaman, USN son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Kln- ney of Rt. 1, Joiner, is stationed at Kodlak, Alaska, Naval Station. Cpl. Oscar L. Crowdcr, son of Mrs. Mary Crowder of fit. 1, Wilson, has been awarded the Com- sat Infantryman's Badge for cxcel- cnt performance of duty under enemy lire In Korea. He Is an assistant so.u,ad lender In Company K of the 38th Infantry Regiment. J. W. Garner, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Garner of Rt. 4, lilyche- vllle. has been promoted to sergeant while serving with the Hilt Transportation' Truck Company In Trieste. Sgt. Donald L. Jones, husband of Mrs. Lynn Jones ot Joiner, recently spent a five-day rest and recuperation leave in Japan. He Is a section sergeant with Company H of the 27th Infantry Regiment In Korea. Sergeant First Class Archie Patterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson of Holland, Mo., recently was assigned to the Combat Training Command at Fort Bcnning, Ga. Seaman H. O. Jen-ell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D, Jewell of Dyess, arrived at Long Beach, Calif yesterday ahoarU the destroyer USS Fechtelcr after a seven-month tour of duty in the Far East. IN JAPAN AltEA — Seaman James O. Gentry, son of Mr. and Mrs. S, L. Gentry of BlytlieviUc, Is currently serving aboard the USS Chanticleer, which is operating In Japanese waters. Lebanon Picks Cabinet;Khalid Named Head BEIRUT, Lchanon <1H~ After week of fruitless attempts «t form Ing a full parliamentary govern merit, Lebanon's President Cnmlll Chamoun has named Amir Khallc Shehab to head a four-man admin Istratfve cabinet. The appointment, decreed las night by Chamoun, appeared tc have ended at least temporarily he ministerial crisis which fol ov;cd the resignation last week o President Bcchara el Khoury un dcr opposition pressure. Chamoun was elected by Parliament to fll Kl Khoury's place. Amir Shehab now is Lebanese minister to Jordan. WEDNESDAY, OCT. I, Priest Gives Grim Preview Of War Winter TOKYO W-A Catholic priest gave a grim preview today of hardships facing Korean War refugees this winter and called on Catholic bishops In the United ' States to launch a "clothing for Koreans 11 tirlve. The fight Rev. Edward E.' Swanstrom of the War Relief Services National Catholic Welfare Conference, said thousands of South Koreans will roam the, streets facing starvation-Tie said this likely will "be the worst winter if it Is severe" for war refugees, particularly orphans. Swanstrom, from St. James Cathedral, Brooklyn, visited six days in Korea. He planned to leave today for the U. S. U. N. food relief is enough for Just 10 days rationing each month to two million people, Swanslrom said. M-SBl. Billy L. Brigance, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. lirignncc of Scnath. Mo., recently completed 11 months service In Korea with the 7th Infantry Division. He is a section chief with A Battery of the 31st Field Artillery Battalion. Whiskey Gathers Dust BUFFALO W)—Down in the basement of police headquarters 35 cases and one suitcasefull of choice assorted whisky are gathering dust —and have been since 194t. The whisky, which had been stolen, was recovered by police and ordered held pending disposition of the case. According to police records, no disposition has ever been made. 'Spare the Rod/ London School Teachers Told LONDON W-Teachcrs In schools run by the London County Council are being urged to go a little easier on the rod. In a booklet on punishment put out by Ihe council today, the teachers were told: Don't paddle the kiddles too often—with nervous children . it's quite Indefensible. Don't _stnnd them in the corner -It's especially bad for delicate children. Don't keep them after school too long—they may have to get home through heavy traffic. And, above nil, don't be sarcas- llc. it's fear-inspiring and a dangerous weapon which children will go to any lengths to svold. The booklet failed to say exactly what teachers should do to keep children from getting out of hand. Fireworks Bring Trouble to Driver BALTIMORE I*—It was nearly three months late" for fireworks and besides, motorist.? ilon't usually go around shooting Roman candle balls or tire into the night air. So police arrested Peter Mwor- czynskt - and charged him with driving witlxmi registration, clriv- ng under a revoked license, with fictitious tags nnd reckless driving. Time Changes Fooled Poncho Bur Not for Long UPLAND. Calif, up, _ This Is progress report on Fancho, the Postofficc mascot. Voci may remember Pancho, who makes the rounds with postman Charlie Deverts. Pancho made the papers when daylight saving time started, showing up an hour latn the first few days, then setting off at, Sure enough. Charlie was early the first couple of days after time returned to standard. But he Just lay down to wait. What the boys at the PostofOce want to know is how Pancho knows that he's early or late. TO E.VIJ TIlAlXING-Scairmn W. H. Richardson. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Richardson, Sr of Blythevlllc, will complete recruit training'at San Diego Naval Training Center Oct. 17. after which he will return home on a 15-day leave. > He knows who has the cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, old-fashioned methods. How do you rate? Do you know our delivery man? We think you should . . . for he can help you to a new way of living. Let him fake washday drudgery out ot your house ... let us show yon (he results of professional laundry service . . . and you'll look forward to his visits «Tery we«kl Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4413 -V '-'-.' ' t /ncompetenf Drivers Found in New York NEW YOHK MV-HB-eximiiniitlon of licensed drivers by the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles last year resulted in the failure of one in every seven drivers to pass some portion of the test. Cullcn Burke, head license examiner, said such persons are kept off the road until corrective measures are taken. Under the re-cxnmina- lion program, any person Involved in three rcportaole accidents within a IB-month period or any person over Go Involved in one such accident is subject to a retcst. A ro- portable accident is one In which a persprj. is Injured or which results In more-term $50 damage. Of 1.200" clrivers over 6,30fl failed the retest and lost, their licenses Burke reported. Of 9,600 drivers reexamined under the three-accident rule, 1,200 failed at least one portion of tho test, either the road test the written examination or the eye test. Pennants, Body Of American GJ, Are Red Banners WESTERN FRONT. Korea WJ- HH? fT °' lt|1DSl flnnk! "B T-Bone Hill displayed bright pennants and (he body of a dead American today. apparently 1 n celebration of Sa>" m oc"t L 0111 " 1 ' 3 In " c »™<*»"e li AI i 1C<1 °" iCCr Mld he bdfcvecl dead American was a sergeant i a few days ago. WASHINGTON W—A dip of 2 per cent In average farm prices, with meat and polatoes leading Ihe drop, held out some hope today for costs. The decline In prices of farm products as a whole during tho month that ended Sept. 15 was reported lute yesterday by the Agriculture Department. At the same time the department said average prices paid by farmers dipped only I per contiso that farm prices averaged 101 per cent of parity, compared with 103 MODERN 'BETSY ROSS"-Revered as the "Betsy Ross" of Puerto H,co Is 79-year-old Manuela "Muni" Besosa. who destened and sewed the first Puerto Hicar, flag 57 years ago Now d rt still on the job, getting a kick out ot finally seeing the barLr of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico flying side"by side w?th iho Stars and Stripes The flag was officially raised on July 25 when the island celebrated the granting of its own constitution Slight Dip in Farm Prices May Have Effect on Food Cost* WASHINOTflK at A Ji« „(->«* u;_i. ' . *»<*»«» year )>er cent bodi a month ana ago. Parity U a standard used to compute farm prices that give farmers a fair purchasing- power judged by a past favorable period The mo,?t favorable recent period for farmers was October, 1946 when fnrm prices averaged 122 per cent of parity. More livestock are movng to price. market «"»gs thatrme l H B St "" e foo down 5llgh[ , y ail, were nonth. But offsetting this were hteher prices for sugar, corn meal, he I Jef Deliveries Ahead of Schedul< LONDON HV-DB Havilland Ai raft Co. announced today it ha lel.vered a full fleet of nine Serie Comet jet-liners to the Drills ilrwnysi Corp. 15 months ahea f schedule. The builders of Britain's record reusing Jet-propelled airliner sai hey now will start delivering 1 xporl Comets to the Canadia 'adlfic Airlines, the Royal Cana lan Air Force and Air France „, nr ' s tilne ' the y adt| ed, the 'ill start turning over more p<m rful Series 3 Co/nets to BOAC Unlt< "> """""f™"" anrt circctatlon o exccllt Sunda >' at Cortc. Section 233 ,owta thi out , '•' BiythevlllB Courier Tews i ublM, t H ' Ark., for September 30 1952 ^r^ 0 ' «* PubHsher, editor, managing edi A' A" H ' , A. A. ' le, Ark. drickson, Blythcvillc Ark owning per c er or other securities are: None. 4. *"« oth " -curlty holder l ilmount of »° n ^ mortgages .o the fiduciary relation" the nZTo tL (rustcc is acting; also th™ stntemei L, affiant's full knowledge and Sf £ tloa, under which stockhoWer^a^ S "' ° upon the books of the comply «/ . in ampacity other than that^f'aboi'andeoi " Where «» stockholder ° com l' an * « f«stoe or in c ° rp() " Uo » '" whom such '"'° . " s ? show the «s and condi <"' not a P" ci > 8nd « curiUe the twelve monh Read Courier News Classified Ads. ELIZABETH I DIDN'T KNOW... ... until my neighbor told me that the best place to find terrific bargains is in the COURIER classified ads. I know now! I always read thtm! Adi placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable In advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS market now as a result of a period STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKER IHI AMillCM DISIHUHS COMPAKr, f*C . ntlM, (U That Miracle Soil Conditioner You've Been Reading About! Givss You Softer, Richer, Lighter Soil Wiffe Just ONE APPLICATION! Actually Conditions ftcre Soil For less Money-Thai Any Ofter Conditioner! Fluffium is Sprayed or Sprinkled on Soil! >. 9 , ^ ** ttmmotcs Kgging-ln and xGarde.. Drudgery! up Fluffium The chemical that doss the acfua7 rnlraclt work in all soil conditioner* start* out M * highly concentrated liquid. Yet most other jo8 conditioner manufacturers convert thi» liquid into a powder or a flake at a tremendous increase in cost in order to »hip economicslly, Fluffium, however, is packaged in its natural liquid concentration. No other chemical icH conditioner gives you so much of the besic •cthrt Ingredient for your money. And having a much greater affinity to w v ater in this liquid form, FlufSutn rewards you! with greater soil coverage at far lest cost \ —We Deliver Within City Limit!/K yow'r* Interested in becoming a dealer -/- CaH Usl Westside Cooperative Gin 2460 W. Rose St. BL._. Phone 3780

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