Vermont Journal from Windsor, Vermont on April 11, 1868 · 6
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Vermont Journal from Windsor, Vermont · 6

Windsor, Vermont
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1868
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JOURNAL AND FARMER, SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 1868. LOCAL AND STATE ITEMS. Sleighing Again. Wednesday morning 8th inst., will be memorable in this region, for the sight of twelve inches of snow on the ground, and the appearance of sleighs in the streets, afier a storm of twenty-four hours. This week has been as remarkable for cold weather, as the previous one was for warmth and pleasantness. The Spring birds have a sorry time, but the sun now coming forth will soon cheer them with the sight of the green earth. Maple Sugar. More maple sugar and syrup of the best quality was made in Vermont and New Hampshire, in the month of March, 1868, than has been made in the same month for many years. Maple sugar, dry and in cakes, has been selling at Glaremont, N. II., at twelve cents per pound. A good article of maple syrup and honey, at from 70 to 80 cts. per gallon, or seven cents per pound, while at Windsor, good syrup sells for $1 .00 per gallon and sugar at fifteen cents per pound. One Reed, twice committed in Windsor county for rape, appealed to the supreme court and was let loose without bail, which clemency he speedily rewarded by a journey to Canada. The case is marked 'continued." Second District. The Republican Convention, to choose delegates to the Chicago Convention, is called to meet a White River Junction on Wednesday, April loth, at 2 o'clock, P. M. The Teachers' Institute for Windsor county is to be held at Bethel, April 28th and 29th. I ADDISON COUNTY. Dennis O'Neil, of Middlebury, is a fleet and fractious son of Erin, of whom ibe Register says the only mod thins that can be said is that he is a good runner. 1 he other evening he attacked another man in the street of that village, without provocation, and beat him brutally. A policeman and two citizens undertook to arrest him and chased him long and hard, through highways and byways, but could not catch him. Next day three officers with a warrant undertook to surround O'Niel ; but he broke from them, and throwing off his boots, led them and two citizens who came to their aid, a chase of five miles, running barefooted through the snow and mud with a speed and bottom which won the day. Dennis finally took to the woods, and the officers abandoned the chase. BENNINGTON' COUNTY. The West Rupert Dairy Association cleared the factory of about 40,000 pounds of cheese, week before last. Andrew Peak, residing near the stone saw mill in Stamford, was recently found dead by his family beneath the feet of his horses in his barn, horribly mangled by their hoofs. The elegant factory of Runt & Tillinghast, of Bennington, is quite completed, costing over a million dollars. Several very fine residences are being built in Bennington, costing from $12,000 to $100,-000 each ; also an elegant block of stores by Hon. T. W. Park, which, for elegance and beauty, excels any structure in the State. The entire upper or third story is to be occupied by the masons. Mr. Jesse Downs, of Bennington, recently caught a black eagle in a trap, which measured seven feet from tip to tip of wings. It was a monstrous bird. Major Hawley, of Manchester, President of the Battenkill Bank, was lately thrown from his wagon, sustaining a compound fracture of his leg. CALEDONIA COUNTY. The new passenger depot, near the Railroad Shop in Lyndon, is fast approaching completion. It will contain the Uailrosd offices of the Company, and when completed will be one of the best finished structures of the kind in die State. The building is warmed throughout by pipes of hot air. Calvin Cushman, of St. Johnsbury, sold a gray horse lately to a Mr. Russell, of Rockford, III., for $1000. While visiting a patient before light lately, Dr. Henry C. Newell, of St. Johnsbury, fell down stairs, anil fractured both bones of the right arm. One of the bones protruded through the skin, aud nearly au inch of it was broken off. The trustees of the Passumpsic Savings Bank, at their meeting last week, voted, agreeably to the provisions of the act of incorporation, to divide the surplus earnings of the last five years. It amounts to a nine per cent, extra dividend thus giving to such depositors as have had deposits in the institution during the last five years, some over seven per cent interest annually. During this period the hank has not suffered the loss of one cent. It has charged only six percent on its loans, and yet has been able to divide seven per cent to its depositors, after deducting all expenses. This may be deemed moderately good financiering. Samuel Thompson, of Mclndou's Falls, attempted to take his own life last week Monday, by cutting his throat with a razor. lie lost two sons in the army, and since then has been melancholy, and at times partially deranged. There is some hope that he may recover! CHITTENDEN COUNTY. During a fray at Burlington recently, Louis Norton struck (Jilson Stockwell on the shoulder with an axe and inflicted a fearful gash. Norton was arrested. George Peterson, of Burlington, was found dead in his bed Monday. Mr. Oliver Lowry, of Jericho, whose death occurred in that town on the 2Sth ult., was one of the oldest citizens of Chittenden county. His father purchased and located on valuable lands in Jericho, nearly a century ago, before the war of the Revolution. The war over, lie brought on his family, in 1789. Mr. Lowry served on the frontier in the war of 1812 as captain of a militia company. He held various ollices of honor and trust in his town and represented it in the Legislature, and was universally respected and esteemed as a man. ESSEX COUNTY. Tuesday, the 24th ult., an Irishman named Coyle, in attempting to get aboard a morning freight train at Ilobson's mill, Mand Pond, fill under the rear car and had a foot crushed, making amputation necessary. FRANKLIN COUNTY. The Ohajnpliiin Spring Co., of Ilighgate, having purchased the beauliful residence formerly owned by Ion. Hcunn Allen, but nurj recently by Spencer (Jru'ii, of New York, are fitting it up for a new Hotel, for the accoinui idation of spring boarders, a large number of which are expected ti c coming mm son. "if tftfajifi a" iriift liiim' U Fall butter sold at St. Albans, on Tuesday, for from forty-five to fifty cents. Considering the season, a large quantity has been shipped to Boston. RUTLAND COUNTY. Poultney was once the home o Rev. Jared Sparks, Hon. Francis Ruggles, Rev. Dr. Asa-hel Kendrick of Rochester University, Mr. Horace Greeley, Rev. Herman Hooker of Philadelphia, Mrs. M. II. Roe. poetess, Mrs. M. F. Broughton, missionary to Birmah,etc, etc. A boy in Rutland named Charles Higgins, thirteen years of age, has been sent to the State Reform School for the period of eighteen months, for larceny, in abstracting money from the drawer of Hayward & Hale. Destructive Fire. We learn from the Rutland Herald that Rutland was visited by another destructive fire Thursday morning, April 2d. The fire broke out about 2 o'clock, a. m., in the office of the Franklin Honse, as it is supposed from a lamp left burning by the clerk, and resulted in the total destruction of the Franklin House, County Court House, two stores occupied by W. H. B. Owen, dry goods, and Mr. Stafford, stone and tin ware, and the building formerly occupied by Chaflee & Har-gor. The loss is estimated at fifty thousand dollars, SI 5,000 insurance. A Mr. Howe, who formerly kept hotel at Proctorsville, and was to take possession of the Franklin House on the 15th inst., was seriously burned, two others are ' reported injured by jumping from the second story windows. The greater part of the records of the county and probate courts were saved. Judge Smalley promptly granted permission to the county court to'meet in the United States court building for the remainder of the term. The losses of insurance companies by the fire are as follows : Home, of New York, on stock of merchandise, 81,500. Mm of Hartford, on furniture in Franklin House, $500. Yonkers and New York, of N. Y., on building, 8500. Norwich, of Connecticut, on building, $500. Phcenix, of Hartford, on law library, SG0C Vermont Mutual, on buildings and stocks, $15,-000. Total, $18,000. The chief losers are Mr, W. II. B. Owen, $6,000, and Gershom Cheney, owner of the Franklin House, $20,000, over and above insurance. The Franklin House was filled with guest-there being 200 persons in the house at the time, most of them boarders, it is a wonder no liveB were lost. Only one individual, Mr. H. A. Howe, of Proctorsville, who was going into the Franklin House as proprietor on the 15th inst., was injured. WINDHAM COUNTY. The store of J.Steen, (not J. Stevens, as was printed in part of our last week's edition,) in Brattleboro', was recently entered by burglars, the safe broken open and robbed of ?300 in money. The House of Thompson Holbrook, of Towns-hend, took fire it is said for the fifth time in three years, on Saturday morning of last week. The fire took from a defective chimney, and was fortunately discovered in season to save any serious loss. The new school building, at Bellows Falls, has been completed, and the annual school meeting was held there. The cost of the new school house will be SI 7,929.31, on which has been paid S5,429.21, leaving as present debt, for the school house, $12,500. cidents of the fire : THE LATE MAJ. JOHN PETTES. Early on Tuesday morning, the 24th of March, Major John Pkttes died at his residence, a short distance north of the village of Windsor. It is not well to let men pass away without notice who have been in ear ly days identified with the history of the town of Windsor. Maj. Pettes came with his parents, from Amherst, Mass., to Windsor, Vt, in the year 1800, and lived sixty-eight years in this village. On the day of his death he was exactly one week over seventy-five yenrs of age. Major Petb.'s hell for many years a commission in the St ite Militia, in the most flourishing days of tint organization. In 1849, he was U. S. Marsh il for the State of Vermont. He married a Miss Lucy Richards of Dorchester, Mass., who died early, leaving fire sons, and two daughters, of whom three sons and one daughter still survive. The latter years of his life were spent in conrpir-ativc seclusion. For a number of years he experienced daily disquietude on account of a tumor of a cancerous nature which formed and grew on the side of his neck, in a place where in early life he received a severe injury, having been thrown from his horse and nearly impaled on a picket fence. This tumour was the cause of his death. On the last day of Angust, 18:i7, he had the misfortune to shatter the joint of his right thigh bone by a fall. From the effect of this injury he partially rallied, but he never again left the confinement of the sick-room. The tumor increased in size rapidly. His breathing was much disordered, and his speech impeded. He suffered much distress and pain. Major Pettes was naturally of a very vigor u, tenacious constitution", and possessed of a masculine will, and an impulsive temper; and never hitherto had he boruc sickness patiently. But during this lost telious and painful illness, his impatience early changed to a marvellous degree of patience and long-suffering He bore his sufferings without complaining. He learned to welcome with a submissive spirit the approach and alleviations of the Christian religion, and, so far as his opportunities and strength allowcl, ho endeavored to discharge the practical duties which belong to the Christian profession. The pressure of this tumor and other causes, had contributed to make his life a somewhat wayward and fitful on?, t is a comfort, now, to hope and tru-t that the peace which stilled the storm was from above, and that it led him at length to find true rest fur the soul in Christ. M. n. Windsor, Vt., April 5, 1808. The great American Hair Preparation, valued at home and abroad, a real Hair Restorer or Dress ins, ("n one bottle.) A great triumph of science. Mrs. S. A. Allen's Improved, (new style.) Every Druggist sells it. Pr ice One Dollar. cajl4 4t MAKKlAOES. The writer's name must be tent with a notice ol marriage or death, to secure insertion. In Stockbridge, March 19th, by Rev. T. S. Hubbard, Mr. Adam Egrin of Medt'ord, Mass., and Mi9s Augusta C. Boutwell of S. In Newbury, March 31st, by Prof. Charles W. Wilder, Mr. Leonard Bowles of Lisbon, N. H., and Miss Lizzie M. Atwood of Littleton, N. H. In Roxbury, Mass,, March 7th, by Rev. Henry M. King, Mr. Francis Tuttle of Tunbridgs, Vt and Miss Annie E. Nichols of R. In Sharon, April 3d, by Rev. Philetus Clark, Mr. I. Rix Allen of East Barnard, and Miss Clara E. Smith of Sharon. DEATHS. Marriages and Deaths inserted tbm. Obituaries, rrvu cikts a line, poetry included, payment in advance. A line consist! of ten words. In Cavendish, March 18th, Clarissa P., wife of Harvey G. Parkhurst, aged 26 years, 3 months. In Hartford, at the alms-house, March 31st, David Fields, Esq., aged 85 years. (Vermont papers plenBe copy.) In Bradford, April 4th, of pneumonia, Sarah F. Johnson, aged 18 years, 10 months and 23 days. In Chelsea, April 2d, Mrs. Sena Andru, aged 84 years and 5 months. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. In Newburyport, Mass., Feb'y 27th, Miss Kate Sherburne Withington, of West Fairlee, Vt., aged 20 years and 10 months. In West Fairlee, March 12th, Mrs. Lucinda, wife of Mr. George Coburn, aged 74 years. In West Windsor, April 6th, Mrs. Laurenda D. Bridgman, wife of the late Dr. Benjamin H. Bridg-man, of Grafton, aged 63 years. " And I said in under breath. All our life is mixed with death, And who knowest which is best?" In WestTopsham, March 8th, Mr. Almon Currier, in the 41st year of his age. In West Randolph, Feb'y 24th, Mrs. Mary J Putnam, relict of the late Dea. S. D. Putnam, aged 65 years. In Shoreham, March 30th, Dea. L. Hunt, aged 72 years. THE VERMONT JOURNAL. Terms. $3.00 per year in advance ; if not paid in ad vance, $3.5u. Single copies 8 cents All papers inclosed in wrappers, must be paid for in advance. All arrearges must be paid to secure the discontinuance of a paper. In making remittances by mail, it is important to slate the facts emi raced In the following form : " Inclosed is $ to pay for the Journal sent to (name of subscriber) and received from Post Office." If a new subscriber, stale the fact, as this may Bave us much investigation. RATES FOR ADVERTISING. 12 lines or one Inch space makes a aqnare. I Bquare. one insertion ...$1.(X) Each subsequent Insertion 50 1 square, one year S15.00 2 squares one year $12.50 per square 3 to 5 squares 1 year 10.00 " 6 to 11 squares 1 year 0.00 " " II souarea and upward 1 year 8.00 " " For three months, one half the above rates. For cuts double rates. Notices in special column 50 per cent, advance. In read ing columns, double advertising rales. Yearlv advertisements must be paid quarterly. All advertisements from abroad must come through our regular authorized agents, or be paid for in advance. Interest will be charged on all demands from the time they become due. AU letters should be addressed to L. J. MclNDOE, Windsor, Vt Agents Wasted -In a safe, good paying business. Apply at the Journal and pBBoaiCU Or-fice, Windsor, Vt. caj-tf Down among the dead men, are, at this moment, fbous ands who might have beeu alive ami well had they used that great life preserver, Plantation Bitters. Let the liv ing lay it to heart that thev are the best know n remedy for .IVMTiitics complaints, stomach ilenuigemrlitssiiil general debility, is a delicious cordial, combined with great tonic virtues, their equal cannot be round. Delicate females, Clergymen, Merchants, Lawyers ami persons of sedentary habits particularly those wflo are weak and sutler with mental depression, are greatly Dene fitted by these Bitters. MAOHOLriWATEn. A delightful toilet article snprri or to Cologne, Bud at half the price. BJH 1-1 Ascutney Natioiml Bank. Quarterly report of the condition of the Ascutney NTs ttonal Bank of Windsor, on the morning of the first Hon day of April, 1808 : BKS0URCE8. Notes and Bills discounted, $47TO1 in) Furniture and Fixtures. 500 ( Current Expenses, 1,43.1 lit) fash Items, 144 12 Due from City National Banks, 4,469 60 U. S. Bonds deposited to secure circulation, 100)000 "o U S Bonds on hand, tMOOOO Lawful money, 14.461 11 $212,000 10 pmr.pi ii, 1,10000 18.690 00 5,731 SO 1.14O00 8.24.1 23 6, 1.15 43 UPUtUBH. Capital Stock paid in, Surplus Fund, Circulation outstanding, Individual deposits. State Bank circulation. Discount. Exchange and Interest, ProtiUand Loss, JU fiL'.oon 111 11., Cashier. SPLENDID EXHIBITION FOR HALK. A rare chance to travel and make money. The exhibition of Dissolving Views known as " Allen's Pictorial Concert," will be sold very cheap if applied for soon. J1517 Enquire of E. DEXTER, Reading, Vt Farm for Sale in Hoyalton. Pleasantly situated two miles from Rovalton Centre, on tho road leading from Rovalton to Woodstock, consisting of fifty acres excellent mowing, tillage and pasture laud, suitably divided, anil fifteen acres heavy woodland, well fenced bul'dings good and convenient ; running water at house and barn. Inquire of the subscriber on the premises. E. A. THACIIER. Royalton, March 3d. 1888. J 10-22 Nottoe of Dissolution. rPIIE undersigned would announce to the public that i they have this day dissolved, by mutual consent the co-partnership heretofore existing tinder the name and style of A. T. Freeman A Co.. and that all accounts wi lbe settled by A. T. Freeman, at Uartland Four Corners. A. T. FREEMAN, B. F. I.AliARF.E. Uartland Four Comers. March 4, 1808. J13-15 DR. HAMILTON'S FUM GATOR. rATK.MSD acoust 87, 1807. Mr. A. P. Wvman, the celebrated composer, is now pirinanently located in Clnremont, N. JI., as teacher of miuic. We can but congratulate the lovers of music in tint section of the country, on having such an accomplished and tliorou h teacher come among them. Prof. Wytiraii is without doubt one of the licst teachers of vocal and instrument il music in the couutry, and we hope his labors will be appreciated in his new location. During; his connection with the I,adics,Sotninn-ry at ('raw. on, Pa., lire number of music schol arsin thtt institution increased to eighty-live; ami his pupils arc now scattered all though the South i and West, as successful touchers of inusio. We art mf frhod that he has recently had a hUmofP of applications troin some of the largest senium- rics in tics country, but lie prefers to live in his native ftatc, and we trust the people of Clarcniont, j will tie to it th it he is not "taken" from them.--He II not only a superior teacher, but ho is one ol the must popular Composers ol the present d ij . We arc aware that Prof. Wymauita teru moilmt Hum, and it may shock li is nerves a little to see l mi -h a notice as this, but what we say is th 1 sim-plr truth, and we say it becmsc we think such talent as ho possesses should be acknowledged H'rsf-rrn Mimitnl World. o the Public MIIS Instrument Is ofTI-rod t a' one euleu- 1 lated to fill a great necessity. It has lieeu Ihoinugbly tested by Wool-Giuwers and Stock-Raisers, and has proved ! be perfect!) elloctual in destroying Tie.. ,, Sheep, and Grub In the Ili-ial, and for the latter Is llie only oagtaja method ever discovered, as by this Instrument wo apply the remedy directly to Hie part ntleeted, anil the drubs am destroyed at unco, as baa been proved by abundant experl-ment. His nqually efficacious in destroying vermin of all kinds on Cuttle. Colts, Dogs or Fowls, also Iledbuss, Borers, Mos-qultos, Woodchucks, Ac. It will destroy Lice on Hops. II., ise Plants mid Rose Rushes. Caterpillars, Garden lings on Melon., Ciicmnliefs and Squashes, and nil insects injurious to vegetation, tine application will protect Melons, fcc. from ibe 8triH'd Hug from five to eight days. For pro. teeting Ijvlles' Furs. Robes, Fur Coals and Collars, Carpets, and Woolen Hoods from Mollis, it has no equal. All we ask is a practical test, as we can demonstrate all we claim. Trice of Fornicator and Right or Use, $s,0n. U. E. E. SPARHAWK. M. P., (laysville, Vt, Proprietor of Vermont. J. M. HOI. DEN, Middlebury, (loners! Agent. jntf FREEMAN & HOISINGTON Having recently purchased the Store formerly occupied by A. T. Freeman k Co., and owned by J. W. Labaree, Respectfully call the attention of the people of Hartland and vicinity to their NEW AND EXTENSIVE STOCK OF SPRING GOODS, Ladies' Cloakings, Alpacas, Delaines, Poplins, Thibets, Dress Goods, Scotch Ginghams, Prints, Balmorals, Hoop Skirts, Cambrics. Brilliants, Tickens, Gloves, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Gaps, And in addition to the above named Goods, we we shall keep constantly on hand a General Assortment of Goods generally found in a Country Store. Such as DBY GOODS, GROCERIES, IRON AND STONE WARE, GLASS, Nails, Paints and Oils, Pu'ty, Varnish, which we propose to sell as low as can be bought elsewhere. We would also say that we do not propose to expand largely upon a few articles such as Set Manure Forks, &c. Eut propose to keep as good Goods as can be found elsewhere. For which we will receive all kinds of Farmers' Produce, such as Cheese, Cutter, Eggs, Corn, Wheat, Oats, &c, at the highest market price. A.T. FREEMAN. F. P. HOIS1NGTGN, Hartland Four Corners, April 3, 18G8. jl4 A RAKICIIANOE. ANY one with a small cipital. wishing f eiipras;e in a monoy-raaking businBa, would do wtdl to call and exuntoe the new KNITTING MACHINE, Now on exhibition at tlie KOfifALK HOTFL. This Machine will knit forty or fifty mire of stockings per day. Among the Bpt-eial advantages the Otifl Knitting Machine has over any other power ur band Machine for knitting hosiery, are the following; 1st. It is bo simple that a child can easily leirn to run it, and so cons rue ted that it cannot get out of order. 2d. It is capable uf making a gi.:at vrity of fancy. Tatters, which cannot be mude on any other Stocking Machine, and wid knit ribbed it plain. 3d. Stockings ior grown people and children can be made on the same machine. 4th. It will knit either Coltox Silk, or Woolen Yarns hard . r slack, 1 wist, and be changed from carsu to line Yurn, and knit equally well and drop no stitches. 5th. It is built irom the best material, and will last a 11 e tne and needs no repairs 11 roj erl ns-d. 6th. Itusesthe cdbratd Otis Patent Needle, which Is more durable, surer in its operations and lees liable to break or mike bad work than an. 'other y t iaveuwd for knitting and not halfso exjH n-dve as other needles j!5 FRUIT TREES FOR SALeT 10,000 CHOICE GRAFTED TRK.-:S, 6000 READY FOR SETTING THIS SPRING My trecB are Hit better, and t the tame time cheaper, tbtD any which can be obtained from a distance. I raise my trees from the seed, anJ none are grafUd in the root as are 'he York State trees. Those in want of trees will do well to call and examine mine before purchasing elsewhere. All ord-:rs with money enclosed will receive prompt attention. For farther information ph ase tend for Circalar. F. F. B0ITERFIEI.D. P. O. a&lretl, Weathersrleld Bow, Vt , Nursery, two miles South. j 15-18. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. Mr. A f. Wvmas, of Clajomont N. II., will be in Windsor every Saturday during the owning season, for the purpose of giving lessons oh the Piano. Organ. Melodian. in thorough bass, and in the cultivation of the voice. Terms $15. for twenty-four lessons, one-half in advance. His class is nearly full, but he has time for a few more. Those wishing to avail thenise'ves of this opportunity of obtaining thorough instruction in Music, will hand th.-ir names to Mr F. S. Edminster, as soon as convenient, as the number of pupils will be limited. Instruction Bonks, Sheet Music, furni-hod at lowest prices. Those wishing to buy new Piano's or Mrlodians, or to exchange old for new ones will Bud it for their Interest, to consult with Mr. Wvmax, as he will sell Instruments to his pupil', cheaper than they can buy of any other party. If persons wishing Mtcet Music or Music Books of any kind, will leave their orders with Mr. F. 8, Kdminster, they will receive prompt attention. JIM) KING'S VEGETABLE AMBROSIA IS THE MIRACLE OF THE AGE. Gray-Headed People have their locks restored by it to the dark, lustrous, silken tresses of youth, and are happy. Young Feople, with light, faded or red hair, have these unfashionable colors changed to a bcniitlrul auburn, and rejoice ! People whose heads are covered w ith Dandruff and Humors, use it, and have clean coats and clear and healthy scalps. Bald-Headed Veterans have their remaining locks tightened, and the bare spots covered with a luxuriaut growth of Hair, and dance for joy I Young Gcntlcmeu use it because it Is riehly irfuniei. Young Ladies use it because it keeps their Hair in place. Everybody must and will use it, because It Is the cleanest and best article in the lurirkct. For sale by Druggists generally. J7-J2 THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Something that Is needed by ovcry one owning property peri liable by Fire. HUHor s of properly have licen saved by it. Always ready for uses' il ran lie wrk.d by any one. rnicEs of the r.xTisoursriERs. No. 1 $45,110. Hs.SfWtt ,O.g$M.0a Send for Circu'ar. Local Agents wanted in every town in tho Counties. Apply to E. A. DEAN, rorkinsville. Vt , General Agent for Windham and V indsor Counties Local Agents. M. K. Paine, Windsor, Vt.; C. C. Boyn-ton, Springfield., Vt. STALLION WOODSTOCK. DKASOIC 1868. This weJl known trotting f talllon and Stock horse will stand this season atthe hotel stable in Woodstk and sol ve a limited number of mures. 'I HUMS $50 00. $25 to lie paid at time or serviee, and $25 secured to be paid When the mare proves with foal Money MM will be refunded for man not proving with foal. No variation ban IfeMfl terms. rartinihir attention paid to mares from a distance. 6Md pMtunge m ar tho stable. All niaros at risk of owners. I he owner of Woodstoek would Ik: glad to have owners of first elasa man- avail themselves r this opportunity, but Is'gs to odd that inferior buret are not wanted. SCIIl Yl.lilt Hill-l.NU.ON, Agent. Woodstock, Vt, Han'h, 1808. , j 1.1.27 CAUTION. Run sway D-on the snbseriber, mr son. Lewis Brieklehti k. This Is to 'orbui all er.,ns hnrboriny or trusting him, on my aeeonnt, as 1 th ill pay no debts orhls contracting, but hllsri(n his earnings N. B. UROCKLEBANK Plalnlleld, N. II. , April 0th. 1808. JIJ017. SPRING GOODS, B. F. LABAREE & CO., Are now having fresh arrival of Spring G00I3 Of every description, Brown and Bleached Cottons bought before th: rise Merrimack, Cocheco, Sprague and Manchester Prints. All of which we can sell as low as can be bought in Market at the present time. FULL LINE OF GROCERIES, At the very lowett prices. The best of Turk's Island Silt, for 75 cts., at the Depot; Marsh ill & Austin's fine Dairy Salt in bags, constantly on hand. We would call the attention of our customers to onr fine Rock Salt, by Baker & Downs, which is snow white, and will not harden by exposure. On TEAS, please take notice that we shall keep always on hand a full assortment, and shall continue, as formerly, to furnish our customers with those which are of the first quality. Four and Six Tined Manure Forks, from Bitchel-der & Sons-first premium awarded at the World's Fair, London, 1802. HERDS GRASS AND CLOVER SEED, In quant'ties at the lowest rate. We offer inducements to customers which cannot fail to please. Hart'and, Vt., April 3, 1868. B. F. LABAREE, OLIVJiK SMITH. jUtf THE LARGEST STOCK OF Clothing. Furnishing Goods, HATS, CAPS, Ac, 4c, In Windsor County, and at the lowest possible prices, can be found at 8. E, HUNGER 4 CO'S, Central Street Woodstock, Vt. Who are just opening a New Stock of Goods, at the lowest rates offered since the War. Our Ladies' Furs, consisting of American Sable, Fitch, River Sable, Siberian Squirrel, Coney, c, AT COST. AH we ask of those wishing to purchase is to CALL AND SEE US. Aud we will : .nvince them that we will sell cheaper than can lie bought elsewhere. TRY US ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S PAPER COLLARS AND CUFFS, more than iO kinds. JO) Gentleman's Collars, 2 boxes Gent's Collars, 2 Enameled Collars, 1 " Plain Collars, 1 " Linen finish, 2 " Ladies' Collars, 10 pair Men's Cud's, 10 Pair Ladies Curl's, Orients. 2J Cents 20 Cents 15 Cents, 2J Cents. 10 Cents. 50 Cents. 15 Cents. LEGAL NOTICES Probate Court in the Disirirt of VVi.j for the Year eimuiny, lndWi IN SPRINGFIELD at the Probate Office ontw,., Tuesday of December. 1S67. ' m ,he b In Cavendish,-at the Eagle TJotel, Prnctorsvin on the third Tuesday of January, MmcIi, Mm 7' September and November. At Alfred Walkers' liity the third Tuesday of February, April. June a ' and October. ' ul In WINDSOR,-at the Windsor House, on th, , Tuesday el February. July aud October. Rl In WF.ATH KUSFI ELD at K Pawner's Hotel the first Tuesday ot April, June, August and gS " ber. HENUY CLOSSON.Jss,, Springfield, Dec, t, 1867. jttT St: ddard Tower's Will. SATE OF VERMONT DrsTEiCT of Windsor. t9 In Probate Court, held t Springfield, witMn mi ". said District, on the 6th day of March, A. D. 1168 AN INSTRUMENT, purporting to l.e.tht- litt Wjii ,. 'testament of St ddard lower, late of SprtatlkAl in said Dislrrct, deceased, waB preseuled to tlie ton'., for Probate bv Isaac 8. Tower, the Executor nasi Therefore it is ordered by said court. Hut all person, concerned therein be notirted to appear al a session If said Court to be held at the Trobate Office, in BprSSfl in said Di trict, on the 27th day of April, a! rj 1863, and show cause, if any they have, amino the Probate of said Will; lor which purpose, itis for tlier ordered, that a copy of the record of tin's otZ be published three weeks successively in the Venn. Journal, printed at Wiudsor previous 10 said tim,, ' pointed for hearing. Uiven under my hand at the Probate Office at Snrin, field, thi; 26th day of March. A. D. 18 8. s' ' J15-17 HhNRYCLO-SOS Judg,. James Porter's Estate. State of Vermont -District of Windsor. The rtoa. the Probate Court for the I Strict of Windsor To nil persons 0 ncemed in the estate of James fr tor, late of Springfield, in said district, deceased, testate Gbiehii, J HEIiEAS, James E Whi'e, Executor ol to, i,',t If will and testan ent of sa.d deceased, propose renderiii an ar count of his admini-tratii n, aDlj and pn aenting Iii account a rainet said estate, ior allow-since, at a session of said Court to be held at the Probate Office in Springfield, in said District, on the last Monday of April inst. Tli. reiore. you are hereby notified to appe r he'sre said C ult, al the time anu place aforesaid, and show cmse. ifnny you have, why the account should not be allowed. Dated a' Springfield iu said Distn'e' this 61 h day of April, A. JL. 18H8 jl5 17 HENRY CLQSEON, Jrjdjt, Lewis Graham's Estate. STATE OF VF.K.VONT DrsrnrcT of Wixnstn.i,. The Honerable the Probate Court for the District ol Windsor,. aloresTitl ; To all persons cpneernfd in the estate of Lewis Graham, late ofSpringfM 1, in siid tri it. decease 1, intestate, UiEitms,' YirilKARAS, L'dney Bnrke, administrator de bonis TV non of the f state of the said deceased, propose! rendering an aceount of his administration anl present. Ing his account agaiost said estate, forallouanee at ases- sion of said Court to be held at the Probate oTce in Springfield, in said District, on the last Monday of Afrj instant. Therefore, yon are hereby not1 tied to appear te'oresjii Court, at the time and plaee aforesaid, an 1 shosr caose, if any you have, why the said account should not be allosr-cd. f ated at Serir.gfield, in said District, this Ota dav ol April, A. D. 1868 HENRY CLOSSOX, Judge, Aud all other kinds too nnmcrous to mention, At S. E. MUNGEIt t CO'S, W'oodstoek, Vt. B TXT & PUSH'S CELEBRATED SILK HIST, with patent Sweat pad inside. Spring style, found onlv at 6. K. MUNGIili ,t (Jo's, Woodstock, Vt. UBIIER BLANKETS, only $1.75, At t. ft. MUNGLH Ji Co s, Woodstock, t. To the Honorable the Probate Court for the District ol Windsor. 7our Petitioner Charles Heed, of Monti elier In the . Connry or Washington ai.d Stat-1 of Vermont, respectfully represen's to sai l 1 ourt that he is the assignee ofllarkrrA Kn gtit. and that in ih selllemeul of lbe estate of Serrall E. Belkbftp, in said c u;t, said court on lee tth day r.f O rtolier A. D ordered and dicre rd a dividend of 26;; c ntsou tkeddBW of the second debs 01 the credit rs wlncii bad 1 eeu provid agaiust laid es tite. And mat as the lime ofsnd decree thefe was end ing a suit iu chancery in the Couuly 0' Washington, in favor oTsaid Reid and others against tlie said B -Iknap's es' ale and others, and the suae was well known to in., adiuiuiairiilo. a of the estate of the said Belkuap. Ai d such proceedings w re had in said suit in Chancery, that at the March term of Washington County court 01 chancery A. 1. ISO?, the Chancellor ol said court at Moi.tpe-lier, on lbe first da;, of May A D 1S67, in pursuance ol a mandate of the 8opre ne C'OirL sit the Stale made a fiual dtcrco in said suit lhat the esli.te ol said Belkuap was n-debt. d to said iteed in thl sum of 4 44J.M for debt and cosLs 111 sslti suit, an! old Tesl and deer, ed ihe esiate of said Belknap to pa. saui stini 10 sa.d Keed iib assignee and trustee, niiJ lhai the Clerk of tsaid court of chancery issue bin oef lincate Of same to said Probate court, and that said debt be entered in tin li ts of claims agiin:t said estste in said Probate court. And your petitioner anther sits forth that all the estate of said Belknap was w rongfuliy divid d by s lid decree ol Oct jber till ISM among the cr suitors ol ta d Be. knap who hail Utus proved their claims again -I his estate wits out regard to the claim of the petition t which claim was then pending in sai 1 couit of chancery as aforesaid. An I your pell ion.T prays tnat the Bai I decree and order of said dividend ufOctolier lib, ISO t, by the decree ami order of said Probate court may bo set usid, and that u new dividend may be made, among a l the creditors of said eitaie, Ine uding IIk claims ol your pjliliuuer, such iib law and justice Tenures. As n duty b.iuud your petitioner will ever pray. CHAllLKS REED. Muulpelicr, March Silt, 1S68. STATE OF VERMONT DiSTmcr or Wmnsoa, as iBorleied bylhe Probate Court f r the D strict of Windsor aforesaid, that all persons concerned be notified to appear beforj said couri al a session tueivof to be held at the "Windsor House " iu Windsor, in said Distiict, on the 6th ("ay of May next, and show cause if any they may have, why Ihe prayer o' Charles Ifeed, contained ia th.-forgoing petition should not be granted; that it is fur h. r ordered, thai a copy or said set. lion and tnls order of notice be published tnree weeks sueees ively in each of the fo Imvtng named newspapers, to it. the Ver-m 111 Journal prin ed at Windsor, mid the Green Mountain Freeman printed at Monlnlii r, loth In this Slate, previous to the time a pointed for the hearing in the premises as atorasaid. nun sa my haul aud tie Beal of said court al Springfield in said Disiriet, ibis tilli. d;ij of Apni A. I). 1S68. jl'i-17 HENRY CLOSSON, Judge William 1'. Colby's Will. STATE OF VERMONT-Rundolpli District, SS. In Probate Court, he'd at Clie'sea, within and for said District, on the Jlstday or March, A. D., 1848. AN Instrument purporting to Ik- the last Will and Testament of Wii iani P, Co by, late of Tunbridgo, in said district, deceased, Iveing presented to the Court by Henklali 11. Colby, the Executor therein named, for l'ro'-liate: It is ordered by said (ourt, that all persons concerned therein lie Bottled to appear at a session of said . .,., , muui n iii mc 1 rooaie umco, in riiiUou, on the , loth day of April, bos, and show cause, if any thoy may have, against the Probate of said Wil'.for which purpose. ! it is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order j r"""1" .111 ce neess successively ill llie leiuioiii Journal, printed at Windsor, previous to said time np-pointed fin- hearing. r A true iropy of Record. J 13-15 Attest,- P. C. JONES, Register. Good Pasture for Nalo. 0 1T1IATKD alsint one mint west ,,f Hnrl'imd Four Cor-O nor", on the rial le ding by Jacob Tewkesbury eon-t. iningi'S acre-. Them are aimut 2 aeres of good woodland im the same For f nher partiea'ai-senipiire of Oliver Smith, at 11, g. Latiaree A Wi Kt Unit and, April a, ISHH. lia16 President I m peached. Ijior sale the valuable rami situated in the center village in Sirirloni known at lb Uan, Sniilli homo farm of 1,5 acres of land, buildings Isrge and us, former ly occupied as a hotel, called the best farm in Slialloid ' Also, an exc limit farm in Tuuliridge of 25u acres 1 uouiva, o uai in nun uov OUIIU OlgB IU porp irllOU, Uolll farms are wo.l wap nil. fruit and largo Bugar orchards ease of aceeBS to Central Railroad. Call and examine. JKKRMY C. HOWE. Tunbridgo. Vt., April 1st, 1803. ji.0.1.7 FLOUR & LUMBER FOR SALE. II. 8. BOWES keep constantly on hand all kinds Pino, Iloni'.oek, Spruce and Cedar Shingles, Claplmards of all grades, Utile anil Finishing Luilben A'ao Flour direct from Including Eiumelt Mills. Enquire of Hi N. OII.SON, at Windior Depot, J Windsor, Vt, To the Probate Court for the District ol Windsor. rr-HE under iglied. guardian of Louisa R. Jarris. an in-X sane perron, residing In Weather field, in said distm would respectfully represent that the said Louisa B. ha an interest in various parcels of real estate, situate in Siuiiigfle d, in said Di trict, original y leased by Lea is It. Morris to different persons, w hich interest as lessor the said Morris conveyed to W'il iam Jarvis, and bas since been conveyed by the executors of the said Wil iam Jarvis. deceased, to the said Louisa B., a list of said les'ees and dates of leases are given in a deed Irom said executors to the said Louisa B., bearing date February 13, I860, and recorded in Vo page of Springfield Land Records ; a copy of which deed is herewith produced to said Court, and referred to. and said guardian would further represent that it would be conducive to the interest of her said ward 10 tell all her interest in said lease lands and use the proceeds thereof in stocks or real estate sureties in which th? hfterest ur income thereof may be more easily and sr.ii less inconvenience collected. She therefore prays said Court to gram her lfcenseand authority to sell all hersaii interest in said lands and leases at public auction m private sale, as she shall find most beneficial. ANN B. JARVIS, Guanlian. Weathcrsfield, March 20, 1868. STATE OF VEBMONI WsmoB It is ordered by the Probate Court for the district aforesaid that all persons interested lie notified to appear before said conn at a session thereof tele held at the offie, -; Judge of Prolate, in Springfield, in said district, on the SOB day of April next, and show cause, if any they may have, why the lecense and authority prayed for in tlie lore.- 1.; app ieation of Ann B. Jarvis, Guanlian of Louisa li. Jarvis. should not be granted ; and lor this purpose it is furlhir ordered that a copy of said application and of this order of notice he published three weeks successively in the Ver mont journal printeit at uuior. 111 said di-tr:ei, before the time therein (et for the bearing in the premisest afore aid. ti.yen under my hand and the es) of said Court a! Springfield, in said distrxt. this ISth day of March, A. O. 1868. jlt-16 HENUT CLOSSON. Judje. 1 eland Harwell's Estnte. STATE OF VERMONT District of Wixdsor, ss. The Hon. the Probate Court lor the District of Windsor: t o all persons concerned iu tlie estate of Lehuid Farwell. late of Heading, in said District, deceased, inlestate, Ukeetiko. l HEIIEAS, Hosea Benjanrn, Administrator of the II estate of the said deceased, proposes rendering an account of his administration, and presenting iris account against said estate, for allowance, at a session ol said Court to be held at Ihe Hotel ot Alfred Walker, iu I'aveudiab, iu said District, on the 3d Tuesday of April next. Therefore, you are herebv notified to appear before said Court, at the time and place aforesaid, and shot any you have, why the said account should not be allowed. Dated at Springfield, in said District, this isth daf of March, A. L. litii. Jlt-M HENRY CLOSSON. Judge. William Eoyntou's Estnte. Slate of Vermont District of Windsor. The Probate Court lor the District ol Windsor, afore- laid. To all persons interested in lbe estate of WU hi Boynton, laleol Sgringfle'd, in said District, diceastd int stale. UKKLTlJiO-VITHEREA8, George Jenkins Administra'or of the I v estate of the raid deceased, proposes rt nierinn sn account of hii administration, and presenting her recount a.'alnal sai 1 esiate for allowance, at a n ssion ul said Court to tr held at the offlee of tlie Judge of Probata, in Spriugticid, in said District, on the 80th dajofafil next. . hereforo you are hereby notified to ai pear before sail t'ou't. at ihe time snd phice aforesaid, and show cause, it any you hare, why the said account should nol I e allowed Dated at Springfield, in said district, lliis 30. h i'i' March, A. 1). 1868. fUM HENRY CLOSSON. Jud(l( Elisha lliiirgi ss' Estnte. STATE OF VERMONT--ItAsnoirii District, ss-In rrobate Court held at Chelsea, in said Distiict, on the l;h day of March, A. !., (888. "IARoLINE llurtesa anfl RUhU Hyde, Administrators of il slate 01 Elisha Burgess late of laid Chla in sdddiBlriel, deceased, makes apptlcl ion to said On for license to lie 'd t Dmlel Clark, ot sdd Clielse-i, certM real esmt In said Chelsea, being the house and lot in H village 1 f Chelsea, known as the "Grout place," MJ seining that said deceostd held the same Iu trust for said Daniel Clark. Whereupon it is ordered by said court that Mi'1 application be referred 10 a session of laid court, t" t held at ihe Probate Office, in Chelsea on the 1 day of April, A. 1)., 1868, 'or hearing and drclrdon thorcon : And it is further ordered, that notice hereof n given to nil persons iulerestid, l.v publication 01 Ibe three weeks stieeessivelv In the Vermont Journal. a ne'' pshier published at Windsor, rovious 10 said Line l" pointed for hearing, that they may appear at said li"' and place, and ir they sec cuuao, object llierct". By the CourL-Alle t. J13I5 J. i. CLKAVELAND, Ju-lge- Uetsey Dana's Will. STATE OF VEKMoN i'-WiiiDsoit OISTUICT, At a Probate Court held at Cluster, wilh 11 and said Distiict. on the 24th day ol March. A. V I AN INSTRUMENT purporting to be tlie Ins! Will anil Itstauienl ol Betsey D ma. sail District, devejsed, was presented to tie' CoJ" boio for Probate, by Pnscolt lleald, tlie ExofU therein named, Thcrctor , it is ordered by said Ccuit that all it'0"' concerted t herein be notiiied to appear Iwlo'e Court at a a s ssion thereof to bo held at CaviUihsh-the Hist day 01 April, A. D , ls.OS. and coi.le-i thel'rp' Of said Will, II 1011 see came; lor which 11 ' further ordered that a n py ol the record ol IhH , t o published three wu'ke suco-stivelv. in "IM! Journal; a n -wspaper pr.nted at Windsor in this b j: ttie lust of which shall be previous lo tlie day iissid""1 aTorosaid for hearing. Givi ti un.lei my hand at the Probate O'llce at Chest"' this 23d day of Mai ell, A U, 1868. J'-1-t" WILLIAM ROUNDS Regi-i ' Moth Patrhra, Freckle! and Tl ri HE Only Reliable Remedy for those brown, I lien. 1,11 U, r.,,, 1. I,...'-. VI. ,1 a e'lvekle I ' '' " Prepared only bv Dr. II. I!. Pori-V. 16 llondSt. Now t' Sold everywhere. JI3-

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