The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1949
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1940 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE r Tail Seeks End Of Contributions Chain Letter Idea Bringing Campaign Funds to Ohioan WASHINGTON, nee. 31. (AP) — Senator Toft iR-Ohio) added something new to the political pattern yesterday, by trying to halt campaign contributions. The ful! story of a unique sort of fund raiMiiK drive came to light with 'raft's assertion that lie is trying to discourage a nation-mcic- chain letter cuinnalgn. Tart told reporters In Ciiicliiiiiiti ^tnat he and hi.s aide.? had nothing to do «ilh—and nre tryinu to stop —chain letters asking recipients <A> to donate $1 to ihe litann'.« re-election es|iciise.s nnd <u> to send tlic letter un to 10 other pcr.sons. Friends of Taft here said the idea was hatched by well-wishers who have come lo regard the Ohio Senator as "Mr. Republican" and who want to he sure he has funds for an all-out campaign. Tatt hiin.«elf has charged that organized labor plans ui spend ••millions' lo defeat him in the Ohio race next year. Lalior Ls atter hLs scalp largely he sjxlirsorcd the Tart-Hartley Act parsed by the Republican SOili Congress and had a bi« hand iti preventing its repeal in tht; last session. Union Kick In" The AFL, and the CIO have ed members to donate SI each, with indications that a heity chunk of this cash would be used in Ohio. Some business men have retaliated by starting interstate fund raising drives for Taft. Former Senator Hawkes. New Jersey Republican , , ",.•,, who once headed the National As- i mn *. es , for " h " Kht spt " °" "" BACK TO WASHINGTON AGAIN—Re.-ulj tor his annual Irel; to Washington, along wilh Congress, is Frank E. Gimlelt, above, seen relaxing at Canon City, Colo. [Carti year Gimlelt hnnt'ls a train LYir the capital to confer with C'insressm?n on the state of the nation. Mis aim is to get lha count) y hack on a sniincl linnncial basis, wilh "hard money" replacing paper currency. Junior-Grade Fmnkensieins Simulate Reactions of Humans Ily A. A. I-'rcdricksoii Courier Xous Staff Writer Several days n^o. a nows service reported that an EiiRlish scientist h;ts turned up with n new type of robot. Ordinarily, news in this vein of Mnnuiacturer.s. Ls -said to have been active in this As a result, contributions are reported to have bten coming in to Tafl headquarters from all over the country. Tail's friend. 1 ; here rejiortcri thai, as an eXHtnnle, a Missouri indu.s- L .sent along a crlieck for 3200, \vi^e grim from particular gadget has But tins this territory in November would have kicked sales higher than ihp price of coffee 1 . Brsinews would still be ^oocl in some spots like South- cast Missouri, where cotton acreciRe nil o LI n ei its have made those wood.^ an unwelcojne place for \vaiulcr.n;; Agriculture Department "experts." usual, so in PO IIP hu.s in frightening si'ffer cverytinie a new product hits robots would raise Tt—or rather they—U'rns out U> I . -,- rf — 0 -- -. - = ,, be a puir of robots named Elmer n °b with psychintmi.s' jobs. Tf no-| ] ins and Elsie. Nor arc they just ordinary bundles of bulls that £o thruimh the usual hi-jinx of smoking i-i^-, siuins f walking autt casiiov? 2-i-watt winks at ladv robots \\iih State Spends $12,000,000 For Highways • LITTLE ROCK. Dec. :il. i/]'. — Arkansas i.s spending some S12.(|(JO.- 000 in .sinte nncl federal fiiiuis on highway cotistniclion in 1949. CliicI Highway Enginfcr A. E. Johnson reported Hint the lotft! includes 52.000,000 spent under eon- tracts lev in 1948. and about $10.000.000 spent tincicr 1940 contracts. He sa : (i the denartmcnl attuailv Sawyer Urges Buying More Foreign Goods MKMPHfS. Dec. 31—A pica for American basin ass men to ro-operaltf In finding markets hove for foreign trade goods is imulc by Secretary of Commerce Cliiujo; Sawyer In the lead urtlclc of The Ooiton Trade Journal's i7tli annunl InteinuUona! Ktlition, oil ihe prcxs today. Citing tho need for Increased Imports in order to L-oiret't the "itn- biilana? btl\vcen whtu other coun- trie.s pay for our jyjruLs a u(t \vh;it v>'u pay for their floods." Mr, Sawyer as.scrl.s th;tt nuiny foreign ;nan- tif:iciur<uv> "it re atniUl lo try lo compete in the highly developed \ United Siate.s market."' Anything, wo can (to to> Kurope;in nntion.s' .supply ol itollnr.s will '"boast Ihr-ir .slniufard oj li','int< nnd I heir .^cll-re.spoct and strong' then tho force.s uf democracy everywhere/ 1 he SH.V.S, Tlie 1040-50 edition cotitahus art by prominent eijoii on lists and ern world, India initl AMJI on tssiir.s of einreni economic Interest,, it is called I ]u- World Trade Number and i.s dwILi'iUcci ttj William |,. C'ay- U»i, lormcr under -secretary ol stale for economic affairs, ami ono of ihv rnajm- [irrlthecus of t!u» international "1 "rude On;:uiiz;ilion t-liar- tcr. CIVIL LIBERTIES CH1EF- Prof. P.itiii-k M. Mnlin of Sw;it thniorc College, Kwarlh- moie, Pa., ,ibo\'c, has been named director of the American Civil Liberties Union. Professor Matin \viJI take his new post oti Feb. 1, Miereeding Kotjcr N. Ualdwin. Pittsburgh, Pa., Wins Top Rating as Noisy City NEW YORK. rice. 31 IAP> — i I'ill.sbmch, «'ith il.s narrow, crowded sticcls. is the nalimi'.s noisiest ciiy, a sound rc.seinvli lalxiralory reported today. Los Angcies is the quietest. The Van Dcr Schalie Laboratory, after a survey that lasted more timn two months. Hslcii tht; 10 More television stations are oper-' titii; within the boundaries of tho lulled States tlum all tho rcs.1 of he world combined. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'TRIGGER TRAIL" ('at tnon \- .Serial Satnniiiy Owl Slinw 'TRAIL OF THE YUKON ivitli Khb)' Cranl C.'artoun A favorite dish In the French province of Champagne Is dandelion nd buam ftdlaU. NEW Dux Onrns Wrrk Days 7:110 p.m. M:il!m<B Saturday A: Sundays Mal.-Sun. 1 iuu. Oml. Showing; Manila, Ark. Saturday "DEAD MAN'S GULCH" u Illi lliin Harry noting that 200 unionized employes j shapely liarchs'are. of his had been a.sked to contribute Machine With "NVmV SI each to a fund tliat would be These. jimmr-f;radc Frankenstcins used—in part at least- against Taft. ] not only simulate human iPvurUou The Oliio Senator has always M- j to various .stimuli-;-which in itself nnnccd hLs campaigns through Oliio : is rji'itn n fear as well as a hcllir . . hfl <ly worried, (here'cl be no ta '""ids for the thnught-jirobcrs to UJiknoL About tlve only thi«« lofi toy the acticing psyt-hiatrLst to do would be to trade in his couch for a S'"fnse •k, buy a battery churfjcr and K» into the robot-repair business, contribution.s and apparently v/nuld : like lo continue to do tluit. j got. He also 1=5 seemingly well aware of j * the danger ol being tagged a.s a ! cer "money" candidate, preferring the role of the financial imdeniog being attacked by the well-heeled labor unions. When Homo was at the height of her power it was said that n bird could travel from one cm! ! of. the Spanish peninsula to the i "rains, there's a man-creatod short- other by hopping from tree to tree, ciici'it that periodically causes these of ivortis to spell—they also 'nerves." flea 11 the honest-to-Fmirt. ul- ccr-bearins type which has become standard equipment on the 20th- century Inimtin animal. According to the data transmitted to the already senii-srhtxophreiiin public by this newsy little item, these, critters can develop neuroses —a cei.tle term for pin in everyday no-flipping. Somewhere deep in 151- mer'.s and Elsie's luUe electronic but forest, area- now has very Boys' Industrial School Visitors May Get Chance To Stay for Some Time JONESBORO, Dec. 31. <AF> — e ctunniitmciU.s of ahonl SI(>.000,OOI) this year—about $13,000.000 in contracts and the remainder In weak dune by state crews. B;t. lie said uuout SG.000,000 of that total won't be spent this year as work called for in (lie contracts will not bi'cin until 1950. Johnson said the Arkansas Highway Commission will meet .Inn." 27 lo let about sl.500.000 in new contracts. Specific projects on which bids will be asked have not been determined. Self-Styled Gangsters' Aide Faces New Charge The boys will have to wait awhile, though, the sheriff explained, until they have been given a hearing in juvenile court. _ .ibots to pet a mental belly-ache when fared wiin a tough decision, in .sucli an event, they s;t> into the electronic equivalent of a .sulk start zipping around in circles like a woman driver at n no-U-turn intersection. The scientist whose pnst-prari- unte Erector set fathered these says they were built to aid studies of the causes of neuroses. Fine and dandy. I've tint no s;rief , with the lads who earn Tlieir cakes ! and roffec by e.xnlaniing to then ' patients why people fall in love with ; their lunbreUaK, or nurse Moiig an \ j ill priority comjilcx until It blooms | BURLINGTON, into a mass-hatcheting. (APi— A fantastic Three Craighead connly. youths , apparently were ovcr-at\xiou.s to set, I a bjllet in the Arkansas foods' indu.s- | JONESBOKO, Dec. 31. (API — trial school at. Pine Bluff. Janice A. Steanu, the .sclf-.styled Sheriff \V. y. Na-sh .said today | ?:u»Bstor's aiiie [rom Egypt, Ark., that tJiree boy.s from Caraway drove j l!it ' c 'd a new charge Unlay, a sioleu tvuvr'n w the school Tliurs- I A State of day. presumably to visit friontl.s from Caraway who are confined there. noisiest citirs for 1049 !n this order Put-burgh, Chicago, Nc\v Y Boston, Philadelphia, Snn Fnn co. cineiaiuiU, Houston, Miami St. Louis. The nine quietest, after Los An- KOle.s, ux'ic: Di'iivcr, Djinbmy, Conn, Chcy- I'line, Jackson, Mi>,s., IJcttoit. Minneapolis, Spi'inyfleld, HI., Sioux City, la., and Fiirgo. N.D. The lalxn'ittoiy docs sound research work for the moiini* piciure industry. H attributed Los Angek'.s' leadership In Ihc'miieL city Held to wide, exprass strcet.s which keep llaific. flowing and horn-happy motorists with nothing to blow at. Sunday, Monday & Tuesday "THE CROOKED WAY" with .lohn Payne and Sunny Turin Warner Xeus X Shorl Sal in day Owl Show "TWO YANKS IN TRINIDAD" «i(li Pal O'llricn Also Slmrls Sunilay S: Monilny "TOKYO JOE" uilli Itumpliiey Unfurl Also Shnrls The iruck they were driv been ve,]5orted .stolen eat-Her yesterday by A. !_,. Clements of Caraway. Ofr'iciiils at the school t<x>k the visitors into custody, Slieritf .said. A State of Minnesota ohamrm him with car theft was read to Sicarns in jai! here, vvlieri: he i^ being lielct oji a federal count of trans port ins; a car in interstate commerce known to have been stolen The new warrant, was I)ted from St. Paul. Stearns t<,!d pftlite here h»*l week '" !iac) ! he monitored a shml. wave radio for three Chicago gangsters during two big .sticfc-up.s there. Ohiaan's Fishing Yarn Wins Tall Tales Contest But abrirl ome these Wb.. Dri-. 31. i --- - - fLshin^ lib iJi- I can't help wonder a littlt*, volvinq the death of a Colorado wlml would happen should ; irout totlny gn vc a fabrica! hi" Ohio- eiucrju-i.smg uuiividnal put; mi the litle of "wiH-ld's chinnhion thinss into productioii. I liar." HTADV TO Wl-:»? The Asso- f CiatiMJ Pi ess learns from a rchpori- j siiile .source that Kins F:\rotik ' ( above» of t^ypt .soon may marry ] > Jhe IR-year-oid daughter «if an , Egyptian civil servant. She is Miss NarrmuMi SadcK Tiiis is a Julv i 10^3 file 7 -ctwye ol the 2D-yrar-oIri| Take for instance this neck Farork. i*? Wircpholo) I the woods. The quota qualms Thing of it—an automatic wnr- ricr. Why work yourself into a psychological la t tier when (here ore mae-Oines IhM can V/'ck aruimd n g-^ncl ncurosi? for you? Pi'sh a button and let Elmer—or Elsie, if ymi happen to be a powder room attendant- -csiso your mind by c*ung into a mental lail.spin lor you. The sij?lsl of the gacl»pi pop- pinp it,s cork should t>i: cnni'«h in itself Lo take the strain off anv tired brain. Such a product, rcrtsnnly no sillier and just us interest Ing to watch ns a tnlcvisinn snl. wovld sell like; hot rakes from Wall Street to Sun- j ret Boulevard. WMle two i spots are the unchallenged ulcer capiial.s of tim \vnrfd. rhcre vonl-J be no short .IRC of markets in be- j twcen ."\]iirko(s Kvrrywbrrr The Hitrlin^ioii Uar'.s Club -said il-'K annual awtird gw.s to "HancM John" Gcerlicli of Toledo "with n .''iyli of relief and by unanimous vote." Gocrlich'.s tail tale related that, nlone in Colorado he cniiyh.t. a irout on a ranc pole but in hi.-> excitement forgot about lii.s laiuiing neLs and g'.iti hooks. He reeled hi.s prize up U» the tip of the pole which he then hpuvrd out of the water into an upright IK,\tltton. The pole w;t.s so lone lie couldn't reach the lii-h auci ho dnr- cd not put the ]>clc back inio the water fov fear the trout would escape. "I Muck the butt or l-'m;, limber polo into ihe cround. drew my tru-sty lintitiiu; knife, climbed of j up tho pole and -stabbed that fLsli : - ' to death." Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet l|-Ton Cab & Chassis FOR SALE Crpncn-tt culverU Ij: inch l« 4k inch yJ;iii] or rpeiilnrced Als*i UonrreU Huildint Ulcick> chrup ct I hap liniilirr IIK liiirns ch.rkcn linil.<ic<i [Hjmp tinusrs lrn;inl hnusr.s lotkl shrcis \\> drliTcr UalF u^ Eo> fref uitmal« I'hone Ml OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO HAPPY Open 12;:M>-BLvrTcvi LLCS ONLY HiK ALL WHITE THCATRF Ilifs ——————-™— n Hi^ Now Years Owl Sliow Jr>]]iiny M;u-k Ilruun in "Haidurs <>!' Siiulli" A Is II •Inl Dimiililsmi In ",My DII^C Uiisly" Si'ii:il • CjrLtiiin ,'j 1 | Tonife 1! :IS Kiiifi Dill (lie Old Yrar llritiK in th« New . . . —OX Tllli SCUKFiN— 'l.otie Wolf ill [.tuition' Happy New YearSUN.-aioN.Hoppy New Year Thi'i'L 1 is no lieltcr \v;iv tn slsirl (he new .vein off i-ijjhl I hiiti lo .sue ijiis lii^ t-olni- hil show — TWO B!G COLOR HITS •6m* .EiUie?. ' . rnuih YVWILLIAHS-SINATRA HIT NO. TWO" ,^ ; *?Af ___„ • COI.OU - J'lL'fTlCAT, - j\CTION 1.CHAMPION in WOKI.l) NI-IWS * COl.Oft CA11TOON M3N AddVH M3H MdVH • LU CD LU You can buy it for $88-3 on Monday, ?87. r ) on Tuesday, etc., if tlic truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on tlic rear, T.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean BS a pin AND a 19-50 Arkansas licenst. Monday's Price H $ OTHER USED CARS and TRUCKS • JiMS Stutlclmkcr Land Cruiser 'SIS Slmlel>:ikei- Champion If II Chevrolet 2-tloor ].,]() Slutlchiikcr i/ 2 -Ton I'i 1017 Ford '/2-Tnn I'ickup 1'Jtfi DndKC '/2-Ton Pickup CD > 7s m CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Your Friendly Studebakcr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT BLYT By Advertising In The Classified Col minis When You Want lo Buy or Sell AOS PLACED BEFORE 9~A M" WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 EVILLE COURSER NEWS Sunday & Monday IT'S TRUE!' CLAIMS THAT ME "LIKBS TO KEEP BUSY" AND MIS HOLIY. WOOD POST-WAR RECORD BACKS KIM UP. SINCE SERV. ING IN THE MARINES. HE HAS COMPLETED FOURTEEN PICTURES AND NOW IS STARRING IN HIS FIFTEENTH, M-G.M'i "1HE DOCTOR AND THE GIRL." HAS HELD MAJOR ROLES IN HER SEVEN PICTURES AND IS ON H6R EIGHTH-SHE NEVER PLAYED A MINOR OR BIT PART IN HER SENSATIONAL TWO. YEAR RISE IN HOLLYWOOD THIS IS A UNIQUE RECORD IN THE ANNAIS OF METRO- GOLDWYN-MAYER'S ?5 YEARS OF MOTION PICTURESli By Wiley Padan !•»-> •>&* A PTCUIMS FIFTEEN YEARS! OF ACTING TO HEfil CREDIT. THIS USUALlvl MAKES PEOPIE DO A| DOUBLE-TAKE fOR THEl r- SLIGHT GIBL LOOKS AS* IF SHE WERE STILt IN ^«!«NS..BUT WHEN 311 ;^- i *-«kjNJ me fn*_itntK (Jr OTV/O CHILDREN —WEILI /<,<V7 IS TAKING HIS s7ABlE~Of~PACER? AND TROTTERS FOR A TOUR OF THE MIDWEST AND SOUTH, MAIN STOPS- V/ILL 6E CHICAGO AND IEXIHGTON KENTUCKY. MR. COBURN WILL PROS.' ABLY DRIVE IN ONE OR TWO EX. HIBIT10N RACES, Plus Added Arfrucrions For Unexcelled Quality WOOD WORK MACHINE WORK \Ve promise complete satisfaction with any jnl) assigned us. . .be il Iar),'e or small. Whether it'.s machine work or welding, millwork, building or repairing cali'mcts, repairiii); or custoni-l)uililiii}r furniluic. . . .we guarantee you hiyli fjnalily work. Try us. Barksdale Mfg. Co South Broadway KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089

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