The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 28, 1929 · 1
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1929
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SPEAKING OF SPEED RECORDS at i vT7 1 IYA fcrW4 i.'riLi.if,, -AND NOW YOU ARE DISMISS. 1 W tits' JJFTtf 1 1 t TAe Sun ie Only Evening Paper Owned, Controlled and Operated by V ancouver Mn VAM(C(Q)WEll VANCOUVER'S HOME NEWSPAPER SUM FOUSDKD VOL. LXXXV1 -No. 76 CENTS A CUPV PLANE 'PANCAKES' CATCHES 'FIRE; AIR . STUDENT INJURED VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1929 K(t A MONTH DELIVERED PHONE SKI, 4-7 ENGINEER TO FIGHT CHARGES University Lands Official Dismissed by Government F u n d s Improperly Used Is Allegation of Investigation In addition to dismissing H. L. Mncl'herson, the government hum dismissed th brad gardener at Ihe lulveraity K.ndonment I fids department, and several other on the Muff are to be dropped, it Mas auuouuced today by Col. A. N. Luliu, who, a departmental investigator, is la charge of ad-ministering the department In the lucuniinie. Plane Victim Today Elisa Must Go 1 Sleep a Blessing A War Aftermath By Arthur Brisbane (Copyright. 1029. by King Features) VS. boon YOU can't tool with the and lUlsa Valeric will know It. Elisa is f if lorn nioiitls Her motliop died in tlio hospital at tills Island, and the bnbt. "an 1 n d 1 g t-iit Immigrant," "1, W hp slilnnril back; to Portugal. . i4 What will uwomo ot in'r when she gets over there? Who will look after her on the bl ship President Wilson? 'Hint's'h biiKiness. She Brisbane shouldn't have oolite to the F.S. with her mot her, who died In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. At, leat that, apparently, Is the view of officials. old. A Lulu Island Airport Is Scene of Accident IP VOL' have sound sleep, don't envy any man his millions. An American, very rich, knighted by King George, was taken to a hospital, suffering from Insomnia. In the morning he was found dead, clutching a piece of paper on which he had written that, as sleep was impossible, lie could endure Ufe no longer. IIo had poisoned himself. A majority of us go through life not appreciating our greatest blessings, especially the 'Sleep that knits up the ravelld sleeve of care, The death of each day's We, sore labor's bath. Halm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, Chief notirlshcr in life's feast." Until sleep goes, yon do not know life's greatest . physical misfortune. ORGANIZED labor, with llanisay MacDonald ruling, took charge of the British Empire In the house of commons Thursday. Lacking a clear majority, Mue-Donald can lie defeated at any lime by Lloyd George and his Lib-Continued on Fiitfe Two LONDON, Juno 23. The King has recovered so far that he expects to do some shooting at his summer palace at Sandiinghum. That Extra Pleasure WUEN you are on your vacationaway from the city und Us activities, it's a real pleasure to know that you can have your Sun delivered to you every day thus enabling you to keep abreast of the times and fully informed of world events. The Vancouver Sun Vancouver' Home .Newspaper maintains a daily delivery service at every H. C. milliner resort and the. cost .la only 60c pff month. Phone Soy. 't NOW and lenvr us your wimnier address. Machine Is Total Loss; Flier Goes to Hospital BRIGIIOUSE, June 2S. A. E. Bennett, a student airman, Is suffering from injuries to his head und body, and all that remains ot the Moth plane Elsie, owned by Dominion Airways Ltd., is a pile o charred debris, .following an accident which occurred at H o'clock this morning near the Vancouver airport. Lulu island. The plane burnt Into flames a spilt aeeond after Bennett jumped clear following a forced binding;. In a 1W minutes the plane mis a total loss. Bennett was tnken to the office ot Mr. Andrew Lowrle, 15UX West Mnrine drive, who, after nn examination, expressed fenr that his skull might have been fractured. Bennett wns then removed to Vnncouver General hospital. Bennett Is the son of Albert Bennett and resides at 1622 East Twelfth avenue, Vancouver, lie Is an employee of the Strand garage, 714 Seymour street. He started flying in the United States, where he had 30 hours' solo flying-to his credit. He went up this morning to practice vertical bank ing at an altitude of 1500 feet. Bennett had been on a solo flight He was hanking when the plane went Into a spin. I3T0 SECO.ND SPIN He straightened the plane partly but It went into another spin. Bennett nvannard to flatten the ninchlne Jut before It hit the ground, with the result Hint it pancaked" and landed heavily. He leaped clear but sustained cuts and abrasions. Mis. E, Home, wife of Hie farmer on whose land the piano descended, had hastened toward the plane when he saw It burst Into flames. She found Bennett standing near the machine, dazed but apparently not badly hurt. Men who rushed from the airport found the blaze so fierce that there was no hope ot saving any part of it. The plane landed about half s mile from Brighouse, between there and Lansdowne, 200 yards from the B.C.K.H. tracks, near Cook road. The wreckage now lies among brush about five feet high. A large number of autoists saw the forced landing and subsequent burst of flame and arrived a few minutes after the accident. Big Tourist Party Coming to Coast WIN-MPEG, June 28. The Canadian National Hallways personally-cotiductcd all-expense tour to the Faclfte coast will leave Winnipeg Monday night. The tour will Include visits to Manitou Beach at Watrous, Kask.; Sai.katoon, Edmonton, Wainwrlght, Buffalo park, Jasper National park, the Indian village at Kltwanga, B. C, Prince Rupert and many other points ot interest throughout the west. From Prince Rupert the tour will travel down the Inside passage to Vancouver and Victoria, Temperatures .,,12 THURSDAY Mux. Mm. 73 15, Nelson ... 681 Calgary ., 49, Edmonton 4'Qu'AppeUt R,n"tlna , 60 84 Winnipeg 70 1(8' Toronto ....... 72 M'Ottew , 74 ftili Montreal 72 MSt. John ...... 74 ..'ilftlUftX , 7S ..tOkvaon . ,..,. Ths hftromftftr t riilm on thi const nd Wf wfAihr In ntxvmunff ffrral on th P clflo lop. flhowfTsJar report! In prW ol tht privlru pTov , t;3" Vtnrauver Victoria . K am loop princ Kuirt hi Mt van Pgliit 54 1 at nosh ft Portland, Ort. M Vttttl 72 an Francisco M New Weil 10 Petition . ... 75 I Ornnrl Porka.. 78 Max MID. ... 75 S7 49 ,...72 60 .... 72 48 .... M 44 39 60 WOMAN BANDIT GETS $14,000 IN DARING HOLDUP Robs Cash Carrier at Gun Point; Forces Autoist Into Service Br Associated Press TOFEKA, Kansas, June 28. A woman bandit showing daring un rivalled by any males in recent holp- ups here threw this city into a torment today when at the point of a revolt-r she held up the secretary of an Investment company; robbed him of a satchel containing a 000 payrool and escaped. he victim of the robbery was V. I., stnlou of the Security. Benefit association. He was waylaid as he was about to enter the office ot the association on his return from a bank. Previously the woma nhad re quested a list from A. J. Perlich, local autoist. Hardly had she taken a seat be side him before he felt a revolver against his side and was ordered to "speed over to tho Security Benefit ofiices and go straight and fast." She held up Stalons before. Perllch in that auto could make a move,' and disappeared. It is believed that she had another car awaiting her nearby. "I am not taking- this lying down; there will be more to b said about it, but not Just yet," stated Major H. L. McPherson, dismissed engineer and administrator of the university endowment Jands. ; Major McPherson's dismissal -was announced Thursday at 1 1c-toria. The announcement Mild that Col. A. ft. Da) Lin, alter holding; an iiietiuallou of the lands administration, hud found ffeMMI of Boverument fuml, to have been improperly expended in I'leurhiB lands fur the private golf cimr.e leased by the lauila department to Major V. M. llnl-lurd and associates. This Is the first administrative "scandal" in which the new Tolmie government has been involved. The lease to Major Ballard was one of the first transactions made by the new government last tall, silOll.II HtVU BEEN t IE All Ell f Major Ballard Is out of the city for the week-end and could not be reached today, but from others familiar with ths negotiations it is learned that when the lease was negotiated it was found that the cleared land was not large enough for the purpose. Accordingly, It ( stated, the government included an additional tract of uncleared land. The controversy hlnses on Tthetuvr or not the Koteruuient agreed to turn thia laud over to the operator of the ol( course as cleared laud or not. Major Ballard la said to have uuiler-atood thul the new liuid was to be delivered to htm in the sum condition as the rest. Major McPherson. the reuort states, admitted under- oath that government money was spent on this privately owned prooerty, aim that vouchers covering it showed the expenditures as having been made on Unit three. DECEIT OT INTENDED Major McPherson; In his evidence denied intention to deceive the lands department. Col. Daykin in his report savs other smaller expenditures wari mau on other property, and charged up to the government, the work being done by government workmen In government hours. Vouchers covering the woik. were deliberately falsified, accord ing to the finding of the Commissioner. That steps would be taken to se cure restitution of the money wns announced by Hon. S. L. Howe. GOCHET BEATS J. HENNESSEY Tilden Downs Boussus on Wimbledon Courts WIMBLEDON, Eng., June 28. Bill Tilden, in the British tenuis championships at 'Wimbledon, today defealed Christian Boussus, one of the French Invaders in straight Sets 6-3, 9-7, 6-1. . John Hennessey was defeated hj another Frenchman, llrnrl Cochet. nee of the I remh Davis cup team, nbo took the first tnu sets easily but was forced to piny his best before annexing: the third' nmtch. The score was fl-4, 6--I, lt-7. Mrs. Ma; Button Bimdy ellmin.Lod Miss Eileen Bennett ot England, 3-6. 6-4, 6-4. George Lott and M;as Ediui Cross defeated F. M. B. Fisher of New Zealand and Mam Urbtr ot Knitland, -. 6-8. 6-4 The U. S, -Brills!) combination of Mlna Kllm-beth Ryaa and Mls Betty NuUial eiiminaUid Mr.. May and Mlns Clarice, fl-t, 6-0. Mi&s Helen Jacob, ot California disposed of Mm Joan Fry. on. ot tn younger Bnucb stars, 6-3, 6-4. Benorlta dl Alvarez, Bpanlh .tar, picked to meet Helen Will. In the finals today vs eliminated In one of the biggest upset, of the play. Hrr conqueror was Mrs. c, o, Mcllgu- ham of Oreat Britain, ine score was 6-4, 4-6, 6-2. John Hennessey and Oeorge Lott. TJ.8., defeated the German pair, Kohlmann and Nourney, In the doubles competition 6-1, 9-7, 6-3. BUI Tilden and Francis T. Hunter, o,B. doubles team, eliminated C, O. Y. Tiirntiull and J. B. Gilbert ot Britain 8-3, !-3, 6-4. Winnipeg Results FIRST RACE I1U. Keatrra Canada bred., -year-olds and Bp, rl.lmlrtff, sig furlongs! Hen I liar), 13.33. I3.M, 13. JS. Merry Mini, $.1.76, 14.10. Mil. Wnlttler, I14.M. Time, 1 :2a 1-5. Alsv ran Mis. Pegrr ft.- rll., Lady Ornament, Silent Clerk, solway tint, Torashlr. aeiun. No 'Sun Monday Owing to Monday being Dominion Day and a holiday, there will be no editions of The Vancouver Sun. Chinese Wins in Fight Against Deportation Order Twee (Jong, Chinese, who had about, one more month to serve In Oaltalla of an 18-month sentence Imposed by Magistrate W. A. W. Hanestof Nanaimo. was ordered re' leased today by Chief Justice Mor risen In habeas corpus proceedings instituted in his behalf by J. R. Nicholson. , Appeal flKuinstt Twee fiona'a conviction mis aimed chiefly nt the nttlomalle drporlntiun order folloniiis; sersinir of Ihe term, on n rhnrgo of being; In posscMKion of opium. 'I he order grunted today by fihirf Justice Morrison prrmilM the accused to remain in Cniuiiifi. Application to quash the conviction was made on the ground that Twee (Jong was charged with two offenses on the one set of facts nnd that the wajrant of commitment was fnulty. W. K. Hasklns actrd for the at torney general's department. Film Actress Is Hurt in Car Upset T OS ANGELES, June, 2. Gladys Jlrockwell, film actress, was injured, probably fatally, when nn automobile In which "lie was riding with H. Stanley Brennan, overturned on the Ventura highway, near Cnlabasas, last night. Miss Brockwell was pinned beneath the wreckage, with one of t lie car doors pinned against her face. Brennan had both shoulders broken snd suffered cuts on the head and face. Ths car leaped from the road, rolled 75 feet down an embankment and turned over three times when It struck the bottom. Physicians said Miss Brockewll's features would be marred permanently, snd that her Injuries were such that she probably would suffer fatal paralysis. - Prisoner Escapes With Escort's Gun I'BINCF.TON', June !8. Tnklng advantage of a misfortune of his escort, Constable A, IJ. Spall of Kcrrinens when bis car run out of gns while driving toward Princeton, Peter (Junltler, Kerenioes In-dlnn, escaped from custody and Is still st large. Constable 8pall had taken off his belt carrying hlM gun r.nd linnd-eui'fs. The Indian mado off with thews. Tli. belt and handcuffs were found at a farmbouse. Or Ml ' CANADA TO CHANGE TALWF TO R3EET U.S.. DECLARES MALCOLM MISS V 101.4. O K.N THY 'KSTBL'RY, N. Y.. June 28. Jack ' Ashcraft, a professional pilot, was killed, and Miss Viola Gentry, know n as the "flying cashier, criti cally injured today as their biplane The Answer, in which they were at tempting to create an endurance record, crashed into a hickory tree. Aahcrnft'a neck i broken. Miss ettiitry Is suffering from inferos! lujurlea. broken arms aad lacerations and w.a tnken to hospliul In Mlneola. Mhe was eonscioua when rescued nnd asked "what happened." Miss Gentry was found on top of the gas tank, with one foot tangled up In ths wreckage, bleeding profusely and hysterical. SLAIN BANDIT IDENTIFIED AS SMALL FARMER Abandoned Truck Clue to Man Who Slew Sleuth and Then Was Killed By Canadian Pratt HAMILTON, June 28. Police to day identified th bandit who yes terday killed Detective Clark and was himself shot to death. H3 la Charles B. Long, a farmer residing In tha vicinity of Bu lington.. Ula abnndoifed truck, lift on a street near the east end branch of the Province of Ontario Suvings Bunk, vshli-h he robbed, gave the authorities tha clue which led to Identification. ' Long was far from a bandit type. uthorities are at a loss to account for the, action of a peaceable farmer who suddcinly turned gunman and performed a deed which, for shear desperation, outdid anything that has occurred in the history of such armed robberies In Hamilton. Yesterday morning Long was a quiet farmer, working his twenty- acre truck garden outside Burling ton, living in good repute with his neighbors. By evening he lay In tho morgue riddled with bullets, with tho death ot a young police officer upon hid soul. One terrible attempt to rectify his financial difficulties by armed robbery had wrought his tragic downfall. Police believe that It was tho pressure of money needs that Induced htm to plan the spectacular deed. 11 -YEAR-OLD BOY SAVES TWO Rescues Mother and Son From Drowning NANAIMO, June 28. Plunging Into the - water fully dressed, Joseph Frew, 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Frew, View street, rescued Teddy Corlett. 19, from drowning and then went back to Mrs. Corlett, whom he assisted to wufety. He was walking along the sands at Indian beach here when he heard the boy's cry ot distress. Mrs. Cor lett attempted to rescue her son, who got out of his uepth. Both were in danger of drowning. It Is- expected 1'Yew will be recommended for a Royal Humans society award. PRINCETON', June 2. Itstepay ers here voted in favor of having beer parlors opened in 'Princeton. Thursday. Tha vote was 2H3 in favor und 49 agalnsL WILL ROGERS America's Great Humorist Says. To the l.cIJtor. Vancbuvrr Sum JJKVKHLY June 27.- ' Vtva drmurmcy. Viva C hurley Dawei. Among; nil ih iill!i.innt tfnfhvred n tha Im-prrlfil court! thurify wmm in only one .hot didn't near roiiiuerft. IIo wouldn't ttoro hln hleB Mhlna Anion all Ihe entln alrplne of the other mnlea. hi lim nnd nnrvnMd nnnla elood nut like n dlndrm. It hm nut only n lltry for RMM'fut), but a (.mlM."iu for the pronla who aril hy ae yard. Kvee Ihe women, the nny, followed him. Hut not even an ankle would lie ret en I. f.onir live C harlea Ifnvteeand lonaer live hla lone; hreeebee. Youra. WILL UP 128 HOURS ON ENDURANCE RECORD QUEST Minneapolis Plane Is Still Going Strong; Jensen Also Stays Aoft MINNEAPOLIS, Jun 28. The Miss Minneapolis, endurance record seeking plane, at 1 p.m. today passed ths 128th hour of its flight With the single motor working smoothly. The pilots. Owen Haughland and Thorward Johnson, stayed close to the Wold-Chamberlain airport hers Thursday night when storms were reported in southern Minnesota in part of their triangular course to Northfield and Hastings, Friends today began plana to honor the pilots. If the plans stays up until 10:35 a.m. Sunday it will better by one hour the present record of 172 l-i hours for refuelling flights recently set at Fort Worth, Texas. KST, ft. Paul radio station, ex pects to broadcast a description of the flight, beginning about 10 a.m. (central standard time), Sunday, over a nat'on-wide hookup. ROOSEVELT FIELD, N. Y.. June 8. The monoplane Three Muske teers was crawling through a heavy tog over Long Island today In a quest for a new endurance refueling flight mark. The Thres Musketeers was refueled at 7 a.m. The operation was carried on 2000 feet In ths air as the two ships were forced to climb above, the fog bank. Jensen later dropped his note which requested that a hand drill, some wood screws and a countersink be sent up, as ths top ot ths Tlu-ee Musketeers' cabin had loosened. Jensen saw The Answer, In which Viola Gentry was Injured, disappear Into the fog, and In a note dronped to the flying field asked. "What happened to Viola? Savr her disappear at low altitude. Am worried." SARAZEN TIED WITHJSPINOSA Two Italians Lead in U.S. Golf Open With 142 By AMOslatitd Praw WINGED FOOT CLUB, Mamaro nock. N. Juno 28. Blessing the way through a gusty wind for the big field, two sturdy Italian professionals. Gene Saraxen of New York and Al Esplnosa of Chicago, went Into an early tin for ths leud today with 142, two under par, for tho 3(S-1io1h, or half-way murk, of the national open golf championship. Narnr.en duplicated hla hrll-llnnt 71 of Thursday. Closo behind him RspinoHfl emne noma with u pnr 72 to ndd to his fine 70 nn tho first round. These two performances loft the issue over the leadernhlp up to Bobby Jones, whose sensational f-3 led the opening days battle. Georgn von Elm, a .Detroit amateur, took third place with 148 after a sparkling 70 tills morning. Walter Hagcn went to pieces with an 81. fnr a two-day total of 157. The British open champion Joined the defending U.S. open title holder, Johnny Farroll, among the favorites to fall by the wsysifle. Farrell's 84 on Thursday put him out of the running for all practical purposes. On the heels of ths leaders wns Densmoro Hhute Young, a Worth. Ington. Ohio, professional, who heat par with a 71 after 73 on Tburrday, to total 144, even par. 10 Women Burned To Death, 12 Hurt By Factory Blast miATIST.Ar, reehe- filevakla, June SEN. Ten women were burned to death nnd 12 others were In ntnoofft aelpleas condition today na the remit of an eaplonlon at the rnbber faetorr of the Horner I) or mar root pit ay yentrrdny. Many additional worker re reived leaver Injurlea. 5ot only nai the factory naattered, but telephones and telegraph lines la the vicinity were broken and it was Impossible to summon the fire 'department and other help Vancouver Brass Works Looted Thfnves broke Into the premises of- the Vancouver Brass Works, 1304 East Georgia street, during the night, and stole goods worth $200. Mrs. VV. Hills, 3381 Cambridge street, reported ths theft of U0 in Jewelry from her home. Government Has Already Largely Increased British Preference Trade. U. S. Goods Can Be Replaced With British. Bennett Challenged TARA, Out., June 2S. If changes are made in the rnitctl States tariff which are found to be detrimental to the interests of , Canada, alterations in the Canadian tariff structure to correct the situation will unquestionably be made. This was the declaration of Hon. James Malcolm, minister of trade and commerce, during an address which he made here today. Canada, he said, had made, and would make, her own tariff structure to suit her own economic needs. VENIOT PLANS TRANSCANADA AIR MAIL ROUTE Service Between Montreal and Detroit to Be Inaugurated at Once Br Canadian Prma OTTAWA, June 28 "Air mail services will he Inaugurated ohnrtly be tween Montreal and Detroit, and be tween Toronto and Bufralo, which will further advancs mall connections not only between this country and the United States, hut with cities In Western Ontario, such as Hamll-tton, London end Windsor," declared Hon. P. S. Venlot, postmaster gener al, speaking over ths radio last night. "Ths obj.ctlvs at which w. sr aiming la, of oonrss, a trans-eanada routs and ths s.rvlc.s so far d-eldsd upon ar toward that obJsctlTs," MX Y Ml lot said, "In ths oonrss of a few jrsar. Canada', coast to soast airmail rout, may b. in operation, "This country occupies a strategic position which will enabls the rapid movement of malls from Europe to ths far east to be mads by air from Bella Isls to Vancouver. "Aside from the'henru." that are to be had by the Canadian peopls, this International aspect of ths first lm porta ncs, "Since autumn of 1927, the post-offU-s department has carried no toRff than 419.88S pounds of mail by air U1.44!i pounds of British and fnrsisrn mail, 10T.,7S3 pounds for remote frontier sflttlements and 115,3311 pounds for iminlng camps. Oriental Dope Seller Sent to Pen for 4 Years Loner Tea Jim, Chlneae, wns sentenced to fonr yearn In Sew Westminster penltentlnry by tlnWlMtrntn H. C. Shnw In Police court today, for .etlliiir morphine nnd opium. Ho was arrested after Invest lariitlon hy Itoynl Cnnnillnn Mounted police officers. 'Cross' Lands At Singapore SINGAPORE, June 28. Captain ChHrles Klngsford-Smlth and his three companions arrived hero today In their plane, the Southern Cross, from Derby, Western Austra lia, en route to England. They covered a distance of about 1600 miles. Ths fliers set out from Sydney, N. S. W., Tuesday morning in an effort to break the 15-day record between England and Australia of Bert Hluekler. Promoted to High School 'PHIS list of those promoted from Grade VHI of the elementary schools to high school without writing examinations is printed on page 24. There are 1880 on the list of those passed on recommendation of principals. The Weather Forecast for 24 hours, Vancouver and vicinity: Gtn.rally fair anl aarmer. . Lowest temperature in Vancouver for the 24 hours ending at i o'clock, hi degrees a bo v.. Highest temperature, 73 degrees above. ForecnV for Alberta for 24 hours: Mostly CUr today and Saturday: piobab),' a few scattered showers A ! KOK A 1 IMP, MR. EMPLOYER yWeef MR. EMPLOYEE IN SUN DIME-A-DAY CLASSIFIED ADS Until birthsr nouc Th. Vancouver Sun, a. a srw,la) srvlr. to tt. readers, will publish claaltl1 advertisements In trie lolluwlnff classifications: Help Wanted Male. Help Wanted Female, situations Wanted Mala. Bltusuons Wanted Female. At tb. Kal. mt IS CENTS far a Tit D.r No advertisement to nceed three line, of ropy, with s maximum ot six words par lui.. Brlnf nai.-a-Dar Ass t. THE SIN ITTOWN OITTCE t:i Cirantill. Siret THK M'N MAIN OFI'Tt'E Ui Pander St. W..I O JUST PBON SKY. 40 A MME 1T)II A JOB Mr. Malcolms speech was fleslg-nsd to meet and answer certain statements and criticisms directed against the government's tariff policy by Hon. R. B. Bennett, Con. servstlve leadcV, in the cours. of his western Ontario tour. . BKMETT'S KFFOHTS At the outset h stated that Mr. Bennett was trying "to create, fear In ths minds of ths people of Ontario that ths government which has so successfully administered the affairs of Canada for the last eight years will not be able to meet a new situation which he fear, has arisen." "No situation has arisen aurlni ths past eight years that ha. not been satisfactorily met," proceeded Mr. Malcolm. "Nof do I believe the penpl. ol Csnailn fenr thRt should a chang. be mads In ths American fiscal policy detrimental to Canadian Interests, ths government Is not pre. pared to meet it." BRITISH Prtr'KHENl B "The government of Canada' i much more alive to tha situation than is the lesdet of.. Uja.jopposb Hon, nnd Is fully prepared In thi Interests of Canada to readjust Hi iscal policy from .time to lira. t meet any changes, that may taki placs in ths tariff structure of th United States or of any country," Referring to the,, demand , of Mr. Bennett for an lnAer-empire trade conference, -Mr. Malcolm Stated that ever since Mr. Finding ' Introduces Kritisn preference .it . aad b.ea. th Liberal policy to Irrcreaso trad within the empire How this had worked 6u wm Indicated by figures covering-the past eight years. ' nniTisH goods "Our Import froiu.' British countries have increase. fronvapproxf-mately $150,0D0,00i"f rTT.iWO.COO, and our exports (Yoih'.', Hit 000,00b to .539.000.000, giving... us,.. art- ln pressa of trad titlf ttrs empire ditrlmr that period' of alm'dar $300,. 01X1,(100," the speaker sald.'..,, . "We sell $500,000,000 worth oi goods to tho J'nlted States a year, and Judging by past experience, tha value will not shrink materially, no matter what' tha tariff fixers at Washington may do," continued Mr. Malcolm, and lie added, "Irf mj opinion there are many articles ot British manufacture,, if known to the Canadian public ' could n usea here." CH tl I.KXf.KS BESVYETT Mr, Malcolm challenged Mr. Bennett to como out and tell' tho country Just what he proposed with respect to tho tnriff. A Conservative) government, h charged, had destroyed tho tractor industry in Canada by placing these articles on the free list. "Does Mr. Bennett propos. t alter the decision of a former government and put on a duly on tractors?" asked Mr. Malcolm. "Does he propose to tell the agricultural Industry, the mining; Industry and the fishing Industry that If he In elected, in order to stop thess Importations from ths United States he will raise ths duty on these Implements of production? IIW MATRllfALS "Let him be bold enough to be honest and frankly tell ths producers of this conutry what hl intention Is. "Does he propose to place) a duty on any or all of our Imports of raw materials, so necessary to enablt our factories to' compete In th. markets of the world? iiitirK vnn iihick "No, indeed, Mr. Bennett does no' propose to tell thn people of thi. country anything definite as te what lie would do on any of thess points. . "He simply rambles along In hit speeches, uttering platitude. ' o. what he would create, and condemns policies that have prove, themselves sound and worthy. "A brick for brick tariff poltcj with the United States would no necessarily suit tha Dominion," Mt Mnlcolm said. There were commodities whirr Canada must buy In the chenpes' market In order , to compete wltl the world. Soma of thee must c necessity come from the' Unite' States." Three Killed in Plane Accident BEACH HAVEN, N. H., June St. Three persons were kilted anl tw others Injured ' here late Thursdaj afternoon when a Sikorsky amphibian plans owned by the Curtlss fl'' Ing police of North Beach, Ln Island, crashed into Barnegat bay TWO KIM.F.n AT TtlVFRSinW RIVERSItiK, Cat., June !S, Lieut. Wllllnm O. Plummer an Klvlng Cadet Cyrus J. Wallace wr killed In an airplane accident at March field today.- The accident happened when It second plane, piloted by a cadet, scraped the win, of Lieut, Plum-mer's ship, r.aus!n.r It to crash. BRUSRETJi. June S3. Eugert Tssys, fnmons Belgian violinist, wns seriously Ml today after an operation for a d)aaas- the kidneys He Is 70 years nld. Lansdowne and Winnipeg entries Mge 18 ...... , it? I

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