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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 13

The Vancouver Suni
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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THE VANCOUVER SUN. March 11. 1946 13 Regular monthly meeting Paulina Monthly meeting Unknown Vtarrinr Johnson Chapter. IODE. at Mrs.

Chapter. IODE, Tuesday at P-IJL. WOMEN TODAY G. Lister. 1365 Harwood Street, Tuesday, 1:30.

la Hudson riay Georgian Room. Seaforth Chapter. IODE. meets Wednesday. 1:30 p.m..

at Mrs. Fergu son's, 4b5 West Twenty-second IN ONE EAR by Mamie Moloney. Marjorie PKttthaii cnapter, ioue. meet Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.. at Mrs.

S. Turner's, 3780 Cambie Street. HELEN EFFINGER, Editor Ma Lady Golfers' Luncheon and Tennis Formal Spring Signs 10 marK me opening or tfte spring season of active golf, the ladiei' section of Shaughnessy Golf Club will hold its annual! luncheon Tuesday at twelve in the clubhouse. Covers at the head table will be placed for: Mrs. J.

J. Mason, captain; Mrs. Maylor Avery, vice-captain; Miss Winnifred Evans, secretary; and com mittee members Including Mrs. J. G.

G. Morgan, Mrs. W. R. Cum-ming, Mrs.

John Davidson, Mrs. W. H. Johnstone, Mrs. George Norgan, Mrs.

Vernin Kiltz, Miss Rita Gunther, Mrs. Allan DesBrisay ana Mrs. w. a. button.

The Easter motif will prevail for the annual Spring formal NArVOA dance at Jericho Tennis Club, to be held Friday, March 29, at the clubhouse, with the committee in charge of arrangements comprised of Misses Tony Martin, Marjorie Watson, Messrs. James Dexter and W. Bertram, from whom tickets may be obtained. i Mrs. Jack Lamprey, Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hase will entertain at an informal dancing Peter Kaye and Mrs.

Harry Boyce left today for a few days' party at the Royal Vancouver visit in Seattle. Yacht Club, Saturday evening, for their son, Cadet Charles Hase, and his fellow-cadets of the sen Dr. M. Dorothy Mawdslev. bare flattery audacious littl sling pump bara flattery indeed red calf.

dean of women, University of ior term of the Royal Canadian Naval College, Royal Roads, who will be in Vancouver next week B. will sponsor a tea for the outgoing and new of the Phrateres Club, in the dean of women's room, Brock Hall, Tuesday, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. end. Mr. Sidney Rainford entertain Faculty chapter sponsors will preside at the urns.

ed after-five Saturday prior to his departure next Wednesday for England. Calling Dr. Kildare! "So you think that a nurse's training and experience would have helped to solve your "night shift problems," writes Marian Beyer of 2229 Graveley Street, a former nurse herself, apropos of my remarks anent coping with sick babies in the middle of the night "Well, this, is one of the few times when I don't quite agree with you," she continues. "After making a living at this "angel of mercy" profession for a good many years and dishing out advice, diagnosing and prescribing, mostly brings to mind repertoire of fatal diseases with every so many doubtful treatments. "I have given sulphas, asp'rins, gripe water, hot and cold applications and what not, but the night air was still rent with screams and howls, only to find the last resort "try him on a bottle" averted the crisis.

"Another time when I was about at the end of my wits and reluctantly phoned the doctor, at an hour when I knew he -should have his well-earned rest, he ordered another half asp'rin and "keep the sugar out of his diet' It worked. "In looking back, I believe I have worried less with the second child, and while the third presented some brand new problems, could either guess right or pass over many that upset me with the other two. Probably accounts for the mystery (at least to me) of how some mothers manage to raise a big family. "So why regret lack of a nurse's training its hard work too when you still need a sympathetic doctor to pull you through. Just keep on writing in your spare time." Ellen Causes Crises in France As if she didn't have anything else to wo with her time my pen pal from Chu Chua, Ellen Fennell, has decided to further the cause of International amity by writing to a couple of pen pals In France.

Says Ellen: "Though French was my favorite subject In King Ed, the first time I wrote there was a crisis in the French government. When I wrote-again, De Gaulle walked out. And this last time they had trouble with Spain. I'm practically an International Incident, 'n'est Better beware, Ellen. With these spy scares and all the RCMP might be picking you up If you put a cedilla in the wrong place.

A friend who is working with her husband on the drive el the Kinsmen-Lions Paralysis Fund to raise $250,000 suggests, that in gratitude, all mothers with children who are not physically handicapped should make some donation to the fund, however small. The fund now stands at only around $70,000, so they got a long way to go. You can read something about the drive practically every night in the paper, including where to send donations. from the Mailbag "Iingar" writes me suggesting pressure should be brought to bear on the creamery interests to allow margarine to appear on the home markets. "Many little children in our great Do-minion are feeling the pinch of butter rationing," he writes, "because in many poor homes slices of bread with a smear of butter is just about the little's one's main diet Mrs.

S. Korsch, 462 East Eighth Avenue, evidently misread a recent column in which I deplored the lack of indoctrination on the part of American occupation troops who declared, In a questionnaire, "That Hitler did good" for Germany before the war. It is this very attitude I was censuring in the column, Mrs. Korsch, by pointing out that the dangers of Fascist propaganda are still with us and what a lot of educational work is necessary, even among our own people, to overcome anti-Semitism and all the other evils unloosed by the Hitler regime. Mrs, Montague Furber was an Informal teahour hostess Sun Wedding Reception At 'Discovery' Invitations were Issued this week by Commander and Mrs.

Henry Bell-Irving for the mar (R. H. Marlow Picture). day at her North Shore home, Mr. and Mrs.

W. J. Wood will be dinner hosts this evening hon oring Miss Betty Blackwell and MISS WINIFRED CLARK FOB HER MARRIAGE "DOWN Miss Winifred Clark, only daughter oi Mr. and Mrs. I.

I. Clark of Port Moody, will entrain here Thursday for San Francisco to sail aboard the Monterey for the Antipodes. Her fiance is Mr. Frank Raynold of Gouldburn, Australia, and their wedding will take place in Sydney. riage of their youngest daughter, her fiance, Lt.

Edward Marks, Anne Helen (Nancy), to Lieut. Ean Pierce Sunderland, RCN, USN, who will also be honor guests when Mr. and Mrs. W. E.

623 GRANVILLE ST. Pat Burns entertain late-after which will take place at two forty-five o'clock the Saturday noon Tuesday. afternoon of March 30,. at Paul Anglican Church, with a Afail Orderg Prepaid Anywhert Municipal lODE's $30,172 Dr. A.

S. Tsai, who is return reception following at HMCS ing next week to. China, will be Discovery. a luncneon nostess Tuesday at To Wide Range of Projects A wide range of worthy pro- Family and Ex-Service jects, principally rehabilitation and postwar reconstruction fields, Hotel Vancouver. Mrs.

Guy Dennistoun Russel, who will return this week to her home in Montreal, was honoree at the luncheon given today by Miss Joyce Bailey. Miss Stewart Gait and Mrs. Ont of a total number of 739 members, Miss Florence Page, were aided by the $30,172 disbursed during the year by Vancouver Municipal Chapter, IODE. Total receipts for the year were $27,155, whole those of the 31 Echoes secretary, reported 676 subscribers. The reports of the Municipal J.

C. Craske entertained inform Regent, Mrs. Howard S. Coulter, ally at luncheon Sunday honor will be given at this evening session. Among other reports ing Col.

and Mrs. H. Alley of Toronto, who are in the city en to be presented are. War Service route home from a Victoria sojourn at the Empress Hotel. and Service Libraries by Mrs.

R. H. Sinclair and Mrs. J. Meister, respectively.

Other nuests were Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Brodie, Miss Panton and Miss Christie.

primary, chapters were $22,313, with expenditures $22,591. These figures were given by Mrs. A. N. Wolverton in her secretarial report this afternoon at the forty-first annual meeting of Vancouver Municipal Chapter, IODE, in session today at Hotel Vancouver Mayfair Room, where a luncheon took place at noon and a dinner is being held tonight.

WAYS AND MEANS Principal money-raising projects were the Empire Fete, net Mrs. Noel Graves, Miss Laura Four Attendants For Miss Turriell Jukes, Mrs. Edward Carter and Mrs. D'Oyly Rochfort returned Sunday from a month's motoring Timberline Lodge Honeymoon Prior To Living in Seattle ALLENE JOAN. had a foursome of attendants at trip to California.

her marriage Saturday night in Christ Church Cathedral Miss Marjorie Jones, who ting $6000; the Jessie R. Burke EUGENE B. LEWIS, who recently returned from overseas, LORNE JAMES McApiE. Very shortly leaves for Montreal, was Memorial Cancer Fund, $1906; and the Chrysanthemum Show, honored Saturday when Miss Rev. Dean Cecil, Swanson, DD, who, officiated at the nuptials, also proposed the bridal toast Margaret McMillan entertained $446.

Under the amalgamation where he served as a pilot with the rank of first lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Force, took his bride, the former OLIVE RAliLENA FICKTON, RN, to Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon, on their honeymoon. They will make their home in Seattle, where the groom is attending the University of Washington. at tea at the home of her par terms of the Christmas Seals at the reception at Hotel Georgia. and the B.C.

Tuberculosis So. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie McMillan. Misses Esme Brown, ciety, Municipal forwarded $5737 Wendy Plummer, Margaret Ross, to the Kinsmen's Club.

The Betty Bridge, Pat Hall and Mary A pearl-trimmed coronet held the lengthy veiling falling over the bridal gown of traditional pearl satin. Matron of honor, Mrs. Graham Whidden, was frocked in blue and bridesmaid Leiterman presided at the urns, and serving were Misses Mary special Milk Fund received $800 and $5821 went towards the purchase of the X-ray unit and trailer. Clothing was provided Louise McFarlane, Joan Ellis, Arlie Smith in pink. White or Shirley Hackett, Nancy Russell, for children at the Preventer J.

11 v. I 4ict i ivywrv St. Mary's Anglican Church, Sap-perton, and a reception followed at the Russell Hotel, where a phone call was received from the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.

B. Lewis, of Chicago, 111., and the bridal toast was proposed by Mr. William Emerton, uncle of the bride. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Harold E. Pickton of Esson- Mr. J. F. Colley and the late Mrs.

Colley. The bride, whose sister and brother-in-law motored up from Los Angeles for the wedding, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Erickson.

At the wedding in Chown Memorial Church she was attended by her sister, Violet Erickson and Margaret Woodley in companion frocks of pale orchid moire taffeta. Roy Eng- gandie flower-girl dresses were Joan McAskill and Pat Boyd. worn by Carol and Donna Miss Margaret Jackson, daugh ter of Mrs. A. M.

Jackson, North Mary Lewis was soloist, Vemon McAdie the bestman, and Robert Vancouver, who recently arrived Turnell and John Dunn ushered. on the Queen Elizabeth from dale, B.C., wore a gown in which berg was bestman and Alf Car- ium where five kiddles were maintained. Mrs. James Brooks, organizing secretary, reported 31 primary chapters in Vancouver, three junior chapters, with 745 primary members, and 53 junior members making a total of 798. Included in this number were 115 new members received.

EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS Reporting on the educational overseas and has been visiting in Toronto, is expected home this points of the white satin bodice ter and John Erickson, brother exienaea into xne iuii net sKirt.t-of the ushered, week. i Groom, Bestman, Ushers Dragoons The reception was held at Cam Mrs. Ruth Henderson has left brian Hall. The couple will reside Jn New Westminster. CLIFFORD NORRIS SCHAL- for New York to take a position and while in the east her little daughter, Sandra, is staying with DEMOSE, recently discharged JOHN HASTINGS DUESBURY from the 18th Manitoba Armour and BEATRICE HELEN TEM her grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. John Elder. ed Car Regiment, 12th Manitoba Dragoons, was married Saturday evening to DOROTHY SEARLE PLE, whose marriage took place at St. Augustine's Church, will work of the primary chapters, Miss I M. Gosling, secretary, showed a total expenditure of $1356, with an Increase of $369 over last year.

One thousand IODE calendars were sold; 12 li ROUSE, and best man Stan Oli make their home in Toronto, The attendant trio in flower gar PTA Notes ver and ushers Harold Corbett den shades of taffeta formed an effective background for the braries and eight refills were sent to adopted schools, two bursaries and Joknny Woods had served in the same unit overseas with the unninnninip bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dawson School PTA social groom. were awarded, 27 chapters contributed to an outstanding violin EAUTY whist drive Thursday at 8 p.m, The wedding at St. Giles United L.

W. Temple, in white lace and net with full veil cascading from mm ti student, "and books and carfare in school auditorium. Refresh an Anne Boleyn headdress. Mrs. ments.

All welcome. Church was followed by a reception at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. 8 Carlton PTA special "Fathers' were supplied to another student.

WELFARE WORK Mrs. Angus McLean, welfare A. Moyles, matron of honor, was in turquoise, Miss M. Martyn in Feel a bit tired? Then take a restful. Rouse.

The groom is the son of pink, and Miss D. Temple, sister Mr. and Mrs. G. H.

Schaldemose. convener, reported that $20,502.08 of the bride, in orchid. White triple sheer, styled with was expended for Child and The groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. off-shoulder decolletage and ruf J.

F. Duesbury, was supported fled from the hipline, -was worn by J. Clouston, and D. Temple by the bride with a three-quarter- Take a Palmolive Bath every day. There's physical and mental relaxation in it for you refreshing cleanliness and, yes, soft, smooth skin lovelinessfor Palmolive is made with soothing Palm and Olive Oils, two of Nature's finest skin conditioners.

An orange blossom coronet held her embroidered veil. The maid of honor, Rae McLean, RN, wore blue satin with full sheer skirt, while rose moire frocks were worn by the bridesmaids, Shirley Pickton and Beverley Bell of Nanaimo, sister and cousin of the bride. Peter Amy of New Westminster was bestman and Pte. Lesle Barkley, cousin of the bride, ushered with Henry Anderson. Molly Pickton and Doreen Emerton, sister and cousin of the bride, played at the reception.

Theresa lad, frocked in mauve, and Richard Simmons were attendants at the wedding of MAR-GUERTTE JOHNSON and SGT. IVAN LIN LEY-CROFT SIMMONS in Christ Church Chapel, which was followed by a reception at the home of Mrs. Hilda Kristensen. A powder blue afternoon frock i was worn by the bride. A satin-embroidered and pearl-ttudded net tiara held the veil that rippled to the, shoulders of the white satin princess gown worn by LILLIE KARL A ERICKSON for her marriage to JOHN FRANK COLLEY, son of Girls! Women! Who Suffer Distress from 'PERIODIC' FEMALE ushered.

soothing Falmolxve Bath. Yes, whether you prefer a leisurely tub, a tingling shower, or a quick partial bath at the wash basin, a Palmolive Bath soothes your nerves relaxes tired muscles leaves you thoroughly refreshed! -0 length veil held by a Juliet cap. She was attended by her sister, Three-City Honeymoon Follows Wedding Here THOMAS BEVILOCKWAY and his bride, the former DORIS Night" meeting Tuesday at 8 p.m. Address, "Ninety Percent Angels," by. H.

Boltwood, vice-principal, and entertainment by fathers on the school staff. All parents invited. Refreshments. Meeting of King Edward PTA in school Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. Discussion of school problems.

Under the auspices of the Pauline Johnson P-TA, a spring tea will be held at the Clachan Wednesday. Bridge will commence at 2 p.m. and tea and sale of homecooking at 3 p.m. A foursome of attendants In Mrs. A.

Goodacre, in, blue triple sheer and pink chapeau, and by DP LILA DANGERFIELD, left for pale pink formed an effective pastel background for VIOLET MAY BENYON in traditional white her niece, Carolyn Goodacre, in honeymoon trip to Victoria, a blue taffeta flower-girl frock. Seattle, and Tacoma following bridal satin at her marriage to the Devonshire Hotel reception ERNEST ARTHUR POOLE in after their Saturday night mar riage in Christ Church Cathedral da loeautu EXNACO Club's New Officers Tommy Carson, one of the orig chapel. St. Michael's Church. Clifford Benyon gave his sister In marriage and Joel Sardone was bestman.

Mrs. Ella Holley was soloist and ushers were A bouffant net skirt belled out from a white lace bodice in the bridal gown that was misted by Larry Lloyd and Wallace Corson, inal instigators of the EXNACO Club, was elected president at the annual election of officers Friday night. Miss Peggy Rogers of New veiling held by an orange blossom coronet. As matron, of 3 brother-in-law and nephew, respectively, of the groom, and Roger Triance. The reception was held at the IOOF Hall.

honor Mrs. David Becker was Westminster is vice-president, frocked in pink lace with match and H. A. Lloyd is secretary- ing jacket and cap. Charles treasurer.

HERE'S ALL YOU DOI Wash your face three times a dsy with Palmolive Soap and, inch imt, with facecloth massage Palmolive'l beautifying lather into your skin an ixtra 60 stands. If your skin is extra-sensitive, use just your fingertips to massage in Palmolive's lovely soft lather. Then rinse well-first with warm water, followed by cool and pat dry. That's all! Stevenson supported the groom and Douglas Sims ushered. Er Bob Thome, Ted Badkin and Trade Unions Topic At Citizens' School Bill Jones are chairmen of the en nest Adams was soloist.

tertainment, membership and vis Trade Unions and Co-opera SCOTTISH SOCIETY MEETING iting committees. lKQ MCTQItPloifEa' tljS JT 2 OUT OF 3 WOMEN -J HAVE LOVELIER SKIN SXJBH'I' 14 DAYS' fa mm i ii i Miii sal OI I Let Murine bring ease when I -Jl VsflliJj-l I eyesarewesryorwheotheyimart XI a and burn from over-work, duit, Ql A fJ'ljf' wind, sunglare, bright lights or lots 1 TJ Is" of sleep. Two drops of Murine in II I Jl I refreshes. Thousands me Murine 1 regularly-say there is nothing T.1SXFTV GIANT BATH SIZE 9( I quite like It. Esse your eyes with Murine.

Always keep it hsndy. 1 sWUa am Hon. H. H. Stevens will speak fives in Education," will be the theme featured at the meeting on "China Holds the Key to the Future of World Peace," at the of the Women's School for Citi Announcements zenship, Wednesday at 8 p.m.

in regular meeting of the Vancou the Medical Dental Auditorium. ver Scottish Society, Tuesday at rO, 8:15 p.m., in Hotel Georgia. Miss Eileen Tallman will speak on Trade Unions and Miss Gladys Try This Effective Medicine! If you suffer from monthly cram pi with accompanying headache, backache and ner vous. Jittery, cranky feelings due to female functional neriodic dUturbanees try Lydia Contributing to the musical Ashton and members of the Re-tall Clerks Union will present a PALMOLIVE glvti you thet completion ban aft ts FEWER BLEMISHES LESS OILINESS LESS DRYNESS FINER TEXTURE Princess Betty Chapter, IODK, meeting at Mrs. J.

Burnett's, 2S65 West thlrty-firat Avenue, Wednesday, p.m. Terminal Temple, No. 13, Pythian Sisters, sewing meeting at Kirs. B. Kerkhotl's, 4856 Dunbar, Tuesday, 8 p.m.

Meeting WA Lions Gate Branrh 79. Canadian Leitlon, Tuesday In Legion Hall, 2625 West Fourth Avenue. program will be Mrs. Olga Jenk-inson Knight and Mr. Peter Guthrie, accompanied by Mrs.

J. Hooker and Mrs. T. R. I'Anson, playlet, and a film on Co-operatives will be shown with commentary by Mr.

Breen Melvin, E. Pmkham't Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Pinkhama Compound DOBS MORE than relieve such monthly pain. It slao relieves accompanying tired, nervous, cranky feelings of such nature. Pinkham's Compound la The meeting will be chaired by TURPIN AT WAAS Miss Echo Lidster.

Evening one of the best known and moat effective medkwea you can buy for this purpose. Thousands upon thousands of women have reported benefit. We urge you to give this 0, Meeting Grace Clark Auxiliary of WMS Grare United Grai Hon. Major George Turpin will be guest speaker at the general meeting of Women's Auxiliary Air Service, to be hr)d Tuesday Church tonleht nt ft at Mra. R.

eflecuvs men sane a uir trial I Mexico has a campaign against landlords charging excessive McNeill's, 978 Kat Sixteenth Avenue. "Reflections of Atrlca" meeting theme, with Mrs. D. McCualg and Mrs. N.

Terry In chargs. i LYDIA PINKHAM'S BS rates to tourists. at io a.m. in thte YWCA lounge..

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