The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, 'AUCTWT 8. 1950 OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boardina House with Mai. Hoool* ' 1LTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COIJ1HER NEW* GOSH, THAT WAS A MI6KTV SHARP TUKKJ HE WADe AFTER THAT CAT--BUT WHAYS INDOOR SAMeS COMWTTeel|pjS28gJ o^ul yiHUjt TOO R6PC«Tt«JG,MNSO«/ *MIL6/^e^M poaBOOMS «OtlC. Vou weRe OUT wA^ine*< LOSES \^ DOOMEO •» AM A 8ASS t>RUM -B^/ AT POKER HOW DO I KNOW? HE'S ALWAYS A MESS--He MAY EVEN HAVE GONE. OJ WITHOUT THIS END OF THE WORRY WART PAGB FIFTEEN PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slork Guaranteed lies) Prices Kirbv Druo Stores Here's One Way To Save Money Expert Service QUflLITY SHOE SHO. 1211 W. M O I N ST. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of ccsei investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use o.f Mountain Vallvy Water. ^Jf your doctor hoi diagnosed yRr condition a! functional Kid- n«y impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it far a few weeks. H U delicious, pure-tasting, and may b« consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J TltK STORY: Hill Jarvl* It** bftu aiiK'Tfd ovt-r it niHliHnn* pu»- r.\l> L';iiiii';ii;;a dlret-U-t) ugiilnBf It I It! a SunilK. m uri-lly nirl •( • sivnnk viirnilou r*-M>rl. nhrrr Itlll N I he enrol ol the p:iri-i<t* of hi* lluiirfr. Her Coulitr (lilt tt»m mrt lILlild unit kan fuuud Krr rharntla*. Hut »li«-n kit- n*k« ICIIiln lo picnic with ji cruup of Tonnii |>r<i|>1r, IN- rliidlnp Kew and fa i 1,1 ..4-1 f, Mllilfl HH» s shr ha* »nmr (hln^ loi|iuriii• r it* do iha [ ulcbl. VII r PHE picnic on the tiny island, to which an outsized launch conveyed a dozen of the younger crowd, began joyously 1 " and noisily Bill, with Lloyd. Dick and oiher gentlemen, collected firewood. After that the girls took over, lurning OUT appetizing, if indigestible, concoctions of the ham- burgcr-trankfurter-onion variety. Bill ate prodigiously, then relaxed with the repleie now-ouieler group around the dying fire. His • head kept nodding; his eyelids dropping. He tried to discipline 'them, and failed- He was conscious of nothing , more urilil something hard dug i into his ribs. The hard thing, , when he sal up blinking, turned I out to be Bev's toe. Lloyd Williston towered at her side. "Well. Rip Van Winkle?" Bev I said. ' j "Wn-whal'd 1 do?" mumbled [BILL "Pass out?" | "You and just about everybody | else. Lloyd and i cleaned up all , this mess practically unassisted jNow I want lo go home." j She spoke -vith her usual gaiety but, -somehow, it sounded a liule forced. And on the ride back she seemed preoccupied. 1 "What's the matter?" BiU osked She shrugged, a queer hall-irrl- j taied movement. "Just tired. I'm j going to btd the minute we gel I Jn." "Me, too," said BilL "1 could use more shut-eye." They slipped away, leaving the rest of the party hanging around CAMPAIGN By Edwin Rutt CopyrtQlkl 1950 by NEA c xrvk«. lac the dock loath to break up the evening. In the Inn's descried upper hallway, BQV gave Hill a sleepy good- nighi kiss. Then he went toward his own room. He dad to turn a corner of the corridor He turned it, the itnck miner on the tloor muffling his footsteps, and stopped short— areath catching. The next second he made himseU hurry on. A door to Caro(ine Marr's room on his right had opened. quiekJy. softly. It closed again, hill not quickly enough. And BiU remembered, abruptly and strangely disturbed, Caroline was still on .the dock. LI) Mrs. Fasker appraised Bill three days laier out of shrewd ' sleeJy eyes. "Trouble." Mrs Pasker snui. "I sense trouble. Bill Jarvis. in this woodland paradise." "Now what makes you think so?" But Bill was uncomfortably aware that, if she pinned him down, any denial he might make would ring falsely. "Young man." said Mrs. f-'asker, "it used lo be my business lo observe people and—ah—situations. 1 served up my observations, smothered under tripe and stuff, to the reading public. Well, 1 don't write any more. Bui 1 stiU watch people. And situations don't have to crash on my head belore I recognize them." Hill supposed that he must have been rather obvious He guessed Mrs. Fasker had noticed him mooning :by himscU loo much ol the time lor a guy engaged to an alluring girl who was right under the same roof- And. undoubtedly. Mrs. Fasker was aware of the eternal bridge game on the side i verandah. \ Bev had been involved in that running game almost constantly, playing—it seemed to him—a little feverishly. Indeed, earlier this afternoon, he had filed orotest. Bev 'ad given him an odd look. but answered lightly: "Oh. TO** see enough of me. Go play golf 01 something. w , Bui the light hurried tone had noi allayed his lorcbodings Bev was remote, preoccupied, lately. Mrs. Fasker waggled a venerable head: "Fiut it's no business of mine Run along! 1 want to read. But remember. I'm on your side." Dismissed. Bill wandered off, doggedly pursuing an interrupted thought. He arrived at something that, momentarily, he considered a decision. If he'd done anything to displease Bev. she had a right to tell him so. He started determinedly for (he Inn. Thing to do was yank her out of that confounded game and go into • huddle lie approached the Inn. The bridge game had just broken up 13ev detached hersell from ttie little group around the table, came toward him. On the way ib* sneezed, suddenly and violently. • • • surveyed her. The small straight nose was pinkish around its nostrils; her black eye* seemed to swim inordinately. "You've got the beginnings of ft cold, kid," BiU said. "What about dinner in bed, aspirin and • hot drink?" Bev sneezed again. "You might lave something, at that" Mrs. Coulter, when informed, was in unequivocal agreement Bill had his own dinner with the elder Coulters and laler accepted Coulter's invitation for a liqueur in the bar. Coulter was silent • space, staring into his amber-colored Elasa. But finally: "Anything the matter with her. Bill?" "Who, sir?" Bill asked, a little vaguely. "Bev. Seems to m* she's been kind of tunny lately. I—well. I'm not quite sure what 1 do mean." **I nadn't notified anything." BSD stretched the truth. Coulter frowned. Before h« could say more, a trio of his friends appeared, claiming him (or billiards. Bill flnishtd bis drink hastily and excused nimscil. (T* Be Cmtinned) A sci*vict. »*e. T. M, PMLG. u. a. p*r. OFf. "Is there a special prayer for people trying to reduce?" LOOK, FRECKLES, BUY HIM for? ME, I RUMBLE'S NOT . , JUST WHAT L WANTY WHO ME . 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QOSH. r THOuarr i t«>.;>r,-i;.roH. i W/V5 HEAIZiN' THlr4SS.' ^X ; -'^ r <V/ A-LW<S I'VE HEMJDCFaeL6 N ' - '../ 5VAM HE1?E SVJIMMIN' TH' CH^^lNel-. 1 -''•"•.I IN THE BUT r DIDN'T 'specr I-"-'!' A CHANNEL T'MEET Uf VflTH ONE A.W. V<3U KNOW. \50S?Y. SJT Y5 V.1TH FCLDIS' ITM STILL / YEH DOUGH.' TH' M.L AT /AJN'T V.B 5E\...IN FIND IT TOUCH KEEPIN' I5Y KIXJAR MARTIN \'ng Ts I'u/.xled IJOOTS AND HKR HUDDIKS

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